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in this week's headlines for a partnership on no go most hotels nato is conditions for taking part and missile defense plans for europe at the mindset top top powers so be it my now says closer ties with russia is key to a new post cold war direction. and. i made my letter here and now the last thing me. and i'll see american news crew has been detained in the uighurs while covering a demonstration calling for the closure of a military training town for the last american armed forces dubbed a finishing school for us persons by critics. also russian businessman victor boots denied charges of dollars trafficking and terrorism at a quarter of a few hours after his swift extradition from thailand on tuesday. to israeli soldiers accused of using a palestinian child as a human shield to receive a night's interns much to the anger of human rights groups and the international
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community. hello and welcome to aussies weekly review of our let's go tell main story now russia is open to talks about taking part in a european missile defense system but only as an equal partner president dmitry medvedev was speaking at a nato summit in lisbon hailed as historic for ending their lines as one is hostile relationship with moscow but has also has a lower in this to report differences still remain. nato rolled out the red carpet for the country once considered its bow. and russian president dmitri medvedev arrived at the summit of the former cold war military alliance to leaders welcoming him with open arms and a plea cooperate with our. let us do this together
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leaders on both sides seem to indicate they plan to do just that after nato russia talks they hailed as historic missile defense plans under the bush white house provoked the most serious rift between russia and nato since the cold war now the alliance wants russia to join in its plans but russia wants more than just sweet words. we have agreed with our nato partners that we will pursue donnegan the european a.b.m. i mean god his should be that our participation will be equal and i will stress this it can only be as partners around no other form of participation for the sake of the parents is acceptable only by that we participate fully we exchange information take part in this isn't making we do not participate at all should the u.s. reset of relations with russia has brought nato to woo moscow once the great enemy but now courted as a key potential ally together we've worked hard to reset the relations between the
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united states and russia which has led to concrete benefits for both our nations now we're also resetting the nato russia relationship we see russia as a partner not an adversary russia and nato have reiterated common challenges to be fought from the spread of weapons of mass destruction to terrorism russia has pledged more help to nato in afghanistan with transport access and more resources to fight narcotics there and for the first time in pakistan despite all the warm words there are still differences notably over the south as such in conflict over two years ago nato back georgia which russian forces were forced to fight after the civilian population came under attack and while nato seeks new purpose and allies others say the alliance belongs in the past everywhere to nato intervene from the balkans to iraq to afghanistan it's an absolute mess. because you cannot
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every anyone who's been to brussels know that you cannot you know even to agree on the sauce you're going to have with your stick jerry magic when a foreign military and economic was right there is no greater example of the discontent with nato it's called the good we speak here on the street the place where they believe those thousands of i mean by protesting the alliance and i mean . we don't want to we don't think it's necessary it's ok for example for us to so a country in crisis is spending so much money on something it's for war what we have is a very powerful military alliance with no democratic accountability the leaders announcing this statement no problem is going to get a chance to vote on it and as a result everyone's military expenditure is going to go up the message is entirely wrong nato is out of date now out of time we need a world of peace and justice not one of preparing for yet more wars and after
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introducing a new strategic concept to high hopes at the summit nato is challenge now is to turn concept into reality or top on the list is forging a lasting partnership with russia lauren lyster r.t. lisbon portugal. the summit also focused on the delayed ratification of the starts nuclear arms reduction treaty signed by the russian on the us presidents in april it's currently held up by american lawmakers nato secretary nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen told the lisbon summit that any failure to ratify would damage the security of europe and the entire year atlantic region president obama says there's no good reason why the deal can be passed by the us congress the treaty would sink the two countries and you could also slashed by a third but is being stalled in washington as new to elected republicans outweigh obama's democrats nuclear security expert paul ingram told our saying that all the
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. president obama faces an uphill battle it's more a question of whether grab any of the rectification of. this this treaty is good for european for america and for russian security it's the logical extension from the original start treaty that lapsed last december and there is now no official clear verification treaty between the two countries so this this this treaty maintains takes on arms control for full and and takes the first step in a very long road to that is around obama's vision so he's certainly not about trying to score political points here he's exposed himself to some extent to opponents who do seem to be trying to use this treaty themselves to score political points against him very very difficult political situation but i have to say if that treaty comes up for ratification on the floor of the senate it will pass the debate
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is when it comes up for votes and the objections are largely about not having enough time to properly scrutinize the treaty senators have had eight or nine months to do this it's plenty of time compared to previous treaties so it really is quite baffling as to whether there really any concrete objections to this treaty coming from the senate. this is r.c. and coming out as the sixty fifth anniversary of the nuremberg trials i remembered the lessons of horror forgotten by some. everyone. of the nuremberg trials. so i made fears of a rise in birth partial sentiment across europe calls for greater sympathy towards convicted nazis are invoking and all courageous and also. this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what authorities called a public health hazard infested with rats called grow choose i'm fleas is
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a robot home. so we're afraid it'll grow communities abandoned by e.u. countries. and i'll see crew has been arrested in the us as they filmed a rally near a military training academy dubbed by critics the school of assassins a cameraman sean conway and a correspondent kaylin ford have been taken into custody in the state of georgia along with a number of activists aussies get a chicken has the latest from washington. we had the chance to talk to kayleen one of our correspondents she and one of our cameraman john conway are now we jailed in columbus georgia they were covering going to annual demonstration outside fort benning which holds a training center for latin american soldiers and policemen air every year thousands of people gather at the gates of that institution with demands to shut it down among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers mass murderers dictators and state terrorists some call for banning america's terrorist
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training camps kayleen our correspondent said there was no disobedience to the police on their part they stayed away from the gate as they were asked to but what followed by all standards nonviolent and rally were dozens of arrests even one ninety year old priest was arrested r t merica crew were arrested as they were doing their job trying to capture on camera the whole event including the arrest they are now we jail for that is not quite clear right now they could be charged with disobedience to the police or fragile trespassing has been covering this who are going public outrage with what's going on at fort benning and it's training camp for america in american military and law enforcement officers they train around sixty thousand of that many of them of return to their countries and committed human rights abuses who are actually viewed judicial like secure and massacres in one thousand nine hundred three for example the united nations truth commission on el salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst
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atrocities of the civil war they are two thirds of them had been trained at the school of the americas. for panning and in chile the schools graduate and both go also secret police and some of the main prisons which are often referred to as concentration camps and also the generals who led the military coup in honduras or trained at the school of the americas which is now called the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation. name change but the practice is there remain caylee ford our reporter was covering all bases on the rally outside fort benning where the training center is located i'll keep you posted on the cruise on our crew situation there as we get more information from them hopefully they will let them go and kaylee will have the chance to tell us the story behind this rally russian businessman vic to boot has pleaded not guilty new york to challengers of terrorism
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and supplying arms to leftist colombian rebels the police came after he was secretly whisked out of bangkok on tuesday in the extradition mosco said was illegal marine a fortnight takes up the story. a q. and a half year campaign to get one russian citizen accused arm dealer victor boot begins to face american justice victor boot came into u.s. custody on tuesday set to stand trial on arms smuggling and terrorism charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals to conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark meantime the u.s. to stands accused of breaking laws to grab the russian businessman organizing a swift extradition from thailand involving some fifty federal agents and u.s. marshals keeping the operation
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a secret from boots lawyer family and russian officials. despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying victor boots killed was not proven the thai government has still decided to hand him over to the united states i consider this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process and on thailand's government moscow has dubbed the extradition of their citizen are striking in justice boot a former army officer was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight in a sting operation involving american law enforcement officials all aboot who didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her husband in thailand accuses the u.s. of kidnapping as a political force. in this operation was illegal it was done after lobbying from the u.s. this russian citizen it was shipped to the united states as if he was just shipped without his documents and does the russian embassy being uninformed and during his
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transfer to new york who claims that u.s. officials attempted to force a confession from him as part of a possible plea bargain. according to victor boot during the extradition there were attempts to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed promising some privileges in return but mr blue trajectory these offers in new york federal court on wednesday the forty three year old cargo dealer denied all charges but is being held in solitary confinement at a federal prison in lower manhattan with legal assistance from the russian consul a top kremlin official stressed that moscow is demanding fair treatment for its citizens while not getting involved in the allegations that faces but you will patrol which i want to stress to the u.s. authorities of course in very serious and profound challenges against this russian citizen we have nothing to conceal we don't consider this case is a secret or anything of the kind that we want to see this investigation finalists
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has to answer all the questions raised by the u.s. he will be given for to action in the consular assistance however that doesn't mean we are claiming he's innocent you know. while many have speculated as to why washington wants but so badly opinions had there. been a pretty this is a question of principle they've spent ten years of spending money taxpayer money on trying to root out gun runners so they have to have someone to show for it and they chose because. i understand that there were significant amount of political pressure by the u.s. to put on the tar government but i assure you that will be nothing. compared to the put sure that the united states is going to. cooperate with the us already it's against. the chances of a fair trial for victor boot are already in question with us media and the
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prosecutor portraying him as a villain the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate there although seeking to provide some cold comfort is of course presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty the fate of victor boots future will be sealed in this new york federal courthouse his next hearing is scheduled to take place in january if convicted the russian citizen faces twenty five years to life behind bars or enough artsy new york. now coming up the next hour after failing to make it to the white house as vice president some are paying and has relentlessly courted publicity from reality television appearances to political rallies. continue to speculation shall challenge barack obama for the presidency in two years' time we have been asking people in new york what they saying her chances are. i don't think has the smarts i don't think that she has the political backing i think that she's made a career out of being. a t.v.
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personality and that's america if she gets the vote she can run but i'll be voting and not for her i hope that we had the foresight as voters in this country to realize that no she should not be elected president of the united states. to israeli soldiers convicted of using a palestinian boy as a human shield her walked free from a military court they pan made of nine year old boy open bags they suspected held explosives during these raiding also in gaza almost two years ago also he's posting here from tel aviv. this is a military court that essentially sentenced these two soldiers to three months probation and the most of them from the rank of staff sergeant to sergeant now the case involves the operation cast lead the war back in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine when the two soldiers approached a young nine year old palestinian child and forced him to look inside
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a number of bags that the soldiers were fearful had some kind of explosives in them as it turned out there was nothing inside the bags and no one was hurt but the soldiers were charged with using this child as a human shield which was ruled by the israeli supreme court to be illegal the military prosecutors wanted to see some kind of jail time they were essentially calling on me fact that the soldiers in violated human rights and also what is known as these weighty defense forces code of purity of arms such a sentence carries up to three months in prison but as we see the soldiers got off with a relatively conservative and light interns just as a surprise to many people here in israel particularly human rights groups and left wing organizations i just got off the phone with the public committee against torture in israel and they used the word ridiculous and i think we're going to see more of that kind of reaction throughout the course of the day as the sentencing becomes more public you put it sholay is a former israeli soldier and he says that this particular case and iraq had
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a studio going being used as a human shield is not unusual the only unusual thing in this instance is that it made it to court in the first place. i think that to ask a combat soldier and serve in the occupied territories where you are palestinians as human shields i prosecuted drink coffee in the morning so what we did is we just bumped into a house nearby house where grab one of the kids we took him with us put him in front of the patrol you just walk your patrol in the village with your kid and then no one for a start this is not the first time that there has been recorded instances of israeli soldiers carrying out some kind of violations against palestinians it was a case not so long ago when the israelis. soldier loaded to facebook pictures of soldiers harming and mocking and humiliating palestinians there was a lot of emotion in the courtroom and be assured that this morning the soldiers themselves have not spoken on camera but their lawyer did say that they were satisfied with the finding they did feel that the soldiers were being used as
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a scapegoat by the military superiors who aided the carrying out and that they are the ones who should be able to book there's also a sense here in this role that this is a case that is meant to alleviate international pressures that the international community can see the idea of doing some kind of internal tracking and internal assessing to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen again but it's unlikely that with such a conservative sentence many people in the international community will be satisfied today. the european union and the house agreed to a massive bailout for ireland the euro zone's second imagine say rescue package this year the irish government will get access to up to one hundred billion euros to plug massive state debts owned by losses which have meant catastrophe for the nation collapse of irish banks could have a disastrous domino effect on a week a year economy such as portugal and spain and even threaten the single currency itself dublin repeatedly denied being in serious trouble saying it had enough cash until mid next year before sunday's u.
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turn and formal request for help the irish climb down came out so in turns e.u. pressure to take the loan to ease euro zone stability wars' calls existed in ireland over fears of the law so they cannot make sovereignty trend forecaster and journalist generals leontine says joining the euro in the first place was a mistake for ireland and other smaller continents. this is the beginning of the of the euro and the euro or is built that it's why we came in at a time of high expectations it was a try will be economic you warrior as though growth would never air a growth does day. this is more than a domino effect in europe. this is a global economic crisis and nothing has changed since the crisis began in two thousand and seven other than the central banks dumping trillions of dollars in trying to save a failing system what we're seeing the beginning of are going to be currency wars
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and trade war and when you equal trade wars laws currency wars you start looking at real wars we see italy we can see portugal spain the smaller countries opting out of the euro wrote this is a scheme that could never have worked from the beginning we dated would work when it had been. it was sixty five years ago when the foundation of modern international law was laid with the trial of top notch as a near him by hoping to ensure that hitler's horror would never be forgotten but it seems that some in europe have with the rise and fascism highlighted by russia's foreign minister at the opening of a museum to mali nuremberg anniversary. of reports from. speaking at the opening of the nuremberg trials memorial here in germany and that very room it's
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called room number six hundred in the palace of justice in irving exactly where more than four hundred court hearings over more than twenty nazi leaders took place exactly sixty five years ago following which they were falling to go to person for money to settle your group has a boost first of all emphasize that but he's a milestone event for the history of mankind as for the first time ever the actions by nazi dictatorships work classified ice crimes against humanity and crimes against peace of the world and their use is responsible for that scrutiny for dates atrocities were condemned and punished by a fish. international courts but mr lawyer for old has also stressed that this is something we have to remember it cannot be forgotten but he has said that he died out a lot that the lessons of the nuremberg trials have to be learned to do because when you see as has everyone learned the lessons of the nuremberg trials. because how
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can we then explain recent attempts to justify the actions of the nazis and their collaborators to make their crimes look like something a bit justified how should we understand a new march is a former nasa soldiers in some european capitals are going to record trials against anti nazi veterans in the introduction of the swastika the cultural heritage of the baltic people who are going to duty of the international community is to fight. racial hatred xenophobia and extremism a slight step back to the demons of the past forgetting history or trying to rewrite or could lead to new york times when we go to foreign minister lavrov has pointed out here in nuremberg that of course is a good thing to open such a museum to set up such a mean moral here in this city but of course the more important thing is not to forget the results of a straw is that the principles that principles of troughed mutual trust and respect it has established let's now have a look at some other news from around the world america's north korea policy chief
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is flying for urgent talks with the only young's neighbors following its announcement of a new highly sophisticated your regime and richmond facility stephen bosworth well visit south korea japan and china to discuss the reclusive state's nuclear capability the only honest claims follow satellite images showing new construction of the country's atomic complex experts say the facility could be a ploy for concessions and nuclear negotiations all for domestic political consumption in north korea. and roman catholics gathered in western poland on sunday with a classic ration of what local officials say is the largest touch of christ in the world the massive monument to cover for years to build with local businesses hoping it all is the economy of three tourism but some poles are accusing the priesthood of us saw their project a power trip saying they vasco contradicts christ's message of humility the statue stands at thirty three meters one for every year jesus led. the plight of
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roman migrants also described as chips is again in the spotlight as they face prosecution all across europe with france and other countries on the continent expelling thousands of them many from bulgaria and returning that but without a job to go to or a place to live out his daniel bushell looks at how they manage to survive in squalor facing a battle against inequality. seems like greece could become common across europe the mayor of this town in southern belle geary at all doughty had to tear down this block of flats because the room the residents had turned it into a slow. pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what also it is called a public health hazard infested with rats cockroaches and fleas the robot called their home. so we've moved to this waste no shelter health care or education for
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the children. well you citizens where there's a tree just like the schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the used become with winter approaching they'll be sleeping in the cold. first to you politicians bury their heads in the sand but only we can solve their own what was it was a lot of. france to sent tens of thousands of roma back to bulgaria sweden it's a lead denmark and germany had similar policies they use justice commissioner says it reminds her of world war two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry and she gypsy groups the biggest problem with the jets this is the crime already are like a civil war there. or else of course there is the life of the people campaigners warn that most roma stand by chance and other states can't integrate as
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there aren't enough jobs for them and ball gearing up for education opportunities limited music remains one of their few parts there. was. a racy gypsy style of pop the child tops the chops but campaigners say as the conflicts are set to surge until the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy the music in the nightclubs the new bushell party saffir. alyosha revealed the week more than lines thinking just a few months. though
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so many years of passed since former prisoners are still a lot. as well as good fortune. those so many years of. summer will be designed to save. others hate for executioners and i'm longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory is to minimize as well. as whole country. seventy
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six hours of intense fighting. six thousand desert of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is a very most appropriate city signification i assemble. everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra with julian cooper story on our t.v. .


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