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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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. . welcome nhk world "newsline." here's a lk at some of the stories we're folling this hour. israeli leaders have announced anotr temporary uce in the gaza stri even as they fend off critism for eir latest air strik reue crews in southwesrn china are ing slowed by aftershocks and d weather as they srch for survivors of magnitude 5 earthquake. and an atomic bomb survor in hiroshima goes ck to ground zero as he works to ll the ory of what people lt
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through film. israeli aders have declared another cse-fire the za strip. they say their fces will hold their fi for seven hours on monday tlet aid workers do their job. but theyade the announcement undethe cloud of more international iticism. nhk rld's michio kijima reports. >> reporte israeli commanders sathey launched their offensive toestroy tunnels ed by hamas fighters hamas useshe underground network toarry out attacks on iseli towns, but commanders say th're close to achieving their goal. so many of their troopare pullg out. but the israelisaven't stopped the threat from abov on sunday one ell landed outside a uned nations school. about 3,000 palestiniansad takerefuge there. ten of them were kille
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u.n. sectary general ban ki-moon call the attack a ral outrage and a crinal ac >> we virously condemn this attack because wnotified the israeli army3 times about the fact there were peop at this shelter, this school. reporter: the spokeerson for the u.s. ste department id israel must do mo to meet s own standards and civilian casualts. israelofficers say they're looking into it. >> indeed 're investigating the situation. we'll get to t bottom of this. once we do, we'll ke our concluons public. >> reporter: hamaseaders say they won't stop fiting until isel lifts its economi blockade the militants launed more than 90 rocts toward israel on sunday alo. somelame them for puttinthe lives of palestinis at risk. more than 1,80people have been killed since the offensiveegan lastonth. and u.n. officia say almost half a milon palestinians have been forceinto emergency
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shelters manyave little to eat. many can't find enoughlean war. >> translato if the war continues, we won'be able to contain diseases anyre. it will be a disaste >> reporter: some sait already is. michio kijima, nhk wor. >>a german magazine sa israeli inteigence eaves dropped on pho by u.s. secretarof state rry. there arseveral sources cite for the story. israeli and onother inlligence agency listened i on cls between kerry and top middle easrn officials last year. they were negotiating the ace procs between israel palestin kerry repordly mad cal on encrusted equment but sotimes used regular pnes
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whenraveling. the gazine says israel ud informion obtained t th ne if the allegatn is confirmed, already tense relatis between the country and the s. could wors. a magnite 6.5 quake hit lujan coun in southwestern china on sunday. nearly 400 ppl and re t nhk world' more frobeijing. >> reporter: it'been 24 hours since the quakstruck. around 40 p.m. on sunday loc time. militaryolice and other rescuers have been wking roughout the night. >> translar: i felt the rthquake and went ouid thd. >> tra s uncons i call aw. >> rorteil coapsed. housesnd cars were buried
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landslides cse to the epicenter. china'president xi jinpingas calledor relief workers to focus onaving lives. inese premier will lead the rescperations on the sid luan is a mountainous ea about 200 lometers fro pr. reue workers are conte with roads block by landslides. manyeople in china lost their lives in ethquakes over last decade. a major tremblerit the neighborg province in may 2008leaving about 87,000 peopleead or missing. magnitude 5.1 earthqke occurred in july006 near the e that hit sunday. more than 20 people were kled.
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another quake in septemb, 2012 to more than 80 lives. aftershos continue to rock yunnan county. weather officis predict heavy rain in the ar. rescue . daor beijing. sidents of western japan are wadinghrough flood waters and wondering wh the rain will let up humiair has brought in torrential downprs. locaauthorities have ward many peo area. officials with theapan meteorolical agency say over 1,0 millimeters of raihas fallen on chi prefecture on nce friday. redents of neighboring prefectu have seen more th 600 millimeters. the ood waters swept away a constructionorker ther rescue wy the unstable. a landide trapped 78 peopl
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most othem students, in a communitcenter. hureds of houses acrosthe regi have been inundated. authorities ve issued evacuation advisoriefor more than50,000 people. forecasts say more rain is on the way. >> the hvy rainfall in weste japan is expecd to continue this week as a ap our meteorologist jothan oh is here with the forecast. jonathan? >> hello, gene. let's tak a looat what' happeng in western japan. the clouds are overhis area. what was lef has dissolv into the front that'socated north of japan. are looking out for typhoon hong. will be impacting the forect as w go lern this week. over the weekend, we saw rainfall on average anywhere from 300-400 millimeters of
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rainfall. some areas, 500-600 over a 72-hou period over in parts of ikoku. we a looking here for a stron wind gusts. the timg will be closer t thursday, friday, before w art seeinghe impacts. it will bring lot more rain. before that sysm arrives, thi frontal boundaryill bring mor rainfall. flding compound over and ov again befor this typhoon apoaches the western ption of japan. we will take a look athe rest of t the world weather coming up in jt a b. pele across japan hold events every augusto remember
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world war and all that was lost. e war ended 69 yearsgo. shory before it did, u.s. war planes droed atomic bombs on hiroshimand then nagasaki. the weap had never been used in an attack bore and ha neve ahead of the memial ceremonies on august 6th and 9th, rememberg hiroshima and nasaki will look at how peop in theseities are ke memories a c nuclear-free wor alive. one survivor in hishima has been making docuntary films about what w lost in the bombgs and how lives wer forever change nhk world's chie yamishi has the ory. >> reporter: he lo his family in the atomic bombg. the n is one of more tha300 people he has inrviewed over thpast 17 years. allived near ground zero.
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>> translator:hat was the hardest thing you expeenced afr the atomic bombing >> translato i was passed around to ve with various relatives, and i tralled to hool carry my back. >> reporter: in hifive documenty films, tanabe has used compur graphi re-cree detailed images of central hiroshima befo the ast. the scen are based on survivors' aounts. tanabe started making s films ter turning 60. he had the urge to telfuture nerations about whathe bomb ok away in an instanfrom the lives of the cits residents. >> translato i re-created the old city spe as a memorial, a monument, a commoration to those who lo their lives.
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>>eporter: tanabe was rn and brout up in the house ne to what is now calledhe atomic bomb dorm. he was 8 when the bo was drped. his parents and his 1-ar-old brother were killed. he and his gndmother had earlier beenvacuated from the city and surved. two days after theombing, nabe returned to thepot where his house had ood. he sawuman body parts completely burd and scattered among smolring debris. >> tnslator: i was beyon sadness, a i was afraid. i mean, there was noing, noing left of my once rm and frndly neighborhood. >>eporter: tanabe finds it's very paiul to recall the bombing. in the digal re-creation of
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his own home, his rents and little brother areowhere to be seen but inhe new film he's working on, tanabe h decided to include sketches of the pele he psonally saw and hear shortly aftethe bombing. >> translator: aaby was still sucking milk frothe brea his de the moth. the importt thing is to tell what happened tohe peopl ere. if we n't do that, people around the worldon't unrstand the reality, e true impact othe atomic bombing. >> rorter: tanabe also wants tohow just how the bomb shattered the lives the survivors. visits a childhood iend who is like a little brother thim.
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toshio nakamori iswo years younger than tanabe. just lik hi to t namori changed jobs fruently after finishing nior high school. ever since h grandmother passed away, he has leth of s >> translato isn't there anythi you enjoy these days? >> translato no, it doesn't seem so. reporter: tanabe stggled whher to publicize the detai of the le of someone so clos to him expl show how the bomb s destroyed people's lives. >> tnslator: after being orphed as a child, nakami becamen adult atomic b phan. after the bombing, he neveknew happiness or eerienced the
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ve of a family, anytng l that ere are lives like this he in hiroshima, and they wer caused bthe atomic bomb. this is a fact that st be told. >> reporter: tanabe inks that his mother and little brher ed here where their tchen once stood. tana wants people aroundhe world to understanwhat the atomic bombing has ten away from the livesf ordinary peop. chieamagishi, nhk world, hiroshima. >> tanabe will comete his new film ahe of the 70th niversary of the bomng. he hopeso show it to people around the worldext year in w york at an event relatedo the confence of the nuclear nonproliferaon treaty.
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called the country he. the man recely obtained japane nationality. authorities aim he's lived in the country legally all his life. he is asking for theecision to be reconsided. he made s request on monday. he wasorn to a japanese father and a filipino motheon the island of mianao. he still liveshere. shinas left behind when japanese autrities drafted his father to fight inorld war ii. this march, a governnt organizati helped him obtain his na he pla hometown isouthern japan, but he says migration authoritie in manilhave refused to let him leave. they say first he has pay a
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fine of morehan $30,000. fowhat they call illeg since his birt the ngo offials who helped shin say about 130 peoplwith silar backgrounds have obtained japane nationality. they are wting to see if the philippine immigtion bureau reconsiders the desion. scientists a warning of ecological dame to japan's largest frh water lake. they sayicroscopic plants th are vitato the lake's ecosystem are dippearing. the lake in weern japan is the source of drking water for the densely populated ns resides and politici conscious abou an ta looking at data coected by local researchers sie 1978. they fnd some have not retned. they say imay have b by a long-term rise water temperatures d to global
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waing and a decrease ithe lake nutrient levels the researchers say e absence rapidly disrupting wa's ecystem. >> we suspect a milar kind of species reduction may so occur other lakes i >> they an to study how the change is fecting other creatures. > millions of plastic botts are thro out every day around the world. one nongoverental organization is finding a use f unwant areas of the plippines and it making people's liv a little brighr. nhk worlexplains. >> reporr: this district is a farming comnity nettled in the mounins of central luzo some 100 kilometers north of mila. 30 filies live here but ne of them haaccess to electricity.
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after dark, ey gather around oil lampor candles. as suppls run out, they ligh bonfes. a nongovernment orgazation vits this village brinng with them emptplastic bottles and small solapanels. they aemble the pieces to ke simpleamps. theiproject gives free lighting tpeople who don't have electricity. this man hds the group who heard about e village from a local church. he brought enoh materials for 30 lamps. each lamp is easy tossemble. just insert led into a bottle and attach aolar panel. ngmembers make lamps wh the viagers and put them o rooftops.
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thsolar panel receivesnough sunlighturing the day to pow the lamp a nig. >> they to pay ectricity rates whi are some of the ghest in aa so what we wanted do build a way that they n have some light but u commonly available materials. >> reporter: afterunset, peoplecross the village tu onheir lamps. anlluminated evening le this is a dream come tr. translator: thanks tthis lamp, wean eat dinner withou making fuss like we did before. e children are so hay. thlamp is very important to us. we're grateful for the por of the sun. >> reporter: the gro's focus is helping the r
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last ar's typhoon haiyan. the typhoon de many people homeless. unable to pay their lls, they have been . diaz hopes his lps will offer encouragement. >> lif rst step of rebuil. nt you ca build th . >>anslator: we're really happy. this will chge everything for us. we don't have to snd the night in the d light anymore. the ttles shine in the darkness. they are alimmer of hope for people who refusto g adveit
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nhk world. japan's primeminister, shinzo e, is back from his tour ofatin america. his last destination out of ve was bril. he and the country's pss say they will work to sengthen lateral relations. we spoke to japan'ambassador to brazil about the of t >> the two leaders ha agreed to meet frequtly. abe's visit brazil was the first for a japaneserime mister in ten years. >> japannd brazil decided to raisthe bilateral relatis to the vel of global strategy partnership. reporter: brazil hathe 7th highesgdp in the world. the o leaders agreed to cooperate inhip building to plore maritime resoues in
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brilian waters. theyre also planning a jn search forinerals and coal. government and business sector of th countries made number of agreementsf cooperation various economic ars. >> rorter: brazil has th world's rgest japanese community of 1.6illion people. the ambassador calls spec. >> their exience or the contribution to brazilian society are a hug asset for both japan and brazi i wa to devote a lot of me totrengthen japan's cooperatiowith japanese community.
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>>eporter: the bric suit of five economies took place brazil the chine pr china is b in the region. >> as long as we share t basic values and wmaintain the very -- the stng human connection, we canvercome the differeninterests. i'm veryptimistic about japan -- about futurrelations. >> reporter: japan and bral are praring to celebrate the 120th anniversary diplomatic relations next year. several parts of europare also experiencg severe weatr. eks of heavy rain ha trigged floods in parts of bulgaria and roman. a river overflowed i northwestern bulgaria sunday.
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the reers news agency reports morehan 50 houses have coapsed and hundreds me remain under wer. bulgarian officialsay they manageto rescue more than 0 people overnht, but one was found dead. in southwestern ronia, floods hit more tn 250 villages, forcing the evacuati o than 200 people. thisart of europe alread floods that left aleast 35 people dead. in a separatincident, a flash flood swept rough a villagin northern italy dung a summ fes ot. very hot temperatures are expected to be parts of europe. our meteorologist, jonatha oh, is backith a look at the rest of the forecast. jonathan? hello. were seeing story of two very different scenarios. on lots of rainfallith a cold front that is pushing through ctral europe. no last week, we d a l pressure system that was
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peistent over the balkan peniula. that is finally gone th cold front is going to bring re moiure through the nt few ys. the rain extends from the scandanavi peninsu into fran and northern italy. the rain wl pusto the east. we are going 20 see the r filter into the balkan peninsula. that's going tbe a part of the problem. that's the first part of sry in eupe. we he the heat taking place. kiev 3130 and warsaw as we go into tuesd. thesere 5-10 degrees above average. make sure ifou areoing to spend any time outdoors, take it easy and drink pley of fluids in t process. here is a look at the forecast for north america. we have a cold front hugginghe eastn side of the united states. it is helping to push away tropical srm beha.
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please mak sure you are prepared to see some of the rainfall continng. also have a lot of rain to talk about overowards the western side of e you united states. we will tal about tt inust a little bit. here is bertha. past the cariban. no it is moving towar the north. the cold front hugging the eastern sid of t u.s.ill pu this along. it will continue to me toward the nth and east and not tou any moreland that igood news. it i eected t intensi into a category 1 hurcane later monday. now, back to th forecast. whent comes to the rainor the wtern halff the united stat, we d have a monsoonal flow setup. because of that, some flash flooding pential connues to exist. we hadome flash flooding on sunday int t southern portions o california. that posbility will continue into monday. in into d. and atlan. thunderstorm with a high of 31 degrees. pe you have good day wherever you are. here iyour extended outloo
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> that's "newsline" r this ur. i'm gene oni in tokyo. om all of us here athk world, thas very much for world, thas very much for joining us.
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rit after the great jan earthquake in 2011, vonteers flocked to the dastated areas. but ma of the stricken coaal areas had some conderable dama that they could notake preparations for reiving voluntee. in the situation, the citins of tono ty welcomed everyone who offered toelp.


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