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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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part. good samaritan. great to have you on "the ed show." congratulations for having compassion and a heart and willing to step forward and show leadership. all the best to you. thank you so much. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. rev, good evening. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, let's have a vote. house speak for john boehner is the one man in washington who could stop the government shutdown today. right now, immediately. but he claims the votes aren't there. >> i take it you're not prepared to schedule a vote right now. >> there are not the votes in the house to pass a clean cr. >> yeah. are you sure that's true? 195 democrats have called for a clean vote on a continuing resolution to fund the government. and nbc news reports 22
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republicans would sign on. that would be enough to pass it. but you don't have to take my word for it. just ask republican congressman peter king. he says, quote, i'm positive that a clean bill would pass. if it went on the floor tomorrow, i could see anywhere from 50 to 75 republicans voting for it. and if it were a secret ballot, 150. the votes are there. but john boehner's afraid to stand up to the tea party. and president obama called him out on it today. >> the truth of the matter is there are enough republican and democratic votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shutdown immediately. just vote. let every member of congress vote their conscience. and decide whether or not they want to shut the government down. my strong suspicion is there are enough votes there. and the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on
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it is because he doesn't want to see the government shutdown ends. call a vote right now. and let's see what happens. >> boehner won't hold a vote because he doesn't want the shut down to end. we've told you how this crisis is closing head start programs and taking food aid away from poor mothers and children. but it's also hurting the small business owners. that the republicans invoke so awful. >> a fishing tournament with hundreds of law enforcement officers from san antonio scheduled for this weekend canceled. >> this is really bad. what would have happened this week would have been about a month's worth of salary for this hotel. >> for tour companies who hike people into the canyon, this is devastating. >> all those tours coming in completely canceled. >> the shutdown is hitting local businesses hard like the
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national park market. they rely on out of town visitors. >> if they can't get into the park, then they're just -- i think they'll just pass on by. >> the longer this shutdown goes, the more it hurts real people across the country. so how much longer is john boehner going to pretend he can't stop it? joining me now is congressman jan schakowsky, democrat of illinois. and jay david cox. president of the american federation of government employees. he represents hundreds of thousands who are worried they won't get their next paycheck. thank you both for being here tonight. >> thank you, reverend al. >> thank you very much. >> congresswoman, couldn't speaker boehner end the shutdown today if he just stood up to the tea party? >> he is the one man, as you said, who could simply call a vote. it would pass, it wound end. if he is afraid to call it because he thinks he's going to
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lose his speakership, he's going to lose his speakership if he continues it for sure. we just had a poll in 24 republican districts and found if they shut down the government, to of those are losing to democrats. we only need 17 seats to take back the house. he is jeopardizing not only his speakership, but certainly jeopardizing it in two ways. >> well, we're going to talk a lot about that ahead, but let me ask you, a new poll says that people are clear who to blame nor the shutdown. 70% of americans disapproves of republicans in congress. that's up 7% in just one week. republicans have tried all kinds of piecemeal bills to fund the government and avoid blame for the shutdown. but congresswoman, do these numbers show that is not working
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the way they're trying to shift the blame in this discussion? >> the funny thing is they're discovering the government really does do important things. the first thing was oh, you mean when we shut down the government that the monuments like the world war ii monument aren't going to be open? and one by one, they're figuring it out. that government is doing things that are not only important to the employees that president cox represents, but to the american people who just want to go about their daily lives with the functions of government in place. >> now, let me go to you, jay david cox. the president today spoke at fema headquarters after furloughed workers were called back to work. to prepare for the storms this weekend. here's what he said. >> here you are a fema professional dedicated to doing your job. you're willing to show up here
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in case people got in trouble and respond to them even though you're not getting paid, even though you don't have certainty. and now you're being put back on furlough because the government is shut down. that's no way of doing business. >> jay david, you represent hundreds of thousands of these workers. who are either working without pay or aren't allowed to go to work. are many of these people living from paycheck to paycheck? give me a sense of what a lot of these workers are going through. because i had one congressman that came on the show saying this would be like a paid vacation, they'll get their money later. they can just kind of take a paid vacation now. >> reverend al, these folks most of them make an average of $500 a week take home. they are living paycheck to paycheck. and federal employees want to go to work. they want to go to work, process social security claims, process
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veterans claims, inspect the food, make this country safe, protect us from criminals. we want to go to work, and these people are going to feel pain. those that are furloughed and those that are being required to go to work but will not be paid on payday. >> so when you hear people talking about the 800,000 people, many you represent, people ought to know these are not people making six figures. these are people working every day and struggling to make ends meet. >> they are truly struggling every day. these are the screeners at the airport, the tsa employees, correctional officers in the bureau of prisons, border patrol agents. many of them are clerical individuals doing many, many important things. they are the housekeepers at the national institute of health.
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they're the nursing assistants at bethesda hospital. they take great pride in what they do for the american people. and we want to go to work. >> and congresswoman, john boehner can have them go to work. can get them back to work if he just called a vote. even if he wants to vote against it. call the vote, he won't do it. and then you hear nonsense like over the weekend we had a republican congressman on this show, this station talking with craig melvin of msnbc about why he's fighting the health care law. listen to this, congresswoman. >> let me people choose for a year. if it's as great as -- no, the people didn't choose. it passed by one vote when the democrats had had the majority in the house. >> the house represents the people at last check. the house voted for it, the president signed it, the supreme
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court -- >> i didn't vote for it. >> the supreme court signed off on it. >> it was questionable. >> the supreme court signs off on it. the president wins an election that was largely seen as an referendum only obama care. at what point do you stop this silly game? >> i mean, the denial, the nonsense they're running, congresswoman. close vote of the supreme court 5-4, one vote -- i mean, they lost. and they seem to not be able to deal with this. >> you know, they don't even know what the demand is anymore. is it really to repeal? delay it for a year? what do they want? they talk about concessions. they talk about compromise. at this point, i don't think they know exactly why they want to shut down the government. why they are threatening to not pay the debts of the united states of america. i mean, it is just chaos over there. and for no reason. but the pain that they're causing for so many people, i talked to one of your workers president cox who said my
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husband and i are both furloughed. when our mortgage payment comes due, we are not going to be able to pay it. the cash flow means they're going to be late on many of their bills. this is going to hurt their credit rating. it's a mess. and john boehner in 15 minutes, this could be done tonight. >> tonight, 15 minutes. and jay david, your members risk not being able to pay their bills, credit rating effected. hard working people. of all parties, you represent republican and democratic members. >> yes, sir. we do represent everyone. we've got democrats, republicans, independents. these people want to service the american people. they want to go to work. that's the message i hear from them every day. and we beg the speaker, we beg him with all of our heart, put forth a clean cr and allow the
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vote up or down for the american people so that we can go to work and service them. >> let them go to work, peek speaker boehner. just let the workers go back and serve the american people. congresswoman jan schakowsky, j. david cox, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, reverend al. ahead, the secret right wing plot to destroy obama care revealed. we go inside the billionaire boys club to expose their talking points and their plan. plus the right's dazed and confused about the government shutdown. it's gotten so bad that they're even falling for a fake story. linking the president to a muslim museum. and congratulations, speaker boehner, here's how the butt of "saturday night live" mockery.
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have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. the government shutdown is still dominating the conversation, and people are encouraging president obama to stand up to republicans. linda says republicans aren't doing their jobs. stand strong, president obama, and don't cave in. jeffrey says they are not doing their jobs. the house republicans have never done their jobs. and they never will. this is what happens every time the republicans take the house. coming up, the poll that shows
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may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. toyota. let's go places, safely. the gop's bizarre, incoherent defense of a government shutdown has made them a national punchline. this weekend, "saturday night live" spoofed the shutdown with a skit featuring miley cyrus as
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michele bachmann and jewelry sporting john boehner. ♪ this is our house ♪ this is our rules ♪ and we did stop the government ♪ and we did >> shut that down. >> hilarious. but the truth hurts. the republican party has become a joke. because of their failure to govern. but some of the right aren't laughing. republicans are now in danger of losing the house in 2014. in a new poll, 17 incumbent republicans trail a generic democrat in their districts. those 17 seats could be enough to swing the house to the democrats. ending john boehner's tenure as speaker. and if that happens, i don't think we'll see a lot of laughing over in the gop.
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joining me now is cynthia tucker. thanks for being here tonight. >> good to be here, reverend. >> cynthia, is this poll a wakeup call for the gop? can't they see they're heading for disaster in the elections. >> there have been many wakeup calls along the way, and they don't seem to have awakened yet. they were warned for months that a government shutdown would not work out well for them. there are veterans, veteran republicans who remember how badly the shutdown went for republicans in the '90s. when they tried to force bill clinton to do things their way. it worked out very poorly for them. so they were warned. the same thing is happening this time around. it's effecting not only republicans in the m swing districts, it's also effecting the virginia governors race.
6:19 pm
ken cuccinelli is now very afraid that his chances are even worse than they were because virginians are sick of this republican shutdown. and so, yes, it's damaging the republican brand. it is damaging their chances for holding onto the house. but reverend, the simple truth is that the house republican caucus has locked itself into a very small room and handed the key to the tea party. and they don't know how to get out. >> well, let me say -- you mentioned ken cuccinelli in virginia. let me show you that cuccinelli wants nothing to do with senator cruz, for example, who has become one of the symbols of the shutdown. quote, republican ken cuccinelli avoided being photographed with ted cruz as a gala they headlined here saturday night. even leaving before the texas senator rose to speak.
6:20 pm
cruz even praised cuccinelli in his speech saying, quote, ken is smart. he's principled and he's fearless. but i think we found something that he is afraid of. that's he's afraid of being associated with senator cruz. >> exactly. i mean, ted cruz is the republican that many other republicans are running away from. he is the face of this disastrous shutdown. they are bickering, hopely pointing fingers at him for leading them in this mess. they shouldn't have had sense to follow him, they did. yes, it is telling. ken cuccinelli is a very conservative republican. but he knows that virginians who depend on federal funding for jobs in virginia hate this shutdown. >> many of them are
6:21 pm
republicans -- conservative republicans that are being directly impacted and furloughed by this shutdown. when you look at this, cynthia. 1995, the showdown was a disaster. but back in '95, 56% said the shutdown was a crisis and had major problems. now it's 67%. and the results from the '95 shutdown was clinton won re-election in '96. democrats gained seats in the house in both '96 and '98. finally newt gingrich resigned as speaker after the republican losses. it was not that long ago. boehner and some of them were there, yet they seem to not get this could be worse for them. >> they are paralyzed. again, they want -- john boehner
6:22 pm
would love obama to come and rescue him from his own mess. he can't figure out how to get out of the mess. he allowed the tea party to lead them into it. he thinks he can only save his speakership by following after this pea party crowd, but as you just pointed out, if the republicans lose the house, he won't be speaker anymore. >> cynthia tucker, thanks for your time this evening. >> good to be here, rev. ahead, shutdown confusion. who is to blame for this mess? over at fox, they're doing anything to pin it on the president. even using fake news. you'll want to see this. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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coming up, how right wing billionaires secretly planned this obama care shutdown months ago.
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the right just doesn't know what to make of this government shutdown. one day it's a good thing. it's really just a slimdown. the next, it's very bad, blame the president. and sometimes, they're just confused, very confused. just listen to what the folks over at fox said this weekend about the shutdown and the closure of the world war ii memorial. >> the government is acting as your enemy. has this happened before? >> the republican national committee is offering to pay for it to keep it open so that the veterans from honor flight are going to be able to go and see this because who did it honor? it honored them.
6:30 pm
it doesn't seem fair. we'll talk later in the show, too, about some things that are continuing to be funded. and president obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of muslim culture, out of his own pocket. yet it's the republican national committee who's paying for this. >> of course. so they expose our kenyan muslim president is paying to keep the museum of muslim culture open. but why does that sound like a fake headline? well, because it is a fake headline. it turns out that fox news hosts fell for a satirical article. the hosts later tweeted an apology, but how about all those other times they tried to paint the president as the other? >> and he went to a muslim school and he did talk about all this, and he studied the koran and prayers at sunset were some of those beautiful things he saw in life. so he spent a lot of his life in
6:31 pm
indonesia. >> and? >> show the birth certificate. >> the obama administration through all the appeasement and apologizing answers to the koran first and to the constitution second. >> why is it he's more sense ty to radical islamists killing americans than the catholic church? >> here's president obama's schedule for today. 14 million people are out of work, but here's the schedule. it's blank all the way until ramadan dinner tonight. >> he doesn't have a birth certificate. he may have one, but there's something on that maybe religion or says hooez a muslim. i don't know. >> yeah. sure. no one at fox would ever call the president a muslim. joining me now, joan walsh's editor at large and eric bolart from -- he's a senior fellow at media matters for america. thank you both for coming on the show tonight.
6:32 pm
>> thanks, rev. >> joan, let me start with you. doesn't this latest flub say something about the right's constant effort to paint the president as the other? >> well, yes, it does. it says a lot about it, rev. it also -- you just have to wonder, that poor woman, what kind of a mind-set does it take to believe something like that? and what happens that her two co-hosts don't say immediately and tucker carlson who was her guest don't say immediately that isn't true or that can't be true. how do you not check that delectable little fact before you go on the air? it's because you spent all these years creating this idea that he is a kenyan muslim. he's got the kenyan anticolonial mind-set as newt gingrich said. >> and eric, i think there can be flubs on the air. but i think it is that it's so constant, so more of the same that it only shows us a narrative that has been built uup
6:33 pm
so unfairly against the president. >> and specifically in terms of the obama care and shutdown, it's been a monumental effort. go back to the largest tax increase. this is just another in a long line, it just happens to be one of the more comical lies that they've told. and joan is right. how do you tap into that culture where you don't understand satire from reality? because it's the culture within the fox newsroom. and it's not just hannity. it's not just the quote opinion talkers. it's the news anchors. this culture of how do you make obama look like a monster today. that's not exaggeration. >> and the opinion talkers -- i'm an opinion talker. but when you look at something that sounds a little ridiculous, you kind of say this doesn't sound right unless you're so used to this kind of stuff that it doesn't appear to you unusual. >> right. you take responsibility for getting your facts right. i do too. when we get them wrong, we correct them. and the amazing thing is she did
6:34 pm
tweet an apology, and that's great of her -- >> she did. and ap is reporting they're going to do an on-air correction until saturday. >> they can't correct it on another news show? they're going to let this sit until next saturday? it's what makes them a laughing stock. but i have to say, the only reason that this is tolerated and goes on again and again is because mainstream republicans tolerate it. it goes back to john boehner saying when he took over as house speaker, it's not my job to tell people what to think about his caucus members who were birthers. this is what they've tolerated and to go to what eric said, this is how we got there. >> and tolerating empowers them. the folks over at fox can't even accept positive news about the president or anything that he's done. i mean, take a listen. >> give me one damn program he said he'd cut. one. >> entitled.
6:35 pm
>> not entitlements. one program. >> why do you want to yell? >> because you are lying. >> i'm not lying. >> you are lying. >> getting special perks and breaks for yourself. cut the crap and stop lying to the audience. >> you stop the crap. you don't know what you're talking about. >> what the problem is now is that you have a law that's been passed, and legitimately passed and upheld by the supreme court that's falling apart. >> sure. >> it's falling apart. >> that's not clear. >> it's clear to me. if you hang around, i'll prove it to you. >> i mean, it's just all overkill. and facts, don't get near them. let's just boom, boom, boom keep trying to castigate and denigrate this president. >> right. and they're very confused. media matters pointed out, sean hannity has been cheerleading for this shutdown for weeks. laura ingraham said it would be a dream for conservatives. two weeks in they're saying why
6:36 pm
hasn't obama stopped it? the gop messaging is completely befuddled. which means fox news messaging is befuddled because they're the same thing. that leads to a certain amount. they're kind of boxed in and desperately don't have a way out of this. >> and joan, you know, on the other hand they may be confused on how they are sending mixed messages on the president. but they're real clear on when it comes to the right wing stuff. for example, they sugar coat things. like last week fox news posted articles from associated press on the website. replacing the word -- actually, we placing the word "shutdown" with "slimdown." i mean, here are the ones that wanted the shutdown, and to soften it they change words from shutdown to slimdown over at fox. >> no, it's a propaganda arm of the republican party.
6:37 pm
it's not a news station. i don't watch it. i can't watch it. so to seize these things and know they're still doing it, i had bill o'reilly tell me stop talking, miss walsh. that's what they do when you're bringing them facts. this slip, so to speak, is going to go down in history. >> and i think, again, we do opinion on this show. but it's clearly our opinion on issues. and i'll disagree with democrats or republicans because they're issues. because there are democrats that are on further to situations than i might agree. we'll debate it out. and republicans as well. but when you get people that are totally in denial and totally dealing with facts that have no association at all with the truth, i think that that's where you got to scratch your head and say wait a minute, are you a little off or do you think i'm stupid? >> it's the bubble. it's mitt romney's going to win
6:38 pm
in a landslide. and it continues. >> not only going to win, i've got my numbers from ohio. you don't know what you're talking about. >> it's part of that propaganda effort. it's having your own set of facts. this has been the problem really since fox news started broadcasting. it gets increasingly disturbing and sort of untethered from reality year after year. they have their own set of facts. how do you have a debate? you don't. they live in their bubble and push out this prop gan i did about a slimdown, not a shutdown. >> happy anniversary to fox. thank you guys for your time tonight. >> thank you. still ahead, the right wing's secret plot to take down obama care revealed. it started days after the president's second inauguration. we'll tell you who's behind it. plus, antonin scalia talk
6:39 pm
about the sopranos, duck dynasty, seinfeld and his horrible record on rights. stay with us. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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think this government shutdown came out of nowhere? think again. "the new york times" reveals this crisis was months in the planning.
6:43 pm
the result of a sick conservative scheme. hatched up behind closed doors by right wing millionaires and their operatives. it happened just weeks after president obama's second inauguration while he was gearing up for his second term. a group of far right activists were platting against obama care "the times" reports. a coalition of conservatives gathered to plot their strategy. one group fueling this, the tea party billionaires, the koch brothers who dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into tea party causes. to this day, those who attended the february meeting insist their location be kept secret. the first thing that came from the session was this. a document called blueprint to defunding obama care. this blueprint has now been signed by dozens of right wing
6:44 pm
groups and then early last month a tea party group gave gop lawmakers another document. a tool kit for defunding obama care. this tool kit gave republicans talking points and it advised them on selling them the shutdown plan. telling them to say things like quote, we are simply calling to fund the entire government except for the affordable care act/obama care. and remarkably, the republican lawmakers followed the script. >> the republicans have compromised and have voted to fund the entire government except for only one bill, obama care. >> we absolutely want to fund the entire government and we want to not fund that one element of obama care. >> we have to fund the government at the appropriate levels by only delaying obama care. we're not asking for a shutdown.
6:45 pm
>> keep government funded while defunding obama care. >> this is the gop leadership at work. taking a cue from behind closed doors. amazing. joining me now is patricia murphy and angela arrive. thank you both for being here. angela, what a report this si. blew my mind when i read it. the lawmakers are following the billionaires. what does this tell you about where this party is? >> it tells us one thing we already knew. just like in court, you get the best defense you can pay for. you have the same situation here where they are paying for an advocacy strategy that absolute hurts the american people. and honestly, it's really not that good. it's a wash. money has already been spent on obama care. obama care has already been spending. so they're wasting time.
6:46 pm
they've talked about the fact that the defunding obama care strategies don't work because so much of the act has already been funded and put into place. >> patricia murphy, "the new york times" reports that this shutdown didn't happen by accident. quote, it was the outgrowth of a long-running effort to undo the law, waged by a galaxy of conservative groups with more money, organized tactics, and interconnections than is commonly known. now, i mentioned they wrote a blueprint to defund obama care, and they gave gop lawmakers talking points like quote, our nation simply cannot afford obama care. it's driving up health insurance costs. bureaucrats and other unelected officials will have power over regulations. and it creates exemptions for big business and big labor. i mean, this was a laid out plan. >> this was absolutely a laid out plan.
6:47 pm
if you go back to senator ted cruz's first speech in late march, it was about obama care and about defunding obama care. he was somebody who was absolutely the darling, really a favorite candidate of this entire group of people who were meeting heritage action, the koch brothers, this very interconnected washington increase zers group that he was one of their very chosen candidates among a group of candidates that they were trying to bring up from outside the senate to bring inside the senate and start to move this process forward. and i think it's very important to note that there are really two things going on here. there are the grassroots energy and activism and anger. and then there is a group of d.c. insiders who are trying to profit, i believe, off of that anger. and these are people who have been around d.c. a long time. ed niese was the attorney general for ronald reagan. a number of people running these groups -- this is not outside
6:48 pm
the beltway effort. using energy from outside the beltway, highly coordinated, very expensive, highly targeted. it's not about obama care. it's about power and influence. that is what we're seeing play out right now. >> angela, they're following it out. because if you listen to speaker boehner's single interview this weekend, he stuck to those talking points. listen to this. >> it's a law the american people do not want and cannot afford. obama care is a law that's going to raise the cost of health insurance premiums. obama care, all these regulations coming out of the administration are threatening the future for our kids and our grand kids. they give big businesses.
6:49 pm
>> this is why we can't get a clean vote here. he is actually following a strategy run by these billionaires and these washington insiders like niese who have laid this out. >> and here's the thing, rev. the most ironic portion, i think, of their talking points is the one where they call this particular bill, this act obama care a train wreck. everything that the koch brothers touches is a train wreck. you know from your work, your advocacy work with alec, the koch brothers are right there. whether it's the stand your ground laws, the voter i.d. laws, all of these things are train wrecks. the train wreck is not obama care. the train wreck is actually everything the koch brothers touch with their money. dollars cannot make this make common sense. >> patricia, talking about the koch brothers, we learn more and more about the infamous billionaire koch brothers. they pledge to personally spend
6:50 pm
$60 million to defeat the president in 2012. they're behind a group that distributed $236 million to conservative groups last year. one result of their efforts is the so-called creepy uncle sam ad. watch this. >> i see you chose to sign up for obama care. >> yeah. it's my first time here. >> well, here we are then. change into a gown and the doctor will see you soon. >> so these are the people involved in this secret meeting in a location we still can't disclose that planned all of this including a shutdown all in the name of we have to defund obama care, according to "the new york times." >> yeah, that ad was from a group called generation opportunity. it's run by a 29-year-old former republican capitol hill aide. and again, this really just goes to demonstrate this was a
6:51 pm
coordinated effort, very well financed, very highly directed. this is no accident. this has been coming for a long time. and again, this is not about obama care. this is about a group of conservatives who want power and they want to take it away not only from democrats but from other sitting republicans. so a lot of the money they are raising is not being spent against democrats. it's being spent against fellow republicans trying now to push a much more conservative agenda on the republican party and use that again to win back the senate, win back the white house. the energy that we saw in 2009/2010 against obama care, that was polling so well for the right that they news they needed to go back and sort of whip it back up again. so that was the only thing that really gave them a whole bunch of energy when president obama came into office. they knew that that was the way to fuel their move to power. and so, again, it's no coincidence. >> that was tempting, but it doesn't seem it's going to work. and the thing that really,
6:52 pm
really, really bothers me is you have all these billionaires, all these well financed plans and little people, federal employees are suffering and people that need those head start programs and those food aid programs, they are the ones that have to suffer while these billionaires play their little political chess games. patricia murphy and angela rye, thank you both for your time. straight ahead, justice scalia's talking seinfeld. but that's where the laugh ends. his civil rights views next. i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future.
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it's the first monday in october, and that means a new supreme court session is here. to mark the occasion, justice antonin scalia an skber view. it was like we'd never heard before. he talked about watching the reality show "duck dynasty" saying he's a hunter and uses duck calls. who knew. it also revealed that he watched "the sopranos." and even saw a couple of episodes of "mad men." feel free to insert your own joke here. but his favorite was "seinfeld."
6:55 pm
saying quote, i loved "sign feld." in fact, i got some cds of seinfeld. seinfeld was hilarious. oh, boy. the nazi soup kitchen. no soup for you. >> i think you forgot my bread. >> bread $2 extra. >> the one in front of me got free bread. >> you want bread? >> yes, please. >> $3. >> what? >> no soup for you. >> who can forget that guy? but that's where the fun ends. because unlike the show, this interview wasn't about nothing. it was about something. something very serious. his view on homosexuality. he said he had friends suspected to be homosexual, but none had come out to him. he said quote, i'm not a hater of homosexuals at all. but let's look at his record on the bench. he's compared homosexuals to
6:56 pm
murder, polygamy, cruelty to animals, incest, adultery, child pornography, prostitution, heroin use, and bestiality. you sure, justice? that's a consistent antagonism of gay people. did justice scalia really think we'd ignore his lifetime of ugly civil rights call? nice try, but no soup for you because we got you. always be g. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. toyota. let's go places, safely.
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but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. [ mthat if you wear a partial,w you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. finally tonight, we are in serious need of gop leadership. and as i talked about tonight, speaker boehner could end this shutdown right now with a vote. in my new book "the rejected stone," i write about leading with direction and knowing your final destination. >> if you want to lead, you must decide where you're going.
6:59 pm
in that chapter i talked about how to decide earlier and firmly what it is you are trying to do, where are you trying to be a leader. where is your direction. you can't arrive without a destination. and most people go through the ride in life throughout a destination. and then upset they never got anywhere. >> you know, i'm really excited about the book, and it comes out tomorrow. if you'd like to read an excerpt, please go to our facebook page. and find details about my book signing in new york city tomorrow. i'll be at barnes mnt noble on fifth avenue at noon tomorrow. i hope to see all of you there. and tomorrow night, the one and only connie chung will interview me live on the show about my book. the book is not about . it's about


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