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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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call the. police. bring you the latest news a plus top stories from the week this is our team. rest in libya has claimed over a thousand lives as pro-government forces are waging war on those protesting against the regime has sanctioned the country's leader and launched an investigation into his possible crimes against humanity. and turmoil in the region dr thousands of north africans from their homes italy is calling on the new to help him cope with the waves of immigrants. the wiki leaks founder is to be extradited
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to sweden on sex crimes allegations peeling of the ruling julian assange says in the case is simply a pretext to get him to the u.s. for trial. and america says goodbye to discovery as the spacecraft performs its last ever mission before nasa retires its three remaining shuttles later this year american astronauts will now have to rely on the russian rockets to take them on the river before the next generation of spacecraft is ready. with spiraling that middle east unrest to draining wars in afghanistan and iraq and an ongoing financial slump american policy makers are facing a glut of pressing problems he spoke to brant scowcroft former u.s. national security advisor about the challenges ahead for the country. mr scowcroft thank you very much for joining r t you belong to the school of
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foreign policy realists that's what they say for this and your public come up with a career stretching across five american expert ministrations so we'd like to discuss several foreign policy issues with you and your view what are the consequences for the u.s. middle east policy after the toppling of mubarak in egypt and ben ali in tunisia you know one is always caught off guard by revolutions. because there are a surprise if there were a surprise to president ben ali and to president mubarak it's hardly unusual or be a surprise to the united states. the instabilities in the region are of course obvious and have been for a long time the question is can may be handled can it be dealt with. in a plot for sensible way or does it have to involve.
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unrest and violence and i think you know we have to wait and see so far the egyptian crisis has been managed i think quite rowdy rejection armies behave i think very well leave their repressing their demonstrations and your encouraging so . it's changes coming to the region and that was that was inevitable as the old leaders. pashmina see so i think we need to be careful but not to mistake fundamentally fundamentally our policy should change in our policy is the development of open societies cooperativeness and progression of development for all of the countries of the region and i'm told from the point iraq president obama has started withdrawing troops from iraq once all the forces including security personnel leave the country in your view is there
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a danger of iraq slipping back into the civil war i think iraq is in or is interpretor precarious state there are still in fact forming a government months after an election to do so there are sharp divisions inside the country. and it's hard to say exactly how they will develop i would be more comfortable. with a somewhat longer american presence so that they would be more inclined to solve their problems by discourse rather than strength but we'll have to wait and see that you don't think that. the danger is there oh i think the danger is there i think there are still still many forces tending to pull our country the side indeed one of the reasons for the strength of the
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dictatorship was to hold the country together but i am hopeful that the people will see the benefits of compromising their differences rather than insist upon them and destroying the state do you think that the nato mission in afghanistan is doomed just like the britons failed in the nineteenth century in the soviet union just think two years ago no i don't think so because i think we are the united states is there for a different reason which is not to control afghanistan but to make sure that al qaeda or other terrorist bad don't use afghanistan as a base from which to attack us you anybody else so yeah our our goal is much more limited and i think they're for. one can have more optimism and one did
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at the previous occupants of afghanistan you yourself i think have been saying that the term war on terror. was compromised it has indeed been compromised how does that marry with the you know with the terrorism threat but it's not going anywhere where terrorism threat is one thing a war is another and terrorism is a technique of combat it is not you can't make war on a technique so i think war on carer's was designed to motivate the people for a maximum effort terrorist something that we all have to deal with and i'm going to have to for wong period of time it's in part a product of the modern age like television like radio people are now politicized
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by issues that they didn't care about before because they didn't know about and so i think it's a long term struggle against extremists who want to destroy a civilization that they can't cope with it seems that there is no progress in stopping the iranian nuclear program and in your view what are the chances that the united states may resort to the military option i think there is still the possibility to avoid a confrontation. i think iran is a case that's relative related to the reason that i'm here and that is cooperation between the united states and russia are no whole nuclear fuel cycle. iran has every right. to have nuclear power that does not have the right girl nuclear weapons and i think.
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the extent to which we can cooperate to induce iran to take the opportunities that are available that is there really are fuel for russia to return a nuclear fuel not insist on enriching its own uranium or doing things right. and i wouldn't rule out that. that we would be successful how much is you know is this the opinion shared in the united states i don't think i'm alone i'm not sure but i don't think there's any eagerness. to deal with iran by force and i think the extent the increasing degree of cooperation between the united states and russia on this issue will have a big impact. on iran and what it decides to do but there is also quite strong
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mood within the government of israel and sort of you know they support and it's time on iran well israel has what it considers and existential problem with iran but i think if we can deal with the nuclear problem. then israel will be reassured that what is your assessment was the recent. and asked by the obama administration sees a girl brought any serious results it's not what could be the reasons i was a little disappointed for a year or so i am now encouraged i think now that we're beginning on a much more positive course. both sides have ratified the new start treaty and that is. a major step forward in terms of renewing our cooperation of sense the. nuclear cooperation agreement the one twenty three agreement as we call it
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is now in force and i think the the the warmth between the two and the progress we've made together with respect to iran for example and i think even on afghanistan there is a sense that we pull the we have a common problem there common of the export of terror the export of heroin so all those things. are leading and i feel good about the reset now why were you disappointed then did you feel that those two little happening yes yes i thought that i thought the language of reset was good but but there didn't seem to be much follow through for a time and now it just took time to catch more but now i feel very good about it since you've already mentioned start what is its political impact on the u.s. russian relations i think what it really does is that is continue
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the framework that we've built up really over fifty years of how to talk and how to deal. with the military nuclear issues that if it continues that process and now we can look at ways we still possess over ninety percent of the world's nuclear weapons so we need to work together to ensure that those weapons are never never need be used and that is to increase the stability of the nuclear bomb so whatever the problem between us there is no incentive. he is a man i think now the way it's clear for us to sit down and have that kind of discussion and there's still there's so many nuclear weapons out there but just not just a matter of numbers it's doing the kinds of things that ensure those weapons are never going to be used and that take that'll take a lot more discussion negotiation thoughtfulness on both sides but i'm sure we can
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make progress now that we've laid the groundwork as a scowcroft thank you very much for this in spirit and you're very welcome. place. looks well to the. period in a blizzard of winter blues easier to slow since try out some textbooks bush has got the olympic caliber excitement in its southern melting skill trainers to keep you in top form and watch life on the go along carving the trail the sochi twenty four . and six colors you update here on a look we've got the future covered. clusters the same as the spears let me tell you what i see here the real craziness the price of oil percival
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with the ongoing one rest of the arab world petroleum markets are more than reality used to global look. if. the motion would be soon which bryson if you knew about sound from phones to the issues. for instance on t.v. don't come. on. the news today volumes says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china operations are on today.
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the latest news plus top stories from the week on rest in libya has claimed over a thousand lives as pro-government forces wage war on those protesting against the regime the u.n. has sanctioned of the country's leader and launched an investigation into his possible crimes against humanity. and as the turmoil in the region drives thousands of north africans from their homes italy is calling on the e.u. to help cope with the waves of immigrants. the wiki leaks founder is to be extradited to sweden on sex crimes allegations appealing the ruling julian assange says the case is simply a pretext to get him to the u.s. for trial. and america says goodbye to discovery as the
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spacecraft performs its last ever mission before nasa retires its remaining shuttles later this year american astronauts will now have to rely on the russian rockets to take them into orbit before the next generation of spacecraft is ready for. and if you are a sports fan you're in luck kate is up next with all sports news. hello welcome to the sports news and other top story is. the guardian cup dreams become the first team to reach the conference semifinals after means a spot in the continental hockey league. while some of the wet and golden chances also also win the following west ham strung liverpool to move the drop zone managed to secure how going fluent in english premier league. and league
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of pyrite and limping champion yet again i cannot us sweets and gold medals of the rhythmic gymnastics going crazy here in australia. but with stars on the ice with scott become the first team to advance into the quarterfinals of the playoffs the team from some pieces but the spotlight naso once again to take an unassailable four nil lead in the best of seven series. and that's it in a period where not ensconced falls when victory second goal is a nice elsewhere in the western conference it's a new spread out around the six seven style series on the continent the latest in time for eight goals to draw on the once he's also level best spirits with down by minutes out and i really got maybe over time to pull further away in bad side since to call for more schools. over in these to double defending champions outlaws have moved through the game and won the victory of the next round of the playoffs often has upside value six one on the right for not russia captain alexei miles off to
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those six for the holders was also struck six times to transylvania also take three that lead the boys uganda has claimed a surprise series needs against another legend with the goals regular season child and suddenly gone in the training and ranks are witnessed if he thinks. they're enjoying the football now birmingham city have lifted their first piece of silverware. nineteen sixty three after they beat france also to want to win the carling cup final at wembley and secure a place in european football next season they've gone elsewhere competing for trades and full fronts went into the final unbeaten in the last seventeen notches against a side fourteen places below them in the league however all cost my world without counting stars probably ghastly theo walcott's through injury and it was burning him who took the lead after twenty eight minutes in the retiring tray of inquisitive within eleven minutes andreae shouted the key to robin van persie for us was equaliser and it was just a touch and focused on the second half and within the last instance not
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a few eighteen minutes we were there for blues control middle and seemed quite a first major trophy for forty seven years also qualified for next season if you're a pollute. and meanwhile in the premier league west are moved off the bottom of the table after an impressive three one win a time to inform liverpool on sunday commit allegations writes well. it's got on that in general thought maybe two males behind this one off time trying johnson called a late go back call it's called sealed retreat injury time three want west ham bronze to eighteenth only trucks are being goal difference the red states six elsewhere managed to city remain third after being held a long long time to follow since he led st mary out ballots at least twenty six minutes trying to tame the levels after being slow to make it was one city's day's birds but ten points off the top how to play the game all full and you can see places to thirteen. he was also very imaginative extended their lead at the top two
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for points after a foreigner and struggled reckoned having a hand under is sworn in in charge elsewhere wolves rose of the votes and after the relegation zone play for the irish i would tell non-logical aston villa falso struck bore on higher ground in their front lawn when the black men evident something to no intent on newcastle treed one one new cult of. tennis and russia's beer is gone awry about one her first tightly over a year after beating world number one caroline wozniacki in straight sets to play in the car and over but nancy was heavily favored against the second seeded spar over after reaching the final without losing a set even though the russian was pushed hard in the quarter and sunny finals start to pay again against the day in the first set six four and for the second at the same scoreline this point plate of affection to set up match point. couldn't hold that great car from the russian the eleventh title with her career. but
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you know it was. very late so many times there were always have to go and there is so you know i was just trying to avoid where every point concentrate i think i kept my focus where it were very well i just was trying to go for my shots really happy that i was able to win this one. i mean one has been a one go show at the first leg of the rhythmic gymnastics school three series in moscow after world and olympic champion yevgenia sealed all four goals in the russian capital on sunday the pressure was on can i ever to deliver in front of a partisan home crowd as a sports leading lady presented her brand new programme on the matter position the cue arena and i ever was as good as impeccable with a few clubs ocean defaulter while performing with the board slip wasn't bad enough to strip off another gold so no rival for conniver here in moscow from a russian point of our. two silvers for her efforts with the ribbon however
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says more what has to be done she has to carry into the london olympics next year. but. well i'm not very pleased with how it performed today i made a mistake with the ball that's because i haven't had enough practice with my new routine yet and with the other pieces about to reach is i only commuted mine i am. that just me my coach and the judges would have noticed that. i'm seeing now the sport's most exciting rivalry has continued on the slopes of the swedish ski resort or a with world cup leader maria reach in close friend and defending champion lindsey vonn in the latest super g. event reach have won the super combined on friday with one triumph in the downhill on saturday so both were in top form going into the final race of the weekend just one hundredth of a second separating the two in the end the german clock or one minute thirteen point two four seconds to type a sixth win of the season
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a double olympic champion in vancouver stretching her wants over one hundred ninety six points and this could prove crucial in refused to end the reign of the american who has lifted the coveted oval crystal go in the last three seasons and there are just nine more races to go this year. is a narrow window on the mom circuit and four to surprisingly long to pass in veteran marion lots and loving gold in his favorite smiling events in both area the thirty one year old is a twice while the world champion have been winless almost two years before this crime. he tops the time sheets for hundreds of the second question and rightly. says he's caught compete at the podium around just a big leader cost of which the crowd committed a rare mistake and didn't finish and he's still the runaway overall leader. but still miles to go before the formula one circus tricks starts their world tour with the australian grand prix at thousands of mexican fans have already been treated to
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a piece of high octane action rookie drive at sergio perez but his new subway car to the test in his hopes it you've got lara the twenty one year old currently resides in berlin he commemorated where he comes from on sunday an estimated two hundred thousand enthusiastic lined the streets to walk by throwing off a trickle to sneak a mexican stepped up. from the cheap eating series to a place inside the team it was full of course which would help his muscles through this is going backwards. because i've always dreamed of someday be able to show my formula one car to my p. cold to my country to my city that has always supported me they've always treated me very well they've always given me their affection and that's what really motivates me. finally the freezing cold temperatures here in moscow didn't prevent thousands of spectators flocking to one of its parks so it was flying on spaces. a
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frostbitten. an impressive three hundred fifty meter or nice trick was a wreck jacqueline's keep working must go to host the crucial third stage of the question tice world championship and the downhill internationalized getting a lead from twenty four countries where we get to put their skills to the test at the toughest venue in the history of these new sport. it's the most difficult track it's not very fast it's very challenging as there are many obstacles coming one after another i try there are so many holes and it's very hard to prepare for all those tricky obstructions despite the freezing cold with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty two degrees thousands of spectators to give to tampa event and no one was disappointed they had actually noted the ice and oh i swore on the track russians are new to this kind of sport but i came to learn quickly and available off was hoping to gain some points from home growth and his stick to
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major playing for a place in the final but failed to progress at the last hurdle and then when you got your cross post feel unfortunately i was just too tired i was eager to get used have best results but my legs just wouldn't go much there hard to get prepared for such advance it's difficult to sustain top form. and so on the final turn out to be a few years duel between current leaders are to be lining. and came of this trial cooks all the flying finn picked up with phillip paul from the previous of them dominating older worlds and bill lining easily store into his second successive victory extending his lead at the top of the rankings. truck for me and i might just do almost five clean runs i had little problems in the final after the steep part but i like really i got my bus back i got a slow start again again and i'm slow starts all night i like a little bit beat up. like
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a brick i get on the ice and traditional like the older packs of cigarettes counter starts and there was still everything to battle for the fourth and decisive stage in quebec so it tells fight to the finish between still lining the course so isn't dissipated on the nineteenth of march claims are cheap. that's all the sports news are. hungry for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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