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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 11, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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american proders or goods. itself.sotan answer in thpuose of foreign sistance is creating the conditions where it's longer needed i want to ghanians not only self-sufficient, i want to see you exporting food to other cotries and earning money. you can do that. now, america can also do more to promote ade and investments. wealthnations mupen r doors to gds and services from africa in a meaningfuly. that wille a commitment of my administraon. and where there is good service we n oan private-public partnerships, capacity building that trains people to run businesses. financial servic that reach not just cies but also the poor and rural eas. this is also inur own
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interests, for people lifted out of poverty and wealth as created in africa, guess what? new markets will open up for our own goods, so it's goo for both. one area tat holds out both undeniable peril and extraordinary pse energy. africa gives off less greenhouse gas than any other rt of the world, but it is threatenedy climate change. a warming planet will spread disease, shrk wate resources, andeete crps, creating coitions that produce more famine, more conflict. all of us, particurly the westerworld, have a responsibility tolow these trends through mitigaon and by changing the way that we use energy. but an also wrk with africans to turn this crisis into opportunity. togeth we can partner beha of our planet and prosperity and help cntes
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increase access to power while leap fgging the dirtier phas of devepmt. think abouit. across africa tre is bountiful wind and solar powe geo therma energ and biofuel. from the valleto the north african deserts, from the western asts to south africa's crops, africa's natural gifts can generate its own power while exportg clean energy abroad. these ste are about more than growth numbers on a balance sheet. they're about whether a youn a job that suor afamily.can get a farmer can transfer their goods to marke an entrepreneur th a goo idea can start a business. it aut the dignity of work. it's about oprtunity that must exist forfricans in the 21st century. now, just a governan is vital
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to opportunit it's so iticalo the third area i want to talk a -- strengthening public health. in recent years enormous progress has beemade in parts of africa. more peoe are living productively with hiv/aids and getting e drugs they need. i just saw a wonderful clinic, a hospital that is focused particarly on matern healt but too many still die from disees. when children are being killed because of mosquito and mothers are dyi in child rth, then know th more progress must be made. yet because of incentives provided b donor nations, many african doctors and nurses go ovseas or work for progr that focus a single disease. this creates gaps in primary
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care and prevention. africans have t make responsible choices at pvent the spre ofdiase while promotg public health their communities and countries. so across africa we see examples people tackling these problems. in nigea an interfaith effort of christians and muslims has set an example ofcooperation to confront malaria. heren ghana and acss afrca we see ideas for filling gapsin care. r instance, throughe-health itiatis that allow doctors inig cities t support those in small towns. america wll suorthese effos through acomprehensive global strategy, because in the 21st century we are called to act by our conscience but also by ouommon interts. when achild dies of a preventible disease in aca, at affects us everywhere and when dea goes unchecked in any corner of the world, we know that it canpread across
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continents that's w my administration has committed $6 billion to me these challees. $63 billion. building on thestrong efforts of predent bush, we will carry foard the fight against hiv/aids. we will pursue the goal of ending deaths from malaria and tuberculis and we will work to eradate polio. we will fight. we willight neglected tropical disease. and we wi confront illnesses isolation. we will invest in public health systs that promo wellness and fsn the health of mother and children. now, as w are here on behalf of healthier future we mus also op the destrucon that comes not from illness bu from human
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beings. and so the final areahat want to disss is coli. leme be clear. africa is not the crude caricature of a continent at perpetual war. but if are honest, for far too many africans, conflict is a part of life. asconstant as the n. there are wars over land and ov resources and i is far too easy for tho witho conscience to mipulate whole communities. these conflicts are a millsto around africa's eck. we a have ma idties of tribe and ethnicity, of religion, but defining one's self in opposition to someone who belongs to a differentribe orho worships a different prophet has place in the 21st
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century. africa's diversity shoulde a source o strength, not a caus division. we are all god's children. all share common aspirations to live in peace and security, to access educati and portunity, to love our families and our communities and our faiths. that is our commonhumanity. that is why we must standp to inhum inhumanancy our midst. it is never justifiable to targetnnocence in the name of theology. is a dth sentence of a ciety to force children kill. it is the ultimate mark of criminality to condemn women to relentless andystemic rape. we mus bear witnesso the
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value of everyhouse in darfur and the dignity o everywoman in the continent. no faith or culture should coe the outrages agnst them ghania must strive for the peace an secury necessary for ress. africansre standing upor this future. here, tooin ghana, we are eing you help point the way forward. you should take pride in your coributions to acekeeping, from liberia to lebanon, and your efforts to resist the scourge of the human tde. we welcome the steps tat are being taken organizatns like the african union to better resolve conflicts, to keep the peac and sport those in need. we encourage the vision of a
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strong, regional security architecture that can bring effectivtrans national forces to bear when needed. america has a rponsibility to work with you as rtner, to advance thisvision. just with words but with support that strengthens afrins. when tre's a genocide i darfur terroristsn somalia these are not simplyfrican problems. they are global securit challenges andhey demand a global respon. an that's why we st readyto partner through diplocy and technical assistance and logistical support and we will and behin effort toold criminals accountable. let me be ear. our africa command is focused not on establishing a foothold but on confronting these common chlenges to advance the security of america, afca, d the world. in moow i spoke of the ne for annternational syem
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where e universal rhts of human beings are spect ed. that must include commitments to support those who resolve conflicts peacefully. to sanction and stop ose who n't, and to help those who have suffered. bu ultimately, i will be vibrant decracies like botswana a ghana which bac th causes of conflict and advance peace and osperity. as sd earlier, aica's future is up to africans. the people of africa are rdy to claim that future and in my country african america including so man recent immigrants have arrived in every aspect of ciety and we draw strength from our african
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hetage. withinstitions and a strong will i know africans c live their dream in nairobi, sasha, and right her in cra. u know, 52 years ago the eyes of the world were on ghana a a young preacher ned martin luther kg traveled here to aca to watch the ghanian fag goup. this was befor the march on washingtonor the ccess of the civil rights vement in my country. dr. king was asked how he felt while watching the birthof a nation and he id, it renews my conviction in the ultimate trmph of juste.
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now that triumphust be won once more. and it mu be won byou. and i am particularly speakg toth young people all ross africa and right here in ghana. places lke ghana, young people make up er half of the population and here is what you must know. the world wille wat you make of it. you have the power to hold your leaders accountable and to build institutions that serve the people. u can serve in your coities and harness ur energy and education to create new wealth and buil new connections to the wor. you can end conflictsnd change om the bottom up. you can do that. yocan. becaus in this moment, history is onhe move, but these things
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can on be done if all of you ta responsibility for your future. and it won't be easy. it will take time and effo. therwill be sufferi and setbacks. but i can promise youthis. erica will be with you every step of the way as a partr, as a friend. opportunity won't come from any other pla though. must come from the decisions all of you make, the thin that you do the hope that youold in your hearts ghana, freedom is your inherince. now itis your responsibility to build upon freedom's foundation. if you do, we will look back years from now to places like accra and say, tis was theime when the promise was realized. this is the time when prosrity was forged, whenain was overcomeand anew era of
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progress began. this can be t time when we witness the triumph ofustice onceagain. yes we can. thank you very much. gobless you. thank yo >> and the presidt concluding about a 30-minute spe there to the ghanian paiament. he said there were four keys to a succeful partnership wth the u.s. -- the princies of democracy should be adhered to, to provide opportunityor the ghanian people, heal to deal with eradicing polio, to omote the wellness ofmothers d children. to that end the president and his wife also visited a hospital prior to coming to the parliament to make this speech. and, finally, he talkedbout the peacel rolutio of conflict, saying thato faith or lture shoul cdone any outrage against them so he also made some promise the esident saying specifically that the united statesould make sure that u.s. a gets to africao help those in the
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farmin communities and entrepreneurs d not western consultants and administrors, in fact, getting theoney to the people who need the very most. we'll be talki about this with nbc's savaah guthrie whos traving with the present and will jn us live short as well as b franken will be joining us of course, political consulnt and columnist. we'll talk with them about this after a short break. alsoup next here on "msnbc saturd" as waves of outrage near philadelphia continue, the headf the swim club explains why membershs of do of nority children we canceled. but does the explanation wah? and the washington moy machine. do it need to crank out a second stimulus?
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at 18 past e hour we'll
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geget re on pooliti and the president't'trtripo ghanaahe presesidt t ju finishing addressing the ghanian paparlment there. savaahah guthrie is t traling wi the president and joioins us li from cra, ghana. how was t the presenens speech received, savannnnah? >> reporter: welell,ouou could he i hope in the room there was a l of audience rticipation, aotot of apapplse. the presididtt gave a very rsrson speech know invoked ss personal htoto a lott me e th we n noally see him o. hehe tked about his grandfather. he talked abouout ss father's's experience in keya. he talked about the responsibility not j jusofof americic b also ofof afafri, of africans to dictate thehe o own future. he talked very plainly a abou rrrrupon, about colilis amg g tres, saying this w not t th wayforward. toward the end i it started sounding a liittle bit li an old campaign sspeec he kindd o invokedhaha passion t t aaudnce, saying i i taininto the youngpeople. it's up p to y y to decide what kind of placece africic wl be. yes, you ca yes, you can d that.
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invoking hislld campaign slogan.. so the people in e room seememd to receivett very well and, of course, he is really ining welcomomed he e ghana alstst s aaative son t thou h hamamil of course, is from kenya. thisss his first visit to sub-saharan africa as presidene and people he have beenen ryry excitete l ling the streets, signs, allll t thakind of thin. they're very hononod d he chose come h herfifir. >> yeye.. i concur wi your assssmsmen when ieaea the "yes you can" i'm m thinngnghat sounds a lot like he waselling all ofss in ewewe factotorr ding his campaign. en it comes to his promises to give mononey t the cocountr hav the uted states support ings, he is intent giving the nene to the farmers, t t the peleleho need itmost. heas very s spifificn talking about eing cororptptio not allowing the governmnmen t skim like 20% off t the t top of m m that a are genen to ththem whatats s th reaction to thaa >> wewel, again, a l lot of f have s sai thh the prsisint,
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cacausof his background, has a special ability, a sececl edibility to comen here and frankly y ta a a little tt tgh anansay, lo. ththe e arsome things y can ceainly blame on a lo history of colononlilismof people comgg into thisis cocontenent d takiki i resourceces way, so,o, yes,thth is th shameful history, but on thotother hahad,d, h sasaid, ririca, you haveoo confront within yourselveves urur o problems. nodydys forcing y toaave ththese ibibconflicts. nobody's's forcing u to h hveve cocorrupononr take bribibes hehe b bee talking abouout t ti issusualall ek and so really is obvbvususly something he was ththinng about as he m mad is eeeech also, t talng not jubout couption but a new wayay o delivering aid to aica, r rlllly lklkg about, look. the wayhe westas often donone it is to just giveve money t afafri so it can b belelycrape and itseoeole are just susurving on suisisnce. whwhathe's trying to d do is ta about t a n way t do dedevepment, a way that empowes pepele here. for example yoyomentioned the food aid. onone idea is to make t the ff,
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themselves, bebeorore productive soo air t just sending fofo to africa butut helpininafafrin farmrmers more productive. th is the notionon. of c coue e wel have to seeeeow itit woss outhehen these dodoar start flowingg toto this contntenent. >> of coursese. vannah, before we let t uu go, the presiside's's nt stop is certain to bebe o thatvovoke a lot of emotionon fromm people. tell us abobo w whe hss ining. >> reportete y yes before he leaves gha,a, and this a veery short trip, h he is exexpeeded helicocoerer or to the cstst and see cape ast catle, which iss a former sve t tdiding post, so it expected d be a very popoweul visitit the presidedent obvioususlyasas nevevebebeen there. the first ladyilill be with hi. of course, s she i is a scscenn i t thk thegatat-gat granddaughter ofof slas.s. it will crtrtaiy be aery memeingful visit for emem in particular and a anyonho would visit.t. >> absolutely. savavann guthrhr,, t tanank u s mumu. >> su.. therer is anew bibillarard houstonabout martin luther kikig jr. itit c caung some controversy. 's making a claim a autut his
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new thismorn president ama says the country doesn't need a second roundof stimulus to jolt itut recession. in his weekly web address the president sa the current stimulus needs tim to work. >> we must l it work the way it'supposed to, with the understanding that in any recession, unemployment tends to recover more slowly than other measur of economic activity. >> i'm joined now live from washinon b a litical analyst and syndicated columnist, bob franken. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to talkoney here becau since the stimulus s signed into law the economy has lost more than 2 mlion jobs, bob. do you think peop will heed the presint's words and just
9:27 am
be paent? >> well, i think that the is a political opposition t there that is beginng to get some tractionrom the idea that the stimulus is not producing the results that it hould. now, supporters ofhe prident, supporters of the stimul, say it's absurd to say that you would see dramatic results because th economy takes a while to real rev up. they further make the point and th is controversial that it is not ju a matter of jobs at have not been gaed. it's matter of jobs thatave be saved. this is abig point of date but it should be poied out that republican and other opponents of the stimulus are starting, the polls show, to get some pple on theirside with e argumenthat the stimulus has just been a massive, huge waste of money. >> well, in addition t that, in seei the republican response to the president's ssage, they say th is now president obama's economy. president obama says, look. i'm just cleaninup the wreckage i inherit. do republicans now he the ammunition they need to make this the predent's issue?
9:28 am
>> well, the current president obama has for the longest time been able to get a litt time by poiing out he was inheriting what was left by the bushadministration. but at some point everybody agrees 's all going to become the obama presiden, whether you're taing about the economy, wther you're taing abouthe wars in iraq and afghanistan, the republicans are beginninto discern that there is a public mood th now it's president obama that'sn the public menlity and not the former president bush. >> and so what does all this do to the president'sealth care plan aspirations? get this all doneby the tme ngss takes off next month? >> wel you have to wond fer that isn't a bit of a false adline. ontacthey alwaysse when there's some major program coming up before cgress is to create a deadline thatdoesn't have a huge ount of meaning by saying they want ts all done by the august recess, golly gee, what happens if they don't have it done? do they then have september
9:29 am
deadli? do they have an october deadline? after decades of history, of health care reform that is in such trouble, what ifey don't get it insession? do they abandon the effort? let's not put too much faithn that august deadline >> okay. bob anken, always got faith in you. thanks for joining us. it looks like a bigit on the big screen but is "bruno's" humor over thehe liline? you u ha t toatch this. u'u'reatching "msnbc tutuay." [ femalele aouounc ] olay goes yond everyday clean to d dp micro-clean. olay deeeep eaeaers reach ththe cro-particles of dirtt so b bic cleansers n n lee behind for a cleaeasoso dp its micro-clclea olol deep cleansers. you'rere ready for the mid-morning g rush tnks to a good d breakfas ne coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hotholate hold the wipip, antwtwo esessos. make onene a doue. shshfiber focused! i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room,
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nd of consider myself a binhood of e dicting world. buicenclave the finest uxy crossover ever i ed some zen time withth th model thank you. after month ofofelays due to thnhnal problems t the l lach of the spacace ututtl"eeavour" isisscscduled todayf the weather holds p. ththunrstorms may keephuttle "eeaeavo" grounded a anoerer da we have the veryry latest from e nnnnedspace nter. so l let have you put your hat as aeaeaer man. how does it okok right now? r repter: well, it'snono lolookg good.
9:33 am
itit'sesesthan 50/50.. it's 60/40 thatthey will notot e ablele t launchh cacausthey cannot have any thunderstorms, alex, within 20 m milf the launch pad.d. right nowowffhey launchched its a beautifufumomorng but in t th mmer time in florida, a thehe thunderstotormcoco laterinin th afternoon and thhis is a 7:39 p.m. launch. that's just aewew minututesbebee sunset. th think tyy wilill have some thunderstorms in the area. w,w, 's the thirdd attempt thin a ntnt eyey postponed twicee becauause ydrogen gas ak. eyey tnk they have that fiixe bubut,alex, the problem is t ts tatank was meefter h hririca katrina hit t th facilityut in louisiana so all of theseseanan we havave forhehe remainining fligigs s ofhe uttle, eight ofof themem possiblynine,e, w wre ma after katrtrin and they g g -- the place whwher t the plug in e hydrogen bld-d-f, they gotttt a l ltltle out of lle, so ty'll haha t to deal with t ts each a every y me. sohehethink they h hav i
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rkrkedout. ththeyhihi it'llllwork. unun time is 7:39 p.m. ninit. >> why d do g get a l ltltle uncomfmforblble en you say they thininit's worked out? u kind of wanthahat to be 10 or 110%, don't youou? >> reporter: thahat a absutely corrrrt.t. i'm a littttle nervous,too. ese last missions i am, you know, likeke tcat on a hot t ti roof. i'i'm ryry nervous about .. >> that's a gat anogog all l rit.t. i'llicture that one. thank you very m mh.h. we'll l ta w wh you aain. >>hahank you, alex. >> shorttitime ago presided obama wrapped up an historic spch to the parliament of ghana. >> with strongng institutuonons a strongng ll, i owow that africans c can live their dream in nairobibi and shsha, and rig herere i acaccr >> callingng o a numberofof countries he didid not visit on this brf,f, 21-hour stop i in africa, in adadtition to prarai africa, telling parliament, ye
9:35 am
they can seize opportununits s r peace, t tresident also bluntly stated th tyryrnyny an corruption in a afca must st in orderto acevev p pgress. mara, whh anheher od day to you, we knonow the president called on the cououririesf africa toeize opportunities for prosperity, f f democracy, ddow i is s messagagee being rereived by the people inin gha? >> reporter: well, you know, isis is really a ththem that h hahas ruck several ttim,,hich is one of responsibibitity d coming from hihim rere i this rt of the wowor, i think although iss a sternessage it's easier swswalw. i'll tell you y.y. when youou lk to people h her about w whattt is t tha they lie about obama, and hess ctainly bebeveved here, one thhem you'l hear again andnd again is peopl sehim asn inspirarati.. they see himim a proof that if you have t right workk ethic and right vaeses you canacaceve anything. th "yes you can" campaign slan, forpepeop here 's alalmo a a daily inspiration.
9:36 am
mimingrom someone they perceive a aswawaing the lklk this stete message t takg peonal responsibility is something ththatheheyan s sllll lilile bit e eieierhan if itit perhrhapcacamerom another person. a andith his k kean roots as you makeouour way there t thugu ghana, how d d people r resndnd is with him? i mean, kea, ghana, basically just all the africanan connectin thther there must be aa emendous sense of pride. >> reporter: y yes yo know, that's's agrgrt question.. i think itit m may have somethio do w witththe way we see, you kn,, devin natioiifferent natat. the question youou'rasasng was ththe meme tught i had w wenen gogohere whichs, ell, he's keanan are thee ganania goingto weomomhim? whwhat i f fou h heracross the board is there iso didiininctn madede. they don't see h himas a kenya. thth see himasas an african. hiblbld is our bld. he i i o one of uss and they wem him as a native son.n. this is a meme ccining. there isis n n distinction mada here baseded onanaonality. >>amamon those fourr princncips the presidenent focucudd on
9:37 am
exclusively one ofhehem was opportunity. i understand thatatisis being erere s created some businesss opportunititiefofor elocals. > rorter: well, onon the kind of o obvus anddlolor level froro youu obviously havave a lot of commerce coming i i justececau peopop w wan to pick upp trink. you have a lot of lal enendo selling g t-shirts and buttons d fun ththin like a afcan clocks with ooba's's picture onit. of courseehehere is an immediat bebenet, people staying in hotetelsndnd sendingmomone in restaurarantanand ings like ththat one of theeaeans people were so happy h was comining here is because theyey thought it wawas spurring dedelolopmt. if the presisideof thee uniteded states chose gnanaasas the firs natitionnn sub-saharan africa t vivisi they think that'ss g gng to attract investors and sisinees. it's g gngng t attract develolopmt t beuse it r ralalls aatamp of approval from a v ve imimpoanant rson on the rld age. >> o oy.y. thanank uu sosomuch.
9:38 am
>>the latest gallup pollll shs presidenent amams approval tings have slipped a bit. 58% of thosese surveyed sayhey approve of the job the presiside is doing d do from 61% in june. the survey also f fds democrats maintain their edgegainst publicans. 49%% o thoseurveyed identified themselves as ddemrara and only 40% s sdd ey were republicans.s. todday two new developments in the aererma of michael jackcksos s ath are leaeadi to w w lel questions.. firsrst u michael's moee kaererin ckckso and hisis e-e-ti wife debbie rowe are kiki a judge to postpone the guardianship heariringhahat s set toto ta place e onononda the haerpg wili the hearing will t takplplacon july 2 2h.h. los angeles policece cefef willm bratton is nowow sayingee has nt ruled out h homidid as a c cau f death. michael's fafath h had this to say. > i just couldndn believe wht was happppengg to michael, because iiusus couldn't bebelie itit, you kn,, and i i do belie ththers s fo play. i dobelieve that. >> joining me liveve to discucu
9:39 am
what is nowat stake a are karen sosoto criminal defensese attorney a and fmer prosecutor anandy othehe guest also a iminal defense attorneneanand former prosecutor.. good morning to you u o. homicide is a word ieard from thth police chieff william btttt and hmicide is a harsh wordrd. that is murder. that's n n mamansugught. explain this. all right. well,we've beenalking about th since hepapaed away an i ha beenpretty adamanantss to thfact i thought thiss is going to turn into involuntary manslaughter. however, involununryry mamansuguger can be a a doctor engaged in a a lawful act that ght, and i qte might result death. and if that does h haenen and i theyey do n use duecare, then that is malalauger. wever, there is a presumpmpti that sayay if y you are enged an unwfwf act,t, felony, m may prescribininoror ging s sebody a shot thatt you shouldn't be giving itt them t th that kikickititup to a omomice. soso tt is prorobayyhathehey' talking about but, you knkno
9:40 am
unrstand that you coulddee convicteteofof homicide without having thehe innn the a actll ininte to murder a apersonon. >> okay. now, jay, w wchch doctors are ty oking at herere there arare m my coming out of the woodwork. o i is it? is it conrad mraray, th cardrdiogigistith him when he died, , ist t e others who prescrcreded pls over the year? >> want to clear up one t tng on t the homicide. homicide statutes ininudude l of them. itit c go first-degree murder, second-degree murder,aggravated manslalaugererreckless malalauger or involuntary manslaughter. soso btton didn'teaeall define at he aant when youou sayomomide most people think murder. ititsn't nececesririly rrde >> all rightht. >> that't's great questiti becaususe erer are s seral dodocts s anhe had a pvate rse. he hadad h ow pratatdoctor. he had thee plastic s srgeon doctor. heay have had other doctors. all of hem, if he died of a overdose, whwhicseses to be obous, all of them are going beointing at t othersndnd they may tryryo be cimimg that ththeyid not knoww he was undnd somemeon e elss care an was
9:41 am
veven drugs,perhapsps, b by othr doctor.. so it will beiiffult to try to pin tisis on one ysician. s one personalysician, though, that was wi h him most of the time at l lst f the past month or two, i wououldhihi he would b be rere cpable than ththe hers. >> okayay. 'll move now t to custody.. i'i'lleaead e statement fromm e jajason family lawyerrftfter it was announunce t custody hearing scheduled f monday is delayed by a wewek.k. it res,s, we are p plsed that the child custotody h hring has been continued o ove until juju 20thth to frtrthe allow -- to fufurtr our progressather and allow us to p pivately and amicablyy resolve th m mt impoporttt mter in a digngnifdd manner f f t the benefitff the children first anandd allll in. >> thatmemeanthat hopefully ererwill be some kind of netiation, maybe vitataon, maybybe debebee rowe thinkstt i st for them to b b where they'recomfortable, tryy adst the childrere i don't't think that's -- there are so many emotions here i don'tththinthat's goingngoo resolve e e e cuody. ii tnknk the d difrerencbetween
9:42 am
having physicalal cststy and beinina a pant andmamang decisions as f far as health cae and ucucatn are very important anand don't t thi t tha debbie rowe is goingo want to haa that over t to the jasoson mimy >> interesestilylyjay, t theoe jacksonn f fctor complilicass ththgsgs. he's beenn tlklkg about the children lataty y an if youu ininteret anything about michael jackcksos s fe, it is that h h wasn't particularly close e tois father and wouldn't t ntnt h faththerararnd h his kiki. . >> the only goodd t tng is joe jajackn and his wifekatherine dootot lve totothther he lives inn las vegas.s. she liveve i i california. t if you, ihihi if you l lo at t t w who picture e it appepr as if d dbbie rowe i i trying nenegoate a b betrr deal foror cucusty.y. the statemenent atat w issued by theacacko family seemsoo indicate that maybe thth c can a frndndly way rerelvlve this. that's what ii tnk is happening. >> okay. thank u. jududging t judge. e senate judiciary commite prepares to grill supreme court nominee sonia sotayor but do conservatives ve any real shot at keeping her from the gh court?
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
back home. he'll be back jt in te for judge sonia sotomayos confirmation heangs on monday. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning, ax. good to see you >> you too. let's start with this. do conservatives rally think they can block sotomayor's nomination? i an, is that the best case scenar for them? is iat all realistic? >> i don't thinkit's ve realistic. at fir you' got 12 democrats and seven republans on the judiciary committee. unless there was some sort of implosions during thhearing on her parthe'll get through the judiciary committee. you have some republics that havelready shown a willingss to be supportive of her. unlessomething really unexpected happe in these hearings she should be fine. there's really a well worn path
9:47 am
re for justices inerms of, or ninee in terms of getting through these heings. they'll refuse to aner specif cases on the grounds that they mayome before the preme court. d anything else is a hypothetical that they can't answer because it's hypothetical. i think her job is to give as little information a possible and the reblicans' job will be to try to push her a little bit. >> so, then, jonathan, what do you think the issues are that are going to te center age duri this whole confirmation process? >> i thinke'll hear a whole lot abo judicl terament and philosophy,particularly some ofhe things she had sa not from the bench but off the bench in various speees and for instance theomment that a wise latina might make better judgments than a white man. you'llrobly hear something about that. you'll probably here about the fi refighters' case where she ruled against thwhite firefighters and t supreme court verturned that ruling. later th week a couple
9:48 am
firefiters are due to appear as witsses so that might be an interesting side sh. usually theiesses in these things areot partilarly a big deal other thanhe nominee, themselves. but the firefighters will be interesting. and david conehe form baseball piter is also goi to appear on her behalf. >>hat's ght. shis a relatively popul nomie at this pont, though. anyone who comes out opposing her, what kin of polic risk are they taking? >> ihink there's auge politica risk here for the republican party notnly becausshe's aoman but also cae she's latino. republicans ha been slipping inhe support they get from latinos. george w. bush had driven th up pretty significantly an hn mccain was not able to bui on th and so i think they risk a huge back lash from the hianic communitthat's pretty united behind her. >> oka thanks,jonathan. >> take care, alex. >> you, o. the is an invtigation into clas that a philadelphia area swi club kicked out minority cldren and today the ad of that club s an explanation which is next. lly saunder's naturealy,
9:49 am
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more falut todayrom that private swim club in suburban philelia that turned away a grouof african-american and hispanic children who sign up to use its poo reprentatives of at pool say accusations ofacm are blatantly false, and instead s it was an issue of overcrowding and safety bu one of the initial explanns given by theool was that the children would change, quote, the complexion of theclub. pennsylvania state authorities nownvestigating that po. radio host joe madison, host of theoe madison on sirius xm joins me asell as from philadelphia, john giodonna. and good morning to both oyou. >> good mornin >> okay. >> good morning, alex. hi, joe. >> let's talk about this club which denies any racism, gs. here's part of their atement. the valy club is deeply troubled by the recent allegations of racism wch are
9:53 am
completely unrue. unfortunately, we quickly learned that we underestimated the capacity of our facilities an realized tha we could not acodate the number of children from these camp so, let's get the reaction. is that washing with the botof you anyour listen e, to you first. >>no, it doesn't. because number one, the children heard theaciallurs long before managemt was asked about this. i mean, you know, this mager really ought toe the manager at jsic park. i mean, this neanderthal attitude towards race. here we ha presiden of the united states seaking in ghana, travelg all over the world, meeting with ads of state. it a different da. it's a different age. but the children know -- knew what happed. and so thiss just the way t circle back around, and try to avoid sponsibility. i tnk they just should come right out, alex, and y, look,
9:54 am
we're sorry. we even have memrs of that club, and that's the great thing about it, whiteand black members of that ub stood up and said,e're not going to lerate this. >> what are youhearing from yourlisteners? >> well, alex, this guy i think being wrongly cicatured in th media. he's an ama pporter, i think, an acti supporter. i don'think it's him. the wom whoun the day-care center said how apologetic he was. he knew this w a group of african-american kids coming in re and they had rescinded the offeto two otheramps which are multi-ethnic. i think there are racists there. e kids did hear this. but it seems to be a smaller number of people doing that and they panick, and just we with that flow. assume there was some degree of crowding here. but this guy duesler is not a neanderthal assic racist
9:55 am
here. that's why it's more interesting to u in philadelphia to be talking out this. it a littl bit more nnced but ra is a part of it. >> joe, dom brings up a point. apparently the are other day camp groups that hve been teed invitationso the pool, one of which was accepted andlater it was rescinded, because the excuse of overcrowding. and that , to my understandg, a group of, you know, racially mixed and diverse group of kids thatere coming there,s well. do you think there is som credibility what the direor of the pool and the club's membership is saying and it can be mixed in with just the fact that thereare, you know, people t there that are saying it's ridiculous to say things within earshot ofhese young kids >> t reity, the first wrd is no. e cond reality is this. we've always understood it's been minority pple who feel this way. what is required when you have these seeds inferrity
9:56 am
planted inhe minds of these young,ispanic and african-american kids, is for adults to std up and be coted. even thoh the directo may be an obama suppter, and may be a very decent man, he should have had the curage of a rosa parks, a martin luther king, a fann lou hayner,members of th naacp who are meetg he in new york after 100 years. that's wt stops this type of activity, and tt's why i said what i said. a lot of people do have to oftentimes face this kind of opsition, and that's what courage is all abo. >> so, dom, realisticly speakingour listeners there in e philadelphia area, are they embarrassed this? are theyangry? are they aoyed? are th defensive? how is this playing out? >> i would say all the above, alex and they're aso that's
9:57 am
why it's such a grea thing to be talking about it. it's not an eith/or, that this is the k he, go and g emor people defending it you're getting all kinds of comments. some peoe are ridiculous. ey're saying it's a private poolthey can do whateverhey want. but a lot of people realize that race is in this. but they also think some of it is being bwn out of prortion to just be at. d a more interesting thing. i even talked about the fact that at work america is diver and integrateand people get along. but how abt in our private ves? how often do pple say, like joe and i, have the opportunity to soclize or be together. at is a much more complicat in and that's the next ve, i thk, of how we're going to chan. >> well, it's interesting. m really gla the threeof u are tking about this and we're going to do it again. so, jo madison and d giordano, thanks very much. remember the uproar over aig'sxecutive bonuses after reiving bailout bucks? well, aig wants to shell out more bonuses.
9:58 am
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