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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  September 20, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, "disloyal." that's the title of michael cohen's new best-selling tell-all book. we'll have him here in a moment. it's also a quality his former boss, the current president of the united states, claims to hate above all others. >> people make up stories. this whole thing about, uh, flipping, they call it, i know all about flipping, for 30, 40 years i've been watching flippers. everything's wonderful, then they get ten years in jail and they flip on whoever the next
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highest one is or as high as you can go. it almost ought to be outlawed. it's not fair. >> that was way back in 2018. but even then, the president gnaw that he was on borrowed time, because for donald trump, loyalty only goes one way, from his followers to him. when michael cohen committed campaign finance violations in the service of the trump campaign, he was the one who was sent to prison, despite the fact that those crimes were committed at the behest of and for the benefit of donald trump. and then the president tried to have him sent back to prison, despite concerns about coronavirus, just to stop mr. cohen from publishing this book with unflattering information about him. thus proving that the president not only has no loyalty to his former friends, but that he isn't even loyal to the promise
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of this country as enshrined in the first amendment of the constitution. his self-absorption was on full display yesterday as he announced his intention to nominate a replacement for the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, just hours after her death. brazenly defying the dying wishes of a woman who spent her life devoted to realizing the full promise of the constitution as she demonstrated more loyalty to this country than anyone in the president's orbit. but we don't need michael cohen's book to prove that to us. the official white house response is, quote, michael cohen's book is fan fiction. he readily admits to lying routinely but expects people to believe him now so that he can make money from book sales.
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it's unfortunate that the media is exploiting this sad and desperate man to attack president trump, end quote. a couple of problems with that. michael cohen is no longer a fan and many parts of the memoir are backed up by third party reporting. so perhaps this inside look by a former friend of the president's will finally open some eyes of some of trump's most entrenched supporters, because it doesn't matter how much you love this president. he is incapable of loving you back. joining me now is michael cohen. his new book is called "disloyal: a memoir, the story of the former personal attorney to president donald j. trump." he's also the host of a podcast,
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"mea culpa with michael cohen." >> happy sunday, reverend. >> happy sunday to you. i want to get your feelings about the supreme court and what this president is capable of doing and the election and certainly your ideas on prison reform. but i want to start with something that you and i and mr. trump have discussed, and that's race. i remember over several conversations that we've had, and i'm probably one of the few that has a show that has spent time talking to mr. trump and a lot to president obama, the two symbols of the decisions of policy in this country. and i remember we had a conversation set up by a mutual friend of yours and mine, when i had started attacking mr. trump about his whole birtherism, and he was saying that it wasn't racist. i was saying that it was. you were kind of sitting there, trying to referee. and later he's tried to say i
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came to him to apologize. and i went on my show that night before he could tweet it and said it wasn't true. but at that time i was still giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was playing politics, even though i had marched on him for years before that on central park five and discrimination. he came to my organization's convention twice with a hip-hop artist. but i came to believe donald trump is a racist and have been saying it now publicly for years. in your book you say trump has, quote, a deep disgust for black leaders. he called countries with such leaders s-hole countries. where does that racism come from and where does it end? you've been there when those of us that talked to him left. you know how he really feels about not only us individually but about the race. and you've said he is a racist. where does that come from and how deep is it, in your opinion? >> where it comes from, obviously trump is substantially
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older than i. this has to be deep-rooted. where he is today, donald trump is just an outright racist. you don't have to go any further than his behavior the other night to professor blaque who went ahead and was asking him very poignant questions about health care, because she has morbidities, comorbidities that are very significant. and she wanted to know where things were going to go with health care. the fact is, as much as he has a disdain for black people, he truly despises black women because he doesn't know how to handle them. he doesn't know what to do. here he had a black woman standing in front of him. he knows for a fact she's not voting for him. so why are you asking me, i'm the president of the united states, any questions whatsoever?
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his whole thought process is weird, it's just crazy. it makes absolutely no sense. his disdain for president obama is simply, again, because he's the first black president, he was universally regarded, he's a tremor aendous orator, and he's incredibly bright. how many times did he talk about the only way obama got into harvard was affirmative action? whether he realizes it, it's racist or not. if he didn't realize it, there was something really wrong with him. and he did realize it, it just acknowledges the fact that he's just a racist. >> he said just the other day that kamala harris came into the campaign and was trying to get to the white house through the back door. and we all know what that -- but we don't even have to go to dr. blaque a couple of days ago. at his rally on friday, the president essentially told a
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mostly white crowd -- >> i'm sorry, rev. not mostly white, it's almost 100% white. you may remember this, i came to you early in 2015 when i was starting the national diversity coalition for trump, because i said to him, mr. trump, what you have to understand is you really cannot win the white house if you're only going to play to the southern white christian coalition. that's not the united states of america. the united states of america is a compilation of multiethnicity, multiracial individuals, we're the melting pot of the world. and you really need some diversity in your crowds because in all fairness, they look like a klan meeting. >> you did come to me and make that argument. i was not persuaded to help mr. trump. but we had the discussion. >> no, you were not. >> but i wanted to show you this, this is what he said to a -- as you corrected me, an all
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white crowd, that their genes made them superior. look at this, michael. >> you have good genes, you know that, right? [ cheering ] you have good genes. a lot of it is about the genes, isn't it, don't you believe? the race horse theory you think was so different? you have good genes in minnesota. >> now, minnesota is a state that's more than 80% white. we know the president's supporters are overwhelmingly white. is there any other way to interpret this than full-throated white supremacy? >> well, no. and if you read the book "disloyal," i talk about when nelson mandela passed. his first question to me right on the passing was, he was no leader, he was no martyr on behalf of equal rights but rather he destroyed south africa. then he went on to say some things i can't say on
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television. but if you read the book, you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. that there's no country that's run by a black person that's not an s-hole. i said to him, really, what about the united states of america? he gave me the proverbial "f you" and told me to get out of his office. that's a true story. >> i read that in the book. let me go to this subject with you. even following the deaths of more than 200,000 americans due to coronavirus, trump can't put on a convincing display of empathy. that stands in sharp contrast to joe biden, his rival. why can't this president show compassion or at least fake it? >> because he doesn't feel he has to fake it. and donald trump is 100% incapable of showing empathy. it's not just that he's incapable of showing empathy to people of color. he's incapable of showing empathy to anyone.
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it's also true that trump demeans people of color on a regular basis because not only does he lack empathy for people of color, he actually has contempt for black people, specifically black women, by saying and doing the things he does so often. >> let me ask you about the election. you have said that this president will do anything to win, and you fear that if he lost, there will be a battle to get him out of the white house. do you fear that he is in many ways afraid of being prosecuted and possibly having to be held accountable criminally? is that what's driving him to take such desperate moves that some people are thinking he may do to try and win this election? >> it's poverart of a much bigg pie. not only is one of the things, because yes, he will be indicted, not just by the state of new york but by other states,
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but on top of that, donald trump is drunk with power. he has now tasted legitimate power and he doesn't want that power to go away. not only does he not want the power to go away, he wants to be just like putin or kim jong-un or mohammed bin salman or maduro. he wants to be a dictator. he wants to be an autocrat. i've been saying this forever. final people are repeating this on television again and again. i laid it out at the house oversight committee before the late, great elijah cummings, and i said, rest assured, i do not believe there will be a peaceful transition of power. and what's he doing now? now let's got lou dejoy, they're taking away sorting machines, they're taking away mailboxes. he's got the attorney general on the payroll. the guy sent me back to prison because i wouldn't waive my constitutional right. i could be the first political prisoner in this country. i couldn't understand why
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members of the democratic caucus and the inspector general aren't opening up an investigation on the attorney general who singlehandedly decided to send me back to prison because i wouldn't sign a document relinquishing my constitutional right. >> you used to be the fixer. you're saying the attorney general is the fixer now. >> oh, 100%. >> and he should be investigated for violating your first amendment rights for sending you back to prison because you wouldn't sign a document that you would not write a book or publish a book or do media accounts or things that would infringe upon your first amendment rights. you're calling for that to be investigated. >> that's right. judge hellerstein issued an opinion from the bench where he called it retaliatory. the case was michael cohen versus attorney general bill
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barr, the department of corrections, the bureau of prisons, and several other named individuals. you can go online and you can read it. he called it retaliatory, because that's exactly what it was. and here is another thing i can tell you emphatically, that bill barr doesn't do anything, and i mean nothing, unless donald trump preapproves it. that's the way it was at the trump organization and it's the way it goes in the white house. there's no way in the world that bill barr did not have this planned with the president. >> all right. we'll have more with michael cohen right after the break. and later, the implications of the ruth bader ginsburg death for the 2020 election and beyond. but first, my colleague richard lui with today's other top stories. richard? hey, rev, yes, these are the stories we're watching for you this hour. wildfires continue to burn in the west. much-needed rain swept areas of oregon and washington, helping to cool the fires there. but little sign of wet weather for california. more than 3.4 million acres of
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california land are burned. 23 people and three firefighters have lost their lives in california. over 18,000 firefighters continue to battle flames. turning now to texas and louisiana, residents prepare for tropical storm beta there. the storm heads through the gulf of mexico, making landfall on monday. bands of heavy rain are expected to hit as early as tonight. the national weather service warns of high winds and life-threatening storm surge. the u.s. death toll from covid-19 surpassed 200,000 on saturday. other countries now face a resurgence of cases. the world health organization calls it a wake-up call as cases in france and spain climb. more "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton after the break. come on, no no n-n-n-no-no only discover has no annual fee on any card.
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we have an obligation as the winners to pick who we want. i do, i have a short list. i could see most likely it will be a woman.
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i'll be making my choice soon and when the choice is made i'll be sending it over to mitch in the senate and they will do what they have to do. i think we'll have a very popular choice, whoever it may be. i think the choice will be next week, yes, i do. >> just a few weeks, all votes of this nation will be heard. they're the ones who the constitution envisioned should decide who has the power to make this appointment. this appointment isn't about the past. it's about the future and the people of this nation. and the people of this nation are choosing that you are future right now as they vote. >> welcome back. less than 48 hours after the loss of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, her now-vacant seat has ignited a heated fight that could have political implications for decades. back with me is michael cohen.
2:21 pm
his new book is called "disloyal: a memoir, the true story of the personal attorney of president donald j. trump." he's also host of a podcast called "mea culpa with michael cohen." this president has said yesterday about his selection process for replacing ruth bader ginsburg. let me play it to you. >> reporter: would you like your nominee to be a woman? >> i could see most likely it would be a woman, yeah, i think i can say that, it would be a woman. i would -- if somebody were to ask me now i would say that a woman would be in first place, yes. >> now, it's been my depression that the president has nothing but contempt for women. is this pledge just a matter of expediency for him or do you think there are any women he actually respects?
2:22 pm
is he trying to say a woman but a woman that could be a cover for some anti-women's-rights decisions on the bench? like many of us wanted a black after thurgood marshall, we got clarence thomas who was against a lot of things we really wanted. is he playing a game here or are there really women jurists you think he respects? >> let me be very clear about this, rev. he doesn't know the names of any of the people that are on the list. the list was given to him by the heritage foundation. i'm sitting in the office, a long time ago, which includes federal court judges. i'm not sure what this means when he's talking about a female, he says i could see a woman, maybe. it should be a woman. how about the fact that there are plenty of women who are more than capable and more than qualified, and i don't think we have to qualify it, he wants to
2:23 pm
answer the question by the reporter, great, he answered the question, but he's trying to go on and on about it. he's trying to show he's not a misogynist. but the reality is, he is. he doesn't know any of these people. they're well-respected, we've heard the same sort of lines over and over again. yes, it should be a woman, right, because there's so much standing on the line now. roe v. wade, right? there's so much on the line that needs to have a point of view that's not an all-male point of view. so yes, if he finally does it, good for him. and rest assured this too, donald trump is going to take this opportunity to put another person on and despite all the things that the republicans had said years ago when the roles were reversed, that they're going to do exactly this, i wouldn't be shocked if he makes the announcement monday, meaning tomorrow, or tuesday at the latest, then they're going to put it right before the
2:24 pm
republican-controlled senate and push it right through because he thinks it's a major achievement to read the name off of somebody, right? it's just circumstance, the unfortunate passing of the great ruth bader ginsburg. he's taking advantage, because donald trump is all about, in his mind, winning. and i'm not so sure putting somebody on the supreme court makes you a winner. if he puts it on, if biden wins and puts someone on, we have to put on somebody that balances out the court. he doesn't want that. he wants to appease his base, specifically the southern white christian coalition, the evangelicals. they're running with the heritage foundation list. it's a matter of checking off the list, one after another. he doesn't know a single name and he's never met any of them. >> does he concern himself with the political risk of some republicans that are in tight races like susan collins and
2:25 pm
others, that they may go along with him and lose their seat in terms of the election if they try to do the opposite of what they said as in the case of graham in south carolina, of what they said emphatically when judge garland had been nominated by president obama? does he even care that he's putting them in a dangerous political position? >> you're presuming that he cares about anyone or anything other than himself, which he does not. if they lose the election, he doesn't particularly care, it's all about him. >> now, let me ask you, you have said one of the things you wanted to commit your life to, and you told me this even before you were sentenced and knew what was going to happen, is you want to deal with prison reform. you think there needs to be a way that we are treating inmates differently and better. and you and i had breakfast in manhattan when you were facing
2:26 pm
an uncertain future at that time and you were talking about it then. you've come out and you've been more adamant now. what exactly do you have in mind? >> i don't know. let me say this. when trump started to talk about prison reform and he put jared kushner in charge of it, that quickly went away, as we talked about. and the reason that it went away is because he realized, and i say this in the book "disloyal," trump believes blacks and hispanics are too stupid to vote for him. that's predominately the people we're talking about when we talk about prison reform. again, it goes all back to winning. he didn't get the bump out of that comment that he made, he didn't get the bump by putting jared kushner in the position. so therefore let it just slide, i don't really care about it, let's move on to something that's going to feed his enormous ego. >> so basically his whole talk
2:27 pm
about prison reform was just to dangle something out there and we need something really concrete, which many of us have been saying and you are saying that you're open to try to work toward that as you now try to -- >> what it really was, rev, what it was was that he thought he would get a big bump with the black community and the hispanic community by doing it. he didn't get the bump, so tossed it away. >> well, i think a lot of interesting things are in the book, and i witnessed how close you were to him, you were in several meetings, and as you said, came to me on his behalf. and i'm sure he can tweet about both our books, i have one coming out in week, and it will only help us, so tweet away, mr. president. michael cohen, thank you for doing the show. >> rev, good to see you, thank you so much. coming up, why are there so many books detailing the reasons president trump is fit for office? we may have the answer, next.
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for this week's "gotcha," i'm going to focus on the president. and i'm not the only one. while stories of the president's malfeasance have leaked out steadily since he first announced his campaign, that slow leak has recently increased to an absolute deluge, as book after book gets released detailing his unfitness for office. worse still, these books are coming from some of the people who know him best. his former national security adviser, john bolton, detailed multiple embarrassing events in his book including details about how the president's own staff speaks about him. bolton wrote that former chief of staff john kelly called the white house, quote, a bad place to work. and secretary of state mike pompeo said the president is
2:33 pm
full of -- i-t. then perhaps the most galling thing about bob woodward's book, if the president hasn't granted him interviews, he would have been a stranger. the most damaging aspect of "rage," as it turned out, are the myriad recordings of the president's own words, like these, proving that he was lying to the american people about the pandemic call all along. >> it goes through air, bob. that's always tougher than the touch. you know, the touch, you don't have to touch things, right? but the air, you just breathe the air, that's how it's, uh, passed. and so that's a very tricky one. that's a very delicate one. it's also more deadly than your -- you know, even your strenuous flus. >> and let's not forget the book by the president's own niece, mary trump.
2:34 pm
she has a lot of embarrassing tidbits in her recent work. but perhaps the most shameful is the family story in which the president's son wanted to serve in the military but changes his mind under threat that his father will disown him if he signs up to serve his country. compare that with former national security adviser h.r. mcmaster's charge in his new book that the president has cheapened the sacrifices of u.s. troop casualties in afghanistan, and you have a pair of allegations that fit perfectly with recent reporting that the president has nothing but disdain for the american military, asking the father of a fallen soldier, quote, what was in it for them, making it clear that the simple, patriotic concepts of honor, love, and country, and genuine service,
2:35 pm
are complete mysteries to this president. the president has denied all of this, by the way. perhaps most astounding is michael cohen's new book, at least it must feel like the biggest personal blow. after all, cohen was the president's fixer for over a decade. as you heard here moments ago, cohen's new book "disloyal" details multiple alleged unflattering stories that the president was party to, in addition to several humiliating intimate revelations. here again, the president is denying. and each story is personally recalled by trump's former right-hand man who called himself, quote, an active and eager participant. steady strae damagidamagstream of damaging stories are going to converge into a roaring river of truth that will likely drown the president in his own corruption
2:36 pm
and ineptitude, because the books are just going to keep coming. in fact my own upcoming book, "rise up," has some interesting anecdotes about donald trump, a man i've known for over 30 years, in his capacity as a discriminatory new york landlord and attention-seeking manhattan blow hard. and just as the strongest dam or the hardest rock is no match for the steady, unrelenting power of a stream over time, so too will this president be forced to give way under the absolute torrent of damaging information about him, because just like the water in that river, these books and articles are going to keep on coming. and sooner or later, even the most loyal to the president will be washed away. so, mr. president, along with john bolton, bob woodward, mary trump, h.r. mcmaster, and michael cohen, i gotcha.
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welcome back. the gop wasted no time if floating justice ginsburg's possible successors if the party and the president have their way. but how much does a nomination fight benefit them with six weeks to go before an election? and do they have the votes they need in the senate to make it happen if a nominee is vetted
2:41 pm
and if they can force this through to hearings and move toward a vote? joining me now is democratic strategist and political strategist omarosa manigault newman, the author of "unhinged: an insider's account of the white house," who wrote this way before the books i mentioned in "gotc "gotcha." omarosa, you worked with the president and left, and said many things including that he was racist. what was your reaction to michael cohen's interview tonight with me? >> i thought your interview with michael cohen was very insightful. michael cohen worked very closely with donald trump and he had key insight into how donald trump operates. and so i put a lot of credence into what michael cohen revealed both in that interview and in his book, because he carried out
2:42 pm
a lot of these illicit acts that donald trump asked him to do, illegal activities. and so when he starts to share how donald trump operates, we all should listen. >> now, he also corroborated something you said on this show months ago about his racist feelings, and he was obsessed with some of us, you would say. and he confirmed this, and here's a guy that was like donald trump's other son, people would say. >> yes, you know, he talked even in his hearing on the hill, but also in the interview with you, he shared that donald trump had in fact used lots of racial slurs, that he had animus towards african-americans as a whole. and i think one of the most revealing things, when he wrote in his book "disloyal," that donald trump would often talk very negatively about african-american contestants on "the apprentice, for instance, very disheartening but
2:43 pm
eye-opening for michael cohen to share. >> let us not lose sight of the fact that ruth bader ginsburg's last wish was that the next president, whomever that is, fills her seat and that the president, the present president, and the majority leader of the senate has now blatantly disregarded that wish and is almost going unnoticed. this was her wish. and they're saying, yeah, okay, we're going forward anyway. will that in any way help stop four republicans from going forward, saying i'm not going with this and then deny them the majority they need to proceed? >> are you with me, amara? >> oh, me? yes, sorry.
2:44 pm
y yes, i -- right now i think it's not in the best interests for the republicans, actually. i think they know that, that's why you've only heard from two so far about what they're intending to do between now and november 3. there are two interests things that have happened since friday, since rbg tragically passed. one of those things is $71 million was raised by democrats alone through grassroots donations between friday and saturday, that three days before that, in polling for democratic voters, about 56%, in a marquette law poll, showed democrats are more concerned about the supreme court than the republicans. the republicans have hit a roof. if you're going to care about the supreme court and care about abortion or any of these other issues as a republican, stopping these things, you're already voting for trump. but if you're a democrat, you have now been, if you weren't activated before, you are now activated. my phone has been going off, my
2:45 pm
social media, about the different candidates we can give to. i think that's honestly why you haven't heard a lot from senate republicans because i think they realize they've hit the ceiling on people who are motivated by the supreme court for them but the democrats have nowhere near gotten close to theirs. >> oomarosa, do you think this move by mcconnell with the president maybe as early as tomorrow, tuesday, nominating someone, will energize the republican base or the democratic base the most? i know there's record numbers of money that has been raised for the democrats, but the republicans are raising a lot of money now. will this turn into a cultural war and who will benefit, which party will benefit the most? >> well, i agree with atima that the democrats have been galvanized by this. i think that donald trump and the gop are going to hinge his total reelection on this. any time you're not talking about covid, any time you're not talking about the racial tension
2:46 pm
in this country, then donald trump's numbers will go up, because as long as we're talking about what's happening with the supreme court, donald trump does not have to answer for why he lied about the dangerous nature of the coronavirus to the country. also, the republicans may also use a different strategy. they may say if you don't elect donald trump, we'll delay this vote and if you don't elect donald trump, we will lose this opportunity to put a conservative tilt for the next decade on the supreme court. and so they're going to utilize it as a strategic move, and they may actually delay the hearings so that they can say to voters, this is your reason to show up to the polls, to vote for donald trump. and it just may work. >> now, atima omara, the question i raise is, also would it be in the consideration of the president as he makes a nomination, that he's already acted as though he doesn't trust
2:47 pm
the election. if there are some questions about the election, it will go to the supreme court, and he may want to put somebody on the supreme court to help him personally if this election goes there. now, it is a maybe far-fetched notion to some, but just because i'm paranoid doesn't mean there's no one following me. >> right, yes. so i think that for him, he would probably want to make sure that the court is inevitably stacked in his favor. again, i think it's going to be up to senator mcconnell and the senate gop who have some races that are really going to determine the bounce for them if they bite on that, that's yet to be determined. but i can certainly see, i know in 2016, that was the reason that they certainly held up and stole the seat that merrick garland was nominated for, was that, oh, well, you know, we can go because the math was at that point, we are favorable if we're
2:48 pm
just the way we are and we're tied. so i'm not as concerned about it now. so they can make that argument now, we'll see what they do. but, you know, trump might not be as concerned if, you know, his numbers are looking good. but i can't see that mcconnell and going to do anything at this point that jeopardizes him being majority leader and having control of that. but i could see him pulling this off in lame duck session as well. >> you're a political strategist, omarosa, you've worked with trump and also in a democratic white house. if you were advising former vice president biden and senator harris, what would you tell them they ought to be doing now? what will in your judgment be the key factors that will determine who will win, with all of the voter suppression concerns, with all of the russian interference concerns, now with the supreme court out there, and the attempt by the
2:49 pm
trump people to get covid-19 and criminal justice off the agenda, what would you advise the candidates if they were talking to you tonight? >> well, i think that this team has actually a great advantage in the sense that people are tired of donald trump's antics, his lies, his lack of leadership, particularly right now when almost 200,000 people have died by covid. and so we know that if this message holds, that this leadership by the biden/harris ticket will provide a fresh opportunity for our country to heal its racial wounds, to actually restore integrity to our country and respect so that we no longer are a laughingstock because of donald trump, then they can certainly win. my advice to them is they have to get the moment. one of the things you see with the trump supporters, they are out there regardless of the covid dangers and risks, and they're knocking on doors, they're having vote parties,
2:50 pm
they're having rallies and standing in the street. you don't see the same thing on the democratic side. so you need to get the momentum, the energy up with that base. >> all right. and we'll have to leave it there, omarosa and atima, thanks for being with us this teran whd and it's made for her she's serving now we made it for all branches and all ranks whether they served one tour or made a career of it. we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids usaa is easy to work with and can save you money on auto, home and renters insurance. become a member today. get an insurance quote at usaa. what you're made of we're made for
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as we deal with the extremely important issue of the supreme court, and whether or not they will be allowed to with the height of hypocrisy to move forward and select a new justice that can act us for the next two generations, let us also in the midst of that continue to raise the issues of criminal justice and policing which is at the core of what we need the supreme court to be fair about as well as other parts of government. let us not ignore this week the settlement in louisville,
2:55 pm
kentucky, on the breonna taylor case where there was a record settlement and police reforms at the insistence of the family and the attorneys but not one officer has been charged and arrested. let us now forget in rochester where it is clear now that officers trying to cover up the killing of daniel prude. and i'll be in rochester which week. let us be very conscience that we cannot let the focus and those that dictate where they want the new cycle to go leave out the important matters that matters to all of us across the board. that is why we need the intersectional movement that would raise all of our issues at the same time. that is what i detail in my book "rise up." it is time for us to come together and rise up at a country and in a country that is at the cross roads. to decide which way we're going, the way that will give equal
2:56 pm
protection under the law, equal opportunity to all, or the road of going back to exclusion and to only those rich, white and male and heterosexual will benefit in this country. "rise up." you could get it now. preorder at when you see the blatant attempt by this president and the senate to say forget what we said before when justice garland was nominated by president trump, it is a new day now. it's new factors. no, it is not a new factor. barack obama was the elected president of the united states and you said when it was months before an election, no, we shouldn't have a president nominate someone in an election year. now we are 45 days maybe ahead
2:57 pm
of the election and you want to let this president do it. the question is why? but the real question is will we unite and stop it. "rise up." thank you. i'll be right back. looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said?
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that does it for me. thanks for watching, i'll see you back here next week, next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next my colleague


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