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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  May 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hope for parents like me who have kids aged between five and 11. a little bit more progress as we continue to fight this virus which has not gone away. the pandemic is not over. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is coming up next. we're following developing news. president biden arrived in south korea, just moments ago, for the first stop of a six-day trip in asia. he is experienced to tour a samsung factory with the south korean president just a short time ago. we will follow along with that event and set the stage for the rest of the visit, plus, the latest on the baby formula crisis. the biden administration says the first batch of formula from overseas is expected to arrive within days. we'll tell you where the first shipments will land. and the latest headlines from the midterm elections.
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donald trump leads pennsylvania republicans, leaves pennsylvania republicans fuming while in georgia, the former president reportedly abandons his struggling pick for governor. good morning. and welcome to "way too early." on this very busy friday, may 20th. i'm jonathan lemire. there's still no winner in the pennsylvania republican senate primary this morning with state officials confirming to nbc news that there are nearly 9,000 votes left to count. the effects of former president trump's handling of this race and other primaries in the state are already being felt. and could hurt his political capital in the future. nbc news reports that exacerbated republicans in the state say the end result of promoting candidates with far right views with such intensive media coverage could boomerang in ways that damage both the party and trump's own chances should he run for president
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again in 2024. officials reporting that trump's endorsement of celebrity tv doctor mehmet oz, now instead of having a clear candidate to fall behind, the race is still undecided. and may go to someone who has been accused of only moving to pennsylvania, that's oz, to run for office, and until recently, very liberal views. state republicans were also upset that trump's suggestion that oz simply declare victory. calling it shocking for trump to call for canceling the republican ballots. trumps will endorsed six congressional candidates in pennsylvania who have no, or token opposition. thereby enabling him to claim that he is 7-0 in the state, a record that would become 8-0 if oz can hold on to the razor thin lead. the party is also reportedly fuming over trump's choice to issue an 11th hour endorsement of far right gubernatorial candidate dog mastriano who is
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likely going to win and instead of helping the party boost a more moderate candidate, trump went with an election denier who wants to reset the senate voting rules. we will keep you posted in the days ahead. meep while we are days ahead from -- meanwhile, we are days away from georgia's highly publicized gubernatorial primary and david perdue may have lost his biggest supporter, donald trump. the former president is disappointed in perdue's lackluster campaign effort and won't be making any more personal appearances in georgia on perdue's behalf. just this week, a fox news poll had incumbent governor brian kemp had a huge 32-point lead over perdue. nbc's vaughn hillyards spoke to perdue about the campaign yesterday. take a look. >> everyone, the former president, has not come in for a
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final rally and you're down by 30 percentage points in the campaign. >> and first of all, it is 30 points. >> what poll? >> you are not down 30 points? >> hell no, i'm not down 30 points. >> and for anyone to talk about 30 points, we have to get through this. >> meanwhile, the senate overwhelmingly approved $40 billion for aid in ukraine making it the largest aid package passed by congress in at least two decades. the 86-11 votes with all of the nays come prg republicans reflecting the overwhelming bipartisan support for massive assistance and it clus money for advanced weapons systems and general economic aid brings the total u.s. investment in ukraine to around $54 billion. . president biden applauded the practice of the bill, saying it sends a quote clear bipartisan message to the world. and the people of the united states stand together, with the
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brave people of ukraine and he is expected to quickly sign it into law. ahead of the vote, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell made another strong push for its passage saying quote anyone concerned about the cost should consider the much larger cost should ukraine lose. the measure was passed in the house last week. and then stalled for a few days in the senate. after opposition from republican senator rand paul of kentucky. finland and sweden's push to join nato has president biden's full support. he strongly backed the two countries yesterday as the finish president and the swedish prime minister at the white house. >> let no one make a mistake. the meaning of this historic day. in the face of aggression, nato has not grown weaker or more divided. it has grown stronger, more united. and finland and sweden's decision to request membership in nato will be enhanced for all
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time. standing together today, we reject the bloody creed that might makes right and we declare more powerful creed, all for one, and one for all. >> biden flanked by the two leaders speaking from the rose garden yesterday. the nordic country had near new analysis support from western allies for nato membership. turkey has rejected, saying they have helped kurdish terrorists. finland's president says it condemns terrorism in all forms and is open to discussing all of the concerns that turkey may have. meanwhile, on the ground in ukraine, russian forces stepped up attacks in the eastern donbas region. at least 12 people were killed, and 40 injured, when russian shelling hit several residential buildings in a key city in luhansk yesterday. ukrainian officials say five
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high rise buildings were also destroyed in this attack. president volodymyr zelenskyy condemned the strikes calling them brutal and completely pointless and accused the russians of trying to strengthen the pressure in the donbas region and adding quote, it is not an sbag ration. the ukrainian strong hold in the region has seen an escalation in violence in recent days and analysts say it is standing in the way for russia's fan to seize full control of the does banana. -- full control of the donbas. >> matt bradley joins us now. good morning. thanks for joining us. let's start with that situation in eastern ukraine. give us the update on the very latest in the fighting in the donbas. >> yes, you just mentioned the deadly attacks, and that is kind of called salient, this is a place that is jutting out of the peninsula, of controlled ukraine
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and jutting into the russian controlled areas, so it looks as though the russian ambition to take control, full control of the donbas region would require some doing and taking over this area and closing that salient and moving trips around. that it looks like it could happen. because what we have also seen elsewhere in the eastern part of the country is the almost entire defeat of the southeastern city of mariupol. you recognize that name, that is the past several months, there has been a holdout of several hundred troops underneath the azov steel plant. the russians have said over the past several days more than 1700 ukrainian troops have since surrendered and are in russian custody elsewhere in the donbas region. they could be traded for russian prisoners of war. or they could be charged as criminals. as terrorists. in russian courts. now regardless of how that works out, it looks as though the
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russians are subdued mariupol and have the opportunity to move their troops elsewhere in the donbas region to try to concentrate their fight. but jonathan, you mentioned also that $40 billion aid package along with other massive packages of aid and military material that are now on their way across the country to the eastern part of ukraine. that means that both sides now are in a very good position to step up their fight for the donbas region. we could start to see an even more blistering campaign and an effort on both sides to attack each other, to take more land, and to finally, you know, make a decisive push for donbas. but this could go on for quite a lot longer, because so far, we've seen that the russians have been frustrated in their ambitions in the eastern part of ukraine. >> ukrainian officials have warned they were about to run out of military supplies, so the aid package that passed just in time. matt, give us just a quick sense here, we heard from the president yesterday, strongly supporting finland and sweden's
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bid to join the nato alliance. if that indeed goes through and if turkey signs off, tell us what that means for russia. >> well, it would mean, it could finally allow finland and sweden to join nato and that would mean once again russia has found that they've been sort of hoisted by their own effort, their whole effort in ukraine, to try to fight against nato and try to push back nato's borders have actually worked against them. it has been completely against them in the same way that their questioning of ukrainian statehood has worked against them. their effort to try to take ukrainian and denazi fy ukraine has had the opposite effect and united the country and given the sense of nationhood a new lease on life. and we're seeing vladimir putin's demands to try to withdraw from the borders of russia, to try to extinguish the notion of ukrainian nationwide, all of this, this whole bloody campaign in ukraine, is actually
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doing the opposite of what he set out or intended to do. >> putin certainly made history but not the kind he intended. nbc's matt bradley, thank you, sir, and stay safe there. still ahead, new hope for parents desperate to find baby formula. how soon the fda expects to get new supplies from overseas. plus, the january 6th committee wants to talk to a republican congressman who admits to letting people into the capitol complex the day before the attack. those stories and sports and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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the alleged shooter in the buffalo supermarket attack appeared in court yesterday. with some relatives looking on, the 18-year-old pleaded not guilty to killing ten people and wounding three others during the saturday shooting. prosecutors say the grand jury has already voted to indict the
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accused gunman but a formal announcement won't be made until after the investigation is complete. the suspect is also facing a hate crimes probe from the justice department. which could result in federal charges also being filed. if found guilty, key face the death penalty. the fda says the supply of baby formula should start improving in a matter of days. the first flight should start this weekend, a plane from switzerland with hyper allergenic formula is expected in indiana and then distributed across the country. meanwhile, president biden will soon sign the bill expanding access for formula for parents as a part of the wic program. and the senate passed that legislation yesterday. and it is still not clear if senators will approve a separate bill that would give $28 million to the fda to address more inspectors for the agency.
2:16 am
and nearly 200 republicans voted against that legislation in the house with many saying extra funding was unnecessary. >> and yesterday the fda was grilled by commissioners about the formula shortage and the agency's response. >> you can't hide behind the investigation. we need answers. we need them now. what did they do with the report? who was heading the fda at that time? my understanding is that the acting commissioner was janet woodcock, what did she know about this, and who was handling all of this when this report went to the fda. >> well, as i said, you've got the time line down, and you've got the key issues, i know we have an oversight hearing next
2:17 am
week, and we'll be prepared to go into much more detail at that point. and you know, as i've said, we could do better than we did. >> but you have an oversight committee next week. the committee that funds what you do, so this information is relevant to this subcommittee of appropriations. >> well, i appreciate what you're saying, but it's, the investigation is not completed yet so i'm not in a position to answer specifics like that. >> children ages five through 11 could be getting their booster shots very soon. after a cdc panel recommended covid boosters amid an uptick in cases across the country. nbc news national correspondent gabe guiterrez has the latest. >> cdc advisers voted 11-1 to recommend covid booster slot for children five to 11 after the
2:18 am
fda green lit it on tuesday. the booster doses will be soon available to children five months after they receive their first two shots. >> they have a system. >> others are asking what's taking so long for any vaccine, for kids under five? the head of the fda says an advisory panel will consider moderna's application soon. >> children, not just small adults so you have to do specific studies. >> this as the u.s. sees 100,000 new daily covid infections for the first time in months, even after recording all at home test results. over the past two weeks, cases nationwide are up 55%. but deaths are down almost 20%. new york city is back under high covid alert now recommending masks indoors for people over two. and no mandate. >> the minor inconvenience, but i think, you know, that is suggesting, might as well take all precautions. >> and the u.s. prepares for wave after wave. >> it is people who really need
2:19 am
to consider getting boosted or any adults over the age of 60. the evidence is clear. and then if you're between the ages of 50 and 60, and you have other chronic conditions, i would also encourage you to get a booster. >> our thanks to gabe guiterrez for that report. we'll have more on the rising cases in the days ahead. still ahead in sports, a great night for boston fans, including this guy. a rough opening round for tiger at the pga championship. we'll have highlights from the stanley cup playoffs next on "way too early." right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that. what you don't have to figure out is where to shop. because while you're getting creative, walmart is doing what we always do. keeping prices low for you every day. so you can save money and live better. ♪
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2:23 am
night. boston trailed by 10 in the first quarter. that's where miami had 60-21 over the next 18 minutes to build a 25-point lead at the half. they didn't have much in the way of answers after the break. the celtics win 127-102, and tied the series at one game a piece. game three tomorrow night in boston. turning now to the stanley cup playoffs, and let's go down to florida where the two-time defending champion tampa bay lightning scored the game winner with less than four seconds remaining in regulation. they beat the panthers 2-1. that is heart breaking for the panthers. the lightning, these guys, they take a 2-0 lead in their second round series of the battle of the sunshine state. and out to denver. the st. louis blues got even with the top-seeded avalanche. beating colorado 4-1 last night in game two. now, let's go to the lakes. southern hills in tulsa,
2:24 am
oklahoma, and the opening round in the pga championship. . rory mcilroy made seven birdies and finished with a 5 under 65. that gave him a one shot lead atop the leader board at the end of the first round. a different day for tiger woods. three bogeys in the middle of his round ruined a good start. two more at the end. it left him with his worst opening round in the pga championship since 2015. and literally limping away on the right leg he shattered in a car crash 15 months ago. that injury so far anyway appears to be bothering woods far more than it did at the masters last month. he will have some time to recover before teeing off around 2:00 this afternoon. we will keep you posted. turning to major league baseball and the good and bad news for the new york mets. bad news first. ace pitcher max scherzer will miss the next six to eight weeks with a significant oblique
2:25 am
strain and joining jason degrom on the injured list. the star slugger pete alonzo came through with new york against the st. louis cardinals yesterday. >> that one is hit well. out of sight. a two-run bomb in the second deck for alonso. >> that was crushed and they may have the injuries but the mets continue to win. alonso's two-run homer in the 10th, walked off the mets, with a 7-6 win. in extras. and to boston, a monster night for trevor story at fenway park, off to a slow start this year, and even hearing some boos at home exploded last night. went four for four with three homeruns and seven rbis to power the red sox to a 12-6 win in the opener of a four-game series against the seattle mariners. red sox play a little better of late and still far beyond the yankees in the al east standings. time now for the weather and let's go to meteorologist
2:26 am
michelle grossman for the forecast. how is it going? >> good morning, jonathan. we are looking at a major weekend warmup. temperatures in the 90s for many of us in the northeast. it is a huge contrast, we're looking at cool temperatures in the west. cold enough for over a foot of snow in some parts of the rockies. taking a look at map, a big area of high pressure, and the bermuda high, and we are look at temperatures into the 90s, and 100s, so 60 cities across 21 states could break some records. as we head throughout the next several days. toasty in texas today. 104 in abilene. lots of 100s here. lots of upper 90s and 97 in dallas, and 97 in way co. as we head towards this weekend, into the northeast, and new england, we're looking at boston, 91 degrees on saturday, and 93 on sunday. and tote -- toasty in new york city, 92. philadelphia, 97 on saturday. that is a high. all time record for the month of
2:27 am
may. a heat advisory through the area northeast and mid atlantic. 25 million people impacted. jonathan? it's going to be a warm one for us this weekend. >> michelle grossman, i appreciate it. and i do hope you have a wonderful weekend. still ahead here, on "way too early," we're breaking down president biden's first trip to asia. he spent months focused on ukraine, and now, he's hoping to reassure asian allies that he's still committed to countering china. he landed in seoul just a few minutes ago. we're seeing him set up for an event at a samsung plant and speak alongside the korea new president. "way too early" will be back in a minutes. will be ckba in a minutes. jet flying] [tom cruise] tower this is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. [sfx: fighter jet flying] ♪ ah, thunder, ah, thunder ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thunderstruck ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah thunderstruck ♪
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. we're going to look at live pictures from south korea where president biden touched down earlier this morning, kicking off his first tour of asia as commander in chief. he arrived at this samsung plant just a short time ago and was greeted there by south korea's president. this facility makes computer chips and is a model for a plant being built in texas. and he is going to speak a little bit later. tomorrow, the two leaders will hold a bilateral meeting and press conference, followed by a formal state dinner. president biden hopes to use this trip to re-establish his administration's focus on combatting china. on sunday, president biden will speak with the chairman of
2:32 am
hyundai about the company's decision to invest in an electric car facility in georgia. he will go to the air base before leaving to japan. on monday he will hold a blal meeting with the emperor of japan in tokyo and then later a press conference with the prime minister of that nation. and on tuesday, before leaving to return to washington, president biden will participate in a meeting of the quad leaders, and alliance meant to blunt china's rising influence in the indo pacific, that group, the united states, japan, india and australia. joining us now, tokyo bureau chief for the "washington post," michelle, great to see you this morning. thanks for joining us. let's just start with a little bit on president biden's objectives for this next five or so days in asia. what are some of this goals? what does he need to accomplish for it to be viewed as successful? >> well, president biden is heading to asia to demonstrate that even though he has to focus
2:33 am
on ukraine and russia, he is still committed to working with his allies, to counter china's economic and military issues, and he will need our support for the goals on the u.s. china competition. as you mentioned, he is going to samsung. south korea and japan are two major economies and major producers of important speaks of the supply chain of semiconductors and president biden wants to show that he is there for the allies, he wants to work with them, and make the case that working with allies and working with the u.s. is not just important for the u.s., but also for the global economy, and for the global security. >> we can see, looking at live pictures from south korea, the president receiving a tour of the samsung facility. obviously as mentioned, the war in ukraine has been front of mind in terms of this nation's foreign policy objectives of late. but since the president walked in the door, he had made clear
2:34 am
that he views the relationship with china as a defining one for the next century and beyond. so let's talk about the other side of that coin. how does beijing feel about this presidential visit? >> oh, beijing is obviously very annoyed by it, they have been issuing statements saying that japan should speak so loudly about the u.s./china competition and being on the u.s. side, it should really think about it what it is saying, and putting out these warnings because it knows the reality for many of the asian allies which is that their economy is intricately tied to china. china is the biggest trading partner. and china knows that. so they know that many times, when push comes to shove, the economic pain will be fell by japan and south korea. if china decides to go that route. so that's why it is even more important for the united states to show why it's important to work with the u.s., and given
2:35 am
the realities on the ground for south korea and japan. >> the other thing we should mention of course, the president is in the middle of the trip, north korea, with u.s. officials warning that pyongyang may test some sort of weapon while president biden is in the region. watching carefully for that. thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. good luck covering this presidential visit. still ahead the futures board is in the green this morning as wall street looks to end a rough week on a positive note. we're live with cnbc for a look at what could be driving the trading day. "way too early" will be right back. will be right back
2:36 am
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2:39 am
the board yesterday. investors obviously worrying the economy could be pushed into a recession. we saw some green on the board first thing this morning. what's your assessment of where things stand now? >> well, you could have said for the last eight weeks, s&p 500 on track for the seventh consecutive week of losses, and since 2001. the dow jones, the statistic is even more extreme. the dow is on track for the eighth consecutive negative week. and that will be the first time it's done that since 1932. so yes, it's been a week, john. as for marks this morning, it looks as though u.s. markets are going to open on a strong note. will they be able to make up for the losses incurred thus far this week? probably not. it would certainly take a lot to turn that around. we are getting some positive momentum though, in other parts of world, overnight, asian markets rallied and unexpected
2:40 am
stimulus from the monetary authorities and that has helped sentiment in europe and european equities are trading well this morning but as i said, it would take a lot to turn things around for the week. >> and let's turn to a story of spirit airlines. their board is currently urging shareds to reject the takeover bid citing regulatory hurdles. tell us about that. >> so we finally heard from spirit and to put this in context we talked monday about the jet blue hostile takeover bid for spirit and came out offering $30 a share for the airline and encouraged spirit airlines to vote against the proposed deal with frontier. a meeting june 10th. jet blue says spirit shareholders don't support this deal. you should support our takeover attempt. so what did spirit's board finally say? yesterday, they issued a statement saying it determined it is not in the best interest of spirit and the stockholders to go with jet blue's offer. spirit and jet blue proposals,
2:41 am
offered a cynical attempt to disrupt spirit's merger with frontier which jet blue used as a competitive threat. and to your competition concern, spirit insists that regulators would not allow a jet blue/spirit deal to go ahead. jet blue, they say completely the contrary. jet blue says that both deals have a similar risk profile. so clearly, john, things are getting heated. you might even say hostile. but what would you expect? >> well done. so let's go on to this. i know you'll keep us posted on that in the days ahead. existing home sales have fallen to the lowest level since the start of the pandemic but yet mortgage rates, as most people know, continue to surge. are the record high prices pushing home buyers out of the market? is that what is going on here? >> it seems as though the would-be home buyers are still interested in buying homes and they are growing and less and less confident that now is the right time to do so. they're contending with rising rates, a shortage of homes for
2:42 am
sale, and together, tight supply, and higher prices. it is creating a really tough market. at the same time, these would-be home buyers are being asked to put down higher down payments, while they're seeing their rents increase. so it is a really difficult picture if you are looking to buy a home. >> cnbc's julianna tatelbaum, have a wonderful weekend. get some rest. i think we all need it. thanks for joining us today. still ahead, two new developments connected to the january 6th attack. first, a possible tour given by a republican congressman before the insurrection. plus, the photos from the white house that could give a time line for what former president trump was doing as his supporters stormed the capitol. "way too early" will be right back with that. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered.
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2:45 am
the january 6th committee has requested to meet with a republican congressman who conducted a tour of the capitol on the day before the january 6th attack.
2:46 am
in a letter to congressman barry loudermilk who represents georgia, the committee writes it has evidence that contradicts claims from republicans on the house administration committee that they reviewed security footage from the days preceding january 6th and determined that there were no tours, no large groups, and no one sporting maga hats. loudermilk, a member of the committee, was one of the 147 republicans who voted to overturn the election results and in touch with the white house chief of staff then mark meadows via text on january 6th itself. the congressman denies lead agriculture through the capitol building the day before the attack. but admits letting people into the capitol complex. quote, a constituent family with young children meeting with their member of congress in the house office buildings is not a suspicious group or reconnaissance tour. the family never entered the capitol building itself. he is now calling on capitol
2:47 am
police to quote release the tapes. meanwhile, "politico" reports that the january 6th committee has also obtained white house photos taken on the day of the attack, which could provide evidence of former president trump's moments that day, movements that day, and his moments, in realtime. some of those photos were taken by the official white house photographer. when asked if she had been called as a witness, the committee chairman bennie thompson says of the photographer, not yet. joining us now, white house editor for "politico," the always photogenic sam stein. great to see you, sir. let's start with the photos there. great reporting by our colleagues at "politico." what do they reveal? >> we don't know yet. i mean it is a big sort of unknown around january 6th, one of the big unknowns is what was trump up to that day, right? we know he spoke obviously on the mall. we have some sort of
2:48 am
contemporaneous understanding through notes of who and his team were in touch with, but having a sense of where he was, what he was doing, if he was watching, who he was talking to, those are the things that we need to fill in and so these photos could potentially help us do that. and it would be one of the bigger pieces of the puzzle that we don't have yet. >> right, certainly some reporting at the time that the president spent a lot of time in his private dining room, just off the oval office. and he was there with the televisions. watching the proceedings. and let's go back to that other story i just read, with the congressman barry loudermillionic. -- loudermilk. there were assertions that they had heard that republicans and staff had been giving tours of capitol complex the day before the riot, potentially, for some of those who then swarmed the capitol. this seems like the first piece of evidence that some of that might be true. what does the january 6th
2:49 am
committee expect to get out of this meeting with congressman loudermilk. >> this is a weird one, right? loudermilk had denied, and all republicans say there was no reconnaissance tours on january 5th. the committee now apparently has evidence that that was not true. and loud -- loudermilk says i let a family in the capitol and i don't consider them a reconnaissance tour and the question is why didn't he admit that in the first place and what was going on there? beyond that, we don't have much, we don't know who the family was, we don't know where they went on the tour, loudermilk says it was not part of the complex that was stormed, but the big question is why didn't he just acknowledge this in the first place, and i suspect that that's what the committee is going to be asking, is why did you disseminate in the first place. >> and one more for you, we have been keeping an eye on all morning, on the live images from
2:50 am
south korea, president biden touched down a short time ago, and we're expecting to hear from him before too long. give us a sense here as to the message that this president is aiming squarely at beijing. >> i learned everything about jonathan lemire and "politico," and what"politico," and what i ascertained from that important piece of reporting was that, look, this is all about sort of standing up to china. regionally, trying to create that sort of alliance that says, okay, beijing, you are isolated. the relationship between japan, korea, and the u.s. is fortified, both in terms of diplomatic alliances but also economic alliances. of course, the real world has a way of disrupting all the great plans you put in place. in this case, two things we're looking out for. one is what happens with respect to north korea? officials were warning there could be some provocations in advance of the trip or during the trip itself. then, of course, the monkey in
2:51 am
the room -- sorry, elephant in the room, i got my animals wrong wrong, is ukraine. will there be announcements of additional aid? china plays an interesting role with conflict in ukraine, in that it has not been as willing to help out. in fact, it's been somewhat helping russia in the conflict. those are the three main components on the trip you're looking at here. >> viewers, sam is usually not this nice to me. he clearly wants something. sam stein, thanks, pal, for being here today. up next on "way too early," new warnings about the potential fallout if the supreme court does overturn roe v. wade. on "morning joe," we'll continue to follow along with president biden's overseas visit to asia, his first as commander in chief. at home, american families are living on a short supply of baby formula. a new by passed bill passed by debbie stabenow, will aim to
2:52 am
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2:55 am
♪♪ joining us now with a look at axios a.m., the co-founder of axios, mr. mike allen himself. mike, good morning. what is the axios 1 big thing today? >> good morning, jonathan. happy friday. the axios 1 big thing is post roe baby boom. so the march of dimes and other groups are warning that if roe v. wade is pulled back, as we now expect, that there could be hundreds of thousands of additional births that are going to strain the safety net that already barely covers women and infants. jonathan, why it matters is that the red states in the middle of the country that are most likely
2:56 am
to ban abortion, and as you know, some of them have trigger laws that abortion bans will kick in as soon as if roe v. wade were to be overturned, and those are the states most likely to have thin resources for mothers and infants. zoom out, add on top of that, jonathan, there is a shortage of pediatricians already. great concern that a child welfare system that was not designed for a post-roe world is suddenly going to get unexpectedly flooded. >> mike, axios had an important story this week. you guys obtained a memo from the department of homeland security warning about a surge in political violence if, indeed, the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, as you suggested. what can you tell us what they're preparing for? >> i can't tell you how unusual it is to see this in writing. this is the department of
2:57 am
homeland security intelligence division warning governments across the country that they are already seeing social media threats to storm the supreme court, hurt justices, go after clergy, go after providers, and the states, too, including virginia and nevada, have issued warnings about this. this issue, of course, is a tinderbox. as our story said, a fight for extremists. there are several agencies across the government, jonathan, who are getting ready for their concerns about what the reaction could be if this decision comes down as expected this summer. >> axios is also reporting that american businesses are also bracing for potential civil unrest. tell us why. are there particular industries that are? >> yeah. jonathan, that's a great point. axios markets team talked to a
2:58 am
number of companies and talked to a former secret service agent who advises fortune 100 companies. he's saying that the level of inquiries about workplace violence have spiked. of course, workplaces are already stressed and under tension with the pandemic and other things that are going on in the country. now, you have the very unusual situation of corporate security teams who look out for the safety of executives of businesses, of workplace, are being warned that there could be civil unrest after an opinion like this, in order to give them time to prepare. >> one more for you, mike, staying on the theme of roe v. wade's potential overturn. last weekend, there was a sear series of abortion rights protests across the country. biden did not attend them, nor does he use the word "abortion"
2:59 am
in public. activists very tracking that. what are you hearing about how the white house is going to message this if, indeed, at the end of june, roe v. wade is overturned or significantly curtailed? >> a little between the lines on this. i know you're hearing similar things from the west wing. that is, they thought this roe v. wade decision, even though it's a losing battle that many of the people you and i talk to have fought all their adult lives, all their lives in politics, they thought it was a lifeline for the midterms, where democrats had no good news. this is something they would rather talk about than the republicans wanting to talk about inflation, immigration, and infant formula, trying to paint a picture of -- a bleak picture of biden's america. but there is concern in states, including nevada and arizona, that the hispanic vote, which already was moving toward "r," could be hurting democrats.
3:00 am
>> mike allen, thank you. >> thank you for your coverage. thank you for getting up "way too early" with us today and all week long. have a great weekend, everybody. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is friday, may 20th. we begin with live pictures from south korea. right now, president biden is touring a samsung plant with the korean president. he arrived in the country this morning. the first stop of his six-day tour of asia. this plant makes computer chips and is a model for a facility being built in texas. the president is expected to make remarks, and we'll be watching that. we'll dip in live and discuss the message the president hopes this trip overall sends to china. plus, new reporting on the midterms. donald trump leaves pennsylvania republicans fuming, while in


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