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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 15, 2014 6:00am-6:11am JST

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hello. welcome to nhk "newsline". i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo. iraqi government forces are stepping up efforts to block the advance of militants. they are now moving toward the capital of baghdad. >> the extremists have already seized iraq's second largest city mosul and other cities in the north. prime minister nuri al malaki has ordered a full-scale
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military operation against the militants. government troops carried out helicopter attacks on insurgency including tikrit, 150 kilometers north of baghdad. iraq security officials say shia militia groups joined the operation by friday to block the advance. a shia leader read out the statement issued by the highest authority grand ayatollah sistani called on people to support the maliki government and take up arms against the militants. there are concerns that if shia residents join the fighting it will rekindle the kind of sectarian strife that threatened to turn into a civil war following the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. meanwhile, president rouhani has not ruled out the possibility of his company
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-- country cooperating with the united states to deal with the crisis in iraq. rouhani made an address in the capital of tehran on saturday. he said iraq is iran's neighbor and friend, and that, quote, we will consider any request for help from iraq. rouhani also said if any terrorist group approaches iran's border and threatens the country, iranians will definitely respond with every possible means. iran's president blamed the u.s. and european countries for the rise of sunni militancy in the middle east. but he said all countries must unite in combatting terrorism. >> translator: iranians would consider cooperation with the u.s. if it begins to take action against terrorist groups in iraq. >> they have been at odds regarding the nuclear development program.
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ukrainian officials say pro-russian separatists have shot down a military plane in eastern ukraine killing all 49 people onboard. government forces and pro-russian insurgents have been fighting in the eastern part of the country since april. officials from ukraine's defense ministry says the alou shan 76 transport plane crashed early on saturday. the plane was about to land at an airport in the eastern city. of luhansk. there were 49 people on board, including soldiers who were being rotated to replace troops stationed in the region. the plane was carrying weapons and other military equipment. ukraine's newly inaugurated president, petro poroshenko, called for a cease-fire within the week, but the situation in the region has only worsened. more bad news for general motors.
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officials have announced another recall of more than half a million vehicles. they say they've identified several problems, including defects with the ignition switches. this brings the number of vehicles recalled by the u.s. automaker this year to more than 16 million. the officials say the recall affects more than 500,000 chevrolet camaros, sold mostly in north america. they say a driver's knee could accidentally move the ignition switch out of the run position, causing the engine to shut off. the company says the problem may have caused several accidents that resulted in minor injuries. the automaker has announced more than 30 recalls this year. the total number of vehicles far exceeds the number of new cars that the company sold around the world in 2013.
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the latest recalls come after gm fired 15 employees in connection with allegations that a company covered of fatal defects and failed to address the problems for more than ten years. the ceo, mary barra, is likely to come under criticism when she testifies at the congressional hearing next week. japanese actor has received what is often called a nobel prize of architecture this year with this year's prize. the award ceremony was held at the museum in amsterdam on friday with dutch royalty and past prize recipients attending. the organizer praised his achievements saying he haus shown that beauty, practicality and humanity can coexist and for proving that great architectural structures can be built in areas hit by disasters. after receiving a medal, he said
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the prize will encourage him to continue his way of creating wonderful architecture around the world. he designed the building in northeastern france and other cultural facilities around the globe. the architecture is also actively helping areas hit by disaster in japan and around the world. he used a shipping containers to build temporary housing for displaced people. next we have a world cup update. japan and its three rivals in group c are all playing on saturday. is the colombia versus greece match was of particular interest here in japan. just five minutes into the first half, colombia's pablo al mero
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opened the scores. and then gutierrez swept in from the corner to give colombia its second goal. just before the end of time, number 10 hamas rodriguez added an insurance goal for colombia. the match ended 3-0. with the victory, colombia has three points to lead group c. japan and cote deivory. people are trying to cash in on world cup fever. shops in tokyo have set up crowds of people gathered to see
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lit up. they have gathered to see. >> translator: i hope [ inaudible [ inaudible ]. up next the world forecast.
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and that's concludes this edition of "newsline".
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i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us. on "ceramic treasures," we take you around japan to encounter enchanting pottery. in this episode, we introduce a style of ceramics, called yachimun. it's known for bold designs with motives that evoke the sea. yachimun comes in a variety of shapes and colors and every piece conveys a spirit of warmth.


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