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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EST

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and even at chicago from merrill lynch structural reforms. i think that there are a number of forty six i think that they truly from the reform agenda i think that the russians that would return to the pre-crisis time when oil prices were increasing by double digits i think that we have seen a number of reform structurally of the recently and i'm afraid that if we were touring the pre-crisis series of double digit increase in oil prices these positive elements that we have seen in the structural reform agenda might die that if our join us for more than about two minutes.
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for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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five thirty pm in moscow good to have you with us here on r t these are your headlines russia slams the u.s. and the e.u. for attempting to influence the trial of my. former oil tycoons awaiting said and after being found guilty of a desolate billions of dollars. passenger frustration grows on moscow's ice cover to airports struggling to cope with the flow of holiday travelers and officials say they're doing their best to ensure flights take off on schedule. and two years after israel launched a large scale assault on gaza killing more than a thousand palestinians survivors say they're still living in a cage the strip remains blocked off by israel with tight control over everything
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going in or coming out. of these stories in half an hour up next artie's al gore enough talk to the u.n. representative in darfur about southern sudan's upcoming referendum and whether it can bring peace to the country that's coming your way in spotlight stay with us.
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hello again the welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.t. i'll bring up when today my guest on the show is it by him. on the ninth of january the people of southern sudan are expected to vote on the future of the region had a referendum since it has gained independence fifty years ago it has been torn apart by ethnic and religious conflicts that you regions of the country darfur and southern sudan are the biggest headache for the government these days while the violence is still raging in darfur southern sudan is making an attempt to find a peaceful solution but will this referendum bring peace to the region we'll ask body joint special representative of the african union and u.n.
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mission in darfur. the ethnic conflict in darfur has left hundreds of thousands dead millions of victims were forced to flee to neighboring countries but another regional government and the local people seem to have come to terms with their future selves and sudan is going to hold a referendum it will decide what the region agrees to be a part of sudan to become an independent state a positive result could give added impetus to lot of succession claims by some sudan and darfur and in other countries like nigeria and south africa. how mr gambari and welcomes the shells spoke pleasure to be on thank you very much thank you very much for coming well the referendum on january ninth in southern sudan well people are expected. to come to the. poles and to
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make their their valves do you believe that it will pass peacefully then that everything will be according to the law the sofa will say so good my responsibility is. limited to a therefore of course vote my colleague from carriers is in charge of helping the parties to implement the comprehensive peace agreement c.p.a. over the referendum is key nonetheless in a very supportive way you know media walks with. my sister organization armies to sure that all the logistics support needed for the registration which is has been concluded including in about sixteen centers in the fall where one hundred fifty thousand people have registered out of a possible voters of three hundred thousand went very peacefully. and if that's an indication of for the rest of of south sudan and the rest of the of the country
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so far so good well let's take a look at the history of the skulls that in sudan then reported by spotlights you enter the middle of. the sudanese civil war has been described as one of the longest lasting and at least was of two eight twenty same cheree it went on for twenty one years and claimed iran two million lives the war between the muslim north and largely christian south ended two thousand and five peace deal peace between southern and northern sudan has always been volatile. when sudan was a british colony the two provinces were administered separately after decolonized ation the two areas were integrated and the arab new with received most power which led to one arrest in the south since then the history of sudan has been that of endless insurgences what adds fuel to the conflict. is that the noose wants to
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dominate the south which is reaching resources including the well the two thousand and five comprehensive peace agreement has given the south six years and the promise of a referendum on. the time the referendum is approaching the southern sudanese vote on very little. mr mr gambari is there still a possibility to maintain the unity of the country will will a federal state be created ever so that well the compressive peace agreement actually provided for time between when it was signed and the referendum on january deny two during which time to make unity attractive and vote the government in the north and the government of southern sudan were to walk to make unity attractive but the option of war was always there for the people to exercise their
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right of self-determination to choose whether to remain part of a united sudan or to go their separate ways i think. we'll find out of cause after the referendum what is the choice of the people but the good thing is board the government of sudan and outsiders today and most of the african countries endorsed by the united nations have said we must all respect i said and respect the decision that will be made as a result of the referendum but to make the unity attractive after the referendum both sides have to agree on such issues as the future of oil sharing assets liabilities security international agreements border there are occasions citizenship and water who will maybe a the resolution of these of these issues right now the african union has set up a plan a high level panel led by a president to former president of south africa. to war with the parties even
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before the referendum one of the issues to which you're a fire actually meant to have been resolved before did a friend but. several include a big a which you did not which was on mission very contentious issues but. i believe the parties will need. others to walk them through this outstanding or poor sort of end on issues which are very clued in status of southern sudanese who be in the north and another sudanese who will be in this up by took a little issues the people of south sudan of for separation but what is clear is that they all remain so that means who are linked by history by tradition. and your graphically will be next to one another and as they say you can choose your friends but often you cannot always choose your neighbors in international relations well here's how president dmitry medvedev described russia's attitude to
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the referendum in southern sudan. it is my firm conviction that no matter what this referendums result is it will not only determine the future of sovan sudan its people who also have a substantial influence on the general political situation in the region i hope that the referendum will produce a result which will make it possible to establish the conditions necessary for continuing the post conflict settlement process and ensuring sudan sustainable development. is there a risk that in order to prevent the session our southern sudan had to could withdraw from the two thousand and five comprehensive peace agreement now how would the african union and the un react in this case i sincerely doubt that that is likely i think both sides of committed to implementing the c.p.a. the compressive peace agreement the african union have come in support of the
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implementation of united nations particularly secular mr banking one has made it a prouty of his administration to have the parties to a sure a that the referendum goes well and also that the outcome is reflected by the international community so i think the international community should look. beyond the referendum and try to help the parties. address a lot of the issues that will still remain even after a disease jews in one way or the other is there a possibility that certain sudan can declare independence unilaterally and if this happens mate lead to a military conflict like we witnessed say between ethiopia and eritrea i doubt it again i doubt it very strongly because there is at this point and as i said i'm not really principle irresponsible for the implementation of the c.p.a. but for what i can see because in darfur that there is not that likelihood because
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if you look at the enthusiasm with which the people of south sudan have registered for the vote. the interest of the huge numbers and even in the north of sudan where the turnout is not as high i think people wanted a friend on today please they want to exercise their right to vote and to exercise their right of self-determination. of the independence of southern sudan may lead to a necessity to review the. a grievance on the status of noel is this is pretty dangerous to start reviewing these agreements. once again this is not an issue which are principle you're responsible but i think your denial is of such critical importance to all the neighboring countries that i would defer to their judgment as to how best to do to proceed but i have seen that air force base by egypt by
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its your peer by uganda to ensure that the waters of denial is truly something for the benefit of all the peoples you know you know the point of view of your colleagues are probably titian's another african countries there are similar maybe not great but similar problems in many regions around africa do you think that the neighbors and and other countries on the continent are afraid to see a precedent happen in sudan that can perhaps be a precedent for the for the separatists in their countries believe that that is saw however in ninety six for the heads of states i mean of the african leaders in cairo reach a decision that i thought is very wise and has been held up which is to say that the clue nearly heritage boundaries however they may be separate in people who want to be united and offer uniting people who perhaps would be better if they were
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separate it does do but boundaries should be respected and if there should be any change then it should be by mutual consent only one country is european nutria has actually gone. outside of that parameter so clearly the african leaders recognize this problem in many ways in many countries in africa have a southern sudan possibility. but nonetheless the african union which is the successor to the organization of african unity have said let's abide by the united sixty four they plan ration and try to address. problem so that this is not an option says even to him govern body joint special representative of the african union and the u.n. mission in doubtful spotlight will be back shortly stay with us.
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it can hit dr swan's policeman's wives ministers why not just. if you didn't find me if i could just live through the night that i would get my kids out of here because i knew that what was going to happen was that he was going to kill me many victims don't understand that domestic violence includes verbal abuse psychological abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse at least four million women are affected by abuse every year those are my only two options that i saw at that moment either i'm going to kill him i'm in jail or he's going to kill him it. won't come to the. what makes a big splash in the world of hi-tech business questions advance science into
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products they don't understand. these is going to be followed russian invaders to eat your betters abroad and their favorite threw back. spotlight on stone on technology update here on. the future coverage. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. welcome back to spotlight in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is a brain him body joint special representative of the african union and here in a mission in that for. missing america what the does the international community and mostly the african union do for the refugees from southern sudan is there
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a chance that they will be able to return to the house anytime soon well the refugees mostly. dead would be by the united nations high commission for refugees and of course the africa you know supports them one is hoping that the outcome of that of rendering will not lead to a massive movement in either direction and therefore there's been so contingency planning on the part of the united nations board united nations mission sudan which is committed to doing help in the implementation of the c.p.a. and referendum and also you know me which are the or not to lead which is of course concerned with the for. wanting just planning on how to address that as we heard earlier on the show today russian president shows a special interest in the situation in sudan and he hears his own represent special
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envoy to sudan mr mr margelov and he was a guest on the show and spotlight is what he said i quote there is a liaison between the desire for rebels and the authorities of southern sudan and well what consequence will the in the tens of sudden sudan have for the situation in darfur complicated but they are the same time is a call also. be resolve some of the issues that is the equivalent of history of course we want a peaceful relationship between the fall and southern sudan whatever the decision may be as a result of the referendum because as you know right now there. in southern darfur they have there are some bunder issues which are sudden therefore and southern sudan now suddenly there to become independent then this will become international borders so the problem will be accessibility secondly as many of the
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opposition group in four seem to be moving to as jim is believed to be their. minimum now we believe not only believe he said it is in in juba and right now there is. a conflict between the government forces and that of as early we who is in dubai so there is the the danger that. the spillover effect of the the outcome of the of the referendum who have negative consequences for for but we are working on this we are talking to all the leaders of the movement talking to the authorities in khartoum to really make this in win win situation well your predecessor mr dowd became pretty unpopular in western governments and western capitals by the end of this term after he said the following the conflict in therefore is over and degraded to
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low intensity violence what's your point of view is a cause that over of it's not over but it was a right in that up to the first six months of this year more people were getting killed as a result of criminal activities as a result of tribal into arab conflicts in therefore than the open confrontation warfare between the government of sudan and the our movement but six months the second part of this year. of the. conflict between the government of sudan forces and that of jim the u.s. is an equal quality. movement led by a leader brand and opportunistically joined by hazily abdul wahid and now with the direct confrontation between the government forces and those of you used to be aligned the government clearly more people are now dying from this conflict than than previously so i cannot say that the conflict is is over years ago by the
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south african president mr tabb mbeki he drew a report by african union panel on darfur and in this report he wrote i quote once again on the key dimensions of justice and reconciliation and security and the peace and political process progress has been less than i had hoped what is the biggest failure and therefore what would you say i think the biggest failure is really of the biggest challenge is lack of trust and confidence between the government of sudan and not only the armed movements but also the internally displaced persons and the and the refugees saw there is the need to rebuild trust and confidence there is the need to address the root causes of the conflict in there for which is about power sharing about wealth sharing about land about
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composition and about about justice and the end to impunity. earlier this month and attack a military attack. on the part of the sudanese government that there are full rebels. yes prompted you to demolish the government well what was hard to miss reaction when they listened because what i did but they didn't listen but because we have two primary mondays you know me first protection of the civilian population and of facilitation of the delivery of humanitarian assistance. to those in need so windy as conflict we often feel is restrictions by the government and often by the arm movement themselves which prevents us from. delivering on on our common is all we have to demolish the government but i dissent and also demand or do swabs of struct in the free movement of our patrols and.
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undermining our ability to fully deliver on our common good or protection for civilian population and of course delivery of humanitarian assistance ok well speaking about speaking about the african union peacekeeping missions does it lose lots of soldiers itself as a live from determining how many of the law for the time of him is that is african mission sudan which is exclusively a clue civilly african union mission to the time that i speak nigeria which is the biggest true can't really count as those twenty seven soldiers who wonder which is the next biggest contributor has lost seventeen. killed so really quite quite a number to too many because this peacekeepers and we keep mission in their attack on international peacekeepers is a war crime is is a violation of international law and has to be of probably investigated and those who are as possible need to be punished ok investigations the most important aspect
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i think of mr make his recommendations and therefore was the establishment of a bridge court consisting of sudanese and foreign gerges to try the the that there are for work crime suspects which international body can help implement this proposal of mr mbeki first of all the proposal to be accepted fully by the government of sudan adding i don't think so and that there's a lot of discussion as to what should be the composition of this court how will this be integrated with the laws of the land of sudan so they're still as he has said in their. the report to which you referred that this is an area which is reported to the african union meeting the peace and security council meeting in tripoli a few weeks ago that has really achieved less than he would have wished so there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for the agreement by the government then by all
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the other stakeholders and they will come to the issue of who will best able to support that is but the need is there to create a body in which all the major stakeholders of the four will have confidence because when for good people have left their homes one point eight million one point nine million internally displaced and to go back they need to have a sense of security but also a sense of justice the information coming from her to makes me as person mystic as you are because you see well for example the president about her suddenly but sure he rejected the idea of mr mbeki saying the following we have an independent judiciary and the judicial is to to she has the final say in forming any courts inside the sudanese borders do you personally believe in the independence and efficiency of the sudanese judiciary is really not for me
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to express what i believe is of the people of therefore i dove sudan and that's where i've needed another present mystical an optimist but the reality is to suggest that it is up to the people of sudan particularly of the four where there's been a conflict in two thousand and four two thousand and five and if you want to have the one point eight million internally displaced not to mention refused to return to their home then you have to have side in conditions including security what they say is that impunity will not continue and a system of justice will be there that enjoys their cover so i would suggest there's a lot of work that needs to be done to convince. the. and. of course the authorities to move in the direction of a system whatever it is in which everybody would have confidential let's get back to the politics on the continent do you think that hard to now may may may risk losing the support of african nations. i i don't i wouldn't agree to
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a conclusion now because it would but there is a risk therefore there's always there's always a risk but but the african leaders they have set up this african level after you have a panel of three former heads of state prison because the chairman prism of burundi president absalom abubaker of nigeria and they are working very closely with the authorities in khartoum to actually minimize those risks and so there has been. a member of the african you doing good standing from the point of view of the african union has tremendous opportunity to talk to i listen to the wise words of their colleagues in the african union well thank you thank you very much for being with us and just to remind that my guest on the show today was he but i have got a body joint special representative of the african union and human mission in dar food and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your say and spotlight where someone in mind who you think i should enter the next time you drop
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me a line at albert enough at r.t. dart our year and let's give spotlight interact movie that would more first hand comment on what's going on in and outside this country until then stay on r.t. and take care thank you dave.


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