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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 12, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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safety and safe return home for those who are still fighting. happy veterans day, it is 7:30 a.m. exactly right now in kandahar. have a great night. good fuse morning. right now on "first look" a race against time to get aid to survivors in the philippines as the death toll continues to climb. what is it like to experience those winds? nbc's tom costello takes us inside the storm. >> 74 mile-per-hour winds now. this would be a category 1 storm. >> plus a winter blast for the central and eastern u.s. dash cam video captures a horrific fall. and why these photos of kate middleton are causing a stir.
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good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. we beginning in the philippines where it's going from bad to worse days after that devastating typhoon. this morning nearly 1,200 people are confirmed dead. officials warn that number could climb to more than 10,000. it's now a race against time to help survivors. the "uss george washington" is on its way on board dozens of sailors and 80 aircraft. we have the latest from manila. >> reporter: good morning, mara. this morning the presidential palace here says they are doing everything they can to get aid to the affected areas. a spokesman said no filipino will be forgotten and he said communications are being restored. he said 30% of communications has been restored to tacloban city. this comes in the face of growing criticism from those areas that they simply are not
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getting any aid, desperately needed food, water, shelter, medicine, isn't getting through. to be fair logistics are a nightmare. many of the roads down there remain blocked and the security situation remains difficult after some looting, although extra police and soldiers have been sent in to try to stabilize the situation. on top of that rescue teams have still to reach four days on some of the more remote areas, some of the more badly affected areas down there. now the uss washington is on its way with aircraft, with much needed supplies. more than 20 other countries have said that they too will send aid and many, many ngos are lining up to get supplies in there. but not nearly quick enough for the tens of thousands of people who are affected and are in desperate need, mara. >> all right. thanks, ian. as we reported this storm was the most powerful ever recorded on earth measuring some 370
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miles wide, with winds peaking well over 200 miles per hour. nbc's tom costello tells us just what it feels like inside the storm. >> reporter: the super typhoon so devastating because it reached peak wind strength before hitting land. by comparison hurricane katrina and wilma in 2005 had peak winds of 175 miles per hour. these are 40 mile-per-hour within now. at the university of maryland's wind tunnel researchers strapped me in to experience storm force winds. 74 mile-per-hour hour winds now. this is a category 1 storm. from 74 to 96. then to 115 miles per hour, a fraction of the 195 winds in the philippines. while scientists can't say
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whether climate change contributed to this particular typhoon, they believe global warming is making storms stronger and experts caution nothing can stand up to a category 5. tom costello, nbc news, college park, maryland. new this hour nbc news is debuting a new poll. it gives us a fresh look into what a head-to-head match up of hillary clinton and governor chris christie might look like come 2016. tracie potts has the numbers. >> reporter: they show chris christie may have a bit of an uphill battle if he's matched up with hillary clinton. we got a sneak peek from this in the exit polls. our brand new nbc news poll out this hour shows 2016 presidential race were held today clinton would beat christie by 10% and when you dig deeper into the polls you see not only does she win overall she wins among african-americans, handedly,
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along latinos, among whites christie has an edge and also among wealthier americans. also it's showing us chris christie may have a bit of a problem within his own party. 32% of the republicans or republican leaning voters said that they would support christie but almost the same percent said they would go for another republican. he has a lock on the northeast where his state is but in the rest of the country, republicans are looking around for possibly another candidate for 2016. that's not the case with hillary clinton. she leads by 66%. >> tracie potts in washington. we'll have more conversation on those numbers coming up later in the show. new to new documents revealing security warnings about the web site. memos and transcripts shows a
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memo sent less than a month before the sites launch details problems. henry chao said he was not aware of that memo but that some of the problems mention cod have resulted in unauthorized access, misrouted data and potentially identity theft. he's expected to testify wednesday in front of the house oversight committee. the federal government will release the official enrollment estimates this week. toronto's mayor is defiant in the face of scrutiny following his admission he smoked crack cocaine. he said he's not going anywhere. later when asked about an unprecedented city council motion he responded let's get it on. it would ask residents of toronto to ask him to move on. the mayor admitted to smoke crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor a year ago. days later this video surfaced of ford making death treats.
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he apologized. ford's lawyer said he's considering rehab. now to the shooting death of a young woman who sought help after a car accident in detroit. a medical examiner ruled that her death was a homicide. report determined she was shot in the face. mcbride's family said she was killed by the own of a suburban detroit home she approached in an attempt to seek help. they believe it was racially charged. but his lawyer said he feared somebody was trying to break into his home. turning now to sports, betty nguyen is here with the latest. >> monday night football, dolphins and bucs on veterans day. the u.s. army chorus sang the national anthem. miami is surprised about a completion to lineman in the end zone. he celebrates with a duck over
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the crossbar. in the fourth quarter the bucks ran to the left and scored from the one yard line as things got worse for the dolphins. tampa bay upsets miami 22-19. miami lineman jonathan martin is expected to release a video statement on wednesday about the controversy over bullying allegations. espn reports martin may not play again this season, and may to be done with the dolphins. now the owner of the dolphins will meet with martin tomorrow. >> i would like to hear from him what had happened, why he felt that way and, you know, the whole origin and what we did, and what we could have done to prevent something like this from happening. >> if you can't get enough of big papi you are in luck. david ortiz is hoping for a hit television show. he's doing a show on mtv combining baseball and pop culture aimed at a young
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audience. ortiz and andrew mccutchen will talk to other players. a retired marine sergeant has completed this year long run across america to raise money for charities. brendan o'toole ended his trip with a swim in maine after starting his trip a year ago. a scary moment when a basketball board fell -- there it goes. cut him near his left eye. he was okay as you can see right there. thankfully it was quite a dunk but quite a scare. >> it could have been much worse. they need to make stronger baskets. >> you would think they would. >> like the harlem globetrotters. the midwest is already getting hit with the white stuff. part of illinois looks like a snow globe but the large flakes are mixed with rain and not expected to stick for long.
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in minnesota a wintry mix causes a mess for drivers. here you can see a semitruck jackknifed on an interstate. no injuries were reported. and now for a look at the national weather, bill karins is here. >> winter driving skills. time to get the refresher course. >> this is one of those times i'm glad i don't drive. i take train. no problems. >> the areas of concern this morning are going to be in kentucky and west virginia. that's where it's been snowing overnight. louisville had some snow and 34 degrees. could be a little stick on bridges and overpasses. as advertised the cold air is spreading east and south, down to 28 in st. louis. that's the temperature not the wind chill. so it's a hard freeze in those areas and the wind chill is worse. take a look at kansas city, wind chill of 6. in the little rock where the front hasn't reached, wind chill is 7. 40 degree temperature drop behind this front. the cold front is now slicing through new york city, philadelphia and d.c.
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this is as warm as it's going to get. get much colder as the day goes on. here's the snow. you can see it on the map. much of central pennsylvania has gotten a coating of snow. pittsburgh area. a lot of it is not sticking on the paved surfaces. now it's spreading in to west virginia. as far as the goes today be prepared for the cold air, loin 28. that's it for a high in minneapolis today. very cold into the investigation ohio valley and that cold air sweeping into the east. good news it's short-lived. cold tonight and we warm it up towards the weekend. >> snow that doesn't stick isn't so bad because you can enjoy watching it fall and you don't have to clean it up. >> if you look out the window here in new york in about two hours you might see some flakes. >> coming up walmart joins the thanksgiving rush. plus a touching show of support as hundreds of strangers show up for a british war veteran's
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now to some stories making news this morning. a michigan police chase ended with a state trooper and suspect falling over the side of a 30-foot overpass. both men were hospitalized and in stable condition and trooper has since been released. the suspect fled during a traffic stop. a touching show of support in england where hundreds of people attended the armistice day funeral of a world war ii veteran who had no family. crowds showed up after a local newspaper ad asked mourn towers attend. duchess of cambridge is taking some flack after a photograph was taken of her twirling her air during a ceremony. now a "first look" at business with courtney regan. >> futures are a bit lower but that's how the dow closed at another record high it's 35th
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new high this year. investors will be listening into comments from two federal reserve officials today on the economy. walmart plans to open stores at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day rolling out special holiday deals throughout the night into black friday. the retail giant will boost it's vin of electronics as well as big screen tvs and tablets. thank you. what are tailgate parties and obama care have in common? we'll have the answer in scrambled politics. and our analyst will help break down the numbers from our new nbc news poll.
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chris christie appeared on all four sunday shows to talk about how much he didn't want to talk about the presidential race. governor how inned are you in running for president in 2016? >> chris what i'm interested in doing is being governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on is being the governor of new jersey. for me i'm the governor of new jersey and my job is to run the state of new jersey. >> yes, he's just the governor of new jersey. that's why he went on meet the jersey, fox news jersey sunday, face the turnpike and this new jersey with new jersey new jersey. >> time for your "first look" of your dish of scrambled politics. this might be the strangest campaign against obama care. a group fund by the koch parties are throwing tailgate parties to
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educate young people p.m. it's more like a drunken frat party to discourage enrollment. >> members of the hilary super p.a.c. will gather to plot how mrs. clinton will win the presidency in 2016. new polling finds strong support to raise the minimum wage. 76% of americans back increasing it from 7.25 an hour to $9. senate leaders say they will hold a vote on the legislation before thanksgiving. a group in boston is exploring a bid for the 2024 olympics. the "boston globe" reports former presidential candidate memorabilia has come on board to bring the games to his home town. he ran the 2002 winter games in salt lake city. senator john mccain is turning down another bid for president. the arizona republican says
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while he's getting a lot of pressure to run it's not on his radar. he will be 80 come 2016. it's time for our "first look" of politics. joining me here is ellis. tell me about the results of this new poll. there's been so much talk since chris christie's win last week about his ability to put together a diverse coalition. these numbers suggest he may have a hard time replicating that in a general election. what are his challenges? >> it's so interesting. he has got to convince fellow republicans i am one of you. right? republicans want to win. and they love looking at those results in new jersey, as you say chris christie romped to victory in a state that should have been tough. does that mean he's a republican by the definition of the national republican party? if you're sitting in mississippi or iowa or minnesota, does he
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feel like a republican to you and that sale has not been made. >> some of the numbers he got in new jersey was quite impressive with african-americans, hispanics, democrats. >> and women. >> but he was running against a pretty weak democratic candidate. and so is that going to be much different if's running say against a much stronger opponent like hillary clinton. could republicans look to him to get those kind of numbers on the national stage. >> there are two steps. first he has to get through the primary. he has to convince those republican primary and caucus voters that they are comfortable with his philosophy and personality. but you're right. once he gets into the national stage it's going to be a whole different kind of battle. that's where he has to race back to the middle, yes i have this broad appeal, all those groups you mentioned they could support me. >> speaking of being on the flanks and coming back to the middle. we talk about tea party candidates moving the gop to the right. there's an article called "wall
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street's nightmare president elizabeth warren." there question is would a candidate elizabeth warren push theory the left how would that affect her candidacy? >> that's the flip side. in order to get those democratic primary voters, hillary clinton although hugely popular now, will have a ton of money her policy positions are more conservative than the base of the democratic party. remember, she support war in iraq, right. she has been cozy to wall street. that's an issue particularly that elizabeth warren has made inroads on. we have to stan up for consumers and people who borrow mortgage money and we need to fight for that. hilary has been much more on the finance industry side of that. >> we should note that the race is still over 1,000 days away. a lot can change. >> exactly. or tomorrow. depending how you look at it. >> thanks for your time. coming up bill karins and
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it's time for first buzz all the stories that caught our attention. sizable debate going on. >> chicago versus new york. >> toronto was better. >> the sears tower, willis tower has been the tallest building for a long, long time now. but 1 world trade center in lower manhattan, with that spire on top is supposed to be tallest building in the united states at 1776 feet. >> does that count, the spire?
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>> that's the question. it was supposed to be designed to be counted. now it doesn't have the original design to it. these architects will get together and at 11:00 a.m. this morning they will have a meeting and announce, they will have a ruling on what is the tallest building. >> we will eagerly wait to see. >> betty, new kind of suit. >> james bone. ultimate james bond suit. it's a bullet proof vest. actually it's more than just that. it's a vest and suit that's fully bullet proof. they use this nanotechnology to line the vest of the suit and back of the suit jacket and repels all bullets. it's $20,000. you'll pay a pretty penny for it. >> i guess a police force would buy it. >> there's a waiting list and heads of state and presidents and prime ministers, their staffers are ordering that.
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which makes sense. >> that's pretty cool. >> lastly this is about good karma, a couple bought a desk on craig's list for $150 and inside the desk they found $98,000. what did they do? they returned it to the owner. >> they return to it the drug dealer. >> no. way too early starts now. chris christie appeared on all four sunday shows to talk about how much he didn't want to talk about the presidential race. governor, how interest your word in running for president in 2016? >> well, chris, what i'm interested in doing smith and barney the governor of new jersey. what i'm focussed is doing my job in the state of new jersey. i'm the governor of new jersey. for me i'm the governor of new jersey and my job is to run the state of new jersey. yes, he's just the governor of new jersey. that's yes went on meet the jerry, fox new jersey sunday,


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