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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 17, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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on november 2nd and finally see the chickens come home to roost. >> when you have a big government, you're going to have a little god. >> power emanates from an all mighty god. god confers upon the individual power. and then the individual in turn confirms a portion of that power on the government. >> yes, we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world. unfortunately we have an administration whose idea of a rogue state is arizona. >> coming up in minutes we'll go live back to the summit to listen to christine o'donnell, the tea party candidate who pulled off the big upset in delaware, changing the political landscape dramatically six weeks before the midterms. mark murray joins us live from the site of the event. a lot of red meat for the faith there. including pleas to keep abortion and same-sex marriage as part of
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the gop platform. i understand why it's in their speeches. but is it really what they think will get conservatives elected. or is it more of a reallilying call? getting people fired up? >> it's important to point out this is sponsored by the family research counsel, always the social issue in opposition to abortion, opposition to gay marriage, with more opposition in the public sphere. it's no surprise social issues are front and center. the dominant political issue now in america is the economy with the unemployment rate at 10%. but this conference is really trying to hammer home that social issues and getting the social voters out to vote is important for republicans this fall. right before christine o'donnell speaks in a few minutes, i was just hearing a panel talk about their opposition to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell in the military. so they really are trying to keep the social issues at the forefront here. >> there's also going to be a fresh straw poll. i think they're voting now.
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the results will be known tomorrow. back in 2008 mitt romney won the straw poll followed by huckabee. huckabee has won it a couple of times. what do we roadway, if anything, into this straw poll. and do they feel more energized this year because some of their compatriots in those philosophies, the tea party folks have been successful this primary season. >> chris, there's no doutd there's a tremendous amount of energy here. there's been a lot of energy at the tea party rallies across the country. when you're in the opposition and you're fired up, it's much easier to be very excited about the midterm elections, which usually lead to losses for the incumbent party in power. in this case it's the democratic party. but we're talking about the straw poll. it doesn't give us an idea always of who is going to end up up winning the party's nomination. sometimes it gives us a very good indication of where these people are and who they're going to be for. you mentioned mike huckabee.
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he won this in 2009. wouldn't be surprising if he does very well again. he's a former preacher, and his type of rhetoric and his type of talk does very well in a conference like the values voters summit here. >> thanks very much, mark. again we're going to go back and bring the christine o'donnell speech to you when that happens. in the meantime, we have breaking news. a nuclear laboratory physicist and his wife, former contractors being accused of trying to develop nuclear weapons or passing classified information. let's get the information from pete williams, our justice correspondent. >> well, this is an fbi sting. this is charges against two people, accusing them of giving information, thinking that they were going to help the government of venezuela develop a nuclear weapon, when in fact they were dealing with an fbi undercover agent. the charges are filed against pedro and his wife marjorie.
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he worked there from 1979 to 1998. his wived there from 1981 to 2010. a couple years ago they were approached by someone who reported to be a contact for the government of venezuela. and he was born in venezuela. he's a u.s. citizen now. but the government says that he agreed to and in fact did give a series of documents to this cut out, thinking this person was representing venezuela about how they could develop a nuclear weapon by reporting to this be enriching uranium for peaceful purposes, when in fact they would be able to develop plutonium to develop a nuclear weapon. the government stresses there's no allegation that the government of venezuela had anything to do with this. nonetheless, these are very serious charges. they could bring a sentence of life if these people are
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convicted, although it's interesting, the ages involved here. mr. masharani is 75. his wife is 67. there is no suggestion that any current employees of the l los alamos national laboratory had anything to do with this, chris. >> pete, thanks very much. before we went to pete about this breaking news we were talking about the values voter summit. there is one conservative super star who is not in. it's sarah palin. she's in iowa to give the keynote address at the ronald reagan dinner tonight. it's escalating the already enormous speculation over whether she'll run for president in 2012. shannon moore is talk show host in alaska. mark is a conservative talk show host from tennessee. first, mike, do you think she'll run? >> i don't know. i think shannon wants her to. i think jon stewart wants her to. but i don't think she should. i think she's going exactly what she needs to be doing now, touring the country, raising
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money with sarah pack, firing up the troops and really christening candidates. she goes around the country and she's like, you will win, and then they win. i think for the conservative movement, she's doing what she should be doing. >> shannon, what do you think is going to happen here? >> i actually don't want her to run. i really don't. she is doing exactly that. she's going around christening these candidates. and i think the alaska race right now is really going to be an indicator on if she's able to run. there's a really good chance that we'll have a democrat as a senator. joe miller has taken out the moderate lisa murkowski. for her to be able to turn alaska blue is going to be a real message to her and hopefully she won't run. >> a lot of people who have not necessarily presidential ambitio ambitions, but they see her leading a much bigger charge. i want to read to you an article from the "washington post" today.
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a lot of people in politics have wondered about the possibility of a third party. would it be possible to organize one? while they were wondering, a virtual third party was being born, and nobody organized it. is the tea party potentially, mike, a really legitimate possible third party, and if they are, is sarah palin one of the potential leaders? >> we talk a lot about this on the show, actually. i don't think the tea party is a third party. i think it can be become the second party, and the republican party can go in the ash heap of history like the whigs and no nothings and so many other parties before. the tea party represents a lot of what the nation is founded on. we can get back to that. i hope to see the republican party one day be the third party. >> what do you think about that, shann shannyn? where is the tea party going from here? there's no doubt it's shaking things up this primary season. >> well, it seems like the republican created them to a certain extent.
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and now the parasite is taking over the host. sarah palin is part of that. she split her party in her town, she split it in the state, and i think she's splittinging it in the country. >> you really think that she's -- that's what she's doing. she's the person behind what i think for a long time before anybody outside of alaska had heard of sarah palin was clearly growing an ideological split within the republican party. they always had people much further on the right. >> well, in alaska she went after a republican mayor here and took him down. then she went after then governor lisa murkowski's father and took him down in the primary. it was bloody and brutal, for frank, anyway. when she quit, it really split people here again. a lot of alaskans walked door-to-door for her, defending her all through her vice
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president candidacy. and they were standing there with a governor who quit. the numbers in alaska show her at 55% negative. that's really saying something. i hope it helps scott mcadams in defeating joe miller. >> thanks to both of you. >> thank you. president obama name ad harvard law professor and wall street critic to set up the new consumer financial protection bureau. it's her idea from back in 2007 that americans need to this be protected from, say, bad banks. the say way they're protected from a faulty toaster. warren won't be leading the organization, that would mean senate confirmation. instead she's being appointed as an assistant to the president and special adviser to the treasury department. we are waiting to hear details of a plot against pope benedict in london after six men were arrested on terrorism charges. they're described as street cleaners working in the area
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around where the pope was scheduled to visit. we don't know much more. the vatican is not planning any changes in the pope's schedule. although high security is already being ramped up. even as these guys were being arrested, the head of britain's intelligence agency was giving a speech warning that it's just a matter of time before a terrorist simply gets lucky and pulls off a deadly plot. jonathan evans specifically mentioned al qaeda and the upcoming 2012 olympic games. he said the threats come from yemen, somalia and northern ireland. let me start with what happened with the pope. we have five algerian men. what were you able to find out? >> first of all it's important to emphasize that thus far they have not recovered -- british police have not recovered weapons per se, explosives per se. this doesn't appear to be an
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organized plot in the sense of al qaeda or another terrorist group sending these people. it looks like a home grown plot. nonetheless, when you have individuals who have potentially a desire to kill someone, and they have preexisting access to a sensitive area where the pope is going through. stweet cleaners were assigned to westminster at the time he was going to go through. they have the opportunity. that's a concern. luckily for us thus far the recent terrorist plots in europe seem to be more home grown versus directed from the outside. there are exceptions to this. whether we talk about the individual who tried employing himself up in copenhagen, denmark, the individual who attacked the danish cartoonist, these seem to be mostly home-grown plots. we'll have to see if the trend continues. >> you have this warning. we have to say there's ha political backdrop to this. parliament is debating this procedure under which terrorist suspects kb be electronically tagged and put under house
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arrest. that aside, let me ask you about the reality he warned apart from possible political reasons. how high is the threat from somalia and northern aye r ireland? and how how high is the threat? there's a lot of talk also about a royal wedding. you could have three major international events in london in one year. >> when it was just al qaeda central, it was easier to keep an eye on threats emerging, individuals coming back and forth from pakistan, afghanistan and the united kingdom. now you have the united splinter groups. like al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. it's becoming harder to track the individuals leading the united kingdom and heading to these places. there was an american killed this week in fighting in somalia. do we know all the individuals who are going there, and are we carefully tracking every single last one who is coming back? and the the worry, and i think
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this is a reasonable concern on the part of the british authorities is that eventually someone will go through that net. someone will escape through the net, and we won't find him. that's not just theory. if you look at the case of abdulmutallab, where we had prior warning about the individual, both the british government and the u.s. government let down the ball. we missed that one. can someone else follow the same path? yes, whether you're talking about al qaeda or elements of the provisional irish-republican army. individuals would love to capitalize on big name events like you're talking habit in 2012. and it doesn't take a lot. especially if you're an irish extremist. you're right across the channel. it's a great opportunity for you to make a real statement, a real message. >> great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for coming in. next on msnbc. horrible hoax. the woman who claimed to be the victim of an acid attack admits
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the long arm of the law is not long enough in maricopa county. joe arpaio is looking to reenforce illegal immigration la laws. he's already organized 57 posses in the past.
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this will be number 58. critics say this latest posse is nothing more than a police-sponsored vigilant group. the sheriff joins us from phoenix. we've talked about this before. i don't have to tell you you're controversial. i don't have to tell you about the justice department concerns. but you do have 57 posses, why 58? >> we just want to formalize another posse. our posse has been going out and working with our deputies, enforcing the state and federal illegal immigration laws. they have helicopters and airplanes paid by them, the taxpayers pay no money, spend a great program. i built it up to 3,000 since i became the sheriff in 1993. and they're trained with the guns and everything else. we've never had any problems. i don't know what the controversy is. we're not vigilants. they have enforcement powers when i mobilize them. >> well, they say, as you know,
3:19 pm
i'm going to quote the civil rights leader who says they're inept. they don't have full police training. they're not trained to do the job properly. i guess a common sense question would be what if something did happen? who stands behind them if there is a shooting? if someone gets hurt or kills themselves? >> just like a regular deputy. they have the same protection. nothing is changed. reza doesn't like what i'm doing. we arrested him. so he doesn't know if they're trained or not. he doesn't know about the sheriff's office, what the real story is. so i don't care what he says. >> so about three weeks now you're going to be up and run sng. >> yeah, yeah. we're enforcing the laws anyway. we locked up 28 more smugglers comes in here from mexico h in the last couple days. so much people say they're not coming in anymore. they're still coming in, and i'll continue to enforce the state and federal laws.
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>> sheriff arpaio, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, it's being call ad medical miracle. a toddler brought back to life after spending more than 20 minutes trapped underwater. then the ipad frenzy invades china. the first buyer could not contain his excitement. plus, clothes in a can. don't have anything to wear? british designers have come up with an interesting solution. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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two weeks the big glenn beck rally at the mall in washington, stephen colbert and jon stewart decide they'll stage their own. >> my fellow americans, two score and four days from now on october 30, 2010, i am calling for the nation to join me on the washington mall for the march to keep fear alive. >> i see you're intrigued. but there's something bothering you. i don't have time to hand craft a message or some signage. not to worry. that's where we come in. we're going to have signs for you down there if you don't have time. here's a quick one. i disagree with you, but i'm pretty sure you're not hitler. >> remember the hundreds of thousands of people came out for
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let's take a look at how stocks are down now. we've been looking flat and lackluster today at this stage we're sitting with a downside
3:29 pm
for the dow and s&p. the nasdaq only slightly to the up side. shareholders united and continental airlines predicted a huge merge at the $3 billion stock swap it will create the world's biggest airline. the combined company will be in the hometown of chicago. planes will fly with the united name, but use a new logo. and the ipad invasion has moved into china. hundreds of people lined up to get their hands on apple's hot gamgts. this man was one of the first ipad buyers. apple employees carried him on their shoulders out of the store. we are first in business worldwide. chris, back to you. >> crazy ipad users. today a key milestone in the rescue of the 33 miners stuck underground in chile. teams have drilled a hole to bring the men to freedom. it still needs to be widened. crews in ohio are cleaning up after wild weather swept
3:30 pm
through the state. two tornadoes touch down there. right now 19,000 residents are still without power. and america's deep pockets have shrunk. the federal reserve says wealth among americans have dropped nearly 3% from april to june, which translated roughly to $1.5 trillion. before the drop the overall net worth was growing for forty quarters. and prince william now has his royal wings. after 18 months h completed his flying training. he's joining the royal air force as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. take a look at these live pictures. tea party darling and upset primary winner christine o'donnell taking the podium at the values voters summit. let's take a listen. >> the stimulus bill spent a trillion dollars while millions of working americans lost their jobs and watched their savings
3:31 pm
disappear. but it didn't end there. they started talking about obama care and the bailouts. one industry after another. confusion everywhere with chatter about withdrawal dates. plans for closing gitmo and trying terrorists in manhattan, looming supreme court vacancies. do you remember it? i know i do. and the conservative movement was told to curl up in a fetal position and just stay there for the next eight years. thank you very much. well, how things have changed. >> christine o'donnell, part of the change. she's fresh off her defeat of republican myself castle. now she's campaigning for vice president biden's old seat. she's seemingly come out of nowhere and has become the face of the force of the tea party. jane newton-small joins me live from washington, d.c.
3:32 pm
here she is, this woman who virtually no one outside of delaware had heard of a couple of months ago. now she seems to be everywhere. is she the next sarah pale snn. >> yes. it's so interesting because unlike other tea party candidates this cycle. she's not campaigned on the idea of fiscal conservatism, deficit spending, things she's been talking about in her speech. it's so interesting to hear her speak about this. she's really campaigned on a social conservative issues. a departure from the tea party that harkens back to the days of social conservatism in the gop that makes a lot of current establishment gop candidates and leaders cringe because a lot of these arguments didn't work very well for them back in the day. >> they cringe, but it also makes them incredibly nervous they thought they could really win the seat in delaware, joe biden's old seat and were
3:33 pm
relishing it as part of what could be their upset taking over the senate. are they underestimating her? >> certainly she has the enthusiasm and the power of the tea party behind her. >> she raise ad million bucks overnight almost. >> yeah. more than that. i think. she has a huge amount of enthusiasm. you can't underestimate the power of the tea party in this election. delaware is 65% registered democrat. she's going to have to convince the moderates and independents she's the one for them. she's really extreme on a lot of these issues. you hear her talking about anti-masturbation. she's proabstinence. >> although to be fair, those were clips for quite a while ago. even her opponents said i'm not interested in what you were talking about 10 or 20 years
3:34 pm
ago. let's talk about what's going on today. do you think that old stuff will hurt her? people who that would bother probably weren't going to vote for her anyway, right? >> that's true. her job is to focus not so much on democrats drudging up all these old quotes of her that potentially embarrassing, but focusing on the issues she's talking about now. talking about deficit spending and big government. that the tea party loves to portray him as and to get away tr the maelstrom of these old quotes that keep coming up. much in the way sharron angle that had to get away from the quotes ha haunted her when she ran against harry reid. sharron angle has done a fairly good job is and is now nooechb the polls with reid in nevada doing that. >> jane newton shall have small from "time" magazine, good to talk to you. >> thanks. >> a search for answers led
3:35 pm
natal natalee holloway's mother on a mission. yesterday she worked her way into a peruvian prison. she was accompanied by a dutch film crew. reports show she only spoke to him for about five minutes before guards ended the visit when they realized she didn't have official permission to talk to the prisoner. sympathy replaced by shock and confusion. investigators try to figure out why a washington woman intentionally disfigured herself. she made the stunning admission last night when police began to poke holes in her claim. police say the splash pattern of the acid looked like it was poured or rubbed on, not thrown. so what would compel a person to conflict this kind oaf life altering damage on themselves? joining me now is dr. barma. clinical assistant professor of
3:36 pm
sipsychiatry with the nyu cente. i think that was the first reaction that everybody had. why would you do this to yourself? >> it's really unfortunate the circumstance that millions of women around the world have had injuries done to them for a voi variety of reasons. why would somebody take this upon themselves. i often see in extreme cases borderline personal disorder, people injure themselves, but never to this extent. so this begs the question, is there something like a fictitious disorder going on? in factitious disorder we see people harm themselves. >> so people who cut themselves? that kind of thing? is that similar? >> this goes another step beyond. sometimes when people cut themselves they do it with a purpose of relieving tension they feel. in factitious disorder the primary purpose is to take on the sick role.
3:37 pm
to get attention, nurturing and whatever comes with being sick. in malingering we see some people have second gain. media attention, money, at this point it's unclear to say is this person trying to obtain the sick role and get taken care of? this is doiflt. a lot of people don't come for psychiatric help. it's a chronic condition. >> you know, we often see in cases like this that friends and family will say everything seemed to be okay. there were no signs. are there signs? >> when you're dealing with depression or borderline personality disorder, absolutely there are signs. a personal is depressed or withdrawn. they feel like life is not worth living. they may have sleep or appetite problems. we see a long standing history of illnesses that don't seem to
3:38 pm
make sense. people going from doctor to doctor. and what's really dangerous is that people can get unnecessary surgeries, unnecessary medical treatment when there's nothing going on. what's interesting is that sometimes people with factitious disorder, when they end up causing themselves an injury and then can assume the sick role, you may see some of their symptoms abate. they feel better that they are sick and getting treated. >> dr. varama, thanks for coming in. now tony city where a team for the national weather service is on the ground surveying damage, trying to figure out if a deadly severe storm that passed through last night was in fact a tornado. >> it looks like a tornado. oh my god. >> this storm took a lot of people by surprise. literally within minutes. the new york city skyline turned from dark gray to a shade of green. thousands of residents are still without power this the greater new york area while others clean up after the wicked weather
3:39 pm
toppled trees, destroyed cars and damaged homes. one pennsylvania woman was killed after a tree fell on her car. she pulled over to the side of the road to get out of the storm. and a tree hit the car. men time, hurricane karl has made landfall hitting the coastline near mexico. look at this view from space of hurricane karl as it swirled in the gulf. it has forced the evacuation of workers for some rigs. time for a look back at this day in history. nine years ago today the new york stock exchange reopened for the first time after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> ladies and gentlemen, our heros will now open the marketplace. the green button. >> as you can see, there are firefighters, police and rescue workers on hand to ring the opening bell. part of an emotional ceremony
3:40 pm
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in dallas, a toddler, a 3-year-old found a friend, a 2-year-old boy left alone in day care pickup van, and she thought he was asleep. but the driver quickly learned that he was dead. forgotten. six hours earlier and left to die in the scorching hot locked vehicle. this sadly is not a rare story. 45 vehicular child heatstroke deaths happened this year alone. there were 3 # deaths last year in 2009. thank you so much for coming in. i really wanted to have a chance to talk to you when i read that statistic. 45 vehicle child heatstroke deaths this year alone. how does this happen? >> well, it has been a very, very difficult year. and, you know, it's
3:44 pm
unfortunately can happen two dwas. either a child is inad inadvertently left alone in a vehicle. sometimes children get into the vehicles on their own. the way the number breaks down this year is 26 children were left and 18 children got in on their own. >> and you wonder in situations like this, how do they not know for six hours that a child was missing? i mean, i'm not trying to say anybody deliberately did this, but it is just -- it's almost unfathomable that no one in the day care center, the driver, nobody knew this kid was back there. >> well, when you're dealing with a day care situation it really becomes difficult to understand. because there's procedures that are put in place to protect these children when they get on the van they should be checked in. when they get off the van they should be checked in. then a manager is supposed to check the log to make sure everybody that got on got off. then there's a fourth person.
3:45 pm
didn't anybody at day care notice the little guy was missing? >> i know in texas last year they passed a law that mandated training for day care drivers. it's mained after a 4-year-old, jacob fox who died in july of 2006 after he was left in a day care van. what do people need to know. a read the quote of another mother whose child was in that day care. i'm going to pull my child out of this day care. how do i know it's not going to happen somewhere else? >> well, you have to be incredibly vigilant. we probably could use a little technology here. that's something we've been working very hard to get. i would probably bet some money that if you left the keys in the van you would get an alert, or if you left the headlights on you would get an alert. are you saying it's more important not to have a dead
3:46 pm
battery than a dead baby? >> i would think there could be a sensor, just weight sensor in a van like that. jeannette, thank you for coming on. it's a wake-up reminder for a lot of people. thank you. >> thank you. and we have video sure to make any parent cringe. it was an innocent trip to the park that turned into a nightmare. the little kid just toddled away from a nap and crawled onto a busy highway in turkey. we saw drivers speeding past this kid for about half a minute until a truck driver sees him, stops and blocks traffic. and then the boy's frantic mother picks him up because we're told she had been looking for him. we are happy to report that the adventurous tyke was not harmed. and a small child who wandered off and fell face first into a ditch of water came back to life. when he and his family appeared on the "today show" this morning, he showed absolutely no signs of this near tragedy. you would never know his parents
3:47 pm
found him without a heartbeat on that terrifying day just two months ago. >> it was almost an hour before they got his heart started. >> it was 25 minutes, then then 10 to 15 minutes they gave cpr. then got to the hospital in another 15 minutes. they got his heart started, and after we arrived at children's, there was a less than 1% chance they gave us. >> how did he beat the odds? doctors say a human reflex similar to that of a seal or dolphin kept the baby from drowning. and cpr kept blood flowing to prevent the brain damage. absolutely amazing. coming up, octob-mom is out of money. plus, a celebration of suds. the great american beer festival is under way. we'll take you there next. peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past.
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break out the mud and pass
3:51 pm
the peanuts because denver's annual beer fest kicks off tonight. 462 brewers will serve up 2200 different types of beer to a crowd of beer lovers. brian shactman is braving the alcoholic waters for us today. what a guy. the 29th edition of the festival. give us a taste, if you will, of the festival. >> i can't taste it as of yet, but you summed it up well. when you take a look, one of the side events here, a fund-raiser for prostate cancer. it's jammed. going on all across the city. why are we here, people might ask. the places that brew less than 2 million barrels a year, sales are up. basically, people can't buy a new car, they can't buy a big
3:52 pm
ticket item like a computer, they can buy a six-pack. sip it at home and think about when they can make that next luxury purchase. >> i heard you really didn't want to go and they had to push you to take on this tough assignment. is that true? what a guy. >> i do get time and a half i think, hazard pay for this. i have not sampled any, but i'll be done in about two hours. this has been going on for 29 years and it started as basically a couple of brewers getting together. you go here, you're going to he.
3:53 pm
i tried a roasted beer last night. it was terrible. but everything else is great. >> brian, have fun in two hours and all things in moderation, my friend. >> yes, indeed. thank you. >> now we go down to the wire with the art of fire. peace talks and shirt in a can. ready? hit the clock. first up, octo mom is broke. radar online reports she is going on welfare. there's also reports the mom of 14 is facing foreclosure. this year, peta helped save their house, putting up a sign saying, don't let your pet become an octo mom. always spay and neuter. donkey's carrying ballot boxes. they are taking carts to polling stations in afghanistan.
3:54 pm
voting begins in the morning. the song, reportedly, that's what bristol palin will shake it to in her debut. sarah palin will be in the audience. tmz reports security will be tight for the show. and the formed fitting black pants had to be sewn on. this might be easier. spray-on clothes. it's rewearable and washable, but a little weird. if you have a fear of heights, you may not be able to stomach this meal. this dining room is suspended 50 feet in the air.
3:55 pm
any beer there? what do paris hilton and the late michael jackson have in common? an obsession with animals. hilton writes on twitter, she just rescued 20 bunny rabbits from the pet store because they were on sale as snake food. she is 17 dogs, a bunch of cats and birds. so far, no chimp or giraffe. sasha cohen will pay fred mercury in an upcoming bio pic. juaquin, i'm sorry he couldn't be here tonight. >> it's funny. >> well, probably doesn't come as a shock to, i don't know, anybody. but it's official now. juaquin phoenix's weird antics and that so-called documentary that followed him around, well, it's all a hoax.
3:56 pm
casey affleck says it's phoenix's performance ever. he adds letterman was not in on the joke. peace for the love of football. israelis and palestinians unite on the gridiron. the team is the first in the amateur american football league. and one of the world's most ancient buildings goes up in flames. it's all in the name of art. two artists virtually torched the coliseum in a dramatic show. that do it for me. "the dylan ratigan show" is next. "reveille" throughout]
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good afternoon. i'm jay hugher in for dylan ratigan. a growing number of dems joining


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