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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 8, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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feed to do something for donny who really enjoyed the whole mommy thing more than mika did and story time represented the highlight of his week. >> i am moved. so glad i was downstairs. >> that and the ricardo mannedal ban thing. we can't even get a cup of tea. >> get the hot water to work in the cafeteria. >> right behind us. we have to say look at this. the brock lynn bridge park bandids or whatever you are called. congratulations. good job, man. >> wrap it up, joe. >> come on. you can't just walk off like that. finish the job. it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for "morning joe" and "the daily rundown" with chuck todd who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. >> thank you for your patience. i swear to god i will be better next week.
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here you go. >> nbc news exclusive. much more of my sit down with president obama and you will hear the apology on health care and leave the door open for the website and hear him on the nsa, the biden clinton plan and much more throughout this hour. on the first trip back to iowa, we will talk to the governor who was a front-runner for a few days back in 2012. we will talk to rick perry and why he's back and what's on the horizon for him. secretary kerry makes a last minute trip to geneva to talk about the deal with iran and what the president had to say about whether we can trust the iranians.
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good morning and happy for instance. every edition is special, but this is specialer. let's begin with the october jobs numbers released in the last 35 minutes. the unemployment rate did tick up because of the government shut down and furloughs, but the real story is that jobs were added in a big way, over 200,000 and blew away expectations that were closer to $120,000. 60,000 added to the august numbers. nearly 300,000 more after this jobs report. strong private sector hiring in the leisure and retail and manufacturing sectors. of course the one sector cnn unemployment hit was government that lot of 12,000 jobs. let's get right to the first reads in the morning and begin with the president. the white house is accused of living in a bubble sometimes,
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but they are aware of the problem with the troubled roll out and the president's broken promise about folks keeping plans created for them. president obama decided to sit down with me and address it. you will hear him apologize and promising a fix for those who lot of policies and decline to shut the door on extending the enrollment period or taking another action that the website has not fixed by the end of the month. >> i meant what i said and we worked hard to try to make sure that we imp elementsed the problem. we didn't do a good enough job and i regret that. we are talking about 5% of the population who are in what's called the individual market out there buying health insurance on their own. a lot of subpar plans and we put in a clause that said if you had one of the plans even if it was subpar when the law was passed, you can keep it, but there is enough turn in the market that
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folks bought subpar plans and may be all they can afford. even though it only affects a small amount of the population it means a lot to them obviously when they get this letter canceled. i am deeply dinnered about it to close the gaps in the law. my intention is to lift up and make sure the experience people buy is effective. what we know is before the law was passed, a lot of plans they thought they had and they find out that they had huge out of pocket expenses or women were charged more than men. if you had preexisting opinions, you wouldn't get it at all. we are proud of the consumer protections we put into place. we want to make sure that put
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into this position. we will have to work hard to make sure that those folks are taken care of. >> do you oh, these folks an apology? you have seen the anger out there. >> i regret very much that what we intended to do which was to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as opposed to because they are forced into it. we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. i want to do everything to make sure that people are finding themselves in a good position, a better position than before this law happened. keep in mind most of the folk who is got these cancellation
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letters, they will be able to get better care at the same cost or cheaper in these new market places because they will have more choice and more competition. they are part of a bigger pool. insurance companies will be hungry for their business. the majority of folks will be better off because the website is not working right. they don't know it. it means a lot and it's scary to them. i am sorry they find themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure they know we hear them and we will do everything we can to deal with the folk who is find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> do you feel like considering how much this quote has been. it's late night and all sorts of things, do you understand if people will be skeptical of the
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next promise you make, or are you concerned that people will be wondering, what's the final print that he's not telling me. do you get that people might be more skeptical. forget the partisans here in washington. >> i will tell you, i have been in national public life for seven or eight years and have been president for almost five. i think for the most part people know that i speak my mind and telefo tell folks what i think. even if they disagree with me on certain issues that every day i am working hard to try to make life better for middle class families and folks who are trying to get in and doing the right thing and being responsible. >> you have 21 days. will this website be running smoogly enough. if it's not, do you say let's extend the enrollment and delay
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the mandate? do the plan bs start coming into focus if november 30th is not hit. >> let me say generally and i don't think i'm saying anything that people don't know and i haven't said before. i am dopely frustrated with how this has not worked over the last couple of weeks. i take responsibility and the team takes responsibility and we are working every day 24-7 to improve it. it's better now than last week and it's a lot better than it was on october 1st. i am confident that it will be even better by november 30th and the majority can get on there and be able to enroll and apply and get a good deal, a better deal than they got now when it comes to buying health insurance.
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having said that, the american people have been burned boy a website that has been dysfunctional. we have been creating a lot of tracks and making sure people can apply by phone and people can apply in person effectively. i'm confident that anybody who wants to buy health insurance you can buy it. >> no delays? >> keep in mind that the open enrollment period where you can buy health insurance is available until march 31st. we are only five weeks into it. we have a bunch of time not only to get the website fixed and to work out the kinks and make sure everybody has the information they need and what we will do is continue to assess the roadblocks for people and clear it out and make sure -- >> whatever it takes?
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>> whatever it takes for people to get what is good quality health insurance at cheaper prices or better insurance for the same price as bad insurance they got right now. we want to make sure they have access. >> kathleen sebelius? >> under tremendously difficult circumstances over the last 4 1/2 years has done a great job in setting up the insurance market so that there is a good product for people to get. kathleen sebelius doesn't like code. she was not our it person. she would be the first to admit that if we had to do it all over again, there would have been a whole lot more questions asked in terms of how this thing is working. my priority right now is to get it fixed. ultimately -- >> she is still the right person? >> ultimately the buck stops with me. i'm the president and this is my
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team. if it's not working it's my job to get it fixed. >> a lot more and other issues throughout the hour. i have to sneak in a break, but they would allow plans that existed on the individual market as of this year to stay in effect through 2014. he responded to the president in the following statement. an apology is certainly an order, but what americans want to hear is that the president will keep his promise. the president is sincerely sorry he misled the american people, the least he can do is support this bipartisan effort and this apology doesn't amount to anything. as i told you, the administration said they can do this via regulations and administrative fixes and they don't need to go to congress to try to keep the president's promise on keeping health care plans. much more on my exclusive interview and what he said about vice president biden and the revelations this campaign team
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talked about taking him off the ticket. a lone star launch. rick perry is the one back in iowa this morning and joins us live from there to talk about. today's politics planner, the president goes on the road and hits new orleans for an event on the economy and off to miami for an event i believe. then ted cruz will be on jay leno. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k)
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>> per right now with more first read. texas governor rick perry is back in the hawk eye state for
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the first time since he scored a disappointing finish in the iowa caucuses. he is talking about who has been a whistle stop campaign that looks like a launch of a 2016 bid. he key noted a dinner in the state's largest county where he criticized government and poked fun at himself. >> it's not just that the political parties disagree, but they are so disagreeable. they not only discord with distrust and our leaders have forgotten how to govern. believe me, i know a few things about forgetting. >> with a self deprecating reference to the most embarrassing moment of his bid. he needs image rehabilitation.
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he said if he does decide to run, he will do two things differently. come to iowa earlier. he is doing that today. two, not have major back surgery that he blames for the self-inflicted wounds that ended in rapid collapse. >> this is about 2009 on the 2012 calendar. this is early. it's a good place to be. >> too early to come here? >> never too early to come to iowa. that's what i discovered. >> is it too early for people to be asking the 2016 question? >> i don't think it's too early. it's part of the process. they are going to ask their questions and we will give our answers. it's too early for me to make decisions. i have 14 months of governing in texas. and red state blue stayed conversation to have. >> we agree it's never too early. for months he has been mounding
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a non-traditional campaign not only about that, but picking fights with blue state governors over jobs. running radio and tv ads with the texas jobs climate and he took a ten-day economic tour and he got into a high profile tangle with the president this week. president obama in texas to sell the health care law accused him of bull headedness for opposing the expansion of medicaid in his state. perry returned the favor. >> today we are watching this new national health care law literally unravel before our eyes. the president said no one would lose their health plan except of course the millions of americans who will. to quote rush limbaugh, next he will be saying if you like your guns, you will be able to keep
9:19 am
them. >> rick perry joins me from johnston, iowa, outside of des moines. >> i want to start with something you said at the start of the your speech last night criticizing all of washington and it sounded to me both political parties are about governing. i have to ask you because among the leaders of the shut down, should i have read into that that you are critical of the strategy and how republicans came to the situation during the whole government shut down? >> i think we all would have been further ahead if we focused specifically on obama care and the impact it was going to make. i thought ted did a great job of spending 21 hours focussed on that and talking about the piece
9:20 am
of legislation that now we are seeing is an absolute abomination that is not anywhere near what the president said it would be. i think the country would have been a lot further along rather than getting size tracked on the shut down issue. the really issue of the day is obama care. it's the president of the united states who stood up in front of people for literally years who said if you like your policy, you can keep it. one of the interesting things that you had on earlier, the president said he was working very, very hard moving people into the middle class. that's another trust issue this president has. the numbers came out today and unemployment is up and you are seeing the under. and those who quit looking up to 13.8% now. it has been this president's
9:21 am
policy over the course of the last five years that have driven people out of the middle class. the trust issue that you hit on, i think that is the big for the president. americans do not trust barack obama. >> let me ask you about health care. the jobs numbers are good today. we added almost 300,000 jobs we didn't know we had. and some revisions. >> these numbers are dismal. when you think there is approaching 14% of the people underemployed, obama care is moving people to the -- i should say the partially employed line. that is just unacceptable. our economy should be cranking along. if we opened up the pipeline and put a flat tax and repatriate foreign made money at a reasonable tax rate, the american economy would take off, yet this president is so sboent
9:22 am
th intent on this experimentation, no one trusts washington to put policies into place that allow the predictability of what's going to happen six months or even maybe next month. >> let me ask you this about statistics in the state of texas and ask you what you think the government should do to fix this. in texas, you rank 50th out of 50 among the number of uninsured residents. the high school graduation rate is 49th out of 50. i ask you, is that sustainable for the state of texas. you have this great economic boom and on the cover of "time" magazine, but the stativity beings, does it at some point drag texas down. do you worry about that? >> two things. number one, texas is a conservative state. it is a state that has made the
9:23 am
decision internally that they are going to have less of the type of big government programs that washington, d.c. fronts. it is not surprising that there that number of people who don't have insurance, but the issue do they have access to health care and the answer is absolutely. some of the best in the world. the issue there i think is texans have decided legislature after legislature, this is the program they will put in place. i don't think texans wanted washington, d.c. and they will change the way you will do your business. we will not. you said that over and over again. texas is third in graduation rate numbers. i don't know where you get that 50 of 50. >> this came from the state educational attainment. >> they are wrong. our graduation numbers are the third highest in the united states. we are making good progress. the african-american and hispanic students are storing
9:24 am
with the highest progress. those are the cold standard tests. in 2011, they have moved up substantially. thousands of people are moving to the state of texas. they wouldn't be come figure they were worried about whether or not they would have access to health care or be a skilled workforce. the numbers speak for themselves. people are coming to the state of texas because there is a place that freedom reigns and they want to be a part of that. >> do you think it's fair that somebody in texas doesn't have access to some health insurance or medicaid that somebody in the state of illinois does? >> i think it's fair that people in texas have access to health care. the people in the state of texas want to decide that. this expansion of medicaid, this issue that the president lectured us on how we should
9:25 am
work our business, in 2009, the president himself said medicaid is a broken system. i agree with him. putting more people on a broken system is aiming to putting more people on the titanic when you know how it's going to end up. that is foolishness. this president is trying to save his political career when he ought to be working to find ways for the american people to actually trust what he has to say about issues whether it's foreign policy with iran or whether it's with health care. >>. >> let me ask you quickly. you talked about the republican governors and the things you are doing, but you left out chris christie. did you mean to when you were ticking off the various governors you wanted to praise? >> i think i mentioned four governors out of the 30 that are holding office today. i would have used up a lot of
9:26 am
speech time if i listed them all out. if i missed anybody, i will try to make them up in the next speech. >> is he conservative enough to be the nominee of the republican party? >> there is a lot of time between now and 2016. i would suggest governor christie and the rest of us need to focus on 2014 and making sure we elect more governors that have those policies put in place to create jobs to create wealth and be the juxtaposition. i don't think and i think americans don't believe the answers that are facing this country will be found out of washington, d.c. they will be found in state capitals and governors who are working together. electing good principaled republican red state governors in 2014 be the focus that all of us have and where mine is going to be. >> rick perry, the outgoing governor of texas.
9:27 am
he spent early time in iowa. thank you, sir. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, todd. >> we'll be right back with more of my exclusive sit down with president obama. we have a lot of other issues we touched on. when was the last time there was not a governor, sitting or former on either the democratic or republican presidential tickets? the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on air shout out. the answer and more is am can be up.
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9:31 am
how the president could not have known about that. >> i am in charge of two million people in the federal government. that was true by the way even when i was running for president. people do all kinds of stuff. some they clear with me and sometimes they are trying to figure something out on the political side and i'm not someone that definitelphs into polling. i would say there is no way i'm not running again with joe biden. i genuinely believe he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. he happens to be a friend and the most important adviser on domestic and foreign policy. i like him. when he back is up against the wall, he has my back.
9:32 am
i have been in this town long enough to know that folks like to seem important by getting their version of events in the press. or in books or what have you. that's just kind of part of the atmosphere. >> did you and the vice president talk? >> absolutely. i told him and he knows and believes me. i would not be here if it weren't for the support i had from joe biden. he is a personal friend and adviser. it's one of the best decisions i ever made. selecting him as vice president. couldn't be prouder of the job he has done. >> a lot more of the interview including what the president said is the biggest lesson from the health care roll out.
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>> ever since the nsa flying story broke, the president claimed he was not fully informed when it came to spying on allies. i will ask him about that and involvement with fixing the health care website. >> there is a growing perception and some of it is the staff that not always on top of some things or this idea that you didn't know certain things. for instance, we talked about the website and the warnings get to your desk or not. nsa. did you really not know we were tapping angela merkel's phone until edward snowden leaked it? >> these are two different issues. i can guarantee you that i have been more deeply involved in our
9:37 am
intelligence operations on a whole set of areas where there real threats against us than just about any president. let me put it this way. as much as any president. when i am presented intelligence, particularly if it pertains to allies like germany, i am not probing. >> you didn't know this until after you learned it? >> if we are talking about al qaeda and other states that pose a threat to the united states, not only am i interested in the information, but how we obtained it. that's very relevant. no doubt when it comes to the nsa generally that over the last 30, 40, 50 years, we have tried to extend our intelligence capabilities around the world.
9:38 am
that's what every agency does. what has changed is technology. what changed is capacity. we are so much better than anybody else at this. technology has given us so much more reach than in the past. >> your job is to have restraint? >> we have to adapt to the architecture to our capacity. i think my previous reputation was that i was this policy person digging into stuff all the time. >> we have to change every six months. >> and was immersed in the details. that stereotype is probably a little more true than the latest one. but listen, when you have got a health care roll out that is as important to the country and to me as this is and it doesn't work like a charm, that's my fault. one of the lessons learned from
9:39 am
this whole process on the website is probably the biggest gap between the private sector and federal government is when it comes to it. how we procure and purchase it. this is true on a range of projects. >> you know what supporters said. you have a great campaign website. how did you not be able to do this? >> well, the reason is when it comes to my campaign, i am not constrained by a burch of federal procurement rules and how we write specifications and how the thing gets built. part of what i will be looking at is how do we across the board and across the federal government leadership into the 21st century. when it comes to medical records for veterans, it is done on paper. medicaid is largely done on paper. when we buy it services generally, it is so bureaucratic and cumbersome, a bunch of it
9:40 am
doesn't work or ends up being over cost. in some ways i should have anticipated because this was important and i was saying this was my top priority and i was telling them make sure there is work, understanding that you had structural problems there. that's on me. something i have got to refocus on and i think once we get this particular website fixed, they are going to be lessons learned that we can apply to the federal government. >> federal procurement. i heard this critique before privately and now you heard it there on tv. we end the week with the president's apology. a better than expected jobs report and signs that the presidential race is more than simply shaping up. can any of this impack the mid-terms. joined by the editor of post politics and nbc and msnbc political analyst charlie cook.
9:41 am
>> and chris's former boss. >> protege. charlie, when you have an election in one of the most important swing states in america, there things to learn. what did you learn from virginia? >> to me it's lots of moving parts. you had two candidates that were fairly weak. when i look -- up until mid-july, cuccinelli was ahead in half the pauls and mcauliffe was ahead in half the polls. from july 15th on, 38 straight polls had mcauliffe ahead. what happened in that president, i think it was the governor's problems. he had a 51 or 52% approval ratings, that corresponds -- if you are a stronger candidate, he could have done okay. but i think that's part of it.
9:42 am
he wasn't. if tom davis was the republican nominee, they would have won easily. >> what did we learn about the republican party. cuccinelli and the loss and the chris christie one. >> so i guess i spent more time looking at virginia just because it is a swing state. >> the closest thing we get to a national exit poll. it was going to be a race. >> the exit poll said chris christie won. when you win with 60%, you win a lot of groups. the thing i keep coming back to is ken cuccinelli won with the independent voters. he won people who said the economy was the most important issue. he won people who said health care was most important. how does he lose? the in five people who said abortion, a broader catch all goes against him by 2-1. it says to me, at least in
9:43 am
virginia, don't talk about that. >> it's colorado and if you are in a state with a gigantic population, that's the way to look at it. that's florida in a nut shell. >> mitt romney won by five points and cuccinelli by nine points. some of these are tea party people. the gap between democrats and republicans has gotten so wide that republicans can now win more independent votes and still lose elections. >> that's a problem. >> i believe it was 38 self-identified democrats and 32 self-identified. it's remarkable. >> president obama may be having troubles in his approval rating, but the base of the democratic party hasn't been this big in 25 years. >> look at fairfax county. what a huge 500,000 votes cast and auliffe wins that by 15
9:44 am
points. the race is functionally over. >> let's talk about the president. >> i think this is like chapter two or three of a long book. this will unfold. the thing is, as it gets implemented more, more things come out. this was a big complicated piece of legislation pushed through way too fast and implemented too fast. for example, were there people uninsured? yes. with policies that were worthless? absolutely. those people will be better off. the vast majority had health insurance and they were happy with them. what happens when a lot of them, particularly for example those that work forrers under 50 people are pushed into the new exchanges and find that the platinum plan is not as good as what they used to have, those will be unhappy campers. >> chris christie deciding to
9:45 am
find. >> front-runner. i accept. >> the danger of doing this so early. >> i got two words for leaning into the front-runner status. two is hillary clinton and the other two is marco rubio. >> if you asked me in the beginning of 2013, maybe if he asked you guys too, i think marco rubio. marco rubio finished time with rick santorum in a roll for 6th place. it goes up and down and you would rather be down at the end of 2013 than in 2015. he will say i will take this anyway, so i will to it as the nominal front-runner. >> it's a long three years though. >> they talk about good luck chris christie. they thought about michele bachmann and herman cain. moving all the way over. that's a big jump unless there is a collapse in the middle. i don't see that happening. >> we will see.
9:46 am
christie needs to lose congress in 2014. >> she bombing out. >> good week to have you on and a good friday. >> developing news on a nuclear deal with iran. we will have what the president told me about how or whether he can trust the iranians. white house soup of the day. it's friday so it's fish. rajun cajun gumbo. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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. secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva for a meeting. there is no nuclear deal with iran yet and gaps still need to be bridged. a senior u.s. official said a deal in the works would reign in
9:50 am
advances in iran's nuclear program and return for limited and reversible easings of economic sanctions. i asked the president whether he can trust the iranians on any temporary deal like this one. >> our job is not to trust the iranians. our job in place mechanisms where we can verify what they're doing and not doing when it comes to their nuclear program. and the negotiations taking place are not about easing sanctions. the negotiations taking place are about how iran begins to meet its international obligations and provides assurances not just to us but to the entire world. >> no sanctions get changed until they do something. >> that they are not developing nuclear weapons. that their nuclear energy program is peaceful. frankly, because of actions in the past, the world doesn't trust them on that. that's why we're able to construct these sanctions that have squeezed them very hard.
9:51 am
our job now is to test how serious they are about resolving this conflict or this dispute through peaceful means, through diplomacy. and there is the possibility of a phased agreement in which the first phase would be us, you know, halting any advances on their nuclear program, rolling some potential back and putting in place a way where we can provide them some very modest relief, but keeping the sanctions architecture in place, keeping the core sanctions in place so that if it turned out during the course of the six months that we're trying to resolve some of these bigger issues that they're backing out deal, they're not following through on it or they're not willing to go forward and finish the job of giving us assurances that they're not developing a nuclear weapon, we can crank that dial back up. and i've said that i won't take
9:52 am
any options off the table, including military options, to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. but the best way to assure ourselves that iran is not getting a nuclear weapon is if we've got a verifiable means that they have decided themselves and are dismantling that program and international organizations can see what they're doing. >> there you have it there. trivia time. 1964 was the last time without a governor on either presidential ticket. congratulations to today's winner, michael diamond. we'll be right back with my takeaways from the week. [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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it's been a major week. election night behind us. the president's mea culpa on health care. we are left frankly with a bunch of questions this week. so did the president buy himself more time when it comes to getting health care fixed and the implementation? did he at least stop the
9:56 am
bleeding in the polls for a little bit? will democrats calm down and wait at least until december 1st to panic again? wait to see if the website is working. that was among probably among the president's goals with the interview yesterday. we've also seen that this is the week that chris christie has decided to embrace the gop 2016 front runner status. how risky of a proposition is this? he's doing the close to the full ginsburg this weekend when it comes to sunday talk shows. be very interesting to see him on our friend -- with our friend, david gregory, on "meet the press" this weekend. chris christie not shying away from 2016. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." have a great weekend. we'll be right back here on monday and now off to chris jansing. bye-bye. it's been a happy union. he does laundry, and i do the cleaning. there's only two of us... how much dirt can we manufacture? more than you think. very little. [ doorbell rings ]
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