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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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many delayed flights after today's incident. stay with msnbc for all of the latest news as it develops. but for now, thank you so much for watching. coming up right now, "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." let's get to work. >> your buddy ed schultz over there, eddie schultz is back and frothing at the mouth. >> certainly, you're punching up, in my opinion. ♪ >> this knucklehead, this idiot. >> so sean hannity goes to name-calling on big eddy. >> the suck-up and head of the you know what award. >> the special edition of sean hannity, george w. bush's ranch in crawford, texas.
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>> the suck and head of the you know what award. >> i'm talking to you. my buddy. >> sean hannity is a known liar. >> yeah, just kind of a set-up. sean hannity creating his own village. >> sean hannity cherry-picked a few words from a sentence to fit his message. >> this knucklehead, this idiot. >> sean, wherever you want to debate, you name the place, the time. [ bleep ] >> i go a capella. >> come on, give me a chance, sean. let's see if i'm the knucklehead that you think i am. let's have a debate, sean hannity. ♪ >> oh, it's friday. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. who do you trust? you know, trust is a heck of a thing. trust is huge in your personal life.
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who do you trust in business? who do you trust, people at work, people in your neighborhood? who do you trust on obama care? all the coverage out there and everything that's taken place, especially this week. this week has really been a very interesting week. but who do you trust, and what influences you? you know, when i was growing up, there was a lot of news in the '60s. my mom was a high school english teacher, my dad was an aeronautical engineer, he worked for the government at the norfolk naval air base, and when they would come home, we would have dinner. it was pretty traditional back in those days, you know. we sat around the table and watched the evening news. it was walter cronkite. i'll tell you what. my mom and dad, they trusted walter cronkite. i mean, if he said it, that was it. that's the way it was. do you feel that way about peach you watch today? i would like to think that you trust me. certainly, there's no comparison between his accomplishments and mine. that's not where i'm going. what i'm going to is, you know,
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i want you to trust me. and i want you to know that i have my opinions. but i don't make stuff up. and if i'm wrong, i have the character to step out and correct what i may have misstated or reported. this has been a very interesting week for obama care. it's been a week of a pack of lies coming from fox news and one particular broadcaster, and that would be sean hannity, apparently the king of cheap shots. and i think there is a reflection in gop polling. rough week at the office. they're down to 22%, an all-time low. so the republicans have to be behind closed doors saying, "man, what are we gonna do now?" well, all they've got left is to go after obama care. that's all they've got. that and, of course, ripping people off oh of food stamps. you know, network reporters, as i said earlier this week on this broadcast, i think are in somewhat of a dilemma. i think that obama care is going
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to be so positive and there are so many things in obama care that are great for families and great for individuals and great for consumers and the industry, that they will take any morsel of negativity, no matter what it is, to just kind of make sure that everybody thinks they're still journalistically balanced. let me tell you something, folks. junk insurance policies is real. it's very real. and it's been addressed in this country. and this is what hannity and fox news and some other reporters have come to. they don't know what to do so last night on sean hannity's program he brings in brent zoezle from some conservative match dog outfit and they have fun with me. i love it. here it is. >> your buddy, ed deschultz over there, dafy, obama care is so wonderful, the media is afraid. i don't know who gets the award for the suck-up and head up
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the -- you know what award. either him or his colleague, chris matthews. one of them gets it. let's roll tape. >> you know what? i think that network reporters, throughout the entire industry, may be caught in a dilemma. that obama care is so positive and going to have such a tremendous impact on american life and american society, in setting the foundation for better changes in the future, i think that network reporters and people on tv are having a hard time saying something nice about it, or positive about it, because they might be viewed as journalistically compromised. they're not really showing a great deal of integrity if they say something positive. about obama care. >> yeah, that doesn't extend to everybody. >> you know, i'm reading this sentence again.
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that obama care is so positive, dot, dot, dot, network reporters and people on tv are having a hard time saying something nice about it or positive about it. someone needs to get some medication over to msnbc really fast. because that is the opposite of the truth. look, this is the problem that they're having. they're having a hard time telling the truth about obama care. how many times was -- did the president tell us that it was going to cut costs? when it didn't. how many times did he tell us it wasn't a tax when it was. how many times did he tell us you could keep your insurance when you can't. this is an epidemic of dishonesty. and yet reporters won't report it, and poor ed schultz is saying that it's just so positive that nobody dares talk about it. >> bozell is wrong on all accounts. across the board he's wrong. hannity has now been reduced to defending junk insurance policies. and i wonder if he knows that most junk insurance policies
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only last about a year, when people actually figure out they have been hoodwinked into a policy that doesn't cover snot. that's why obama care is good. sean, i know, it's probably a little over your head. but i'll give it a shot again. a few weeks ago, i asked sean hannity to go face-to-face with me in a debate. instead of accepting what he has decided to do, this is his -- comes back with a challenge, he's playing clips of my show in his media clip or whatever, in his segment. look, i'm about the truth. and it would seem to me that if i'm wrong on these things, that handy would want to go face-to-face with me. i mean, you know, i'm just a fun-loving barrel-chested guy from the middle of the country who loves to get to the bottom of stuff, you know what i mean? so let's get it on, sean. come on. you pick the venue, you sell the tickets, you keep the profit. you're all about that. i just want to prove that you're wrong. and i don't want the public to think that someone is misleading someone on obama care. certainly, you would have the
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character to go face-to-face with me, wouldn't you? look, i believe that sean hannity and fox news has done a terrible disservice to this country by misleading people on a life-saving policy such as obama care. let's face it. let's go face-to-face. come on, sean. let's do it for the country. come on. make a big fool out of big eddy. be the best promo you ever had. but you won't do t because you know i have the facts and, oh, by the way, i have the law on my side. fox news continues to spread lies and deceit about obama care, and about just how much it's going to accomplish. the latest conservative talking point is that people are getting, quote, kicked off their current insurance plans. >> insurance companies are being intimidated to keep their mouths shut about the disaster they're happening, they're witnessing, about all those kicked off. they told them just keep quiet. and we didn't know what they had in terms of leverage, steve,
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over these insurance companies but it's beginning to become very clear. the truth lies with the insurance company sees. >> sure. absolutely. because they're the ones who have got to provide. and it's -- there are all sorts of stories about how remember if you like your doctor, if you like your plan, keep your plan, not true. if you like your hospital, that's not going to be true, as well. because so few are going to be involved. in the meantime, the democrats and the president clearly own this now. the affordable care act is theirs, and that, brian, is why they're trying to blame everybody else. those insurers, they're cut-rate, bad apples. one of the guys -- >> that was bad they said that yesterday. when the president used that term to describe insurance companies in boston, it was essentially game on with a lot of these companies. >> absolutely. it's just like with wall street when he referred to them as fat cats. >> this is just too good. there are such things as standards in the law.
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so in other words, companies just can't throw out junk stuff anymore. they're defending on fox news the insurance industry and the corporations that are delivering junk policies to consumers, and they're okay with it. meanwhile, sean hannity has been trying to desperately -- has been trying desperately to protect those bad apple, low-quality junk plans. >> 3 million americans can't keep the plan if they like their plan. >> yes they can. >> no, they can't. >> they get cancellation letters. >> no, no. 2 million are getting cancellation. >> no, look, i'm going to -- >> tip of the iceberg. >> i'm going to send you -- page 34,552, and the government is predicting itself that 66% of small business plans will be gone. 45% of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013. 9 million americans. that means you can't keep your
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plan. >> that's because they're going to be getting a better deal! standards and lower price because of the pool in the competition. gosh, sean, i thought you were a big free market guy. i thought you liked competition. sean hannity seems to really want americans to have crappy health care plans. consumer reports analyzed a number of low-quality plans. this is what a sean hannity junk insurance plan would look like. let's take $450 a month. this is a good junk plan that "consumer reports" found. you get $100 a piece for five doctor visits a year. $50 a year for screenings and tests. $1,000 a day for up to 30 days in the hospital. none of that -- none of this right here is acceptable under the affordable care act. because it sucks! and it rips off consumers. it's not good enough for america. all of the care that you receive
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is going to be more affordable and more comprehensive under obama care. and here's the kicker. here's the kicker. if you're a low-wage income earner, currently on a junk plan that sean hannity is promoting and defending, that does not have standards. you will get a cancellation notice. but your next move is this. you go jump into the exchange. and you will qualify for subsidies if you're a low-income earner to help purchase a quality plan with standards that will be better for you. that's obama care. i'll let you decide what you think is best. so -- but let's go back to sean hannity calling me a brown-noser for a moment, for being positive about the impacts of obama care. you know, he ought to be careful about who he is calling a suck-up. this is the same broadcaster who did a fair share of sucking up in a pickup truck when he rode
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around with former president george w. bush for a softball interview in crawford, texas. >> when i saw you, you were -- my perception was, you were totally, completely at peace. >> yeah. >> your job was done. and you seem even more at peace now. >> i am at peace. and i was honored to serve the country. i gave it my all. i have written a book that chronicles the decisions i made. and i feel -- i'm not desperate to try to shape a legacy, because i fully understand that there needs to be time for history to be able to analyze -- for historians to be able to analyze the decisions i've made. and, you know, i have -- i'm content. i'm a content guy. >> how about that? a one-on-one with the president
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of the united states. sean hannity, in the truck with w. never asked him about the rollout of medicare part d. i bet edward r. merle would really be excited about that one, wouldn't he? >> sean hannity would sell his absolute soul to defeat obama and obama care. and he puts no value on his journalistic integrity, if he has any. here's one more example of deceit by sean hannity. earlier this month, sean hannity had a panel on the show, panel of guests with so-called real stories about obama care, causing them all kin of harm. >> our new policy that we can have will have the same benefits to it. anything similar, though, is going to rise between, like, 50 to 72%. >> we don't even have insurance for our daughter, who has a preexisting condition. so we're looking at probably $20,000 in premiums next year. >> as business, we are jumping through more hoops, more regulation, more paperwork.
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and we've also cut back on hiring full-time employees, because of the health care cost involved. >> well, it turns out those real stories were simply not accurate. reporting for, eric stern conducted actual interviews of sean hannity's guests. the results revealed thousands of dollars in savings if the couples enroll in obama care. the guests with an uninsured child due to preexisting condition would receive coverage at a lower cost. the small business owners had a small enough number of employees that obama care had no effect on their company. sean hannity is spreading lies and deceit. roger a ails who is often praised about being a smart guy in cable -- how can you get a guy go on the air and get away with that crap? come on. by the way, is there a fox news standards and practices manual? no!
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it's not reporting, it's lying. and i think handy is doing a serious disservice to the country by saying what he is saying about obama care, because it is lie after lie after lie. come on, sean. let's go face-to-face. i'll make sure that you don't swim with the fishes. you'll be well-protected. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. is sean hannity telling the truth about obama care? text a for yes, text b for no to 67622. you can always go to our blog at leave a comment. we'll bring the results later on in the show. now, i want to go to the reporter who did the follow-up. and this gentleman is eric stern, eric, good to have you with us tonight. >> hi, ed. had you are you doing? >> good, sir. did you actually -- tell us your intrigue with the story that you motivated you to follow up on this, and what did you find? >> well, i called these -- i called these three couples, and what they were having was
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problems with the current insurance system. it wasn't obama care. it was essentially the crept insurance system. they were basically being treated like insurance companies tend -- have always tended to treat a customer, and basically getting their rates raised and they were getting the run-around. and in some cases, they didn't really have any problem. they could have a problem in the future down the road when it actually -- the law actually takes effect for them. but as it currently stood when i spoke to them, nothing that sean hannity said was really true. >> nothing that sean hannity said was really true from your journalistic standpoint on this. when obama care goes into eff t effect, will any of these families be helped? >> they will have the option to get insurance. it looks like they will have the option to get insurance for much cheaper than what they are paying. so in that respect, yes. they will actually save substantial money by buying on the exchange. >> so basically -- let me ask you, do you think they had junk insurance?
5:18 pm
>> you know, it is possible that one of the people i spoke to did have junk insurance. i mean, you could argue that all insurance offered to private individuals now on the private market is kind of a bit of a scam. i would say they probably all had problems with their plans, and yes, the new requirements of obama care will probably make them stronger plans. >> make them stronger plans. and you said something about cost, didn't you, at a better cost? because brent bozell was on with sean hannity saying that wasn't the case. that it was going to cost more. >> well, let's be clear. the plans they had, they got these letters that many persons are getting from the insurance company saying their plans are being cancelled and it was going to be replaced by a new plan that may or may not be more expensive. now that's just -- you know, that's what the insurance companies do all of the time. and have done for the last decade. raising premiums 15% a year or whatever it is. what they're doing there is, they're using the advent of
5:19 pm
obama care as an excuse to do what they do anyway, and they're making it look like they're being forced to do it and it's somebody else's fall. >> your journal -- excuse me. your journalistic final analysis is that sean hannity was not telling the truth or reporting the truth. >> he was telling -- it was about 8% of what he was saying was true. >> you've got to tell the truth in this business. eric stern, good to have you -- >> look -- >> go ahead. final comment. >> well, what sean hannity and bozell do, that's a real problem in this world. sean hannity only wants people on his show to agree with him. and he's not going to have you on, because that's what he does. he wants to talk to people he agrees with. he doesn't want to have a discussion about facts and i think it's a disservice to this country. . >> it is a disservice. it is a disservice to have that platform and be dishonest about something that is going to save lives in this country. goes back to the graphic i put up. who do you trust? consumers should not trust what sean hannity says. eric stern, good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time.
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festivals ♪ >> going solo. >> we live in a country where if you want to drink out of a red solo cup or if you want to drink out of a crystal stem, you have the tuned to do that. >> marsha blackburn's cup runneth over with scare tactics. >> what, you can't buy that solo cup? you can't buy an inexpensive blouse? >> why did you get those clothes, at the toilet store? >> you can't buy a pair of shoes that costs less than another pair? >> these shoes are $300. >> let's get them. >> this is absolutely ridiculous. >> the number two trender. rush judgment. you look at all of the new things that the regime that obama care is requiring, medical devices, all kinds of crazy things. contracepti contraception. >> limbaugh is whining like a baby over women's health care coverage. >> insurance is being stretched to cover things it should never have to cover. breast pumps, birth control
5:25 pm
pills, wellness plans. buy your own birth control pill. buy your own breast pump. but no, these things are now part of insurance. it's not insurance, it's welfare. >> and today's top trender. factor fiction. >> i'm not the chosen one, i'm just one of many who have been given gifts. >> you can explain that. >> team ed show is still buzzing about billo's blasphemy. >> you have an interesting theory as to why he was crucified. >> he interrupted the tax money flow and once he did that shall his fate was sealed. >> interesting. ♪ >> his fate was sealed to be crucified because he went after tax collectors? no, that's not right, bill o'reilly. the lord sent his only son to be
5:26 pm
crucified and tie die on the cross for our sins so we can have everlasting life. joining me now is reverend jim wallace, president of sojourners. reverend, good to have you with us tonight. >> hi, ed. good to be here. >> how wrong does o'reilly have it. >> well, it's always a dangerous thing to try to bring jesus into your politics, because he'll likely overturn your politics. jesus brought this new order called the kingdom of god and it really reverses the logic of the world. and so that text -- i went back to that text after i read the story. and jesus went into this temple and he overturned the tables of the money changers. those who were buying and selling, says the scripture. don't turn my house of prayer into a house of thieves. and i don't think people would normally think of jesus maybe being at the stock exchange and overturning the tables there. it's about people who were using the temple to really hurt the
5:27 pm
poor. >> he says that -- he says that jesus was crucified because he went after tax collectors. >> jesus brought the kingdom and that was a threat to the religious order of things, political, all of that. he came to change us, change the world and us with it. and that change is so fundamental, so transformational, it's a threat to the existing order of things, including politics. >> o'reilly calls his book a history bock. what do you think? is. >> well, i haven't read the book. but, yeah, i've been on bill's show. i love bill to look at how he's focused on jesus now. so i would like him to look at how jesus -- that notion overturns our politics. for example, right now a lot of evangelical christians, conservatives, often vote republican, have been converted to what jesus says about the strangers, immigrants, 11 million undocumented people, a lot of evangelicals have been reading the bible and saying wait a minute, how we treat them is how we treat christ himself and they take a different stance
5:28 pm
than bill is taking on immigration reform. >> if christ was on earth today, would he be treating the poor the way the conservatives do? today 48 million americans woke up with a smaller s.n.a.p. payment. would jesus treat the poor the way the conservatives have? >> well, the principle of politics, if you're a follower of jesus, is simply how we treat those who he called the least of these. i was hungry, and you cut my food stamps. i was a stranger, you didn't welcome me. i was sick, and you wanted to deny me health care. this is not what really we're looking for here. how do we talk about how to treat those who are the least of these -- one translation says those who are unimportant or seem unimportant. how we treat them is whether or not we're following jesus. that's really the test. and that kind of politics would overturn the established politics all over the place and it does if we pay attention to it. >> o'reilly is not wired properly on this story. that is the bottom line. reverend jim wallis, thank you
5:29 pm
for joining us tonight. appreciate your time. coming up, some old-school tactics to win the pole position in the virginia governor's race. and later, ted cruz is planning a sequel to his late-night "green eggs and ham" antics. next, i'm taking your questions. "ask ed live" is just ahead. stay with us. [ susan ] though he had never left. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan,
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welcome back to "the ed show." we love hearing from our viewers, love the questions. tonight in our "ask ed live" segment, first question comes from rosssc. how do republicans think it helps them to cut s.n.a.p., which is food stamps, when most of the aid goes to red states? i think it's in their dna to be mean and cruel. i just think they feel good about cutting stuff, so they can just other things. and oh, by the way, the deficit has been cut almost in half under president obama.
5:33 pm
watch them run home and take credit for it. our next question from gracie. what do you think about governor walker's new book? not a whole lot. i'm not going to read it. so i can't really give an opinion. all i can do is report on the journalists who have read it, who say that there are major discrepancies in it when it comes to the truth. how surprising. stick around, "rapid response panel" is next. i'm page hopkins with breaking news out of the los angeles airport. fbi and local law enforcement on the scene after a gunman opened fire at a tsa checkpoint, killing one tsa employee. at least six others were wounded. the suspect, identified as 23-year-old paul ciancia, reportedly began shooting on the ground floor and continued firing as he raced to a tsa screening area. frightened passengers scrambled for cover, even on to the tarmac. the suspect was wounded in a gun fight with officers.
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thanks for watching "the ed show" tonight. election day is four days away and all eyes are on virginia's gubernatorial race. on sunday, president obama will join democratic candidate terry mcauliffe for a rally in arlington, virginia. as we head into the final stretch, the polls find mcauliffe ahead of republican challenger, ken cuccinelli. roanoke college finds mcauliffe with as much of a 15-point lead but quinnipiac poll has him leading by four points. in an e-mail sent to supporters thursday, mcauliffe made it very clear, don't get comfortable and don't sit this one out. mcauliffe wrote to his supporters, in off year elections like this when tea party voters turn out more
5:38 pm
reliably than democrats. for 45 years, the political party that controls the white house has lost our governor's race the next year. in 2009, fewer than 40% of virginia voters cast a ballot for governor, despite the fact that nearly 70% voted in the presidential election the year before. there's a lot at stake in the state of virginia, no question about it. ken cuccinelli has spent his entire career as an elected official, trying to roll back any progress on women's reproductive rights. cuccinelli's running mate for lieutenant governor, e.w. jackson, has clearly defined himself as an extremist home phone. folks, this is not an election day the country want to miss. get out and vote in virginia. joining me tonight for the "rapid response panel" goldie taylor, and msnbc contributor and democratic strategist, bob shrum. great to have both of you with us tonight. goldie, if women aren't motivated to come out and vote
5:39 pm
off the record that cuccinelli has put up in virginia, what would motivate them? >> you know, for a woman not to turn out for an election like this would really spell trouble. what we see happening in off-year elections at the top of the ballot, so i think thatterry mcauliffe is right to talk to voters about how urgent it is for them to get out to the polls. when we find that we have low voter turnout in these off year elections, you tend to see that sway towards the red side of the column. but we're seeing a blueing of america when voters do turn out. we're seeing that in virginia, we're seeing that in north carolina. we're going to see it probably in georgia. and so i think that it is incumbent upon all democrats, and if they want to see change toward their very strong issues, then they're going to have to show up at the polls. >> bob shrum, is this really the first test for progressives against these radical republican policies, and will it move anybody? >> i think it's a real test, and i think we're going to find out whether democrats can turn out their base in off-year elections.
5:40 pm
this is that test case. now, i think that the mcauliffe campaign has really done a superb job and he, by the way, has been a lot better candidate than people assumed he would be. i suspect they welcome, say the quinnipiac poll showing the race tightening because it helps to get voters out. but the reality on tuesday, in my view is democrats are going to turn out, independents are going to turn out and a lot of moderate republicans are going to turn out and they're not going to vote for cuccinelli. to say that he's extreme is to put it mildly. he's homophobic. he wants to outlaw common forms of birth control. he wanted to make it harder for women in a bad marriage to get a divorce. so i think when you look at this campaign, when you look at cuccinelli, he is so far out of the virginia mainstream, and maybe the mcauliffe people don't like me necessarily saying this, because they want to scare voters to the polls too, is i think he's going to win this on tuesday. >> goldie, aren't the democrats throwing the kitchen sink? you've got the president going in there, the next few days, the clintons have been down there,
5:41 pm
going to go again. what about that? >> you know, they really do have to put their strongest foot forward. and bringing in the clintons, who have been lifelong friends with terry mcauliffe may be the thing to inspire voters to the polls. if they see low voter turnout, mcauliffe may not be able to count this as a win. but i agree, come election day, you're going to find people like cuccinelli. he's like the sharon angle of virginia where he's to the right, to the right, to the right of everybody else. but crazy almost always loses and i think mcauliffe has to count on that. you know, there would be no better person to be governor of virginia than terry mcauliffe with his close association with the clinton when hillary runs, correct, bob? >> oh, yeah. i think that the clintons and hillary clinton -- look, they're doing this because they're friends. they think it's an important race. i think hillary clinton clearly sees ken cuccinelli as someone totally out of the mainstream. and wants terry mcauliffe to win. but there is a political fallout here. they invested very heavily in
5:42 pm
this race. they raised a lot of money, che campaigned hard. the president is going to be there. and i think goldie is absolutely right. it's smart to take every one of these steps. but even in the absence of these steps, i think you're going to see a tremendous rejection by a lot of people in virginia of the extremism of cuccinelli. >> okay. we've got some breaking news coming in this hour. ex florida republican governor, ch charlie crist, is seeking office again. he just filed as a democrat in florida. he will make the official announcement on monday in st. petersburg. a poll showed crist leading scott 44% to 40%. a public policy poll has him leading 50-38%. goldie, what do you make of it? >> the scott nightmare in florida might be coming to an end. we're happy to see people like charlie crist really take this on. he's going to have an unlimited supply of money. he's going to have an investment, i believe, from a
5:43 pm
national party into florida. and i think that florida, being one of those bellwether states that's decided a number of elections nationwide. so i think florida becomes an important way to blow apart a road block for democrats nationwide. >> how big a target does he become, bob, switching parties? has he cleared the deck on that pretty good. >> oh, i don't think it's a problem with democrats. i don't think it's a problem with independents. look, he was a moderate republican. moderate republicans have been driven out of the republican party. they're not welcome. if they run in primaries, they lose. i think that actually broadens his appeal in florida. i think he's going to get a lot of votes that democrats might not otherwise get. and i don't think switching parties is a problem. he didn't leave the republican party. the republican party left him. >> goldie taylor, bob oh shrum, great to have you on the friday edition of "the ed show." appreciate your time. >> go, charlie crist! >> we'll have that story monday. still ahead, the biggest joke in american politics tries his hand at stand-up comedy. stay with us. ♪
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to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. and in pretenders tonight, john stosel, ladies' man. the libertarian fox business host joined the kids on the curvy couch, and railed against obama care's lack of gender discrimination? >> yesterday, president obama stood in front of a bunch of women in massachusetts and said, "no longer will these evil insurance companies be able to charge you women more." but when did you last go to the doctor? >> when did i go to the doctor? >> elizabeth is going to answer quite quickly. women go to the doctor much more often than men. maybe they're smarter or maybe they're hypochondriacs. they live longer, i don't know. you ought to be able to charge the people who use the services more, more.
5:49 pm
>> the affordable care act was a historic achievement for women's health on several fronts. women can't be denied for a gender-based preexisting condition. it covers preventative services up such as contraception and mammograms. but what gets stossel's mustache in a twist is the law brings an end to the discriminatory practice of gender rating, which allowed insurance to charge women premiums costing up to 150% more than their male counterparts. rates are calculated by risk. a healthy woman who regularly sees her doctor for preventive screenings is actually minimizing her risk. or, according to john stosel, she's a hypochondriac. taker. if stosel thinks his sick-minded reasoning makes him think he's a health expert, he can keep on pretending.
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let's get back to work. here's a look at the top three stories next week in fast forward. coming in at number three, neo-nitwits. >> it's a serious issue we have to tackle in this country. >> missouri nazis rally for immigration. ♪ look out here comes the master race ♪ >> we're standing for white
5:54 pm
rights. >> you're a sad, strange, little man. >> fast forward to number two. virginia is for voters. >> let me introduce the candidate. democrat terry mcauliffe. >> terry mcauliffe former dnc chair. >> we have mr. ken cuccinelli. >> homophobic, birther friendly, big three hating ken cuccinelli. >> the commonwealth chooses a new governor. >> the re-election for virginia governor is days away. >> virginia has a history of getting it right. >> and our number one story to watch, canadian comedy. >> if ted cruz gave up politics, do you think he'd have a viable career as a stand up comedian? >> have you met ted? >> ted cruz will appear on the tonight show. >> he vows to keep speaking until he is no longer able to stand. >> and now the dr. seuss bible.
5:55 pm
>> if he collapses from exhaustion, he'll be covered under obama care. >> if you keep talking they can't throw you off. it's a real rule. >> he is trusted and fair. >> listening to ted cruz, how awful is that? >> everyone laughs, but where's the next joke? >> joining me now talk radio consultant holland cook. good to have you with us tonight. i don't want to date both of us, but what is the name of that old show where the announcer said will the real ted cruz please stand up. >> please stand up. ed, hello from boston home of your world champion red sox and john lackey got the win. but i laughed a minute ago when you mentioned dr. seuss because elsewhere in massachusetts, dr. seuss and i share a birthplace. springfield, mass. and everybody there already thought ted cruz was a joker when he read "green eggs and
5:56 pm
ham" during his senate talk-athon. because what he didn't realize is it's a story about if you try something you might actually like it. so he's already a bit of a jester. we have another dvr alert, by the way. he's going to be doing duck dynasty if they can teach him how to hold a shotgun the proper way. >> there you go. >> but seriously, i think that like a lot of other polls who have done late night tv, he's trying to soften his image. bill clinton was the iconic trail blazer playing the sax with arsenio. sarah palin went on the tonight show. and clearly ted cruz is the new sarah palin. but don't assume this is about 2016. clearly this guy is an attention junkie, but he may be smarter than he looks. he may be smarter than he acts.
5:57 pm
>> what do you think he hopes to gain by appearing on the tonight show? basically file off a few edges? >> that too. but his goal may not be the white house. i think this guy sees beyond that, and he wants some kind of jim demint gig where you really don't have to be accountable for senate votes. you don't have to get the american people to elect you president. you don't have to conduct that awesome responsibility of being president. when jim demint left the senate, he got a driver and a limo and a big fat expense account. >> you think he wants to elevate himself and then make the big bucks. okay. >> yeah. he's heading for k street. don't let him fool you. >> all right. he recently made a joke about a nigerian scammers that he was asked to apologize for. here it is. >> you know, have y'all noticed you ow the nigerian e-mail
5:58 pm
scammers? they've been a lot less active lately because they've all been hired to run the obama care website. >> i mean, he just has no feel. there just are some people out there that can be passionate. but when it's time to do a bit of comedy, they bomb. >> i bet he's going to be on his best behavior when on with leno. let's assume he's got a boiler room full of joke writers sanitizing what he does so that it makes his point but it's more acceptable than that. i predict he'll come and go with no faux pas. >> don't you think it's jay leno's job in entertainment to make sure cruz sticks foot in mouth? >> jay is good at asking the kind of policy questions that mainstream america won't think are wonky. so i predict that there will be
5:59 pm
some news made on the show, not necessarily because of a prefabricated joke the senator has for him. but i think jay leno is going to ask him something. >> is this is a good get? is this a good move f? and his dad, holy smokes. what's that guy about? how could he go on the tonight show and jay leno not ask him about if his dad is for real. >> yeah. he better have an answer prepared for that. i do think it's a good get for jay. i don't know who dave's going to have on that night. but here we are a week in advance doing a dvr alert. >> holland cook, thanks to have you with us tonight. that is "the ed show." reminder, i am going to be in kentucky on monday to bring you a full report on monday night here on "the ed show" of obama


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