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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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course the president tweeted back saying welcome to russia we can't wait to see you at skolkovo so those two have an established relationship in fact we had of went to go visit him in june of this year to tour silicon valley at that point in time the governor promised he said i will be to moscow and he has kept that promise and he's here as well but following those tweets he actually started sending pictures through twitter as well one of them of him riding in a car with a cigar very happy and also some very important pictures of him on the metro showing some solidarity those pictures have gotten some a great response but the governor is not just the governor of the state of california he is the terminator he is an international superstar and is beloved by many russians he's won their hearts many russians have grown up watching his movies learning them by heart the famous lines like i'll be back baby and so he is an important figure a symbol of freedom to many people in russia so it's a celebration that he's here today but also himself is very close to russia in fact
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in fact it was a russian power builder who conspired him to be who he is today it was a kid that was fifteen years old i was in vienna. in sixty one watching the world with lifting championships and the russians just destroyed everybody. said the most extraordinary lifted there was a guy by the name of your roof off who was the heavyweight champion and he was. he looked good he was he looked like an intellectual so you had glasses on. and found out that he was. and that he was a very well educated man tremendous strength and determination and durrance and he was this monster guy and. that's what i want to do when i grow up. in the movie
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terminator it was all about skynet and technology taking over the world and he was a robot who had come in some cases to destroy and in some cases to save but it's technology which brought him to russia and fact maybe creating the next skynet but in seriousness in the delegation from russia that went into silicon valley president medvedev on that trip basically learning about the technology industry bad choice negra who is the governor of california coming here to offer his support along with a delegation to see how they can support russian in this endeavor the governor has talked a lot about innovation and modernization and not just in technology but as well as in sports and culture and also talking about russia being a new democracy listen to what he had to say about democracy earlier i'm a republican the around the by democrats who have a demographic. i. have a democratic think about this we have a democratic legislature in the assembly and in the senate we have
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a democratic controller a democratic treasurer had up until recently a democratic governor a democratic. secretary of state and everyone around me is that democrat even that night going to go debate and go to sleep i. go to sleep through the whole crowd and of course that last year or mark talking about his wife maria shriver who's not just any democrat but is connected to the kennedy family which is one of the most staunch democratic families in the united states so making some concessions there but after after this he will be visiting with the roost now company as well as going to his on to talk about investment opportunities there as well. we'll have more on the california governor's visit throughout the day and more this hour in our business and around. in minutes time.
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now around half of children up for adoption in america are blocking their chances of finding a family are remarkably slim compared to white children part of the blame is being put on white couples who would rather spend thousands of dollars to find a caucasian child and accept a black orphan into their home or it is going to cannes explains. people like to emulate their showbiz idols but they don't seem to be following the stars when it comes to adopting children many still see things in black and white color was not an issue with this family when they adopted illinois we were much more interested in having you know getting a child were just very that was our primary focus we really weren't interested too much of what the child looked like a. little you know why is one of very few black children in america adopted by a white family a study carried out by a group of economists suggest that african-american babies are five times less likely to be adopted then children have any other race some say one reason for this
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is misrepresentation of the black community in the media when you see things on television and you often see our children portrayed in a very negative way well that has a connotation for individuals that may be interested in adopting and while we have come a long ways in this country racism is still prevalent sandra says families need to be prepared before they decide to adopt a child of color and once a child goes into african-american child goes into a family that is caucasian that family is no longer caucasian that family becomes a family of color at that point ok so the whole family dynamics change it seems not a whole lot of adoptive parents in the u.s. are willing to change their family dynamics most want their adopted children look more like them and the majority of parents willing to adopt in the united states are keesha but almost half of the children available for adoption are black the report here says parents were willing to pay thirty thousand dollars more for and
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non african american baby call it wasn't even if you look around your table and your guests are all of the same color then you shouldn't be adopting a child of a different color but race doesn't seem to be an issue for thousands of americans who go to china or india to adopt. but when it comes to domestic adoption color makes a difference while there are still signs of prejudice in the american adoption field there is no prejudice in this home the seventeen month old queen was adopted by two moms we've had to face the challenges that straight people don't think this world or. for the job they chose to raise their two adopted children in a very as nikolay diverse neighborhood of racists and they are here too but i think in other parts of the country it's worse so here people don't even bat an eye. or. whatever obviously. parents they came to the adoption agency put their second child
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also african american by and large our family is largely of irish english german descent and french canadian you know is so smart usually a lot of white people and we need i would prefer a little more color and in our family. going to shut down our washington d.c. . here with our to you live from moscow still ahead for you the indian women who lose everything after losing their husbands. life is not easy on the fringes of hindu society yet they're all going to visions working to overcome centuries of prejudice to give reduce the chance to live with dignity. the struggle faced by millions of indian women abandoned by their families because of the stigma attached to them their husbands. but first the ballots are in for
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kurdistan's historic parliamentary poll which international observers have praised as being fair and free but opposition politicians and election watchers say there were violations which could overshadow the next government's attempts to legitimize them a size itself earlier my colleague carrie johnston spoke to our teams do corpus going though in the troubled southern city of osh and the talk in the uk of who's in the capital bishkek. some members of the opposition claim that they believe this election was unfair they say that they have seen people here voters here being dragged around town from one polling station to another and being forced to vote several times one of the opposition leaders failing school has also said that at least three cases have been filed on the matter of violations that have taken place during the elections and russian parliamentary delegation of observers has said that the legitimacy of this election is something that still needs some deep digging to do before claiming that the election was fair the so for non of the
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record number of twenty nine political parties registered for this election appeared to be natural leaders and that is because most of those parties have rather similar political agendas only five or six of them can make it to the parliament but if the votes are equally divided between the parties that might perhaps weakness a similar parliamentary stalemate here in kyrgyzstan as we have seen any parade when the country's parliament couldn't form a government coalition. ok well let's turn to the southern city of osh which witnessed horrific ethnic violence in the summer is there for us now what's the situation there as the vote count to get. where we are now is there you strong for a second largest city and it's also one of the most unstable reason because you know it's a disappointment as the voting was held in a calm fashion the not a lot of people were on the streets on sunday and being i was relatively calm as well although i did speak to some of the representatives of the it was very good we
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should since this ethnic violence was basically caused by the fact that this city is divided into the and the candidates population and you have these ethnic clashes between each other and you told me that allegedly many of them were to vote. for the polling stations and couldn't find the i mean. on the electoral lists so the very issue still has to be cleared out because we would walk by your views and why it was very good nationally july there were massive ethnic clashes between the two armed gangs walked around the city destroying businesses and destroying homes and the violence lasted for several days until the interim government was finally able to take control of the situation mobilizing the army but unfortunately by a bad time hundreds of people were killed and that's according to the most modest figures and thousands of others were injured and thousands more have to leave their homes and at the moment most of the quarters of the city still remain in ruins and
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are just only beginning to recover now and that's why the situation is still quite unstable and anything is farcical concerning the locals reaction on the outcome of the vote. well andrew mcentee a former european security observer in kyrgyzstan says it's now a question of whether they'll be a fair transition of power some hope and a political culture it's felt that while the power is being taken away from the presidency towards the parliament to get into the parliament nevertheless the prize is the presidency so that security situation the question is will there be a real cultural shift politically and in the way that government is run will it be open government will it be good governance in the sense of transparency so that any potential corruption is. or will it be the usual that for example a majority government will be the new regime which has just taken over the
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transition government and they will marginalize completely those who are supported by if there was an aside. and but can leaving some instability there these are questions which really have to be to be answered maybe in a week or two years time. you can get updates on that and all our stories on our website as well as video reports expert analysis and blogs here's what else you can see it r t dot com right now exclusive files on the alleged russian done one are wanted by the u.s. read the documents provided by victor books wife also. russian scientists continue their arctic expedition like evidence on the country's claims to the pole the treasure and some breakthrough discoveries already.
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of flight carrying the polish president's wife has had to make an emergency landing while she was returning from paying tribute to the previous leader who died in a plane crash in april the aircraft carrying on the commercial reported engine trouble after taking off from smile down it landed around one hundred kilometers away in belle reuss she had been taking part in commemorations to mark the plane crash which killed president kaczynski and his wife along with dozens of top officials. let's update you now on some of the world's other news this hour chile's trapped miners are inching closer and closer to rescue which is expected on wednesday an escape shaft has been completed and the men are being given high calorie drinks and medication to prepare them to be polled six hundred twenty two meters to the surface thirty three workers have been stuck underground since the mine collapsed two months ago. police in belgrade have
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clashed with right wing rioters trying to disrupt a gay pride march over one hundred people are thought to have been injured mostly police officers attempting to hold back the anti-gay protesters rioters also threw homemade explosives as well as damaged cars and buildings it was serbia's first sanctioned gave march which is divided many in the country. and the burst reservoir containing toxic sludge in hungary is now on the verge of complete collapse authorities are warning of another deluge just days after waves of red slurry swept through several towns killing seven and injuring over a hundred nearby residents are preparing to evacuate after growing cracks were spotted in the remaining wall of the storage pool at the factory. and becoming a widow is painful enough but in india it's just the start of the problems they face centuries of male dominated culture is leaving them cast aside by their own families scarred and seeing reports that's pushing some of india's most vulnerable
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women onto the edge of society. corpse lies on the streets over in the avonlea in northern india but no one stopping the dead woman was a good all to carry bad luck even in death in traditional hindu resign when a woman's husband dies she is considered to be a liability for the family real marriage is legally possible but from the pardon it's a patriarchal society and man wanted some of the other to frame it in such a way that everything is to his advantage which has been coming to that he could remarry you could be what he wants and he did pray woman from those things boggart balance feels she has nothing left to live for as a widow she was deserted by her extended family so she traveled to the holy city of rome and spends her time reading hindu scriptures. which i have moved from where i have to conclude my life. if i get through to that's fine if not
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that's also fine. shunned by society sixteen thousand widows stay in this city because it's associated with the hindu god krishna the lover go on whom they believe they are now married to they can be found on the streets with many forced to beg for scraps of food. that look and sound only my husband died of cancer i used up all oh say vincent pain for his treatment once he died no one would look after me so i came to bring. the social service organization guided of service runs to homes will read it was in the city here one hundred eight d.v.m. in the heart of stone face it's been a long journey for one woman who came here two years ago that most people come to when done because the helpless in the beginning i felt alone and would cry all the time but slowly every time i just said to my new life here life is not easy for weirdos on the fringes of hindu society yet that all going to visions working to
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all become centuries of prejudice to give weirdoes a chance to live with dignity the bigger challenge would be convincing families across the us thousand villages not to abandon them in the first place got and saying party in delhi. it's going to take a second to remind you that later today we're reporting on the legal dangerous some of us on wittingly subject ourselves to every day we look at why the food we choose can be the killer in the kitchen. forty two thousand americans die each year six thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here participants is even more devastating to kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. the business news is next here on r t with here.
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hello and a very warm welcome to the business bulletin the governor of california arnold schwarzenegger is in moscow to visit silicon valley as fresh namesake in school come on his spot of a delegation of capitalists and investors taking part in the global innovation partnership form which began on monday they vent aims to raise the profile of the government's flagship in the patient project archie's dental bushel now brings us an update from the farm. first thing you did when he arrived into russia was just sweets roses leader mr medvedev to say how excited he is to be in the country it was all very symbolic as california's governor is in town to help transform russia's economy into a state of world innovation so that one day it's also can create world leading brands such as twitter the head of the u.s.
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chamber of commerce here believes it can happen this high tech developments that you may not call r. and d. but that have been can be incremental improvements on current business processes and technology and american companies can bring a lot to that they can work with russian companies will also make contributions so in addition to the kind of r. and d. we're looking for the big breakthrough in five years or ten years is also the very important aspect of modernizing the economy right now the incremental improvement that will make russia much more efficient on his ball with him dozens of silicon valley startups and venture capitalists and they've been inside the groups called the hotel here telling russian ministers how the silicon valley being built all the outskirts of russia's capital can succeed we spoke to one such investor i think the biggest. the biggest hurdle for russia is not going to be the infrastructure or the
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availability of grey. scientists i think it's going to be the ability to create an entrepreneurship and innovation culture which means that the government needs to provide the infrastructure but then get out of the way and let the people create these opportunities and really not be hindered you know in terms of not having infrastructure but delegation has been to see skolkovo where russia silicon valley is being built technology joy's intel here and siemens have already joined up to the project we expect to commit to this visit. and to investors believed russia can boost its high tech sector if it focuses on an original business model not a blind imitation. all the countries in the world would like at some point to replicate silicon valley i personally don't thing that silicon valley can the replicated the other elements which work. good education science centers entrepreneurs of course investors and venture capital is something which
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puts it all together with imagining the. if these elements are replicated it should work and in place in the world obviously in russia where this huge talent was cool cool fund aims to attract up to six point seven billion dollars of investment over the next three to five years to the us according to their funds president vexing about the figure includes states contributions but fixed effect told business archie that the private constituent is most important. don't believe it's. long time players disagree for. steve to stop the state. from. this procedure can be successful. from that it's.
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solid as a song to take with just a brace of. let's have a look at how the equity markets a jury european markets are edging slightly high on monday if they are tracking gains on wall street weaker than expected to as labor data out on friday has raised hopes the federal reserve may third that stimulate the u.s. economy. and here in moscow both the russian markets are making gains on monday energy names are outperforming on the mice it's worthwhile snaps the top enough up two point two percent the solid banks are also on the up whisper of bond point seven percent higher. russia's largest emo provides a male dog are you plans to issue shares in the london i.p.o. male dogs you is to float a subsidiary of the same name worth up to five billion dollars it includes major russian acis of the company and two point four percent stake in facebook the company plans to complete the i.p.o. by the end of the here. and global financial negotiations failed to reach agreement
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over the debasement of cars sees at the i.m.f. annual meeting in washington a war of words continued between china and the u.s. each accusing the other of holding its current sit down but russia's finance minister aleksey kudrin set the battle did not impact the ruble. this wouldn't be an issue there is not yet a currency war going on we are talking only about expectations that currency flows will become more powerful instrument for competition some day today the clearest examples are usa in china the situation between them is unique but we can't say that there is a similar war in any other part of the world. you can see a longer version of that interview with alexa could run in just over an hour from now here on our team. at the same washington gathering the president of the bank on trade calls to insert their russian financial sector is ready for competition with w t o members of the country joins the organization if you talk
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about the russian. financial sector that's already was quite open quite exposed to international ministers so we're on the boat all have too many difficulties actually just doing this you're asians or new rules so we already have a quite a competitive. financial market we have to compete with the leading financial situations like citigroup. so. we don't see too much problem for the russian banking sector for example from this point of view. that's all we have time for knowledge but if you want to get more stories right now you can log onto our web site archie dot com slash business.
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forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents will be a thousand. seven hundred thousand people murdered and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part is easy even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every day here. i
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am a. nature and discover its museum. the. communication with the wild. test yourself and become free. to. see nature to give you. the. more news today violence is once again flared up flow from these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are offered a clue.
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they feasted this is not a provocation little or none of. the forces that we should use steppers are you sure it's a pretty tree street so they had no idea about the hardships to face it. they wanted to says it is all of them too nice to. bring in the army the life of the usaf under me is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two to six. thousand nine hundred forty five dot dot com.
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and. crosstalk is coming up here in our team but first let's get you up to date on today's top stories arnold schwarzenegger and president made to have been swapping cyber greetings as the california governor hits moscow to size up some high tech investment focus on russia's silicon valley with
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a view to investing. kyrgyzstan's vote count is underway as the central asian country that was torn by ethnic clashes during the summer chooses its next government but opposition politicians say the election wasn't as fair and free as is being claimed. also white american couples who want to adopt are something black children but are prepared to pay thousands of dollars to have caucasian babies to their families the racial prejudice is being blamed partly on the negative portrayal of the black community in us media. now as promised crosstalk is next this time peter lavelle takes a closer look at latin america expansion plans stay with us. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and
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