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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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oceanographer scent and genius will spend a year on floating eyes in the arctic they'll be trying to shed light on why b. oxic is melting how reach its gas and all deposits are and who will gain control of these treasures in the future when with you know the task is to prove it scientifically that russia's continental shelf goes far beyond its northern shores but ends up deep in the arctic this is the primary task. of russia's presidential envoy to the north pole says the first telegram sent from the new station were to the president and the prime minister there personally tracking all the latest on the north pole thirty eight expedition the one who'll be in charge of sending further updates to the mainland is the head of the station. with over two dozen polar expeditions on to his belt the much has supervised the unloading and construction of the station. will start with equipping our i was with all the
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necessary amenities with all interested go forward and world building traditional wardroom but this in the end once we do the rest of the comparing the youngest member of the expedition is the cook he promises his fellows the menu of his arctic restaurant will be reach and diverse. this. is the warm storage products that shouldn't be exposed to frost bridged walls canned food what else can these two keys pastors groceries everything absolutely everything. they live tricity man sergei is the oldest one here he says this expedition is his dream come true and his younger mates don't even realize how lucky they are to be part of this adventure. for twenty two years i've been trying to get here you wouldn't believe it i had written countless letter. to various institutions but they would tell me
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your thirty year old railroad worker stay where you are you are too old for fifty and i am here. as dusk is falling these fireworks marked the beginning of the real mission the russian flag is hosted and that means there are a sea ice breaker and its crew will be having for the mainland leaving the fifteen men face to face with the severe arctic night the russian multipole mission is now officially underway launched into the arctic with traditional maritime music and less traditional fireworks the fall the sets off a year of freezing conditions lie ahead with painstaking studies of the arctic to reveal the trash just underneath it in the grand children r t from the arctic and coming up for you here when i see it's the big apple that for many is rotten to the core. most people
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a lot of people are one paycheck away from being homeless now if new york hits its highest homelessness rate ever they find out what it takes to get a roof over one's head if only for a night. moscow will have its a new mayor within a week united russia the majority party in the city of parliament has confirmed that will support the candidate proposed by president dmitri medvedev so the case of yunnan is currently the country's deputy prime minister killed replacing who was sacked last month after losing the trust of the president fifty two year old or some young man was born in siberia he's previously served as governor of one over russia's all rich region son was also the head of russia's presidential administration dmitri pollack on the offer from the united russia party explain to our t. why he thinks has been chosen. i think it's not a matter of control of politics and money flows it's
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a matter of the city or fate of importance moscow is a special seat here and it is supposed to be the in the vanguard of more than the zation and actually the federal government has a lot from vicious plans of how to create a financial center in moscow i think said banneker enormous experience hall for work in the gallant he is known as an efficient professional he has managed to create a system within the government staff he was quite successful as a governor of one of the richest regions in russia so he has enough experience to do so and besides i think it's also a matter of personal trust because he's well known by the president and by the prime minister and they trust him as a person and as a professional and that was dimitri pollock come from the united russia party well the minute people are being killed by flash floods in russia southern cross no darr region state of emergency has been declared in the worst affected areas where more than twenty years have been flooded around fifteen hundred people are considered to
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be at risk and so far several hundred had to be evacuated from their homes the flooding was the result of several days of heavy rain that calls local rivers to burst their banks the downpour also brought about mudslides in the mountains blocking several sections of the north cook asian railroad the rain has stopped for now but forecasters warn there could still be more. national poverty rates across the u.s. are higher than they've been in almost half a century one in seven americans currently live below the poverty line which for many means living without a house and i started to look at the reports from new york where the problem of homelessness is reaching crisis point. well. this is no lottery for a chance to win some cash these people are petion flee waiting to find out if they can win a roof over their heads for the night they're not criminals they're not drunks
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they're flaw is that they just don't have a home. these days the chances of getting a bed in new york are slimmer than ever homelessness in the city has skyrocketed by an entire fifty percent last year or two hundred twenty thousand for new york city men women and children to lease tonight and our city shelter that's a shocking number of the highest number that's ever been recorded keith who became homeless in this last year says he's fifth on standby to get a bed he considers himself lucky for the man this means at least some hope my number doesn't come up i'm going to be outside in the rain yousif knows exactly what it's like calling a place like this only shelter and bed i put together this project away i call home last week every year most of my nights i just end up you know sleeping on a cardboard box in front of us posting his experience in
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a blog yousif has been able to collect thousands of dollars in donations for the homeless the reality is a lot of people most people a lot of people are one paycheck away from being homeless you know and i just. you know i'm just trying to make people aware of the packed city like new york is no novelty in a city where you can buy a coffee drink for almost eight dollars there are dozens of thousands of people just don't have that kind of money and to many it's clear that their numbers are bound to keep growing even though the already existing statistics are higher than they have been since the great depression there are more than thirty seven thousand people we have thirty seven thousand people. nearly fifteen thousand children who are homeless and their. near record number of homeless families nearly ten thousand homeless families in an apocalyptic state of economy all of these people are hoping to be saved.
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to be able to do. so. as the cries for help stretch across the country the u.s. government sticks to the official party line that the economy is back on its feet but in reality the state of the economy is staring everyone in the face and if looking the other way continues to be the norm this could soon become the real face of a nation just as you are new york. there is plenty more ahead for you this hour including close up team visits the historic russian city of the leaky not going to a city that has seen both staggering wealth and devastating over a thousand year history but it's now we're covering the financial crisis. the u.s. military is a cracking down on its own troops in afghanistan and american officers to face
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a court martial for allegedly killing three afghan civilians for sport for other soldiers face similar accusations now two thousand and ten is already the bloodiest year of the entire war for the afghan people and international forces as the taliban remain strong the u.s. led coalition's changing its strategy now is told in the country general david petraeus says at least one taliban commander has been granted safe passage to the capital kabul the tray of says the moves aimed at trying to get the militants to start negotiating a cease fire well military contributor thinks the general strategy is unlikely to work. due to the new twist off so-called double primed tactics of the u.s. military in afghanistan now u.s. policy in afghanistan incorporates a new feature in addition to the military pressure applied by the special forces
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against militants and insurgents in afghanistan now this state department's officially approves the reintegration and reconciliation of the opposition leaders and reintegration of their foot soldiers in so-called afghan society at the same time while the american military is trying to regain the momentum on the battlefield all across afghanistan however the reserve growing indication there these new tactics counterproductive and. in a way both vectors political and military are operating at cross purposes the reason he's there at afghanistan and iraq he's severely underappreciated and what general petraeus managed to poor off in iraq is unlikely to be replicated in afghanistan. and saudi's military contributor colonel you have getting krushchev now let's get to some other news now making international headlines at this hour
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and more than one million people are expected to take to the streets throughout france in protest against president nicolas sarkozy's pension reform a strike by transport and all refinery workers has progressed into its fifth day as fears grow that airports would soon run out of fuel piles of rubbish around the city of marjah say have been left uncollected now for a fourth day the pension reform which raises the retirement age from sixty to sixty two issues will to be voted on in the senate on wednesday. suspected u.s. drones of killed at least nine people in pakistan the strikes were targeting a tribal area in northern waziristan that's dominated by a militant group blamed for attacks on foreign troops in afghanistan the u.s. has recently increased the number of drone strikes in that region on friday a militant attack on an army checkpoint killed five pakistani soldiers elsewhere in the north west. british prime minister david cameron has intervened to prevent
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planned the cuts in defense spending from going ahead and it comes after senior military figures claim the reductions would threaten the country's afghanistan mission its alleged block of the ten percent cut proposed by the treasury insisting on a lower figure the budget for the ministry of defense in the u.k. has now been finalized ahead of its publication next week. most of the rescued chilean miners have returned home to a hero's welcome after spending more than two months trapped underground just thirty three workers remain in hospital for what would describe as minor ailments despite having endured weeks in harsh conditions most of the men are said to be healthy doctors say their most lasting damage could be emotional and the recovery could be complicated by the intense public interest. parts of eastern australia
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have been battered by strong winds heavy snow and flooding thousands of homes were left without power while the cold front brought springtime snow and flooding in victoria and new south wales rivers burst their banks forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes heavy rain has also been affecting central and western queensland forecasters say such weather is likely to continue for the time being with winds are reaching up to one hundred kilometers per hour. or there's plenty more stories of features opinion and analysis wedding for you at r.t. don't you can just log on any time and explore your leisure it's a quick taste of what's waiting for you there right now find out how the web pirates are being allowed to continue sailing with the help of internet providers. plus find out the recipe for a terminator cocktail which will raise your strengths as well as your spirits it's all in the mix our team.
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now buckle up and come with us as we explore the vast and varied regions of russia and it's time again to get close. in today's episode we take you five hundred kilometers northwest of moscow to the ancient city of the leaky not go toward the site with its riches story past attracts thousands of tourists every year these days however the city is being forced to adjust to the harsh economic realities with whole with whole villages struggling to make ends meet. has more. unlike the larger metropolitan
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areas around the globe good hasn't been able to attract the same amount of investment from big businesses over the last few years this big business is essential it brings the jobs added brings in money for the local authorities as well but because it is just one such large factory which has been built by their old cadre and provides hundreds of jobs for people here but for the rest of their it's still suffering from the aftermath of the economic crisis. for one hundred years the plywood mill has supplied most people in the town of part of jobs unfortunately it's also been exactly a hundred years since its last major renovation and then you're sick whitman is from the late nineteenth seventy's. thanks i. wonder economic crisis struck two years ago the factory couldn't compete and went bankrupt straight away and with it the product and a. whole families were tear and suddenly they lost their jobs pensioners had to help their children and grandchildren buy enough food to eat the
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town was devastated. supplier has an unfinished degree in management it's of no use here instead to support her son she had to get a job with the mail only to lose it. sitting at home without money my relationship with my husband deteriorated and my family fell apart i blame the factory in this town. regional authorities provided a bailout and tax relief and settle on their return to work without the one thousand six hundred employees only a third remain and the plant is still officially bankrupt the plywood will up often are has been saved but it continues to be on life support it's still not turning in a profit in order to survive it needs to modernize and end up where it's emblematic of the region as a whole not good region has a population of less than seven hundred thousand with few strategic industrial objects and a small consumer market that has to find creative ways to generate wealth the
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authorities have adopted a three prong strategy firstly tourism and nation slavic republic then thought i said they have no good as the unethical world heritage site that they were the duties of the same as everywhere else in russia we have to bring the infrastructure up to the same level as the attractions themselves. secondly foreign investment. in previous times a difficult relationship with a local administration has prevented a good investment climate from forming now we have swung our doors open. and finally developing industries that are competitive not just in russia but abroad versus medium sized promises to be a breakthrough. so you want this several times cheaper than for an equivalent our production lines are the same as our competitors but the staff costs are lower
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while no pipe dreams these in bush's plans have yet to bring substantial cash into the government coffers. what no good man just to achieve them will determine if the region continues to find more abundant the prizes like golf and all leap into the twenty first century starting next week god knows who's a student in her final year there are girls. you know you'll soon going to graduate what you're going to do once you're. on the last year of my studies and i am working really really fast and so my profession is going to be interpreted and translate to make it like my major was in english working now with my english language and am working for a company we actually has several offices think it was in one in moscow and a couple of office in new taxes paid to all of these is a good example of a company that's trying to get to the world stage and to turn try to use our seed to the patriotism to different countries to different countries into different
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suited russia which i think it's great because i know i don't know a lot of people who do want to stay not going to do all i can say to easy to find a job here our town is developing and it is developing quite fast and there are some international companies being opened here in number one to reach and. tourists keep coming here a lot of people get to know i was the town so i'm really optimistic about this thank you very much i know you've been speaking to a local student here about the prospects for young people studying here. we are coming to you live from moscow it's good to have your company today and later because of the songs on me. wow because inside here are amazing in the course of this one i mean sixteen million rubles that's about half a million dollars poof. the
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war from the flashiest of the flash to the classics of a bygone era the moscow team revs up for auction in just a few minutes right here on our t.v. but first now let's turn over to korea for the latest weekend business update. welcome to all we can business program california's governor arnold schwarzenegger led a group of billionaires to russia this week in search of innovative business ideas but one of them said russia's rich must take a few risks with their money before foreigners will follow. there's a lot of rich people here who are not that i know of investing in venture capital they built their own companies they got a lot of money foreigners would love to see at least some of that money going into russian venture for private money i think that's a that's an obstacle there's
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a perception about corruption and difficulty of doing business in an honest way but also markets have to believe that russia is not a huge country it's a nice sized country not growing particularly but you have to be able to believe that russia can exploit that means that the technologies and the products developed from those technologies addressed a world market for the for the markets here are probably not large enough to attract by itself american investment in companies here in what sectors of the economy do you see russia's greatest potential industries that needs to focus on international markets i think instrumentation very fine instrumentation software and then of breakthroughs in the biological sciences can be done here so i'm very encouraged about us nano i'm also encouraged of what they're trying to do and i think the main thing they should try to do over the next ten or years of get it
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going get it moving and then ironical use a phrase from marx they should wither away. so what do you think russia needs to do to develop this entrepreneurial culture here this entrepreneurial mentality i think they can catch up is is to encourage entrepreneurs train them to give them a chance to start companies like let's call cobol might help like ross nano is helping doing. and get the government can do things to get things going but the government has got to get an involved just got to get out of the business world and let the private sector take over even though theoretically believe in very little government activity russia is a case where the government's got to do something and they are doing it right the danger that us natural. it is true. that the government. too much and not doing enough to do too much will discourage the. many if they do too little in the community for they're doing it about right now.
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in the russian markets and of the week mixed with the r.t.s. like into the red in the mines extending a quarter of a percent not make it was the biggest gain on the r.t.s. finishing up one half percent while shares overall sniffed fell the most involved the boy says one point three percent lower and merging market stocks attracted cash for the six straight week as investors look for faster growth and they think they'll get from more mature economies pretty strong weak for emerging or cheese russia this week bill prices being pretty well supported and that's been a function of a weaker dollar not again is a function of more expectations that the fed going to be very common it's not a trickle to see when they next meet in november so it's really been a good week for risk assets. russia has performed well. ten deal that's the result of russia's venezuela negotiations this week and more
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than a hoss closely rely on energy relations reports. yes even if your leaders gave the deals their blessing in an industry where political will comes a lot gasp on will build a liquefied natural gas facility together with patrollers their venues wella and ross nafta will buy the state energy companies have stake in germany's rule for one point six billion dollars perhaps the most anticipated deal and ministers join to express support for peace purchase of b.p. assets in venezuela i'll call this project as a first significant stream project fourteen k.b. abroad and. it will be the first success of. upstream abroad russia will also build south american countries first nuclear plant russia has just completed iran's first civilian nuclear facility and has already agreed to help build reactors in china and turkey both russia and venezuela suffer from too much
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reliance on energy and sheer the desire to diversify most. are tree turnover is not as big as we would like it to be interesting going to plans and today we were to develop a number of joined energy projects but energy is what binds the countries and more in ours most are expected from other russian companies this day exploring the region mind you no question of business. our weekend business program where you can always find more on our website just go to our.
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almost seventy years of the red machine would show me that people wanted to leave in the past. weekend to make changes to society it was immediate. families. but was it possible to change the country's regime so quickly. and with obama. monopoles only fundamental changes in the state people's minds want to achieve. forty two thousand americans die each year absence will be
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a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year.
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we're coming to you live from the russian capital this is what's to your headlines now fifteen adventurers face to face with an endless winter and arctic mission to collect evidence for russia's claims over the natural resources of the north pole begins the explorers of a year ahead on floating ice to study the treasures underneath. new york as the u.s. government claims the economy is back on track the number of people left without shelter in america's most populous city all time. a new boss from moscow deputy prime minister. finishing line ahead of the other
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three candidates politicians say his immense experience of governing one of russia's oil rich regions will be put to good use in the capitals. gears up to take you on a tour of some of the most exclusive russian capital. in the space program will be delving into the subject of cars from the horse drawn carriages of peter the great to soviet largest and the western imports of today use .


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