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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 14, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> and we're going to begin this morning with a surprise win. before alabama and mississippi voted yesterday, not a single major poll had rick santo wrksa
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the lead. in alabama, santorum came in with 35% of the vote. in mississippi, sanorum eked out a closer viblgt rio. more on that and what this means for newt gingrich and mitt rem. >> did piety what the polls we are tell us, perhaps it should have been no surprised because they are packed hp evangelical voters and that's his crowd. >> we did id again. banstorm. speaking of louisiana where he polish ode big win. >> the time is now for conserve tos to pull together. the time is now to make sure, to
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make sure that we have the best chance to win h election. >> king guam in second in both states and gave no indication he's quitting. instead, he focused on the failure to win. >> if you're the front rubber and you keep goyiming in third, you're note much of a pronto runner. the eh lease media overlight is convinced to relesion the nation. >> romney didn't give a speech last night. romney is focused on missouri. >> we didn't participate as a campaign and i was straw poll or fl n's stop poll.
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hawaii voted as well. sanorum came in second. >> all right, tracy, thanks. well, newt gingrich again vowed to remain in the race. and he em that sized that he want new delegates. last eighth know, his daughter jack rio argued her father's record in congress is beter than rick zx antorum. he told lawrence the former speaker his been making the strongest case. >> if you look at what's happening, we look at the secretary that said gosh, i made a mistake. the only candidate that we have as repub le cans that is driving the conversation the way we want is my father. he is not goirng to drop out. hoe is here as a citizen to do what's best for his country.
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he was the third wrenching highest senator. he lost very badly. and during that time, they left our government $1.7 trillion in debt. there's a big contrast between the records of these children and if american people. a poll yesterday said republicans are not ready to narrow this down. my father is the only candidate that can debate the president. sfwl the last word on the biggest issues. the last word airs weeknights at 10 plea ace tern time. pinetta is starting an unannounced two-day sthooting.
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we are now learning more information about the u.s. soldier accused in the building. when a staff sergeant hasn't fond the saar yount, he said i did it. the u.s. will treat the case as seriously as if american sit ceps had been murdered. >> elsewhere, most importants waited support. the pound that 567% of americans say they would back u.s. military strikes. and 62% said it would take israel. when people were asked about supporting a track even if it led to higher gas prices.
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53% said they would. >> here's a look at some of the other news. a police officer is under investigation after his own dash board camera showed him i can't thinking a bomb and thebe hr then thinking her got alleged crime? >> the returning a staff sort. prosecutors say the woman didn't have a chance. >> california a video shows a teev. the man loaded up a shocking cart of bit bottles of two million. it's part of a growing nationwide tent. it's a may'veing mystery. some deck trait. large cat greet stands and
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nonnor a state patrick's day or being deck kalted. >> and finally, her 13-year-old daughter that reads hydromoney. how do blows because i aim a very rewas arrested that gi is being done out of law. >> hello. the laurething girl was cry qh. >> this is is like the third time that we've done this. we've done judges that have made people do that. >> well, good morning, everyone. what an uglible first of stretch
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we are in. it was incredible. washington dc was 81 today. they are already started to bloom. typically the peek is in the bidle than our protections. >> this looks like a june map with 80 yep rusts sent rouse for him to imagine work. it's what steers the cold air or the round you got awes be. it's almost like winter. but then it goes well up to the
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hudson bay. and that just allows movie to norths there's no tongue able:
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the craziest hockey goal of the year. and march madness begins with two remarkable comebacks. you're watching first look on msnbc. you know when i grow up,
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here's some of the top news making this morning. in an effort to help protect europe from a missile attack by iran. the possible deal would have russian radar stations participate in the european missile defense system. israel has made military strikes against gaza as the cease fire
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along their border appears to be threatened. the reweld east tallest man has finally stopped growing at 8'3". doctors in v v used surgery and medication to stop the excess production of growth moans that made him a giants. england's haarmy chiefs have banned prince harry from going to cups and told them he's just concentrated on attack. if he wants to get a second tour of cue duty. he's returning to his commonwealth nation. and seemed to have a pretty good time. and in alaska, dat last is the youngest winner ever. the 25-year-old coveerred 11 hundred miles. well, here's your first look at how wall street is going to kick
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off the day. the snp jumped 42 points. the nasnasdaq, beaus note. climbed 151 points. but in hoeing song, they lost 31. was starked by j.p. morgan case. after the bell, all but 14 major of physical reserve. economic optimism pushed the nasdaq above 3,000 for the first
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time since the dot come vessel burst. earlier, news that the fact predicted. a healthiy increase. urban out fitters was the exception. yesterday, the u.s. asked the world trade organization to force china to ease restrictions on exports of raw materials. clio that's state run news agency warned the move could trigger a backlash. arrested an released for the second time yesterday. >> back here at home, a result of information one of them divulged through alcoholics anonymous. finally, the end of an era. the publisher said the 2010 print edition of the iconic 32 volume set will be its last.
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last night, march madness kicked off in style with two big comeback victories. her's mbc's fred roggin. >> this is what march madness is all about. let's go to dayton, ohio. mississippi fall lee state up 16. western kentucky came starving back. the hill toppers moved on with a stunning 59-58 win. if you like that k078back, you'll love this. byu is down 25 to iona and came back to win. chipped away at the lead and won it 76-70. they've got mar kety next. nba, the bucs and the warriors pulled off today's big trade.
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magic won in it overtime. lakers and grizzlies didn't need one overtime, they needed two. nfl with all eyes on peyton manning, the chicago bears have landed a pro-bowl wide receiver. the move reunited marshal with quarterback jay cutley. following the bouncing puck. the shot was tipped, it hit the boards behind the net, off the goalie's stomach and in. the islanders could have used a few more of them. they lost it 5-4. that's your first look at sports. i'm fred rog cambrics gin. >> i give up. i don't have anymore adjectives.
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>> i got you a book for christmas. look at st. louis. this is st. louis over the next five days. we are going to be 80 degrees with a chance of afternoon showers and storms each and every day. it ace one havening to get two days in a row. that's just unheard of. and you know, many of the wealther discussions say that it's not through the midwest. >> there is some cool out there. a line up hmm cooler around albany and baas top. tom. beautiful, possibly 80 degrees. philadelphia around 73. by the way, a lot of these aren't record highs. back in 199 ah, they got up to areas of mid degrayings.
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it's still very, very warm. denver today to dallas. it ohs just widespread aross the con tri-. and min i can't be lit is another spotted. so with no snow and these warm winds, even minneapolis is going to see upper 60s to low 70s. >> i think you're safe. >> well, coming up, demi moore can't kick. ocho sinco spends thousands on his fans. now reality tv star. yes, it's true, your first look at entertainment is citrolith ahead. you're watching first look on msnbc. by alzheimer's. this cruel disease is the nation's sixth leading cause of death,
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>> well, welcome back. it is time now for some entertainment news. she's reportedly finished rehab. but a new report says she has one more habit she needs to kick. ashton kutcher. moore is said to be obama saysed with winning him back. the report says friends, her daughter, even ex-husband bruce willis have all tried to make her realize he's not coming back. >> nfl receiver sent out a tweet oring a free dinner to the first 200 people to show up at new york's famous sylvia restaurant in haar lemme. he spent $8,000 on ribs, fried
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chicken, mack and cheese. and finally, the eh network announced tuesday of all people clint eastwood and family are coming to reality tv. watch out kardashians. mr. eastwood and country will feature dena eastwood. eastwood's daughter with actress frances fisher. i don't know, i don't see it. but, you know. >> i think -- >> maybe they're, like, wild and crazy and -- >> i don't imagine him being too much of a part of it. people are going to want to see it for him and it's all about his wife and kids. >> tune in. you'll find out. i'm lynne barry. this is first look on msnbc. "way too early" with philly guys
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starts right now. >> we did it again. people are saying you're being out stanced and everybody is talking about all the math and all of the things that this race is inevitable. well, for someone who thinks this race is inevitable. you spend a whole lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> rick santorum argued that if you look at the math, the nomination is a done deal. the question is how did the republican race change with last night's results. defense secretary landed just hours ago for an unannounced striate as we learned more about what exactly happened the night 16 afghan civilians we're kill killed anywhere that beds. and president obama had


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