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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 24, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hasn't done a thing. it's right up there when he says he's going to protect pre-existing conditions. he hasn't done a thing. well, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to build roads, bridges, that are crumbling. climate change is accelerating more frequently and extreme weather events. just look at the wildfires in california, hurricanes along the gulf coast. my state of delaware, lowest lying states above sea level. on the verge of being flooded. according to the best data we have, southeastern pennsylvania including bucks county is warming faster than any part of this state. how long before floods start picking up along the delaware river? we can do something about this. and we better get it done. we better get it done. and by the way, we don't do things like those chumps out there that the microphone are doing, the trump guys.
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[ cheers and applause ] it's andesancy. look, we've got to come together. i was reminded of that earlier this month when i went to the sacred ground of gettysburg. abraham lincoln told us a house divided cannot stand. remember what donald trump said? when covid-19 deaths reached 200,000 in america, he said if you look at the blue states, the democratic governors, and just look at the red states, the republican governors we're doing well. well, first of all, it's not true. the great rise is happened in most of the red states, but that's not the point. think of what he's saying about what's going 0en in america. he's saying, if you live in pennsylvania, you're not his problem. if you live in a red state, alabama, he may think about you.
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he's not responsible for your family's well-being, if you're in a blue state. folks, i don't see the president that way. i don't see it that way. i don't see america that way. i'm running as a proud democrat, but i will govern as an american president! for everybody! [ horning honking, cheers and applause ] i'll work as hard for those who don't support me as those who do including those chumps at the microphone out there's look, that's the job of a president. the duty to care for everyone. the duty to heal. and you, too, have a sacred duty, and that's to vote. it matters. pennsylvania matters. so, please, vote. help get out the vote. visit return your ballot as soon as
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possible. make sure everyone you know does the same. folks, as bobby casey and other i serves in the senate with, aye colleague used to kid me. i remember one sentence from president kennedy's speech about going to the moon. he answered the question that wasn't asked but implied. he said we're going to do it, because we americans, we refuse to postpone. i refuse to postpone the work we must do! there's nothing beyond our capacity. there is no limit to america's future. the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself. look, folks, everybody knows who donald trump is. let's show him who we are. we choose hope over fear. [ cheers and applause ] we choose unity over division. [ cheers and applause ] science over fiction [ cheers and applause ] truth over lies and, yes, honor
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and integrity over lying. [ cheers and applause ] so it's time to stand up. let's take back our democracy now! we can do this. there's nothing we cannot do. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. [ horns honking, cheers and applause ] a very energetic and emphatic joe biden there in bucks county, pa, everyone. talking about a number of things to include, the message, i will be a president for everybody, as he jogs off the stage there. showing his physical agility. he looks like he's in great shape and continues to be so out on the campaign trail. also he said very importantly to the folks there in that drive-in audience he will not be banning fracking. he went after the president with his promises of job creation. he also addressed climate change. very important of course not only to americans but around the
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world and specifically with regard to those who are in the oil industry and work in sub cities and related industries in pennsylvania. talked about voter intimidation by the trump guys, people in the back with the mish phones and bull horns, he suggested were amounting to voter intimidation, those gathered at that gathering. welcome, everyone. i'm alex witt. lech li electric day today. joe biden moments ago speaking at this drive-in rally in pennsylvania. in addition to the things mentioned at the top he spoke about education, coronavirus and, of course, the economy. >> times are hard. unemployment is way up. folks are worried about making their next rent or mortgage payment. whether their health care will be ripped a way in the middle of the pandemic. worried about sending their kids to school, worried about not
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sending their kids to school. they see folks at the top dog much better. while the rest are wondering, who's looking out for me? that's donald trump's presidency. >> that's the news from pennsylvania. meantime, the president is on his way to north carolina. he'll hold his first of three campaign rallies today. this morning the president joining the ranks of the 50 million american whose already voted in this election casting his ballot in florida. >> who do you vote for today? >> i voted for a guy named trump. >> ha. well, in florida today, also president barack obama just a few hours, he'll stump there for his former veep. he'll be in north miami. also in minutes, note, i'll speak with jaime harrison. in a neck and neck race with lindsey graham in north carolina's all of that in a moment. for all of you first, reporters ready across the country following each candidate from point to point.
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start with joe biden just wrapping up wrasremarks in buck county. first of two stops today. and joining us from washington, good day to you. talk about the focus of biden's message today. he hit on a lot of topics. >> reporter: he did indeed, alex. only ten days to go until election day. you saw biden trying to fit inasmuch as possible to draw the contrasts between himself and president donald trump. of course, the core message there to voters is take a look at how trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic. biden saying for a while now, but really drilling down his message and note thoing he does deserve for mour more years as president and telling voters it's time to go out and vote in the days left until election day. take a listen to what joe biden said when it comes to the
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coronavirus pandemic awe how president donald trump thinks it's the end, even though that is not necessarily the reality. take a listen. >> yesterday the worst day we've ever had, yet at the debate on thursday night donald trump said and is still saying we're rounding the corner. it's going away. we're learning how to live with it. well, i told him at the debate we're not learning how to live with it. you're asking us to learn how to die with it and it's wrong. there's going to be a dark winter ahead unless we change our ways. experts tell us we're going to lose nearly another 200,000 lives nationwide in the next several months. all because this president cares more about the stock market than he does you. >> reporter: you hurd bided b h trying to make a contrast between the president and himself and who the president
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about saying he doesn't care about families like yours, like mine. bringing back those scranton versus park avenue values a message he's debuted on the campaign trail for a while and something else hoe delved into, pointing out the only candidate taking money from foreign governments is actually president donald trump. bringing up that report that he does have a chinese bank in china trying to draw those differences economically, personally and, of course, now in terms of the health care pandemic, pointing out what he would do. the five-part plan that he actually reminded voters about yesterday, and that's something he'll also bring to lucerne county later this afternoon, where he will be joined by jon bon jovi. someone else in one of the many surrogates hitting the campaign trail or at least the virtual trail in the coming week was. >> thank you. and former president obama
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hitting the trail in miami this afternoon. here's why. biden trails trump in florida by just two percentage points. trump won florida in 2016 with just over 1% a very tight race. and joining me from miami, welcome to you. when are we likely to see the former president? >> reporter: hey, alex. we expect to hear from him a little later today. a little late afternoon, probably 2:45, 3:00-ish. of course with these things hard to be 100% sure. there are already people here, cars lining up waiting to hear the former president speak since early this morning. this is former president obama's first time campaigning on behalf of his former vice president in the state of florida and times of this visit is a very big deal. this is the first weekend of early voting in florida and, of course, it is the final stretch before election day. former president obama, he has done some of these drive-in rallies for former vice president joe biden in other
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places. so we expect to hear some of the same that we've heard from him before. we do, of course, think that he will certainly encourage people here to vote and vote early. biden supporters are hoping president obama's presence in south florida will be a big energizing force for voters and really help drive democrats to the polls in big numbers. >> he has a lot of power and a lot of people like him. the young people. so i think that him speaking, he knows how to speak, he will definitely make a difference leer in florida. >> this is not just about right now. this is about our future. the future of the united states of america is on the line in this 2020 election. >> we need to have a eyed country again. and trump has done an excellent job dividing it. the only way we'll get that, go out and vote. >> reporter: there were, of course, a lot of people who voted in 2008 and 2012 but then stayed home in 2016. here in florida, some of the
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early voting data we're getting and early numbers as it relates to absentee voting suggests those voters are starting to come back in a noteworthy fashion. around 15% or so of voters in florida who stayed home in 2016, but voted back in 2008 and 2012 have already voted early or cast an absentee ballot. alex? >> okay. ellison barber thank you for that update. the other team, in about 30 minutes or so, the president will hold a rally in north carolina. first of three today and going also to ohio and wisconsin a bit later. the president is trailing biden in north carolina by six points in the latest polli ining avera and defeated hillary clinton in 2016. josh letterman joins me now in ohio. welcome to you. a long saturday for the president. what do we expect on his agenda? >> reporter: alex, if you want a sense why president trump is
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trying to come to places like here in circleville, ohio, take a look at his broader strategy for trying to defend states like north carolina and ohio, that he won four years ago, but he's potentially at risk losing this time. we've seen it over and over where the president is not really focusing on the suburbs anymore, where he's starting to lose a lot of his supporters. instead, starting to focus on areas like this. that are more rural, where he can really speak to his base and drive up that turnout. president trump won ohio by more than eight points four years ago. here in pickaway county he won over hillary clinton by more than 30 points. you see that sharp focus on his base. they started lining up here hours before the rally today. he still clearly has a lot of support among his base in areas like rural ohio. but as he continues to make that appeal, alex, the president continuing to mock his opponent joe biden for his focus on coronavirus.
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take a listen to what president trump had to say about joe biden and covid last night as he was campaigning in the village in florida. >> all he talks about is covid, covid, covid. because they want to scare people, and we've done so well with it. now it's 98.1%. look what's going on. we're rounding the turn. rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner beautifully. >> we're not entering a dark winter. we're entering the final turn in approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: alex, talk how ohio is rounding the corner as the president said just there on coronavirus. just as the united states as a whole was setting a new one-day record for coronavirus cases, ohio, this past week, posted multiple consecutive new highest totals for covid cases. not for this month or this season, for the entirety of the
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pandemic. the positivity rate here hovering around 4% or 5%. a concerning number for mayors and governors all around the country. now, there is a mask mandate put into place here in ohio by the republican governor that says anyone within six feet of each other has to be wearing a mask. as you can see from folks behind me, clearly, not a lot of mask-wearing despite the fact they're not able to really social distance here. >> always a big concern. thank you very much, josh letterman, for all that. while america focuses on the president's race a dramatic shift may be a about to happen in south carolina. jaime harrison talks about the new poll that may have even surprised him. m. ♪ ♪ this is the feeling of total protection
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now that we protect your identity, and mobile phone, as well as auto home and life you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today
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welcome back.
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a narrow edge, within poll's margin of error. suffice it to say a very tight race. joining me, jaime harrison. welcome back to the broads cast. good to see you, jaime. >> good seeing you, alex. >> look, your record-breaking campaign, 57 million dollars in the last quarter, now you've caught up in polls. what do you think is behind your momentum with one poll, worth saying giving you slight edge by a couple of points? >> well, alex, i think it's because we are running a campaign about hope. about rebuilding and revitalizing communities that have just lost all sense of hope, because we have a senator who's been representing this state over 25 years in washington, d.c. he cares more about his own political relevance than he does the issues of people in south carolina, that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. lindsey graham has down an in-person towel hall in this state in almost three years. every other night you find him on fox news with sean hannity.
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folks back home take note of that. taking note their hospitals are closing, roads are crumbling. so many issues here are being left not addressed, and they want somebody to focus like a laser on issues they're dealing with on a day-to-day basis. >> add to that, you mentioned the town halls he's backed out of and also backed out of the debate this past weekend. told our affiliate isn't south carolina saying, wyff, needed to be postpone due to votes in the senate including judge amy coney barrett. do you think south carolinians are reading that the way you just expressed? >> alex, because in lindsey graham's mind south carolina almost comes second to his political interests in washington, d.c. this is the problem. the senate vote he's talking about, it's senate hearing he's talking about, it's a hearing that he set. you know, he agreed to this date for the debate on the 21st.
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and so he set a conflicting date for this hearing. so if he was really serious about being on the stage and addressing issues for the people are concerned with, he would have been here in south carolina. that's why we are about to give lindsey graham a one-way ticket back home and that's why we are building this campaign of, with so much momentum and why if folks want to be a part of it, volunteer, go join us at jaimeharris and lets do this. >> a new article from politico saying that republicans, republicans, are the ones that have grown frustrated with the national attention on graham's race insisting it doesn't reflect the makeup of the state's electorate. we had the south carolina gop chairman who had this to say about you, "purely a function of money and his ability to buy name recognition early on, as it's campaign worn on he's shown no connection to et voe voters
9:21 am
relation to voters and issues that matter most." what are you saying? are voters telling you something different? >> what are the polls tells us? these guys are out to lunch. this was a senator who basically a few weeks ago said that if you're an african-american, that you can make it in south carolina only if you're conservative. that's ridiculous. when you're a senator of a state and a state like south carolina where a third of the con stitch we constituents of people are color, you represent all of south carolina. not just conservatives, independents, liberals or what have you. you represent them all. he is dividing us. trying to scare people to support him. i'm trying to inspire people to support me. and that is the difference in this race and that is why we are so close. end of the day, all politics are local. lindsey graham just hasn't focused on the local politics and the local issues here in south carolina. >> jaime, how do you navigate
9:22 am
the race? a state the president remains popular. how challenging is that to break through that, to take support away from lindsey graham, and to ensure that people don't just go in and potentially vote for the president and then just don't -- right down ballot? >> yeah. well, end of the day, alex, i've said this from the start. this is not about democrats versus republicans or progressives versus conservatives. it's about doing what's right versus what is wrong. if you live in one of these communities here in south carolina where your hospital closed because republicans refused to expand medicaid, and your husband has a heart attack, your wife has complications with her pregnancy, your grandma has diabetes and a blood sugar that who risen, you don't care if it's a democratic solution or a republican solution to keeping your hospital open, because if it takes you 25, 35 or 40 minutes to get to the nearest hospital, that's a death sentence. and that is, those are the issues we have in this state. 38% of rural communities don't have broadband.
9:23 am
just two years ago, 14 of our 46 counties had no ob yob-gyn's. >> what is first coming out of their mouths about their top concern? health related? >> health care, health care, health care, and the coronavirus has only made it worse. you know, again, we have had all of these problems before the coronavirus, and it's now even worse. and you right now -- we have a case sitting in the supreme court, will be decided on november 10th whether or not in the midst of this pandemic to rip away health care from 20-some-odd million americans and lindsey graham supports that. people are very concerned. this is a state with a lot of folks with pre-existing conditions. diabetes, heart failures, strokes. we got a lot of seniors. folks are very concerned their
9:24 am
health care will disappear. >> let me get to the ad from president barack obama who taped this one supporting your senate bid. we'll play it right now. >> hey, south carolina. if you want a senator who will fight for criminal justice reform, lower college costs, and make health care affordable, you've got to vote for my friend jaime harrison. >> i'm imagining you enjoyed that ad right there. do you have confidence that it will translate to votes? >> do you know who enjoyed it most? my momma. [ laughter ] listen, you know, my life is -- is epitomizing, the american dream is alive and well. i was born to a 16-year-old mom, raised by grandparents with a fourth grade and eighth grade education. gr grew up in the mobile home and today am running for a seat in the u.s. senate and the president call immediate a friend. that only happens in america and why america is great. you can grow up, alex, behind the starting line and you still can win the race, and end the
9:25 am
day on november 3rd, south carolina's making history. the first state to have two african-american senators serving same time. >> that is the american dream, jaime harrison. i'm sure you have your track shoes on. keep them on. best of luck. >> thank you. sounded like a desperate appeal from a desperate candidate. did it reach its entended audience? ten days before the election that critical group of voters responds to the president. really paid off this time. nah, just got lucky. so did the thompsons. that faulty wiring could've cost them a lot more than the mudroom. thankfully they bundled their motorcycle with their home and auto. they're protected 24/7. mm. what do you say? one more game of backgammon? [ chuckles ] not on your life. [ laughs ] ♪ when the lights go down
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i ask you to do me a favor. suburban women, will you please love me. suburban women, you're supposed to love trump. suburban women, you should love me, you know, somebody said i'm not going that well with suburban women, i wonder who he's vying for attention from there? both working to get votes of
9:28 am
suburban women but do the president's pleas and dangerous neighborhoods actually resonate? go to my colleague who traveled to orlando to speak with voters asking that very question. what do you find out, my friend? >> reporter: you know well florida is considered a must-win for the president's hopes of second term. seeing. >> reporter: turnout. 97% increase of mail-in ballots as compared to 2016. the biden campaign believes its theirs for the taking. places like orlando. i visited a suburb's winter garden talked to a mom who works in advertising, a cast member laid off at disney world, writer and stay at -at-home mom and as
9:29 am
thousa how they react when the he hears the president say he has saved their suburbs. >> i feel that the policies that he has in place as far as preserving our freedoms and our rights in general, that the majority of americans that i interact with feel that it makes our country safer. >> i'm not sure where he gets, where he's getting that information from necessarily, where he's getting his facts from, because i don't necessarily think that suburbans have been, the areas are safer versus when obama was in office or any presidents before that. >> i feel like president trump has said to people like me, i see you, too. you're part of the invisible population. you're not in a troubled urban area.
9:30 am
you are a suburban mother who just wants to go on and live a peaceable life. >> i think it's all fearmongering. i think that he is using this to try to scare people. i, you know to call himself the least racist person ever and then use that tactic saying, oh, my gosh, black and brown people are going to come to the suburbs and isn't that terrible, that's what i hear when i hear that. >> they all want their kids to grow up in a safer country, better opportunities and safe, and work towards healing the divide in our country. two other key groups to watch in florida, seniors, the trump campaign is losing ground, and young latino voters. alex? >> absolutely. all three of those very important. thank you so much for that. go from there now to ohio. senator kamala harris touching down in cleveland in this last hour. ahead of an event this afternoon saying, ohio is key to the white house.
9:31 am
>> ohio will determine the outcome of this election. there's no question. i'm leer to talk to the voters in ohio. but also listen to them. there's no question the path to victory runs through ohio. >> the latest poll suggesting a statistical tie with president trump up by three points, but within the margin of error. and joining me now, tim ryan, democratic congressman from ohio and former presidential candidate. and always glad to have you on the broadcast. welcome back. thank you. i'd love you to evaluate the mood this time around comparing to 2016. trump won by about eight points in ohio. how many factors are different this time? >> a lot. there's a four-year record trump has to run on. i tell people all the time, remember how he campaigned in '16. he was going to expand health care. he was going to raise taxes on the top 1%. going to do a $2 trillion inf
9:32 am
infrastructure bull and has done the complete opposite. throwing 20 million people off their health care and prevent them from having protections around pre-existing conditions, and rear seeing white working class people that voted for trump move in the joe biden camp. he is bleeding out in the suburbs. columbus, cincinnati, cleveland and toledo and akron, and even in youngstown. so that's why joe biden is very, very close, and i think it's going to be a toss-up but i think biden will pull it out. one thing very, very relevant. the quiet vote that went for trump last time is a quiet vote that's going to go for joe biden and that's going to make the difference here in ohio. >> i'm curious. when you talk about those promises made that have not been kept. do you hear that from voters?
9:33 am
anecdotally? or has so mum time passed in the last four years with just so much in there to digest, have people forgotten that? >> this is a, like, a gut election. i think people are just going like, i don't want to do this for for more years. you know? i just -- why are we all so anxious? of course, it's the pandemic, but he makes it worse. of course it's the economy, but he makes it worse. i just think most people than don't -- four years ago seems like a life time for all of us, but i do think that they remember he didn't deliver on what he said he was going to deliver on. and things aren't better. and he's -- i think that's where people are voting. they're asking themselves and you're hearing this on the street now in the last ten days, do we really want to do this for for more years? the answer for a lot of people is going to be absolutely not.
9:34 am
let's hit the reset button. >> four weeks ago feels like a life time. let me ask you what you think people need to hear from joe biden to lock in their vote and how many still haven't made up their minds? >> that universe getting very, very narrow, but in this area, i think, you know, joe biden has run an impeccable campaign. they're pounding on the working-class issues we talk about here all the time. health care, pre-existing conditions. taking care of our veterans. bringing back manufacturing around electric vehicles, starting stations, batteries. that's the new generation of manufacturing in the united states. biden's hitting that like a laser beam. the issues around natural gas, for example, where he has a different position than a lot of democrats. where he's supporting that as a transition. thousands of union construction workers working here on those, on those projects.
9:35 am
he just needs to keep pounding that issue and he's going to, i think he's going to do very, very well in ohio and very, very well in western pa and the industrial midwest and hopefullyut it to bed on election night so we have no more drama than we actually need. >> see if we can go to bed in the wee hours and know who will are presidents. we'll see about that one. what about the status of the covid relief bill? could agreement be made by election day? what? five, six working days at best? or what about end of the year? >> i guess we're hoping for right after the election. if possible. i will tell you, i just left youngstown, ohio. there was a food drive. they're going to feed 4,000 people. and there were lines around the center in youngstown at the indoor arena, up on the bridge. i mean, it's just -- it's heartening that our community is
9:36 am
supportive, but the fact that there are lines around the corner and in downtown youngstown because people don't know where they're going to get their next meal is a sign of the lack of response from president trump, and mitch mcconnell on this. these are real people's lives, and this is what trump didn't get the other night when joe biden said, hey, at your kitchen table trying to figure these issues out, there were 4,000 families today in youngstown trying to get a meal. that's the disconnect that trump has right now, and it's sad what's happening on the ground around rent, around mortgage, around car payments, getting your next people, around unemployment extensions. these a real flies in the wealthiest country on god's green earth and we have lines around the corner to get a couple dozen eggs and some juice. i mean, it's sad. and that's why things are breaking against trump. he's the president. he should be saying, dammit, we got to get it done. i don't care who's republican or
9:37 am
democrat. we have people hungry in america and we need to feed them and enough of this nonsense with all the politics, but, no. he's out there, rallies have turned into a therapy session for him and not about, you know, organizing this country to be competitive in the next ten years and feed our people and make sure they have the kind of health care they need. so that's why he's going to lose this election. i think end of the day. >> tell you, congressman tim ryan, awfully good, good you're talking about these and brings them to everybody's attention that they are definitely out there. thank you so much. good to see you. >> yep, always good to be with you. >> thank you. different kinds of lines, video. first day of early voting here in new york state. you're looking at the barkley center. that is in brooklyn, of course. voters apparently have waited in line since before dawn. they wanted to definitely get their votes in. and they're doing it. the times square billboard that has ivanka trump and jared kushner very upset and talent
9:38 am
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with just ten days until the election, a busy day out on the campaign trail as president trump and joe biden make final pitches to voters in key swing states. biden making two stops in pennsylvania. trump holding three rallies in north carolina, ohio and wisconsin. joining me now, zerlina maxwell from sirius xm and host of the show "zerlina" on peacock.
9:42 am
michael steele, msnbc political analyst and senior adviser for the lincoln project. good to have you three. get into it, everybody. michael, you first. curious what you make of the two different campaign strategies. biden hasn't really been out on the trail much this week. trump holding several rallies. of course, i guess you could say biden was doing that because he was prepping for thursday night. right? but does the president's busy rally schedule suggest his campaign is worried, or do you think biden should be out more? >> i think it's a combination of a number of things. one, they're out on the campaign stump, because that's where trump wants to be. he has a insatiable desire to have people whooping up his name. more fulfilling than anything else. the actual campaign is concerned, because they are going to places they shouldn't
9:43 am
have to go a week before a national election. i don't know why they're going to, what? new hampshire? what's up with that? texas? georgia? so the president on the front line has a real problem. for joe biden, joe biden's campaign has always taken the approach that in the era of covid-19, we will do a social distancing campaign that significant number of voters around the country have bought into. this idea that joe is not engaged is a misperception, because he's touching voters probably a lot more than donald trump is, because he's on their phone. he's on their television screen. he's on their computer screens. he's connecting with them and so these outings by him puts him out in space but he doesn't necessarily have to do that to the same degree and the way that trump does. >> hmm. so take a listen to the two candidates yesterday speaking on the coronavirus pandemic. here's part of that.
9:44 am
>> all he talks about is covid, covid, covid, because they want to scare people and we've done so well with it. now it's 99.8%. look at what's going on. and we're rounding the turn. we're rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner beautifully. >> there's a key difference in this campaign between donald trump and me. i believe in testing. donald trump does not. believe in science. i believe in public health officials. >> i wish the president elaborated what that 99.8% even was. nonetheless, two very different messages at a time the nation is on the wave of a third phase. >> i imagine the speech that is the truth. the president continues to lie about coronavirus when 80,000-plus cases have happened a couple of days in a row. we're at the peak of the whole
9:45 am
pandemic, since the giving, we are at our highest level, and it is very serious, and it's important for joe biden to establish a foundation that's based in science, and we don't have to wonder if he's correct. we can look at other kincountri that followed the science and see how their results are going, and they seem to be living life with all of the appropriate protocols, the masking mandates, the testing and contact tracing, most importantly, and to joe biden's point. if you follow the science, you're able to go back to some sea semblance of at normal life and the company would not have to shut down. the economy shuts down because we don't have the operate scientific protocols in place. joe biden is right to make that point and every american can look at other countries to see the evidence. donald trump is just making things up, alex. >> but, zerlina, biden has strong standing in the poll.
9:46 am
the debate thursday, main theme, do no harrell. d do no harm. and moves away from the oil industry saying those statements put the nail in the coffin for states like pennsylvania and texas. do you think that's the case? >> no, i don't. we've been transitioning from oil for quite some time if i can remember and many car companies have taken the hint and starting to create electric vehicles including a new hummer out with lebron james in the commercial. so it's clear that, you know, most of the industry is also on the page of the climate is changing and we must make different products so we can adjust to those reality iies. the president is throwing everything at the wall because he knows he's losing's doesn't seem to be a campaign that thinks it's winning and also with 50 million people voting, that's votes in the bank, alex. that's not polling. >> in terms of throwing
9:47 am
everything at the wall, if you will, at the debate the president tried to attack biden on the dealings of his son hunter. take a look at that. >> you were getting a lot of money from russia. they were paying you a lot of money. and they probably still are. but now with what came out today, it's even worse. all of the emails, the emails, horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. >> you know, this feels a lot like 2016. with hillary clinton and her emails. does any of what the president has to say on this resonate? or is it just a diversion in his effort to win? >> yeah. that's exactly it, alex. it's a diverse. it's desperation. the fact within 24 hours of the president making these false and erroneous statements fox news and the "wall street journal" released publications showing that none of this was true. that all of this is rooted in the deep corners of the conspiracy-minded right wing internet tells you everything you need to know. donald trump is so desperate to
9:48 am
talk about anything other than 220,000-plus dead americans. he's wanting to talk about anything but how he mishandled the coronavirus, anything but the tens of millions of americans out of work right now and aren't getting any type of unemployment support under his watch and running for the 2016 playbook. he's never calibrated to the reality this isn't 2016 anymore. hillary clinton isn't on the ballot. that barack obama isn't on any ballot. he's running against a phantom that doesn't exist and none of the things he's put out there have stuck to joe biden. he has no idea how to deal with joe biden and this was a president who engaged in activities that led to his impeachment because he was afraid of running against joe biden. i think we're seeing why and it was validated. >> quick, can you give me a ten-second answer to the republican family member who will come back at me after hearing donald trump say, you're taking -- that joe biden's taking money from russia. what do you even say to that?
9:49 am
>> that's a lie. it's not true. it's rooted in complete fiction. if anything, we should be looking at what the trump family has been doing, how much money they've taken. the reason why donald trump won't release his tax returns because he's hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in debt to people we don't even know about yet. >> what i'll say. anyway, michael, i know you wrote an nbc news thinkpeat endorsing joe biden for president, of course, and you are former chair of the republican national committee. you're voting for a democratic candidate, of course, extremely rare. was there a turning point for to you vote for a democrat, or was it cumulative under trump? >> the last three years. start there. but i think -- i think more importantly as i did not vote for trump in '16, i think more importantly, we've out in watched what this leadership, this kind of leadership looks like. we now know in our gut what it feels like. we know sitting at our kitchen
9:50 am
tables as joe biden pointed out as we're trying to balance checkbooks and figure out how to get the computer up and running so the kid can go to online classes, what it feels like. for me, it boiled down to character. it boiled down to the moment we're in and boiled down to the kind of leadership that the country deserves right now. what kind of country do we want to be? a country that trump is painting? do e were want to be a country that joe biden is painting for us in which we all have a seat in that room. i've told joe. yeah, i'm going to fight you on a lot of big policy. don't worry. right now we need a leader to step us into the next chapter of this want. which should be a positive one that recognizing the toils and troubles ahead, but has a plan to deal with that. >> last question to you regarding the attorneys for ivanka trump and jared kushner who are threatening to sue the lincoln project, which you're a part of. as they have these billboards up in times square that your group has put up. what's your reaction to that?
9:51 am
>> well, it just goes to show where their priorities lie. the fact the first family and people who actually work in the white house spend any time, any of their attention, to a billboard in times square and not to the millions of americans who are dead and thousands getting sick by the day. tells you everything to know about what's wrong with the trump white house and wrong with the first family. this is a vanity thing that they care about a billboard in times square. you know, it just -- just illustrates how their priorities are completely out of line with what's that manage real america and nothing we're afraid of and the billboards will remain up. >> nothing wrong with the three of you. good to see you all. thank you. it is called a warning flare. the swing state data that has republicans worried. re and, in more and more cities, the unprecedented performance of ultra wideband.
9:52 am
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9:53 am
new swing state data suggests democrats lead republicans among early voters
9:54 am
across seven battleground states. look it's a margins. 10% more democrats than republicans voted early. that's florida. arizona 17%. wisconsin 22%. pennsylvania, 46%. joining me now, peter eisner veteran foreign correspondent and co-author of a new book "high crimes: the corruption, impunity and impeachment of donald trump." get to the topic of your latest podcast, "unconventioned threat." voter suppression. first, are these first-time voter or democrats who voted in 2016 and just want to vote early and get on the record? >> right. i think it's a little of both. we've been doing a lot of talking with interest groups speaking to hispanic organizers, speaking to african-american organizers, and the effort at making telephone calls around
9:55 am
the united states, the efforts of even sometimes going door-to-door in a healthy period of time gathering voters encouraging them to vote, there's a lot of registration. a lot of new voters. at the same time, a lot of people saying, hey, let's get this in now. let's do it. so 50 million votes counted and plus double-digit democrat. you have to see there's a mixture of new people. there's a mixture of people saying, i didn't vote last time. i'm voting this time. >> how about this, though. do you think high numbers tell you in part the democrats are more threatened by coronavirus? that they don't necessarily want to deal with any crowds? vote when there are potentially fewer crowds? or do you think any intimidation threats are weighing in influencing early voting? >> again, i think it's a little of everything. look at florida. florida, you've got seniors there.
9:56 am
seniors, blue state seniors, red state seniors. goes down the middle. i don't think that you're going to be able to classify very much how many people are new, how many people are doing the business of coronavirus until the over. i think more people than have ever voted ever before in a higher percent. >> can i ask you at "high crimes" based and trump's attempt to get ukraine to investigate biden. listen to a short exchange from thursday's debate. here's that, everyone. >> but you were getting a lot of money from russia. they were paying you a lot of money. and they probably still are. but now with what came out today, it's even worse. all of the emails, the email, the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. >> i have not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life. we learned this president paid
9:57 am
50 times the tax in china, has a secret bank account with china, does business in china. and, in fact, is talking about me taking money? >> so when the trump campaign invokes russia against biden does it path the truth test for you? no. it doesn't path the truth test at all. i mean, look what this really is. a coptation of the perfect phone call pap continuation of the effort to go after biden, go after ukraine. i think fiona hill, says, please, don't listen to these russian intelligence operators. also shakespeare said it's all made of airy nothing. it really doesn't work. i don't think it's playing. >> okay. peter eisner, good to chat. see you again. thank you. meantime, everyone, the obama effect and whether today is more an supporting biden or defeating trump. feating trump.
9:58 am
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