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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  October 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the show starts right now. nice to see you. up first, fighting fraudclosure. fed upç americans are taking bk their homes. case in point, the earl family in california. changed the locks, kicked them to the curb. th the earls, just one of the millions of stories out there. nine children, six of them adopted and they regularly took in foster kids until their lawyer claims they were wrongfully evicted. the earls did fall behind on their payments. now according to the earls, the banks instead of conducting the
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work out, tried to pull a fast one. bilked them for tens of thousands more than they believed they owned. there was never the need to illustrate the necessary paperwork and basically, were able to finish the deed, change the locks, sell the house before anyone was able to put two and two together. clearly desperate times as banks try to avoid dealing with their inability to prove who owns the house and potential threat they may have to reveal trillions or hundreds of billions that were stuck at fannie and freddie, not in compliance with the government standards set for those loans in the first place cht but more importantly, desperate times for the families who no longer have a place to call home. why our politicians and bankers play dodge ball with the issue. the earls are one family who is
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fighting back. danielle joins us alongside her attorney and i thank both of you. tell us in your own words what happened here. >> well, we were trying to make payments, trying to get caught up on everything. and we thought we we just about there. and when i called to get the amount that we still owed, it was a lot more than i thought it was and then when i ended up making a large sum payment and the amount didn't change, iç demanded an account iing for whe the money went. they sent me a notice of default. >> michael, is this story common in your experience? >> very common. it happens all the time. as bad as you think it is, it's probably about 1,000 times worse.
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>> what we're suggesting, i don't care the number, $25,000, $100,000 owed, you make a payment to that number, thinking it's going to go down. look the next month and the number hasn't changed. is that a good characterization? >> yes, it is. >> actually, the number went up. >> would you elaborate? >> the number went up. they kept increasing, as she made payments instead of decreasing the amount they claim she owed, they kept increasing it. >> did they ever address that? >> no. they didn't. no, and when we got the notice of default like he said, i had just talked to them on the phone a few days before and somewhere in that two days, i owed an almost additional $20,000. so i don't know what happened over those two days. but it seems a lot more than just a regular payment missed.
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so something went terribly wrong. >> did the -- >> the banks aren't owed. it's irrelevant to them. they keep increasing the amount they claim is owed in the hope that the borrower will keep sending them more and more money, become more frightened and that's what they keep doing. they never send an accounting because they can't. they're making it all up and they just pull these numbers out of somewhere and nobody knows where and they keep claiming the homeowner owes more and more money. she sent them a lot of money. over $100,000. she kept sending the money and every time, instead of crediting the loan, they just increased the amount shed and would never explain to her where the money went, how it was applied because they can't.
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they're just making it all up. bank here and do they offer any explanation other than we're making it up? >> no. they offered no explanation whatsoever. they didn't admit they were making it up. we don't know who the bank is and nobody knows. the lender, you know when you say there was an originator of this loan, and when you talking about the banks, you would need to define that because we're talking about financial institutions and as danielle will tell you, she began investigating this herself by going to the public records and all these entities she had never heard of that had nothing to do with her loan whatsoever kept popping up. the name of some are -- any way, people nobody ever heard of. she was rude enough to ask them
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who they are and it was never answer answered. >> i want to ask you guys to hang on for a second. i want to introduce another voice to this conversation. from california to florida we go. we introduced you to nancy. nancy was struggling with her mortgage payments, but not yet at the foreclosure stage, so you can imagine her terror when the bank came to change the locks on her house. in your instance, you do not have to image that it played out on this 911 call. stories like nancy's leading florida's attorney general to start issues subpoenas demanding documentation. matt widener is nancy's lawyer. he says to expect bombshell details once these documents see
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the light of day. what information do you believe will be disclosed? >> i think we're going to continue to find that what these banks have done across this country and the way they victimize consumers is going to fundamentally destabilize real estate markets across the country. i want to give you a lot of credit because you first brought this story to the nation's attention and about the same time, congressmanç allen grays has been calling for attention on these issues, but i want to make it clear that you brought this to the attention of america. since then, congressman grayson has ramped up the heat. we just had a press conference at nancy's property where he demanded investigations of these institutions. >> danielle, if you were to look at real life, aside from the lawyers and politicians, can you
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just give us a sense of how disruptive this has been to your family and life? this is not some sort of tv drama. this is the lives of not only you, but millions of americans. >> oh, absolutely. it has been terribly disruptive. for the last year, we have not known when we are going to be out on the street. where we're going to go when we are and just listening to the coverage that you just did, i had chills and just because we live that, too. that was just -- it's just very scary. and we still -- >> i just wanted to follow up on what mr. widener said. i've heard of him and am glad to put a face with a name. i want to say this as clearly as i can. i don't think i'm overstating the case. this is not only residential. this is commercial. and i say with a high degree of confidence that nobody in this
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country knows for sure who owns any real estate, residential or commercial. the only real estate that we can be sure of where we know who the owner is perhaps somebody who paid off their property before the 1980s when securization started and passed it down. other than that, in my opinion, any property sold from the 1980s until now, nobody knows who owns that property. nobody. >> the banks argue -- >> and --ç according to gretch morganstern at "the new york times," the total amount of money involved is $45.5 trillion. roughly twice the of the u.s.
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stock market and my suspicion is that lawyers will be arguing for the next two, three, four decades about who should pay for that. i don't know that we have that much money, that the government can fund that $45.5 trillion while they try to figure that out. i'm sure that's what they're trying to figure out now. >> i think it's important to note that the american people have. >> reporter: already paid. what's important to urns is that when the government set aside $50 billion, that was intended to provide homeowners assistance, support to get those mortgages modified. instead, we're finding the servicers pocketed that money. the american people gave them support. we bailed they will out and what they're doing is choking
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consumers all across the country with that lifeline now. that's got stop and it's only because people like you reporting this and congressman grayson talking about it that consumers are understanding how violated our rights are. >> the same time, i want to address what michael pines just said, a large magnitude statement to say the least, which is it's important to all of us, we must have a courage to face the truth of the structure of our housing market, the collaboration of the banking system and federal government need to you said that as we revolve this, this, more than anything we have been through so far, including the entire 2008 financial crisis may be the basis for which we will need a resolution trust to reform those banks that have been pretending to be solvent at the taxpayers expense for years and that it is this foreclosure chain that will ultimately reveal the insolvency that has been covered up by the
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absorption of that bad debt into fannie mae, freddie macç and io the federal reserve. matt, do you think the attorney's general, allen grayson, our political leaders are prepared to look into this crisis, which is a cover up for the real issue, which is the housing finance chain coming out of washington, d.c. do you feel there's a political leader ready to do the hard work working this out in an honest and compassionate way in a need to reshuckture this system? >> they're not prepared to do that until they do what you're doing. the quicker we come to grips with this problem and stop avoiding the major problems that exist within our financial system and real estate markets,
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the quicker we'll be on the road to recovery, but the longer we deny this both at the state and national level, the longer this crisis is going to play out. this is an onion and every time you peel back the layer, it just gets stinkier, so what americans have to understand is this is not just about these home e owners in foreclosure. this is about every single american. this is not a republican crisis or democratic crisis. it's an american crisis. we all need to be part of this. >> and a crisis of property right, which is the core prin principle upon which this country was founded. it will be very interesting to see whether the tea party finally steps forward where they refused to an objection to the financial reform fight and step forward to defend property rights at a time when they are clearly in need to have some defense. danielle, my greatest sympathies
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for the suffering in your family as a result of this and compliments to you for the courage to do what you're doing and come out in public and to have the conversation with us. mr. pines, mr. widener, keep us posted on your legal efforts. have a good afternoon. coming up, a conversation with matt miller about the politics of this. where are the republicans and democrats? the federal politicians on the issue of foreclosure? nowhere apparently. meantime, some daytime drama today. an explosiveç fight on "the view." another side of how deliberately misinformed people are when it comes to muslims in america and our real enemy and what used to be called a war on terror, but in some ways appears to have become coopted by those who want to launch a religious war. let's put a stop to it, shall we? plus, rock the vote.
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out to vote for one of the oldest congressional groups we have. the average age now, one of the oldest ever. we start today with an argument on "the view" and an argument about the ground zeroç fmosque revealing disinformation about muslims and terrorists in this country. the guest, bill o'reilly from fox news talking about the mosque and making a comment that prompted two of the ladies to walk off the set. >> inappropriate. >> muslims killed us on 9/11 -- >> you have just seen what should not happen. we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. i love my colleagues.
4:20 pm
let me get to you in a calmer voice. it was extremist. you cannot take a whole religion and demean them cause of what -- >> not demeaning anybody. >> yes, you are. >> o'reilly later insisted he didn't mean all muslims were out to kill us, but still, why do so many americans believe, respond so viscerally deep down that we are indeed not at war with a specific extremist group funded by wealthy saudi arabians through wahabism, but instead, adopt the view that we are at war with all islam. why is it our media hasn't made the distinction? why is it so appealing to go to
4:21 pm
the view that the issue is muslims who want to kill us as opposed to the issue being a very small group of highly funded individuals largely from the second in saudi arabia that want to kill us. let's bring in our panel. dave weigel from denver and mark scott with the "washington examiner." mark, if you were to assign, i don't want to say blame. if you were to assign responsibility going forward to making the refined distinction i believe is so necessary in order to do this between all@%um1%5m and radicalized, well-funded wahabi muslims who have a distimgt track record of terror, how could it be better? >> perhaps because the american
4:22 pm
media, excluded when i say this, have as they always do, assume that all americans are ignorant biggots. that was exem fied a few weeks ago. everybody needs to step back and remember a specific group of radical jihadist muslims with a specific ideology are trying to kill us. that's a the issue. >> clearly, so that is the issue. at the same time, dave weigel, there seems to be a cognitive d disdint in the media and a variety of political environments where it's easier to generate the fear when there's a lot of them. and when you have a war the
4:23 pm
scale that we have and i say it's really just a specific group funded by wealthy saudi arabians -- how do we improve this from here? >> well, as you said, i'm in denver. i've been on the trail. i haven't heard this much recently, but when it has, it seems like another example of politicians and voters both extrapolating the problems we have into much bigger problems that make them feel helpless. instead of getting granular about the economy, we talk about socialism. what we have to do in afghanistan, which is an unfun discussion, this is something michael talked about yesterday. it's how islam is out to get us. there's a failure on multiple levels. the mainstream media is not that bad about this, but a lot of the
4:24 pm
talk media and politicians end up hyping this up.[ @r(t&háhp % >> let's make distinctions and help others, too. the president pushing to get young voters out to the polls. in fact, hosting an mtv town hall, airing a new tv ad, trying to recapture the magic. >> two years ago, you defied the conventional in washington. we cannot sit this one out. >> well, a new poll shows just 44% of young people approve of the job he's doing. that is down from 60% a year ago. one reason why many of those young people are out of work. the unemployment work for teens and adults, the highest of any demographic in our country. 15%. those between 25 and 34, 10%. it is a massive problem and goes to the lack of treatment of it
4:25 pm
and in my view, a failure to deal with the banking system, which is at the core of this extraction. can he get them to overcome their disgruntlement at his perceived failure to deliver the change he promised, dave? >> i don't really think so because you already mentioned the economic issue. over the summer, unemployment in people 16 to 24 and some of the higher end were very excited about barack obama. that was close to 50%. young voters were especially optimistic about barack obama. african-american and young voters had the most invested in him as a transformtive figure. things like failing to pass don't ask don't tell repeal, things we don't hear much about on the campaign trail, even war on drugs, other issues young voters are promised the moon on,
4:26 pm
they haven't seen any deliverance. the economics, maybe later, but on the grand hopes of a new democratic president closer to their age, they're not going to be stied. >> obama's best seems to be, i may have not delivered to you what i promised, but they won't either. >> the promise is not that he walked an water, but the promise to take muddy waterç and turn into gold. everybody knew then that's probably not going to happen and now, he's got to try to find the magic again with 9.7% unemployment and people saying you know, things are desperately going in the wrong direction. we've got to turn around and go back and start over. >> just to connect the dots on everything we've talk eed abouto far, the foreclosure crisis the
4:27 pm
directly tied to unemployment. this is no longer those subprime loans of 2007. our failure to affect real financial reform and create real investment and lending and turn off the extraction that has been going on in so many parts of our country has created the unemployment yielding this foreclosure crisis. it will continue to beat itself until somebody in the federal government steps up and stops it. we can only hope somebody does so sooner rather than later. thanks so much for the conversation. up next, from hollywood to graceland. what's in store for those chile in miners who climbed up from a cave into international celebrity and a couple of mistresses? we're back after this. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation.
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welcome back. little minermania break. it wasn't just the chilean miners coming to the surface yesterday. first, there's edson pena, huge elvis fan getting invited to graceland. >> one of the things sent in was a picture of elvis. then we knew we had an elvis fan. we are offering him and a friend or family member to come to memphis and experience everything elvis. >> presley enterprises said they sent him a care package that
4:32 pm
included dvds and a pair of elvis glasses. couldn't wear those as oakley had gotten in there as the mine rescue supplier. $450 sunglasses on each miner. cnbc estimating that was $41 million worth of advertising. i wonder, jimmy kim el's series -- >> 33 rescued miners. 67 angry women. in one house 80 feet underground. this time, we can't promise they'll make it out. "miner pad." miner love, major drama. only on oxygen. >> that is going to be bueno. >> of course, you can't talk about drama without mentioning yonny barrios. his wife and mistress collided while holding a vigil for the
4:33 pm
trapped men, which is nothing compared to the buzz about an unnamed miner who had four women show up at the same time. with the bad stories heating up, the idea of a miner movie is gaining steam on the internet. twitter thinks that yonny should be played by javier. our suggestion for a title, pretty much writes itself. no miner indiscretions. a registered lobbiestç has had enough. robert goodfriend making his first appearance in "the "daily ran rant". why is washington, d.c. the people who we pay to represent us not standing up on our behalf for the same reasons.
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our politicians taking a backseat. we're back breaking down the politics. the obama administration still hanging back, unwilling to back a nationwide foreclosure freeze let alone a full audit and investigation. in fact, some in obama's party have taken a more aggressive line and specifically as you heard earlier, congressman alan grayson, nancy pelosi and harry reid are among the handful of democrats who are pushing the government and banks to initiate some of these investigatioinves. they're in states with the highest foreclosure rates in the country and an election is coming up. but at least they're saying something. other than congressman eric cantor who opposes the moritorium, largely what we've heard from the gop is -- makes
4:38 pm
you think of summer, right? go to the beach, hang out. fire flies. no? if all 50 attorneys general were able to reach across the aisle and launch coordinated investigations at the state level because the investigation is into fraud, corruption that goes potentially to the highest level ofç our country's politil corrido corridors, why will not the federal lawmakers that we pay our taxes to take the same stand? me, perhaps a little cynical. i tend to think it may have something to do with all the campaign cash flooding from from the financial sector. $200 million already spent in this, a non-presidential election cycle. by far the biggest donor to both
4:39 pm
democrats and republicans. they are the ones who have the most interest in an investigation not happening. joining us now, the host of npr's left, right and center. also "washington post" columnist. t pleasure to see you. why do you think that we're not seeing more political engagement? >> partly for the reasons you say, which is that there's campaign cash rolling in. also, i think democrats are stuck an republicans are confused. they are stuck because they've got a narrative that they're fending off the me on november 2nd, which is you don't want to go back to the ways of bush and the policies. maybe that all helps. the republicans are confused i think because they're supposed to be for industry and the banks, but what they're missing is if you can't have clean property right this is this
4:40 pm
country and it's a question of what title is isn't firm and clear, you can't have capital e ize m. >> how much of that is a reflection of the fact that what is played to us at the conservative wheel house is not conservative at all other than perhaps in the social sense where they would like to tell people who can get married and do what, but when it comes to traditional conservatism, capitalists, would demand property rights. is there a better issue for the tea party than this? >> this ought to be right up their alley, but i think they're so into obama's a socialist. t government encroachment and that's working powerfully for them that they can't pivot. they've got a narrative they're
4:41 pm
drif iing for and this sort of scrambles the usual ideologies and neither are responding in ways true to the american values. >> did you ever think you would have to go on television and explain that in order for a market system we have to function, you would need property rights? >> the depths of this and the way it's becoming clear every day, a lot of folks by surprise. it's taken my some time to get smarter on what's at stake, but when you realize the way the banks have avoided the normal sense of title and use that to work toward their advantage and make a bunch of money, now it's like so many other thing, coming up for exposure, it's going to shed new light on it. >> pleasure to see you. coming up here, next in some job
4:42 pm
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and heck, why should they with businesses like the finance one, for instance, wall street, making more money as they make less. wall street pay about to break a record this year. $144 billion in pay. that is up 26% since 2006. we all know what has occurred in those years. at the same time, profits are down 20%. have you ever heard of a business where the overall performance of the business is tanking or declining, but the executives and facilitators are jacking their pay? it's called an extraction, people, and it can only be done with the coordination of the government. bankers making money even when they don't make money for someone else because now the game is, if i can extract some for me, jam it into the gut of the fed and run a foreclosure scam, makes for a nice boat, doesn't it? brings us to today's job wars,
4:47 pm
however. rather than sitting around waiting for a job or our politicians to engage the reality that you and i know to be true that they are avoiding, many brave american, and this is the only l way we will escape the situation we're in, are putting themselves to work at entrepreneu entrepreneurs, trying harder, more, trying more frequently. but it means striking out a few times. in fact, failure was the norm for our next guest for years, but he never gave up and his luck turned around big time when he founded a corporation of his own. twe tweezerman. we're joined by dal lamagna. >> it's on honor to be with you. the small business people who are going to carry this economy
4:48 pm
out of this mess on their back and i'm here to tell your listene listeners, start your own if i could do it, you can do it. all you need to do is be organi organized. you need an idea. not a new idea. think about all the things that people need every day. their lawns mowed. their kids taken care of. they need their computers to work. if young people could get into the business of being computer geeks. go out and start your own business. if you're not that kind of person, go find someone who's done that and join them. >> if you were to look at the barrier, if i lose this job, i can't pay my rent. if i start by business, i can't pay by business. >> do it on the weekends. i went around on the weekends selling eyebrow tweezers. there's another thing. these large corporations, it's not the corporation itself that
4:49 pm
we can't stand, it's the ceos who are making 400 times more money than the average person in the country. they're running these companies as their own piggy bank. go inside your company and being the entrepreneur. take over your own company. >> i believe we've done that with this tv show. this tv show is a start-up inside a large corporation, but if you were to look at the -- at what made you keep going, let's look at your track record. this ice cream parlor situation, a computer dating site. nothing there. some disco idea. >> discotheque. >> you're out of your mind. crazy. now you're the tweezer barren. by the time you get through the disco failure, how do you keep showing up? >> i have to admit, it is depressing to fail. i graduated from the harvard business school. at my tenth year reunion, tell
4:50 pm
my roommate i had caused the class average to drop $80. i graduated school 150,000 in debt. you keep trying. and finally, i made every mistake you could make. that's what i wrote about in my book. finally, by process of elimination, i succeeded with tweezerman. i learned to respect and empower my employees. they carry me through. >>ç what, were you yelling at e disco guys, like i can't yell at those disco people anymore. >> it's rain. a friend said why don't you do this woodstock thing. no, they're going to be dancing at the drive-in theatres. >> your message to somebody watching this show, doesn't have a job, wants to engage in some way especially in those first
4:51 pm
few months, what are the biggest pitfalls? >> don't spend any money. don't set up infrastructure until you need it. i ran it out of my bungalow. take small steps. go out, sell, get yourself balanced because there's production, a selling, control. balance your work and show up every day and take care of employees you hire. >> listen, an absolute pleasure. nice to meet you. the book, "raising eyebrows." a good man, but also known as the tweezer man. coming up, a senate race hotter than the nevada desert. the big debate between harry reid and sharron angle. first, the corporation spending
4:52 pm
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today, david goodfriend's turn. you want to know what gets a lobbiest fired up, they think they're good at their job and don't want to compete with secret money? you're not going to like what you hear unless it is your cup of tea unless it's a different point of view. the floor the yours. >> people are angry, but if you want to see real anger, look in the mirror and ask this question. why are golden sax, british petroleum trying to buy your democracy and keep it secret? could it have anything to do
4:56 pm
with the fact that you get sick and health insurance companies can no longer drop you or that bp had to clean up the message. i don't know. the point is the empire is striking back. here's what's happening now. in wisconsin where i'm from, a working mom and state senator is running for an open house seat and no fewer than eight right wing groups are dumping truckloads of dollars into wisconsin to campaign against her and they're using dir ball tactics like harassing her family. we haven't seen that in the north woods since lumber barons tried to pay off paul bunyan. that's great. let me get this straight. oil-rich arab states are the
4:57 pm
currency manipulated chinese write a check and make sure they remain your lap dog instead of watchdog. are you angry yet? i'm not climbing to be some head in the cloud dreamer. i'm a washington lawyer and registered federal lobbiest. that's right. my wife and i started a practice together and lobbied for things like better health tear for the elderly. we even represent a corporation or two, but because we are ethical and obey the letter and spirit of the law, we disclose to the public who represent, how much we contribute, all of it.ç so, i've got a question for the big money patrons of americans for fill in the blank. if my little mom and pop shop discloses what we do, why won't you? what have you got to hide? what are you afraid of?
4:58 pm
i'll tell yoi, america. you, the people. they're not stupid. they know that if that attack said brought to you by your friends at goldman sachs, you'd be, here's that word again, angry. >> power stuff, david. very simple -- question for you. >> yeah. >> i believe most people in this country largely understand what you've just articulated. at the same time, there has not been a single political leader on the democratic party or the republican party who has stepped forward to end this and they point to the supreme court and they gripe about procedure and the republicans won't let us do it or we've got take care of this. if we're so concerned about the integrity of our democracy, then people like you, me and everybody else carry on about it, why is it that the people who are the leaders in this
4:59 pm
country starting at the president and down the line are not doing something about it? >> well, dylan, you get glimmers of home now and then. you did get a lot of campaign finance reform bipartisan passed at various times in history. we saw it after watergate, in the '90s. it never seems to get to be what vast numbers of americans are clambers at the gates to get down. i just wish you should spend one day with me because you would see in the day-to-day workings of our government, this affects every single issue. pick any issue you care about. jobs. exporting to other countries. the environment. i don't care what it is. this issue plays into all of them and if people got upset enough, you see enough change to make a difference. >> i think it's coming when you start taking people's houses and


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