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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 20, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. good morning. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. what is going on with san diego's mayor? this morning attorneys could start another round of dlickets. 16 women have come forward to accuse filner of sexual harassment. he doesn't show up yesterday after a week of personal leave and two weeks in therapy. protesters stepped to the city hall and many taking to the microphone to defend him vigorously. >> i will say today we will stand behind him. he asked him not to resign. >> what we have is a lynch mob that has said just the opposite.
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they have said you are guilty and now you need to provide proof that you are innocent. >> he has a vision for the city which no previous mayor has ever had. >> the recall effort to oust filner from office has thousands of volunteers. top democrats from across california have called for him to resign. >> bottom line is we have a mayor in hiding. we are here because we have to get a real mayor. >> it's best for our city if bob fill ner were to move on and we could bring in someone who could run the city effectively. >> 7:00 a.m. in san diego. joe fryer, what are you seeing? >> we can tell you attorney gloria allred was a part of yesterday's mediation talks says she does not plan to return for me mediation today. she was just speaking for
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herself and her client. she could not speak for the other parties involved. it is blooe that the mayor was there. his car was seen leaving the building where the mediation was taking place last night. it's also reported that some other city leaders are inside that meeting which makes some sense because they all have a stake in this. gloria allred emerged around 5:30 last night west coast time with one of her clients, one of filner's accusers and she stepped up to the mike but she couldn't say much. she just confirmed that mediation was ongoing led by a retired judge. she couldn't elaborate on how it was going, what was being said or whether any progress was being made. that is the big question, did they make any progress? did they come to an agreement? at this point, one heads-up as to whether they reach any sort of agreement might be through the city council and it's possible the city council would have to have some closed door session to vote upon any sort of agreement that takes place. if we get any notice that the
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city council might be meeting behind closed door that could be an indication but at this point, it's tough to say where this is heading today. >> joe fryer reporting for us, appreciate it. rachel lang is a communications director for the recall bob filner effort. thanks for joining us today. right now, how many people are working on this effort and how many signatures do you have that 100,000 being the number? >> yeah. we have over 1,100 people signed up and -- to volunteer and circulating petitions all over the city. right now, all we know from what has been returned is we have well over 4,000 signatures, but we don't know because we have so many -- so many it's truly a grassroots effort so we have a lot of people out there circulating petitions and they are not back to us yet. >> if you only have 4,000 signatures i think what is needed is 2,600 per date to reach that date and you have to get there by september 26th. are you going to make it? >> absolutely. we are going to make it. we have 1,590 people willing and
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ready to sign this petition and know that based on the enthusiasm we saw on the first day. the challenge is getting the petition in front of them and getting the petitions back to headquarters. >> you heard what joe is telling us. the intimation here that filner supporters yesterday saying what happened happened to innocent until proven guilty? mayor filner has not been charged so far with a crime. what are you saying to them? due process? >> this is due process. a recall election is the ultimate. we put him into office based on what we believed about him and now we are looking to remove him from office based on what we believe about him, we, the public. >> do you think what has gone on has hurt the city of san diego? >> i know for a fact it has. department directors with one foot out the door. the city is basically paralyzed. our reputation is not good to have us on national television about our groper mayor. so it's not good for our city. he can't lead any more.
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he can't possibly ever reclaim the ability to lead our city. >> rachel, some supporters that were out yesterday had said, hey, i've worked with the mayor and that did not happen to me. i was not groped. i was not approached. what do you say to them? >> i'm happy for them. i'm glad he has left a few women unspared, but, you know, with we know pretty well that he's done this. he basically admitted that he did. and i personally know several of the victims, including some who haven't come forward, and this is a pattern. it's a predatory pattern and it's pretty clear he is doing the same thing to every woman just about, asking if they are married, then coming on to them and asking for a date and getting increasingly aggressive. >> is recall the only thing for you? is there something in return? >> if he resigns, everybody would be happy for that. this is somebody who hasn't shown any shame or remorse what he has done. he is showing he is bummed out
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that he got caught and wants to get out of it. recall is probably the only option. if he resigns, that is fine bus. >> rachel lang, thank you for your time. we have reached out to mayor millner for a comment and have not heard back as of yet. two big developments to tell you about this morning from egypt. it looks like hosni mubarak will he released as lawyers says it's 99% sure it's going to happen. the spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood has been arrested and a sign that the interim government wants to help old friends and settle scores against old enemies. the big question remains what will the ruiz he united states did? the daily beast read this. i want to bring in "the new york times" political reporter nick and senior washington correspondent anna palmer. nick, start with you. nbc's kasie hunt confirming that the white house is saying at the
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moment they have no definitive decision about aid to egypt. what do you know about this? which is it? >> you have this wrinkle, right? which is the next aid is not actually due for a few more weeks. so they can be holding it without any practical impact. it seems to me like a behind the scenes signal there to the regime to back off and allow some frerm. the truth is this whole package a military aid has not been used feven effectively. >> a new poll showing 51% of the people think we should cut off aid to egypt and 50% saying obama has not been tough enough to egyptian military. does that influence in the white house when it comes to a decision like this? >> i think this is something that is happening behind the scenes. they have been negotiating it with other countries for weeks. there's a real division in
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congress. you have some republican hawks saying that it aid needs to be cut off but a real division some republicans and democrats don't think that is the right course of action. frankly when you see other countries that are allies like saudi arabia coming forward and republican republicly for them. it's disconcerting of what you could do to force the changes you're looking for. >> when you look at that poll that we just showed, is the president ahead or behind this then? >> i don't think they will decide foreign aid and support the egyptian regime based on polling. presidential politics in the sense of a race. this is really them trying to, you know, kind of have some consistency in terms of their policies. >> you were saying what the aid was earmarked for and how it
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will be perceived as the president is or is not at the moment cutting that back. even if the u.s. cuts this back, this 1.5 billion, it's small compared to their gdp. other countries saying we will fill in the gap. even symbolically how will it affect the united states? >> it's important to remember what the aid will get us. priority access to the suez canal and right to have our war planes fly over their air space. it was never intended as a tool for democratic reform. we actually lose something, lose some flungs if we suspend it. and perhaps we should but we should also consider what is going to be lost if we don't give that to them, what the consequences will be for influence. there are certain times and places where our only stick is a carrot and the only influence is the money we give to countries. >> what else might it be other than the aid the united states could go if it's not this money
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is what you're saying? >> you it seems like this is be our control for the time being. >> here is chuck hagel talking about egypt yesterday, anna. take a listen to this. >> our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. and they are a large great sovereign nation and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> when you listen to him, is that our position to stay out of this essentially here? >> i don't know that they are staying out of it but i certainly think they are trading very carefully. my colleague has a story today talking about last week, where the pentagon there is this tough talk that coming from the obama administration but they inked a deal for $14 million to refab some military planes.
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so they are trying to be serious and take a tough stance but, at the same time, you don't get the sense that the military is really looking to cut out every single thing to hurt, you know, the egyptian, you know, country. >> anna and nick, thank you so much. >> any time. to pakistan. musharraf was indicted for the sensation of butoe. he pleaded not guilty don't. the prime minister was killed in 2007 after a political rally. this is the first time musharraf or any former army chief in pakistan has been charged with a crime. rcials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did.
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able to enroll in the controversial obama care coverage. president obama is hitting the
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road thursday, traveling through new york and pennsylvania. he is expected to talk about ways to help the middle class and promote the plan. today, senator ted cruz and the heritage foundation is taking their fight on the road to garner support to defund obama care. i'm joined by democratic new york congressman charlie rangel was the original sponsor of the act in september of 2009. congressman, four years ago now, right? that is what we are talking about. why is this bus tour necessary for the president? >> because the whole question that's left open is education. this is not unusual for a major piece of legislation such as this that affects millions and millions of people. it's the very same thing that president roosevelt had when he was talking about social security and talking about medicare. he has to have team dial in and
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find out what it is about and we will be okay as a nation. >> republicans are asking if education or rejection? >> it's rejection that the republicans are talking about. the people who don't have health insurance it's like into the insurance companies that have invoices all over in washington. it seems to me if republicans didn't like obama care as they call it, what they would do is say here is an alternative to it. if you don't -- we don't like what the president is talking about, but if you have something where a parent can take their kids to get insurance and the insurance company cannot say your child is too sick to be insured, if you have kids under 26 and you don't want to bump them out there because they don't have a job, or if you just want to go to the doctor just to see like most people can do for a checkup to get well, and prescription drugs. how many people go to the doctor, the doctor tells them
10:17 am
what they need but they can't afford it? so this is an overall comprehensive program and come october 1st, nobody is going to repel it, richard. it's the law. and if it ever passed the senate, and it won't, then the president would veto it and so what are they doing? they are focusing on an anti-obama issue that has nothing to do with health care. >> health and human -- human and -- health and human services secretary, if i can say that properly, kathleen sebelius was in houston yesterday and trying to educate the youth on obama care. a part of that, we talk about the youth and obama care, some are saying that it would be more advantageous for the youth not to sign up because of the higher cost compared to the penalty itself. >> some are saying what people don't like talking about is that when i was your age or younger,
10:18 am
health care and pensions were the last thing on my mind, especially if i had to pay for it. young people universally in this country and all over the world just -- they think their parents and grandparents get sick so they are not encouraged to sign up now. by having them to sign up it reduces dramatically the cost for everybody, no matter what stage you're in. the insurance companies for the first time in the history of the united states will be controlled by the law. >> how do you reach the youth to get that message to them? >> by you allowing people like me and other people to tell them, listen. if you don't believe the policy issues, if you don't believe the president, go to and see what is there for you to took advantage of. it's all a matter of one person telling another person. come october 1st when people see the benefits, it's just like
10:19 am
social security. i never appreciated it until i got the first check. >> let's talk about somebody you know well, ted cruz. he started his defund obama care campaign. in the past, he said he doesn't want americans to become addicted to government funded health care. how do you react to this campaign that he is undertaking? >> well, he's not a newcomer to the republican philosophy that social security is a medicare program and government shouldn't be paying for health care. this is an old republican thing. so when you bring up universal care and you find a guy like cruz, no new ideas at all, he knows clearly what he is against. he's a new member of the senate. he has no agenda. no experience. but one thing he knows, he knows how to agitate hate for the president. so what does this program stop, repel, kill? you never heard him talk about any passionate concern for babies that have no health care, for older folks that are in
10:20 am
need. but that's the whole campaign under the republican party. and it's tragic. i say that not facetiously. it's tragic because the united states should never have just one party. and i see the republican party just killing itself politically, fighting health care, fighting women, fighting minorities and if you just have the democratic party, that's not what makes america great as she is. >> congressman charlie rangel, thank you for your time. >> thank you, richard. best selling author elmore leonard died at 87. according to his website he passed away at his home this morning surrounded by his family. the crime writer wrote more than 45 books including several that were made into hold movies including "get shorty" and out out of sight." he suffered a stroke in july. crews fighting the wildfire that scorched over a hundred thousand acres of land and forced thousands of residents to
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beau biden is undergoing tests. touched by your well wishes. thank you. nice evening in houston and we will share update when we have it. he sent this photo with a tweet. the delaware attorney general saying he felt weak and disoriented after a long drive during a family vacation. the last week, he has been checked out at hospitals in chicago and philadelphia. right now. he is undergoing tests in houston to find out exactly what is wrong. he had a mild stroke a couple of years ago. the vice president met his son in houston as well. a spat within the alabama republican party. they are trying to kick the
10:25 am
chair of the college president federation committee because of her comments over same-sex marria marriage. she said the majority of students don't derive the presence of their argument for or against gay marriage from religion. if she doesn't talk about same-sex marriage any more, leaders will keep her around. check out this video about a little girl asking about her undocumented father at a congressman's town hall. >> i have dad and he is undocumented. and what can i do to -- >> appreciate your coming forward and asking your question. but the answers still kind of remains the same that we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that's where we're at. >> republican congressman scott from tennessee has called the senate immigration bill the obama care of immigration.
10:26 am
11-year-old josie molina will tell her story. susan sarandon is getting behind bill de blasio not christine quinn. it became clear to me as a woman, quote, you can't just vote your vagina. the newest member of the white house family. sunny who is a side-kick to beau. sunny named for her cheerful personality is expected to keep the president company and go for walks with the first family and even jump on mrs. obama's lap from time to time. lways the sam- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera.
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[good and ] call an allstate agent discover the new way to help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. he'll love the crunch of the healthy smile kibbles. you'll love how they help clean. with soft, meaty centers, and teeth cleaning texture healthy smile snacks help keep a shine on his smile. it's dental that tastes so good. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. texas tea party favorite ted cruz is fueling 2016 speculation. how? well, by trying to put to rest questions about his citizenship. a day after releasing his birth certificate to show he was born
10:30 am
to a mother in canada. he says the following. as a u.s. senator i believe i should only be an american and went on to say this. >> i suppose that the fact that "the new york times" is this hysterical after my only having been in office about eight months, you know, maybe that's a sign we might be doing something right. i was born in canada. my mother is a u.s. citizen. she lived most of her life in the u.s. and i'm a citizen by birth. those are the facts of my birth and i'll let other people worry about the legal consequences of it. >> let's bring in msnbc contributor goldie taylor and managing editor of the goldie taylor project and republican strategist hogan gidly. you heard the explanation there from the senator. is your thought here the controversy is over? sealed? done? >> i don't think the controversy should have ever started. the fact is that ted cruz was born in canada to an american
10:31 am
citizen and by birth right is a natural born american citizen. did he by that birth have citizenship? he did in canada. because his father was a cuban citizen at the time he has a cuban citizenship. should he denounce those things and say i renounce thee, i renounce thee? he should if he running for president of the united states then we don't want any ties with other countries in that way. but is this silly season? absolutely. >> silly season as you say. hogan, comment on this. it was just a couple of weeks ago that oklahoma republican congressman mark wayne mullen said he agreed with the birther who claimed she had evidence that president obama was not born in the u.s. when you look at this, why aren't birthers going after cruz right now? >> let me say i am not a birther and i believe that barack obama
10:32 am
was born in the united states so let me get that out now. i think two distinct differences here. the birther movement against ted cruz is admittedly much smaller but deals with the legality of the term natural born citizen and bl it applies to ted cruz whether born on u.s. soil and has a u.s. mother. >> interpretation. >> against barack obama is much different and that was he wasn't born here at all. when they tried to goat him into releasing his birth certificate and did it was deconstructed by a kid on youtube in 10 minutes using a software and somehow, some way, president obama doctored his birth certificate and wasn't eligible to be president of the united states. two completely things. i agree with goldie both are hog wash and don't deserve any credibility in the press. >> you're saying one is interpretation and the other one has to do with fact and challenging both of those two? >> absolutely. they are different but the result is the same and we are spending a lot more time on silly things like that in the
10:33 am
silly season as goldie put it as opposed to to focusing on real issues and moving the country forward. >> let's try to be less silly. when you look at his decision to denounce his canadian citizenship is he looking toward 2016 and why would it matter at this point? >> he is looking forward to 2016 but the issue for ted cruz is not his citizenship in canada or cuba or anywhere else other than the united states. the issue for him does he renounce some of the extreme policy positions he holds such as ironically, on impraegs and against the dreamers act. many young people in this country who did not know whether or not they were in this country legally or not until they were, you know, attempting to get a driver's license. they came here when they were 4. until he renounces things like his extreme views on women's right to reproductive health. until he gets right on some of those issues, i don't see him winning the white house, you
10:34 am
know, at all. >> ted cruz here, hogan, has been crisscrossing the united states as well as texas, holding town hall meetings against obama care. we are seeing that right now. is he what republicans need in 2016? >> i'm not sure yet. i think the jury is still out. we got a long way to go until 2016 but i agree with goldie in this sense. look. in the senate and the house you kind of have protection with the behemothness of the body, if you will. in this sense you. put forth all types of legislation and go around your district and state and tell people how you're going to do it and you don't have to govern. you don't have to bring people together under a common cause like governors do which is why we have more governor presidents than those from the senate. he is going to have to move the ball forward. republicans have done a very good job explaining what we are against. it's time to talk about what we are for and proffer some alternative plans to those the president has offered because, otherwise, we are just running as the party of no. we have got to build some
10:35 am
coalitions and we have got to get some politically successes and we got to get some policy successes in both chambers if we are bringing a new reformed message to the american people that shows we are for something and for this country and let's get out there and show it. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> thanks. news feed this morning. the man who died in a shoot-out with police after kidnapping hannah anderson left $112,000 to her grandfathmother. he lived with her two years before buying the house. he named her as the sole beneficiary of his life insurance. the family spokesperson says he believes it was probably for hannah's benefit. canadian community is reaching out for to support a boy with. letter was written by a neighbor that plains about the whaling noise that the 13-year-old makes outside. the letter urges his grandmother
10:36 am
to, quote, move or euthanize him. it's words too painful for his mother to read. >> you had to return a kid, deal with it properly! what right do you have to do this to working people? >> what do you want to say to the person who wrote the letter? >> he deserves everything every other normal child can have. nobody needs to be treated like this and here is one sick individual is all i can say. >> while his mother has not told him about the letter, max has gotten a ton of support from other neighbors. also two young canadian singers used their presence to get the word out online. attorney in manning case will not deliver her sentence as early as wednesday morning. prosecutors are pushing for 60 years but manning's defense team asked to sentence him to a term
10:37 am
that, quote, doesn't rob him of his youth. the world gotten a glimpse of another royal addition. the first family portraits released yesterday showing the couple with a sleeping george and will claims is a rascal when he is awake. class of 2017 are being welcomed to campuses for the start of the school year. get this. they have known only two presidents of those going to college. having a chat seldom involve talking and with gps no direction to get someplace, just an address. gaga has never been baby talk and java has never been just a cup of coffee. we tweeted out a link to the full list if you want to check it out. smartphone is about to go on sale. mandy drury is here about what is moving your money.
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maria sharpova. >> she apparently wants to change her name. just her surname to sugar pova. she not shy to the media. it is to promote her line of sweets. i do believe the plan here is to revert back to sharpova after the tournament. a suggestion the sugar povo candy logo is a pair of red lips as we see in the pictures there that is apparently going to appear on her clothing during the final grand slam of the year. as i say, very good cross-promotion. >> mandy, a sign of the times. last name just like tweets, right? >> that's right. >> mandy, thank you. obamas have gotten a bud for bo. another portuguese water dog snamed sunny and joins a long list of past presidential pups. george w. bush had barney. bill clinton had a chocolate lab
10:40 am
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develop dementia and as levels went up, so did risks. it's a humanitarian and political crisis in egypt. almost a thousand have died since last week. once you get past all of that, it appears there is real concern about how terrorism could manifest itself in the broken state. listen to lindsey graham of south carolina. >> we are headed for algeria. al qaeda to their aid and not have protesters on your hands in the next 60 to 90 days and we will have a failed state in egypt. >> michael leiter is former director of the national counterterrorism center. michael, thanks for being here. you know the snapshot what we are seeing in egypt gueets wors every day. what concerns you the most about that when we are thinking about the united states and terrorism? >> i think we basically have three issues here, richard. first is actually the humanitarian disaster.
10:45 am
second is the regional stability and the third is the counterterrificicounte counterterrorism. what we have to be concerned about now is whether the current crackdown di the egyptian military is going to drive elements of the muslim brotherhood to become more al qaeda like and more focused on attacking u.s. interests. >> they become disinfected if you're the muslim brotherhood. amman zacould that be group. >> he was moved toward a more violent path in al qaeda and certainly the now that the muslim broorgehood pushed out will take that same path and move towards a new transnational agenda and put more risks outs of egypt. >> you're in egypt and looking for an option to become
10:46 am
empowered. you have a perception what is happening to the government. talk about that and the potentially radicalization of those individuals. >> absolutely. those in the muslim brotherhood are not inclined to support u.s. foreign policy but al qaeda's message to suppress the muslim whole. in that sense, that becomes a very, very attractive message when you see your brothers shot down in the streets and ultimately killed. >> where is the incubator? what we were concerned about a month ago? >> i don't think yet but it certainly could be inspect syria is the place where you have the greatest danger of foreigners coming to syria and joining al qaeda and then potentially going back to western europe and even the united states and launching terrorist attacks. the instability there gives them free rein in terms of potential planning outside of syria.
10:47 am
egypt, in the short term, might not be as big counterterrorism problem because the government will crack down. >> israeli, as well as the egyptians, have worked together to stamp down, if you will, the islamic extremism of factors that existed on the border. with egypt having trouble right now, might we see that very important coordination go away and what might that mean for the united states? >> i think we could see increased risk of attack in the sinai peninsula and into israel. frankly, i think the whole push is clamp down on the extremism. we may see some blips of terrorist activity moving towards israeli now but i think over the next several months we could see a tighter and better security position for israel and i think in some sense or large sense that is why israel has been supportive of the generals. >> the former would be quite concerning for the united states certainly. michael leiter, thank you for your time. architect dick van dyke is fine after his car caught fire
10:48 am
on the freeway in los angeles yesterday. his wife shot this video after the fire was out. investigators have not figured out what caused the fire. today's tweet comes from dick van dyke who tweeted a photo of his burned up car here. he said, quote, used jag for sale. real cheap! to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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one of the most taboo topics to talk about. how much money do you make? a business technology firm has created a workplace where everyone knows what their coworkers make. dogs and cats, right, living together? i'm joined by the ceo dane atkinson. how does this work? is it on their name plates? i'm richard lui, how much i make in my title? >> as you come in the interview process you see the salaries of the people around you and get the payroll of everybody in the organization. people don't tend to look at it
10:52 am
that often but it's there. >> how does this increase sales? >> open environments are usually better in general. they are usually better in general. seeing people's information allow people to adjust and creates a trusted environment. >> how do you measure the efficie efficacy of it? >> i think you can negotiate easier in the organization and less stress and you know you're not mistreated for some variety of reasons. >> what is your retention rate? >> it is over 95%. >> 95%. that's very, very good. so are the 5% just jealous? is that what it is? >> there is definitely communications issues to go through and a lot of talking goes on. >> like what? >> i think there is realization of where you are. you're getting the best and i'm taking care of you. when you see it you find out where you are treated in the organization so you have to communicate why you're in that spot. >> does this mean have you a
10:53 am
lower salary because you don't want the folks to see what you're making compared to the entry level position? >> that is probably bad for ceo salary. >> how much do you make? >> we keep our numbers private outside of the organization. >> you can tell me. it's all right. >> so my -- we have sort of different bands and i'm making $120,000 which is the lowest i've made in -- >> a long time? >> decades. >> because you're a very successful interproo mueentrepr. when you look at consulting companies and some investment firms as well as some government agencies, they do have a pretty clear band of salaries? >> any different? >> the sports teams, the military, government, keep a lot more transparency than the private sector and having invisible gets them in the groupings. >> where have you seen this used on a fortune 500 company? >> zero. >> why not? >> i think that there is a lot
10:54 am
of risk and companies are very -- american companies have a history of keeping that information secret. managers tried to hold that information close to thems. you ste in certain environments where there is areas transparent and unionized areas but it works and creates a better place. >> you've used it how many years? a decade? >> this actual level of transparency about two or three years. and originally we broadcast out every fact to people and that became stressful so you now it's a work in progress. >> dane atkinson, which appears to be best in your statistics, successful so far. thank you for coming by. >> thank you so much. >> and for being so transparent. >> yes. >> that wraps up this hour of jansing and co on. thomas roberts is up next. pretty abouting, huh, thomas? >> i like your question. how much do you make? i have an answer for you. not enough. not enough. richard, thanks, buddy. coming up next hour the gripping new public service announcement that uses trayvon martin's death to get voters involved in changing stand your
10:55 am
ground laws by 2014. the man behind that psa joins me as well as the martin family attorney benjamin crump. at the cruz tells canada what dodd with his dual shoi citizenship is he green enough? ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference.
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[ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. yes. all right. gunshots. get down! >> you're saying they shot who? >> a guy is raising his hands up and saying he shot a person. >> that is a gripping psa to stop gun violence. that story tops our agenda this hour based on a real life event
10:59 am
but the people in it are actors. one month after the acquittal of george zimmerman the group is re-enacting the night trayvon martin was killed. it ends with the bodies of young men in hoodies dead on the ground. nbc news correspondents kerry sanders has more from miami for us. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: that really is george zimmerman's call to police. >> sir, what is your name? >> george. >> reporter: the jacket and the hairstyle are accurate. but the video is a dramatization. that is an actor who reaches to a gun tucked into his pants is creative license. >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: these 911 calls are from witnesses presented to the jury during zimmerman's trial. again, the video shows


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