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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2010 12:00am-12:30am EST

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don't don't come. course of discontent britain prepares for thousands of students to protest a rise in university tuition fees just the latest angry demo against government cuts to sweep across europe. it's a whole leo's all segment of the that has all the green. street is wall street is predicted to hand out record year end bonuses and the country's growing unemployment and soaring debt. and tapping traffic taro was moscow's bottom as consistently ranking among the world's worst we'll look at how local drivers are learning to take advantage of the jams.
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which are to live from moscow marina joshie welcome to the program london is braced for a mass demonstration from sauza of students and they are making a final attempt to prevent the british government for more than trebling the amount some will have to pay to go to university trade unionists are also expected to join in and there will be a large police presence after previous protests turned violent artist lauren amis says students are wondering why banks get handouts while say pay more. another wave of protests is set to grip the ukase capitol on thursday this is crunch time for the student protesters as it's their final chance to make their voices heard ahead of the evening vote in parliament on increases in she wish and fees to university students they say it will mean a university education will become elitist a privilege for the few rather than a right for the many and the protesters are unlikely to let this chance go by they'll be anxious to have as much impact as they can and judging from previous
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tests that'll mean silence and major disruption in london and other cities and there's also a distinct possibility that ama case will get involved and that could certainly mean that things get ugly this is expected to be the biggest demonstration against the rise in fees so far estimates of the number of people expected to march in london ranges between twenty and forty thousand and that's in london alone this comes against a backdrop of a euro in crisis as billions from national budgets to save banks and into the coffers of the european union after a summer of demonstrations on the continent the u.k. seen a wave of autumn process and ireland saw or its own demonstrations earlier this week as its parliament passed the toughest budget in irish history to secure an i.m.f. and the e.u. bailout of one hundred fourteen billion dollars the feeling on the streets there is
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that ordinary working people and the less advantage to being made to pay for the mistakes made by rich bankers and processing speculators is one of the groups who resent this the most is the german taxpayer europe's largest economy is supposed to the bill for bailouts and e.u. excess and there's a growing feeling amongst germans that it's not fair that they should bail others out meanwhile student groups here are saying there is to shut down cities and towns up and down the country by bill kaysing and. picketing schools universities and institutions and it's not just the students who are protesting the r m t one of the u.k.'s most powerful trade unions has called on its members and the entire trade union movement to get out onto the streets and support the students wednesday already saw a series of marches will house of its citizens in universities and towns around the country some of which have lasted days these appear to be designed to be dark to the maid events on thursday the bulk of the action in london is expected to take
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place around parliament square that way around a thousand police on the streets of westminster as protesters try to directly lobby m.p.'s into voting against a fee hike but it's widely believed this won't be the end of civil unrest in the u.k. if the fee hike goes through more people are expected to join with the students in what's already being dubbed a winter of discontent as the european people feel more and more they're being required to pay for the mistakes of a privileged super rich few. lower amateur reporting there from one of our jeremy corbyn a labor member of parliament in london as well as the speculators behind the financial crisis are still able to profit. what we're seeing is the end of access to higher education for people of average and below average incomes it's going to be the preserve of the wealthier in the future this is cutting of the color society those that created this economic mess that we're in are the ones who should pay for it's a transaction tax a wealth tax
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a tax on the very wealthiest people in our society would help to close the gap there is no need to basically hit the poorest people in our society in order to pay off this debt in march in time you need a more sensible more rational more humane approach to the whole issue we're not getting that from the government at the moment i do however think. there is a sort of caravan of despair that goes around europe that denigrates people and an economy then the very same people through the bond markets and making huge amounts of money out of loaning money to those governments the irish bonds for example of being traded at nine percent at the present time way above the current rate of inflation or indeed anywhere in europe and i think that when all the additions and all the sums and all the investigations done at the end of this will see that in all this despair some people have made themselves very very rich. and across the
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atlantic there is now suffering from cuts for top financial executives who are likely to enjoy a record brian's bonus. these guys are getting much deserved an assist and they want to celebrate the bonuses and hearty and have a great time. there's a feast on wall street as billions are spent a lot of lives lost her us economy he works so how bonuses and benefits are passed down. and he may be sitting in a british prison waiting for a decision on whether to be sent to sweden to stand trial for rape we get leaks founder julian assange has climbed to the top position in times online poll to be named person of the year in stark contrast and rest there have been calls from some high profile figures for the internet whistleblower to face execution all because he side published secret american diplomatic cables containing criticism of its allies assad is being held in london on charges of technical rape under swedish law
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which were previously dropped the gas to many suspect the us will be behind the allegations being reinstated as it attempts to keep him quiet but as in the pan a journalist antony loewenstein in sydney says even if assad is silenced there will be others. well he is certainly being ruthless for a long time to be us government would like to get a solution silent human wiki leaks i mean that's something that many of us in the state and in many parts of the world fundamentally opposed and we demand you straiten government provides from all support and resistance to those things if they happen one of the concerns that many of us have is that if extradited from slieve it that he will face a political trial rather than a legal trial and we will be there came just silence for a very long time on spurious charges so we very much opposed i'm very much opposed to that possibility but i think it's a real bitch and the truth is that if you knock out. tomorrow so many also
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replacing the genie is out. if you want to know more about the facts the latest we can leaks revelations out around the globe you can always find more on our website r.t.e. dot com. find out how the whistleblower website that avail the secrets of the russian nato for teacher partnership bosco's a bastard tomato and dissipates difficult discussion to have seen as interview online. and barack obama faces a second year blues of previous democratic presidents but whose example will he follow the clinton origen carter think it's through with our. bonus time is approaching on wall street and the anger of manny the rewards are set
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to rise but it's not just bankers bonuses going up so is unemployment across america all linked to the massive seven hundred billion dollars bailout to the biggest financial institutions in the country. has more. next the sculpture thirty thousand dollars now the first floor thirty thousand to thirty two thousand if an artist were to illustrate something of today's new york city office at fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen thousand votes nineteen thousand it may just be money bags twenty four thousand dollars to twenty six from you amid the lackluster american economic climate kristi's is seeing sunny days this painting sold for a little over six million dollars with over six hundred million dollars worth of impressionist and modern art sold this year thank you so since two thousand and eight we've seen an increasing return of confidence to the art market new york has once again become one of christie's selling sites sixty five thousand dollars what
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you like you would like to think you're just as wall street's wealthy and powerful . good afternoon. are back to indulge in pampering at the la perouse spa at the ritz carlton involves wearing decadent hors d'oeuvres i recommend this skin caviar body crain cream costing more than seven hundred dollars for less than four ounces while the caviar facial costs more than three hundred we do have a very very very large corporate following so corporations will come in and get their employees coming at a time when corporate america is banking record breaking profits one hundred fifty thousand. from choice to. business at wimpy jewelers has spiked but only those making top dollar can afford pieces with price tags that exceed the average annual income of three u.s. households combined expecting
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a very very busy time of year the more. business boost and perhaps my bonus is coming from a one street less street the symbol of the finance industry the financial collapse and record breaking compensation one hundred forty four million. apparently so percent from last year's record haul if anyone would know about business it would be we always want to make everyone happy here here at rick's cabaret happiness comes bearing lots of skin and beauty but doesn't come free for an evening six seven eight thousand dollars three thousand dollars it's hard not to have a good time when you're surrounded by. beautiful women who have seen a boom in business as wall street has rebounded and these guys are getting much deserved bonuses and they want to celebrate bonuses and hearty and have a great time from six cravings. to food cravings one hundred and seventy five dollar hamburger served up at the wall street burger shop and we
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still fellow. you know every month give him ten ounces of seared gras age greer cheese and this is kind of where all the value lies this is a white truffles was a black truffle as well as gold as in gold leaf flakes to garnish off the burger doesn't it like anything that's really just to make it pretty. particularly pretty for financier's working for america's biggest investment banks where employee pay is expected to average how the million dollars or more no such promise is here on main street were fifteen million americans are officially unemployed and u.s. poverty levels have reached a fifty year high forty four million people ironically that figure marks new york city's most expensive residential sale this year a seven floor fifth avenue mansion purchased for forty four million this as more
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than two million homes have been swallowed up by foreclosure in two thousand and ten still moving. in this so-called rebounding u.s. economy. purveyors of all things luxury are in fact surging while the majority of americans are left wondering when life will finally begin looking as pretty as the painting marina port naya r.t. new. just one day the founder of the trans research institutes has washington led wall street cheated when the crisis broke the gap between the rich and the poor in the us is the widest of any of the industrialized nations wages are stagnant median household income is is below two thousand levels it's only a small segment of the top that has all the creed when you talk about those bonuses
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hundred forty four billion dollars those handful of wall streeters are the equivalent to a country that would rank forty nine out of one hundred thirty four countries in the world we've said it since two thousand and eight when the top programs began it happened in front of everyone's eyes wall street has hijacked washington and who is the most dangerous banker in america that's among the financial scandals discussed in this week's kaiser report coming up later on r.t. . morgan has two trillion in assets and that is comparatively my brothers which has six hundred billion when it collapsed and took down the global financial system the fed owns j.p. morgan the j.p. morgan is the fed that's part of the u.s. banking cartel jamie diamond is ben bernanke is dirty underwear. and ben bernanke you give jamie dimon
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a few billion fresh and if they don't then jamie dimon says we're going to crash the u.s. economy the global economy by not rolling over the junk diapered debt collateralized by baby poop and your old tired global economy goes into the into the swamp now why is jamie diamond in guantanamo bay right now being violated by blackwater never is down there walking on broken glass eating broken glass why was he allowed to roam free why is your double standard why do the people at airports have to have people from the t.s.a. stick their hands up their strength ring up to their elbow and then jamie don't want to walk around free as a bird i don't get it he's the terrorist. moscow was infamous for miles of traffic jams leaving angry drivers fighting off road rage so are to boycott took to the streets of the russian capital to find out how some
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muscovites are learning to enjoy their endless hours in traffic. terrified of traffic. moskos miles of jam sneaking back as far as the eye can see and in the midst of a lot of angry drivers fighting off road rage if you want to get anywhere better plan and early start. to the half hours that's an average time most school water is found stuck in traffic jams every day that's a world record that's what we should we drive people wrong the bad muscovites consistently rank among the erring greatest drivers on the planet. yet while some left red faced moaning about wasted time others are trying to make the best of the bad striation sergei has spend anything five and a half hours in traffic but that didn't knock him for six as a now the chancellor he uses the. daily commute to study foreign languages. i used
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to be very first rate about the time i was wasting in traffic jams but then i came across audio books and i changed it all not only do i enjoy being on the road sometimes they deliberately take a long road just to finish listening to the past two years sergey has refresh his english and learn some german all sat behind the will conversational spanish is his next goal. is that it's your. gas here. and the other way out for stress motorists is bringing some of the comforts of home with them and go to the avid and suggest sales of car garge it's on the rise. we see a lot of demand for have the geisha devices been built to be two years with so much traffic we have in moscow i guess people spend more time in their cars wishing to be following directions and some resort to even more eccentric tools diary is well
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known most psychics just a few years ago she would a hummer and hired a driver also she could travel constantly and stylishly through the clogged highways and byways. i keep the same watch in my car i look at it when i need to make a decision and i have plenty of time for that while moving around the city for me it's a symbol of life a symbol i turn into. an eternity can seem like a very real concept while stationary in your car staring at the brake lights in front that's why drivers are finding new ways to see back relax and go with the flow however slow it's not going to artsy moscow. now take a look at some other stories from around the world and chile's president says conditions of the prison where over eighty people were killed by fire were in him a blaze broke out overnight during a riot at the overcrowded facility the fire only became public when and then made to use an illegal cell phone to call state television in an attempt to get help
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witnesses claim guards a lot of the prison gates hindering access for firefighters. at least nineteen people have been killed and hundreds injured after a head on collision between two trains in eastern bangladesh witnesses described hearing a tremendous bang followed by one of the trains holding over the other an official said the crash was a result of a signalling error the military has been called to assist emergency services and rescue operations. forces from to take a stand of seize more than one hundred seventy kilometers of marijuana on the afghan border are drug dealers trying to cross the border under the cover of night escape after a short clash with police and more than two tons of drugs have been seized into stand since the beginning of the year russia get a stand pakistan it and take a stand have agreed to combine joint and center caught its operations and the drugs trade in afghanistan as a native to the country but was sparked by
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a dramatic events there that's the view of the afghan coward or kardex minister who spoke to r.t. and the full interview is coming your way in just a word ten minutes time but here's a quick look. but enough guns themselves never grew poppies before the problem came to the country together with the war it's the result of the brought on by drove home the one home to war and the order of the populace a very short time to harvest you that's why they chose this way. well that raises up to date here in our tea and business is next will charlotte. blair welcome to the business program here on r t with me is folly improving investor relations modernizations well key issues scuffs during a meeting with russian president medvedev and belgian laid it the two countries assigned new agreements on gas and bilateral trade as artie's correspondent eagle
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pushkin also reports. first of all this meeting comes off the back of the russia e.u. summit which has already been deemed the most successful so far with the european union officially backing russia's accession into the war trade organization in two thousand and eleven this is the second day of the russian president's stay in brussels and as you've said he's met with the belgium prime minister and several deals have been made one of the deals signed was a memorandum on mutual understanding on the topic of modernization this issue is being discussed at the meetings between russia and its european partners but another very important deal struck here in brussels is a deal between russia's energy giant gazprom and the belgian energy company flukes this is going to use other companies a long term storage facilities here in belgium and this is a deal which is aimed at ensuring energy security for the european russian energy
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consumers let's listen to the c.e.o. of gas exports at xander media that is outside of him out on the possibility of the realisation of this memorandum will allow us to enter a long term lease of a strong underground gas storage facility that is not only conveniently located but also has a good this will allow us to use this storage facility to help fulfill our long term contracts. it's also important to mention that this deal will also make it much easier for european consumers to receive russian energy since it is going to be delivered from russia but it's also going to be stored here in the europe which will make it cheaper and easier for european consumers to get their hands on a russian energy. to the auto industry now sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles in russia have rocketed eighty percent year on year that's according to the association as you see in business it's the number of vehicles sold reached
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almost one hundred ninety thousand the biggest monthly number into use with say the growth supported by the post called his recovery and the state rebate program used because so far the share card bond sales are up twenty eight cents. time i'll see how the markets are performing neighbor in asia stock markets mostly high of the take a market benefiting from the low yen as nikkei is up looking to front the sour opposed to finish for u.s. stocks on wednesday aided regional sentiment for financial stocks rising on the back of gains in the kids on the street. and here in russia the markets finished lower on wednesday the l.c.s. lost over one point five percent and why six that the cent all of the breach it's been issued negative territory on both groups is lupul once baghdad close the most in the mindset of one point three and one point five percent lower here as michael was one of the biggest losers on the r.t.s.
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trading over two cent. the toughest virgin islands history has passed its first parliamentary vote the government is changing the income tax system and making drastic cuts to benefits in two thousand and eleven budget saving six million euros shake up as part of four years fifteen billion year was designed to control the country's deficit is the rest of budget gets to parliament ireland will start to receive the first tranche of bailouts. and i was confident as we've done. what is important to see when you undergo a program like this what i learned will have what greece has already you usually have two phrases one is really that you try to get your public finances in order and the second face that you really need is to generate growth and noticed quite positive with ireland is that they actually do have quite a flexible economy so in a way i think for ireland as hard as it will be to get through this and also from
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a social perspective. the prospect of successful program is actually quite good. russia is the largest minor nickel so thirty eight percent of its u.s. units still water mining co the seller a seven hundred million dollars in the secondary market and they plan to sell another ten percent of the water at some point. to fifty one point three percent stake in two thousand and two almost three hundred fifty million dollars it says it is selling a stake due to the lack of operational control. update for this hour we can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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the station. wait for your moment one of the time and explain why. god bless you they faced this is not a good warm. day for shit and we should step what you should it's a pretty tree speak so they have no idea about the hardships that we face. plate one it's the this is it all of them too nice to. put in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live
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a. real life stories from world war two. to truth nine hundred forty five dollars on t.v. dot com. wealthy british style. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look about lobel financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.


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