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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  January 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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is totally not true. i know it looked like we were in adjoining cabins. it happened to be a similar aesthetic and that was weird, so -- enough. that's going to do it for me for now. i'll see you again tomorrow for what will look like a more normal backdrop. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is up next. look, i didn't overpromise. what i have outperformed anyone. one thing i haven't done is get my republican friends to get in the game of making things better in this country. >> president biden facing a series of setbacks insists he did not overpromise on his agenda, arguing instead that he has outperformed expectations as he marks one year in office. the question is do the american people agree. one of those setbacks, voting rights reform. republicans block a federal
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overhaul of u.s. elections while two democrats refuse to take the steps necessary to force it through. the question is what's next in this fight? and the supreme court rejects a request by donald trump, clearing the way for the house committee investigating january 6th to receive records from his time in office. the question is what hidden information will now come to light? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning to "way too early," a show that underpromises and overdelivers. as expected senate democrats came up short last night in their bid to overcome republican opposition on voting rights legislation. an attempt to change senate rules to pass a sweeping election overhaul with only democratic support also failed
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after senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema broke ranks and joined all 50 republicans to vote against it. senator manchin said changing the rules would, quote, pour fuel on the fire of political whiplash while senator sinema said it would, quote, deepen our divisions and repeat radical reverse alleges in policy. vice president kamala harris who presided over the debate rebuked them. she added this, the american people will not forget this moment. neither will history. president biden released a statement saying he's disappointed in last night's vote but not deterred. during his nearly two-hour news conference during the day, he was asked what impact this would have on the midterm elections. >> no matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote, i think you're going to see them willing to stand in line and
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defy the attempt to keep them from being able to vote. i think you're going to see the people who are being kept from being able to show up will show up and making sacrifices to change the law back to what it should be, but it's going to be difficult, i make no bones about that. it's going to be difficult. but we're not there yet. we've not run out of options yet, and we'll see how this moves. >> in that same news conference, president biden laid the blame for his stalled agenda squarely on republicans, suggesting that many have their hands tied because of former president trump. >> i did not anticipate there would be such a stalwart
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pressure. what's mitch for? what's he for on immigration? what's he for? what are they for? what is their agenda? the american public is outranked. what are they going to do about it? have they heard anything? anything? i haven't heard anything. did you every think that one man out of office could enrage any office for fear of being defeated in a primary? i've had five republican senators talk to me, bump into me, quote, unquote, or sit with me, who told me they agree with me whatever i'm talking about with them to do. but they say, joe, if i do it,
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i'm going to be defeated in the primary. joining me now, my white house colleague and co-author of the "playbook," eugene daniels. good morning. good to see you today. it was nearly two hours with that long-awaited news conference. he and the vice president went on throughout the day to criticize lawmakers for not allowing voting rights legislation to pass. give us your sense of it, people you've been talking to in the last day or so. what impact is this going to have on voting in the upcoming elections and the entire debate on election integrity? >> the first thing is that when you talk to these advocates -- and they've been saying this for months. if the president isn't able to help push the filibuster reform f the senate isn't able to pass voting rights legislation, what do they take back to especially black voters to say this administration has done things
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for you. this is something in the black community we care and talk a lot about, right? so that is number one. and they still have those exact same concerns, but what's really interesting is they don't see last night as the end of the vote on voting rights legislation, no matter what the president said like, hey, we want to get something done on electoral reform. people still see it as wanting to push the white house and the senate to do more on voting rights legislation. they're not deterred. but there's still the realiies of the senate we saw yesterday. it's hard to see how that changes between now and november, so they're worried about turnout. i think that's where you're starting to see more of the concern from advocates. >> it's also striking to hear the president yesterday not once but twice race questions of the legitimacy of the upcoming mid-term elections because of the changes the republican state
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legislatures have made in the aftermath of former president trump's big lie. certainly you're right. this is not a debate that's going away any time soon, despite the outcome last night. and biden made clear he pointed the blame at his predecessor fehr the outcome for what happened yesterday, saying the republicans are still in his grasp. how much of a role do you think trump's influence played? >> we keeps talking about trump without saying his name. he talks about the former guy. now he says the last guy, the last president, and that continues. i mean, former president trump is going to continue to kind of be a specter around this presidency for as long as they're in office i think, one, because he really wants to be. and the republican party hasn't really figured out how to move past donald trump because he won't let them, right? they just can't quit him. so that is something that the administration -- like you heard the president say there, has been surprised by how much of a factor the former president has
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been because that's not typical, but donald trump wants to play within the primaries of the republican party. he wants to be messing with the generals in 2022. so when i talk to folks in the white house and on capitol hill, they say 2022 is going to be a big test of whether or not donald trump is going to stick aurnld and have so much power the republican party because most importantly if he had haas a bunch of margie taylor greens and matt gaetz when they've not been able to win in these frontline districts, maybe that will pull some of the power away. that's whey they're hoping at the very least. >> white house correspondent eugene daniels for "politico." i think we'll having coffee later. thank you for being here. biden seemed to suggest a, quote, minor incursion might
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will met with less forceful consequences. that left the white house scrambling to insist any aggression would trigger a response. we'll talk with a reporter from "the daily beast" coming up. also the supreme court denied former president trump's request to block the release of white house documents to the january 6th select committee under the claim of executive privilege. they've already been received records. the decision was nearly unanimous as justice clarence thomas was the sole member voting in favor of blocking the release. the brief order, which was written by chief justice john roberts upheld the appeals court decision that trump would not be able to prevent the release of documents even if he were the current president, a determination based on precedent from the watergate era which forced president nixon to turn over his oval office tapes. the question of whether a former president can maintain privilege
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when a current one denies it was, therefore, not considered by the high court, but justice brett kavanaugh wrote sep rah rahhetly in support of a former president's claim of privilege in some instances. of course, kavanaugh was supported by the prior president. these records, they will not be released to the public. still ahead, the legal team for the former president pushes back on another front, this time at the attorney general of new york, after the trump organization was accused of inflating the value of its properties by more than a billion dollars. plus an update on the miss steer yas havana syndrome. what the cia is now saying about the strange symptoms that have hit americans around the world. those stories and a check on the weather. it's going to snow as we look at the u.s. capitol. when we come right back. the u.s. capitol when we come right back.
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the trump organization is hitting back at new york attorney general tish james one day after her office was filing a motion seeking a court order to compel the former president and two of his children to comply with subpoenas, all as part of a civil investigation into a company. in a statement a spokesperson for the trump organization writes this. the only one misleading the public is leticia james. she defrauded new yorkers by basing her entire candidacy with a promise to get trump at all costs without having seen a shred of evidence and violation of every conceivable ethical rule. her allegations are baseless and will be viciously defended. the three trumps have so far refused to comply with subpoenas which were issued last month claiming they are politically
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motivated. james' office says is had not reached a final decision on whether this evidence merits any sort of legal action. the civil investigation is separate from a criminal investigation into the trump organization's financial dealings. that one's being lead by the manhattan district attorney's office. despite a request for comment, an attorney for ivanka and donald trump junior says the james' team never raised questions to block the questioning including the s&p subpoena violates the rights of family. a u.s. marine corps is
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facing charges after a crash left some dead. a truck was carried 19 marines when the driver lost control and overturned making a right turn throwing 17 marines from the vehicle two. of the marines were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. the 19-year-old driver is charged with one count of exceeding the speed and two counts by death of motor vehicle. in a new intelligence assessment the cia has ruled the mysterious system times known as the havana symptom is not a global power. the idea that a foreign power is responsible for widespread brain injury symptoms targeting americans around the world has been deemed unfounded. but in about two dozen cases the agency cannot rule out some form of foreign involvement. many of these cases include those that originated at the u.s. embassy in havana at the
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monk, but that was one of the few high lights for the lakers as they collapsed after a 111-104 loss to the indiana pacers. such a shame. head coach frank vogue sri lanka shrugging off reports that his job may be in serious jeopardy after his team's disappointing 20-22 start. he quoted, i'm blocking it out. let's go to denver and the clippers and nuggets tied in the final seconds of overtime. >> five on the shot clock. they double team it late. cross court. gordon for the lead. >> boom. aaron gordon sinks a go-ahead three with two seconds remaining in the period. denver goes on to beat l.a. 130-128. in philadelphia, joel embiid
2:22 am
matched a career-high 50 points scored in 27 minutes on the court last night. that's efficient. the 76ers roll over the magic magic, 123-110. the surprises starting early in melbourne yesterday with mar gene moog rue say winning following a straight set loss. that came minutes after the sixth seeded was also eliminated. number two served a dozen double faults in her first set and appeared to be on the brink of a second round loss before she rallied and recovered to win in three sets. on the men's side, daniil medvedev is currently leading in his second round match. while andy murray has been
2:23 am
eliminated from the tournament after he fell in straight sets against a qualifier from japan. we're now less than three weeks from the start of the beijing olympics and the jamaican bobsled winners are back. they qualified for a first time since 1998. the team's famous origin story was popularized of the popular hit, the 1993 film, "cool runnings," about its journey from its island nations to calgary in 1988. time now for the weather, and meteorologist bill karins is here, i'm happy to say. bill, i'm in washington, and there's some snow coming. let's make this a personalized forecast. what should i expect in the next couple of hours and then go on to the rest of the country. thank you. >> for you, rain and brief moderate amounts of snow, 9 to
2:24 am
10 inches on the grass. i don't think the roads will be too bad. that's your personal storm system. let's get to the rest. we have cold arctic air coming in behind. there's not a lot of moisture available for a big snowstorm or ice storm, but it's just enough and the timing during the morning rush hour. snow coming down in areas of west virginia and pennsylvania. that's going to move down as we go throughout the next few hours. that's not a lot of snow. many are saying 2-inch totals. rain first. so the salt and the brian isn't really affected because the rain's washing it away. now the temperatures are going to come crashing down. even during the daylight hours. even that rain is going to freeze. just be careful out there in the northeast, especially this morning. this afternoon should be fine. the middle of the country, cold as can be. on the weekend, we have to watch that's storm friday in areas of
2:25 am
the carolinas. then as we head toward saturday and sunday, it's cold. there's not a lot of problems with any big snowstorms or ice storms. careful this morning with bridges and overpasses. d.c. all the way to boston. >> bill karins, we won't ask you to do personalized forecasts for every viewer, but i certainly appreciate it. thank you, pal. we'll talk to you soon. still ahead, will democrats renew their focus on build back better after yesterday's unsuccessful push to pass election reforms. what president biden is saying about strategy for getting parts of his economic agenda across the finish line. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? perhaps to ask about build back better. email your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire or #waytooearly. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. we'll be right back. favorite answers later in the show. answers later in the show. we'll be right back.
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s. welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. ahead of the midterms the white house is urging democrats to focus on accomplishments rather than shortcomings. according to "politico," the biden administration is encouraging democrats to tout the two massive bills the party has already passed. the pandemic relief bill passed in march and the bipartisan infrastructure law which he put his pen to in november. together they total $2.4 trillion. "politico" also notes democratic
2:30 am
parties and staff will get details about infrastructure projects being funded. meanwhile in his rather zroort news conference yesterday president biden acknowledged build back better may have to be broken up into smaller pieces. >> it's clear to me that we're going to have to probably break it up. i'm not going to negotiate myself as to what should or shouldn't be in it, but i think we can break the package up, get as much as we can now, and come back and fight for the rest later. >> the president said he's confident in the support for early childhood education, energy, and environmental funding. he's also optimistic that a smaller package could pass before the midterms. joining us now, co-founder of pun f. bowl news anna palmer, an msnbc
2:31 am
contributor. always great to see you. felt like the two major story lines from the news conference yesterday, one, on ukraine, which we're going to get into more with my next guest, and this, the idea that the build back better may have to get broken up. give us your sense of it, the strategy here. what do you think is going to be part of it? the child tax credit. is that going to make it? >> it's interesting. we've been hearing rumblings in the past week or so around the biden administration's acknowledging that bbb in its current shape and form finally coming to thebasically has no c. the truth is they knew they were never going to be successful and so now they're shifting to bbb. i think the real question to your point is what could actually be in a smaller package? there's talk of climate provisions, but there are things like the child tax credit and paid leave that are going to be
2:32 am
very controversial that are going to be left out if they're truly motive-based issues. the democrats are going to have a tough time here. it's easier said than done. it's going to be very difficult for democrats. >> so explain to us how this might work. would this still fall under the umbrella of reconciliation with still 50 democrats needed? for a person who maybe is not as well versed with senate procedure as you are, what happens is they have to go back to the house. walk us through the process. will each of these pieces be taken up and voted on individually? walk us through. >> i don't think you're going to see each piece voted on individually. right now we believe the democrats have until about april. we're going to see this with the senate par la american therrien about using that vehicle. the reason they want do that is very simple. it only requires 51-plus votes. they're not going to find 51
2:33 am
republicans. so chuck schumer has not laid out his strategy here in terms of how they might try to do that, would they try to do a second reconciliation braage. there's also something in terms of the timing with funding for the government and whether there would need to be another budget resolution, as you can tell by my trying to explain it to you this morning it's about as clear as mud how democrats are actually going to do this. this will play out in the coming days and weeks. first they'll have to find a package to get joe manchin's support on and then they'll have to look at how they thread the needle on the timing. >> one more for you. you mentioned the effort on voting rights did go down in defeat as expected. all republicans opposed and two democrats objected to a change in the filibuster. where does this go from here or is it set aside? >> yeah. so we have some new reporting in this morning's "punchbowl news"
2:34 am
a.m. about this bipartisan effort that's been led by senator susan collins around the electoral count act of 1887. this will be a much, much smaller piece of legislation that they will consider on voting rights. we are hearing staff will be meeting today. later this week there's going to be more movement and a potential meeting of republicans and democrats in this group. so clearly they're going to have to try to figure out what they can agree on. i think the big question is that going to be enough for biden and chuck schumer to support. but it doesn't appear that this issue of voting rights is going to be completely set aside. there's still some negotiating happening. >> we'll be sure to read that issue of "punchbowl news" hitting mailboxes shortly. this is eve as legislation ends up stalling further. we appreciate it. thank you so much. still ahead, we're going to
2:35 am
go live to cnbc on early markets. plus, saving face after scandal. boris johnson lifts restrictions in the uk. we'll get into that when "way too early" comes right back. we' too early" comes right back. unleash the freshness... ♪♪ still fresh ♪♪ in wash-scent booster ♪♪
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so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so puffs plus lotion rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion, puffs bring soothing relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. america's #1 lotion tissue. time now for some of the business news you need to know. for that, let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. good morning. the nasdaq composite dipping more than 1%, how are investors reacting to these declining numbers? >> john tharngs good morning. sent meant was really all over the place on wall street yesterday. ultimately, though, the s&p 500 nose-dived into the close selling off quite significantly
2:39 am
in the last 45 minutes or so of trade. you mentioned the tech-heavy nasdaq. more than 150% off its recent all-time high. interestingly yesterday financials also declined despite the earnings that came through yesterday, painting a more positive picture than what we heard from early financial reporters. focus remains firmly on the federal reserve and what they will say and do at their next policy decision. and perhaps, jonathan, more immediately, investors are going to be looking to the tech sector. we have later a slew of tech giants delivering numbers. that's going to be really important for investors. >> a persistent story line, one that president biden was asked about yesterday in his news conference is inflation. prices are going up. apparently laundry is about to get more expensive. julianna, what should retail customers expect there? >> you're absolutely right,
2:40 am
jonathan. yesterday we heard from proctor and gamble. they'll be raising prices again. it's the second time they increased their inflation forecast. what can consumers expect? you're going to see higher prices for care fabrics like tide detergent and downie dryer sheets and also personal health care items. it has to do with commodity prices and freight costs. they're going to be raising prices o on key international markets as well. >> julianna, you're our london correspondent as well. yesterday british prime minister boris johnson announces an easing of coronavirus restrictions this. time, the timing a little too perfect in an attempt to deflect. what's the latest there?
2:41 am
what's the sense of what he did yesterday? >> well, jonathan, the prime minister's position looks increasingly precarious. firstly on the covid front, the big news yesterday was the further shift in strategy from the uk government to treat the covid pandemic much more like the flu. so mandatory isolation for people with coronavirus is expected to be scrapped by the spring, and starting next thursday, the guidance to work from home will be lifted along with compulsory face masks and covid passes. the country's health secretary hailed this as a major milestone. you put this into context brilliantly. this comes as the british prime minister was called to resign as somebody from his own party defected yesterday, moving to the other side. johnson has been criticized heavily for his involvement in
2:42 am
various parties that took place during the peak of lockdown in 20, and the jury remains out on the prime minister's future. >> while you were talking we showed a headline. one of his political rivals said, quote n the name of god, go. cnbc's julianna tatelbaum, live from london. let's hope no one ever says that about you or i. still ahead, president biden says russia is about to invade ukraine. but the consequences had to be cleaned up at the white house. we'll dive into that story next. before we go to break, a look at this date in history. on january 20th, 1937, president franklin d. roosevelt became the first chief executive to be inaugurated on january 20th instead of march 4th. [ indiscernible ] h.
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i think he still does not want any full-blown war, number one. number two, do i think he'll test the west? test the united states and nato as significantly as he can? yes, i think he will, but i think he'll pay a serious and dear price for it that he doesn't think now will cost him what it's going to cost him. >> i'm not so sure he's certain what he's going to do. my guess is he will move in. he has to do something. >> president biden saying that he thinks russia will invade ukraine, and he also acknowledged differences in how nato might respond. biden suggested moscow would face lesser consequences for a minor invasion. >> russia will be held
2:47 am
accountable if it invades. it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion and we have to fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. but if they're capable of doing what they're going to do, it's going to be a disaster for russia. >> the president is facing criticism for apparently distinguishing between a minor incursion, his words, and a full blown attack. the white house later clarified biten's comments in a statement, which read, in part, quote, if any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border, that's an invasion, and it will be met with a swift, severe response from the united states. that was from white house press secretary jen psaki. it came amid intense diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in ukraine. intelligence reports tells us they haven't decided whether to
2:48 am
invade secretary antony blinken. joining us now of the best-selling book "isis: inside the terror," michael weiss. let's start with the basics. what is your assessment of the president's comments about the russia/issue, and why is he guilty? >> there's not unanimity within nato about what to do if russia crosses the line, which is to say, sends any number of troops, regular or aregular into ukraine, mounts of provocation including teicher attacks and so on, however, given the scale of buildup, and i've just gotten off the phone with a senior european intelligence official who told me, quote, for the first time in the last 30 years
2:49 am
all are involved in this deployment, which is a pretty frightening contingency for europe. if there is a massive invasion and full-scale occupation of ukraine, even europeans softer on russia, their hands will be forced to do something severe, which is to say blocking their banking sector, including some of their insurance companies, flushing them out of swift. the full kit and kaboodle of what's in the economic arsenal in the west. look. did biden's comments go down as good with kiev. no. i don't think it's any different than what russians themselves have assessed. in fact, these discussions, these debates within policy corridors all across the west have been ongoing for several months now. >> right. so, michael, it seemed also the
2:50 am
president went a little further in believing that, yes, putin would go in to ukraine. it felt like he had no choice. we certainly heard from officials says it could happen at any point. so what is your current read of the situation, people what's your current read of the situation. how likely do you think putin would go ahead and how worry? >> what is nato allowed to do and what country is allowed to join the military alliance. in the midst of all of that, they were sending troops to the border. that was a bad sign. if you are looking for a discussion to resolve the crisis, and you put a pause on that. the tempo of these deployments have only increase.
2:51 am
the build-ups have been going on for months, troops were sent last april. never left. it seems to me that yes the russian president's intent on doing something. the question is what's the extent of what he's going to do. it is impossible for him not to do of what he's signaling now. all russian military districts, the largest troop appointment post russia ever mounted taken place. he would look a fool at this point if he didn't do what he's signaling he's going to. michael weiss with some ominous analysis. we appreciate you being here. >> earlier in the show, we ask you this question. why are you awake? olive writes i am up too early because i am starting the first
2:52 am
day of my second semester. good luck it is not snowing where you are. >> chris is up knitting socks. well, if it is warm where you are, you are fine. darian tweets this, i have been up way too early since the days of willie geist. we appreciate it. if you can put up listening for willie for a year, you are a loyal fan. up next, we'll hear from a pair of senators on the heels of their trips to ukraine this week and joe's sit down with ron klain and oscar winning goldie hawn is a guest this morning. "morning joe" is as few minutes away. morning. "morning joe" is as few minutes "morning joe" is as few minutes away
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2:56 am
marks one year of president biden's time in office. he acknowledged that there are some things he would like to do differently in the second year. republicans for the most part didn't seem interested in any sort of bipartisan effort that they were not willing to work with him. that didn't surprise a lot of others here in washington. what was your take away from yesterday? >> i am really not if it surprised the president either, we certainly had hopes bridging the bipartisan isle in his first year in office. the thing that stuck out to me the most was hearing something from the president publicly that i have heard so often behind the scenes. it was as year ago right behind us on pennsylvania avenue, i talked todd the president as you walked into the white house and he had aspired to be president for his whole career and what he felt.
2:57 am
yesterday i heard him talk about the fact that the presidency in some ways constrained him. he was asked on why he had so many issues and in that case, voting rights. he says being in the white house and because of covid as well. he's not been able to do what he's done, to be able to look people in the eye to get the measure of him to understand his sincerity, that's something i have heard so often from administration officials behind the scenes. he feels constrained. he didn't have the freedom he did as vice president and certainly he does not have the freedom as a senator. he spent the day on the phone to go out in grocery stores and interact with people. every week when he was a senator, he would make a point visiting schools in delaware, hearing from students directly. one of the things white house
2:58 am
officials trying to do of a recent for year two is figuring out just that. how can we get the president back to his comfort zone and back to doing what he does best and doing all the things you have to do as president of the united states. >> there is undeniable accomplishments for the president in the first year. there are some challenges, voting rights and boston bill back better act being smaller. >> you got a real sense of midterms strategy from the president yet. as he kept on asking that question, what do republicans stand for? when vice president biden was out hitting the campaign trail often in the midterm election years. he was out, we should mention much more than president obama. he would ask voters the same
2:59 am
question over and over again. what are republicans for? he would say don't judge me against the all mighty, judge me against the alternatives. that's what the president's midterms message is going to be. you know where democrats stand. the fight internally of the policy have been playing out from the perspective of so many in the party. you know where we stand on the basic issue. press republicans on what they stand for. judge us on what we'll do verses what republicans will do. >> we greatly appreciate your insights and you are being with us today. thanks all of you for getting up way too early with us this morning. stay tuned for "morning joe" starts right now. tuned for "mo" starts right now look, i didn't overpromised.
3:00 am
one of the things i had not been able to do so far is get my republican friends to get in the game of making things better in this country. >> president biden marking one year in office with a marathon, two-hour solo news conference. headlines on several front. >> he kept ongoing and going and going. >> he says we are not going back to lockdown and conceded his administration waited too long to ramp up testings. he gave a nod to the feds to higher interest rates saying he respects the central banks' independence. the president laid much of the blame on republicans saying they are more obstructionists now than during the obama administration. when asked about voting rights which senate republicans blocked last night, the president said without the election overhaul, the


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