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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  February 1, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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it's friday afternoon. almost two days to the holiest of american holidays. super bowl sunday. san francisco 49ers versus the baltimore ravens. a preseason favorite against a late-san charge. smashmouth defense versus offense. a rookie qb against a last rite and brother against brother. 75 hours to kickoff, people. i am excited. we're doing it this year in new orleans. where locals have been bracing themselves for months for the collision of two cultural mega events. the big game and mardi gras. find out where the daughters are and hold them tight. it's super gras time. with money, alcohol and good vibing flowing, jay gray of nbc is on the scene. where else would he be? jay, what's going on out there? >> reporter: what's going on is exactly as you describe it. a giant mega party around the super bowl in the middle of a
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mardi gras. no other town could handle it quitd like new orleans does. they're already filling the french quarter. fans of both sides of the country in town, getting loud and, yeah, consuming a little bit of liquid. ready for kickoff on sunday right now and all about that party and making sure that you represent your team as best you can in the french quarter. new orleans really geared up for this. been 11 years since a super bowl here. even though it's the tenth hosted in the big easy, tying it with miami for the city with the most number of super bowls, look. there were a lot of people concerned that maybe the town couldn't handle it anymore and host a party this big. so far they have shown that they're worth that effort and even more. everyone here from city officials to the business owners knew that this was their chance to show america and the world they were not only back but better than they were before katrina, before the oil spill. and everyone that we talked to on the street seems pretty pleased with the way things are going to this point.
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ask some of those who are cheering for the team that loses on sunday if they still like new orleans. they may have a bit of a different attitude. right now it's a good time here in the big easy. >> come on, jay. win or lose you can never hate on new orleans. one of america's great cities. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. from the gridiron to the table, let's spin on this. i'm very excited about sunday's game. i like the story of capper nick. i love ray lewis and the final ride. i love the smashmouth character of the baltimore defense. i'm excited about this. i think it's high-scoring game. high 20s, low 30s. mid-30s. i'm looking forward to this. >> who's your pick? >> i think definitely think gnat 49ers will prevail. >> okay. there's a question of margin there. we might get in to that later in the show. >> i think they would go above the 3 1/2 spread. >> you take the favorite and the
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over? >> yes, i would. >> i have to tell you. trying to find something to get interested in here. i watch the super bowl every year. we're all red blooded americans here. >> eh. >> i'm kind of bored by this super bowl. i got to be honest. neither of the teams really does it. i consider the ravens an ill legitimate franchise at the birth. >> right. >> right. >> the browns never the same. there's justice there. yet since the ravens came back in 1996 i have considered them a boring franchise. >> agreed. >> come on, man. >> san francisco doesn't do much for me either. the compelling super bowl in my lifetime, arizona made this run to the super bowl. >> yeah. >> worse team in the nfl with the veteran quarterback, made this exciting improbable run. good story. the packer answer the steelers. >> that was good. >> rookie quarterback. old school hall of famer.
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>> pishposh and the '80s and '90s. 13-year winning streak. it was david and goliath. >> sure. >> three dynasties in the nfc. cowboys, the noiners or the reds -- >> packers. packers. >> oh okay. >> before the packers. >> this is when i fell in love with the redskins. >> every year a 40-point game but a david versus goliath game every year. >> one thing about this one is both teams play well from behind and doesn't matter if you take a nice little lead. the other team can stay together, crunch back. get them, maybe a lead. both of them came back i think in the championship game. i think it will be a good game. >> i don't like the ravens. i'm going to root for the 49ers even though they beat my packers in the playoffs but i think the more important question, krystal, who's the hotter harbau harbaugh? >> obviously. >> people are wanting to know, that right? that's why they're tuning in to "the cycle" to see that meted
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out. >> adjudicate that right now. >> you can put that question away right now. i'm going to pick -- >> we can make a definitive judgment on this right here and now? >> science. science. >> bam. science? got it. >> i'm going with jim who's the 49ers coach and the younger harbaugh. >> taller. >> yeah. sharper features which i like. >> yeah. >> you said that john looked kinder. i agree. that's a turnoff to me. i think jim -- jim looks a little meaner which i like. and i'll say got the coaching debut western kentucky, hilltoppers, awesome. a woody hayes trophy. big ten player of the year. and just all around good guy. >> that is preposterous. >> erroneous. >> absurd things i have heard come out of your mouth.
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obviously, john is the superior and more attractive brother. number one, last time the brothers met he was victorious. >> thanksgiving, right. >> already beating you 1-0. played in college, as well. he didn't need the glory of being a quarterback. >> or couldn't handle it. >> i thought he was hot. >> more seasoned, more mature. kind face. >> by less than a year. >> obviously john is the hotter. >> i think i have the argument decider for us right here. let's roll tape. >> no! that's jim harbaugh. what is he doing at the max? >> dug! he's having lunch with me. >> quarterback for the indianapolis colts is your cousin? >> too bad you don't want to meet him. >> screech, is that you? i didn't recognize you under all those muscles. >> i've been working out. you should try it, skinny. >> jim -- >> supposed to be screech's cousin? >> yes. >> no! >> that was when he was captain
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comeback. >> yes. >> he had -- >> a playmacker. a quarterback. >> came out of michigan. jim harbaugh and then went to the bears and famous -- mike ditka was the first coach and ditka with an epic sideline explosion ripping in to him on the side loon and then he's with the colts and seems like a washed up quarterback -- >> and then the chargers. >> no. 1995 colts. comeback win. every game, the coach, jim harbaugh, the quarterback. they got to the afc title game in pittsburgh. ultimate underdog. harbaugh makes a pass in. kept them out of the super bowl. >> you are team jim? >> saved by the bell. '95 colts. >> sounds like to me. >> i'm the opposite of whoever toure picks. >> i just -- i appreciate that. i love how you girls -- i mean you two ladies. not you. you two ladies are talking about the dorr i can coaches. not about ray lewis, not about ed reid. there's good looking guys on the field. talk about them.
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>> i'm a packer fan. i don't care about the teams. i have to find some other point of entree in to being interested in this game. they're hot, good looking guys. >> i'm a redskins fan and a beltway rivalry between the redskins and the ravens but i'll cheer for the raifbs. my daughter is in to them because the color is purple and may as well go with it. >> and john. >> absolutely. >> we are rooting for the niners. >> i'm -- >> hotter harbaugh. >> i'm not rooting for the hotter harbaugh. >> get on the ravens bandwagon. >> ill legitimate franchise. >> i don't know how -- >> they were stolen from cleveland. cleveland's not been the same since. >> i will say -- i was just with some friends from cleveland and they still feel that very deeply. >> yes. an they should because, you know, did they make that vote on art no dell yet? keep him out of the hall of fame. >> how about that beyonce and the press conference?
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less than an hour from the closing bell and the dow jones hit 14,000 for the first time since before the financial crisis and closing in on the
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all-time record high. today's jobs report while not blockbuster helped the markets soar. the u.s. created 365,000 jobs in january. no news is good news for wall street 'revisions upward of november and december reports and now unemployment rate did rise to 7.9% and this on the heels of that surprise news earlier in the week when the gdp fell for the last quarter of 2012. to discuss all of these things, economic, our dynamic duo of bernstein and morisi. starting with you, peter. so the net game of 157,000 jobs, the rate ticked up to 7.9% from 7.8%. real unemployment at 14.4%. in the words of ed koch, how'm i doing? how's our economy doing right now? >> well, it could be doing a lot better but it's not falling apart. i discount that fourth quarter gdp number.
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we're expanding but not as much as we like. >> jared, you are not feeling well but here and most important. thank you so much for making it here today because it's jobs report friday and a holiday for you. >> well, i'm feeling better just talking about the jobs day. >> there you go. >> makes my blood race. >> turn that frown upside down. >> two numbers jumped out at me. health care jobs up 23,000. retail jobs up 33,000. are we hiring more people in the retail sector because people are starting to send money and need more people to help them spend that money? we starting to see more people in the health care sector? people aren't afraid of obama care or numbers low or what do you think? >> well, health care is kind of -- it did well -- i don't believe there was a month even in the great recession when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month and health care did not add
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jobs. the job increasing pressures in the health care sector are just unrelenting because there's so much demographic pressure and half of health care spending is from the government side. look. in retail, i agree with peter. fourth quarter gdp and decent personal income retail growth. >> let's talk about the fourth quarter gdp. first time of a decline since 2009 and when you look in to the numbers consumer spending was up, business spending on equipment is up. housing equipment was up. federal government spending was down by an annual rate of 15% so how much of a drag is actually cuts to federal government spending on the economy right now? >> we can quantify that. took about 1.25 points off the g d gp growth. i think these are one offs meaning i think once we get revised numbers we find out that
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the economy is growing as peter suggested too slow. if you -- these are quarterly changes and they can be very volatile. i like to look at the year over year changes in cases like this. and if you do that gdp growing at 1.5%. now that is just about fast enough to keep the unemployment rate where it is and that's what we're looking at. stuck in this 8% range on the unemployment rate and too high. >> yeah. you know, jared, you talk about revisions there and then both of you live and breathe the reports and hoping to kind of demystify something for me. part of the reason this is treated relatively good numbers is revision of last year. december up to a total of 196,000. so all of this looks better now a few months later and seems to be a pattern since i started to follow these every month and always saying, by the way, last month was a little better or a
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lot better or a little worse and a lot worse. can you say what that means about the value of these monthly readings as they come in? >> yeah. would you like me to speak to that? >> both of you. >> go ahead, jared. you go first. >> i'll be brief. look. i think it has something to do with the fact that the last two winters have been unseasonably warm so i think we're pulling jobs forward from the spring. we have had weak springs and stronger winters and i don't think that the seasonal adjusters to aaccount for that have yet kicked in and adjusted that difference out of the equation. do you agree with that, peter? >> yeah. i think there's something wrong with the seasonal adjustment factor but accepting the revisions and be joyful about them, we are creating jobs about half the pace we need to. so it's consistent with the weak economy.
3:18 pm
i'm glad we have 30 thousand dollars or so more jobs a month but hardly enough and remember the seasonal adjuster factor affect bd i the deficit. >> one last question to you both. we did not extend the payroll tax this past year. what affect in the numbers from that? >> well, it is a little soon to really figure that out. i mean, it is true now that you mention it that the 157 in january is significantly off the pace of job creation in november and december. >> right. >> but i am quite certain that, you know, taking over 100 billion out of the 2013 economy already a bit wobbly by my lights is going to cost us on the growth and jobs side. >> yeah. one of the telling things was that in december there was a big jump in personal income because of people getting bonuses early and things like that. but spending didn't go up very much. and economists are expecting
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weak retail numbers for january. i think it's the seasonal adjustment factors again. my feeling is to see a drag in the third quarter. excuse me, the first quarter. and then have to be carried by the recovery of government spending because i don't think we have another drag on the economy from government spending in the first quarter. >> look. the moral of all of this actually and the context of everything we're talking about do not let the sequester kick in. >> absolutely. >> the idea of extracting another 85 billion from the 2013 economy i don't think it's recession their. but we are talking about a growth rate that's already too slow and making it a lot slower. >> you both agree on that. sounds like a good place to end. jared, peter, thank you for joining us. >> see again next month. >> thank you. straight ahead -- ♪ >> in 2011, a mini darth vader
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stole the show. what will super bowl ads look like this sunday? a leading ad executive with a preview in the guest spot next. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership.
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♪ small. wicked. and now topless. >> that's a peek at two of the most buzzed about ads set to air on sunday. that's right, s.e. sunday. the competition isn't just on the field.
3:24 pm
the ad for people to talk about on monday. >> that's what i meant. >> millions are watching and for many of them, like s.e. the ads are just as enticing as the football. >> oh yeah. >> that battle now extends in to the week before the game. more and more advertisers leak the ads for more bang for the buck. this year it will cost almost $4 million far 30-second spot. in the guest spot today, advertising expert claw dean cheever here to help us understand the art of the super bowl ad. welcome. >> thank you. >> i thank you this ad i love from audi. it's called -- i love ads that are little mini movies to tell a short story. let's run that and talk about it a bit. >> great. >> have fun tonight. ♪ >> todd!
3:25 pm
♪ >> hey! >> i love that ad because it makes you feel good about the product and it relates to the concept when you're driving a nice car, making you feel good about yourself and conquer the world. right? the tag line relates to bravery, that you feel in an audi. perhaps the bravery you didn't buy a bmw. what do you think about that ad? >> i totally agree. what i love is it's really a rite of passage story and the car plays the part and when it gets going you think it's going to end with him being noticed because he's next to the hot car but he leaves it behind and all about the confidence and really about the feeling that the car drives and audi positioned itself as you said as kind of a
3:26 pm
different luxury car and i really, really love that and the moment in the beginning where the mom's kind of trying to pump him up and the dad throws the keys in the hand and he is like, i'm a man now. a rite of a passage of a boy becoming a man and i like it better than the vampire stuff last year. >> i drove a '83 volvo and never had an affect on me. >> that was your problem. while we are giving free air time, let's play a clip here for another one, i'm not too fond of this ad but i want to talk about it. it's a coke ad. let's play a few seconds of it. ♪
3:27 pm
♪ >> what is happening there? >> weird. >> context, to set this up, what coke is -- they're already running this and it's a race of some sort to the giant coke bottle in the middle of the desert and they want you to go online and vote which of those teams if you could discern there, different teams. do you want the showgirls in the bus to win or do you want the guys from the capital one to win or -- you know? i'm looking at this and saying it's like a completely out of touch executive said to some ad maker, like, we need to do something, something with social media. get me a social media ad and looks like a lazy -- >> what are you saying? give me a social media ad. >> we need the internet stuff.
3:28 pm
kids with the phones. looks like a lazy effort to somehow incorporate social media and who cares and maybe it's a mirage. does this ad do anything? >> well, i think if you look at what coke did last year with the polar bears, effortless. you want ee eed to watch the be. they have an elaborate contraption to go online and vote and more and tweet more and fairly elaborate. pulling in a lot of different platforms. so what i think you see is people to engage will do deeply but i don't think as much broad participation. to do all of the little bits and pieces you have to go hunting for them. that being said, if you've gone on the website and played with the different sabotages to slow down the different components, they're pretty funny. slow down the showgirls, photo-op. they'll always stop for a photo-op and every single one is interrupted bay pizza and they're thought.
3:29 pm
there's payback -- >> sounds like way too much work. >> exhausted. >> who has the time? >> well, speaking of showgirls, actually, that's not -- nothing. i was looking at some of the numbers of last year and out of 111 million viewers, 46% were women an not that much of a gender gap anymore in terms of who watches the super bowl but subjected to quite a lot of boobs, cars and beer commercials. will that continue to be the trend this year? >> i think it will and also seeing some spot that is are for the ladies. tide has a spot in the super bowl to appeal to women. if you look at toyota, they have a hot blond and that's fully clothed and a center of the action and the kind of boob in the joke in the spot is the man and seeing a little bit of those things and puppy bowl is fun for the kids and essentially there's still the moments where it's a man cave an you like it or you don't. like beer advertising. >> on that note, the godaddy
3:30 pm
ads. as a nascar fan, i'm intimately familiar with them and written on them and trade on the lipstick lesbian idea with danica patrick and wonder why they haven't embraced her and wondering what to expect this year from godaddy. >> this year see two spots, one is fun and it tries to connect a little more what they actually do for you. you know, nobody care what is they do. i can see them trying to link, we happen to be a technology company. so you will see a spot with a person making out with a nerdy guy and it is a train wreck. the makeout sounds are gross. really in their typical explo exploitive fashion. >> oh good. oh great. >> seems like the ads create a spectacle so people watch and stop the sideline conversation and then show them the tag line but the spectacle may or may not have anything to do with the
3:31 pm
brand identity. >> not required. >> there you go. thank you very much. >> thank you. straight ahead, a formal farewell to hillary clinton. don't worry. she's going to a better place. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i am very proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. i will wonder what you all are doing. because i know that because of your efforts day after day we are making a real difference. but i leave this department confident. >> just moments ago, hillary clinton formally wrapped up the
3:35 pm
run as secretary of state, the most traveled in history. she said a final farewell to the state department colleagues although there aren't that many out there who believe she said a final farewell to politics. "newsweek's" cover calls her the most powerful woman in politics. a big farewell in d.c. but here a somber good-bye. three-term mayor ed koch passed away this morning. he was 88. anyone who knew anything of ed koch knew of his charismatic personality. >> how am i doing? i want you not to feel sorry for me. believe me. there is a life after the mayoralty. >> no music while i'm gone! >> so today, we dedicate the back spin to him. a couple of clips there we saw sort of told an interesting part of the story. there he was, 1983.
3:36 pm
"snl." height of the popularity. 1989, conceding the democratic primary. saying there's life after the mayoralty and yes for 23 years he managed to retain if not enhance his standing in sort of the new york city political world and in just sort of the world of media and culture and politics and hosting the people's court in that clip in 1997. when i think of ed koch and his legacy, i think of a few things. one is the interesting transition to get power and what it said about the evolution of new york city and of america. this guy was a real liberal reformer from greenwich village. those are his roots. he ran against the incumbent, ran against the feminist, a young up and comer named mario cuomo. >> i have heard of him tie strategy to win that election was to go to the right and the outer boroughs. tough on crime.
3:37 pm
it transformed "the new york post." it's murdoch's paper. very conservative political paper. it was a very liberal newspaper. murdoch just bought it and made cause with him and how the mayor was kind of created and think of, you know, highs and lows in the 12 years he ran the city. good stuff on homelessness. controversy on the record of aids and controversy over race and i think in 1988 the democratic presidential primary came to new york, new york state, critical moment and jackson scored upset wins over dukakis and al gore sort of around the edges. koch linked up with gore because he did not like jesse jackson. he called new york city hymie town in 1984 and saying any jewish person is crazy to vote for jackson. jesse jackson won new york city. and it was indication of the problem that sort of the racial problem that sort of really
3:38 pm
flourished in the democratic party while koch was mayor and then a year and a half ago, david dinkens challenges ed koch and beats him in the primary and now the end of the political career. >> hawkins killed before the primary and put a spotlight on the racial insensitivity and the challenges of the city under koch. earlier -- last year, talked about the central park five movie and infamous moment saying obviously they're guilty and obviously they weren't. moving along from that. he was the embodiment of the city. brash, combative. so colorful and charismatic. won 21 races and lost 3. a congressman and then mayor for three terms. niktd has a great quote. as opinionated, as loved as the
3:39 pm
scrums on 42nd street. the guy in '81, 75% of the city voted for him in. '85, 78% of the city. can you imagine 8 in 10 new yorkers agreeing on anything? especially who will run the city. the guy per phenomenon if ied new york of a certain time and will be missed. >> he did and maybe sort of changed and maybe not permanently for but a moment what it meant to be a democrat. significant harsh budget cuts that he put in that were not always popular. his favorite moment walking down to the brooklyn bridge and intervened in a very rare transit strike under his watch and sort of, you know, shecheer on the people to walk across the street and say come walk over the bridge. we won't let the bastards bring us down. a huge champion of gay rights and had some really out there ideas. ideas like sending convicted drug dealers to concentration
3:40 pm
camps in the desert. >> wow. >> yeah. he was just -- he was really quintessentially new york in the way you're saying, toure, because he was unpredictable. he was brash. he was out there. he was excitable. just a larger than life figure for the city. >> yeah. amazing to reflect on how much new york changed since he was in office but i have another larger than life figure on my mind, geraldo rivera. he may run for senate as a republican in new jersey. i have to say. i actually really like geraldo. he is very -- a showman. he's very self serving, self promoting but the guy is very passionate about what he believes and i want to play a clip of why i like him. >> no! you want anarchy. >> what i want is fairness. >> fairness? bull! >> we have lured these people to this country with a promise -- >> nobody has -- >> in a country basically full
3:41 pm
of domestic employment. >> all right. >> we have for decades lured them here and now starting a mob scene. >> okay. so glad we don't do that here. >> thank god for that. that is geraldo defending the views pro immigration views i think in 2011 with bill o'reilly, obviously. >> hard to make out what they were talking. >> he was passionate about it. and still is. look. the guy is a republican. very fiscally conservative. but he's pro gay rights and pro immigration reform and pro choice and great to think that the republican party could be a place where a voice like that could exist and from a self serving perspective it would be a lot of fun to cover that race. >> i have to say, as a republican and i know geraldo and he is a very, very nice guy. and he is 100% into these causes. it is not a show. i would love it, too. i was really bothered by david fromm laughing at the idea of this. this elitist idea someone like
3:42 pm
geraldo can't run for office. why the heck not? he is immersed in politics for decades. i would like to see it happen. >> you know? watching that exchange there with him and bill o'reilly. little-known story. he almost ran for congress in massachusetts in 1990 against barney frank. bush white house tried to recruit him. he had been a boston operate. barney frank they thought was vulnerable and tried to recruit bill o'reilly and massachusetts, their news today, scott brown not going to run up there. speaking of massachusetts. there you are. all updated on the senate stuff. anyway, i've never seen a mayor anywhere who loved his job and the city more than ed koch in new york. he didn't have to agree on him with everything and don't have to think the record was spotless because it wasn't to say he was one of a kind and politics in new york, in america won't be as
3:43 pm
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i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz. now, i know most of you watch the super bowl because your friends are watching or or you have a casual entrance.
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but the real reason the super bowl is the biggest sporting event on the plan set simple and not the pretty uniforms, toure. >> what? >> to borrow from randy moss, it's all about the straight cash, homey. it's estimated $6 billion wagered on the super bowl. 49ers are favored over the ravens, a total that's shifted over two weeks. now for nbc universal's guidelines, i do not gamble personally but to help those that might, we are bringing in the resident expert joining us from the phone is pat morrow and let's get straight here, pat, to what i care about most which is obviously beyonce's hair. what are the odds that it's going to be either curly/crimped or straight? i like the crimped look. >> thank you for having me on. you and the betters liked the
3:48 pm
crimped look. >> i'm good. >> $150 to win 100 on that. that's moved up to a $200 bet to win 100 now so the betters have that same thinking. >> pat, let me get to the more central issue although the hair is a central issue but how you make money, how you set the line on the big game and how that works with, you know, the cash that you're going to walk away with at the end. do you end uprooting for a certain team to win or fine no matter who wins? >> you know, super bowl, it's obviously an important day. it is the most wagered on sporting event of the year. in terms of creating the line, we have power ratings that we use for each team all year so getting to the super bowl, it is a little easier with two weeks just to focus on one game. having said that, we also get a lot more money on that as i mentioned and we have to adjust the numbers a little bit more than usual based on the amount of money coming in. when it comes to the game itself, yeah, i can say
3:49 pm
specifically with will be rooting for the 49ers come opening tipoff but and the grand scheme of things win or lose we still do okay. we won't be heartbroken. >> pat, if that is your real name, i wanted to ask you about something that, you know, it's interesting. i don't know if it applies to you. i imagine your clientele is spread out but there are still, you know, bookmaking operations within the united states that are sort of regional. each city has a local bookie or whatever and i can remember from up in boston when the patriots won the first super bowl in 2002, beat the st. louis rams. patriots were a 14-point underdog in that game and the betters because they look the patriots took them and 5-1 odds winning in the game and bookmakers went out of business in new england because of that game. are you familiar with a lot of stories like that popping up
3:50 pm
around the super bowl where the betters of one city flock to that team and then that team wins and then it's trouble for the bookies? >> yeah. i think the good thing that you noted on, we have a very diverse worldwide client base so we don't find ourselves exposed as much as we would be if we were a little more regional. having said that, we do notice as it's an online environment that we operate in, we do notice any account that signs up from the maryland area is more likely to vote on baltimore and conversely anyone from the bayer is a little more likely to bet on the 49ers. that balances out from the fact we have people all over the world. >> pat, you know, with all the talk of this being the horrible or the super baugh, how many times will the name harbaugh be mentioned?
3:51 pm
>> we posted an over/under of 20.5, and that was not very easy to do. we're hoping that -- because early betting is on the over 20, so people are expecting are expecting it will be said at least 21 times from opening whistle to -- >> i have to say krystal and i have already decided there's a better looking harbaugh that might be affecting the betting. >> which one do you think is the better looking one? >> jim. >> john. >> pat, thank you so much for joining us. i guess we'll have to wait until sunday night or maybe monday depending on if you're s.e. to answer my question about beyonce's straight hair. she set the record straight thursday about her lip syncing the national anthem. ♪ last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes >> after belting out the lyrics at presuper bowl press conference, beyonce simply asked, any questions? what did you think about her press conference?
3:52 pm
i loved it. our facebook friend says beyonce is a class act. she shut the haters down. >> word. >> i know you're one of the hundreds of millions of people on facebook so make sure that you like the cycle and let us know what you're thinking. and up next, the end of an era for "30 rock." how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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so have you picked out a song for tonight? >> a perfect song. as i'm sure you know, i have returned to my first love, broadway. in a musical adaptation of the film, of the novel -- >> i'm sorry, the what? >> my character sings the title
3:56 pm
song. it's a tearful good-bye to her true love, norman. >> it sounds emotional. >> listen to this. ♪ i will never forget you what? what is that face? >> it seems like you're faking it. >> well, of course i am. i'm an actor and acting is all cheap tricks that any child or monkey could do. to act drunk you just wear two different size heels and to cry you just sluch a shard of broken glass. >> when you fall in love with a television show it becomes a relationship. you have to spend time together, sometimes it makes you happy, sometimes it disappoints you, and most of the time eventually it leaves you. last night one of the best relationships i have ever had ended. "30 rock" said good-bye. i love that damn show. we got along so well because it was a show with a lightning wit and a streak that never talked down to me. it was like me in love with television. it wasn't just a parody of tv. it wasn't just a show about the making of a show.
3:57 pm
it wasn't just about ruthlessly mocking tv conventions and making fun of nbc because it loved the peacock network. it was also a show that swooned over this medium and was romantic about its potential and history. it makes perfect sense that in the end kenneth the page, the show's bleeding heart who is more enthralled with tv than any of them, was elevated to become the president of nbc. he was surely happier than charlie after inheriting mr. wonka's factory. liz lemon's tv mothers including mary richards and carrie bradshaw. women in the big city struggling to balance professional and personal lives but where lemon was the boss, the show was a parody of the modern woman's home to have it all. lemon was barely in control of her rowdy troops and struggled throughout most of the show to find a worthwhile guy kissing every frog possible. where mary tyler moore's theme song told her you're going to make it every all, lemon would have discovered at that notion.
3:58 pm
tina fey may have had it all, but liz lemon didn't come close. i can see hanna hor vath of girls as lemon's much longer tv sister also failing to find the work/love balance on screen while lena dunham appears to be having her cake and eating it too. if you thought we were going to get through this without touching on race, then you don't know me. i have to. the show concluded with liz lemon's great granddaughter as a black girl. >> so the whole show just takes place here at 30 rockefeller plaza, is that right miss lemon. >> yes. it's based on stories my great grandmother told me. >> i know, and i love it. >> and the show opened with liz lemon helping her adopted black son get dressed because tina fey considered race as part of her purviews and worked lots of r e racial jokes in. save your tweets about how the
3:59 pm
show's creative peak was years ago, i know that, but considering the whole seven-year run, "30 rock" was one of tv's great sitcoms and i will miss it. breaking up with a great tv show is hard but we still have girls and portland ya and tracy jordan's advice, live every week like it's shark week. it's time for the martine bashir show hosted by karen finney because martin is still ill. >> good afternoon. i'm karen finney in for martin bashir who is out sick on this friday, the first day of february and it's also the first day on the job for john kerry and it is a very busy one at that. ♪ >> an explosion this morning outside the u.s. embassy in ankara turkey. >> witnesses say a suicide bomber tried to enter the u.s. embassy. >> a bomb explodes near the u.s. embassy in turkey. >> a suicide bombing on the perime


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