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one is the gold the twelve's onto the ground when he wishes to rest he turns into a stone. he rules over the wild beasts of the jungle and when the shamans drink the way they come in contact with him and ask him to bring out the most of the community. and when the animals come into the community we easily hunt them down with blowpipes and share them as we always have. however the oil companies that have come here place explosives and dynamite in the earth to get the oil out of it they have taken our land and they are killing quote unquote by sucking his blood and polluting nature with chemicals. so our god is dying and we have no animals to hunt as we used to live with diseases
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and little food. in the olden days it was called no man's land the land would ne three and no past. nevertheless it has been inhabited for thousands of years the sea on a sea coolio shores. and each one native tribes who are living in harmony with their environment and no contact with the rest of the world.
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however at the big.
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underneath. when they saw. the texaco workers decided. they gave them. when they had finished eating they took the ball and spoons and left. this isn't it because they say that was negotiated for a bowl of rice and three spoons. to. save only. when you know borders. in the beginning everything looked great big machines but open roads in the jungle but then the pollution appeared.
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the biodiversity disappeared everything died because there were fires burning day and night. to go near the smoke stacks fall into the talks of tanks. i began to fall ill from endless as we didn't do it. we had shamans that cured with her but with the arrival of the oil companies came many unknown diseases shamans tried to cure them but they couldn't because those diseases had just arrived.
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things. i've.
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missed first. before the arrival of the oil companies we could drink the river water but now we can only drink from a spring because the rivers are polluted. a good life for us means having a lot of space because we live from nature now we protect the little land we have left because of the oil companies there is a very small area left to us and that is why we now turn to handicrafts in order to
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survive. look if the issue is that natives lived there and the neighbors were considered by the state people they claim that this land is a desert of the area. tribes have been living there for hundreds of years but they said no one who lived there. said all right since no one lives there we will dump our waste into the river and those are the rivers where the neighbors fished based drank water and lived from the jungle. the natives were considered useless expendable. they were not taken at all into
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consideration when. chevron texaco is not a human being like you and i. is a legal entity and such an entity cannot think such a thing has no feelings. base . in new provincial town popped up in the jungle only forty years ago. it is twenty kilometers away from the colombian border and field as the locals say when the three piece pewters. patrol we. it is a town created by settlers the government also.
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cultivate. they were poor and blacks people from all over who came to work in the new industry filled with hope today there were thousands disappointed. it's. this pastor's grazed by animals that produce the milk and meat go to the markets. clearly here.
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it's ok. anyway there's oil here also. all this area. is polluted with oil this entire place. they never used membranes or any other material to prevent the absorption of
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hydrocarbons by the soil and they're spreading to other places no. production waters are closely linked to all oil produced energy. was known the impact of production water since the one nine hundred sixty s. just have systems in place for safe handling such as the reinjection in the drilling. however here in ecuador these methods were never used. in the usa in a country where they came from. they applied a technology that didn't allow for any dumping in the reverse gas burning or leaving open waste. but here knowing full well they
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shouldn't do it they did so anyway. because that way they see four billion dollars and the reason is it amounted to money why should they reject production water to save the lives of some poor natives. i say all this is absolutely false. the company began operating in eastern ecuador in one nine hundred sixty four using all the latest technologies next door as in the rest of the world. so what is said is pure propaganda by people who attack the company or all of us
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the seeking economic benefits wouldn't. thank. you.
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when i came here the pool had already being constructed. in the mountains it didn't seem that bad. then they say they cleaned and burnt the waste but they didn't. they only through wooden earth. nothing else. they filled it with the earth in order to fill up the hole left after the deep pollution. and on top. of the government.
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would be dumb. it's pure oil. records but the smell is absolutely disgusting. and when it's sunny the stench is even stronger. of course when it rains the toxic waste spreads elsewhere that is why pollution here is parametric. it has tremendous repercussions on the people and that is why in the amazon cancer rates are much higher. there are one hundred forty seven percent more cancer cases than in other areas of the country which have no
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oil activity. thank. you we have the highest cancer rates in the ecuadorian amazon over fifteen hundred people have died from cancer. that's so people die
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from cancer all across the world causes and effects between oil and cancer have never been proven it has never been medically certified they say there are. with cancer well let's suppose there are no one has proven that it is because of the oil . to see how they degrade the natives telling them all is a fertilizer for their plants and farmlands if there is a ceiling your property be happy for oil is a first allies they tell them all is good for the here because there are shampoos with the world so you can take some oil and put it on your hair. in the areas the drinking water was proven polluted however they went there with a team performed analysis and told them you can export this water bottle it and
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export it it is very good quality water. before the oil companies refusal to recognize the destruction there was also a refusal to inform people about the damaging effects of oil and toxic substances just because something. must go on and they were communities where children would chew the crude oil because it was think. it was like chewing gum things and no one absolutely no one had told him those substances were toxic. toxic gas nothing he never put up a fence saying but no entry for animals children or people. like you know and so the pollution spread everywhere. people that chewed it like in the tanks.
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they shifted the crude oil floating on top of the rivers and dip their cup into drink and no one had told them the substances were talks like the social status. the moment the cool new the latest in science and technology
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from the ground force and. we've got the future covered. with.
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oil. unsavory alliance the new wiki leaks release exposes you as spying on nature's top officials and how it's affected the organizations relations with russia. also shock waves in the greater middle east with more on two government protests erupting in bahrain yemen and jordan and libya. researchers make a second space walk on a virtual martian surface as part of its simulated eighteen month the mars mission that's hoped to bring the real thing out step closer. and it is rated clinic put slice before politics by treating children with heart problems from neighboring
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countries despite often tense relations. international news life or mostly this is with me thanks for joining us diplomatic cable published by week in leagues has revealed the u.s. was eavesdropping on a nato secretary general washington received information on his private conversations with top officials and as now is not a one hour reports the revelation explains more the yard's domination of nato. cat among the pigeons. strikes again this time at the very heart of nato according to documents published by two european newspapers the us most was planted right in the office of the alliance's secretary general several of the cables revealed by wiki leaks indicate america is trying to control nato from within reporting confidential information back to washington this point of view is


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