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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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next on "msnbc saturday," he tweeted a 17-year-old and she has talked to police, but did
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anthony weiner do anything wrong? 24,000 pages of sarah palin e-mails are finally released, but who do they reveal? uncle sam's running out of money. what if the government goes into default? and a new study says coffee could cause hallucinations. really? that's going to be a problem for me. just past 9:00 a.m. here in the east. let's get to what's happening. congressman anthony weiner's behavior is under skrut after he shared online communications with a 17-year-old girl. the girl became a fan of his on twitter after seeing him speak in washington, d.c. although the exchanges were private, he claims this were neither explicit nor indecent. john, good morning. good to see you. before we get to the questions, i want to play a sound bite from
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the congressman's original press conference where he was asked about the very issue we're talking about. >> i don't know the exact ages of the women. and i don't know if you do. i'm going to respect their privacy, but they were all adults. at least to the best of my knowledge, they were all adults. >> that gives us some context. yesterday, the police in de talked with this teen and her parents. however, brass tax, john. wrong doing or not, is the damage here done? does this make the situation worse? >> i think potentially it makes it a lot worse. here, congressman weiner is in touch with someone who is not a constituent of his. a 17-year-old girl from new castle, delaware. he has said the communications between himself and this young girl were completely on the level, but new castle police at this very moment are going through this young woman's
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computer and they're looking to see whether indeed that's the case. he said at that press conference he did not have communications with underage women and here we are presented with evidence that that was not the case at all. >> okay. let's talk about the future here. there have been multiple calls from within his own party for him to resign. a new poll says 56% of the registered voters say he should not resign. 33% say he should. 12% remain unsure. look, weiner is insisting this is not going to happen. he will not resign. he says he and his wife are staying together, working on their marriage. given the latest developments, how deeply embroiled and is this a reasonable strategy to just hang in there? >> i think we've seen it in the past. politicians being caught in situations which are not very flattering and this is one of
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those situations, where politicians just wait it out. senator vitter or louisiana waited it out and he was just elected to a second six-year term in the senate in louisiana and i think that is essentially the plan of anthony weiner. he had said he's not going anywhere and unless his fellow members of congress take a stand and expel him from congress, i think it will indeed be up to the voters of the district he represents in new york, that brooklyn and queens district, to decide whether or not he should still represent them. >> he's not going to have six years until he goes up in front of his constituents. this is going to be a lot more fresh in their minds and what about his hopes, his aspirations for running for mayor of new york city in 2013? >> well, as far as his hopes, i think they're dashed. the chances of him now stepping into the race to run for mayor of new york are rather slim and i don't think his political
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career, if he remains in office, goes beyond being a congressman in this district in brooklyn and queens new york. so as far as his political career, this is it. he's reach ed the limit. but you're right. voters in new york state, in his district, will go to the polls in 2012. it's less than two years away and they'll have the final say as to whether anthony weiner, despite these revelations that have come about in the past two weeks, should still represent them as a member of congress. >> okay, thank you. 24,000 pages of e-mails later, a new portrait is emerging of sarah palin. nearly two full years of the mama grizzly's e-mails are online for the world to see and messages revealing how she handles being in charge and how she responds to a crisis. michael isakoff is live for us in juneau, alaska. what are we learning from these
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e-mails overall? >> we're learning quite a bit. perhaps not as much as we had hoped. news organizations have waited nearly three years to get access to these documents. palin and the state of alaska fought having them made public. but now that they are, palin spokesman said yesterday show she was a very engaged governor and that everybody should read them. a immediatey frenzy alaska hasn't seen since 2008. journalists jockeying to get their hands on thousands of pages of e-mails sent my sarah palin to more than 50 top aides and officials in alaska. the 250 pounds of e-mails contain e-mails of her as governor and continue through 2008, including the chaotic weeks after john mccain thrust her into the spotlight as his running mate.
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she was a blackberry user, firing off e-mails, but using her personal yahoo! account to conduct state business all to keep her communications private. news organizations like first requested the documents. >> the state law calls for a ten-day release of public records. we waited longer for these records than sarah palin was governor. all 1,000 days. >> among the e-mails, this exchange from palin to an aide written a few weeks before she was picked by mccain, praising then candidate obama's energy policy speech. he gave a great speech this morning in michigan. mentioned alaska. adding we need to take advantage of this and write a statement saying he's right on. then in a later e-mail, telling an aide, he did say yay to our gas line. pretty cool. wrong candidate. palin later became one of obama's fiercest critics on
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energy policy. she says the e-mails won't be a distraction. >> i'm sure people are going to capitalize on this opportunity to go through 25,000 e-mails and perhaps take these out of context. they'll never truly know the context of each and the issues were that i was working on that day. >> well, there's no bombshells in these documents and there are lots of redactions, but some interesting glimpses of how palin and her staff were interested in getting on the presidential scene and getting on the presidential ticket months before john mccain selected her. in fact, there was one e-mail from the june of 2008 in which her staff is and she are talking about getting to john mccain's people information about their gas tax proposals in alaska. one of her top aides writes, they're going to love it.
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more bb talk is never a bad thing whether you're considering v.p. or not. say, president palin sounds better though. >> interesting. given your vast experience as an investigative journalist, what piqued your interest most? >> i got to say, it's that log of the things we didn't get. remember, first of all, palin was using a private e-mail account to do state business. that's how this arose in the first place, so the only way that news organizations had been able to get these documents is to go after the official state accounts who palin was e-mailing with. and it's really those documents that we're getting. so clearly, she was going to extraordinary lengths to keep her communications private. even after this, go through page after page, huge redaxs.
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such as some of the controversies of her governor ship, trooper gate scandal, the investigation surrounding that. i think that does stand out. we're getting a glimpse of sarah palin here, but it's not the total picture. >> we'll see you again. thank you. highways are expected to return to a vengeance today. the second largest fire if state history is set to cross the border into new mexico. the fire has charred more than 200,000 acres. it's destroyed close to 30 homes and continuing to force thousands of evacuations as well. >> we're just thankful that no lives were lost. our prayers are for the firefighters. >> yesterday, jan brewer met with evacuated residents and spoke with president obama over the phone who offered assistance ch. after a security breach in
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hawaii, three dozen airport screeners were fired. the transportation security screeners apparently did not do their jobs. they didn't notice when the tsa put prohibited items into luggage they were checking. 36 workers have been fired from their jobs. >> that's really shocked me because as like i just said, i thought they were doing pretty good with checking the balls and everything and then now for 36 people to let go, that shocks me. >> workers will be hired by the new acting head of security. police are ramping up their search for a missing university of indiana student. investigators requested dna samples from ten people who are considered persons of interest, including her friend who was to be the last person to see her alive. she disappeared more than a week ago. court is back in session at the casey anthony murder trial. let's go to orlando, florida. you know, the past couple of days of testimony, full of graphic and disturbing evidence.
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what do you expect to see today? >> today, definitely more forensic evidence, in particular, we expect to hear from experts who study the bugs that showed up around the mains of caylee anthony. the prosecution is trying to do is dig back when the body was placed in the woods and ultimately poke holes in the defense's claim that it was roy krump, the meter reader. >> that's an interesting angle there. i want to talk about the courthouse scene yesterday. there was some sort of a scuffle that broke out. what was that about? >> there certainly was. a woman got tramabled. even taken way wa from a stretcher. today, it seems everybody got more organized. even police helped out. it's not their duty, but since people are only allowed to stand
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in the court's property after 5:30 a.m., you can imagine people are gathering outside. i think hundreds. i think they mentioned up to 200 people were there today. but people try to gather outside of the courtroom. today, they were able to organize themselves democratically chose to get numbered, so the first person in line got to number one and then 60 people or around 60 get to enter the courtroom today. the ones left outside, today is only half a day, hopefully get in. >> that's what that was all about. a woman trying to cut in line or something to try to get in? >> one woman was trying, yes, to cut in line. some people started fighting and another woman got tramabled. she's okay. also, i wanted to note that i just heard from a source close to the defense, from the defense team, who told nbc new that is the defense plans to spend no more than a week in their case.
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we were expecting one more week in the prosecution's case and then another week in the defense's case. >> if that's correct, that's news right there. we'll see. thank you. still ahead, dow in the dumps. what's causing stocks to slide so much? plus, the weiner effect. a new snapshot of twitter activity on capitol hill. and the royals are out to celebrate the queen's birthday. tell me about castrol gtx with trishield. it helps stop particles from building up as deposits. how? first it attracts particles. like a mermaid's song to a lonely sailor? right. then it captures them. like a venus flytrap. like a black hole. like a black hole in a venus flytrap. then it disperses them, like a t-shirt cannon. like a snowblower.
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18 past the hour. times square behind me. that's better. beautiful. look at that. in fact, it's nice out there today because it's cooled down oh, this week was record highs.
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in over 200 cities, including here in new york, it was miserable. bill karins, how's it look? >> the other option, they can put a big picture of me like that. >> that would be scary. >> i second that. around the country today, the heat continues, some are getting a break from it. from texas through the deep south, alabama, mississippi and georgia, it looks like this is it. probably in this pattern for much of the summer. the only exception would be maybe if we get a tropical system. the northern half of the country, it's typical. southern half, you're in the middle of summer. our friends in dallas, there's a horrible drought taking place. you're going to be 95 to 100 the next five days in a row. looks like you're in one of those long strengths. the areas of light green, those are where you have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. the darker green, the thunderstorms and strong storms there, that's where you're
9:20 am
almost guaranteed to get wet today. much of new york state, pennsylvan pennsylvania, west virginia and kentucky. we have seen numerous areas of showers an storms. look at the forecast in new england. it's not going to rain all day, but there are be periods of rain all day and maybe a thunderstorm or two. notice how cool it is in northern new england. in d.c., we're stuck in a little heat with a high of 91. tomorrow, cold front comes through the east. it will give you a nice monday and tuesday, but thunderstorms are likely from d.c. northwards up to new york and boston. middle of the country, some strong storms. about the spring, we had the horrible tornados, flooding on the mississippi, now the heat wave. the west coast has been really quiet. we haven't had a lot of bad weather there. maybe we should move there. >> i'm told look behind me. okay. i'm not that scared. you're not bad looking. thank you very much. a warning from defense secretary robert gates about the future of nato.
9:21 am
he said the alliance could face a dim if not dismal outlook and took aim at the priorities of european allies. the blunt reality is that there will be dwinding appetite and patient in the united states congress and american body politic at large. to expand increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be capable partners in their own defense. >> the speech reflects a new reality of american military power and joining me, jake jacobs, msnbc military analyst. good morning to you. give me reaction to secretary gates. >> he's stating publicly something everybody's known for a long time and that is that nato is dead. it may not be dead in a real sense, but hasn't done anything for a long time. >> wouldn't it be a vehicle to try to defeat gadhafi?
9:22 am
because it's not like we want to go in there and do that. >> no, no, we are using it to go in there only because we can't get the u.n. security council to authorize any kind of encouragement in libya, so we're doing it more or less unilaterally on behalf of the europeans, particularly france, who wants to get involved. it's a terribly organized operation with no military object jektives. looks like a bombing campaign that has wound up in a stalemate. >> do you think given what the secretary said, that europe has legitimate concern about the u.s.'s involvement with nato? >> i think they ought to be worried. we do most to have work. we provide most of the money. nato has always our idea and in in case, we were trying to organize europe in defense against the soviet union after the second world war.
9:23 am
but when the soviet union fell apart, the real reason for having nato fell apart as well and the last real useful gasp of nato was in bos any area. the united states is making the majority of the contribution. >> financially, too? >> oh, yeah, financially. in terms of resources, we wanted the countries to give us a hand in afghanistan. they have made a contribution, but not to the extent we've asked. allies and nato with focusing on their own business. the money being contributed is our money. to the extent our allies and nato have money they're putting towards their own business. i think it's dead. >> we'll see if you're indeed correct on that, but that is troubling. >> it's very troubling. we are concerned about it.
9:24 am
europeans ought to be concerned. congressman anthony weiner's twitter trouble is have been a ripple effect throughout congress. traffic from both parties, about 30% or so since the lewd photos came to life. more states are considering selling lottery tickets online. minnesota was first to do so. new jersey has pending legislation. and sales of click beverages continue to increase despite the tough economic times. the latest report shows sales have gone up 10% over the past 12 months and rose about 9% last year. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me?
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[ man ] starts right in ♪ trouble neighborhood. ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. the dow dipped below 12,000. disappoints economic data had been weighing on the markets with grim reports about hiring the housing market and now the fraz led environment of people talking about the possibility of a double dip recession, but how likely is that scenario?
9:32 am
my colleague is joining us with the details. talk to us about this new round of economic data. just how bad is it? was it significantly worse than what economists predicted? >> it was. the only good that came out was the exports data. but the rest, hiring, housing, manufacturing, it's just been bad. bad for a considerable period of time. we've got more data out next week, but know one's expecting much. some economists downgrading their forecast for economic growth, so they're shaving estimates there. you have more people talking about a double dip because the question is, where is this recovery. we should be much further along. >> how likely is a double dip? >> not likely, but you have a grows percentage of economists saying it is possible. over 12% of economists think a double dip is likely and you have as many as 20, 25% economists saying the likelihood of this double dip scenario is
9:33 am
like 20, 25%. just a lot of concern out there and consumers are worried. 78% of consumers think we're still in a recession and shouldn't be feeling this way and 48% think we are headed for a depression. some sobering data. >> absolutely. are we approaching or at a tipping point here? >> just does seem like we're at a pivotal point here. if you look at the housing data, those prices have been going down and you've got robert schiller saying with prices took another hit, down 10 to 25% over the next five years, you know, you've got these homeowners under water. that's putting pressure on prices. you've got these foreclosures, people who can't make their payments. the housing situation is really bad. if you combine that with the jobs data, if that gets worse, then we're at the tipping point if not going over. which is why you have some economists talking about another round of quantitative easing toward the end of the year. >> thanks.
9:34 am
us airways is dealing with cancellations and delays after a power outage forced the airline to ground flights yesterday. it occurred near phoenix. power's back on this morning, but the airline is warning passengers to check their flight status. victims of last month's tornado in joplin are facing a new problem. a fungus infection that may be involved in the death of three of the injured victims. this infection occurs when dirt or vegetation becomes embedded in wounds under the skin. to clean out, some victims had to have their wounds reopened. palin's e-mail dump. myth romney announced he will skip the iowan republican straw poll this summer. his aides also said he's skipping a florida straw poll.
9:35 am
talk about the strategy. why is he skipping? >> i think basically because he can. he is the front-runner. minimizing the impact of these polls by not taking part, so he can box in whoever does come out as the alternative. if he thought this was going to be a huge problem, he wouldn't do it. in 2007, this was a huge thing in iowa, now for him this year, he doesn't have to. but clearly, he feels he can get away with it with minimal impact. >> is there a chance he might lose these in which case, damage his image and perception? >> it's a risk, but i think new hampshire is where his whole campaign is, so if he skips iowa, his feeling is he comes back strong in new jersey, if he comes out strong in new jersey, goes into the other states well, that is his strategy, he's never
9:36 am
going to play particularly well in iowa, although some are arguing he might do better because the field is so week. >> does that allow for anybody else in his absence in iowa to emerge and pick up steam building momentum there? >> john huntsman for new jersey, but someone like tim pawlenty, the tea party right, these are people who will do well in iowa, who will hope to use it as a string board. pawlenty doesn't have much money. he could suffer badly here. michele bachmann could come out strongly in iowa. >> with regard to the money, how much is it tied to money being able to progress and do well in these states? there's ideology here and there's money and you have to wonder at some point, which one outweighs the other. >> for romney, resources are not going to be a problem.
9:37 am
he's self-funded in 2008 and his aides say he will have shattered a $40 million bar for this quarter alone. however, nobody else really has much money to compete at the level he would either. he could use a fig leaf of saying i want to put my resources into winning. >> when it comes to money, let's get to the economy. how much of the selection is going to boil down to that? if things were to stay as they are and not get better, does that put mitt romney at the front of the pack because his ideology? >> that's the line his supporters use. that he is best positioned to take this on and if things stay as they are, president obama is in real trouble. the 9.1% unemployment job number is terrible. this is what mitt romney is banking on, where he is putting all his focus and right now, assume i assuming there's no late breaker into the field, he does seem to be a best positioned.
9:38 am
>> we were talking about sort of an apathetic feeling to the gop contenders when we last spoke. has that changed? >> not really. you're not seeing much more excitement, the newt gingrich side show has taken all the focus away from everybody else, but the field is really where it is. you're hearing about a lot of interest in rick perry possibly coming out. if he does enter, right now, the field is bla. >> never bla with us. we love having you on. thank you. for more on the 2012 election, logon to firstread. an historic new surgery may improve the life of the victim of a violent attack. jeff rossen is here with the latest on this. >> incredible and look, it's a miracle that charla nash survived that chimp attack in the first place. travis the chimp literally
9:39 am
ripped off her entire face and both her hands. left her blind in both eyes, but today, a new miracle inside a boston hospital. charla nash just got a new face. a transplant that has been kept secret until recently. you're watching history in the making inside this boston operating room, the first ever face and double hand transplant in the u.s. the patient, charla nash, a loving mother who looked like this, attacked by a chimp and left like this. nbc news spoke with charla just weeks before the life changing operation. >> my face and hand together. that would be nice. all in one. being able to do everything on my own. >> it was a risky surgery that took 20 hours and more than a dozen of the country's top doctors. >> there should be excellent
9:40 am
return of motor function, so she should control the face well as well as eat, smell, express emotions and feel the face. >> charla isn't revealing her new face just yet, so we're blurring the image. these photos were taken as her family saw the face for the first time. her daughter spoke with ann curry friday. >> how does she look? >> fantastic. you'd never believe something like that could be done. >> two years ago, charla was visiting her friends who had a pet chimp. without warning, the chimp went on an attack. the chimp took off charla's lips, ears, nose and hands. the owner called 911 --
9:41 am
she's been in treatment ever since and will never see again. permanently blind. just days after this new surgery, there were complications. doctors had to remove the transplanted hands, but her new face is a life changer. >> the functioning of the face is really going to add to the quality of her lie. >> a survival story against all odds. charla is a fighter. even with that complication from the surgery, she is not giving up on new hands. doctors say they can try again now for another double hand transplant, but have to wait at least six months for her to heal, but there's one other thing to keep in mind. for the first time since the attack, she's going to be able to do things that you and i do every day and take for granted. smelling.
9:42 am
eating solid fews. hard to say when she'll regain those senses, but it could be a couple of months. >> that is incredible. just listening to you telling this story, i get chills just thinking about what this woman has gone through. this is wonderful news for her. thank you so much. if you need coffee to kick start your day like i do, you might want to stick around for the study on how coffee can cause hallucinations. ♪
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want to hit the treadmill. joining me now, dr. david. good morning to you. first, let's look at the coffee one out of australia. discovering they made people hear who were pretty jacked up on caffeine listen to white noise, but said you're listening to white christmas and these people heard it. what does that tell you about this? >> number one, those people who said they heard it and had over five cups of regular coffee, so they were pretty jacked up. when you look as these stories and studies, you have to look at them critically. only 92 people in it. four different groups. less than 25 in each group. that's not a well controlled study. we know coffee is the most widely used -- caffeine, is the widely used psycho active substance in the world and people use it every day. >> so, with this being such a
9:47 am
mainstream drink these days, do you have genuine concerns about the amount people are using in their days? >> well, you know, i'm one of those people i have to have it. coffee makers, you make it up the night before. when i come down, it's ready. i cannot wait. so yes, it does work for lot of people. but you shouldn't use it like anything else, in excess. >> let's move to the topic of women and exercise. this is a study out of the university of south carolina at columbus where there was a six-week training program. it showed that they were able to relieve stress, anxiety disorderer in women. first of all, what is anxiety disorder and is it applicable only to women? >> well, it's generalized anxiety disorder and is more common in women. when you have this constant worry or tension almost all the
9:48 am
time that really doesn't have any reason to be there. so, women, there were p 30 of them, and they divided them into three groups. women who were on medication and some they gave resist stance training, cycling and some they didn't have them do anything extra in terms of exercise. we know that when you exercise, you release all kinds of good things in your body, endor fins, cortisol levels. everything is much better with exercise. it's not surprising they felt better having exercised. probably people who don't have the disorder feel better. >> in this study, it's a take away that women are not exercising as much as men or is it that women bottle up their stress more? >> these are women who were diagnosed previously with a real disorder. and they added something to their routine medication and it made a difference.
9:49 am
i think for all of us, to exercise allows you to release stress. i think the reason they chose women was this is a disorder that occurs more commonly in women than men. >> thank you for your time. we're going to go now to a rather unusual friendship. this is a story from kenya about a baboon and a bush baby. the 6-year-old female baboon looks out for the young baby and it's almost like the baboon has become the mother. these two have become inseparable. cute, huh? yeah. ♪ >> ( rooster crows ) >> by 2020, 50 billion network devices will roam the earth. that's seven devices per person. this will change how we work in ways we've never before imagined.
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the battle over the debt creeling is racing towards a deadline in washington.
9:53 am
president obama's administration says the debt limit has to be raised soon or the u.s. could default on its obligations. the republicans want a deal to include major debt reduction measures. joining me this morning, rim ck newman, good morning. >> the debt ceiling is a self-imposed limit on how much money the u.s. government can borrow. the u.s. government has bumped into it over and over. congress every time has raised the debt ceiling which is why we have so much debt now. right now the creeling is 1 $.3 trillion. we're almost there, which is why we're having a big drama overt sum cher is going to climax around the end of july or so. >> what is the harm of raising the debt ceiling? >> there's no harm in it right now but republicans are adamant about we need to cut spending. there's a growing consensus that, yes, we need to cut spending. the u.s. government borrows 40% of all the money it spends.
9:54 am
it's extremely unlikely that congress will not renew the debt ceiling. it's going to renew the debt ceiling but we're in a phase of brinksmanship. they have going to use it as a bargaining tool to get as much as they can in terms of spending cuts. >> what would happen if it were not raise. >> the u.s. government would lose 40% of its income. 40% comes from borrow, 60% comes from tax revenue. it would have to figure out what to cut. everybody talks what if the government defaults on its debt? that is so extremely unlikely, it's almost not something a legitimate concern now. but this is part of the picture in terms of the issues that the government is going to have to figure out. they'll have to figure out down in washington over the next several years. >> what would a default look like? what would happen to the government? >> default means that the u.s. government stops paying the interest on all the treasury securities that it has already issued. which means people who invested
9:55 am
in that suddenly would not be getting their money back which would be a complete catastrophe for the global economy. this is considered the safest security in the world. and if the safest security in the world is no longer safe, then nothing is safe. we would have a financial panic far beyond what we saw in 2008. that's why it's unlikely to happen. washington can fix this problem. we're just arguing over the details, basically. >> when you talk about the brinksmanship right now, how much do the republicans have in terms of their ability to really maneuver in this when, as you say, if you put this out there, it's going to get raised. >> it's a high wire act. the republicans don't want to create any kind of financial panic. there's a wink and nod game going on right now with wall street ceos where there are unpublicized meetings between republicans in washington and wall street people saying don't worry, we're not going to tank the entire u.s. economy and the global economy. we're going to work this out
9:56 am
somehow. in the meanwhile, we'll go through this public act of bringing it right up to the wire. so if this were really hitting the markets, i think we'd see a quick resolution. the markets are basically brushing it off, saying we're almost certain there are not going to be any kind of default, real risk of default this time around. >> the secret meetings between wall street ceos and members of the republican party are they on the same page or do they have different perspectives. >> i think they have different perspectives. hey, guys, just fix the problem, will you? we recognize that you need to cut -- spending needs to get cut and taxes need to go up, too. the ultimate solution is going to be a mix of both. business leaders want to see the problem fixed so they know what's going to happen in the next year or two, three and four. a lot of them look at washington and say this is ridiculous what we see going on there, because if we try to run a business like this, we'd be up and down and we'd be bankrupt. why can't they fix it in
9:57 am
washington? that's the nature of politics. >> rick newman. thanks for that. >> thanks, alex. >> in our next hour, he was a champion in the ring but fell victims to demons outside of it. former boxing legend sugar ray leonard is talking about his biggest victory. and we'll bring you up to date in the casey anthony trial and the most crucial testimony. stick around. you're watching "msnbc saturday." like a venus flytrap. like a black hole. like a black hole in a venus flytrap. then it disperses them, like a t-shirt cannon. like a snowblower. like polyisobuta mides. okay, like a snowblower. sounds powerful. stops small particles. from becoming big problems. do you always&? yes. right. help stop deposits before they start with castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering.
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