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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i'm thomas roberts. topping our agenda today. deep sixed. what's in a number when it comes to obama care? repuicans in congress are all about numbers these days. gop members have released new documents showing just six people successfully enrolled on the first day of the new health care exchange. now, six the first day, just 248 more by day two and according to an aide for these republican committee members, a laundry list of issues kept people from getting on the site and getting the job done. >> we're working every day to make improvements to this wholly unsatisfactory website. i want to make clear nobody is more unsatisfied with the way that website has performed since the launch than the president of the united states. but we're working every day to improve it. >> so there is new evidence of a growing group within the president's own party that they are revolting against the problems plaguing the health care rollout. "the new york times" reporting there's worry about the impact against democratic candidates in next year's elections.
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>> democrat senators that are running for re-election want to delay because they don't want to face the people that are being affected by the law because they want to win their election. that should tell you everything you need to know about what's going on here and how people are perceiving it. the president's numbers are in the tank. >> joining me is kentucky congressman john yarmuth. as a member of the energy and commerce committee and he was there for wednesday's hearing. sir, great to have you with me. politico has in print what's been pretty obvious all along, talking about gop sabotage. quoting from the article saying the opposition was strategic from the start. derail president barack obama's biggest am sbition and derail obama himself. the evidence, the bread crumbs of this trail is all there and a major part of that sabotage has taken place at the state level. only 17 states are running their own exchanges and 26 have turned down medicaid expansion. is state level obstruction the
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biggest obstacle to the aca being a success? >> i don't think there's any question about it. all you have to do is look at my state and california and new york and some of the states that have done their own exchanges and the sheerexperience has bee incredibly successful. we have 35,000 kentuckians enrolled in the first month. people who could not afford or did not have access to insurance before. we have another 25,000 or 30,000 in the application process. we have 400 businesses that have -- are trying to get insurance for their employees through the exchange. so in those states where the administration embraced the program, it's been very, very successful and people understand very well the benefits of the affordable care act. >> sir, as we get these numbers out, and obviously these numbers that are out today are nothing to shout from the rooftops as we get the health care website's first two days, these numbers are anemic. honestly, they're anemic. as we look, though, at massachusetts, an example from
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'0 s '06. enrollment was slow there too, people procrastinating, signing up at the last minute. we fast forward to now and your home state of kentucky. it has emerged as a poster child for the south. we have more than 345,000 website visits, nearly 60,000 applications started and some 32,000 have enrolled. why is kentucky working so well? >> well, i think the governor made a decision very early on that we were going to do our own exchange, took advantage of the federal grant program to build the exchange, brought in very, very good people and made some very critical decisions early on that i think helped. one of them which the federal exchange didn't make was to allow people to browse the site and browse the plans without going through the application process. so to a certain extent we were lucky, but it was basically the commitment of the administration to make sure that it worked. when you're only dealing with one state and one set of
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providers and one set of insurance rules and one set of insurance companies, it's a lot easier to make it go well than it is with 36, as the federal change is trying to do. >> there are a lot of articles trying to capture of the anxiety that democrats have. we're at the one-month birthday today since the website launched. if these problems aren't fixed by november 30th as promised, it seems the damage will be compound compounded. are democrats starting to experience some serious anxiety about this new drop date? >> well, i think some are. some are always going to be anxious and paranoid. but -- and obviously there is a political risk here. if the site is not fixed, if people don't have access to the information and the exchange, the federal exchange, there is a political risk for many people. but i'm confident that these problems are going to get mixed and, you know, if they don't get fixed by november 30th, i think that's a real problem and we might have to look at extending
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the period for enrollment and maybe the penalties period. but i think over 30 days we'll see a marked improvement in the site. >> so this date denotes the one-month birthday of the aca rollout and also $5 billion in nationwide food stamps cut goes into effect. what do you tell constituents that are worried about these cuts and know what this means, because they have been using this as part of their social safety net? >> well, i tell them that is a tragedy and i tell them that the bigger threat right now is republicans' efforts to cut $40 billion from the program over the next ten years. in my state, interestingly enough, there's six congressional districts. my state has the only significant minority population. we have the lowest utilization in my district of any of the six. the other five of all
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represented by republicans, and they all voted for that cut of $40 billion, even though their districts -- in hal rogers' district in appalachia, one in four of his citizens are on food stamps. this is an incredible impact on the economy. for every $5 spent on food stamps there's $9 in the economy. so this is a very important social safety net for working families, seniors, disabled and poor children. so that's what i think we ought to be mainly concerned about is this plan to cut $40 billion over the next ten years because then the problem becomes very, very structural and long term. >> sir, thanks for making time for me. i appreciate it. joining me is former dnc chair howard dean. sir, it's good to have you with me now. you may have heard me talking with the congressman about the gop sabotage politico was talking about. that's hardly a secret.
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part of that campaign has been one of misinformation, being intellectually dishonest about how people are losing their insurance plans. we've got a couple of articles out today. the l.a. times says back in march they placed these plans in a category called junk health insurance. some plans may be worse than having none at all. so these points also make that the expecting insurance companies to play fair with their customers is as pointless as expecting dogs not to drink from the toilet. talking points memo has the bottom line, almost all of them are going to receive the same or much better coverage and many will receive financial help to purchase it. isn't this what republicans said that they wanted? this is based on a republican plan. this is making all of us be personally responsible for ourselves. >> frank lly at this point the republicans are just political and nothing else. i find it best to ignore them entirely.
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this program will rise and fall not on what the republicans say or do, because actually their ratings are far lower than the president's. it's going to rise and fall on whether we can get this running properly or not and we have to focus on that and not pay so much attention to these whack jobs in congress who have forgot they need to serve the american people. now, to get to your question, yeah, we did this 20 years ago. some insurance companies left. those were the insurance companies that were taking 50% of your health care dollars and not spending it on health care. those were the insurance companies that when you were a 35-year-old and you got something really bad, they got rid of your policy. and those are the kinds of people who are losing their health insurance. they don't know that they're losing something that's bad because they haven't been sick. when you get sick and you have one of these policies that doesn't cover this, doesn't cover that and can be cut off, all of a sudden you find that indeed this is junk health insurance and there's a fair amount of it. that's one of the great things
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about obama care, he's going to get rid of that. >> it's only in those emergency situations that you find out how unprotected you really are when you try to get the coverage that you've been paying into. we have this article from the national journal, one of several calling into question the president's credibility as a result of the promises that he made about people keeping their insurance. nicole wallace laid into spokesman jay carney over it. i want to play a small portion. >> the public believes your boss, and you know as well as i do when the public stops believing your boss, he is rendered impotent. so how do you make the public believe your boss when the two things that were said to reassure people, that they could cope their health plans and they could keep their doctors, turn out to be not true? >> so, governor, ezra klein puts this in perspective for us, a fascinating blame game with the problems. you can see where the arrows are pointing. so is the test of the gop and the sabotage and blame game
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going to be born out for democrats come 2014? >> well, that depends. i think right now the odds are with the democrats. i think the republicans have essentially eliminated their brand as a serious contention in american politics. not to say they're going to go away, they're not. but nobody believes anything they say. the problem is we've got to deliver this. it has entirely to do with democrats. the republicans are irrelevant to this debate. they can make noise, pretend their outraged. we've got to fix this and make it work properly. and my hope is that this november 30 deadline for getting this thing fixed is kept. these are hard things. in vermont we have our own exchange that hasn't worked as well as we thought it would work. it hasn't worked as well as kentucky's or california's, so a lot of the problem is the general problem in the tech industry. these rollouts are big and messy. they're messy in the private sector and the public sector. when you try to do 36 states, they really get messy. so the president's credibility is on the line.
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again, i think the republicans are irrelevant in their baying at the moon and they're silly and we all know that they were happy to shut down the entire economy of the world to get their way. why pay attention to them. let's focus on what we have to do which is fix the website, fix the program. we're probably going to need some paper backups. we've got to get folks signed up. i don't think it's a good idea to delay. i understand senators are worried about their re-election. let's worry about health care an stop worrying about politics. >> november 30th will be here before we know it. great to have you on, thanks so much. >> thank you. it's being called shop and frisk. barneys has until today to hand over its racial profiling policies to new york's attorney general, and so far no dice. and this as opponents of new york's stop and frisk program face a major setback. michael skolnick will join me next. plus a new book "double down" revealing juicy details about the 2012 election saying
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a major setback in new york in the fight against the stop and frisk policy. an appeals court has blocked changes to the controversy policies. the changes included implementing a monitor to oversee reforms to the stop and frisk policy and the three-judge appeals panel went a step further and removed the original judge from the case, accusing her of bias. barneys and macy's, the two
11:16 am
stores at the center of a firestorm over racial profiling allegations are expected to hand over documents to the state's attorney general showing their policies for detaining their customers. joining me is michael skolnick. it's great to have you here. as i told you, you're a prolific tweeter, nice stuff you put out and nice to see you in person. as we know, michael, the new york attorney general waits on these documents today. still we have no word if they have officially received them. the "new york daily news" reporting the two former security guards at barneys will meet as a part of this investigation. what do you think will be revealed, especially about the unsaid policies of how these stores may operate? >> i think it's important for us to wait for the facts. the fact that barneys is saying they did not call the police, the point is somebody called the police. whether it was a shopper, someone who works at the store, the police themselves, security guards, somebody called the police and racially profiled this young man and thought he was a thief. we have to get to the bottom of that. where did that come from.
11:17 am
we're seeing that across the city and a city policy of stop and frisk who is assuming that a young black person or latino person is already guilty before they commit a crime. >> i want to place this because reverend al sharpton met with barneys ceo this week. the rev says we should look at all players involved in these racial profiling allegations. i want to play a small part of what he had to say on "morning joe." >> we must deal with the police department and these stores must deal with the police departments. if you're claiming it's the cops, not us, then what are you saying to the cops? if the cops is saying it's you, what are they saying to you? we're caught in the middle. >> we're caught in the middle here. how do you think that this is going to help elevate the conversation around how the police department responds to stop and frisk but also the problem of people being persecuted for shopping while black or people making some false assumption? >> sure. thomas, here's the thing. if we universally accept that what happened to that young man
11:18 am
trayon stopped at barneys was wrong, i haven't heard one person say what they did was the right thing to do. if we universally accept that, then what's happening to hundreds of thousands of young black and brown men across the city every year we should also accept as wrong. there's no difference of walking out of barneys with a belt that you just purchased or walking down the street to buy a soda at the convenience store and being stopped by the police and aconsuming that you're a criminal. stop and frisk is wrong, shop and frisk is wrong. they're both equally wrong. >> jay z having high-priced lucks row items being utilized, the profits for a charity organization, how do you think he's handled waiting for the facts to come out, looking for the investigation to move forward because it seems as if he was pressured publicly to make a statement and enter into the dialogue taking place. how do you think he did? >> i think so many of our heros that have come from communities of struggle that have made it are expected to carry the weight of so much that we wear and
11:19 am
carry ourselves as a society. i've been very impressed by jay z. i think he did the right thing, i think he said the right thing. we should all wait for the facts but we need the facts. when the facts are presented on the table, then let's make some decisions. >> michael skolnick, great to have you here. again, prolific tweeter. great to have you here. so we have an appeals court reinstating a controversial part of texas' sweeping abortion bill. what will the next round bring in the lone star sized fight? we'll take a look. using keg stands to sell health insurance, have you seen this? i'll talk to the man behind colorado's brosurance campaign. that's coming up next. stick around. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen.
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colorado exchange has put forward. do you agree with this advertising for obama care? >> i can't see it. >> it's a college student doing a keg stand. >> if the colorado exchange did that -- >> do you approve of this advertising? >> i don't see it. i don't know what it is. and i did not approve it. this is a state-based marketplace. >> that's pretty big font. that's a pretty big picture of a keg. >> that was republican congressman grilling kathleen sebelius this week. he was referring to an ad campaign. this features a college student doing a keg stand captioned don't tap into that beer money to cover your medical bills. joining me is adam fox, director of the strategic management for the colorado consumer health initiative. adam, it's good to have you here. what was your reaction when that happened on capitol hill? when the congressman was trying to get kathleen sebelius to either give her approval or
11:24 am
disapproval of this style of ad? >> well, you know, i don't think -- it really doesn't have anything to do with the secretary, because it wasn't coming from colorado's state-based marketplace much less the federal marketplace. so she really had no idea that this was going to be happening. this was really something that we were doing to try to raise awareness among young adults. >> all right. so connect for health colorado says 3,164 people enrolled as of october 29th. explain to us the campaign and the minds behind this. obviously you look like a young guy. who came up with the thought of let's put these guys doing a keg stand? i'm looking at that and thinking if you chip your tooth, you're going to need dental insurance. that's all i'm thinking about. >> well, i think that there's probably a lot that can go wrong in a keg stand, but i think -- i think what we were really trying to do is come up with a social
11:25 am
media campaign that was going to have a bit of humor and be fun and really attract attention. i think we've definitely succeeded in doing that. >> you have definitely attracted attention. there are more, as i understand it, ads to this campaign. however, you only have two that target young women. why is that? >> well, it really comes down to because this is a shoe string budget project, it was who we could get to volunteer to come into the studio when. and so it was really a matter of what photographs we had ready to go when we wanted to launch the campaign. so there's a lot more to come. >> a lot more to come. we had on "morning joe" today, white house press secretary joe carney said it's young invincibles that do want the health care and is confident they'll sign up for it. take a listen to what he had to say. >> if there's a silver lining here, when it comes to young people, an young people are important to this working, it was always the case, no matter how good the website was going to be, that young americans were going to be the last group to
11:26 am
sign up. i don't know about you and college, but everything i did when i was young was last minute. >> all right. so talking there in reference to the procrastination factor that a lot of people suffer from, no matter where you are, what stage in your life, but the ads that you say are going to roll out, are they trying to take that similar tone where you want them to go viral and you want them to be on the cliff, the edge, so they get that kind of traction? >> i definitely think that that helps. we're really just trying to come up with images that are going to stick out at people as they're scrolling through their social media feeds and get their attention so that they can really start thinking about, yeah, there are some new health insurance options available and i should probably start looking into them. >> adam fox from the colorado consumer health initiative. thanks so much. we look forward to seeing what you and the others come up with next there in colorado. you certainly got our attention here. up next, our agenda panel weighs in on the sequel to game
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. so a book bombshell blow back after a secret game change. more than a third of texas abortion clinics could close as early as today after a decision by a federal appeals court. we have irin carmon and judd legum and bill scher. gang, it's great to have you here. the book we talk about is"double down" it comes out with the tidbit that the president and his aides were considering joe biden with hillary clinton. this morning bill daly said his job was to just think outside of the box. >> not for a moment was there a
11:31 am
serious discussion or a belief that joe biden should be replaced, period. that doesn't mean issues were not looked at. lots of issues in 2011 were looked at. >> so david plouffe tweeted never today any, any consideration of vp/hrc switch. not even considered by the person who most mattered. back to halloween. it seemed as if daly were talking about maybe strategic thoughts put into considerations but nothing definitive. >> well, daly's job as chief of staff was not to think outside the box about the came papaign, was to be the chief of staff. he was never really tight with obama. i would not say the inner circle was cancelling this. he was brought in after congress took the house in 2010 because of his business ties in the hope that he would facilitate
11:32 am
bipartisanship. he was a bust. if he was wasting his time running ideas up the flag pole, you can see why he didn't stick around very long. >> mitt romney, who is going to be on "meet the press" had code names for his vp candidates. chris christie was puffer fish. tim paw lenty lake fish, rob portman was fillet of fish. we have senator marco rubio as piscado. mitt romney scratched chris christie off the list for a variety of reasons including his medical history. he kak elled verbally to his aides while watching a christie video. how much emphasis do you think the book can put on those claims about christie's vetting and wherewithal being a serious contender to be the running mate? >> well, i think you have to
11:33 am
understand what these books are. after every presidential campaign, and i worked on a presidential campaign, there's a lot of score settling. people's egos' bruised, their feelings are hurt, and mark halperin and his co-author have figured out a way to exploit this for fun and profit and win another bok ok to follow up to "game change." i think at the end of the campaign we saw chris christie saying nice things about barack obama an his response to hurricane sandy. clearly some people are upset about that. now you've got all sorts of mostly sort of vague innuendo and scandal around chris christie. and i think it's really because there's someone out there who wants to damage him and damage his future prospects. and it seems like also there's some people in the obama side who are not so happy with joe biden, trying to make him seem a little goofy and kind of full of sort of crazy ideas and also this idea that they were ready
11:34 am
to swap him out. so i think what you have here is some score settling. i'm not sure how much it really adds up to, as far as is there real substance behind these charges. >> i think people can connect the dots, certainly, about how things went down. hindsight of course is 20/20 but this book also claims that president obama, who would go golfing with former president bill clinton in 2011 didn't finish all 18 holes with him. that he likes the former president but, in quote, doses. do you think the president is going to crack down now on the leaks here? because these are digestible little nuggets that have now made up this new book. >> i think it was also reported that he started to have smaller strategy meetings because there was starting to be leaks. president obama famously runs a tight ship. he doesn't like these kinds of leaks. i think probably a difference between him and bill clinton is bill clinton has an enormous personality. he likes to socialize, he
11:35 am
famously likes to talk at length. so politicians are people. sometimes people don't get along. it's clear at first there was some friction or some not warmth between bill clinton and barack obama, but as time went on, it's clear that that relationship got much closer. i mean the president is quoted as saying get me bill on the phone. he has needed bill clinton as an explainer when it comes to the affordable care act and i'm sure we'll see more, especially if hillary clinton runs for president. >> their chemistry has definitely changed. real quickly we need to get in this story about what's going on in texas because the federal appeals court ruled last night that some of the state's abortion restrictions could go into immediate effect while being challenged. just in the last hour sheila jackson lee of texas did not curb her outrage with my colleague, chris jansing, take a look. >> i'm hoping that this can have an emergency hearing before the fifth circuit and ask for a rehearing. and i'm asking that it gets immediately to the court. but while we're saying that, chris, people's lives are in jeopardy.
11:36 am
women's lives are in jeopardy. shame on this court. shame on the republicans. shame on this governor of the state of texas and we will continue to fight against this dastardly law. >> irin, what is the next step for abortion rights advocates, those who want women to have all the reproductive choices that they deserve? >> this is an enormously damaging decision. this is a regulation that was set up specifically with the intent for clinics to shut down. the admitting privileges, it has no bearing on medical evidence. it was created to shut clinics and that is what it is expected to do. so the next step is that the federal appeals court set a trial for january, 2014. they can also ask for a full hearing of all of the judges. it's clear, though, that they are -- the state of texas is very, very serious about denying women access to safe abortions. unfortunately, we are going to see lives in jeopardy as women become desperate and seek other options that may not be as safe. >> bill, for people that got to
11:37 am
know state senator wendy davis, this pretty much makes her filibuster all for naught, other than raising her profile. >> it shows that wendy davis wasn't able to stop this at the state level. there's still hope at the u.s. supreme court. this is a mockery of supreme court precedent. the court as it stands, including justice kennedy, has said before that you can't put undue burden on a woman. this blows a hole right through that. if the supreme court is consistent, they will strike this down once it eventually gets there. wendy davis is not going to do it in austin, but there's still hope in washington, i think. >> we will continue to watch this. thanks to the panel today, judd, irin and bill. as always, you can find more on our website, join our agenda centers, just log on to gang, thanks again. so his son has been all over the headlines and now ted cruz's dad is getting in the game and he has a message for president
11:38 am
obama. time for the poli side bar. rafael cruz spoke to a tea party group and mother jones got its hands on the video in which daddy cruz said this of president obama. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i'd like to send him back to kenya, back to indonesia. >> now, a spokesperson for senator cruz told mother jones, quote, these selective quotes taken out of context mischaracterize the substance of pastor cruz's message. like many americans, he feels america is on the wrong track and the pastor does not speak for the senator. however, rafael cruz does speak frequently on his son's behalf. senator rand paul is vowing to be a little more cautious with his words this after rachel maddow found a few of his speeches were mirror images from wikipedia about movies. toronto police have video that
11:39 am
shows mayor rob ford spoking crack. ford, who got into a confrontation with a cameraperson outside his home this week said he has, quote, no reason to resign. and chuck hagel is calling out nine states for refusing to issue military i.d. to same-sex spouses. he called on those states to take immediate action to remedy that situation. and you remember senator harry reid alleging mitt romney hadn't paid taxes in nearly a decade? the new book claims his source was jon huntsman sr. stephen colbert tells the nsa to spy, spy away, at least on the vatican. take a look. >> i'm a devout catholic, but i believe the nsa must spy on the vatican. they're tapping the direct line to god. and as i have pointed out, this guy's got a beard, spent a lot of time in the middle east and i keep hearing he's got some plan that for some reason always involves your grandpa dying. [ male announcer ] at humana, understanding what makes you different
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so the mother of a california teen who was killed by a sheriff's deputy has filed a claim against the county. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot seven times while carrying a pellet gun. police say they mistook this gun for a high-powered assault rifle. hundreds of students and others took to the streets of santa rosa earlier this week to protest the death of this popular eighth gradary. ma rowa teresa kumar is an msnbc contributor. this incident has caused a lot of outrage. there have been rallies, demonstrations, people holding up signs saying andy lopez did not have to die. also jail all racist killer cops. very strong language here. explain what we know about the facts of all this and how this case has now galvanized the community. >> good morning, thomas. thanks for doing this segment. this is something that's actually quite personal because i grew up in santa rosa in the community. sadly this is the third incident in less than eight years by a shooting of a teen victim by a
11:44 am
police officer. and what we're seeing right now is the fact that you have young people, middle schoolers and high schoolers galvanizing, protesting in the streets, organizing. not your usual suspects, not the community leaders and church leaders but young people saying we need to have a better relationship with police officers because right now there's incredible tension in santa rosa. while we don't know all the facts, i think what's happening is that you're seeing that a community is basically saying, look, we need to have a conversation about race in this community. we need to make sure that we have better relationships with the cops because we don't want to be victims. if anything, we want to work together with them. >> when you think about this, a 13-year-old. i mean these are babies. these are just little kids basically that are now organizing and having to grow up way too fast to take on very adult issues. we have the officer in this, a man 48 years old, who says that he feared for his life when he saw lopez point what he says looked like an ak-47 at deputies. now, he's reported to be pretty shaken up about this whole incident.
11:45 am
if you compare the gun that lopez was carrying to an ak-47, they do look similar. >> yes. >> do you think that the officer's claim here, that he was in fear for his life, is viable and accurate or is there a problem, as you point out, the instances over the eight years, that there's a racist element? >> well, i think that -- again, we weren't there and i can't say what was going through the incident. the two weapons do look similar, the toy gun versus the actual one. but i think what more that's happening here, the fact that you have middle schoolers and high schoolers organizing and having their parents come with them shows there's a stronger tension within the community that has to be addressed. the fact that -- the pictures that you just demonstrated, these were high schoolers marching in the street and they had s.w.a.t. folks on top of roof tops. they told government employees to leave because they were fearful that race riots were going to pull out. that doesn't help. that doesn't send the message
11:46 am
we're trying to fix problem. it says we're the authority and you're the latino community and you have to sort yourself out and fall in line. >> when we look at what happened in oakland, the shooting death of oscar grant by transit officers there, a movie was based on that situation and we have this going on in northern california. what can be done to enhance the dialogue necessary to prevent these types of shootings in the future? >> i think that we have to have more conversations with the police and community leaders and make sure that it's a two-way street. one of the things that i applaud is that city council folks have come forth and are protesting with the students, recognizing there's a problem. when you start listening to the young people talking about it, they're not only talking about the student that was killed, aengd lopez, but the disparity between their educational system. between the east side of santa rosa and the west side. all of a sudden a lot of the grievances we're seeing within
11:47 am
this community is starting to boil up and saying this is deeper than just the tragic death of one person. if anything, if we can use that tragic death to better relationships an ensure that doesn't happen again, that's where we start healing the community. >> thanks for your time. here's a look at some of the other stories topping news. a russian news agency says edward snowden will start working a tech support job at a large russian website this month. meanwhile it's also being reported that germany may invite the former nsa contractor to testify into their probe into the nsa spying scandal. a u.s. attorney opened an investigation into the bizarre death of kendrick johnson. he's the georgia teen whose body was found rolled up in a gym mat at his high school earlier this year. federal prosecutors are calling on anyone with information to contact the office of the prosecutor. a north carolina man is in custody this morning after authorities discovered 24 bombs in his barricaded fortress-like home in wilmington. 37-year-old eric rudolph arnb d
11:48 am
arnbold -- it's not clear why he was making the bombs. dramatic dash cam video of a high-speed police chase near houston. an officer pursuing two suspects after they shot her twice. after. once in the face. police caught one of the suspects. they're hoping this video will help find the other. and the annual car race from new york to l.a. otherwise known as the cannonball run just finished up. this year's winner broke the record making the trip across the u.s. in his tricked-out mercedes in just 29 hours 50 minutes. that's speedy. finally, apple fans get in line. the completely redesigned ipad is lighter, thinner and faster than any of its predecessors. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. we asked and you answered, the
11:52 am
question being should president obama have swapped out vice president biden for hillary clinton. no, biden has been the go to guy for dealing with the senate for the administration. no, although i love hillary, she will get her turn in 2016 and she will win. potus made the right call. hillary has plenty of career left. keep it coming on twitter and facebook. if it's friday, it's time to go and do, the spotlight on lives trying to improve others, at risk girls in new hampshire and new england, just how strong they are. for more than a decade girls at work has been putting power tools in their hand and teaching them woodworking skills. elaine, great to have you here. you're a general contractor by trade. explain how you got this idea to pass down a skill set like this to young girls. >> i think it sort of
11:53 am
originated, i had taken a neighbor in many years ago. i needed to sign her up for summer camp. at the time as a struggling contractor, i couldn't afford the fee. so an exchange ended up i was offered a chance to teach working in a summer camp. it was over 25 years ago and sort of set the course for my life. >> the girls that you work with are considered to be at risk. because of suffering from neglect or abuse in their young lives. you say some of them enter your program with technically a chip on their shoulder and understandably so because of hard knocks they have faced. how do you get you -- how do you get them, with your involvement and volunteers' involvement to shift that, to lighten their load? >> i think it's important for these girls to understand -- we work with all girls. there's no -- across the board there's every time we work with. it's important to understand if the people that brought you in this world have failed you, that doesn't define you as a file
11:54 am
you're, nor does your academic ability because there's so much potential in all these girls. every girl. we've worked with thousands of girls. they manage to put aside that definition of failure they have struggled with for so many years. we show them potential. a power tool goes against everything. >> so important to say to people. if people have failed you, doesn't mean you're a failure or share that going forth. i know you have a busy day. tomorrow, a talk in new hampshire, tomorrow night? >> correct. >> holding panel fundraiser musicfest. >> yes. >> what kind of support from local companies. are they behind you? >> we do get pretty good support. individual support. people have stepped in from just so many reasons. it's unbelievable. we know the work we're doing is important. they understand kids need a break from failing. they need the potential.
11:55 am
it's an experience that leaves them powerful and strong and really even smart. when do they get a break from this failing grade or bullying? all these things continue to reinforce they are not good, they are not smart. what we do with them goes against everything. they are just -- they are a force to be reckoned with. >> you are a force to be reckoned with. thanks for all you do. girls at work. we'll let you back. as we said, you're really busy. but if you have somebody you know with the go and do spirit elaine has, tweet us with the #go and do and we'll feature them in an upcoming event. real quickly, can we take a shot in the control room we have to say good-bye to one of our favorite person, gina. wave quitter pants. she's decided to move to d.c. with her awesome husband jason and new baby. she's saying she loves me, i'm the greatest, reading your lips, best person i've ever worked
11:56 am
with. i know. >> you're in trouble. >> i'm going to be in big trouble. gina, we love you. good luck to you and jason. wrap things up for me. back at 11:00 a.m. eastern. "now" with alex wagner coming up next. hi, alex. >> hi, thomas. republicans are once again resorting to f word filibustering two key presidential nominees and democrats are threatening to go nuclear. we'll discuss the myth of court packing in the gop's judicial blockade. plus a look at the human face of the u.s. drone program. my conversation with a pakistani family torn apart by a deadly strike. dr. sacks joins us in the latest fight against the debate and why the supreme court could decide it. all that when "now" starts after this. why's that? uh, mark?
11:57 am
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