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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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. extradited russian businessman victor boot says he will not confess to crimes he didn't commit despite u.s. pressure charges he faces include conspiring to kill americans and supplying arms to terrorist groups. shaky start washington is pushing for action in the ratification of the arms reduction treaty between russia and the us a bit strong opposition from republicans were said to be trying to disrupt the deal . rising tension a roma gypsies say they are being outcast claiming european countries are using a fight against crime as an excuse to target them. and on the business desk
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russia plans to spend twenty billion dollars on its rights next year but the government knows it's still not enough and once more investment from the private sector i'll have much more in twenty minutes time. you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital welcome to the program now to our top story alleged arms trafficking viktor booth claims u.s. officials were trying to pressure him to make a confession when he was extradited from thailand he told this to russian diplomats when they visited him in that new york prison if convicted victor boot faces life in prison but he denies all the charges artie's medina portnoy has the story. mr boot has said that u.s. officials had tried to pressure him for evidence and pressure him to confess to
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crimes during his extradition from thailand to the united states and according to what's being reported this is a pressure that mr boot did not cave into. the wording to be during the extradition the americans attempted to convince him to make a confession of the crimes he had never committed and promised some kind of privileges in return rejected all these offers what the russian diplomats also have disclosed is that mr boot is being held in solitary confinement at the metropolitan correctional center in lower manhattan mr booth has also asked that his wife be relocated to the u.s. here to new york to be with him his wife of course has been in thailand by his side for more than two years proclaiming her husband's innocence now mr boone stood before a federal judge and the judge had read out the charges for mr boot pled not guilty on all of the charges when the u.s. attorney however was addressing the press in new york speaking for about ten to
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fifteen minutes about the case that they are building against mr vick to move to the russian businessman and outlining specifically the charges let's take a listen to what he had to say now stands charged in this district the southern district of new york with four charges. one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use and acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fark what's interesting to know and to underscore is that during this press conference the us attorney and the head of the da continued to paint a picture of victor boot one of the most dangerous men in the world of a man who sides with violence who sides with the war who sides against the united states they were for a time as the so-called merchant of death and then at the end of their press
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conference they want to remind everyone that victor boot remains innocent until proven guilty in assuring the press that he will receive a fair trial some were questioning how that could take place after he's already painted in the press and in the international media as a man who promotes violence and promotes war so a lot of wondering whether or not this trial will in fact be fair for mr victor boot military defense lawyer major eric says boots case could open a pandora's box for the u.s. there number of cases that the united states is unhappy with and what we're running into is this dangerous precedent where if if we're exercising this type of authority over individuals in other countries what's going to happen in the future to u.s. citizens and whether or not other countries are going to demand extradition of our citizens you know people who they think are criminals for example in the last
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administration and demanding their extradition to spain or italy or some other country and how can we as a straight face an international community have it both ways if the justice department didn't do their job properly and get this one right you know it certainly could open up a can of worms for us in the future. and here's a glance at what's ahead on r t a race for the best slice of the caspian sea russia is wrong but it's hoping for a fair fear of the vast natural resources waters contain a report of what's at stake. well time is running out for the u.s. democrats to get a key arms deal with moscow ratified in the senate before their political opponents tighten their grip on washington the new strategic arms reduction treaty sealed in april should slash the number of russian and u.s. nukes by a third but the recently empowered republicans seem determined to stall the deal as artie's go to chucky on reports. it's getting pretty tense here the informal
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republican leader on the new start senator jon kyl said the treaty should not be considered until next year he is saying there are other important things for the senate to talk about the economy and that's bad news for the trade of the administration is making a last ditch effort to appeal to the secretary of state hillary clinton defense secretary robert gates leading security experts in the country they're all saying the failure to pass the new start treaty this year would endanger the u.s. national security they give two reasons for that first americans can no longer track russia's strategic nuclear arsenal the other main reason is a weakening cooperation with the washes that could follow if the new start treaty is not in place joe biden and hillary clinton made it clear that the new start treaty is the centerpiece of obama's reset of relations with russia for anyone to see that we can postpone or we can avoid it is i'm afraid vastly underestimating the teen you we rent that is posed to our country so
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we hope our friends in the senate will bring this up past history and then i can. inform the russians that it's now their you know their turn to do the same which they told us they intend to do a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the fight is not about the content of the trade it rather about scoring political points the republicans already said their number one priority will be to have obama voted out of office in two thousand and twelve so for many capitol hill observers the whole debate on stark now comes down to this question will some republican senator sekret the landmark historic deal just for the sake of denying obama his arguably biggest foreign policy achievement. our teams are. reporting there now kate hudson from the campaign for nuclear disarmament says the prospect of a world without nuclear weapons is too important to throw away for political
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reasons we were among the many people around the world who really welcomed president obama's speech in prague where he outlined his vision of a world without nuclear weapons and of course a vision which president medvedev shares and i think it's absolutely reprehensible if senators in the u.s. congress are obstructing the passing of this very important treaty the new start treaty for party political point scoring reasons i think this is far too important on a global scale for them to stand in the way like this many people globally including i should say former cold warriors people like henry kissinger and george schultz many other leaders across the world now believe that it is just too jane shuras to have nuclear weapons and that is the trend that is taking place in the world towards disarmament and away from nuclear weapons and that is the trend which the u.s. senate and the u.s. congress should be going along with and following the leadership of their president
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all still ahead for you this hour cockroaches fruits and rats or magick is in bulgaria are pushed out onto the streets find out why they're building was a health hazard and why no one's interest said it where they go next. the energy rich caspian sea is up for grabs at a summit in azerbaijan he hosts join russia and other states bordering the waters which are abundant in oil and gas and to discuss security areas safety or to reports of the cascade five and its objectives. the caspian sea is often referred to as the natural marking point between europe and asia and it is extremely rich in natural resources away from the nearly twenty billion tons of oil and gas. which is comparable with a deposit in the persian gulf or sturgeon up to ninety percent of the world sturgeon catch is done here but legal status of the sea still has not been decided
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and one of the main goals of the caspian nation summit is to resolve this issue and divide the caspian sea between these states and other major highlights of the summit is the meeting between the presidents often russia and iran which is actually the first meeting of the two leaders since russia supported to lead a set of the un sanctions on iran and also canceled its shipment of. missile defense systems to take land which was strongly criticised by ukrainian authorities recently we've seen that the west exerts a negative influence on decision making of russia's high ranking officials even a small school agrees with the un sanctions this shouldn't have had any effect on a subluxation towards iran who signed the contract before the sanctions were imposed for them or the sanctions don't apply to defensive weapons the weapons a country uses to protect itself. russia should have honored its contractual
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obligations and deliberate the three hundred missile systems to iran or that report from the issues i've just mentioned economic cooperation of the caspian sea is also obviously going to be discussed between all white state these decisions me fact the lives of millions of people living in the. countries and we're also expecting a final document to be signed between all five states which is aimed at boosting cooperation in their fight against terrorism drugs and arms trafficking in the region. the u.s. is facing. a backlash against the federal reserve's decision to print six hundred billion dollars in a bid to stimulate the economy and critics at home and abroad say this so-called quantitative easing will devalue the dollar and create havoc across the world. federal reserve and. buying treasury bonds worth six hundred billion dollars this was on top of radius bridge the treasury bond worth one point seven billion i mean
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what do you pay for the stuff with you know you know paper by writing a check. yet you paid for by cat. started the world markets some markets are more volatile than others and obviously it's going to have an effect but it was a shock and. you know there are some people who are not quite as critical as others but i don't recall anybody applauding us i don't recall anybody saying oh some are moved i don't i don't think i don't think anybody is that there was some people who were not critical but they didn't they were not in favor either you know. well you can watch that interview with author and journalist donald kirk in full here on our t.v. just over twenty minutes time. now militants have been killed in a gunfight with police and russia's southern republic of officers tried to stop a car in a village near the republic's capital but those inside opened fire on them now the
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suspects fled to a house where they tried to hide and were killed in the gunfight that followed there have been no reports of casualties among policemen or civilians earlier also in russia as a law enforcement officers detain the suspected organizer of a terror attack in the neighborhood republic of north set here in september a suicide car bomber killed nineteen people and wounded almost two hundred people at a busy market in the city of buddy cop cars. and now to some world news in brief this hour the governor of our the. the bank says he expects the country to accept a substantial loan as part of a new bailout package it comes after euro zone finance ministers a vow to support our lunch with a struggling economy should dublin request help for their bid increase the market fears that some smaller member countries are not capable of paying back their massive debts earlier the president of the european union board the irish crisis
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could also collapse. the first kuantan a move detainee to be tried in a u.s. civilian court of faces a maximum minimum of twenty years in jail after being found guilty for plotting to destroy us property ahmed ghailani from tanzania was cleared of hundreds of other counts including murder charges at the court in new york he was arrested four years ago over his involvement in the ninety ninety eight bombings of u.s. embassies in africa which killed over two hundred people. nearly fifty people have been arrested and one injured near the american embassy in athens during a rally marking nine hundred seventeen student anti dictatorship uprising more than twenty thousand demonstrators clashed with riot police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades police also reported clashes in the southern city of us people were venting their anger at the u.s. support for the one to which the greeks. well
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a little later we'll tell you about the possibilities of a smoke free russia. behind be prevented why some say it's an infringement of the right. a crisis over the plight of roma gypsies is spreading across europe now some countries blame the roma for rising crime and tackle it by deporting them but the situation in their native countries is even worse with most roma living in appalling conditions daniel bushell reports from bulgaria. could become common across europe the mayor of this town in southern belle garrett told r.t. he had to tear down this block of flats because the room the residents had turned it into a slum. this pile of rubble is all that's left of the housing estate what all sorts of called a public health hazard infested with rats cockroaches and phillies thousands of roma who back home. some have moved to this wasteland no shelter health care or
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education for the children. well the dock where citizens where there's a treat us like this schools won't take my son because he has lice and disease people here ask is this what the e used become with winter approaching they'll be sleeping in the cold. first to you politicians bury their heads in the sand but only we can solve their own problems a lot of good. friends to send tens of thousands of roma back to bulgaria sweden it's a leader mark in germany had similar policies they use justice commissioner says it reminds her of world war two one of the evicted told me he picks pockets to feed his family member countries report rumor offenses are shooting up pushing rising numbers into angry and she gypsy groups the biggest problem. is the crime already or like a civil war stealing or else. the life of the people campaign
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is more than most roma said by chance and other states can't integrate because there aren't enough jobs for them and paul gearing up with education opportunities limited music remains one of the few parts success. a racy gypsy style of pop called child talk to the chops but campaigners say ethnic conflicts are set to surge until the e.u. learns to live and work with roma not just enjoy their music in the nightclubs daniel shorty saffir. it's official russia has the most smokers per capita in the world as is the sticks just released are yet another reminder to the government that they will tear up their doors and their anti smoking efforts as art and still see bevels reports they're not taking this battle on down. brief but graphic the world health organization and the russian government are hitting me airways with a campaign meant to stamp out cigarettes. in a nation where
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a pack of smokes is sometimes cheaper than a bottle of water a new study shows that more people live here than anywhere else in the world more than half of all men do the number is smaller among women a twenty five percent but it's growing according to the world health organization diseases associated with addiction kills nearly five hundred thousand russians every year about forty seven percent of small cars who are smokers today they start small given the age of fifteen sixteen and the said thank is that tobacco industry nowell this provides very glamorous and try to get advertising the government is taking action by banning cigarette ads and cigarette promotions in t.v. and film beginning in two thousand and eleven lawmakers are also pondering the possibility of making it more expensive to puff prime minister putin is asking legislators to lead by example doctors who among government members smokes one to
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three feet we have better statistics than in the countries none change at least on this issue. imo you know what but i think they'll try to quit smoking won't they. what are you going to do the fights making up things we should secure owning some records like with saying. i wish the states what are you laughing at you so much to go to quick to. some call the government's anti smoking efforts and overzealous infringement of their rights. then it's wrong to create a wall to ban me from smoking a told face like brennen you from where is cause. i won't care if there is a ban as smoke if i want to smoke. more and more measures are on the way including a complete public ban on smoking in bars and restaurants set to take place by two thousand and fifteen so you know what it's like when you go out for like your favorite perfume or cologne but by the end of the night it's like you just rolled
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out of them that is as true. if this were still a vision. you'd be able to tell that the air is clear that's because we're at moscow's first smoke free bar so you can smell the same way going out if you did coming in marbella is the baby. has been cigarette free for four years his aim is to have this national place where nonsmokers can breathe easy . experience of european countries profit depends on whether one likes it here or not if i can create a couzin relaxed atmosphere and make people here feel joy and be merry i will earn my money. so for some it's this not free future is now. stacy didn't. check out our website for the stories we're covering on air and a lot more and here's some of what you'll find right now what are. the recent removal of hundreds of the chaos from moscow streets was due to a misunderstanding moscow's mayor says his order was taken too literally.
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plus a letter says vera some of the most intimate works by the author of the router are finally to be published magazine has a selection of writing letters to this wife and a larger collection is to be released in the u.s. next year. well stephanie joins me now with the business update and power of the equity market stuff there. pretty buoyant test subject panasonic a close on a five month high earlier when massing gains in london and moscow. in just a moment the fust russia is aiming to spend twenty billion dollars on its rights in two thousand and eleven that's almost nine percent more than but the government
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recognizes it's still not enough and wants additional help from the private sector but pool has the details. russia managed to combine a number of the worst problems in transport just getting from a to b. can prove made all the worse by the sheer size of the country motorways a far and few between and the roads often badly potholed moscow is a case in point it has the fourth worst traffic jams of any major city in the world it's a very unorganized starting center is what is the main point is missing in my eyes mr ted jane planning for the city and what they say need of try to understand. the base of the traffic is. interconnecting system which is a good thing which i was a huge investment is also needed to build just one kilometer of road in the capital can cost up to three hundred million dollars the sums involved is such that the government needs private money if it's not to put too big a dent in the budget and wants to improve efficiency private companies have
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a lot of know how they have a lot of experience of similar projects when they come here than of cost to be honest to on money but it's just the size of the market attract them and those contracts we are talking about a contract would run for ten years fifteen years or twenty years the time it takes to make a return on an investment is a major deterrent to investors even when construction companies can be found to join a public private partnership they find it hard to convince the banks to provide backing this is where the world bank can lend a hand generally would be a lot of institutional work. we will be basically providing support to the company in the future if they are once we go further down the road there raby possibilities of financial activity once the roads have built people will still need to find a place to park often
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a time consuming problem in moscow the government may be able to help by changing legislation so developers can buy land inside the city rather than just renting it this would provide added incentives to incorporate profit traffic management and shopping malls and business districts would be adequately supplied with parking spaces freeing up the roads for people who are trying to get somewhere nick business on t.v. . the russian government has approved its privatization plan for two thousand and eleven to two thousand and thirteen the asset sales are expected to raise as much as thirty two billion dollars when a survey economic development. explains the purpose of the program. the key difference of the plan for twenty eleven twenty thirteen is of course it's large scale character the aim of such a privatization programme is not only to bring additional funds to the state budget even though. our key task is to encourage investment into companies.
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let's take a closer look at those equity markets european stocks are heading higher in the first days session about so after japan's nikkei finished on a five month high banks and commodities are fueling the footsies rise but brew s.a.b. miller is top of the leaderboard more than forty percent on good interim results. markets again here in moscow tracking this global trends all the breach at the high on the benchmark my sex is again at the top again or one of the hot percent in the black and the t.v. is not far behind one percent this hour. rushes you're ok i'm increasing net profit by forty six percent in the third quarter to more than one hundred fifty six million dollars here it can seize continued strength over the next six months but on the back of rising prices for fertilizer is driven by growing demand and stagnant supply russia is currently less fashionable for investors than brazil that's according to the deputy c.e.o.
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of spare bank however mark rubenstein from i.f.c. metropole disagrees he believes there are compelling reasons why some investors picking russia over other emerging markets. it will look at their relative valuation russian equities now a valued at a nine a half p. versus brazilian about fourteen so this is much you know it's a big difference and of course what i counted that has accounted for that discount has been their political risk premium which has been evaporating my view quite rapidly over the past sixteen months so i think we will see more funds coming out of many other emerging markets coming into russia brazil torquey seem like a very obvious candidates because capital controls the turks they're more expensive china is much more expensive than russia and that could take some money out of that the current science out of russia he said mccurry bond is much stronger person
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analysis expected if you look at the data market data out of russia for the past several months it consistently has been above the expectations of the market so i will not be surprised to see alice revising their marker forecasts for a shop board's in the near future. this man has revised its development program according to the head at the world's top titanium makeup speaking exclusively to make over your vote and set the company aim to reach and i knew production costs to a forty six thousand tonnes of to ten year by two thousand and fourteen but when i turned to put needles the first two plan to achieve this by twenty twelve we were light on the growing aviation market the boring seven eight seven program here buses these three fifty. programs but they were delayed at these crisis also played its role so we've always there are plans to that we now aim to reach to in your capacity of forty six thousand tons a year but twenty four teams with good at the a months old
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a business use them now but i'll be back with more phoenix out and of course you can always find most toys if you log on to a website that's. slash business. the .


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