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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 10, 2009 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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about in afghanistan than just sending in more troops. this as we track new violence in the country overnight. we are leave from kabul. with health care costs spiraling out of control, some insurance companies are punishing people for making unhealthy choices. to your employer start testing you for smoking? we'll look at that controversy and the outrage. >> good morning, i'm peter alexander, we'll start in washington and the latest war council meeting, whether to increase the american presence in afghanistan by perhaps 30 or 40,000 troops. i'm joined live from washington by mike -- layout the options on the table. when we may have a better sense of what the president's decision is. >> reporter: a decision is several weeks away on a new strategy.
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they want to discuss the strategy before they supply the resources. it was stanley mccrystal in charge of all nato forces who has come forward with what has come to be a controversial report and assessment. two separate documents but one of them requests an additional 30 to 40,000 troops said to request that made troops and there are those within the administration who say that's the wrong way to go because it focuses on a counter insurgency strategy. we heard the white house try to make a distinction among the taliban itself. there's a taliban that ran afghanistan before 9/11 that harbored safe haven to al qaeda. and then there are those who have more proekial concerns, simply want to exert control over certain areas of afghan society. there are elements among the
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citizenry who don't so much mind what the taliban is doing. that is a distinction they are trying to draw at the white house. a decision again several weeks away on the troop level. but they will have a strategy to announce within that time. >> commemorating the eighth year anniversary of this war, new statistics are saying 892 have died. with that consideration and i know the president says no decision will be made the next couple of weeks. give us a sense of what urgency that decision is going to be made? >> general mccrystal is reported to have said something needs to be done within a year. also we hear frequent reports an offensive by the taliban is unlikely over the winter months, traditionally most of the battling has not been done in the war torn country during the winter. there appears to be in leeway in
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terms of the scheduling. the political scenario a different matter as far as scheduling there is concerned with republicans insisting that general mccrystal getting what he wants in terms of troop levels. democrats are split, peter. let's turn our attention to the latest from the ground in afghanistan. in kabul, you can see. it's already dark there. jim, can you give us the latest over the course of the last week? >> peter, one u.s. marine was killed overnight in southern afghanistan as the u.s. marines continue to inch forward in an effort to drive out the taliban and seize their territory in the taliban strong holds in the south. in the province, the epicenter of afghanistan's drug trade, where most of the world supply of opium and heroin comes from.
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they receive a large part of revenues. this marine operation is part of stan mccrystal's strategy of clear hold and build. drive out the enemy forces and in partnership with the afghan forces stay put to provide some type of stability and security for the afghan locals. it's exactly why general miss mccrystal told the president he needs up to 40,000 more forces there in afghanistan to try to turn this war around. >> 40,000 which would push the total number to roughly 108,000. presently 68,000 on the ground there. >> from afghan government perspective, as well as from the perspective of the people of that country, what is their view on the idea of u.s. troops and the addition of more u.s. troops there trying to come fight the taliban? do those opinions gel or are they vastly different?
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>> reporter: well, you know, generally, the reaction i get from the afghans i talked to and in my very brief contact with the government officials, i mean, they welcome the american presence. they think it's necessary. but the fact of the matter is over the past couple of years the size of the taliban here has more than doubled. they've seized more and more territory. with violence on the rise, you know, some afghans are beginning to believe that maybe the americans can help them after all and combine that with the tainted election that's were just held, that would put -- return the car zi government to another five years which the people feel is being corrupt. they are wondering if the americans can actually help them in the long run. and that is still another reason
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why general mccrystal thinks it's so important for the u.s. military -- u.s. civilian surge to have a bigger impact sooner on the taliban people here. >> jim mi, thank you. tomorrow's quts meet the press, you can check your local listings for the air times. the father of the man accused of plotting a terror attack in new york city has entered a plea of guilty. he is charged with lying to investigators and now faces eight years in prison if convicted. his son, is pleading not guilty to conspireing to detonate explosives. >> 76 children in the u.s. have
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died from the swine flu this year. parents should not be worried about their children receiving the new vaccine. >> the safety as the secretary just emphasized of this vaccine is quite clear. we've been giving these types of vaccines to tens, if not hundreds of millions of people for decades. so although the virus is different, it changes from one year to the other and the safety record is really quite good. >> officials at the centers for disease control and prevention say a total of 37 states now have widespread swine flu activity. >> more extreme weather expects across the country today. in central, kentucky, a tornado touched down leaving behind widespread damage. several instruct tours in a mobile home park were destroyed. the families living in them now homeless. the only good news to report is
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that no injuries so far have been reported. it is snowing in denver. it's snowing in denver. this -- i was going to say -- bill, so many people feel like what happened to summer and new york a record rainfall in june. >> it's a painful day peter from everyone from denver to omaha, nebraska. it is currently snowing, as much as 3 to 5 inches, snowing in des moines, all of the white on the map. north platte, nebraska, 8 to 12 inches of snow on the ground. another storm is going to come right behind it. and the next storm will more or less act montana, wyoming and then another 3 to 6 inches in northern portions of south dakota and southern portions of north dakota.
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in denver, it is 17. the windchill in denver feels like 9. they are supposed to play a game of baseball, phillies/rockies tonight. >> football weather but it's going to be baseball they are playing. >> i hope they cancel it. it's way too cold. it's kind of glooming out but there are light rain showers from d krmt now approaching philadelphia and new york the you may need the umbrella briefly for sprinkles. the forecast in general, 43 -- even kansas city, high 43. chicago 48. yeah, there's a lot of complaints in the box. >> no doubt. if you're standing in the batter's box -- >> i'll watch. >> if they play. >> those hands are going to crack. that's no fun. from the south to the east. get ready for cold weather and find out more on our website, >> this is a sad story to report, a spiritual cleansing ritual gone wrong at the arizona
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resort, two people die in a sauna like sweat lounges during the spiritual warrior retreat. some paid up to $9,000 to attend. sweat lodges are often uses by american indian tribes to cleanse the body. elders say typically a person only stays in 10 to 15 minutes at a time. >> we drink water and juice and they take a breather and can come in again the creator sanctions people to do this and when some people take and run ram pant with it, things are going to happen. >> four people remain hospitalized today in arizona. one of them is in critical condition. he's been criticized for not doing enough for the gay community. right now president obama is gearing up to make a presentation to the largest gay organization. plus, police bust a stolen bra ring.
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we're back now to politics and the president's nobel surprise. the 2009 nobel peace prize borne from a nomination that came 12 days after the president assumed office. now the president's critics are saying what has he done to deserve the honor. i'm joined by political analyst pat buchanan, democrat strategist, peter fen and white house reporter for the "washington post." we've got you covered all the way across the board.
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pat, is this a good win for america? >> i think the president ought to be congratulated and it is a gift to the country, but i'm not sure they've done the president any favors, i don't know how it's going to look when the headline says nobel peace prize winner to use predator strikes in afghanistan and to send 60,000 more troops or 20,000 more troops. i'm not sure he's done the president a favor. >> as "time" wrote, this is quote the last thing the president needs. peter, i'll bring you in. how does the president who just won a nobel prize make the troop level decisions for afghanistan. they'll say this does not affect what we need to do for the security of our country. but clearly it puts him in an uncomfortable position. >> i think the president has got to do what he would have done had he not won, assess what the mission is and assess the number of troops needed and make the hard decisions.
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what this shows is what the poll showed this last summer in 25 countries, that is that the confidence in the united states, the appreciation for barack obama was at all-time highs. you had george bush at 17% approval, barack obama at 71%. and you also had a sense that the country was going the right direction towards cooperation and con sill yags, not the old bush policy of go it alone of the neoconservatives. >> i was impressed by new yorker george packer's words, i'll quote, not even a rookie of the year is ready to be elected to the hall of fame and the president continues to enjoy overwhelming popularity in europe. the approval ratings right now, 8 o to 90% ratings compared with george bush's numbers in the
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teens if i was lucky, where in italy it rose to 27%. wasn't this europe's rebuke of the bush administration? >> it certainly had that look to it or at least an embrace of what came afterward. even some democrats thought that obama was probably aided by that. while that may be good for him diplomatically as you travels around and tries to accomplish international goals. you have to wonder how it will help him domestically. there's a little bit of a risk for the white house that he'll be a celebrity once more, that the stakes will be high and that expectations will be higher, some managing expectations may get out of control now for him. >> do you think the white house and the president specifically sort of hit the right now in terms of humility when he accepted the the award? what do you tell him to say when he goes to oslo in december?
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>> i think he hit the right number. surprised and humbled and the kids told me i won i nobel prize, i won what? i think he hit exactly the right note. the nobel committee is playing politics if itself, not only sticking to george bush, but also in trying to, if you will, box the president in to the kind of rhetoric and policies that he was going to pursue. he said he is going to pursue when he was a campaigner. i do think he'll give a terrific speech in oslo. i think that's one of reasons they gave it to him. the nobel committee will be on the world stage and whole world will be watching that speech. >> it's his speech make ago built that he won the award right now. i think it also came with his daughter reminding him, as the president noted, it was the dog's birthday. >> equally important event.
10:19 am
>> may well be. peter, do you think the republicans handled this correctly. michael steele came out criticizing the president and republicans thought why don't we stand back and say congratulations. >> i'll tell you who handled it beautifully, john mccain, great for america and congratulated the president. the rush limbaughs of the world who are totally over the top, that will back fire too. i think the president gets this. he understands what it's all about. the other comment by the way with his daughters, dad, it's a three-day weekend. that clearly was front and center in their mind. but i think the crucial question here is, does this put him in a box, does this make him more likely to make a decision that he wouldn't otherwise make in afghanistan and iran and other places? my sense of that is peter, no, it doesn't.
10:20 am
he'll do what he's going to do. and i think the -- he'll let the chips fall where they may. >> big picture, does the white house wish this never happened? >> they argue not and i have to believe them. they say, look, this is good for him and good for america. they actually don't think, at least in our conversations with them yesterday, it's going to alter much except it's just another plug for the president, another bonus for the president. >> pat buchanan, we got the gang back together. new signs the economy is coming back with retail sales and consumer confidence on the rise. that means there's great deals out there. we'll tell you how to get them. and it turns out matt damon and ben aflek are more than the best of friends, they are families. how is ben affleck related to barack obama? we'll tell you in a few minutes.
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hope you're having a good saturday morning. it is not every day women's underwear is behind a $400,000 online crime. this is true. but that is exactly what police in north carolina say when stolen bras were posted on the website craig's list. it was apparently taken from the plant back in 2005. where they stored for all that time -- apparently detectives tracked it down to a remote trailer, thousands of missing bras were still inside. >> maden form usually sells directly to the retail stores. when you have a private citizen selling cartons of their bras, that's going to raise a red flag. >> you're in charge of this news coverage, you're talking about stolen bras. detectives are working to find out who was behind the theft and the online sales. they don't plan to prosecute anyone who purchased the bras online. now to the economy the u.s.
10:25 am
dollar is slowing signs of recover i and retailers hoping the momentum will keep the cash rolling in through the holidays. ms nbc financial analyst vera gibbons joining us. >> best for market am more than a couple of months. people are feeling better about things, better than expected earnings reports from alcoa and chevron and improvement in the service industries and retail sales are up. that sort of fueled hopes about recovery. >> are these gains sustainable? >> it will be a choppy trading session for much of next week. we have more earnings numbers up from the big banks and citi bank and j.p. morgan chase, all eyes will be on these numbers. a lot of the gains we've seen have been from the banks. >> i'm catching up on some of
10:26 am
this having missed what happened on the market -- >> keeping busy. >> retail sales figures, beat analyst expectations. give us a sense about what that says as we go towards the crucial holiday shopping season? >> i think it alleviates the fears that the holiday season will be a total disaster. they have come out with the numbers they are expecting a dip of sales by 1%. not as bad as 3.4% last year but it is back to back declines. the consumer is still strapped. that is very bad for the retailers, but the good news there are deals out there because they need consumers to shop. >> how do you get deals? >> they are all over. from apparel to electronics to toys. i would suggest before you go out and spend money, do the comparison shopping online. shopzilla, coupon codes, you can find those on the web. and remember, you can always
10:27 am
hagle, you can always mention the competitor has a less expensive product and chances are they will match the environment. >> we hope there are plenty of people spending money. >> we need that, two-thirds of economic activity, people spending. >> nice to see you. >> in the market for a new home or looking to sell yours? there's good news on both fronts. and we have that this morning and it's becoming more common, insurance companies are making people pay more for making unhealthy choices. is it going to encourage people to slim down? will it make them stop smoking? stay with us. 8 extra-strength . a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthris pain all day.
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this is breaking news right here. we want to update you on what's happening in pakistan. the army says suspected taliban militants have infiltrated its headquarters and taken hostages. they slipped in sparking a gun
10:31 am
battle that killed six cold yerz. one security official says the militants are holding pakistani soldiers in change for the release for the militant comrades. it was six pakistani soldiers that were killed. we'll bring you more information as we get it. we want to get to washington and more on a three-hour strategy session at the white house. there are new reports that president obama has still not made any decision about whether to increase troop levels in afghanistan. it's the first time the president has questioned his inner circle about the troop levels that might be needed to turn the war around there. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, stanley mcchrystal is believed to have given president obama a series of options. joining us live is military analyst and retired u.s. army general, barry mccaffrey. is the answer to get out or to reduce the numbers of troops or continue to grow it perhaps as
10:32 am
many as 60,000 more? >> reporter: the president faces this incredible dilemma. i have great respect for the process they are going through. whatever his decision, peter, at the end of the day, he's going to own it. he has got to get secretary of state hillary clinton and bob gates and others to buy into the process. it's hard for me to imagine us redefining the strategy down to counter terrorism saying we're going to reduce the footprint. not going to happen. political disaster, allies leave and packs denounce us. his party doesn't back it in congress, the american people are dubious about the war. so more likely, what we're going to do is try and muddle through and it might work. we've got tremendous people on the ground. but i think that will probably be the outcome. >> the idea of muddling through is frightening to some people.
10:33 am
give us a sense of consequences on both sides of this decision. if you put in so many more troops, the fear is this becomes an even longer prolonged -- more prolonged war or if you stop where we are right now, the fear is that we don't even accomplish the objective from previously set. >> i think you laid it out quite nicely, the withdrawal option presents an immediate enormous political pain. i don't see how you can sustain that. the consequences of massive reinforcement, i think 60,000 is a modest number to add to the present force on the ground. if your strategy is em bed u.s. combat platoons in pash tun villages and provide security. 32 million people, the place is twice the size of california for god's sake. i don't see how either big decision goes. we give mcchrystal backing and see what he can accomplish with
10:34 am
forces on the ground. >> you talk about the size of afghanistan. i think a lot of people are saying, how many troops are there? the answer is 68,000 right now. the idea of another 60,000 means close to 130,000 american troops who a year from now would be on the ground in afghanistan. that means we're at this for a whole heck of a lot longer. can you explain what you think the sequence is to the taliban retaking control of the central government as they continue to threaten to do such a thing there? >> well, they are going to have hard pressed and keep it in context. you cannot overrun a u.s. marine corps in the field on a bet. we're not facing a short term military disaster in afghanistan. the roads are appearing and we are building clinics and schools and there is a central government of sorts. and so i don't want to overstate this, but i think though the bottom line is it's $5 billion a month burn rate, we're now starting to see significant
10:35 am
casualties, we're probably going to be talking 500 killed and wounded a month here very quickly. there's going to be a fight in afghanistan but come in two or three years we try to build the afghan national army. >> out of curiosity for you, when you heard president obama heard the nobel peace prize, on the other hand has to decide what to do adviin afghanistan, what's the reaction from you? >> enormous sense of pride. this is a beautifully educated thoughtful person we have as president of the united states. to be -- i'm a nonpartisan actor, but i think it was more of a vote that says the world breathed a sigh of relief when the bush administration left office. and i think that's why he got this very significant recognition. >> always good to visit with you. >> good to be with you. >> massive fire in texas this morning. a blaze that started overnight and six homes have been
10:36 am
destroyed. two were heavily damaged from the flames. fire officials say 30-mile-per-hour winds hamper the efforts to try to put the fire out. the good news is no injuries were reported. the fire marshall at this point is trying to get a better sense of what caused the fire to start. >> portland, oregon, thousands of women reattending a religious event were forced to evacuate an arena after a suspicious device was found. portland's rose garden hosting a women of faith conference when the device was found in a bath room. the bomb quad was called in and determined it was not hazardous. the event is rescheduled for tonight. in north carolina, state employees will have to get fit and going to have to quit smoking or they'll pay more for health insurance. they are poised to become the second in the u.s. to impose a so-called thin tax on workers who let the waist line go or choose to use tobacco.
10:37 am
joining us now, david from "washington post." >> good to you with you. >> how will the state decide? where do they draw the line? whose overweight? >> you know, peter, it's not just the state. many companies are giving employees incentives to lose weight, to quit smoking. i would say that in 2008 according to a survey, more than a quarter of employees used some form of wellness incentives. some companies are rewarding just the effort in rolling in a program to quit smoking. other companies are rewarding actual results. they base rewards and penalties as well on whether people achieve actual changes in things like blood glucose levels, cholesterol, blood pressure as well as quitting smoking. >> david, for people tuning in to the conversation, it's a good
10:38 am
debate being had at dinner tables. how do they monitor it? do they say it's monday at 9:00 a.m., get on the scale, like "the biggest loser"? >> 27% of large employers plan to base premiums in part on whether people will undergo health assessments and pegged to blood draws as well, they are administered by outside vendor s. it is kept private from the employer itself. but all of this could change dramatically the senate version of health care reform would allow employers to rach et up the stakes to charge much bigger rewards or penalties. and for example, if you take a family whose premium cost them and the employer a combine $12,000 a year, which is less
10:39 am
than average, the penalties could go to 50% of the cost. in other words, that family could have $6,000 riding on whether they meet the targets. >> so one of questions is you talk about the penalties. a lot of critics will say this is more about making money than promoting good health. what's the response to that? >> employers are clearly concerned about containing rising health care cost. this frame this as a question of personal responsibility and hope the incentives will not just promote healthier workers but contain costs for all concerned. there are however, many critics and the critics include groups like the american heart association, the american cancer society. the american diabetes association and labor unions and they are concerned that employers will use these incentives to drive unhealthy workers out of their health plans or out of their companies all together. they are worried that these
10:40 am
incentives could cause the people who need health care the most to find it increasingly unaffordable. >> david hill zen rath, thanks for helping us out. >> the education department is looking for a few good men to become teachers. one specific requirement and we'll explain what that is next. . when she started forgetting things, i was hoping it was nothing. grandma! what a nice surprise! mom, it's sunday. that's when i knew i couldn't wait. mom's doctor said these were signs of alzheimer's, a type of dementia, and that prescription aricept could help. he said it's the only treatment proven effective... for all stages of alzheimer's. studies showed aricept slows the progression... of alzheimer's symptoms. it improves cognition... and slows the decline of overall function. aricept is well tolerated but not for everyone. people at risk for stomach ulcers... or who take certain other medicines... should tell their doctors...
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because serious stomach problems... such as bleeding may get worse. some people may experience fainting. some people may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bruising, or not sleep well. some people may have muscle cramps... or loss of appetite or may feel tired. in studies, these were usually mild and temporary. mom. talk to your doctor about aricept. don't wait. alzheimer's isn't waiting.
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we hope you're having a good saturday morning. the department of education is unrolling a new push to recruits more black teachers, especially men. according to new labor statistics less than 2% of teachers nationwide are african-american men. the report shows american teachers are overwhelmingly white despite the fact that minority students make up 44% of the children in classrooms across the country. president obama is preparing to address the nation's largest gay rights organization hours from
10:44 am
now the president is scheduled to speak before the human rights campaign. the first president to do that since president clinton, just one day before the national equality march in washington this is expected to draw thousands to the nation's capitol. nora o'donnell has more details. >> reporter: the president's speech tonight is key, considered his first big gay rights speech for a group clammering for change. >> it needs to stop being a political issue. we need to solve the problem. >> during the campaign, barack obama promised to pursue gay rights. >> we've scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them. >> reporter: since taking office he has yet to make gay rights a top priority, angering many strong supporters. >> unless the president is willing to take dramatic action soon, at the end of his first term, i do not think people will be satisfied. >> at the top of the list, reversing the don't ask-don't
10:45 am
tell policy that prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military. >> when you look at my record it's very clear what i've done so far. and that is nothing. >> reporter: earning him ridicule on "saturday night live." >> gays in the military -- >> reporter: federal law allows states not to recognize gay marriages, same sex marriages are legal in six states. >> it's a belief within the obama administration that social issues of any kind would derail the president and the administration from the big goal they have, whether it's reforming the financial system, the economic system, most definitely reforming health care. >> reporter: just this june the president held a reception at the white house for gay rights leaders. >> this struggle i don't need to tell you is incredibly difficult. >> reporter: and acknowledged the disappoint.
10:46 am
>> i know many in the room don't believe that progress has come fast enough. and i understand that -- >> reporter: the president insisted progress has been made. he has expanded some federal benefits to same sex partners but not health or pension benefits and has allowed employees to include their same sex partners. the president says real change will take time. >> i suspect by the time this administration is over, i think you will have good feelings about the obama administration. >> reporter: for now gay rights remain part of a very long to do list for the president. this comes as the president appointed his first openly gay ambassador. also, the house voted this week to expand the definition of violent federal hate crimes committed because of a person's sexual orientation. it is named after a gay wyoming
10:47 am
college student who was brutally murdered 11 years ago. >> today there is new evidence of an improvement and key sector of the u.s. economy. sale of homes valued between 100 and $250,000 is up 9%. the sale is 9% from just a year ago. overall the housing market seems to be red hot but is it? we'll get perspective from staffer amanda, good to see you. you wrote about this topic and as we were speaking in the break. in the housing market it's more about the tier you're in. the top tier is pretty cool. the cheaper housing, a good spot right now. >> what we're seeing is a big jump in demand at the bottom of the market. that's where most of the foreclosures that have taken place have occurred and banks are unloading those bargain prices and secondly we're seeing the tax credit kick in to bring entry levels buyers in.
10:48 am
so that lower tier has really seen a pick up in demand. we're hearing from realtors all over the country saying numerous bids are coming in higher than the listing price. >> we'll talk about the tax break in a second, $8,000 expires pretty soon. what does that mean for people looking to sell? are peopling saying, now is the time to get it out here before the winter moves in? >> i think that a lot of people -- it's going to be a good indication where we see inventory of homes jump for sale because that means people have decided i'm confident enough that i can sell my home. but the problem is they are competing especially in the lower tier with short sales and foreclosures. how do you stand out because you can't compete on price? with foreclosures in bad condition, spruce up the home and make it perfect and attract a kind of buyer who will pay more. >> talk about the $8,000 tax
10:49 am
credit expires november 30th. give us a sense of how that is affected all of this? >> there is talk of whether or not that will be extended or possibly even sweetened. the government hasn't announced what they are going to do there. there are a lot of economists who say it has helped. but it also has brought buyers who would have bought in 2010 up to 2009. and am i spoke with yesterday actually said once that expires they think sales could take a hit and prices to drop maybe 5 or 10% at the most because that extra insen tif will slow down sales in 2010. >> like the cash for clunkers effect. >> exactly what happened with the cars. >> talk about foreclosures that you brought up a minute ago. do you expect the rate of foreclosures to go up or down? it doesn't change for these people trying to get rid of homes they can no longer afford.
10:50 am
>> we actually expect if you watch the unemployment rate and the foreclosure rate sort of over the past couple of years they've literally moved in lock step. that is one of reasons why the housing market is still going to remain weak in 2010. most economists think it will bottom out and begin to stabilize, but as as long as as that unemployment rate remains high, people will have problem paying mortgages and the foreclosure rate will remain at the elevated rate. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> president obama has a lot more than afghanistan on his mind. coming up, how he plans to tackle his next big priority. immigration reform. we're back next.
10:51 am
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how about this, actors matt damon and ben affleck are life friends and now also family. the two are actually tenth
10:54 am
cousins. how many tenth cousins do you have? they share a tenth great grandfather who died back in 1655. affleck also has distant ties to princess diana and 16 presidents, including barack obama. as the health care overhaul winds its way through congress, the obama administration will tackle the next big priority, immigration reform. it will be addressed in next year's conference with a clear partisan divide. let's bring in samuel jacobs from "the daily beast." >> this is a contentious topic. are they ready to take it on? is it too much to try to tackle right now? >> you can't fault the guy for not having ambition. we had a great column from a writer who wrote about how moments like these where there's
10:55 am
high unemployment, uncertainty about the country, these are the moments for anti-immigrant sent. bubbles up. it will be a challenge. president bush, for instance, failed twice trying to to get immigration reform in the second term. >> how do we presume that president obama will attack theish issue? >> starting with the detention program, hosting 400,000 immigrantses every year, trying to put a more humane safe place. immigrants are put in jails and families are separated. there will be a big report on tuesday explaining how the administration will approach that. >> this is a big topic in places like arizona where the sheriff came out and basically was told, your people can't make these arrests any more. in that part of the country particularly the fence was intended to go and wasn't completed. this is a hot topic.
10:56 am
what the conversation specifically about what needs to happen? >> you heard obama talk about creating pathways to citizenship and more international focus, where you had to tackle mexican mafias. trying to make a bigger issue and improve on what bush wasn't able to get done. but the climate is going to be very difficult. thank you. appreciate it. swine flu is proving deadly for children. how safe is the h1n1 vaccine? we'll pose your questions to an expert. you're watching msnbc. excell. it's gmc truck month. shop sierra 1500 slt with the 403 horsepower 6.2 liter v8. it's the most powerful half ton v8 in its class. step up to the best. it's gmc truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months on 2009 gmc sierra or get $6,000 total cash back on
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11:00 out east. 8:00 out west. it could be the convincing some parents need to finally get their children vaccinated against the h1n1 virus. also ahead,


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