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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 24, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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her pushed out. bridge collapse. luckily everyone survived. some witnesses say they know how it happened. and you know these things never end well in baseball games. a fan steals the spotlight from the angels and the royals and with those two teams, that was pretty much the highlight of the night. it is a friday going into the holiday weekend. yep, it is "way too early." good morning, everybody, yes, it is friday, may the 24th. that's right. a big holiday. not everybody has monday off. so i'm not going to gloat too much. we are hours away from an extended weekend. actually, it might be my favorite assignment yet for you guys. if you could invite anybody, who would you want at a memorial day barbeque? we need your top three. i have several lists.
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i have my boston list and my political list and my no longer with us list. which is awesome, by the way, babe ruth meets abe lincoln. it will be a party. tweet me at bshactman using the waytoobbq. right now, let's get to our top story here on this friday. lois lerner off the job at the irs this morning, two days after refusing to answer questions on capitol hill about the tax agencies targeting of conservative groups. lerner, who was placed onned a pen straf leave after reportedly refusing to resign is now the third irs official to be pushed out. it follows senators john mccain and carl levin who said she lost the trust of the public. they are particularly aware of when she became aware of the information and whether or not she kept it from congress.
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lerner was alerted to the targeted groups with the words tea party or patriots in their name back if june of 2011. at that time she did order the criteria to be revised t. "wall street journal" reports in april and may of 2012, letters from ms. lerner made no mention of the problems that had surfaced and just two weeks ago, lerner suggested she only found out about the issue in february and march of 2012. so the chronology doesn't quite match up. she said she learned of it from reading news reports. kind of a same theme. on that same day, she learned of what turned out to be a planted question during a conference in washington. she also seemed somewhat confused during a recent interview with nbc's tom costello. >> so you are saying a quarter of the 300 were associated with tea party or republican issue, correct? >> no. i said that about a quarter of the cases that were selected for
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full development had either "tea party" or "patriot" in their name. >> okay. so. sorry, thank you for the clarification, but that would be a quarter of the 300, though, so we're talking 75 or so? >> that's correct s. that a kwarter? that's correct. thank you, i'm not good at math. >> are you with the irs. >> i am a lawyer. i am not an accounttant, sorry. >> good for tom for calling her on that one. also, president obama has ordered the justice department to review its guidelines when it comes to investigations involving reporters. it comes, of course, amid new revelations attorney general eric holder signed off on a search warrant to seize personal e-mails. a federal affidavit said roens quote solicited a source to release intelligence information.
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it all related to north korea's nuclear program. the search warrant for lerner's xhooungs communications fem under the espionage act an lanled rosen as a possible co-conspirator. on sunday, they said the justice department used security badge access records to track the reporter's trips to the state department. two days later, they reported dozens of numbers were monitored by the doj, five of which appear to be associated with fox news. on wednesday, they denied claims the home phone of rosen's parents was also monitored. although, holder recused himself from a separate investigation into the leak of classified information into the ap. he made no mention at the time of approving the targeting of mr. rosen, president obama, meanwhile, addressing a speech at the national defense university. >> journalists should not be at
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legal risk for doing their jobs. our focus must be on those who brake the will you. that's why i've called obvious congress to pass a media shield law to guard against government overreach. and i've raised these issues with the attorney general who shafers my korn. so he's agreed to review existing department of justice guidelines, governing investigations that involve reporters. >> sticking with president obama, he's moving to reign in the use of drones while at the same time taking steps towards closing the guantonomo bay military prison in cuba. the president vowed to continue combath terrorism but said the use would only use targeted drone strikes when there is a clear threat to national security. >> america does not take strikes to punish individuals. we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people. and when there are no other governments capable of effectively addressing the threat and before any strike is
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taken, there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. the highest standard we can set. >> still the president admitted there were instances when innocent people were caught in the crossfire. the pentagon will be taking over some parts of the drone program from the cia, putting it under scrutiny and transparency with congress. i want to get to a bridge collapse sent cars plunging right into the river below. take a look at the video. witnesses say a spy struck with an oversize load struck the bridge's beams, possibly causing the collapse, which you can is the after the fact right there. two vehicles were submernlgd around 7:00 p.m. local time. three people were rescued and are in stable condition t. four-lane bridge was built in 1955 and was listed as structurally obsolete by the national bridge inventory in its most reasonable assessment.
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however, it did not make the washington department's list of structurally sufficient bridges. in moore, oklahoma, meanwhile, the first funerals were held for the 24 hour victims of monday's tornado. 9-year-old antonia cand larria was laid to rest. she was among the several children that died. many children headed back to school or at least other schools that were not destroyed. >> it was very emotional. it was very good to see the kids. you know, we didn't get to say good-bye to our classes. it was really good to se them. >> officials today drastically revised down the number of damaged homes, 1,200, not the 13,000 as previously reported. let's go overseas now where the british soldier that was brutally killed in a suspected terror attack was a drumner a military band and he had served in afghanistan.
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25-year-old lee rigby was killed in broad daylight on wednesday as he walked in south lopd near an army barracks. we have more on how the country is reacting. >> hey, brian. well, this morning, press services were held in the hometown of lee rigby. we have been learning more about him. he was the father of a 2-year-old. he was a bandsman who had recently been working in london as an army recruiter. he was close by his barracks when he was run down by a car before being attacked with a petition cleaver and knives. one of the suspects still e telling shocked bystanders they were acting out of revenge for british wars and muslim countries t. two men are british of nigerian decent. they are unarmed guard by the police. questions about how the attack could have been prevented. the men were known to mi 5.
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up with of them had previously taken part in islamist protests. today a government minister said it was impossible to control everyone all of the time. security experts say these now kind of attacks are difficult to detect. they are small in scale, with relatively little organization. not at all like the attacks we have previously known on big cities. but this still has shocked many people, wondering you can a soldier return safe an well from afghanistan only to be killed outside his barracks in london. >> how do you progressive conservative yourself from someone down the street with a meat cleaver? thank you very much. a major change at an iconic institution. the boyscouts of america is ending its ban on gay members. more than 61% of delegates from across the country voted to lift the ban t. band on gay leaders, though, was not voted on. it will remain in place. this is for the youth, not the
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adults. church groups sponsor 70% of local scout units. many not to keep the ban. >> we are focusing on building strong, young men, not getting an organization turned into a sexual agenda item. >> it's about life skills. it's really about building character and it's not about sexual orientation. it never has been. >> a survey conducted for the boyscouts found that 48% of parents of current scouts support bans. a majority of boyscouts themselves 56% support the move. 42% oppose it strongly t. scouts haven't said when the new policy will takesque. now, let's get to the word on the street. that is wall street, of course, first up the dow finished negative by 12. decent economic data outweighed the lers accommodating federal reserve and global growth fears
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out of china and japan. it looks like gap may be making a comeback. i can't remember win shopped there last t. retailer showed a profit. it turns out we are easy to attract. we are like flies to the blue light. analysts say gap performance shoes chose bright colors and lively ads helped to boost sales. so it must have been worked. on the other hand, the turn around at sears not going very well. the retail giant reported a bigger than expected quarterly loss. you can blame weather, let's tase fa it, the retailer has had declining sales eight years since merged with kmart. final, google could be facing anti-trust probes. the ftc says the search giant may be illegally curbing competition in the online display advertising. both the eu and canadian authorities are investigating the company's search practices. all right, we got the
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holiday weekend on our mean. we want to know if you can invite anybody, who would you want at your memorial day barbeque? all you have to do is tweet us your top three. my boston one, i want pedro martinez, larry byrd. he gets to pick the beer and cam neely. imagine playing whiffle ball with pedro martinez. still ahead on "way too early," tim tebow, well, he's got another fan, chuck norris. this guy he never messes around. why he's the quarterback's no. 1 fan. and it is prom season. there is a great shot at the commander-in-chief back from his prom night, did make a half hearted look for mine. but the mullet wasn't making the cut. i couldn't find it. we'll show that pick of the president. that and a check on weather when we come right back.
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the four in the world trade center bombing were sentenced. the journal put them together plus.
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>> bill and i are not agreeing on any movies at this point. let get to sports. rangers on the brink 3-zip. they are not out. they tie it up with brian boyle. >> i want to sell more tickets. >> they go ot. this is ot. chris kreider, the game went on, my bruins, they didn't close it out. all right. they go to game five. kings and sharks l.a.'s jonathan quebec 24 save, the defending champion kings scored three goals an a shutout of the san jose sharks. >> did they get a win again? >> they might. how about the red wings shocking
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the chicago blackhawks? 2-zip they take a 3-1 series lead. >> not bad. did you know there used to be a street named after chuck norris? >> i did not. >> it had to be changed because -- >> nobody crosses chuck norris. >> he is so strong and intimidating how can you use in norris comes to the defense of jobless quarterback tim teen bo. he calls tebow the old clutch player noting similarities, who couldn't between tebow and himself, norris makes the case the jacksonville jaguars should sign tebow and even references martin luther king, jr. >> hone that chuck norris is helping tim tebow's case just fine. >> stoppage during the royals and angels game last night. yeah. >> i feel bad. >> he looks like he's --
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>> all of america, listen, we don't want to encourage this. >> the fan hits the brakes. dekalb tries to hit the brakes. >> it doesn't end well. >> who got the best of this one? >> i'm sure after the cameras were off, he got his justice. >> you had a little rain yesterday, i heard? >> a lot of rain. >> a lot of people from d.c. northward, it was a washout of a thursday and friday is looking better, floomy in a little areas. flooding concerns in new england over the next few days. i'm looking for pictures from western new york. my radar is showing it is 39 degrees in rochester chester, maybe mixed with snow. if you have snow pictures, send it to me, because i can't believe it's snowing as we head into memorial day weekend in new york. northern new england, it is pouring rain north of boston up by i-95. showers still in the forecast.
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that cold air is coming our way. it will be a raw day today, especially with hardly any sun. a slight chance of a storm around dallas. as we go around memorial day weekend, the only concern, new england is rainy saturday. the middle of the country, can you believe it is snowing in western new york? >> i can't. i'm impressed by how you run over there without tripping, keep your breath and do weather. >> renaissance man. thanks, bill, coming up, the woman alt the center of the irs scandal suspended after refusing to answer questions about her role in targeting conservative groups. when we come back here, he's back the water cooler. he's been called a hero for freeing the kidnapping victims. now he has delicious but not nutritious benefits. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> it is a definite friday. let's hit the water cooler. >> it's good to be back. you know what it is? it is prom season across the country. it looks like even the president doesn't get a free pass from those embarrassing photos.
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yesterday "time" magazine released president obama's prom photo. here is 17-year-old barry known during his high school days in hawaii. barry obama, wearing a white suit jacket. he looks good, he's styling. he went with the girl on the left. she says the two couples sipped champagne and had a blast. he won't talk about that. that's underaged drinking. >> another campaign. >> for the, i think he's done, right? forget about it. you remember this guy, charles ramsey, who was hailed a hero after he helped rescue three women held captive. his news interview went viral. take a look. >> i was at mcdonald's. i came home, i was in my living room eating my big mac. we a herd this girl going nuts on the dorm i look, that don't
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look right, he's cute, she's like 30-years-old there ain't no way he could have got her. when i heard the name barry, it kicked in, you know what i mean. >> he mentioned mcdonald's the corporation awarded him a free fast food at their mcdonald's for a year. >> they tweeted out early on they were going to do something nice for him. they should make it for life for him. >> i think some restaurants in the area did a free burger for life. mcdonald's the franchise is doing it for him for a year. good for him. do we have an issue with window and some weed. >> there is a drastic turn for amanda bynes. her nickelodeon shows, the 27-year-old actress was arrested last night for reckless endanger him, tavp tampering with evidence, possession of marijuana. police were called to her manhattan apartment after she was smoking in the lobby.
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when she arrived, she threw her bong out her 36th floor window. >> i hope it didn't land on anybody. >> 36 floors, that could have hurt someone. >> yes. >> glass shattering everywhere, water, marijuana. now let's turn to some o'cad my award winning aors. morgan freeman and michael cane gave an interview in seattle to promote their new film about magic. that's when freeman decided to get some beauty sleep during interview. >> they did the biggest imagic tricks in any movie, they're gigantic. not only is it that, they then in the movie show you how it was done without cgi. i had to learn card tricks off a real ma gigs, but this, the tricks in this are so gigantic that you wouldn't -- >> michael cane, a consummate
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professional. carrying on, morgan. if you are an academy award winning actor, can you sleep wherever you want. freeman sent this statement reading i wasn't actually sleeping. i'm a beta tester. i was really updating my facebook page. >> that was his idea or his publicist. that's pretty good. >> so we're doing this top three memorial day. who do you want at your barbeque, i'll give you a second. >> i will go with that one. cindy crawford, mayor bloomberg, i don't know, maybe you, brian. maybe you, brian. >> i'm going to do. i can't remember what list i have done. did i get my political list on? okay. i will save my political list when we come right back. i look it. >> maybe mike mic jagger. can we have more than three? >> only three. >> wreak. ♪ .
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