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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 7, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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threatened the gadhafi dictatorship with military action. olive branch? will senate democrs in wisconsin send a letter from the hideout to the governor, we're not coming home but willing to talk. we have the governor's reaction to that letter. could a scandal involving britain's prince andrew overshadow the royal wedding? william's uncle's friendship with a convicted pedophile is rocking the royal family. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the soaring price of gas and what we're paying at pump. gas prices inched up yet again. nationwide average for regular rose to $3.5051 a gallon, up another penny since yesterday. a month ago, regular gas was $3.12. a year ago, it was $2.75. that people were paying on average for a gallon of gas. the white house now says it is considering tapping the nation's strategic oil reserves to
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hopefully bring down prices. >> the issue of the reserves is one we're considering. is it something that only is done and has been done on very rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. and it is just not the price. >> we have complete coverage with msnbc's richard wolffe at the white house. but joining us, first, gasoline and oil industry analyst, andy lapal, president of lapal oil associates. >> thanks for having me. >> the average is $3.51. i was in los angeles, i saw gas $4.50. what do you make of what we're seeing and factoring in the continued violence in libya? >> well, of course the gasoline prices are reflecting a 25% increase in crude oil prices since the middle of february and reaction to the turmoil in the middle east. and the biggest fear that the market is seeing or looking for
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is, will this turmoil that has cut oil production in libya spread to countries like saudi arabia and iran, who are the biggest oil exporters in the middle east. >> we're going to talk with richard wolffe about the white house reaction but we just played that sound bite from bill daley, who was on "meet the press," he said he has a number of factors to consider before tapping into the reserve. what are the factors that need to be considered. >> one of the facts is, are we going to actually have a supply shortage here in the u.s. as well as, is it going to have a lasting economic harm to various vectors of the economy. those would be the main two reasons. >> and what, when you factor in right now we're in the spring season, close to spring, where people will perhaps take holiday breaks for spring break with their children and then soon summer will be upon us, and eknow the rule at summer, gas prices go up with the change of the weather. >> well, the gas prices go up from the winter to the summer because we have to change the
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formulation. >> the blend. >> and it's more expensive in the summertime. the good news is, is that gasoline stocks are adequate, and if we look at the whole world supply and demand, crude oil demand goes down during the second quarter. so there will be a little bit of a respite from the tenseness of the overall supply/demand situation. >> i'm the type of person, i've tried to look at best-case scenario but in this case you want to look at worst-case scenario. is it possible we will see gas prices beyond an average of $4 a gallon on average in this country by the summer, if the crisis in libya continues? >> well, if the crisis in libya were to spread throughout the middle east, yes, you'll see prices between $4 and $5 a gallon. if the price -- the crisis is contained to libya, probably not. >> all right. andy, thank you very much for joining us. i want to bring in msnbc's richard wolffe, he's at the white house.
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richard, we heard from bill daley. is the white house getting pressure about the gas prices especially when people are struggling to get footing with the economy? >> reporter: the pressure comes from public opinion more than political pressure points inside washington and that's why you're hearing the white house sending out a mixed message in a way, saying this is an option of consideration in term of tapping the strategic reserve but it doesn't, when you follow up with other inquirinquiries, it doesn sound like it's active consideration. it may be on the table but that's where it's sitting now. >> what would be the deciding factor to tip it from just sitting 0 the table, as you put it? would it boil down to public complaint of what people are paying at gas pump? >> reporter: there is an economic impact for higher gas prices. i don't think we've reached the trip wire moment. if they are looking with any historical rigor at what happened with the bush administration or the clinton administration when they tapped the strategic reserves, they'll know there is a temporary
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respite if that at all. so the economic impact of going to the reserve is limited in that sense, and i do think this is about showing concern and saying they are looking at different policy options more than really having the ability to affect gas prices at the pump. >> richard wolffe, live at the white house. thank you. now to the crisis in libya, where pro-gadhafi forces launched fierce air and ground assaults against rebel fighter. the attacks by gadhafi's troops were aimed at stopping a rebel advance toward the capital of tripoli from the east. the rebels say they'll regroup and bring in heavy weapons. their immediate goal to capture gadhafi's hometown of sirtae. president obama just today, a few hours ago addressing the latest violence in libya. >> we've got nato, as we speak, consulting in brussels around a wide range of potential options, including potential military
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options. >> president did not say what those military options would be, though there's growing pressure from lawmakers, including some democrats, for a no-fly zone. the president announced another 15 million in u.s. hume humanitarian aid for tens of thousands of people fleeing libya. late developments in the budget stand-off we've been watching in wisconsin. minutes ago, republican governor scott walker, highly critical of a letter he received today from the leaders of wisconsin 14's democratic senators. the letter read, quote, i would ask you and your authorized representatives agree to meet with us near the wisconsin-illinois boarder to formally resume serious discussions as soon as possible. governor walker's response to that letter -- >> that's why this letter is just absolutely redk l lly ridie and time again we met the person who wrote the letter, mark
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miller, standing in the way of the process. we need to have a change to move this forward. >> nbc's john yang joins us live. you send a letter and someone calls it ridiculous, no matter what you included with it. reports that maybe the democrats were willing to come back into the state of wisconsin, return, and now collectively saying that is not so. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. both sides have dug in pretty hard, pretty tough in this stand-off, which is now going into its fourth week. the democrats say that they will not go back. the democrats are getting a lot of pressure from the unions in wisconsin, the public works are union and also other unions in wisconsin to stay out as long as possible. but they want to avoid lay-offs. of course, last friday the governor sent the 30-day notice to unions he was intending to lay off 1500 workers, those lay-offs won't take effect until april 4th. republicans, on the other hand are dug in in the senate, pretty
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hard, because their colleagues in at sembly, the lower chamber, state house, have already passed the budget bill and if they make any changes it would leave the republican colleagues hanging out, having made this tough vote, only to have the land shift underneath them. public opinion is really running very strongly in wisconsin, against the governor in his budget plan. 65% in a new poll out from the conservative wisconsin public research institute, 65% say the governor should compromise rather than stand firm, although 51% so day that they think they disapprove of the democrats staying out of the state. at the same time, half of the people in poll say they don't think that the governor's proposals have anything to do with the budget. they think, in this poll, 50%, think this is union busting. >> the next big date -- >> reporter: the real deadline -- sorry? >> i was saying we're going to
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say the same thing, the next big deadline would be april 4th, when lay-offs are supposed to take effect. john, thank you very much for the report out of chicago. days before a controversial hearing in washington on so-called homegrown terrorists there's a debate over whether it unfairly targets muslims. hundreds of people protested in times square, new york city yesterday, calling hearings a witch hunt. congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee, says jihadists are being recruited from the muslim community right here in this country. >> i don't see how i have any choice. i have to investigate, number one, how extensive is the radicalization, how is it done? what are the signs of radicalization? and how much is the leadership of the muslim community cooperating with law enforcement to root out this radicalization? >> joining me now, from the center for study of islam and democracy. thank you so much for joining
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me. what do you make of -- >> great to be with you. >> -- congressman king's argument, we're not getting enough assistance from people in the muslim community to try to fight off terrorism? >> well, that's just not true, tamron. the american-muslim community has been at the vanguard of fighting against terrorism, not only here within our own country, but even abroad in the arab and muslim world. we have been condemning and denouncing terrorism and those associated with it, and i think congressman king is just plain wrong when he says that the american muslim community has not been cooperating with law enforcement in this country. we feel that this is an outrage, not only an insult, not only against our country, but against our religion, too, and i can tell you that i, personally, have been promoting democracy and tolerance abroad in the arab
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world and the muslim world for the past 12 years, even before 9/11, which is the best antidote to violence and terrorisms, is to promote freedom and democracy. >> i want to play another clip of what congressman king had to say in defense of the hearings. >> i'm hoping that this will open a door to show how extensive the radicalization is and encourage moderate muslims to come forward and play more active role in their community. i don't think the current leadership is doing a good job. >> there are about 7 million muslims in america. you heard peter king say that he doesn't bloelieve the current leadership is doing a great job. has congressman king ever reached out to you or anyone you know in leadership roles, to sit and have a dialogue before getting to the hearing process? >> no, he has not. and that's what's disturbing about this. i know a lot of leaders of other american-muslim organizations and they have not heard from
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peter king. in fact, congressman king has very little credibility in the american-muslim community because he said, yefseveral yea ago, he believes there are too many mosques in the united states. his problem, clearly, according to this statement, is not just with terrorism, it it is with mosques, it is with islam itself. >> what is your fear of what could happen. after these hearings? >> well, my fear is that these hearings will turn into a political circus and will only, you know, strengthen fear in the country, strengthen stereotypes and bigotry in the country. the last year, 2010, has been a very, very tough and rough year on muslims in america. and i think this -- these hearings will make it worse. the best ally that we have in this country are the american-muslims in this country who can play an important role
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in isolating the extreekimists promoting real peace and toll reince in this country and it is funny, it is ironic, that these hearings are happening at a time when we are having democratic and peaceful revolutions in tunisia in egypt, in libya, in bahrain, in yemen. people look all over the muslim world calling for freedom and democracy and human rights, yet here in america we have congressman king calling for, you know, bigotry and hatred. >> i know we'll be talking with you leading up to this hearing and reaction. why bradley manning, the soldier accused of leaking secret documents, has been ordered to sleep naked in jail. what his supporters are saying about the actions taken against him. plus -- tough love. a tstar basketball player buste on drug charges. his team suspends him. it's his father's reaction
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welcome back to "news nation." there's new controversy over the treatment of wikileaks suspect bradley manning. supporters have questioned the treatment of manning, just last week charged with 22 new counts, including aiding the enemy. jailers are now forcing private manning to strip down and sleep naked at night. joining me now, nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. so, mik, explain to us why he's being forced, according to this report to sleep without his clothing. >> reporter: tamron, u.s.
2:18 pm
military officials, marines in quantico, acknowledge that in fact they are forcing pfc bradley manning to sleep in the nude, and even during the morning, he has to stand at attention at the door of his cell, he is standing there in front of everyone naked, and it's some time after that that they give him his clothing back to at least wear them during the day. now military and pentagon officials say what happened, apparently some time last week, is that manning, some say it was a joke, but the ma reasons say they have to take it seriously, manning apparently joked that he could actually use the elastic in the waistband of his underwear to hang himself. and that, according to pentagon and military officials was sufficient cause to take away all his clothing and they're going to continue to do that, apparently, for this foreseeable future. >> mik, you know some of his supporters have long said that private manning was being
2:19 pm
treated inhumanely, bringing questions of the solitary confinement. is there a concern that this may appear to be unjust treatment, given the charges and obviously some strong opinions on both sides regarding this young man? >> reporter: i have talked to some people in the military who believe that this action by the marines at quantico is more punitive than it is protective. and the lawyer for manning brought up a pretty good point, actually, when he said, look, if manning is such a serious threat to himself, then he shouldn't be left alone at any time in a jail cell and he should be at a different facility where he can undergo some kind of mental health observation and counseling. nevertheless, the marines are sticking to their guns in this case. here at pentagon we're told civilian pentagon officials, including the counsel's office, continue to monitor the situation, are in a constant dialogue with the marines down there at quantico, but like that dialogue, this is a continuing
2:20 pm
story. >> nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski, thank you so much. coming up -- sarah palin's parents fear for their family's safely. what's going therein? we'll have an update on this story for you. plus -- beyonce and michelle obama, it's not the first time they paired up but this time the superstar's using her dance moves to help troducinhoney bunc hesof oats, r. there's nothing like it! the only cereal with 1, 2, 3 kinds of raisins and crunchy multigrain flakes. you gotta try new honey bunches of oats raisin medley. [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance.
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2:24 pm
capitol hill. the banks feel they're being scapegoated here. >> reporter: yeah, they absolutely do. we have to say that this is not a settlement. this is not a deal. this is just about an hour, state attorney general, tom milk heading up the investigation into the robo signing scandal, will present his fellow 49 state ags with a document. this is a term sheet that he sends out to banks last week. it outlines new methods, new guidelines for foreclosures and loan modifications. it does not have in it any number that is any $20 billion or $25 billion settlement or fines, penalties that the banks could pay, but that's the big talk around washington, how much will they have to pay and will that go into a fund that would go toward writing down loan principal, that is, lowering the amount of a troubled borrower's mortgage? as you said, about 100 protesters showed up in downtown washington at meeting place of the 50 state a.g.s. they say the banks acted
2:25 pm
criminally. they want to see a strong settlement with principal write-down for millions of mortgages. they say it's not enough to change the way they modify loans or change the procedures of the foreclosure practices. they want to see lower loan balances because of so many borrowers under water on their loans. but again, that's a slippery slope. banks are arguing if you give principal write-down to one borrower, there's a thousand behind them claiming they should get their loan reduced, too, and present more borrowering saying i can't pay my mortgage because they want the reduction in principal. there's no settlement as of yet. >> as you pointed out, it's a tough one. as i mentioned you've got 5 million americans at risk of losing homes just this year. might these protesters in the end have a major impact? when you see them especially showing up in large numbers and hear outrage for those who could not show up today, you hear it across the country. >> well, yeah. every one of these meetings that
2:26 pm
we go to, any time you see the banks holding large-scale modification events you see protesters. they will show up wherever they can. again, it's a voice for the millions of borrowers out there who need help. again there are a lot of programs in place right now, loan modification programs, the banks are out there, actively trying to modify these troubled loans. but as politicians have said, and as the banks have said, there are simply some folks who will not be able to afford these mortgages, they overstretched, too far under water on their loans, that is they owe far more than their home will be worth, least in the next ten years, and some will not be able to be saved. the question is, what more can the banks do? what can the state a.g.s and the federal regulators to do force banks to help borrowers? >> diana olick, thank you. ahead -- could a scandal involving prince charles' brother, williams' uncle, overshadow the royal
2:27 pm
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man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. welcome back to "news nation." decision 2012 in the next few hours. five potential republican presidential candidates are appearing in iowa. plus, new details on president obama's re-election campaign. beyonce and the first lady, she performed, beyonce, at the inauguration. why are they teeling up now. britain's prince andrew is under fire for his relationship with a convicted pedophile. will the scandal overshadow the royal wedding? today's "news nation" gut check. the naacp plans to honor kid rock but why has the confederate flag become become an issue in
2:31 pm
the hon sneer john ensign's political future, a republican source with knowledge of the decision confirms to nbc news that senator ensign will announce he's retiring. he will finish out the rest of his term but not seek re-election, according to the source. he's expected to make the formal announcement at a news confri d conference in 30 minutes. he is under investigation by senate ethics committee for allegedly helping the aide land work as a lobbyist. we'll have more reaction to senator ensign's upcoming aannouncement in 30 minutes. now to 2012. "the washington post" reports that by next month president obama's re-election team could firmly be in place, and the president could be the first candidate to spend $1 billion on his campaign. meantime in iowa, tonight a group of rumored presidential hopefuls are gathering for what's being called a presidential forum. the list includes newt gingrich, tim pawlenty, rick santorum,
2:32 pm
buddy cane. mitt romney hinted that he might be running. >> the next president's going to have to clean up the red tape and the bureaucracy and the mess that's been left behind by this administration. it's simply choking the job creation in our country. and i should tell you, i like president obama. but he done have a clue how jobs are created. >> joining me now, democratic strategist and msnbc analyst, karen finney and danny vargas. good to see you. danny, i'll start with you. it's interesting that romney used the word choking and some say that's what republican potential candidates are doing in that they're dithering was the woshd urd used in "the washn post" to announce that they are going to run. what about we haven't seen any front-runners coming knowing about the president cam ain't?
2:33 pm
>> es ththis one of the most wi open races. we have nothing less than 15 candidates testing the waters, checking to see if they can win a primary, if president obama's beatable in 2012 and seeing if not if they can position themselves to have a strong race in 2016. i would classify them in three categories. the populist, the pragmatists and the libertarians and we've got a number of folks, i think republican traditionally look at whose turn is it next? if that's the case, mitt romney's probably positioned to be that. but a lot of pragmatic governors vying as we as a few libertarians. you've got some dark horses in the race as well. >> let me follow up on your comparison of dipping your foot in the water. om poi some point you know you have to jump in the water. how much longer can hopefuls wait around? by all accounts people assume mitt romney will certainly run. to your point the field is open.
2:34 pm
>> i think we'll see over the next two to three month as number of candidates stepping up and making aexploratory committees more formal so they can begin collecting money. and getting involved some of the conventions and some of the primary-related events out there throughout the country. you've got interesting candidate, people like gary john so, from new mexico, mitch daniels, hayley barber, there are a number testing the waters more from a visibility perspective. i don't think sarah palin's going to run, for example. >> right. >> but i think she's getting visibility. >> people agree with you on that. danny brings up the money. $1 billion campaign. the obama folks are getting ready for this and getting ready in a big way. >> that's right. look, i think it's very clear that president obama and his soon-to-be official campaign understand that this is going to be a tough race and they're not taking any voter or any vote for
2:35 pm
granted, and i think that's a good thing. i think they recognize they're going to have to work hard and whoever the republican candidate is, is likely to be formidable. one thing i'd say on the republican side, though, is that at some point you have to get in because a lot of the big donors get locked up quickly. so you know, at this point a lot of people are saying they might get in, just as a matter of i think getting themselves on television. but at some point you do have to show if you're serious if people are going to write that check. >> in that "the washington post" article, it cites the strategy by the obama administration focusing on states, for example, arizona, now that john mccain is not a candidate, they see that state is winnable. not wanting it all to rest on florida, for example, as well. >> right. that's true. arizona was a state last time where we actually came pretty close, closer than we ever have before and one of the hallmarks of the strategy last time was that this campaign was very clear that they had multiple
2:36 pm
paths to 270, the magic number you need to get to win. and again, i think what they're trying to do is make sure that they are well covered to, again, have multiple path ways to get to 270, so they're not dependent on any typical number of states. >> let's not forget also the census figures have come out and we'll have redistricting taking place and states have picks up seats, states hurting from an economic perspective. and the demographic shift has also been very important. some of the states that have picks up seats are also states that have picked up, for example -- >> i think the demographic changes will help democrats not republicans if republicans keep up with the bigotry go on. >> we'll see who's right. in the end, we've got to get eight candidate on the other side so we can talk in more specific terms. a high school basketball team tries to move forward after
2:37 pm
a devastating tragedy. that tops our look around the "news nation." the boy's basketball team in michigan, they're going to play tonight at a playoff game without their teammate, wes len in order. the 16-year-old collapsed, you might recall, died suddenly last week, after sinking a game-winning shot. an autopsy found that the young man died from an enlarged heart. the game will be played at a nearby college to accommodate the larger crowd expected to show up and support these kids. space shuttle "discovery" left the international space station for the first time about it left this morning after spending nine daze stocking up the station with supplies. it is the shuttle's final flight. new eruptions at one of the most famous active volcanos. kilauea began spewing hot lava saturday after the floor collapsed. kilauea has been erupting constantly for almost 30 years. defense secretary gates is
2:38 pm
in afghanistan on an unannounced visit. secretary gates greeted on his arrival by top u.s. commander in that country, general david petraeus. gates is there to assess the progress of the now 10-year-old war. he also met with president ma ha m hamid karzai. he said plans to withdraw troops in july remain on track. >> no decisions on numbers have been made in my view we'll be well-positioned to begin drawing down some u.s. and coalition forces this july, even as we redeploy others to different areas of the country. >> during the news conference, gate as poll guis apologized fo accidental death of nine afghan children last week. president karzai did accept the apology. "the washington post" reports a shift in u.s. strategy involving programs that set ambitious goals for improving lives of afghan women. raising concerns whether the u.s. is backing down on helping those women. joining me is donald steinburg,
2:39 pm
deputy administrator for the u.s. agent of international development which oversees the program in question. thank you for joining us. >> delighted to be here. >> it's interesting. when the war started, there were many priorities. but one of them was the conversation about the women in afghanistan and their treatment, now here we are ten years latering in the tarl talks about how a land reform program originally had rules in place that would help benefit women na that country and those have been removed, as the gender equality if i can call it that issue, in that country has died down. passions behind it are no longer there. >> well, the passion behind it at usaid is clearly there and within the administration as well. we recognize that women are the key to building a lasting peace, security, and stability in that country, and that's one of the reasons we've doubled the assistance since the end of the last administration. we also have put together new
2:40 pm
programs in education, in food security, in economics, in health programs for women. we're delighted that 2.5 million girs a girs a girls are backed aschool, compared to no one in school ten years ago. so we have seen some progress. but we've got a long way to go. >> what about the report here that there was 140 million land reform program, some requirements specific to remote women's rights but when we saw the system overhauled, none of those concrete rule as plied anymore regarding women's rights. >> well, the project was pulled back, largely for technical reasons, and it was cut substantially and the focus was changed, as well. and in the new project, the emphasis on women indeed was somewhat diminished but we have more than compensated for that in other programs that we've
2:41 pm
done. >> is the reality here simply, and i hate to use that word simply, because so many lives are at stake, but it is the focus for so many americans when will our troops come home, as opposed to the situation of the afghan women? >> no, absolutely not, because the situation of afghan women is the key to getting american troops home. unless we can encourage stability, unless we can encourage social progress, unless we can encourage economic growth, we will face instability in that situation. and women are key to each and every one of those priorities. >> donald steinburg, greatly appreciate you joining me. still ahead, charlie sheen could be heading to a court as early as tomorrow in his fight to regain custody of his kids. he says it is a priority. we'll have more on charlie's wild weekend. but first, a lot going on today. some things we thought you should know. sarah palin's parents say they fear for their family's safety. they say the palins have been
2:42 pm
targeted with numerous death threats since the alaska governor emerged on the national stage. quote, we sleep with the guns. and president obama and first lady started the week off with a visit to school. they attended a parent-teacher conference for the youngest daughter, 9-year-old sasha. beyonce teaching middle school students across america some of her famous parent-approved moves. the star is teaming up with the first lady to fight childhood obesity. beyonce rerecorded one of her songs for students to perform as a choreographed dance exercise. part of flash mob part workout video. students across the u.s. will perform it on may 3rd at 1:42 p.m. exactly. can't wait to see it. ♪
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[ female announcer ] introducing purina one beyond, a new food for your cat or dog. i'm martin bashir, at the top of the hour, homegrown terrorists. will this week's congressional hearings do more harm than good? the 80-year-old woman who has become charlie sheen's best, new friend. >> it is one of those stories that it kind of what would you do moment. after police busted washington state cougar's basketball star clay thompson in his driveway for marijuana possession, the college suspend him from play. for most parents news of the suspension would have stayed private. but that was not the case for clay's father, michael. instead, the form l.a. laker and team radio announcer took to the airways to talk about how angry
2:47 pm
and ashamed he was of his son's behavior. >> he suspend indefinitely. we don't know if he's going to play in the pac-10 tournament next week. he got what he deserved. i spoke with the coach, i apologized to the coach and told him, you know o. owe an apology to everybody, coaches, teammates, student at washington state. i thought you have to be a man and man up. besides what time does class start? class starts at so10:00. i say you better go to class and say something. man up and face this. hide for the week and make it worse. >> do you think he's in class? >> you bet, he's in class. >> michael thompson went on to talk about his son and say how ashamed he was, two other siblings never got involved in drugs and warns parents to spy on your kids. police found two grams of pot in thompson's car friday.
2:48 pm
clay's arrest coombs as the cookers are tcook doingers are trying to make it to the ncaa tournament. cougars lost that game. so people are talking about this example of tough love from a parent. a royal scandal is abreuing. 53 days before the royal wedding. prince andrew is being slammed in the british tabloids for his connections to an american sex phon offender, jeffrey epstein. prince andrew visited epstein's florida home, the two photographed together after his release from prison. i'm joined by nbc's michelle kosinski in london. and, michelle, i was reading some information that epstein may have had a tie to sarah ferguson. what can you tell me about the scandal there? >> reporter: exactly. this started out as something of an embarrassment for prince andrew but it's expanded into more of a mess. that's because prince andrew serves as an unpaid special envoy for trade for the british
2:49 pm
government. when he was photographed with jeffrey epstein in new york in december, it raised questions why is prince andrew hanging out with this guy. now it turns out that jeffrey epstein paid off some of the debt of prince andrew's ex, sarah ferguson and she brought a lot of embarrassment on to the family last year caught on tape, a sting operation set up by a journalist, trying to sell access to her ex-husband. tonight, she has issued a profuse apology to one of the london newspapers saying it was enormous, gigantic error of judgment that she allowed this man to pay her bills though she never had contact with him and reportedly prince andrew is saying, yes, this was unwise and he's vowing to server ties with epstein. members of parliament are clamoring he stepped down in his role as envoy though the british government says he has their backing at this point. >> wow. michelle kosinski, live in london. yet something more involving
2:50 pm
this family that overshadows a little bit the wedding. charlie sheen is gearing up for court battle over his children. maybe as early as tomorrow. gwyneth paltrow could be signing a major deal not for a movie but i bet you can guess what it was. courtney hazlett. charlie sheen, live streaming from his mansion over the weekend. >> to the chagrin of many fans. it was a sad display of what charlie sheen can do. thursday night his twoin boys removed from his home. rumors that he ex-wife brooke mueller worked out some sort of verbal agreement that would allow for him to see his boy united states because there is a restraining order in place keeping him from there. parentally that's not the case because word is charlie sheen's attorneys have told brooke's attorneys they'll see them in court to try to work something out. >> we'll see. poor children in the middle after all of this. >> exactly. as their father's popularity
2:51 pm
continues to grow, he reached more than 2 million twitter followers. so i mean, this machine shows absolutely no signs of stopping. >> is he planning to sue cbs? he wants to go to work and he may make a move there legally. >> there are rumors about that and rumors within the industry as well he might have a case. it's the crew who doesn't have a contract for the entirety of the season. they're freelance workers. the show stops, so does the money. charlie sheen had a contract for the season. >> gwyneth paltrow, best friend beyonce. she may be getting into the music business. >> atlantic records might be interested in a deal with gwyneth paltrow. recently, we know that she sang in country strong. >> the movie. >> a movie. she played a country music star. also at the oscars singing one of the oscar nominated songs, at the grammys, singing "forget you." i asked people to weigh in. not a lot of people have love
2:52 pm
for gwyneth as a recording artist? >> they don't. >> they want to see her stick to acting. >> no one saw "country strong." that's the problem, no one saw it it. >> thank you. it didn't do well in the box office. i shouldn't say people didn't see it. >> just a couple. >> for the entertainment news, logon to if get caught by surprise, always leakguard protection adjusts to sudden changes in flow. no other ultra absorbs faster. so relax, we got you covered. have a happy period. always.
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time for the "news nation" gut check. the detroit chapter of the naacp is taking some heat over the rock star it's honoring. the group plans to give kid rock its great expectation award for the work the singer has done for the city. some are upset because he likes to use the confederate flag in performances. head of detroiters for progress says it's a slap in the face for
2:56 pm
anyone who fought for civil rights in this country. but the naacp says kid rock has consistently lifted up great expectations many persons concerning the future of the city. some supporters will aboycott the ceremony which will happen in may. kid rock has not commented but in the past, kid rock has said that the confederate flag for him represents southern rock 'n' roll, near and dear to him. what does your gut tell you? should the naacp honor kid rock in this situation? go no 30 cast your vote. i'm tamron hall. martin bashir is up next. somewhere in america, a city comes to life.
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