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fifo is just about to announce who will host the world comp in twenty eighteen. the world's media won't be immune to rival defeat nazi. in the jury on the high use it she will become. a lawyer here in the city of doesn't want it to get warm football she was held in support of want to live. and we will also take a look at what needs to be done in russia if it gets to hold between two even world cup stay with us. and other news russia will never provoke an arms race unless it's pushed to extremes prime minister putin sets the record straight on missile defense
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and his relationship with the president during an interview with veteran talk show host larry kate. and washington lends itself in hot water after a new leak exposes its true colors opinions of a so-called corrupt russia raise questions over u.s. politicians and their stereotypical view. live from our headquarters in central moscow if you're watching our team thanks for being with us first this hour in just a few minutes football's governing body fifo will announce the host nations for the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups russia's biggest thought to be a hot ticket the winner would net one of the world's top sporting events and billions of dollars of investment a lot now correspondents who are following the events and farmer in zurich you go to this can often cousin and alexei yourself ski here in moscow first to andrew
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just minutes away from the final decision here tensions must be high there and zurich. it is very exciting and the latest news you do have is that the voting is taking a little longer than expected so we won't get the the announcement on the winning bid and so perhaps ten or fifteen minutes time we are waiting for the arrival of the fee for president sepp blatter who carry with him to envelopes and inside those will be the winners names at the moment the bookies are putting england front and russia's second i'm not sure how much we can read into that but russia will be happy with the way their final presentation went today in front of the executive committee there were very strong in trying to emphasize the fact that eastern europe never mind russia has never hosted a world cup before but you also heard from pole vault double olympic champion is in by over he stressed the world cup would be for her country there's also comments from the russian captain even so it's very tense we're not quite sure how this will
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go it's all nobody knows it is all speculation a lot of rumors are flying around but one thing. england's bid is really rallied over the past few days i think the arrival of british prime minister david cameron as well as david beckham prince william has really made a difference i saw them arrive here just a few moments ago they will be waiting. with bated breath to see what sepp blatter has to say i have to also mention that there are two other. putting teams in the race of the twenty eight that is the iberia of spain and portugal this was hauled in belgium they are seen as a side dish at the moment and then of course after that announcement we will know who will host the twenty twenty two world cup. america and castle all neck and neck in that race to me i wish i could give you more of a stare on who might win this but we just don't know that's why he's so exciting but hopefully we will know in the next few minutes. or let's go now to your he's in
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cousin and i understand russians there are supporting their bed with a pretty unusual wall sporting event tell us more about what's going on. we eat in fact it seems that the whole city is moving from washington this bit since cousin is going to be washed away this is going to be one of the cities where some of the games during the. teen are going to be. the only way home with the support of the spin was about to leave held. a long while match nonstop which started yesterday on wednesday. once a whole big night for you the players change just ended just several minutes ago and everybody now has their eyes on the bad giant screen over the bush team to the live. live report from where the final decision is going to be announced on tuesday countries going to host the football world cup team just in the game the
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moment the city itself does sign it has been named to russia's support capital last year or so successful in terms of the support teams that it has both hockey and football but everybody here understands it's not just about the sport it's also about modernizing the infrastructure building roads hotels and airports a meaningful few other cities where again washington has been where some of the games are going to be held so it seems that this whole city is now keeping. everybody here are keeping their fingers crossed to see was going to happen. russia will get. across and have their fingers crossed at this moment alexei here in moscow if russia is successful in its bid just how much work needs to be done in preparing for such a massive event. well according to many experts there's still a lot to be done and many people understand that russia is behind its main rivals
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in terms of football infrastructure and indeed in terms of transportation we understand that billions and billions of dollars would be. sted into creating more than a rail line. train line among these cities between the cities which might host the twenty eighteen world cup with russia gets to host this championship now we also understand that sixteen stadiums will be built across the land nine of them are already under construction including the reconstruction of the genomics stadium in moscow which is the oldest in the russian capital now it's being reconstructed and it is being reconstructed regardless of whether or not russia wins the right to host the world cup and we understand we understand that this would of course mean it's a living for the people in those cities which may be hosting the world cup of course this is something the whole country is now anticipating and hopefully in ten to
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fifteen minutes we will learn who will host the twenty eight world cup indeed everyone in russia hopes that it will be russia. all right well of course that anticipation has to hold on a little bit longer we're getting news that the world cup announcement certainly will be delayed not sure how long for now andrew farmer in zurich you're going on and alexei yourselves. but we can now cross live to london ahead of course of this decision england one of the betters our teams laura is there for us this evening hi laura of course england's presentation was widely agreed to be one of the most impressive today how's the atmosphere ahead of the moment of truth. well there's certainly a lot of expectations here on the streets particularly in london there's a big screen up at the south bank just down the river there where english people are set to watch the announcement of who will be able to host the world cup in two
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thousand and eighteen as andrew farmer said it's a bid that has gained momentum just in the last few days really seen a huge amount of support from some very high profile figures in this country prince william he's the president of the football association in his role he has been spending a lot of time in zurich of course england football star david beckham who's famous throughout the world and prime minister david cameron has spent really quite a lot of time in the last few days he flew home yesterday for prime minister's questions and then flew back to zero rick shortly afterwards all three of those people they've nicknames themselves the three lions after the four lines that are on the england football shirt they have made very moving presentations in an excellent bit this morning that's how it's being seen by people two things really. putting a spanner in the works of that bid right up until the very end of course it's still a very open competition that one of them is a slightly odd thing which is that england is extremely well placed in terms of
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infrastructure to host this world cup that's obviously a plus a lot of the stadiums are already built a lot of the transport links will be in good working order by the time this comes around the u.k. will just have hosted the olympics of course the london olympics will be in two thousand and twelve but that's also potentially seen as a negative by fee for fifa talks a lot about legacy what will be the legacy of this tournament and the legacy in england will be fairly negligible compared to the rest of the world england is obviously a big footballing nation already a lot of opportunities in football for young people world class stadiums a lot of training so in terms of how it will develop football in england to have the world cup in here. twenty eighteen it's not not not really an awful lot compared to a country like russia it's also a big that's been surrounded by control to say there's been allegations of corruption inside this have come out of the b.b.c. and also the sunday times in recent days and weeks the b.b.c.
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has been called unpatriotic by a member of the england team david cameron has done a lot to try and. lessen the impact of really what's been a media smear campaign against me for he has met with jack warner who's a trinidadian member of government minister to try to to try to calm him down and jack want to set that that was a successful meeting but really it's all still to play for a lot of hope and expectation particularly in the final minutes here in london but laura met live from london thanks for about. now even if russia loses the chance to host the championships the country will be vying to take home the winners' cup russian football manager and former world class footballer for their guns i have says the team is headed by homegrown managers are likely to succeed. i've always advocated one principle that the national team of any country and especially russia should be headed by
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a homegrown specialist can't be two opinions on that well today's football executives make different decisions but if we take a look at history the teams that won european and world cups are mostly coaching or home specialists if you particularly if we take the highest achievements of soviet football they were also made to sort of coaching this is why i think foreign coach is not. action. suit i. can watch that full interview later here on our team and of course stay with us for the big announcement who will host the world cup in twenty. some. live.
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live. live. live. live. thank you. thank you. thank you
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thank you thank you i appreciate this i never ever was such as he was ten seconds left to play history it. was introduced into this this is was dismissed all these elected officials just. since you. can see the shape of this thing in take the kids he says.
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some. day. when something really. what you want to get down to. special coverage. is almost. finally sold on an international face for the future of the. world cup. will be hosting the world's largest sports event. question will.
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we of course are waiting for that announcement here on our tail along with the rest of the world but let's take a look in the meantime at some other news today in an interview on u.s. prime time t.v. vladimir putin outlined the stark choice ahead on european defense either moscow becomes an equal partner or it will be forced to put more missiles on its borders has got its as you can reports the russian prime minister also told larry king there will be no rivalry between him and me through trade if in the upcoming presidential election. larry king started off with a question that is a big and make money not only in the west but also in russia will run for office in two thousand and twelve what then basically said they'll figure something out with president medvedev sort of indicating that they are first of all foreigners with the current president and don't see each other as rivals took their eye actually larry king brought up the comical comparison with batman and robin that comparison that a u.s. the queen like gave to a russian leader share to the lot russian leadership in
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a classified cable hosted by weekly experience what a prime minister what is that so that. you know that mr medvedev and i were tackling the issue of future cooperation which is actually come on how we were going to build up our relations when deciding on how to design the election campaign the presidential election in two thousand and eight we fully realize that many would try to sue to school within our common approach is building the state of russia and economic development it's because of cooperation is a significant factor in the country's internal political scene but frankly speaking we could not imagine that it was going to be done in such a bold pushy and impudent way such a claim is of course aimed at insulting us pride in provoking steps which would destroy the beneficial cooperation in managing the country i must say that we've got used to it already and i ask those who make such attempts to calm down. promise the ports and larry can certainly be a touch upon some major international headlines for example larry asked about prism
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innovative three since they plan that that if washington then and nato don't figure out a joint sort of even approach to the planned missile defense shield in europe it could trigger an arms race and quickly made it very clear that it is the last thing russia would want russia's actions will only be in reaction he said and russia will never be the want to provoke an arms race. but if we receive very negative to our suggestions and moreover if there's an addition with threats in the form of a new missile shield new. have to maintain it security by taking. new missile strike systems against the new threats in your own borders and create new missiles because it's not a choice we do not want it and it's not a threat in any way we're just talking about what it waiting for us in case we can't reach an agreement on collaboration and. i repeat we do not want this sort of we're. talking about president obama who gave a positive assessment of his their national effort to say he was thankful. for you
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know softening kind of the negative rather a towards russia ending practice for for the fact that he scrapped bush mentioned this all the fans planning in europe something that irritated washoe a lot of russian officials are brushing aside allegations at least by whistle blowing web site wiki leaks the revealed secret u.s. diplomatic cables claimed the country is riddled with corruption and crime the documents are the latest in a growing list of the coming from american officials and the artes marina port i reports the beans have spilled all over washington. a global partner in peace or paranoid superpower hungry for secrets our diplomats are doing what diplomats do around the world every day which is filled relationships negotiate advance our interests and work to find common solutions to complex problems that's what they do but according to documents released by wiki leaks in two thousand and nine u.s.
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diplomats around the world were in fact directed to gather saif i take details including facial images fingerprints iris scans and even d.n.a. from u.n. officials among the targeted ambassadors from russia china france and britain even secretary-general ban ki moon many people didn't understand what that meant or that mean the diplomats do spying on the side of the order of operation allegedly came from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and as the u.s. assumes the presidency of the security council today that afternoon these revelations will probably be seen as an undesirable distraction but little more it seems only belgium openly criticized washington for mixing diplomatic work and outright espionage the united nations is not in a position to comment on the authenticity of the document purporting to request information gathering activities official reaction from the u.n. itself only went as far as reminding member states that international treaties per
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hit spying at the u.n. their response has been so weak to being spied on by the u.s. in large part because the u.s. is just you know it's the behemoth of the u.n. they pay a lot of the bills but they also have the ability to veto a second term for ban ki-moon the u.s. is the un's fattest financier said to contribute more than two and a half billion dollars in two thousand and eleven and this is not the first time the u.s. has been caught spying. back in two thousand and three in the lead up to the invasion of iraq the national security agency was reportedly conducting a secret surveillance operation provide. adding intelligence on the voting intentions of u.n. members this time around diplomats were asked to provide information on computer upgrade security measures passwords and personal encrypted and keys of their human colleagues the exhausting level of the details allegedly demanded about top u.s. officials has not only left the u.s.
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red faced but it's also caused some to question whether washington was ultimately laying the groundwork for surveillance or hocking operations here at the world body had quarters for governments that are constantly talking about democracy the transparent see in poor noonan blah blah blah in the world and say that they're invading all sorts of countries in order to promote there's a new democratic spirit and then they behave this way i'm sorry but i think it's time for some outrage while washington repeatedly claims to be rebuilding and repairing relations around the world the image of the u.s. as big brother watching at the u.n. may be irrepairable what is the u.s. policy is this u.s. policy going forward and you know it was in the past will it be going forward and if so you know people better hold on to their wallets around here while the u.s. appears to be left holding the smoking gun. r.t. new york we're going to take
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a short break here in our to business will be next weekend. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in some petersburg only she's available in hotels a story and a little and by seductive renee since politico tell the truth palace hotel the tryst good hotel gold new gold and never tell center elvis you will take stuff
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dostoevsky live in a sea of this column if you visit. hello and a very warm welcome to the business news the world's major soft drink producer pepsico who is buying control of russia's juice sunday we joined them belt down food the price at three point eight billion dollars full six to six percent represents a premium about a threat to the company's recent share price that caused the chest to jump shop early on moscow's changes that it was comes only three months softer to normal from sold its eighteen percent stake and then fold down that to the russian company that sicko will take control and staggered deal first buying six to six percent and the rest on terms of mandated by russian wolf the tilt still needs approval from antonopoulos regulators wimble down controls are wrong to further russia's drinks
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and dairy markets and has special production plants. across the sea i ask this here of a bill dam increased to two has got that from the fire on fifteen percent to over one hundred ten million dollars. spread the market because the shares rose from sixty percent so obviously this information was not known to march by the way the move would have not been significant barely paying for control of the company and we don't know and was interested in never what would you know milk and they just wanted to focus on that for every deal there's a price and. made sure of all the leave the deal to develop lady make good money and congratulations to them fullerton well we're seeing that pick up in price in the whole consumer and retail segment in russian stocks today so most of the stocks they're up on the news obviously there are situations where maybe what should you might be interested in russian consumers are certainly we are going to
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pick up in demand in the family on the back of the new. tom told at the markets russian stocks have slightly retreated from early morning scales but they are still up for a third day as high oil prices and speculation of europe's debt crisis will be contained boosted confidence in the global recovery when built on shares show us that a seven percent top to pepsico said it will acquire a controlling stake in the russian dairy company and gas promise adding about two and a half percent and most next is gaining two point three percent on high oil prices . european markets are high and has extended the window on to which it will lend to european banks until april that see the euro drop turning to stocks minus our leading gains in the footsie with return to up three percent. on to our stock started mildly album thursday after weekly jobless claims rose more than expected after its biggest single day jump in three months months the dow jones is gaining
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slightly more than half a cent. russia said. because mobile operators have boosted net profits fortune percent of the third quarter after its consolidation with ukraine's kiev stopped net income totals four hundred and ninety six million dollars while revenue reached two point eight billion dollars whether ording to general director of russia the company's competitive position on domestic market has deteriorated this year the court's results showed that certain growth was from courts and here and here closer to rated markets they may seem quite ok but taking into account developments comparing us without competitors we are not satisfied with that development and of course we see maybe the main reason for our leg slightly behind it is. and investment into the data services.
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and jim ministers of the gas exporting countries have backed russia's push for more discussion before they approved it said energy. and energy projects producers from distribution they also create the first full summit of exporting countries take place in doha next here speaking to me at the form of exporting countries russia's energy minister said of course that the regional market is crucially important for the industry. while we talk about stagnation in gas demand in europe the asia pacific region is growing fast. is also a growing competitor to qatar and algerian gas we are broadening our presence there first of all our production we plan to build such a plant stalk and of discussing the construction of the third stage of but we also want to keep our position as a pipe gas supply in the region for example today we are discussing possible supplies to korea and china. so we have time for now but you can always get more
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store small website r.t. dot com slash business. it was created to serve public interest to inform and entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the building newspaper radio stations television stations the cable.
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my dear with r t live from moscow and now it's time to find out who will be the lucky country to host football's main competition in twenty eighteen thank you wayne partridge in our sport studio for the live coverage making the decision making moment in zurich kate over to you hello and thank you for joining me on this big day in world football well after the bids the inspections the controversy and finally the presentations in just a few minutes football's world governing body fifo with an ant's which countries have won the right to host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups sparking a decade of multi-billion dollar investment russia is one of the favorites from the four european bids on the table for the twenty eight hundred tournament hoping to land the prestigious event for the first time and beat of competition from england along with joint bits from spain and portugal and the netherlands and belgium while five buddhism.


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