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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  October 10, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning to you. it is saturday, october 10th. i'm ali velshi. we begin with gretchen witness h whitmer back on the campaign trail yesterday just a day after facing down a foiled domestic terror plot to kidnap her or even kill her. officials announced the aest ref 13 people. in an op-ed, whitmer lay part of the blame at the feet of the president write, quote, when our leaders encourage domestic terrorists, they legitimize the their actions. as president told the proud boys to stand back and stand by during the first presidential debate, he can complicit. hate groups heard the
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president's words not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry, as a call to action, end quote. for his part, the president's response to a thwarted plot against a governor was to say that she didn't think him. rather than say thank you, she calls me a white supremacist. just 24 days before what has been called the most consequential lesks o consequential election of our lifetimes. last night the debate was canceled after trump refused to participate virtually haes e le less than a week he was released from the hospital from an infectious disease that has killed 215,000 americans. >> his remembering ls personal conduct after his diagnosis and the effect it's having on our country is uncons national
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naesh unco ununconscionable. >> he's likely still shedding the virus, according to experts who will still speak later -- trump will now speak later from the white house balcony after being told that he couldn't return to the campaign trail until monday. but is he planning a rally in central florida on monday. we still don't know exactly when he contracted the covid-19 virus or the last time he was tested the though he participated in a made for tv interview last night with a doctor on fox news, a doctor whose questionable credentials include having downplayed the pandemic predicting it would be no worse than the flup having the flu. short said he had been tested and was getting the results back sometime later today. >> have you been tested recently. >> yeah, i just saw the doctors
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today. they think i'm in great shape. i'm in great shape. i know time in good shape. >> did you test negative? >> i tell you, i took this regeneron, it's phenomenal. >> have you had a test since your diagnosis a week ago? >> well, what we're doing is is probably the test will be tomorrow, the actual test. there's no reason to test all the time. >> no reason to test all the time. there's actually a reason to test to see whether you've got the ant bopds, antibodies. so now the quite contagious commander and chief is hosting events at the white house where the whole thing likely the good started. the rose garden event for amy coney barrett that featured a who's who of republican power plays, folks without masks chastin chatting, hugging. here's how dr. anthony fauci
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described it. >> i think it speaks for itself. we had a super spreader in the white house, and it was in a situation where people were crowded together, were not wearing masks. so, the data speaks for themselves. >> it's not just fauci speaking truth to power, he's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on the state of affairs at the white house. >> i haven't been in the white house since august the 6th, and i personally didn't feel that they were approaching the protection from this illness in the same way that i thought was appropriate for the senate. >> just to underscore, that was the republican senate majority leader who never has any space between him and trump saying that he won't go to the white house because of how irresponsible the president has been about covid precautions. but trump is looking in the most inappropriate places for someone else to blame, alluding that the white house spread might have been caused by a gold star family event where the says the families of fallen military
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members got up close and personal with him. that did not sit well with veterans that labeled trump's suggestion as disgusting. alan pits said as if gold star families don't have enough guilt in their life, the commander and chief sagd to their burden. but it's just the latest of trump abdicating his responsibilities and shifting the blame to others. it's extremely and is embarrassing. according to event organizers, family members were tested at the event and tested negative for coronavirus and all have felt fine since. finally, from trump's ramblings earlier in the week, steve mnuchin is aufrpg a noffering u round of economic relief for the coronavirus. he's doing that with nancy pelosi. so the negotiations continue despite the president insisting earlier in the week that there would be no deal until after the election. joining me now, democratic representative debbie dingell of michigan, she's a senior whip
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for democrats in the house. she's either the cochair or vice chair of 16 caucuses and many more. she's been the target of the president's personal attacks in the past. good to see you. i'm excited to coming to your state in just a few hours. but i want to start with one what's going on in your state. you are someone who's been at the receiving end quite recently, actually, of donald trump's wrath. this is a serious matter that i think americans expect the president of the united states should be taking more seriously than he seems to be. the targeting potential abduction and murder of a governor. >> you know, ali, i was not surprised when the story broke on thursday, unfortunately. and that should bother people too. because i have been the target, the subject, as you say, and the result of what happens when hate and things that follow those kinds of attacks.
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i do wish the president would be more careful in his words. i don't think that he understands how his words have tremendous consequence of impacting people. i also am going to tell you i think all of us need to take a deep breath and how is he able to continually do this and people aren't outraged? it is politically acceptable. and he keeps doing it because there hasn't been enough negative response to him so that he understands that this is hurting him. it's hurting all of us. i am -- i respect him, you saw my governor, she is out there, she is a strzok aong and determ she is not going to let this impact her. i have tried very hard do the same becoming the target of him in some public ways. but i want everybody to open their heart and really think about what's happening in this country and that you are letting your heart argue and nobody can let that happen.
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we all need to take some responsibility for what's happening in this country. >> congresswoman, in about six hours i'm going to be talking to voters in dearborn and i'm going to want to hear from them how they feel about this. when you look at the last ten days for the president, his remarkably bad debate performance did hurt him in the polls more than any other modern president. his covid handling only underscored that two-thirds of americans think he's doing a worse job of handling coronavirus than joe biden would. and then there's this, because did he tell the proud boys to zand ba stand back and stand by, which sounded not like a dog whistle but a clarion for right wing militias. and now this has happened. what do you expect will happen? do you believe that americans will say now we've crossed from the sublime into the ridiculous and dangerous? >> so, if you had asked me two weeks ago i was concerned. i was getting some of the those
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same feelings that i had of 2 2'16. the president's behavior is so irresponsible, and people trust him. they're his leader. and when he -- first of all, that drive where he put everybody as risk. but when he whipped that mask off, he's killing thousands of people because they follow him. they don't wear their mask and not doing what they need to do. 210, 211,000, the number grows every day, americans have died. think people are listening to this, but think people like you and i and others have to be very careful, because i was down river last night and got earful from people who think we're beating up on the president and, this is more people who need to take
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responsibility. there are still strong trump voters through the and many of the ones i warned about four years ago. and while the majority of our country want to get rid of this drama, they want to get back to normal, we've got to be very careful to make sure that we are all taking responsibility for what's going to happen on this election. and i'm going to tell you, it's 25 days to this election and i am somebody who knows the only thing i know about 2020 is that the unpredictable is what's predictable. >> yeah, no kidding. congresswoman debbie dingell, good to see you. looking forward to be in your home state. >> you're going to be in my hometown in a few hours? >> i am. i enjoy it. as a canadian it's kind of like going home. at least i'll be able to see home from there. i'll be in detroit tomorrow for velshi across america. i'll speak with a group of voters about their priorities next month and with top lawmakers in the state including
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senator gary peters, lieutenant-governor garlin gilchrist and dana nestle. this afternoon i will be spending time with michigan voters. meanwhile, with 24 days go until election day, most surveys show trump losing big to joe biden. the average of recent polls shows the democratic nominee at 52% and trump down double figts 41.4%. with election day fast approaching, president trump is losing his you know what behind the scenes. they right that the president is lashing out at members of his own cabinet as he grasps at straws looking to implicate his political rivals in wrongdoing. we have the president of the lincoln project's lincoln coalition. good to see you. thank you for being with us. what do you make -- i think it's interesting what debbie dingell just said to me, we have to be careful and take necessary
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responsibility, necessary responsibility involves voting. but what do you make of what has happened? i'm kind of concerned. is president trump acting out because he's on dexamethasone, a serious steroid? or is he cornered and desperate? >> i genuinely believe the president is incapacitated. and i'm not a medical professional, but anybody with a work brain can see that this is abnormal the way in which he's acting is completely unhinged. we know that the white house is in total collapse. we can prove it. there's evidence of this. the president is not acting like a normal, rational human being. a normal, rational human being would not have walked into a debate hall knowing they potentially had covid-19. and the days that followed, the way he's come home early and took a joyride to wave at people, that's not going to play well. you see a president that's
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incapable of controlling himself and the country, and he will be voted out and escorted out of the white house in january. but we cannot be complacent, so we have to do our part. >> you and others in lincoln project and republican women for biden, you are republicans, you are conservatives and i think in a perfect world things would be normal and there would be a normal democratic party and normal republican party and a voter might be able to watch two candidates and say kind of like this one or i might like this one. you tweeted the other day, i've been told my whole life to look at the president in times of crisis, now the president is the crisis. what injury argument to remaining republican voters? somewhere between the 25% and 40% who want lower taxes and smaller government, republican principles. what's your argument to them about you're going to get them better if you get rid of this guy and then become a real republican party again?
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>> the first thing i say is, look at the stats. we already have an electorate that is not engaged. and those of us that do care and do vote and have in the past, while we look at that whole thing and we say, what is another four years going to be like? especially young mothers like me, i have a 2 and 4-year-old. there's no end in sight. every day say challenge balancing work and young children and any children that have to do virtual learning that cannot see their friends, that cannot understand why our new normal doesn't mean they can go to a play place or birthday parties anymore. what i say to those republicans voters, especially women i've been having phone conversations with over many months and gone back and seen in my home state of west virginia, i sit with them and i hear them. i say, you tell me what does he mean to you? what does this president mean to you? because to me i think conservatism could have survived four years of hillary clinton. what i see right now illogical. it doesn't make sense. because we teach our children not to call names, to not do the
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things, the very things that this president does. and so how do we get more americans to the table when this is the person at the top who's ali ail nating so many. and i hear them say the democrats are the boogeyman. they will tax us to death. they'll make us liberal like california and look how that's worked out. i say you don't know what this president is doing and i present them with facts. that's why i'm so proud to be part of the lincoln project, lincoln coalition, we dropped seven just three days ago and my favorite one just day before yesterday called regeneron. these are visual depictions of exactly the facts we need to present these voters with as to what is problematic about this president. why it's just not us -- look, i'm a lifelong conservative. i'm not an alarmist. but i showed them some of these ads, and they say, yeah, you know, you make a good point. but i'm worried about biden, i don't think he has the best interests for our country because he's a professional
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politician. so they like what they're getting from trump. they like this sort of unusual, different brand. but what they don't realize is it's put the lives of many black and brown people like myself and my children in danger when we go into the streets and we know we cannot guarantee our safety. we cannot. >> these are the words of a republican, thank you, my friend. good to see you begin. rinna is the founder of republican women for biden. she's on the leadership team of n this as a discussion, a real discussion, not a maniac versus someone else running for president. thanks, rinna. coming up next, mike pence's refusal to answer a critical question at this week's debate. mr. vice president, your silence was loud and clear, by want to leave you with another response to president trump saying, don't let covid-19 dominate your life. meg brissett from boston emailed us. she got covid back in march. she writes in part, as a
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mike pence is the 48th vice president of the united states. the second highest office in the executive branch. as vice president, he's also an officer in the legislative branch of the u.s. government serving as the president of the senate in which he has the authority to cast the tie-breaking vote. he's should be, he's a key adviser to the president and, at times, stands in for him representing our entire nation. which is what made his feckless response to a simple but important question during this week's vice-presidential debate with senator kamala harris so amazing. just before the debate ended, the moderator reminded pence that president trump has several times refused to commit himself
6:22 am
to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. she asked that if joe biden won the election and trump refuses to accept a peaceful transfer of power, what would pence's role and responsibility be as vice president? what would he, mike pens e pece? in his 2:14 second response, he talked about the energy, the economy, law enforcement, hillary clinton, spying, the mueller report, trump's impeachment, mail-in voting and the fbi. the only thing he didn't mention was what he, vice president mike pence would do if trump refused to accept the results of the election in a peaceful transfer of power. mike pence is isn't about to tell trump tell trump what he wants to here. he said i promise you when the circumstances arise where i have a difference on policy or presentation, i would have no hesitation were i privileged to
6:23 am
be vice president to walk into the president's office, close the door and share my heart, end quote. what's in your heart, mike pence, about the basic tenant of democracy, a peaceful transfer of power and the departure from office at the end of your term? it's a simple question but one on which the success of a democracy hinges. what door is pence leaving open and why? what political advantage is gained by not committing to accepting the results of an election? it's a hypothetical question, but as hypothetical questions go, it's a really easy one. it's relevant because mike pence's boss donald trump made it relevant. and to be clear, when joe biden was asked in the presidential debate if he would accept the results of the election, he said, yes. it's democracy 101. anyone who cannot answer this question correctly doesn't deserve your vote. doesn't deserve your vote. d of pain rel: new advil dual action. advil targets pain at the source. acetaminophen blocks pain signals. new advil dual action with acetaminophen.
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over the last four years, it's become apparent that the president is unlikely to ever
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condemn some of his mostard ard supporters. trump has done remarkably little to combat hate and race punishment and now weeks away from the election his reluctance to distance himself from these groups could have an impact on americans at the polls and lead to conflict after the election. his ever more apparent dog whistles to the proud boys, the booinga lieu moveme boogaloo movement has called for them to take up arms on behalf of the president warning of a civil war. just this week 13 men with ties to militias were arrest and charged for attempting to kidnap the governor of michigan. threat and concern over the effect these groups will have on the vote process has become so great georgetown university law center has begun distributing fact sheets for each state to help every day american strorts identify these illegal media groups and find the out what you
6:29 am
can do if they're intimidating the vote process. they have had to take on the responsibility of educating americans about potential voter intimidation. meanwhile, the trump administration, according to a dhs whistle-blower report, asked the department of homeland security to down play the threat of white supremacist groups, despite being the number one threat to the country. with me now, former fbi agent, c he has been a lead in the research about white extremist groups in the united states. ollie, good to see you again. can you help me and my viewers with the distinction on the continuum of white supremacists and extremists and things like that and militias? >> you know what? a lot of these white supremacist groups call themselves militias. guess what? they are not militias. they are not protected by the second amendment. the second amendment talk about
6:30 am
what regulated militia is. what regulated militia operates under the states. so when a group like the base which basically a white supremacist organization name themselves up to al qaeda, they use al qaeda's manuals and modus operandi or people like [ inaudible ] a terrorist organization, you know, considered a terrorist organization in so many different places in europe but it's based in the united states, when these groups say that they marlis m militias, they are not. they are just gangs on gangs on criminal gangs. we cannot call them terrorists because in the united states so far there is no domestic terrorism laws. there is no domestic terrorism protocols to deal with these individuals like we deal with the jihadis.
6:31 am
so they go to the booths to protect the security of elections, whatever, it is totally illegal. it is actually illegal in the 50 states and i'm glad you mention the georgetown law center and the resource that they have online. a lot of their activities i don't know this is -- if this is not terrorism, i don't know what terrorism is, then. kidnapping a governor, trying to blow up a bridge in order to redirect the focus of law enforcement, prosecute, maybe execute a governor in the is not terrorism, i don't know what [ inaudible ]. this is [ inaudible ] becoming very dangerous that the department of homeland security, that the fbi consider white supremacists the number one threat to the homeland. think about it. it's not al qaeda, it's not isis. >> talk to me about this,
6:32 am
because back in the late '90s, you were in the fbi and you were trying to convince them that they needed to take this -- this al qaeda threat seriously. and back then they weren't taking that seriously. and they finally got around to it. and now you have been in the lead trying to convince the government because a lot of verge comes from you and the adl and georgetown law center and other groups, include the dhs, they've got evidence that this is the case. why does this administration not take this threat seriously? >> well, because you've been talking about it today. we talk about it on your show a lot. i mean, you know, the president is using dog whistles, my god, he's using the bull horn to communicate with these [ inaudible ]. i think the president now realizes he's losing in the polls and he is basically threatening that he'll light up the whole country, kill our democracy instead of accepting the results of democratic election. that's why he doesn't want to attack them. that's why he's asking them to
6:33 am
go down and, you know, basically for the lack of better term let's call it what it is, intimidate voters. these things are illegal. you cannot control elections like this in america. maybe the president read a lot of the playbooks of dictators around the world. but in the united states, presidents do not, do not run the election. states run the election. election commissions run the election. we have prosecutors, we have law enforcement, we have, you know, the fbi, dhs, they are focusing on election security. as you correctly mention, all institutions are very well aware with what's going on. just because administration doesn't want to acknowledge it, it does not mean that they are not working it. it's the same thing with russia. everybody knows that russia is interfering, except this administration don't want to -- they don't want to talk about it because the interference of the russians is basically helping them. let me just do something about
6:34 am
the white supremacist. you've working they've been working for many years, ali, in 2016 a lot of these groups also exist bud they we existed, they were not as powerful and they were on the fringe. what made them mainstream was basically significant campaign by the russians, by russian misinformation and disinformation campaigns targeting americans. and then american political figures frankly the president created a bridge from the cyber sphere to the physical sphere and now we're dealing with these gangs and these criminal terrorists. don't get me wrong, they are terrorists. if this is not terrorism, i don't know what is. >> and you know terrorism. good to see you, my friend. thank you. he's a former fbi special agent. breaking news, good news. moments ago, we have just learned that former new jersey governor chris christie has been
6:35 am
discharged after being hospitalized due covid-19. christy admitted himself weeks ago. he attended the rose garden ceremony to nominate amy coney barrett to the supreme court after which he tested positive. he said i want to thank the extraordinary doctors and nurse who's cared for me last week. thanks to my family and friends for their prayers. i will have more to say about this next week. we are pleased chris christie sought of the hospital and wish him a fuel recovery. we'll talk about the president's hefty medical bill that will be paid by taxpayers. and lindsey graham and his opponent harrison were supposed to debate last night but mr. graham refused to take a covid-19 test. so it was changed to a forum interviews. senator graham will take the podium and then you'll hear mr. harrison talk covid rezbleef those of you that work for a living, you can't do what mr. harrison has demanded tonight. you can't not show up at work
6:36 am
because you want everybody says it whether they need to or not. i have a letter from my doctor saying that i am cdc compliant. there's no reason to test me. >> there's so many folks who are on the verge of being kicked out of their homes. they're on the verge of not being able to pay their bills. and our senator who is so out of touch didn't understand why it was important to continue that benefit. e that benefit. olay faced expensive serums and won.
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last weekend at walter reed medical center, president trump received the highest degree of health care in the world and it was on the taxpayers' dime. upon discharge, he told americans not to let the virus dominate you because, quote, we have the best medical equipment and the best medicines in the world. that tone deaf statement didn't land with most folks, let alone the families of the 215,000 americans who have died due covid-19. they don't have the luxury of being president, getting a helicopter to fly them to one of the best hospitals in the world and give them a cocktail of medications that some people can't get. according to the "new york times," the treatment that the president received would have cost the average american at least $100,000 in medical expenses, that estimate is on the low side. that's paid for by taxes by the way, that's how the government pays for stuff. trump paid $750 in income taxes in both 2016 and 2017, so he got a good deal on this one, according to the "new york times." meanwhile, he gets first class care for himself using your hard earned dollars, and while his
6:41 am
administration is trying to dismantle the affordable care act via the supreme court and wo working to end guaranteed health care and preexisting conditions for millions, well, that's how it goes. with me now, independent senator bernie sanders of vermont, also a former 2020 presidential candidate. you tweeted, mr. trump, guess what, the walter reed hospital you were at where you got excellent high-quality care, that's a 100% government funded, government run, dare i say socialist facility. you and i know, senator sanders, where i come from in canada everybody gets the same health care and everybody pays the same for it. that's not the dmas americcase but it seems like donald trump made a good case for universal health care the other day. >> he did. i don't begrudge him getting the best care that he can. but i do begrudge the reality that we have 90 million people in this country today, 90 million people who are uninsured or underinsured before the pandemic. we lost over 60,000 people a
6:42 am
year because they couldn't get to a doctor when they needed to go because they were uninsured or under insured. i am talking to you now 50 miles away from the canadian border, and as you've just indicated, somehow in canada for decades they have managed to provide quality care to every man, woman, and child. you're in the hospital for two months, you come out there is zero bill. and yet they spend one half per capita as to what we spend on health care. what trump's illness and treatment tell us is that health care is a human right, it's not a job benefit. everybody, rich, poor, young, old is entitled to health care, in my view. your medicare for all single payer program. and that idea is gaining more and more momentum every day especially because of this pandemic. >> and i think it's useful to discuss with americans, because i'm going get some tweets that say you're such a bernie bro,
6:43 am
you've got bernie on again, all this kind of stuff. where i come from in canada, this is not actually a political position. you can be a conservative and like single payer health care. you can be a liberal and like single payer health care. it's just a better return on investment, which is why all but three of the most developed countries in the world have it. only turkey, mexico, and the united states don't have some version of covering everybody. it may not be single pay, he but it's universal. >> but many years in canada you're conservative governments, right? that's the fact. >> that's right. >> they didn't say now we're in power we're going to move to an american-style health care system. they would have been thrown out of office in five minutes. you go to europe, conservative parties all of them understand health care is a human right. they do argue about their health care system, but throughout europe nobody denies that every man, woman, and child many those currents entitled to health care. we are the major exception in the world. and the result of that is for ordinary people, it's not only that they're uninsured or underinsured, they go to the
6:44 am
doctor and they find out they thought they were krufrd, they're not covered, they have to pay out of pocket. half a billion people go bankrupt because of medically related bills. people go crazy filling out forms. doctors are sick and tired of having to pay attention to the insurance company's rather than their patients. this system is dysfunctional, it is cruel, it is wasteful. we've got joint rest of the world, move toward a medicare for all-type program. >> so donald trump gets off the helicopter, records a video in which he said don't threat dominate your life. i think you and i would both agree with the president, wouldn't we love a situation in which getting ill doesn't dominate your life some of but in our employer-tide health care system in the united states, unfortunately getting ill for the majority of americans less ill than covid by the way, will dominate your life. >> ali, in running for president i was all over this country and we held dozens and duds zens of
6:45 am
town meetings. the stories that people told would break your heart. people started crying how they lost loved ones because they didn't get to a doctor on time. how people suffered and died because they could not afford the outrageously high cost of prescription drugs. just in terms of insulin we pay something like ten times more for insulin than the kandsiacan do and people around the world. you have millions of people watching this program right now are stuck in a job that they don't want to be because they're getting decent health care for their families. they would rather do something else, they can't do that. so, yeah, the lack of health care in our current health care system impacts virtually every single one of us. again, not to mention the 60,000 families who lose loved ones every year because people can't afford to get to a doctor on time. so let me just repeat this -- >> that's without a pandemic. >> let me just say that for the
6:46 am
umpteenth time. what i'm talking about, what ali's talking about is not radical. it exists all over the bloody world. what we are doing is radical. what we are saying is you don't have health insurance because you have a bad job. that is crazy stuff. >> so i got whiplash because earlier this week the president tweeted out in all caps about how there's not a stimulus bill before the election. was that to hold people hostage that if you vote for me that i'll give you a stimulus bill because if joe biden comes into office there will be a stimulus bill. then mnuchin and nancy pelosi came to an agreement on a $1.8 trillion bill which is quite close to the herero.e.r.o bill was at that the house passed. how do you see this? >> when i go on immediate yacht commentator says what do you think of what trump said? i usually say, well think there
6:47 am
nothing because he's probably going to change his mind in 14 seconds. that's exact what happened here. he was for the stimulus, he was against it. in the latest news he's for it. tomorrow he may be against it. here's the bottom line. in america we have millions and millions of people who are really hurting. we don't talk about this enough. these are people who don't have any health insurance. these are people who don't vin come. these are people worried about being evicted. people are worried about feeding their children. of course the federal government has got to act. over four months ago the house did the right thing. over a $3 trillion bill which among other things would have tha continued that $6 million supplement to people. that's so important for so many people, not to mention continuing the $1,200 a month check that people need. i think -- well, to make a long story short, we have got address the economic crisis facing millions of working families. >> what do you make of the fact that in the last two debates and
6:48 am
whenever donald trump speaks or mike pence speaks they are trying to draw a wedge between you and joe biden, either painting joe biden as having capitulated to your views or the fact that your supporters won't vote for him. you're out there fairly actively campaigning right now, but what's your message to tosome folks who think there's some sort of split in the democratic party right now? >> it's no great secret that joe biden and i have our differences of opinion. but there also should be no difference of opinion that joe's proposals are pretty sick. and if adopted, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, lowering the eligibility age for medicare from 65 down to 60, investing $2 trillion in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to combat climate change, they're pretty strong. but after the election, after joe wins, we will have our arguments, that's called democracy. but right now, we are in a united front. and that means -- and it's not just, you know, joe and me.
6:49 am
what it is is you've got a lot of republicans out there, you've got a lot of moderates out there, you've got conservatives out there who are saying the most important point of this election, it's not health care, it's not education, it's not climate change. it is whether or not we retain our democratic foundation. you got a president and a party right now that are doing everything they can to suppress the vote, to make it harder for people to vote. you have a party out there which is trying to continue to tim date people as they come to the polling booths. and you've got a party out there with a president and vice president are saying, well, maybe if we lose the election we're not prepared to lose office. so, i would say out there to the people who don't agree with me on everything, that's fine. that's a democracy. you have a right to your views, i have a right to my views. but we have got to stand together, progressives, moderates, conservatives to say that this is a democratic society and when trump loses, if he does lose the election, polls indicate that he will, that he
6:50 am
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visit for a free demo. over the last few weeks, you know i've been visiting battleground states and speaking to voters in those states. i'm heading to michigan right now. i'll be in detroit. donald trump eeked out a surprise win there in 2016 with a mince is school percentage over hillary clinton. now the race paint as more grim
6:55 am
yac outlook. make sure to tune in tomorrow. i've got a slew of guests including lieutenant governor garland gilchrist and the state attorney general and the plot to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer and a poll on what's most important. be sure to tune in tomorrow from michigan, live in detroit. that does it for me. coming up on "am joy," my friend jonathan capehart joined by john brennan and representative from washington state. go nowhere. you're watching msnbc. you're watching msnbc. at try optum perks.
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a president's fitness for office must be determined by science and fact. this legislation applies to future presidents. but we are reminded of the necessity of action by the health of the current president. with this bill the congress honors our oath to honor and defend the constitution and protect the american people. good morning and welcome to "am joy." i'm jonathan capehart. to some it might sound crazy that just 24 days before a presidential election, speaker nancy pelosi is introducing a bill to establish a bipartisan
7:00 am
commission. the idea is based on the 25th amendment which outlines presidential succession. speaker pelosi insists it has nothing to do at all with the upcoming election or doesn't president but everything do with protecting the constitution, but the move is understandable if you consider what donald trump did this week after leaving walter reed where he was treated for the coronavirus. take a look. >> i learned so much about coronavirus. and one thing that's for certain. don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. i know there's a risk, there's a danger, but that's okay. and now i'm better, and maybe i'm immune. i don't know.


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