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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 29, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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and congress is back for a lame duck session. will they get anything done for you? >> it's a great suess to watch. i laugh at things i do on the field. >> we love watching him, too. the "news nation" is remembering leslie neilson. the world's reaction of an embarrassing leak to more than 250,000 secret state documents. they give inside information about u.s. operations overseas including how the yemeni government lied about the u.s. involvement in strikes against al qaeda. another document shows saudi arabia repeatedly urged the u.s. to attack and destroy iran's nuclear program. this morning iran's president brushed that off saying we don't give any value to the documents. such acts of mischief have no impacts on relations between nations. the documents also expose harsh name calling of world leaders, even those who are u.s. friends and allies.
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another vain and ineffective. and north korean leader kim jong-il. we have how this could affect our narcotic security. we begin with jim miklaszewski. we have the state department in damage control. we just heard from secretary of state hillary clinton saying she could not confirm or deny these cables, but having a lot more to say about it. >> that's right, tamron. obama administration and pentagon are big into damage control today. hillary clinton, the secretary of state, offered the first on camera public remarks for any obama administration. >> the united states deeply regrets the disclosure of any
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information that was intended to be confidential, including private discussions between count counterparts and our personal observations. >> because many of the leaks involved the state department, the pentagon really hasn't had too much to say about this so far, but they themselves are deep in the damage control today, because the state department quite frankly is pointing the pentagon -- pointing the finger at the pentagon. after all it was a 23-year-old army private first class military intelligence analyst there in baghdad who is accused of actually leaking all this information. he is in custody charged with unlawfully down loading thousands of classified and some he's not accused of this
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formally, but passing them onto woo wikileaks. but the pentagon is talking about the steps they're taking to tighten up their securities. so this kind of thing can't happen again, tamron. >> to your point, the fingers are certainly being pointed to the pentagon. specifically what changes. i've read between 1 million and 3 million people would have had this access. >> according to officials we're talking to today, they'll continue to have that access, but they're going to put tighter controls on them. it is alleged he down loaded this classified these on cds, to computer disks, and therefore many of the systems that have we'll no longer be allowed to
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use those down loaded materials. many of those mechanisms are being disabled on classified computers today. >> savanna, a short time ago the white house ordered agencies to crack down on how much classified information is available. give me more information on the president's reaction to all of this. we just heard from robert gibbs. >> reporter: we did. the administration has ordered it's various agencies to look hard at procedures to safeguard the classified information. a lot of people think there will be a 9/11 type review on how the government information is shared. there was a feeling that sergeantsies need to share information more in order to stop threats. now the pendulum seems to have swung the other direction. a lot of people wonder how this private first class had access to this information and was able to down load it.
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as for the president's reaction. here is what robert gibbs said a few minutes ago. >> the president was, as an understatement, not pleased with this information becoming public. as you have seen, open and transparent government is something the president believes is truly important, but the stealing of classified information and dissemination is a crime. >> reporter: and of course the administration is looking into whether or not wikileaks could be prosecuted for the leak of this information. of course we'll wait and see what happens there. >> a lot of people are asking just who is behind the wikileaks
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website and how did wikileaks get all the documents. thomas roberts is here with a look at two key players in the drama that continues to unfold. >> it's really an interesting background. let's start first with australian born activist, a former computer hacker who says total transparency is the good of all people. he made headlines back in july when he released more than 90,000 classify ied documents. he is able to publish this because his server in sweden has strong laws. he reportedly doesn't have a home telling reporters that he
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travels to from country to country and just stays with friends. he's also been in the news because swedish authorities are investigating him for rape. two women brought forth allegations against him in september. now speaking over video this weekend he praised the good people in the u.s. government who leaked the information. that brings us to the man suspected of giving him the documents. that is bradley manning, an intelligence analyst. he told a former hacker he had seen some horrible things on the server that should be made public and manning then copied tens of thousands of documents on cds labeled lady gaga that the hacker then turned manning in. he was arrested in may on suspicious of leaking the video of u.s. chopper attack on iraq and is still in u.s. custody. wikileaks won't confirm if he has give tennessee site any
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information. and u.s. attorney general eric holder says the leaks put our country in danger in more ways than one. >> it puts at risk our national security, but in a more concrete way. it puts at risk individuals who are serving this country in a variety of capacities, either as diplomats, intelligence assets, puts at risk the relationships that we have with important allies around the world. >> joining me now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish, also an msnbc contributor. so, michael, what is your take on this, especially when you hear eric holder say they will prosecute? >> well, i think they should. i think it's absolutely appalling. the ease with which bradley manning was allegedly reportedly able to use a thumb drive and the lady gaga cd to download all the information. i share in the government's desire and disgust to prosecute
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this individual. some of this is embarrassing and raises questions about the way we're conducting ourselves. not the least of which is the revelation that you have the vice president of afghanistan with literally $52 million in cash during a visit to the united arab emirates. what was he doing with all that money? is it ours? does it speak to the sloppiness which we've been carrying out in the country? there's folks whose feed need to get put to the fire. >> some members of congress are saying the obama administration should try to shut down wikileaks. i don't know how that would be possible. charge them with espionage. congressman from new york wants wikileaks listed as a terrorist organization. is that going too far? >> i don't think he'll be successful in that regard. you know, i read carefully what "the new york times" offered in
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terms of an explanation, which is to say there's a sunlight purpose being served here. shining a light on government. also if we didn't, the guardian and all these foreign sources are going to do so. so my response to congressman king will be the united states government will do whatever it would like. and we're all united in this because of the internet. it has to be a global reaction. i don't think you can stop it. >> good to see you, michael. thank you so much. >> you, too. >> this is the topic of today's news nation text poll. do you think the documents released by wikileaks jeopardized our homeland security. text one for yes, two for no. message and data rates reply. we're going to read your responses later in "news nation." and we're just hours away from the court appearance of a 19-year-old man accused of plotting to blow up a tree-lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. his arrest highlighted a growing problem of reciting home-grown terrorists over the internet.
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plus, pictures for capitol hill where the lame duck congress is back in session with several items, you might say, on their to-do list. but will they really do it? and we kick off a new series called the freshman clang. congresswoman elect fredricka wilson joins the "news nation" to talk about what she hopes to accomplish when she's sworn in. if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering.
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president obama says it is time for the government to get back to work, and he's doing his part by making a tough decision to reduce the deficit. the president today announcing a two-year pay freeze for all civilian really federal workers. the president says the move will save the government $28 billion over the next five years. >> i did not reach this decision
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easily. this is not just a line item on a federal ledger. these are people's lives. we face challenges that will require the cooperation of democrats, republicans and independents. we'll have to budge on deeply held positions and compromise for the good of the country. >> luke russert joins me now. we hear president talking about compromise. we know those within his own party, some democrats in the house are worried the president may encourage too much compromised nation and not getting anything done for democrats or those on the left. >> r right, there's always that fear. if you try to compromise too much. nancy pelosi reiterated she will not give up a lot going forward. in terms of this lake duck congress, tamron, especially what happens in regards to really important things that have to do with americans'
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pocketbooks, unemployment benefits, bush tax cuts and the spending bill. start out with unemployment benefits. they're set to expire tomorrow. there's a $12.5 billion billion that will be taken by the house some time this week, which would give benefits to those who are going to lose them. they are going to face a tough battle in the senate some senate republicans are not convinced they are necessary. saying they're going to add to the deficit. if they do expire tomorrow. 600,000 americans will lose their benefits off the bat. two million for the month of ds. they've already been extended four times this year. they'll need gop help on the senate side. the bush tax cuts is an issue
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that will come up in the meeting tomorrow president obama had with the congressional leadership from both sides of the aisle. democrats will like to see the tax cuts for those earning under $250,000 extended. those only not the highest earners. republicans would like all the bush tax cuts extended. they seem to find a compromise of maybe having that number be a million dollars and below. we do know that some time this week that steny hoyer promised the house would vote on a bill that would only give tax breaks to the middle class, $250,000 and below. they would like to put the gop on the side of voting against middle class tax cuts. last but not least, the spending bill that needs passed by friday. democrats and republicans do believe this will be voted on as a continuing resolution.
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it happens routinely when there's not a real budget. if that doesn't happen, the d.c. government would shut down, but they believe lit pass forward. tamron? >> and ready to take her seat in february is fredricka wilson from south florida. when the house freshman vote was taken on the capitol ten days ago, she stood out in the red dress and one of her signature hats. she's one of the 93 new house members. and congresswoman elect wilson joins me now from miami. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. many say you are a legend in florida. what do you see moving ahead. >> my goals wrap around
2:19 pm
education. and hopefully i'll be reforming race to the top so we don't rely on test scores. i also have a real issue with the way that we allow cell phone usage in our cars and automobiles. i want to pass a bill that if you have a minor in your car, wow will not be allowed to use a cell phone. i also want to work on haiti. the fragile economy in haiti that is so close to our state, and most of the haitians in america reside in district 16. i have a record of working across party lines. i'm from florida. >> that is the big concern so many people have when you look at the house. now it will be a republican-controlled house. that very little will get done. do you have the same worry and
2:20 pm
concern? >> i've had the experience of working with republicans in the house, the senate, and the governor ship. so there has to be compromise. there has to be conversation. you have to remember why you were elected, to represent the people. >> many people out there, and we hear from them when they call and contact us on facebook or twister. they want the compromise. but there's little confidence. there was a new poll before thanksgiving that showed people are in large numbers in disbelief that anything will really change. >> we have to never give up. we have to find change. that's the only way that you're going to help the people that you represent. you have to find a way to compromise. you have to find a way to come to some sort of solution to help the american people.
2:21 pm
if you're constantly bickering and holding up bills, you won't come to any solution. i can't wave a magic wand and make them do it, but i think you can work hard at it. >> i've received several tweets about your hat. i understand that you are trying to get the ruwaived prohibiting wearing hats on the floor. where does that stand? will they let you wear your hat on the house floor? >> you know, i really don't want my hats to overshadow my policy and what i stand for. >> of course. >> but you wear them for a reason. >> but i'm going to let that rest for a while. >> well, they're a part of my outfit. they're a part of me. they have been a part of me for 30 years. i always wear a hat. people never see me without a hat. so i'm going to work on that.
2:22 pm
i don't have a solution right now. i don't have a plan of action, but i'm going to be working on it. we appreciate you joining us today. we look forward to hearing and seeing your work in the house and most of all for me what you will be wearing soon, selfishly. >> thank you for being on. a frantic search is under way for the three little boys last seen the day with their father the day before he tried to commit suicide. an update on these boys. plus -- with a tough economy, will retailers get out of the red and into the black on cyber monday? we'll see how much of you are shopping online today.
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although it's very smart a computer figures out where to put everything. it makes no sense. you have irish breakfast tea next to cutting boards. here you have your glee board game. it all makes sense. you wouldn't want a popular item all in one place, because it would be crowded with carts. here they are put into the area where it's put in boxes and shipped away. got about 450 people working here now on a 12-hour shift. they'll have another 450 come in for the night shift. people in this place can walk as much as 18 miles a day.
2:27 pm
today is their big day. the national retail federation says 107 million americans, that's one in three of us, will shop today, cyber monday. it also says 7 million americans will use their mobile phones to make a purchase. and also they are talking to customers about their satisfaction. online has been great. the mobile experience is only called tolerable. they're saying mobile shopping is about like the web was ten years ago. while it's still growing, it has some growing pains. tamron? and alcoholic whipped cream is flying off store shelves. it has some college campuses worried. should a dairy product really have three beer's worth of alcohol inside?
2:28 pm
is that necessary? and later, remembering lest see neilsen's slapstick humor. >> this woman has to be gotten to a hospital. >> what is it? a big building with patients.
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welcome back to "news nation." a man accused of trying to blow up a tree lighting ceremony in oregon heads to court in a few hours. by tomorrow the government will announce the results of the military survey on repealing don't ask, don't tell. an underground network of gay military members have stepped forward. and in the "news nation" gut check, alcoholic whipped cream. it is causing concern on college campuses because it has the contents of three beers, or the equivalent of that. should this be banned like four loko? or are folks being overly
2:32 pm
sensitive. in two hours the teenager expected of setting off a car bomb in portland over the weekend is scheduled to make his first court appearance 19-year-old mohamed osman mohamud is going to be in court in portland. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. just last month a pakistan-born citizen was charged with blot plotting to bomb washington, d.c.'s subway system. earlier this year faisal fashad was accused of trying to blow up an suv in times square. let's start off with the latest case with this young man. 19 years old. recruited over the internet.
2:33 pm
that seems to be the location where these are recruited. >> the internet is an important part of the recruitment process, as is personal connections and travel to other parts of the world. this guy seems to be primarily recruited by the internet and self generated his own motives. then he was linked up with this undercover agent that brought him to his demise. >> it's on the internet. i don't like to use the word scare, but it certainly makes us aw aware why we should be concerned. one person often talked about is omar yamani. this is a young man from alabama who may now be a leader in somalia. these videos reported to be him all over the internet. >> this guy is particularly troubling. he looks like the all american boy. dated a popular girl in high school, was an athletic guy.
2:34 pm
he was captured by this very compelling argument for jooe had that some people get attached to. he's using the leadership he has not only to cause trouble in somalia, but to recruit americans back here. >> and these young men are valuable to al qaeda and any terrorist organization because they are americans. in omar's case they refer to him as the american. >> that's right, tamron. and they have the ability to communicate well with the americans back here. that's what al qaeda would like to do. they want to recruit americans for back home because they have difficulty moving people like on 9/11. they moved this them from overseas into the united states. so their high priority strategy is to recruit americans. >> in the minneapolis area, you have a great concern with somali-americans who live in that part of the country. there have been reports of 20 or so young somali americans who are recruited and end up in their family's homeland to fight
2:35 pm
and take arms up against the country they grew up in. >> the people of the community in minneapolis reck nitzed the yooutd were zboen and missing. they pieced together information. thought they were recruited to go to somalia. some may have gone for those reason. they become very dangerous when they are back in the u.s. >> many around the same age. 19, 20, early 20s. that impressionable age. in the case of mohamed osman mohamud, they were tipped off by people within the muslim community in that area. >> that's right. 19 seems to be the age where young men are looking for purpose, looking to find meaning. some who are looking find a connection with groups who call for a higher purpose. they recruited their twisted faith, islamic faith, and they join these groups and become
2:36 pm
more dangerous. >> we'll be talking about it sadly today. today south koreans canceled plans for a fire line. north korea targeted a deadly artillery attack last tuesday. amid extremely high tensions to the koreans, joint maneuvers are continuing. ian williams is in south korea with the latest. >> reporter: tamron, south korea and the u.s. are facing a real dilemma, how to send a tough message to north korea without escalating what's an already tension situation we saw that when south korea said they would conduct military operations. they saw it and killed four people. that's a particularly tense area at the moment. the south korea military said they'll be firing the guns into the sea to the south. not towards north korea.
2:37 pm
but then after lunch they announced the cancellation of that drill, saying it would be a misunderstanding with the commander of their forces. i suspect, though, on reflection they just decided it was too provocative. now, we've seen this dilemma as well with president lee today, the south korean president in his first address to the people here. since last week's attack. he wanted to sound tough and apologetic. he said he was sorry it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. he said it had been a brutal attack on that island, and that it was a crime against humanity. he also vowed that if any other attack, if there was further aggression, north korea would pay a price. but, of course, he fell short of announcing any more action now. and didn't say what that price would be. this is -- there are really no good options for south korea or the u.s. at the moment. apart from showing they're united and showing they're strong, which is what this joint drill is all about, which is
quote quote
2:38 pm
about 70 miles to the south of the disputed line. that continues the end of the second day today. they're described as intensive drills, but i think that what we're seeing is that when we're dealing with north korea, especially in this very tension situation, there are no good options, tamron. and a thanksgiving weekend phone call from two american hikers held in iran tops our look at news around the nation. each spoke with relatives for five minutes. bower also spoke with sarah shourd. she was freed in september. the men have been held in captivity since july of 2009. the search is still on for three missing boys in michigan. andrew alexander and tanner skelton vanished on friday. search dogs and planes are being used to try to find the children. police say their dad is a suspect.
2:39 pm
and a 2-year-old man plummets to his death at chicago's soldier field. it happened during sunday's bears/eagles game. some say they saw him jump from the ledge. both his friends and police believe it was a tragic accident. and the pentagon will release a much anticipated report on don't ask, don't tell. the senate armed services committee will hold hearings on the findings later this week. but it is still not clear in congress will repeal the policy. jonathan hopkins is a former u.s. army captain. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tamron. >> first of all, what is outserve, and what's the goal with this organization? >> outserve is an underground network of gay and lesbian activity duty service members serving throughout the united states military. the goal is to provide a voice to 65,000 or so active duty gay and lesbian service members throughout the u.s. military.
2:40 pm
a voice that has been effectively silenced by this law that gags people most affected by it from speaking about the effects. >> i'm told you have about 1,200 members worldwide who are part of this underground network. i imagine offering support and guidance to one another, as you though live in secret. >> right. for a lot of people who serve underseas. they don't get the tount to find out what happened under the law. especially with people serving on submarines. the last thing they heard before they lost contact with the world is okay, it's okay to be out in the military. then the next thing they know it's not. >> now the pentagon will release this report. we know from reporting at msnbc news and nbc. 70% said they would be fine with gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. you still have others, like
2:41 pm
senator mccain who vow to fight on and say this is not the time to repeal don't ask, don't tell. what are your hopes for this hearing and as we move ahead? >> ultimately i hope that people like senator mccain hear the truth. those straight people that know gays and lesbians serving openly come to accept them. they judge the people based on one guide, what is their confidence and character to do the job? it's only when we live in this scenario of enforced ignorance where stereotypes and discrimination are pervasive. >> you were outed on the very day you learned of your early promotion to major. you are the face of the men and women who serve and those who have not been able to serve openly as they are. we appreciate you joining us today. thank you for your service for this country. >> thank you very much, tamron. >> absolutely.
2:42 pm
spooiderman is broadway's mt expensive production ever. but it couldn't fight off the bad reviews from opening night. wait until you hear what happened. here are some things we thought you should know. is america's political hockey mom on par wi? during a recent interview he compared sarah palin to president reagan. he said his former running mate is a force within the republican party. and beware of the big angry man with a camera crew. that's the word on new jersey governor chris christie these days. christie has been creating a stir on the the web with a series of viral videos in which he's publicly berating people from teachers, to taxpayers, members of the press. he films the rants and posts them on youtube. they are hugely popular with conservatives. and the capitol christmas
2:43 pm
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well, the entertainment world today, all of us really, mourns the loss of one of hollywood's leading man who became a comic legend. actor leslie neilsen passed away at the age of 84. al roker looks back at his memorable career. >> reporter: he was responsible for one of the most quoted lines in movie history. can you fly this plane and land it? >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious. and don't call me shirley. >> reporter: for over 6 0 years leslie neilsen delighted audiences, playing anything from romantic heros to bumbling detectives.
2:47 pm
appearing in over 100 films and 1,500 television shows over the span of his career. >> sorry about the way i spoke to you yesterday. >> reporter: neilsen came to hollywood in the '50s after performing in live television productions. >> my orders are to survey the situation. >> reporter: he started as a dramatic actor. playing leading roles in if the forbidden planet." and the posidien adventure. then in 1980, he turned to comedy, becoming one of hollywood's leading men and never looking back. >> i really enjoyed it. i never knew it was as funny as it really was. >> you better tell the captain we have to land as soon as we can. this woman has to be gotten to a hospital. >> a hospital?
2:48 pm
it's a big building with patients. that's not important. >> neilsen bake the master of the movie spoof. >> cigarette? yes, i know. >> his younger fans will remember him from comedies "scary movie 3 and 4." >> let me give you a demonstration. while his roots may have been in drama, there's no question he was content with comedy being his lasting legacy. >> it should be let it rip. excuse me. while movie fans are so child wild about harry and a broadway musical is caught in a web of technical difficulties, let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. >> thanksgiving weekend in my
2:49 pm
family is always meant going to see a movie at some point in time. that was shirly the case in america this weekend. harry potter is still the number one movie out there. tangled, which is a newer version of rapunzel made $49.1 million. that was a big take that surprised people. megamind came in third. $130 million is about what the production budget was, too. it's funny to look at these numbers and think, wow, that's a lot of money, to take another second stand back and say, well, that's what it costs to make it. now they're making more money on top of that for an actual profit. that's what the box office looked like. as far as broadway looked like last weekend, last night was the first preview showing of the new spiderman musical on broadway. this is the highest costing musical broadway has seen.
2:50 pm
estimating to be $65 million in production. >> years in the making. >> years and years in the making. delayed several times so they could get the opening just right. they had to start and stop the show five times. what was weird is they would announce over the mike that they were stopping the show. and the actors would stop in whatever position they were in. it was like a game of red light, green light. there's a lot of the show that takes place on cables suspended from the ceiling so the actors are doing these really elaborate acrobatics above the audience's head. there were issues with the cables. one of them fell down on the audience. i've spoken to people involved with the production. they say in the case of spooider spiderman, they didn't have a chance to run it in smaller venues before broadway. when you're talking that much money, and really big names behind it, they're expecting a
2:51 pm
little more. >> for the latest news, log onto or be a fan on facebook. up next, whipped lightning. alcohol-infused whip cream. it is flying off store shelves. but should this be sold at all? [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain.
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let's go to thomas roberts. you have the results of today's text poll. i have a tweet from kim doyle. she says treasonist and unnecessary for normal every day people to know about. what do you hear there? >> everybody out there had this opportunity over the last hour to tell us what they think. we asked if you thought the documents released by wikileaks jeopardized the homeland security. 60% said yes, tamron.
2:55 pm
only 40% said no. autumn writing in national security is threatened when people are uneducated and uninformed. if you download classified info, both parties should be charged with treason. interesting views there. time for the "news nation" gut check. forget four loko, just when we learned what it was. the latest rage on college campuses. alcoholic whipped cream. the canisters contain 18% alcohol, two or three times more than beer and comes in flavors like chocolate, raspberry and cherry. very popular in florida and boston. the myspace page recommends putting them on jell-o shots. that could be a threat because they hide the taste of large
2:56 pm
amounts of alcohol inside. boston's health department says the alcoholic cream needs to be monitored for abuse. the makers of the one product called cream say they're making sure it is marketed responsibly. earlier this month the fda told the makers of four loko and other alcoholic energy drinks to take the products off the shelves because caffeine and alcohol is not a safe mix. there's no words from the fed regarding this alcoholic whipped cream, but what does your gut tell you? should the feds crack down on this alcoholic whipped cream? is it necessary to have this? or are people complaining being overly sensitive about this? let me know to cast your voe. cenk uygur picks up coverage right after the break. out of the very best america had to offer. ingenuity. integrity. optimism. and a belief that the finest things
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