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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> tonight as the former guy is back ranting about law enforcement the feds are once again allowed to -- recovered from mar-a-lago. as the deadline moves from team trump to try to backup his wild claims. then the disturbing new shift, conspiracy theories are even more a part of maggot mainstream as trump's openly embraces their messages. plus it has been a week dominated by major headlines. we're gonna mix it up with a new team to break him all down as the 11th hour gets underway on this friday night. good evening once again i'm stephanie ruhle. the former president and his week and even deeper legal jeopardy as he tries to cling to political power and control of the gop.
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tonight the investigation into the classified documents seized at his club in florida is heating up. intel officials tell nbc news that they have reviewed -- resumed their review of the top secret records as they try to figure out the potential damage to national security, this comes just days after appeals court judges gave the greenlight to the feds to access the evidence. remember, it has not been nearly seven weeks since the fbi search and trump has yet to explain what he was to meet with the documents in the first place. his former personal lawyer suggest trump's motives may have something to do with that many investigations that are all unfolding around him. >> obviously he took personal momentous in that way he can show off to people, when he would go thereafter to maybe saudi arabia and say hey, i got this letter, i got this love letter -- who gets love letters from king
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jong-un? i believe she took the secret documents for the sole purpose of using it as a get out of jail free card. you want to indict me, incarcerate me, i will turn these documents over to our f service. >> meanwhile there's new reporting the trump's current lawyers who are cameras caught at a court yesterday or in a secret battle with the justice department, they reportedly are trying to prevent witnesses from testifying to a grand jury about his actions ahead of january six. trump spent this evening holding a rally for north carolina republican senate it can candidate ted blunt, earlier today several trump allies launch a new super pac called maga ink, political reports it will spend heavily to support trump endorsed candidates in the midterms and beyond. house republican leader kevin mccarthy and president joe biden were also focused on messaging ahead of the november election. mccarthy began this morning laying out what he called his parties quote commitment to america. >> on the very first day that we are sworn in, you will see that it all changes. we can secure our borders.
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we can become energy independent, and your prices of gas lowers, we can build an education system that has appearance bill rights. >> in a rebuttal of sorts, president biden was focused on what he says is a current threat to american democracy. >> maga republicans refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election it's become a litmus test in their party to pledge loyalty to donald trump, by buying into the big lie. you can't let the integrity of our elections be undermined. democracy can't survive and cannot survive, not a joke, can't survive -- either you win or you were cheated. >> tonight the bidens hosted a trump favorite artist elton john on the white house lawn, you might remember trump tried but failed to get elton to perform at his 2016 inauguration. but denied sir elton john gave another concert to a bipartisan audience in biden's backyard. >> and when the concert and did the president and first lady surprised the singer by
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presenting him with a national humanities medal for his work in fighting hiv a. i. d. s.. with that let's get smarter this evening with the help of our lead off friday night panel, veteran federal prosecutor and former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of michigan, stuart stevens joins as a veteran of the mitt romney and george w. bush presidential campaign, he's now with the lincoln project, and my friend and colleague john allen senior national politics reporter here at nbc news. barb, i have to give it to you first trump has had a lot of legal setbacks on a lot of friends this week, and now the intel community is going back to those classified documents. i'm guessing that cannot be good for trump, why else would he have been fighting against it so hard?
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>> yeah, stephanie, also i think one thing that is important is the 11th circuit also ruled that they may look at it from an intelligence risk assessment and also a criminal investigation because those two tests are intertwined, i imagine some of what they are doing is trying to assess who had access to those documents, why were their empty file folders for example in those types of things could point to criminal responsibility for donald trump. i also think that michael cohen clip that you play there is fascinating. you know, i don't know whether his speculation is accurate, but there is this concept in government when it comes to classified documents known as gray male, that is this idea that a person has access to classified information can threaten to disclose them if they are prosecuted criminally. and so, that argument that he was holding them as leverage in case he ever got into trouble, michael cohen is speculating but there is a merit to that strategy that we have seen
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occur in past cases. >> that's a scary speculation, barb, we also saw headline today suggesting the special master is testing trump's lawyers, what could be going on there? >> yeah, i think that's right, stephanie. we've heard donald trump say in the public, in the media that the fbi planted evidence when they seized those documents at mar-a-lago that included classified documents. you know, of course his defense has changed, it was declassified, they weren't there, all kinds of different defenses. one of the things that judge dearie has done is he is pinning down the lawyers, they have never repeated these case claims in courts because in court lies have consequences, lawyers could face disbarment, criminal prosecution for making false statements in court. he said put your money where your mouth is, if you are claiming that there was evidence planted here you need to say so, and so he has given them a deadline, one week from today to go through the whole inventory of documents and named the documents that you think were planted there by the fbi. and it will be stunning to me if they actually name one because this is where there are consequences for telling falsehoods.
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>> mr. allen, you wrote about tish james's case and how it is different from the other investigations against trump. you said this one's personal. how so and how does that change things? one would guess that going through every inch of mar-a-lago seems kind of personal to? >> there are certainly some frustrations about that on the trump side, the fbi going through everything at mar-a-lago. what's different here is that tish james is going straight at the heart of donald trump's brand, of his persona, and also straight into his family. if she's able to win here, he will not be able to do business in new york where he built this global brand. he became the real estate baron, launched his television career, and of course launch his campaign for the presidency and in addition to that he named ivanka trump, donald junior, and said that they were parties against insurers, and the public. >> humiliating. stuart trump was back at it tonight at this rally in north carolina i want to share beautiful. >> we got more votes than any
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sitting president in the history of our country by far. and we may just have to do it again, right? we may have to do it again. [applause] we may have to do it -- >> stuart i'm not gonna waste for facts state on that, enough already, joe biden got the most votes, this is absurd. but i do want to ask about the super pac, that trump launched, is this about the midterms coming up or is it about trump in 24? >> look, i think this is about a bunch of guys were trying to make money. i think they accurately called themselves maga inc., putting themselves out there, there is a complex in america and these guys see that they can make a bunch of money using the maga ink name, bylaw they are not allowed to coordinate with trump, supposedly, so i think that politics is one of the weirdest business is because every year, despite all the economic factors, we spend more money on campaigns in the previous year. so, i think this is them backing up the truck to the maga store and seeing what they can get. >> but how about trump himself, he already has a big big super pac, he doesn't seem to be
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spending much of that on any of these trump endorsed candidates, why does the pony up some dough?
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from the very beginning, the humiliating thing about campaigns. it was clear that the entire trump campaign in 2015 was really a large criminal enterprise. and when they won, they took over the rnc, and the rnc became really a way that the trump family was able to make money, launder money. and this continues! and, you know, it's one of the most shameful things that have been exposed. bannon is now part of this group. who has been indicted twice. and they're going to pardon him now. and it's really an abuse of, people giving money to this campaign. and to trump. really think that they're going to be doing good. and it was exposed in the january six hearings, that what they're calling a fund or something, never went to that. it's just not surprising at all. if you know the history of donald trump that is being exposed. it's in new york now. but it is, the republican party has gone along with this. it's like an episode out of the sopranos. they have allowed themselves to be taken over by this trump corruption. and no one fought back. and now the trump corruption pretty much is the republican party. >> well, you do have a point there. but to anybody who is still writing him a check, all the facts are out there. if you want to write a check to this it is on you. barbara, give us a civics lesson. because tonight trump is going after tish james. saying she could grow after drug dealers, gamblers, instead of little old him. can you tell us that is not
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what the new york ag does? >> yes. this is one of the defenses. he is already laid out the defense that these were big banks, if he is successful defrauding them then that is victim blaming. saying that she should use her resources to go after them. that is not the purview of the attorney general, that is not the purview of the strikes over the state of new york's. the attorney general is going to protect the state of new york. and this is a fraud against the people of the state of new york. this is 200 and $50 million. that is a very significant fraud. and if you think about who are the victims here? one it is the lenders who gave more faithful terms to donald trump than he otherwise would've received.
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and who ultimately pays the cause here? all of the rest of us who do our banking are away from the same banks and the tax authorities are also the victims here. and who are the victims of the tax authorities? the rest of us. so some people steal money with guns, and that's what donald trump wants to focus on. but other people steal money with lies. and that is what donald trump has allegedly done here. and asking the attorney general to discourage that forgotten. game >> goo saying i can't show you my taxes because they are under audit. let's see if they are under audit. wouldn't he be in a mountain of trouble? only tish james, and the irs wouldn't? >> well, tish james has referred to this case to the irs because she believes in the factors of the audit. and he would've been a deeper trouble. as you said. what we're seeing from the taxes, what we're seeing from the statements of his wealth, and his assets, and his properties. all suggests that he has been inflating the value of what he is worried for a long time. and we've heard him make these claims publicly. now we're seeing tish james lay out evidence of these claims
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which affect, as well, what you're saying, their lenders, the ensures and the tax collectors. which for the most part means us. >> man, so either the irs is asleep at the wheel or donald trump is lying, or some combination of the two. stuart, kevin mccarthy's commitment to america sounds an awful lot about -- contracts from america from the clinton years. it does seem pretty late in the game for the gop to come up with an agenda. what is this? >> today was a fascinating day in american politics. because you had both the biden presidency, and the democratic campaign, and authority out there. and campaigns are ultimately about who is winning the agenda battle. and what this loss is is
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basically an a mission by republicans that they weren't running on anything until october. there has been a cultural war. the bathrooms and bedrooms campaign. to something like desantis is running on. and they realize that they are losing. and people are not, they don't have any reason to vote for republicans. so now they roll this thing out, if you read it, it is just kind of a bunch of bromance, that you really could have said over the last 40 years of american politics. but the reality is, republicans control governments. they have a chance to do stuff. like, you know, the infrastructure bill. and they never got it done.
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if you had been a kid born the first week that they talked about the infrastructure bill, you would've been in the first grade by the time democrats finally passed it. so, i think that when biden is out there talking about democracy, they are pushing an agenda that is resonating with people. and, whatever history you give people that are anti-democratic and more power. they don't have become more democratic, they become anti-democratic. and that's what's at stake here. and i'm glad to see the president -- >> we should remind our audience that the gop did try to roll out a plan months ago, rick scott. but in it it involves raising taxes and putting a hatchet to social security. and they realize that that's not what they're looking for. barbara mcquade, stewart, john allen. thank you for taking us off on this friday night. when we come back, a special rows on a special president. he's pulling french and baseless conspiracy theories out of the shadows and right on to the main stage. and it has been another very eventful week. you will not want to miss our all-star panel digging into it all! the 11th hour just getting underway on a friday night! i can't. ah, my toes! turns out, it is hard walking a mile in someone else's shoes.
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lost its way. but we are not going to let this continue. two years ago we were a great nation, and we will soon be a great nation again. >> it is hard not to notice the change, and it is disturbing. in recent days donald trump has gone from just winking at qanon to very openly embracing it. you saw it again today on troop social and lately at his
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rallies. tonight for the second time in just two weeks, trump wrapped his rally in north carolina with music that you heard right there that sounds an awful lot like the qanon and them playing in the background. nbc news tech correspondent jacob spent years studying what behavior signs says about the rise of donald trump and conspiracy theories. he wrote the book the loop, how technology is creating a world without choices and how to fight back. jake, i'm so glad you are here because so much has changed quickly. for quite some time trump danced around qanon, kind of winked at it and suddenly he is openly embracing the crazy. why now? >> i think, stephanie, that you are right, winking is the
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relationship that he had with this conspiracy theory but it's also important to understand that he really relied on it for strategy and support for a long time. i mean, qanon adherent, the people who believe in this, really outrageous conspiracy theory that the powerful people are abusing children and running the world, and that somehow donald trump is going to save us all from that. that belief system has been this extraordinary organizing engine that has served its purposes. the guy has been retweeting qanon sympathizing accounts since 2016, 2017 when it first came online. he has really depended on it. it's a machine for selling merchandise. it's a machine for activating people in the midterms as he did in 2018. it's a way, in a weird way, of sanitizing some of his most extreme backers, alt-right people, that's a terrible antisemitic things, when -- they get sanitizing this way and let them travel a little bit further. he has always been able to rely on qanon, but, this is now a very very open embrace of it. i have to assume it has
11:24 pm
something to do with wanting the most rock-solid base he can find right now, and there's no one more solid than the people who believe in q. >> jake, this is not just about marketing and moneymaking, it's not just the come as you are, coastal elites, this is real america. the u.s. has labeled qanon as a domestic terror threat. can you talk about the real dangers here? >> well, this is the reason right that qanon has been deplatformed off of all the major platforms because it is the kind of weird conspiracy theory and the adherence of it have encouraged violence, there is a simmering undertone of threat to the qanon community, it's right, it has been taken down. it really was in many ways fractured by his loss in 2020 because they kept believing over and over again that he would somehow rise and arrest hillary clinton and all the
11:25 pm
stuff was going to happen. you are right, it is all of those things, this is why i think when we see the rally today, when we see people throwing up the one finger which is supposed to signify this where we go one, regal all belief, which is one of the locals, the models of qanon conspiracy theories. when we see that stuff happening in the open it's pretty malevolent, scary to see. it is strange to imagine that this stuff -- that we are seeing it on camera. that people are coming out and they are winking at each other online before, i think it has to do with how desperate the former president's for a certain rock-solid baseless support. and he seems to be willing to take the scrutiny that is going to come with it. like you say, this thing has been described as a terror organization. the fight that he is openly talking about it now is very disturbing and i think speaks to how desperate he is for support going into the midterms, and then going into 2024,
11:26 pm
stephanie. >> jake, there are those in a group, leaders who are neo-nazis, who are anti immigrant, who are openly racist, but is that all of them or are there people who have been swept up into this movement and now are fed these conspiracy theories? >> well, the people who study the stuff in there is a fantastic new book out of harvard named mean wars, it talks about the relationship while -- >> the author was on last night. >> you know all about it. these folks are extraordinary at pointing out the ways in which social media as an ecosystem has really facilitated the growth of this kind of thing. it was originally intended to bring people together with different ideas, create intellectual communities, now it turns out to have facilitated this weird specific thing in which people believed themselves to be investigating
11:27 pm
the truth. that's what qanon people think, that they are doing their own research, doing their own reporting. what they are in fact doing is going and finding the greatest pockets of popularity for the most extreme ideas that they happen to believe in. it is really a sort of mutation of what the internet was designed to do, and it has created this monstrous, monstrous problem that we have right now. one that has gone away from the social media companies, and now that the former president is fully embracing, stephanie. >> sucked in a lot of lonely people, a lot of lost people, and given them a community, but a dangerous, dangerous one. jake, i'm so grateful for your work it is so important, i'm glad you joined us tonight. jacob ward. coming up, what a week. a very bad week for the former guy and a worrisome one for the economy. we're gonna go deep into those stories and more when the 11th hour continues. and it turns out the general is a quality insurance company that's been saving people money for nearly 60 years.
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trump news, political polls, a wild week in the economy. and brett favre of all people, caught up in a huge scandal! so let's break it all down. and maybe even shake it up a little bit with our friday night panel. nancy giles, nbc contributor and host of the dials podcast. and judy gold, author of yes i can say that! when the call for comedians, we are all in trouble. and msnbc columnist and author liz gold of book, for the love of men. and my dear friend at -- ron insana, senior analyst. i'm so glad you're here. we have a lot to cover. and we all know what we're going to start with. this week, new york attorney general going after trump. filing a lawsuit against him, his family, his company. and i love how our own michael
11:33 pm
conway of nbc news puts it. tish james hips trump right in his ego. >> judy, i can turn you to you first. we've been waiting for something to happen for a while. how did you feel? >> i, it was very exciting. unfortunately it was the moment so i really couldn't really drink and get on with my day. >> it was 11:30! >> no, i did not have a drink. i was, i had just done a benefit earlier in the week. and she was there. and she was speaking. and she was so articulate and brilliant. and of passionate. and, i wanted to say. when! when is it! i can't take it anymore! and then, they made the announcement. i couldn't have been more thrilled.
11:34 pm
and i loved the response. [inaudible] and they're 40 years old. you know? >> they're not just 40-year-old kids who are inheriting his business. they are officers in the company. ivanka negotiated the hotel in d. c.. eric ran the business while he was in new york. so it's a long shot to say oh it was the kids! >> i hate that. and it's not just the grown-ups. i hate to say, also, if trump uses the word raid. and he's not referring to insects ray. i'm gonna lose it! breonna taylor, her home was raided. they gave trump all of these notices, please, is it okay, can we come in? the lawyer was there. he was watching in realtime from new york.
11:35 pm
there was no surprise. it was so satisfying to see tish james, and also, just from a black point woman's point of view. [inaudible] >> that's exactly it. imagine he's watching from new york and of all people who said that they were gonna get trump, they are going to go after him. a black woman stood there and line by line, letter by letter. you could tell, neither she nor one person from the her team has taken one minute a vacation for that last. >> they did have that haggard look. >> [inaudible] racist! >> projection. >> and what she's been able to do what no one else has been able to do is pinpoint the extent to where there was fraud
11:36 pm
in the organization. and effectively suggesting that he is not worth what he already said he was worth. that is the hardest hit. that is the meanest cut. and it's not even death by 1000 cuts. it's one sword swipe. and as we cover him over the course of many decades suspected, he's probably not worth what he says he is. >> we've known that for a while but i actually think that his approval rating is very low. and this will in fact hurt him. >> but it's not moving! >> that's not the thing. there are people who we'll support him no matter what. and he does his best work when there is this big villain that he can go up against. where he can be the hero. they're coming for my family! they're coming for us! therefore they're coming for you! so i'm worried that this will actually -- >> i think it's a little different.
11:37 pm
he's down at 33% with respect to the approval rating. and, they're exposing him on multiple fronts simultaneously, and saddling him with financial obligations that he may not be able to handle. it puts him in the such situation that is very unlike -- >> real estate. real estate for five years! >> also, potentially. yeah. >> hearing about these large amounts of money. this overestimating. he's already kind of inflated things. i don't think that a lot of marga people, can relate. and i don't even like to call the maga people. they are allowed to support who they want. but maybe hearing that, that this guy is going to cheat for so long. we'll wake some people up and go wait a minute? maybe! >> there were people at the inauguration. and he inflates everything! the biggest! the best on the smartest! >> and i got away with it right? when it was released. we know this already. and he said, i am the right. and he got a lot of support for that. people are saying well he is smart! >> didn't he declassify his taxes? >> because that wasn't the only place he was hit this week right? think about the mar-a-lago
11:38 pm
document case. this week right? his judge alien kalin who may be was protecting him. but she couldn't. the court of appeals said no, doj, -- the one that trump chose said put up or shut up with the lies. i want to know who is advising trump. because after this, you think his lawyers would say you need to lock down and let us do this. he goes on tv for an hour, hour and a half. >> you're not exactly hiring the top criminal lawyers. >> he thinks he is the best one to judge how he should do things. i say go for it. it's so much fun to watch. >> it's always been true though. >> talk about the ego. the fact that these people were put in place by him, some of them and they were like sorry you are not above the rule of law. and that to me was the beautiful part. that he can say there is
11:39 pm
something bigger than i am, because he thinks that he is the biggest. >> this won't lead to anything. it is so frustrating, i got a letter from the irs, i owe them an extra 1400 dollars, and part of me wants to scrawl and say how about trump? >> i wouldn't recommend that. >> i know. but it's regular people who tried to follow the rules, don't make a right turn on a red, what was he doing? >> if he wasn't president, he would've gone away with this. i wanna talk about the economy. this week think about what we got, the fed came out with an announcement they are raising interest rates, why? because inflation is remaining really high, at the beginning it's the war, the pandemic, prices are so high, -- the scariest thing is that jay powell gave us that hint, get ready, unemployment may go up. i turn to you first, ron, how concerned should we be, life is getting more expensive? >> i think inflation has peaked, i'm in the camp that things that in the next couple of months we will see inflation fall, extremely hard. after one day -- back on the downside it's falling towards $3 a gallon, food prices are beginning to roll over, i think we're moving
11:40 pm
to a place where the feds are going to make a mistake and drive us into an unnecessary recession. i'm much more worried about recession than i am about inflation at this point. >> if we do head to a recession, remember the last two years, this has been employees having more say, they say we want to work from home, we want more benefits, companies are working with us, if we slide into a recession, i know you, liz, talk so much about benefits, what people deserve. work life balance, that could go to the wayside if big layoffs are coming. >> and gen z, i'm looking at them and how their relationship with work is completely changing, and again, it's hard to manage gen z people because in many ways, they know what they deserve and they're not willing to take less. they are leaving, right? it's going to be interesting to see how we fill the gap. >> here's the thing, you can only leave if you can pay the rent, if you have a couch to sleep on. this idea that especially young people who are saying i deserve more, i want something else,
11:41 pm
i've never had the luxury of being able to do that. i was had to pay the rent. >> of course. most of us that are older, and younger to another extent, i didn't mean to make us all old farts. what i want to know, this is the part of the economy that i never really got, how much of this do you think is driven by greed? it really does feel like with the oil industry and with these mega billionaires who don't even want to bargain with gen z who are trying to get unions and stuff going, what is with that? >> on the price gouging stuff we hear this every time it goes up, but no one says anything when the oil crashes as it did in 2020, we saw minus 37-dollar per barrel, oil companies lost millions. no one brushes to their aid. >> because they make so much money. >> on and off, it's a global commodity, it really depends on someone demand. so, yes, in certain instances, in a variety of industries, there's price gouging, these things happen from price -- from time to time. it's fundamentally a different experience we are going to.
11:42 pm
this is a global phenomenon, there have been shortages, disruptions and other things that make that argument i think a little less salient today than it might have been another periods. >> it's a reminder, if things are getting tough same for you can. we're gonna take a break, let -- when we come back we're talking about somebody else, lindsey graham. sounds like they are excited, he is splitting republicans again with this nationwide abortion ban. my question is why? we're gonna break down what is going on with the gop when the 11th hour continues. is temperature balancing, so you both stay cool. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. save 40% on the sleep number 360 special edition smart only $1499. only for a limited time.
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graham in a moment, but first a scandal, a cultural, won a celebrity one, an economic one. brett -- faber found himself in a big scandal of his own doing. as we are reporting that mississippi the poor state in the nation. use welfare money to pay him over 1 million dollars for species that he did not even give. you should know that he has or paid the fees but the scandal is not over. we're back with our panel, nancy, ron gold, list plank. and -- when you think about, here's this giant famous athlete who has his own radio show. i haven't heard serious.
11:48 pm
has all sorts of endorsements. but we have not heard from the nfl. no big deal, pay me 1 million dollars. i don't need to give the speeches. money meant for the poor people in the poor state. >> yes, and then when colin kaepernick he kneeled. then he uses a lot of the funds. and it's very, a lot of that money in mississippi would have gone to black and brown communities who really needed it. so we need that same kind of, i don't want people to get canceled, i think there should be a backlash and proper punishment for what he has done. so we can have faith in -- >> we'll, if he diverted with the help of former governor and other officials. $5 million to build a volleyball stadium. that's jail time. if a person of color robs a 7:11. >> yeah. or a bill. >> yeah, i mean five billion dollars for poor million
11:49 pm
people. and he's worth 100 million dollars. >> this is where i don't understand the greed. if you want your alma model to help. pull out your checkbook! what do you stealing for people for? and the poorest state in the country. it is pathetic. >> i think trump should open a business. >> taking from kids with cancer. >> can't, for ten years. the trump family is not allowed to submit to charity. >> ten years! it's like forever! >> after ten years you learn your lesson? >> will there be increased pressure for companies in the nfl to stand up and say something? right. the nfl talks a about a whole lot of jail time. >> it's not a big head of late, no matter who you are talking about. jane winston who is in florida state is accused of sexually abusing two girls while he was there. if that's my wife i'm not here! >> i mean. [inaudible] seemed to come on every day since the story was reported. >> what was i say? [laughs] with a wide fire iad of specific circumstances. -- but >> that is just a.
11:50 pm
>> i mean, consulting with veterans about the proper way to handle himself. >> yes and they supported him. >> yes, and like, he can't even get a trial. to real tryouts. it is such a travesty. >> it's called the first amendment. which they abuse. they abuse. >> right, sometimes. sometimes. but in his case? will he be punished? what we? think >> we'll see. >> the nfl has nothing to do with him at this point. he's a retired player. so, -- >> they could say something. >> well i know all of you have something to say about lindsey graham. lindsey graham who is more than doubling down, he is going further pushing a federal ban. a national ban on abortion.
11:51 pm
i want you i help me understand, why would he even be doing this? right. they overturned roe versus wade. so for that portion of the base who got it. you got what you want today. republicans don't even support across the board. he's dividing republicans. it's not like you can get white evangelical voters to vote for you twice. and now they're knocking out a ton of potential new voters. >> i feel this in kansas. it's like, come on people. and, the fact that he is telling women what to do with their bodies. he's never seen a vagina! he has never seen a naked woman. and he is telling me. >> we don't know that for sure. [laughs] [inaudible] >> julie, that's unconfirmed. [laughs] [inaudible] >> someone is a final! >> i'm gonna speculate! >> according to julie gold. >> can i say something? as a married man who has a wife and two daughters. i don't want somebody who is not married without a family dictated in family policy.
11:52 pm
>> also i know that their women who support the ban on abortion and supports the revocation of roe versus wade. it really makes me uncomfortable that a guy. he even in the press conferences, there he is in front of these two unique women standing beside him. >> do they want to have babies? >> they don't even operate correctly! >> well what is strange as this has never been a court issue for lindsey graham. that's why it seems strange to me. it would be one thing if this were something that came from a more mike pence type of they. i would expect that. it's surprising to me that it's lindsey graham out there. >> just the way that he's doing it, i think, because i thought about it for a long time. i think a lot about lindsey graham. >> why? >> i try to understand him. i really. the thing is that there is blind support when it comes to abortion. a lot of americans will say,
11:53 pm
after 15 weeks i start to become uncomfortable. and so he is using that as a way to kind of have the position that is not so radical that a lot of americans can get behind. but at the same time? this is the part that really gets me. he is claiming that he is pro life. or he's claiming that he's so antiabortion. that's why he's doing this. after 15 weeks? that is 95% of abortions that will still continue to happen. there is only 5% of abortion that happened after that point. so he's not being [inaudible] great. i think you're pro-choice! you sound pretty boy chose to me. so it's inconsistent, and i think that he is hoping that not a lot of people pay attention. and maybe they see the 15 weeks and kind of get on board with him. but obviously, republicans are worried. it's getting more attention to the abortion issue which most americans don't want to talk about it. >> and in the and i think it's more attention to lindsey graham. he's like trump in that way, he
11:54 pm
they crave attention. they want to be relevant. however, whatever shape that takes. >> that's a strange route to go down unless you're purposely trying to throw the election. you >> would think. >> if you look at the voter registration rolls in states where they restrictions are the greatest, in missouri, and others. women and young people are out registered men by something like the 5 to 1 margin. >> in the bizarre world, do you think that the overturning of roe v. wade. the silver lining will be a shocking move for democrats? >> win one we never thought was coming? absolutely. >> i have never seen people more motivated. and more, i think people realize that my vote counts. i have a say in this. i am going to make a
11:55 pm
difference. and if this is, this is pushing off republican women to! >> it is. across the board it is an invasion of. well it is a women's health issue as well. >> so many women get there. young girls, with health care! look, i have to say. you're gonna ban contraception. man applause, sorry! [laughs] i'm not gonna ban contraception. i happen to be a lesbian, shocking! and i have been on contraception for health purposes. like, you don't! >> and guess what? it's no one's business. can't distrust between a woman and her doctor? and her partner? >> we're gonna talk about that business after this. but for now, we're gonna have to do that off air. because we do not have the time! thank you all, and on that note. i wish you all a very good night! from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news. julie claims to watch the show all the time, you know right here is when you want to say.
11:56 pm
thanks for staying up late with us! i will see you on monday night!
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we had a brutal murder in a small town. that house has the story to tell. are we going to be able to figure out what that story is? >> it's the playground of snow, and gold. and she was at its heart. beautiful, privileged. -- >> whether it was a taxi driver or her movie star friends. she had a very genuine connection with people. >> but what happened one night in her secluded chalet sent shivers through this glamorous ski town. >> oh my god.


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