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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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and imperial truly. you can. see don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was a hotel retreat. see a lot of outrage and empty seats marked this year's nobel prize ceremony as a chinese political prisoner. but as many in the west call for his release critics say countries such as the us should focus a little. also on this child was american companies channeling funds to the whistleblower web site wiki leaks has stopped but are still allowing money to flow to brace's groups like the klux klan. blunders and coverage with the worst dressed in the decade students vent their anger over. violence spilling onto the streets.
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live from moscow this is r t it's midnight here now welcome if you just joined his son kevin i would without top story and for the first time in more than seventy years no one was able to accept the nobel peace prize the winner human rights of a lewd jiabao is in china serving an eleven year sentence for subversion chinese authorities angered over the ban him and his wife from traveling the world slow due to the scandal surrounding the when it represents the most a third of the fifty countries invited skip the ceremony russia saudi arabia and pakistan russian officials being suggested julian assange urged the leader of the online groups supply wiki leaks. all washington's hunting for after his latest revelations the u.s. is among the nation's calling for the release of the chinese nobel prize winner who calls double standards. there are. no
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prizes granted to lose how about i don't want to pass any judgment on you stop but in effect what is implied is really the targeting of china on the group an equal chance for good it has nothing to do with what your child was actually done and you come to the conclusion that cries based on political considerations rather than on anything tangible well i saw the statement by the russian media regarding assad and i think that what you see with regard to the silence is double standards going to scientists now being threatened he's being targeted for releasing information to the global beat up so they can see the novel standards of the so-called international community where a son is targeted for doing what's what he should be doing which is releasing factual information which should be known to the public and then you have a case where the same people will be pushing for a candidate which is
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a dissident within the people's republic of china and using the nobel peace prize to justify a political agenda and this year it essentially is there to put pressure on china and to target sina's so-called human rights record when in fact the united states human rights record is far worse than that of china posed by the story to from a norwegian newspaper columnist who told us to have a good intentions are of the nobel prize committee they don't realize china sees the decision as a western attempt to influence their domestic policy. the bill committee definitely has a sincere wish to change the situation in china but i do not think they fully understand the way the prize is being perceived in china it is being seen as very western rusedski surprise i think that this will be perceived as an.
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arrogant. message from from the west if for instance this year's prize will worsen the situation in china rather than making it better and if obama doesn't live up to the big ideals that they have laid on his shoulders then they're going to have a problem. well supporting wiki leaks who staged a cyber war on companies which are obstructing its work including pay pal visa or master card these firms for their part so they don't allow their clients to promote illegal activities but as art is going to encounter reports next this doesn't seem to stop them from continuing to serve some outspoken hate groups. the u.s. government has presented no charges against juliana saw much but the absence of solid accusations did not stop american government officials from reportedly putting pressure at the highest level to cut off weiqi leaks money supply the
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senior executive of america's money transfer giant pay pal said the state department had written to the company claiming the online whistleblower was involved in illegal activities so pay pal along with master card and the sat no longer accept cash donations for the controversial website it's the threat of this impact on national security and we say that in the united states everybody. you know what's their parents and they do what they're told. and so i think that it's a misconception in some cases that people think that the u.s. is purely a money driven society it's not the government has certain parag it is particularly over national security no court ruling no legal procedures were needed to crackdown on the media organization i think it's outrageous wiki leaks has not been charged
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with a single u.s. crime and i'm saying even charged with a crime and here the nation or the country's financial institutions are taking action on behalf of our state department to extinguish this whistleblower web site leader pay-pal backtracked on acting upon the u.s. government's repressed master card and the so where most of ace of on the issue but the general explanation they give for not accepting donation payments will weaken leaks is that the site quote encourages promotes facilitates or instructs others to engage in illegal activity but on the other hand nine their master card. any problems processing donations for say no kuku. klan. movement and his demand a history of extreme violence with the goals of racial segregation and white supremacy and yet it takes seconds to make
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a donation to the klan using one of one of those is a visa and master card must be saying it's all about business right but they're not saying that when it comes to we can leaks and number of senators including the chairman of the homeland security committee joe lieberman were quick to pat those companies on the back for crying cash to leaky leaks. can't help asking if u.s. officials are so down and weak you leaks why aren't they after the week you leaks partner papers one other incredible thing about the prosecution is that so many people are falsely reporting that we can leaks has dumped two hundred fifty thousand documents that's not true at all they only were putting stuff on their web page when you go to the new york times or der spiegel or the guardian or putting up or very useful to the united states government in some ways there is a severe slanting in the output that is the new york times got to go through as
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many document as it possibly could in the several weeks or several months given to it by week you leaks to go through these documents and pick and choose those documents that are most conducive towards the new york times there's a lot of mystery surrounding wiki leaks but what's on the surface now are examples of double standards everyone is after a week in leaks but not for example the new york times question is why going to shutdown our teeth washington d.c. . a little later some pretty poorly in there a dying without even knowing the cause find out why malaria deaths are recorded and why the country statistics don't tally with those the world health organization. next month is clearing up after the worst day of. student protests in the u.k. for over a decade the unrest came after m.p.'s voted in favor of increasing university tuition fees in england violence flared across the british capital with government property vandalized and even prince charles as car attacked by demonstrators at his
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door emmott reports. we're seeing broken glass a lot of people being drafted in for this cleanup operation a lot of the violence was centered around the green area which is just opposite the houses of parliament that protesters tore down fences which are now being having to be put back up again yesterday was was a violent day it's now being called the worst unrest that we've seen in london in the decades i saw miss aisles of bottles and firecrackers being aimed directly at police and it was a point in the evening in fact when whenever you saw a police motorcycle or a police car it was being aggressively attacked by protesters and also one point the prince of wales charles and his wife camilla scar was attacked by protest as they were on their way to. without what's now being described as significant. police protection as attack that cost mass one of the windows and three paint on
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that car there's an investigation into how that could have been allowed to happen but the world cup will is on the home and protesters are setting ball odds on why they smashed windows at the treasury and the supremum cool and interesting really to distinguish it from previous processed it was increasingly difficult yesterday to find students who condemn the violence more and more they're seeing it more as a means to an end rather than something to be condemned and something that's hard jacking that message is important to note this rise that has been agreed will treble. that it cost students to go to university or some students attend the way it's going to go up from just under five thousand dollars to around fourteen thousand dollars but that won't take effect until the next generation of students goes to university service this is something that will really come into force in around two thousand and twelve we spoke to chris knight's yesterday who's a professor of anthropology and also a seasoned demonstrator hardly
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a demonstration takes place in london without him being there and he said that he. and that's what that for me the. spirit of sixty eight come again. six thousand nine hundred forty perished in prague of course young people leading the struggle for freedom and first the students moved and then the workers this is exactly what's happening here except i think it will be in a much bigger scale right across europe and of course as chris knight says this is not an isolated incident this is part of the europe wide to me then and so we we are seeing this violence spreading and worsening and continuing and certainly as i say that the protesters that i spoke to yesterday or determined i'm prepared to come out on the streets again in what some are already calling a winter of discontent. and london to me to develop is likely to run for a second term as russia's president us according to his aide to give a t.v. interview he said that he came to the conclusion from the way would vote have behaved on the initiatives he was undertaking according to our colleagues were
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called the church very clearly not really likely she lame duck president issue of whether medvedev all vladimir putin would run for the presidency has raised a lot of speculation both here in russia and a broad the per said that they will make a joint decision of the issues later on if you depend on the situation in the country at the time political analyst. told r.t. the likely to be. inventive about the issue. i think. partnership and partners and friends. a lot of people behind both politicians behind mr putin behind mr medvedev who supports their own agenda who definitely has their own interests in some cases. so i think if we'll see some kind of quarrel between mr putin it will be not a quarrel between different kinds of politicians by between different branches.
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malaria kills over two hundred thousand people a year in india studies found but with huge numbers of deaths in rural parts of the country going on record questions have been raised over whether the world health organization is massively underestimated in global malaria death rates lottie's going and seeing reports. india's eastern state of bihar one more victim succumbs to malaria it's a treatable infection yet it still dicks more lives in india than h i've seen. that malaria has spread everywhere near our village no medical teams come to help us and hospitals are far away poor people like us a dying at this hospital and but now many patients believe they have the parasite to confection gentle kind of assault i have a very high temperature and i think i have no larry and i've come to the doctor for treatment because many people in my neighborhood have malaria a new study has found that malaria kills more than thirteen dimes the number of
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people caught in d.s.t. made to by the world health organization since many malaria deaths occurred at home and he moved in areas they don't get recorded so researchers with did families and asked them to describe what had happened to the victims a meth hood known as global north topsy we estimated that something like four percent of the deaths between one and sixty nine years of age were due to malaria and if you multiply that percentage by the national number of deaths at those ages you get two hundred thousand deaths before age seventy in india it's a staggering number especially compared to the world health organization's estimate of just fifteen thousand then more fatalities it disputes the study saying the responders could mistake muti is commonly shown symptoms it is true that you can confuse malaria deaths with other causes of fever however the w.h.o. accepts the use of verbal autopsy poor as to meeting childhood deaths from malaria
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in africa so big puzzled why they would think a method would work in one continent and not three thousand miles away in another most medical stuff and indeed hospitals agreed the number of malaria deaths is far more than the w.h.o. for. as india faces this killer disease it's important for the government and the double we true knowledge the scale of the problem only then can they upgrade their disease control strategies and resources to fight malaria effectively in all its forms balancing r.d. . well few three top stories now at least eleven people have been killed in the car packed with explosives rammed into a hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in a shia muslim neighborhood police say it's likely to be an act of sectarian violence that comes just two days after sixteen people were killed by a suicide bomb in a nearby town israel tonight offering compensation to the families of those killed
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in the deadly raid on a gaza bandaids the tenor of may the hosel say in exchange for turkey's help in protecting is really needed in small cities but it falls short of fully apologizing for the incident nine turkish activists were shot dead by israeli attack get through diplomatic relations with israel since the tragedy. of rwanda's nine hundred ninety four genocide is being unveiled it will include evidence collected from survivors and witnesses around eight hundred thousand people were killed over about one hundred days with most victims from the group the archives be telling the tragic events of the nation will be held in the capital kigali. the russian tycoon who. has become the proud owner of last of the largest yacht in the world after a year long delay but he wasn't happy about that while he shelled out a whopping four hundred million euros for it it includes if you can take a number of l.a. pads dance floor in a cinema or the editor in chief of the magazine boat expect exclusive to say about
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it he says it's a very special yacht indeed. first of all it's the biggest yacht in the world and if you have a custom project like this maybe let me say two million per metre then you're very expensive for materials on board and indoor pool too heavy parents. eighty crew so if you refuel once it's maybe you around five hundred thousand he change something about the interior and then i think your yard had some technical problems but again this is the biggest yacht in the world and in a totally custom project so there are always problems if you if you build super yachts like this. well what we're talking pleasure and leasure next hour programs continue modern andrews' to go searching for american food and culture.
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movies taking
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a look at everything american and the russian capital from starbucks when it comes to american culture most muscovites love anything to do with the good old us but it's not just all about food and drink american. music it's all very popular here in. the american cultural center office everything from various reading material it's a calm atmosphere where people enjoy learning about american history and culture american magazines hollywood d.v.d.'s and books on american television. of american culture has exploded into russian society one significant event was the opening of mcdonald's on pushkin square in one thousand nine hundred it's still the busiest in the world for many mcdonald's often the first taste. a freedom in a closed country two decades later many russians are still striving for the only american dream here in moscow and that's why the american cultural center is so popular. the american sense is maine is as
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a public library they have twelve of the hostiles and books and every month of the four thousand businesses enjoy the free societies. can come here to discuss new clubs. concepts. right now that life of native americans in the state of oregon as well as different landscapes we have musical concerts where having a bluegrass band play. a day of service is to want to add. to many versions it's that first taste of life american roots music a subject of country music rock n roll it isn't what many seem to be impressed with the blue cross sound. and the venue has recently opened for those who cherish drinking in the manner of the wild
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it was named after the bus bomb a play by jessica simpson in the cheeks of has a music venue but still hoping to shine the hollywood inspiration medium priced these daily fee six pm you can enjoy rock music inside typical energetic and fun filled dancing on the box here. in moscow it might be freezing cold outside now the fashion designers are always thinking ahead and showcasing their collections for the next spring summer season one of russia's top designers eco should pour in to showcase his new creations for women featuring minimalistic silk dresses jackets with geometrical prints and cheap suits made of floating fabrics bright yellow green and pink dominated the catwalk is this collection has been inspired by russian austin to begin. twentieth century piece by military. colleges in rich close.
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to the beginning of the twentieth century this is me such beautiful combinations of colors. these days. cupcakes. to come to evolving in the united states in the nineteenth century they were revolutionary because of the amount of time saved in the kitchen. creation cupcakes . dozens of bakeries devoted. a flavor. of american themed enterprises. each month. now it's time to do a. similar so.
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called fees and. it's not just. take a look at the range of delicious. american music and contemporary cake you could easily be. cisco. cupcakes incredible with. red velvet cake carrot cake and orange which ones who are trying. wow. well. here again. i'm going to.
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be moving to a different venue. to meet you my pleasure my credit to start. a guy like you would appreciate something like this tell me about this we've tried to go ahead and bring a real authentic american steak restaurant experience to moscow so we canvas most of the restaurants in the united states which somebody had to do it probably gained about three or four kilos doing it we also wanted to incorporate a real traditional american bar and we came up with chicago prime steakhouse in this being reviewed and i received very well especially by russians when it comes to american culture. music russian is american you know of american culture and what's cool about russians is russians really look at the people they don't look at the geopolitics so if i were to clarify the statement they love anything american well it's an occasion they've not like the president to but they do like the people and the american people like them too so there's
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a lot of synergy and a lot of good momentum between the cultures and what the cultures sell each other and what you miss about your home country you know i have to tell you you have almost everything we have almost everything in moscow. probably what i miss the most about america where i live in america doesn't have the traffic that moscow has . but moscow has found a way to in many ways have the best of everything and we've got an american style health clubs american style restaurants but moscow is developing also an identity unto itself and there's also where you're a. positive collusion going on in moscow as well so you living in the us from top to. there's so much energy here and. almost.
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and i think. the city. has female member. states of america. and the. whole family. and very. get involved in the community to. meet new people to do different things. and also . for support anything. when you first arrive because it's very different
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to finding the right. face. crazy. american film english. says with american movies only hollywood. and. films should become classics of world cinematography there's only one american thing about the funniest cinema. isn't allowed that. the bins of all contemporary
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art center there's a dishonest shop called made in the usa it represents very samaritan brands of clothes created particularly by young design is including collections by elizabeth and james william rast and leggings. there are five star of this in moscow today and all based on real americans on the street sixty six. i love all of them a real comfort food and if you're looking for english speaking for this ice come. look at. american food and some russian food to have everything from burgers to standard traps and i would say this is the best place for american food and it's not only with extra beds but with. guest star like diana is an example of the ever changing face of russia but it seems the success lies in the merging of american imports and influences with russian traditions. and is everything
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from the restaurant scene to literature and all its develops here it just shows you how. it is. full of wow take a look at that site this guy i'm definitely keeping the gym for two hours tomorrow it's called the really big show and. let's see what it's like construction. real american food absolutely wonderful. was opposed to leave me to this to be some of the oh i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me on the rest the c. . and.


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