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socialist. don't need to go publicly and run the same the kennel was a hotel as a retreat. from moscow thanks for being with us kevin owen with a headline update for you. countries hoping to host football's flagship make a final push the day before the winners of that russia was among the favorites but does face tough competition. fresh protests sweeping across europe against the need to bail out failing economies. next and risk following the fates of greeks. leading players in european security to push aside the stereotypes of the past and work together for the sake of future stability. and as a major is in full swing we get the view from the inside next as we have new
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organization secretary general. mr bush of us thank you very much for talking to us during this summit in to what extent is organization for security and cooperation in europe is interested in proposed by president and european security whether proposals by pres medvedev had one great merit because they were sort of a wake up call that not. everybody was happy with in the family of greater europe when. regiments recording security a fresh look if fresh approach had to be given to those issues this clearly energized the discussions and you will see as you know there was a so-called call for process and i think this laid the groundwork for
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the efforts of the cousin of the west see this year and the strong push by the current treasury ship to have this summit which we are having now and which in a way part of this dialogue to renovate and to give a new foundation to european security the mere fact that the fifty six are meeting here means that they care about having a better atmosphere each other the better climate and that they care about giving a new trust a new impulse a fresh admission to this organization. where they are together on equal footing where they are as equal members of the same family not as members or just as that grouping would be as the strengths of security well they are some key elements that. are present the need for continuous
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consultation the need for full. respect. mutual interests and other peoples point of view and the reference to this common interests and the reference to the fact that it's common interests our best respected if they take use of spec wrong of the. experience of their we sees its sixty five billion i think you find a lack of remains. the basic founding document with all its log of ten principles which have to be seen in combination so in this sense the recommitment to this perspective that is at the core of the status of it where it is a russian major corporation leave organization for security and cooperation in europe as a military organization i see there are different different trucks through which
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a community security and greater europe can be built it will be a noisy certainly but it will be also different organisations the fact that lisbon was a good meeting that there was a successful nato russia can also read that there was also a successful meeting of contributors to my soft. gives a good back to the work we are having here in a stand up and the continued contacts between the european union and the russian federation the continued contacts individual states have among themselves in various combinations all these create a network of good will and they will network of mutually supporting exchanges it is out of network because this continuous process of consultation incorporation that we are going to overcome current mistrust and current difficulties that always responded rapidly to the clear gas crisis both during that apart but he has and
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asked me. in all. what is always c. analysis of the stability of caring is democracy at the moment it is obvious that euro two thousand and ten has been difficult to carry a stand there were major upheavals most in the north and the south but there are also very positive developments of friend listen to the lecture and return to an orderly process. of peace and president goes out to buy his here in a stunner she will be having in-depth schools and taisha as they wish he has been president side by side with the people of kyrgyzstan throughout this crisis now it is important that once a new coalition of parties appears that the new government is completed we immediately start to work all. recent rekindling economic activity
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of consolidating the institutions and of creating a basis for civil peace between all the components of the kirghiz people so that events that we have seen in june cannot recur belonging they always seem mission in the caucasus was rejected out to georgia south and south of here what lessons have been there and some that it is not only they will see visions of the caucasus which had or didn't have an impact on the conflict as you know there were much broader cases there was he did its duty as the early warning to the big studio in terms of for trying to address the crisis when it happened and me i remind you that we had no less than twenty military monitors which were present between so from the. july of two thousand and nine and which were the first ones to try and help stabilize the situation so the lessons are there however for everybody that you cannot escape difficult issues that you have to address and relentlessly you have
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to take every opportunity to create. for exchange for political dialogue this is what is happening regularly and you leave out this is what is happening the contact so-called i.p.r. at meetings between the different parties where you will see is also involved regarding the station itself so see show there is no question that the visit difficult issue but it is also an issue where there is some very hard work doing including going on including here in the margins of the summit. together respectively create a clash between two fundamental principles in helsinki underpinning your organization. integrity and seven seven nation how can you set to result tensions in the caucasus without recognizing and responding to protests on
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the status of course we have to be clear we are present in kosovo as part of you are who should twelve forty four the presence in kosovo is entirely status neutral it is friendly and accepted by all components of the course of our population therefore we are not trying to resolve this issue there will be talks hopefully starting soon to progressively recreate bridges between. belgrade and prestigious. and we hope this will aggressively work itself out. in the caucasus a combination of the principles as you say is a difference really because there has been a prolonged phase of tension since one thousand and two when it does not forget and moments of of conflict which would be particularly intense but it is also a very. delicate situation to be addressed through political leaders through the
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use of force when use of force has been central to the discussion so far been significant move. voice to recently by presence in the european parliament this also creates a new background for conversations here in a stunna and i hope it will be the beginning of. a resumption of direct contacts between all parties most of the world's heroin is consumed on our seed territory two point five million russians are addicted to drugs that come from afghanistan and increasing quantities and why is always our list to stop the drug flow considering that the political will is there. well following the mandate we received from our ministers in two thousand and seven in madrid we have been working very seriously alongside with central asian members of the principal states of the with the to strengthen the borders between afghanistan and the
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central asian states by intensive training of central asian border police the customs office drugs police alone with coatings we have a border management staff college now operating in to from bay customs academy in bishkek there is a lot of work being done in the wooded oval was part of the police academy also in turkey in many other videos so it's taken time but now i think we have created a joint perspective because afghanistan which is a nation partner of voice from i think we have been working very close with them we have had many meetings including of the whole of the with c.n.n. station partners in kabul itself. and afghanistan feels that ease as part of the greater family help and i want to see president karzai will be is here during this
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time a summit he is addressing the his colleagues the heads of state in government which . these are very very strong very clear signal that afghanistan and the problems that are generated by drug trafficking are at the heart of the concerns of the worse how can lawson forces help to prevent drug trafficking some afghanistan considering that russia has repeatedly said that its forces will not be sent to afghanistan but we are also working side by side with c.s.t. oh which also has a committee is there and with russian forces which are present in the. so what is important is to have very good coordination very good coordination between international organizations were sent by corporation with c.s.d. or with c.i.s. but also with the you went with the you with the council of europe what it is involved in order to all work in the same direction and to have
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a very positive synergy to make progress how can you respond to the claim that the security and cooperation in europe doesn't stalls conflicts but rather three system . is as good as its participating states we cannot have a magic wand and because we have those good principles work out instant solutions there is some merit in freezing conflicts frozen conflict is better than an active conflict and. keeping a political process of parting parties discussing with each other take the example of the men's group and its history co-chairs they have a very hard job and there was a big working strenuously in order to avoid renewed conflict but also progressively to build the principles of what may be the peace arrangement this is happening here
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also in a stunning and may be a high level meeting in the context of this group and their hope. it will be this is a thankless job because it's a very demanding one for those who practice it. to make me. yours paints create a foundation for the future and hopefully for solution to the conference thank you very much. thank you. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of
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corruption. when just from. san antonio police control. the crowd you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sounds like a microsoft public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching.
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the top stories from r.t. world cup shuto countries hoping to host football's flagship make a final push the day before and russia is among the favorites but it does face tough competition just a bit more support other headlines from us tonight fresh protests sweep across europe against the need to bail out failing economy italy is among the next to greece fall in the face of greece in our. president but it calls on the leading players in european security to push aside the stereotypes of the past and work together the sake of future stability. while the story is more with me in more detail at the top of the hour but before that's time for. me and kate all the big guns in zurich tonight awaiting the world cup announcements tomorrow. yes david cameron and david beckham are there to back the english bed but crucially mr putin
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not there though the russian prime minister says he'll stay away but russia is still the bookies favorites on that is coming up thanks. hello welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. well top countdown all i was a ten to zero by russia awaits people's decision on who will host the twenty eighteen twenty one. and going back to the former england captain tries to score a late we're not. talking to the english. and european i'm off to lift the russian premier league trophy since i'm success in the europa league by a group gang of on the left. but there's only one place to start and that's the world cup voting representatives for nine countries are in zurich waiting for a fee for to announce who will host the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two
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tournament's the russian delegation all making their presentation on thursday for the twenty eighteen event and which event portrayed since this report from switzerland. anyone who's anyone is in a moment of madness because when expedients will be crucial in deciding who will win the race to host the next two world cups former dutch legend ruud hollis he's already here and of course he'll be back in but dutch and a belgian beer the u.k. prime minister david cameron he's also here is expected to be joined soon by the former u.s. president bill clinton by tuesday afternoon both still no word whether russia's prime minister vladimir putin will be attending here of course to try and persuade the twenty two people delegates to vote for them head of thursday's vote for russia's bid committee bay have already held their first press conference since arriving in zurich and they explain why the next few days will be so crucial issue and usable in their decision that fifa is going to make on december the second that's tremendous important in terms of not only the growth of this port but also
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the overall development of her country would take it very seriously to win the right to host the world card bidding nation needs to get and i would write the majority of twelve votes. a joint bid of spain and portugal very confident of having between six and eight votes each. and the other bidding nations of england have a joint bid of benevolence and belgium to get those extra votes and convince executive committee members to vote for them. decision seriously as they may have made their minds for the opening round but so just to persuade them to vote for us in the later rounds. a lot of humans haven't exactly been easy for the people executive committee members turban was suspended over allegations of corruption three more work use of corruption in a b.b.c. documentary that ran on monday more than twenty aspirants between the rival bidders to make matters worse i have to share the same hotel right behind me for the next few days so there's still plenty to play for but the question is will sorkin have
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a smile on his face come results on thursday. what sort and. well since that report we've learned the prime institute in what we're going to see the announcement that russia's but it also has the backing of national coach dick out of the car he believes getting the well cut would help develop the country stadiums and so russian team's chances of european success. i remember when i arrived four years ago now i start really talk about a training ground new stadiums if you want to be a force in european football you need that kind of things and i think cheney did it because the saving was almost finished and the training ground is on a much better level. the majority of the other clubs are waiting and i can understand that as well because if we get the world cup then they have to build but then they get probably sponsored by so i can understand that their wait a little while but after that they have to build
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a new stadium because the majority of the stays in russia a hundred years old. i mean while russia all the bookmakers favorites to play in the twenty eighteen tournament however england too far behind that's a missouri case headed by prince charles prime minister david cameron and david beckham who believes the physics seconds of committee can't be trusted to judge england's bid on its merits after fees british media reports alleging corruption could have a negative impact on the twenty two men who decide the outcome however the former england captain is satisfied his country's presentation will get a fair hearing in football's governing body. the thing that we can trust every one of the members you know at the end of the day their football people and they get a warm world copy in the best country that i think he's could could host you know the biggest sporting event in the world so we doubt we can trust him i think it's hard to tell you know it's hard to tell whether you've definitely got.
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you know you get a good feeling for him obviously some of the members that we've met over the last couple of days so you do get a good feeling but you can never guarantee that that so. you know we've we've worked hard like i said prince william was up at seven this morning doing breakfast with one of the members so you know we're working hard you know into the early mornings and our fingers crossed. now while much attention has turned to the world cup vote russian champions and is our new right action as they're taking on and alleged in some cases beg the china's blessing some of us strolling away with their second placed opponents with eight points higher than just before kick off and the home side is leading the way you want to see young off on target off the twelve minutes and it's on the because of off to sixty five conical a golf backwards and maybe three one there in the dying minutes that meanwhile in other games rock bottom spits on ice and apple is spending time with the least taking the bretton woods your space or doria and in group h.
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runaway in the district of travel to second place young boys and bud don't play the tough eight. and later there are some more very tight games is going to take on that specific area still looking to qualify from group c. or leader sporting his second place real in group b. athletic hundred second it's a long a cast by laver clears the top of the grid for just one point as heroes and i'm finding great a tabletop is elect me and welcome to the ventus launched a sitting second only on goal difference particularly dreadful salzburg. and i went over the austrian side would send city through to the knockout stages if you ventus failed to win in poland city all unbeaten and nine home european matches while salzburg have not won their last six away from home city manager about to mancini under pressure after some inconsistent form in the domestic league says the match is the start of the make or break to samba for his team. but i said to be smarter
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in december it will be very important for us because we. see this game and. if we will do a good war we can go on the top but generally february will be most most important and in february we if we can be on the top or near the. top school that. we can we can see what three months you. and they want to scatter also continuing their you rightly campaign as they have suicide on thursday the moscow side account a top of group beth with a one hundred percent record of the match could be postponed due to the freezing weather here in the russian capital close to but we're experiencing difficulties because of the cold weather and the beach is in a great condition but it will have to play in what amounts to injury prone circumstances however the main thing is that the mesh will take place and we have to achieve our aim and get through to the next round as group winners so we are
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well motivated for this fixture we've got the question you asked of a seal haven't guaranteed top spot in the group and says carr always determined to be top so it's an important match and are only a month as date is to win. has made to the eyes now a year at sea denominator have extended their lead in the standings in the kontinental hockey internet a human on opposite goals in the russian capital last don't meet with this regret in st petersburg by the same scoreline earlier on wednesday night sevastopol which today for twenty one when about having a god rock bottom that's just sort of released by single golf invesco region confronts attacked various three to four in moscow they want to scout have continued their slide to the bottom of the league table and choose daily on a man with a raft on home ice and fellow strugglers matter like america's nets the visitors took a quick two male lead for five minutes into the second king who came out of going
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to make it through a no in his passion was the only time to find them at home a night that wasn't enough to change the course of the game. slapshot sutton the final score for four one. is the principle you book it only for the english this guy didn't play too bad great loss of goal scoring or were to the point is that we discoursed well they just wasted their chances that's what made the difference which in british english there tactically we were very well prepared for this game we knew the armenians we can strong points you had to neutralize them and it worked perfectly and you knew it finally i was a golf and tiger woods hopes to end twenty ten on a winning note of chevron world challenge in california which he'll host on thursday the fall while number one has enjoyed his first p.g.a. campaign without a win since he joined the tour in addition to having a high profile divorce the four time tony when i was absent from the event in two
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thousand and eight as he was recovering from knee surgery and woods missed it in two thousand and nine because he had been involved in a car crash this was followed by revelations about his private life and subsequent divorce which led to a five month break from golf what has also lost his number one ranking for the first time in five years as he was overtaken by england's lee westwood and the american admits that events off the course much respected his game on it. it's been difficult but also it's been very rewarding at the same time. forced me to look deeper into myself and and look or. how i grew up and how those things didn't match with the person who i am and getting back to that and get back to you know how my parents raised me basically. good and very excited about the future and before we go there's just time to take a quick look at the school and it's a final school not just like it was in it's have one so we want goes far beyond off
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. one phone call but it wasn't enough to finish the twenty one he wants is in the. news so this one isn't. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. wealthy british scientists say it's no time to be right on. target. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our.
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