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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 8, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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after compromise but you hear from the president and h men and women. >> no negotiation even though every one of those offers is a compromise from the republicans initial offer having mitt romney be president. the humor, yeah, it's still funny but getting a little less funny. another day of a government shutdown. more talk and less progress and now it's a major concern outside the u.s. maybe not the biggest priority in north korea where they're upset about being left out of chair lift technology. i'll explain in a few minutes. and the dodgers go deep against the braves and they're now deep into the postseason but not the case for pittsburgh and boston, though. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. tuesday, october 8th. if the north korea story isn't enough we have a strip club that
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won't show new york giant games because it's too depressing and on olympic flame goes out. we have both of those for you. we want to start and get right to the latest on the twin raids against al qaeda. u.s. marines on alert after the capture of suspected terrorist abu annas al-libi. it's part of a task force that can respond quickly to security incidents in the region. they were formed after the attack last year on the u.s. conciliate in benghazi. he's the 10th suspect in custody for the 1998 bombings of embassies in kenya and tanzania. they'll question him aboard the uss san antonio about his role in the bombings and other plots. one widow says she is relieved the u.s. is still pursuing the suspects. >> it's soothing to know that our government is still after
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them and methodically and deliberately going after them. >> nbc news learned exclusive details about why u.s. special forces abandoned another raid in somalia. it was focused on the man behind the deadly massacre at the mall in kenya. team six made a landing in darkness and al shabaab was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed them and they found themselves under heavy fire inside. the key target was surrounded by fighters and by children as more reinforcements descended on the house from a nearby village to the s.e.a.l.s opted to with draw. >> as day number 8 of the shutdown begins it's a game of truth or dare. president obama daring john boehner to let the house reopen the government. >> the truth is there's enough
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republican and democratic votes in the house of representatives to end the shutdown immediately with no strings attached. the house should hold that vote today. if republicans and speaker boehner are saying there's not enough votes then they should prove it. >> speaker boehner has said a bill that does not defund or delay the affordable care act would not have a chance of passing the house. but some moderate republican congressmen, they want to end this and they're siding with the president on let a vote happen. meanwhile, the debt limit and the possibility of default grows closer to reality by the day. a vote for a clean debt limit increase, one that raises the borrowing limit without cutting spending on government programs could come in the senate later this week. republican senators said they would back it but the democrats are calling for accompanying
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cuts in deficit spending. speaker boehner renewed his call to the president to sit down and negotiate to avoid disaster. >> ts morning the senior white house official said that the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. really? the president -- i'm going to say this again -- a senior white house staffer this morning said that the president would rather default on our debt than to sit down and negotiate. really, mr. president, it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk. >> it is, of course, nine days and counting as the u.s. debt clock continues to tick down to the october 17th deadline. financial alarms are being sounded all across the world now. the latest warning comes from chinese officials demanding that the u.s. get their fiscal house in order. well, china holds $1.3 trillion in american debt. they are all warned the u.s. rating could be cut if it hits
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the deadline and is unable to pay it's bills. >> we have week two of obama care. a lot of technical glitches. last night the affordable care act's primary website, health taken off line for maintenance and software updates. one of several white house officials working to down play the issue with the website. >> i'm going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made and you are going to try and sign up for obama care and we'll see which happens first. >> okay. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? >> yeah. >> i can't tell you because i don't know. we're taking applications on the web, on the phone, we'll be giving monthly reports but we've had not only lot of web hits, hundreds of thousands of accounts created. >> hundreds of thousands people have signed up.
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of accounts created which means they're going to go shopping. >> can you run it okay? >> we will. >> the va has huge problems. i'm concerned. >> we're not running the insurance programs -- >> you're just running the enrollment. >> that's right. >> if the number was huge, i bet we would know about it. the chief technology officer said the website was built to handle around 50,000 visitors simultaneously but reportedly reached 250,000 during peak traffic. many consider north korea the world's worst human rights abuser but north korea is pointing a finger at another country this morning. the country is accusing switzerland of a serious human right abuse for refusing to sell ski lifts. north korea has been working around the clock to build it's first ever ski resort. the only problem is they don't have the technology to make ski
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lifts and can't obtain them. they offered a swisz company 8 million dollars to make the lifts but they said, not going to do it. this is another one that's true. police released a video after a storekeeper chasing away a robber with a machete. the man at the deli counter whipped the machete out and chased the suspect out of the store and through the parking lot. local officials said police have been receiving tips about the suspect since the video was released but as of yet, no arrests have been made. let's go to business, the government shutdown dragging stocks down again. the dow hits a one month low. all three major indices in regular territory. good morning. >> good morning to you, well, the markets are fretting over the shutdown as you might expect
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but there's something new to put into the equation at the moment. that's earning season. we're waiting on our brands tonight that will come after market close here and the big question is are these companies going to deliver. that's what we're waiting and watching on. the expectations have been driven down. i think we're now expecting something around the 5.5%. back april first it was 10 to 10.2%. so you can see how the analysts have lowered their expectations. it's always a bit of a trick because companies have a low hurdle to step over. >> right. >> but the market will be waiting to see whether we can deliver on the growth side. just to move you on here, it's another story i think is fascinating. fannie mae, freddie mac, the bailout, what problems it did to the u.s., well, the europeans, they have looked at the story and said, you know what, we
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might like some of that. okay. we don't want the bubble like conditions in the real estate market but we do need strategies to try and get support for home buyers. so now the dutch have engaged in setting up institutions like fannie and freddie and here in the u.k. we have a government backed mortgage scheme. help to buy here in the u.k. looks like some of the things that were done with fannie and freddie. >> good luck with that. >> yeah. >> real quick, the $100 bill. there's a new one out ands got a lot of tech features so people can't duplicate it. >> absolutely. apparently if you move this, i mean, i haven't touched one but as i understand it, you have a 3-d imagine of the liberty bell that moves as you move the note. you've also got a number of other tech features on it. i'm just looking at my notes.
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benjamin franklin on there of course. but these 3-d security ribbons meant to make it harder for the counterfeiters. that's what it's all about here. stopping people faking $100 bills. >> a little color makes it look less boring. all right, jeff, have a good day. appreciate the insight. all right to twitter, an inventor creates a watch that says it can predict when you're going to die. how does it work? well, you fill out a medical questionnaire, don't lie about the tobacco use and it calculates a death score entered into the watch and then counts down your remaining time on earth to the second. would you even want to know that? why or why not? #waytoomorbid. the best answers for you later in the show. still ahead, the tampa bay rays hoping the home field will help them stay alive against the red
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sox. jon stewart talks about his time at cinibon and it may help solve the debt crisis. that's coming up. we'll be right back. martha stewart this morning entered the place she'll call home for the next five months. a minimum security prison in west virginia. what a changed life. she was fingerprinted and subjected to a strip search. ♪
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but the jets come right back. set up a time running outfield goal to win the game. how about that? they're 3-2. still huge geno smith fans. dodgers trying to close out the braves in game four. atlanta with a one run lead in the 8th. juan at-bat with a man on second. >> that ball is drilled to left. back toward that wall and gone. and the dodgers lead. >> i mean, look at dodger stadium. >> great moment. >> it is rocking in those alcohol-free left field bleachers. dodgers knock the braves out of the playoffs. now let's go to st. pittsburgh florida. looking to sweep the rays, game tied at 4, in the 9th. >> he's a strike throwing
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machine. in the air, right center field, that's got a chance. >> let's go rays. >> he throws all strikes until that one was low and then it went over the wall. the walk off home run keeps the rays alive. makes me very nervous. forces game four. game five would be thursday night in boston which means i wouldn't be going to work on friday. >> to pittsburgh, pirates looking to close out the cards. matt changes that. two run shot and a no-hitter into the 8th. that would be all the offense they needed. even the series at 2-2. a's and tigers tied in the 5th. the go ahead solo shot to right. a's win this 6-3. they have a 2-1 series lead.
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yes my producers let me do some hockey. >> what? >> yes. only because it's -- >> is that still a sport? >> on the power play tonight, 0 for 1 with no shots. now the kings with a chance of tying up -- and it deflected off of quick into the net. >> he's one of the guest goalies on the planet and could be the starter for the u.s. in the olympics. the team's official twitter account afterward, l.a. kings now trail 3-1. >> no comment. >> russia kicked off the sochi olympic torch relay yesterday. great until something happens. it went out. sorry. >> back up, there's always a back up. >> they had a zippo there to fix it. yea. >> this one is great too. they're yelling take it off at one new york strip club but they're not talking about the
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dancers. they're to longer showing giant games because the team is killing the mood at the club. a club spokesman said the poor play is making fans boo while dancers are on stage. one dancer says everyone is happy until the giants take the field and start losing. the team is now 0-5. >> that's fantastic. that's what i like is a nice cl classy strip club. what type of clientele do they have at this place? let's take a look. >> in 2007, it's a differenter error. >> this isn't a couple of ones slapped down on the table. we're talking stacks of money, $1,000 each. >> the producer must dislike you terribly. >> so you're okay. did you recommend to management you were there. >> honey at home, i love you, let's go to weather. >> nice. all right, today is not like yesterday. the northeast got nailed with the storms. a lot of trees came down.
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now we're watching off the southeast coast rain for the carolinas today but overall a lot better than yesterday. new england is clearing out. the skies are crystal clear this morning. all the rain over the next two days right along the mid-atlantic coast. it will sneak back into d.c. not today but starting tomorrow, two or three gloomy days in a row. if you want beautiful weather, enjoy this, from dallas to chicago to the ohio valley to minneapolis, enjoy the fantastic weather. i have a bunch of singles if you need change for later. >> are you going to make it rain for me, bill? thank you very much. i appreciate it. i don't know what to say. coming up, the bickering surrounding the government shutdown continues to swirl around as the president dares speaker boehner to call a vote. we'll analyze new developments and poll numbers. and coming up how a coffee shop pick upturned into a viral video sensation and the imitators are getting creative. we'll be right back.
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at the top of the show, we talked about the countdown to the october 17th deadline for an agreement on the debt ceiling. if you want to sound smart tell your friends the united states has $17.6 trillion worth of debt. of that, 10 billion is owed to foreign governments. all right, let's put the news
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aside for a minute. let's welcome in lewis. >> thanks very much. let's start with the late nights. john stewart is watching the government shutdown and debt ceiling talks very closely these days. let's say he's not impressed with the rhetoric. >> now it seems that in order to stop obama care the republicans are threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling which would technically put the united states in default. technically. it's not really, right guys? >> we bring in 200 $50 billion in taxes every month. our interest payment is $20 billion. tell me why we would ever default. >> there's no such thing as a debt ceiling in this country because it's never been not increased. >> some bills have to be paid or some bills we can only pay partially but that doesn't mean we have to pay every bill the day it comes in. >> what a great strategy. that was my strategy, in college. when i smoked a lot of pot and
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worked at a cinnabon. >> stewart looked a little bit different back then. now, networks continue to find new and innovative ways to promote their programming and jimmy kimmel caught one in particular. >> sometimes, you're watching a show or sporting event and you see a little person pops up at the bottom of the screen promoting another show. well, watch this. >> we need to discuss the deal you made with charming. >> have to be a bit more specific, deary. >> he came to you searching for something powerful enough to vanquish the queen. >> that is a very rascally rabbit. that might be sexual assault. >> i'm not sure we can show that this early in the morning. >> now to boy meets girl. boy asks girl for number, girl receives this creepy video. [ music playing ]
5:55 am
>> this guy thinks he's dreamy. in this day and age something like that is bound to go viral. here are the imitators. [ music playing ] everyone said say something. no, i'm going to let loose and hang on as long as he can. he couldn't keep it together the whole time. >> good day lewis. thank you very much. still ahead on "way too early." a new watch says it can predict the time and date of your death.
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so earlier in the show we talked about the watch that claims it can predict the time and date that you die. well, we want to know, would you want to know and why? natalie has pretty good answers. >> well, we have a lot of nos and yeses. brian said no way. embrace the randomness. >> brian kelly from fast money. >> christopher says not sure i'd want the watch but i know what i'm get anything boss for christmas. >> i like that. >> and we have another one that says yes so i know when to delete my browser history. >> was that lewis that did that one. >> no. >> an then michael said if i accidentally connect with a bus, does the watch countdown 3, 2, 1, not interested. >> the things that you want to do that you don't because you think they're bad for you, you put them in the wat and if you get to like 70, why not start doing it. that's not a


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