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you can. see don't need to go. read this in the kennel was such a treat. the bombers raced to ratify as the president tries to save the russian reset with a final appeal to get congress to agree on the cuts treaty. and on the other side of the atlantic president bush is for common security any europe telling the always that the stereotypes of the past have to be overcome. it's the last kick of the game for the football world cup is trying to impress people officials a day before they make their choice with russia among the favorites to host in twenty eight. you're watching r t broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program top story
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now president obama has used his last opportunity to push for u.s. legislators to ratify the nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia before the holidays as republicans continue to stall the process balmer once the senate to put aside political squabbles and focus on security. following the meeting in washington. obama basically has two weeks or so to have his arguably major foreign policy achievement passed by the senate and his pushing really hard the christmas break is coming up and after the holidays if by then the treaty is still not ratified there will be some dark days awaiting obama started more republican senators will come will take office than many of them are skeptical about the treaty where they seemed the substance of the start treaty its content has long stopped being the focus of discussions here in washington or in the partisan games sort of scoring of political points seem to be more important to some politicians
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don't that was actually at stake and that's the point obama's been making for weeks what heard him call for republican senators to step away from this all while being desired to undermine his presidency and really look at the trade itself and how important it is for the to us national security take a listen once we are reminded the room the the street has been vetted for seven months now it's gone through eighteen hearings it has support from senators of both parties it has broad bipartisan support from their national security advisors and sectors of defense of sectors of state from previous administrations both democrat and republican and that it's absolutely essential to our national security we need to get it done if you look at key questions concerns whatever senators had regarding the new start those were all addressed the country's military unanimously testified in support for the treaty and number of former secretary of state both republican and democrat former defense secretaries all said
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having starred is in u.s. national interest so there is a huge bipartisan support for the treaty among experts but not on the hill and obama has very little time to change that the start treaty is not just about reducing both countries' nuclear arsenals by a third seen as a symbol of trust between the two nuclear superpowers and obama made it clear that further cooperate. plans with russia could really go south without this place he stressed how important russia's assistance is in afghanistan how crucial russia's cooperation was on iran and the aspect of the u.s. and some other aspects of the u.s. russia reset and everybody here realizes that the new start is sort of milestone of this reset. that was artie's critical reporting from washington d.c. . well the talks over the atomic treaty get people of else cross-talk panel fired up in about two hours time here's a preview. there are enemies of an improved u.s.
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russia relationship in the united states but the point also has to be made that there are enemies of an improved u.s. russia relationship also in russia and and i think this agreement by getting this agreement ratified we will open the doors for greater cooperation in the future ok if i go to you you agree with the ambassador there are people in the political establishment rush would say yeah see you can't trust these people you see you can't ok and it feeds upon the extremes in both sides unfortunately the extreme in the us seems to be mainstream. while the start treaty is the basis of rebooting relations between moscow and washington and other reset of ties on the table this time between russia and the
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european security group who six member states of the sea have gathered in kazakhstan for its first top level summit in more than a decade their russian president dmitry medvedev is pushing for a new security treaty for europe and is ready to resolve differences over conventional arms to use the time you know because it has more from a stand now. president it has set out that. there's a can for security and cooperation in europe is currently seriously outdated indeed the last overseas summit took place eleven years ago and a lot has changed in relations between russia and the or c. in the past eleven years their relations have been severely damaged during the years of bush administration and russia had to pull out over the agreements of a conventional arms any europe because all of the u.s. plans to deploy its missile defense shield in europe and russian president has said that there's a need to modernize always seen of course because of the reset relations between
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russia and the united states as well as recently during his annual address to the nation russian president has said that there is no other way forward but for russia to cooperate with nato on its aim deep plans for europe and to introduce nuclear warheads otherwise and another arms race will begin he also spoke of the indivisibility of security and the pan european security treaty proposed by the russian president back in two thousand and eight has been discussed for nearly two and a half years now and russian president during this summit has said that maybe it is not something that can be decided over just one summit and even if we're looking far into the future that i always see is a perfect platform for these discussions on the new european security architecture let's listen to what present the data could say but he's been going to do what you must do with the new treaty we have proposed would be aimed at guaranteeing common security for europe i think everyone who supports it it's been discussed for two
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and a half years maybe the stereotypes of the post is still strong a mission issue dave is ahead of its time but its turn will inevitably go. and in fact here we see a lot it received a lot of support from the european leaders who have spoken during the summits and they have spoken in favor of president invidious idea. what emerging threats if there's no european missile defense agreement also came up in conversation between the russian premier and us prime time talk show host larry king but there putin said that if joint efforts on new european security failed russia will have no choice but to ensure its safety by building up forces. well several other topics also came up including the latest wave of wiki leaks putin saying it was no catastrophe because it was such a poorly kept secret but he did lashed out at the assessment office with the actions of president medvedev saying the comparison to batman and robin was
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arrogant and unethical putin's interview airs on c.n.n. on wednesday evening in the u.s. and is likely to be the last statesman to appear on larry king live as a veteran interviewer retire soon. here with r.t. another nail in the coffin of the year is a chilly to be the next in line for the bailout as protests roman capitals. for those bidding to host football's world cup are about to make their final presentations to fee for the big announcement on thursday in the twenty eighteen race for russia looks horns with england which is considered its main rival also running a joint bid from spain and portugal and the netherlands belgium. reports. twenty eighteen we believe this banner at russia's latest international friendly described how france felt about russia getting the world cup but does the country with a rich tradition stand
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a chance of becoming hosts i the dutch coach of the national team certainly hope so even though his home country is among the big. we need the world germany should be goes for the stadiums infrastructure. because the majority just. as usual many experts agree with that notion of believing that russia lags behind its rivals in terms of infrastructure but that is about to change according to those behind most schools bid this is the dinar stadio moscow's oldest this is where history's greatest football gold. a russian left yesterday spent his glittering career the game's legend did not live to see his home ground being transformed it is now under construction to become an ultra morden stadium. all in all russia plans to build sixteen stadiums for the world cup games
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a graphic presentation shows clearly that all grounds will be high tac the head of russia's bidding committee says even if it loses the right to host the cup it has won in other ways to look at sochi and every promise that we have made to the sea is being fulfilled right now as we speak. we do have a lot of things to build but it's that it's no secret and we have already started that even regardless of the first choice out of sixteen stadiums will be built regardless of the outcome of the december second footballers playing both in russia and abroad are relishing the prospect of playing on world class pitches but they say russia needs the world cup to both revive its one strong for both traditions and to open the country to the rest of the footballing world. that will be playing at that cup anyway when i think it will be the biggest victory for my country for just as. it's a world game brings brings people together you know it's it's
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a great tournament so huge fan when you look even to the south africa was a great success you know into something like that is a huge thing and i'm sure the people are assured will come out very well experts say thursday's voting in zurich will be completely unpredictable the british press however believes that russia's bid and the joint one of spain portugal are favored to win the russian delegation heading to switzerland hopes it will be able to impress defeat executive committee just as russia's olympic bid team did in guatemala to win the winter games for sochi. russia ascii r.t. reporting from moscow. and of course i were across that store a few online that's how the white house for bringing you at r.t. dot com russian history for sale thousands of letters photos postcards and drawings of the lost designer's family and the auction is hammer. meet one girl you don't want to mess with the teen
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a sumo wrestler proving she's tough enough to beat the boys. another year of their own country might need a financial bailout soon italy which is the third largest economy that uses the euro currency and started plunging in the same direction as greece and ireland it comes as fresh protests sweeping across europe with people angry at facing tough cuts to pay for it all with talk more on this with the european parliament member nigel farage who's the leader of the u.k. independence party thank you very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. now on the bailout the candidate list seems to be lengthening doesn't it as well as portugal and spain italy seems to be in a precarious position now if the third largest economy so coombes could wipe out
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the euro in your opinion. course it could yes i mean spain's a big economy italy's even bigger what we have here is we have the bond markets sending us warning signals i mean think of them as the canary in the mine shaft if you like. i'm not saying that the bailout crisis will extend to those big countries but it just could and certainly if spain went down remember that the debt they've got is about seven times the size of our land so we'd be talking there about three hundred fifty billion euros and italy bigger still and so you get to a point where there is no more bailout money where the euro in its current form would cease to exist i don't know whether that will happen in the next few weeks but it remains a real possibility and of course there are also fears about portugal it's thought that portugal's under pressure to ask for assistance and an irish minister says that dublin was forced to take bailout so is there a clash here between political pride in the cold economics of the european central
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bank. well i don't know i mean the cold economics of the european union's response to the banking crisis since two thousand and eight has been that every single bank and every single loan and guarantee must be backed up by governments now if you look at countries like iceland where they decided to let some of the commercial banks go bust you see countries that are now beginning to recover so that was the decision that was taken in back in zero eight so in the case of our loan the government had to stand behind banks banks that had made some very unwise loans and banks that have been operating within the euro zone which of course are was never suited so the point is this whatever we do let's say that the contain juden doesn't go any further than portugal let's say the bailout funds aren't exhausted that isn't the end of the problem because what you've now got are countries like greece potentially portugal who are trapped inside an economic prison that is called the euro for which they are not suited and believe you me the bailout that arlen saw
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last week is not the end of the matter i suspect that things that are economically will be very much worse in two years' time than they are now ok but in fairness the european commission president said on sunday that the eurozone isn't to blame for greece and ireland problems in that welling's would've been much worse without the euro isn't there some truth in that. there is not a single piece of evidence for those claims by barroso or van ryn point whatsoever listen when arlen joined the euro there were people like me saying there was no benefit for the country as most of their overseas trade was denominated in sterling or dollars anyway and that to join the euro they would have to have artificially low interest rates and for the first seven or eight years of their membership of the euro irish rates were three to four percent lower than they would have been had the irish kept the point i what that meant was that the property boom became the most massive speculative bubble and that's why the bust is as bad as it is and now
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our don't find ourselves in the euro where euro zone interest rates are going to head up over the next couple of years at the very moment that they're trapped inside a deflationary downward spiral or i will euro's have a closer look at it into their foreign may i mean look at the case of britain then as in an e.u. member signed up to take the benefits of european harmony isn't it right that they treat pain when times are hard you can't have a cake and eat it when you well let's examine what these benefits are show way i've been here for eleven years as an m.e.p. and i'm still struggling to find them because if what we're talking about is free trade is the ability of companies to buy and sell goods from our next door neighbor in countries look the swiss do that without being you members but all we do that without being e.u. members so if what the united kingdom wants is free trade she can have that without being part of a club that makes three thousand new rules for us every year and cost us a membership fee of nearly fifty million pounds a day to be in pounds the british government has said it will guarantee for the
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irish frankly is money poured down the drain what we should be doing a sign to our friends in ireland we will help you come out of the euro and get back to having your own currency otherwise frankly we're wasting this money but in the widest sense the global recession would have affected all nations anyway surely isn't it better that acts as a group instead of trying to struggle individually. look of course there's been a global recession of course everybody's been affected but the point about this is that we're going for economic and monetary union across the european union with countries that have such different and divergent occurrences that we learnt ourselves with the exchange rate mechanism twenty years ago that we weren't suited to it sadly for the greeks the irish and probably soon the portuguese they're having to learn the hard way i what you need in a recession and what you need in a global economy which we're now living in is you need flexibility and adaptability
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and when you join the euro you give away control over interest rates and now that they've been bailed out they've given away the ability to decide their own budgets greece and ireland have now become protectorates of the european union they've lost their democracy they've lost their self-government and i'm deeply fearful of and i do feel that extreme political groups even violent political groups will now be on the rise because if people feel they can't alter their own destiny by voting what are they left with let's turn to germany then and german taxpayers seem to be bearing quite a lot of the burden for all these these how long do you think it will be before the germans become angry enough to stop paying out for other countries fail as you mentioned anger that. you know well i'm married to a german and i shall tell you that they've paid a very big bill since ninety ninety to reintegrate eastern germany back into western germany they're now being asked to pay
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a bill many times the size of that to buy you know countries like greece and ireland and portugal and who knows who else there is no question that had the german people been asked did they want to give up the deutsche mark and take the euro that would have been overwhelming though but in germany as around the rest of europe we have a political class that has attempted to impose its own worldview on people without ever asking their opinion i was in germany a couple of months ago in berlin i spoke at a meeting of people who want to do it smart back and i was impressed there were lawyers university professors hedge fund managers some very serious people in the room saying we want to get the hell out of the euro we want with george mark back now angela merkel is playing a clever game because she was the first person to suggest that perhaps the private holders of bonds in ireland and greece may not get the full of face value of their bonds back when it comes to maturity that sends a message that maybe it won't just be german taxpayers that have to bail things out
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and that's why she did it i i i mean frankly if germany said we've had enough of this that would be the end of the euro i don't think we've reached that moment politically yet i think it's more likely that greece and ireland will be objected but don't expect the germans to bankroll the you forever they simply won't do it you say ejected there do you think any any country would voluntarily leave the euro and to have their currency devalued. well they should do but of course they won't because what you have in our land and what you have in greece are the same kind of political class that we have across the rest of europe and they've been set on this path of creating a european state for several decades now they can't admit to themselves or their publics that they've got it horribly wrong they can't admit that what we should be doing in europe is having a trade organization where we cooperate together but don't attempt political union so no they're not going to do it what we're going to see we're going to see the rise of new political parties we're going to see some massive changes in european
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politics over the next couple of years i hope and pray that it won't be extreme nationalist groups that benefit from this but i fear that it may be despite all the troubles for example the stonier is looking to join the euro by two two thousand and eleven i should say why would the zone accept new members and they'd all this struggle. because this is an empire mr gross said i think two years ago he said that the european union was the first ever nonmilitary empire and what empires try to do is expand so they'll have it into the euro and they'll try and make join the european union next year of the year after they think that all the while they're expanding people will say well it must be going well and it will take their attention away from what's going on with him sadly it's too late at all the opinion polls show that in germany in greece in britain and ireland and right across the european union increasingly the publics of europe are holding the political class that have done this to them in increasing contempt ok we'll have to leave it there
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nigel farage i thank you very much indeed for your forthright here live on r.t. . there with the business desk now with. well welcome to a business program i'm sure on. russia's hydropower holding ross hydro has expanded its ambitions along with its investment plans it will spend at least three billion dollars on new plants while modernizing old ones boosting output by about a thousand megawatt watts profits are up ten percent so far this year at over seven hundred million dollars in the first half of two thousand and ten. the investment program for the next three years was confirmed. next year we plan to invest over three billion dollars around twenty percent will finance the technical upgrade of the existing plants the rest will fund construction of new hydro power facilities
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oki priority is to increase the value of the company in this regard the asian market offers outstanding opportunities for the region has hydro power resources it also enjoys growing economies and business. as a company representing a whole segment in the energy industry we're interested in a wide range of cooperation from engineering to exploitation this means that we represent all change in an interest of the generation and renewable energy and the asian market is the most attractive for us at this time. and stay with energy euro said an hour ago a power utility controlled by oleg deripaska says it wants to buy the aga cost three power generator from the real cynical that it involves paying to kill two billion dollars for a seventy nine percent stake in the power generating company three. two banks are already interested in a gradual credit for the deal if successful the acquisition will make it the largest energy company and russia. markets here european markets are on the rise
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following a strong session for most asian markets with banking and insurance stocks be about me from recent declines the footsie is up more than one percent lead by gay's of a round three. said for royal bank of scotland and lloyds banking group the german dax is up point six percent with deutsche bank up one percent the dax is also up one and a third percent. and russia that my sex and the r.t.s. are up on the day with near one percent again most blue chips are up lukoil is up one point three percent gas problem b t v both are up just over one percent on the my sets. and russian food retailer dixy group has narrowed its nine month net loss to one point two million dollars down from a loss of over three million last year the company says it's improved its cost control measures sale in the first nine months amounted to one point five billion dollars that's seventeen percent higher than the previous year and russia's gas
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export monopoly gas prom estimates the south stream pipeline across the black sea to europe will cost about twenty billion dollars the offshore part of the pipe may cost fifteen billion dollars at current prices while the onshore section in europe is expected to cost half of that and investment decision on the project is to be made by mid april. local race profits twenty nine percent in the first nine months it cited higher oil prices and a favorable settlement and ownership dispute earnings came in at around six point eight billion dollars under international accounting rules lukoil credited cost controls was generating record free cash flow. as for investment around eighty percent is planned to be spent on exploration and production twenty percent will be spent on processing and marketing currently lukoil produces around ten percent of its oil and gas abroad the company's going to actively develop foreign projects primarily this relates to western africa we're actively developing the west corner
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project in iraq we have large projects in kazakhstan as a by john egypt saudi arabia and latin america. and loyal dutch shell and gas promptly to expand their partnership and explore oil and western siberia and russia's far east along with distribution projects in europe the companies have not revealed their specific plan they still work on to they still work together on russia's an island after moscow for shell to cede control of the project in two thousand and seven on unfavorable terms shell has a twenty seven point five percent stake in a subtly in project while gas probably has fifty percent plus one share. the government hypes all export duty this month by four point five percent to over three hundred three dollars for. oil produced in east siberia will reach one hundred eight dollars per tonne from the current ninety eight point eight dollars
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per tonne russia may postpone its first sale of ruble bonds to international investors the euro crisis has led ruble bonds to tumble as investors avoid assets they consider risky russian is also suffering slow economic growth and higher inflation than other bric countries russian officials say the sale of three billion dollars of ruble denominated bonds could be delayed until two thousand and eleven. and russia's budget spending for two thousand and ten could fall by up to five hundred billion rubles that's around fifteen billion dollars deputy economic development minister andre clip says that the drop in spending will also lead to a decrease in real investment the unspent funds will be channeled back into the country's reserve fund which was set up to cushion any drop in oil prices. and that's all the updates we have for you at this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business stay with us.
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