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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 5, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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he was 64 years old. he was most recently a host on rt america. before that he worked here for six years. i had the honor of filling in for him on weekends and i still work with some of his producers who have been sharing stories about him all day. he traveled all overhosti icove stories from climate change to the battle over labor unions. ed loved to fly planes, catch fish and most of all he loved his wife, wendy. that does it for us tonight. now it is time for the last word. good evening, ari. >> good evening. i knew ed a little bit as a colleague and i know a lot of people that worked with him and this is one of those days where everyone is just processing it and taking it in and remembering him. i know what you said there matters because he did a lot of work around the country with what mattered to him, working
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people, labor, yun your iunion >> just thinking about wendy tonight because they were a team. so all of us, i think, are thinking about him. especially members of my team, including my executive producer and one of my booking producers. lots of love to wendy tonight. thanks. >> as mentioned, i'm ari. i am in for lawrence o'donnell tonight. as we turn to the news, the big headline here is donald trump did cave into pressure today. he ousted scott pruitt. this story matters for many reasons, but among them is the fact it shows reporting, pressure and accountability still can work in donald trump's washington. it may not be a coincidence that donald trump put this news out today, which is of course a traditionally sleepy period after july 4th. if donald trump has to cave, maybe he wants to do it during a
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holiday news week when he thinks fewer people may not notice. but that's just the optics part. the substance is far more important. and the substance tonight that i can report to you is scoot pruitt is out. donald trump tweeting it today. he told reporters while everyone knows the controversies with scott, within the agency, he said, we were extremely happy. that is largely false. he was under fire precisely because people within the epa blew the whistle on his contact from making an aid find a job for his wife to spending $40,000 on a soundproof phone booth to trying to get a discount on a used trump hotel mattress to the bizarre er rand of buying up scented lotion from the ritz hotel. one of his actions has already broken the law. this was the ultimate in swampy
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behavior. donald trump ignored that saying he's changing washington and draining the swamp. >> swawashington tried to chang us, but instead we are actually changing washington. we've had a big impact. we need matt rosendale in the senate to continue our fight to drain the swamp. we're going to get it done. >> now, pruitt's swamp habits may be brazen and tone deaf, but he's not alone. his interior secretary under pressure for dealings with the oil giant. trump's treasury secretary exposed for questionable taxpayer funded travel, an issue that caused trump's health secretary his job already and then there is trump's housing
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chief, ben carson. he's actually probably the closest to pruitt in allegations of petty fleecing, like spending $31,000 to redecorate his own office. you take it altogether, this is a portrait of greed and self-dealing. it is worth remembering who it is that's acting this way. the trump cabinet is the wealthiest in american history. millionaires and billionaires who argued they would better prioritize the public interest because they're already rich and they would have less temptation to fleece the government. that's an argument, but it hasn't worked out that way. we are witnessing the exact opposite. a cabinet of entitled 1% who appear so out of touch sometimes they don't realize they are risking their jobs when they do these things. now, this kind of greed is likened to pigging out, which is why greedy spending on behalf of
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your own district is called pork barrel spending. scott pruitt and tom price went beyond the usual washington pigging out. in terms of their careers, they stuffed themselves to death like suicidal geese trying to fillet themselves. if he won't concede pruitt'ser errors in his speech tonight. trump is so obsessed with spin, even if he takes a corrective action, he then refuses to prae preach what he practiced. i guess the laws of trump kick in to assert some balance in the force because here is the only thing you need to know. a possibility more controversial figure is joining this team. former fox news president bill shine. he will become deputy chief of staff for communications. he was accused in several
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lawsuits of failing to address harassment at the channel and megyn kelly had publically said shine failed to act on credible claims against o'reilly that she brought to him. shine join it s the white house. >> bill shine to become white house communications director. if that's true, i think it would be great because he's great at his job and he's one of the smartest people i have ever known and one of the nicest people i have ever known. as far as what i know about it, if i did know anything, it is none of your business anyway. >> none of your business. i am joined by eugene washington, prison winning writer for the washington post as well as an msnbc analyst. jennifer rubin and david k.
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johnson and the author of "it's even worse than you think, what the trump administration is going to america." on the staffing, what does it mean to you that pruitt was finally ousted and bill shine is on his way in? >> let's start with bill shine. if he's the nicest guy that shawn hannity knows, i'd like to take a poll of the women at fox. this in the middle of a me too movement which he mocked, by the way, in his rally today is the infuriated behavior that has women fleeing the republican party. you see that ever widening gender gap. i think part of the motivation was to get him out of the way before the big supreme court rule out on monday because what wants scott pruitt hanging around? there is allegations of improperly illegally altering government documents, so that's out there. let's be honest. trump didn't get rid of him for months and months. and congress, the republican congress didn't exercise proper
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oversight authority, didn't subpoena documents, asked nicely for some documents, asked in some letters. but they didn't do their job anyway. the biggest crook in this entire administration is of course at the top, donald trump. the fish rots from the head. that's the guy who has the major conflicts of interest. the hiring of relatives, the hiring of relatives with conflicts of interest and an entire attitude towards government that this is all about him. it is all about making him even richer. >> making him richer and, david, on the pruitt side and the cabinet, it's not a crazy possibility that somebody who was both independently wealthy and public service minded could serve. fdr, the kennedys, there are examples. but it is not turning out that way. do you think at some point there is a critical mass where enough pruitts happen and people think, gosh, maybe trump is not putting
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in the best people? >> i don't know. donald's numbers have been consistent with people who believe he is their savior. but pruitt was a clownish predator who donald used as one of those he stocked the swamp with. he is being replaced by an actual lobbyist for murry energy, the coal company that worked hand in glove with scott pruitt and donald trump. with bill shine coming in, you not only have a man who facilitated all the sexual harassment that went on at fox news, but who is a very polished guy and who will know how to make things look smoother and will get out of the way, people like pruitt, and put in place much more clever, much more slithering creatures in the swamp donald trump is building up. >> that, of course, raises the question how do you get smoother than scott pruitt given his use
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of lotion, eugene? >> that's true. and he probably exfoliated, too, as well. but, look, scott pruitt became a joke. what do you have to do to get fired in this town? it was scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal. and in a way that's the story, that he survived for so long with so much of this baggage, so much that was just clearly not just improper but beyond the pale. i think david is right. i think trump is actually trading up in terms of professionalism, in terms of ability to get stuff done without creating controversy that you don't need. and, so, i presume andrew wheeler at epa will continue the policies that scott pruitt started, only he'll do it more cleverly and more professionally and more quietly and just keep
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changing those regulations. >> well, in terms of shining a light on that, jennifer, leading some of the reporting here on mr. wheeler, who is a new name because he's coming into pruitt's job today, former coal lobbyist who shares his zeal to undue government regulations but unlike pruitt, he's viewed, as mentioned here tonight, a con s sumate washington insider. he could be more effective in implementing trump's deregulatory agenda. i wonder if this is sort of the mike pence piece of the administration? there is all of the controversial and sometimes, frankly, embarrassing conduct around the more flamboyant members of the trump administration. but then beneath that, there is a hard right group of people moving much more quietly. and if so, what, if anything, should be done about that, jennifer? >> well, i think you're right that in essence this is trading
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up. although scott pruitt had a great reputation, he actually wasn't that effective. a lot of his efforts at deregulation got tangled up in the courts and he really set the ball in motion, but he didn't get all that far on several major initiatives, including his scheme to get rid of car mileage standards. we'll see whether the new insider is a little more slick, a little more clever. but to be honest, none of this is going to change until congress changes. what we were missing right now is an equal branch of government willing to exercise oversight. that's entirely absent right now. so long as trump and his friends in power, nothing is going to really change. >> but i wonder, and let me play some of the push back we have seen because the usual thing in washington is you can wait out any story and eventually things will move on. in the trump era, things move
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very quickly. the pruitt story seems to be different because there was a reporting piece. there was a whistle blower piece. then there was a public piece. i mean, this has got to be one of the more well known and disliked epa chiefs in any party in a long time. here was this moment that sort of captured a lot of civic imagination of someone confronting pruitt in person. take a look. >> hi. i just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you're doing to the environment and our country. this is my son. he loves animals. he loves clean air. we deserve to have somebody that actually does protect our environment and takes it seriously. so i would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out. >> this is a harder question. but where does that sort of
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activism fit in? certainly not every debate can end with wait for the next election, whenever that may be. >> no. look. as you said, things move so fast these days and under this administration that it is probably true that you can kind of survive any one bad story unless -- depending on how bad it is. but scott pruitt could not survive 37 bad stories. he could not survive the impropriety after outrage after insanity that he just -- he ran through. i mean, it just was not possible. and he was becoming a drag, a political drag potentially on republicans looking ahead to the midterm elections. i mean, why would republican senators or republican house members want to go out and have to defend scott pruitt's pursuit of ritz carlton lotion and a
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used mattress from the trump hotel? why would i have that to defend that? they wouldn't want to. >> i don't think anyone wants to even talk about it, let alone defend it. yet, here we are. i take responsibility for anchoring the conversation. david, there were a lot of things that donald trump does that really don't get the -- the criticism they would if any other president did it. i'm going to play for you donald trump tonight. this is not the lead story, but here we are a week after this terrible story in a newspaper. here we are talking about information we only know because journalists have reported it out. this is what the president of the united states is saying about the free press tonight. take a look. >> fake news, bad people. they say a source within the administration. they make the sources up. they don't exist in many cases. any time you say, you know, i saw one of them said 15
7:16 pm
anonymous sources. i don't have 15 people in the white house. i mean, forget it. 15 anonymous sources have said all sorts of stuff. these are really bad people. >> david, how do you view this? and how do you view confronting it in the context of something the people talk about all over the nation, which is normalizing this stuff? people say it is not surprising. it may not be surprising but it is certainly problematic in a free democracy. >> it's going to be really important that we point out the things reported using anonymous sources play out to be real. you started this segment talking about the pressure on trump that lead to pruitt's resignation. what donald trump cannot survive is the disclosure of his tax returns and if he's criminally indicted about them. a d.c. report today has donald trump's tax returns and how to get criminal authority to the new york state attorney general to go around him because she's
7:17 pm
made it clear she believes he's committed tax crimes. it will not happen unless pressure is brought on a democrat. an crew cuomo who would like to be president. and unless he gets a firm message, you will authorize an investigation of trump's tax returns, donald will keep sailing along and he might get two terms. but he cannot survive disclosure of his tax returns or a state indictment. >> spoken by a reporter who has come closer to parts of the tax returns than just about anyone else. so an interesting point for us to reflect on. david, gene and jennifer, thank you very much. michael cohen is wiping the trump references from his own twitter accounts and hiring a key hillary clinton loyalist. later, reports of trump's handling of the nomination of a new supreme court justice that sound a lot like, you guessed it, a reality show. even a "cact. (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is?
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how far is former trump lawyer michael cohen going to distance himself from donald trump? today trump's former lawyer hired one of the top lawyers for the clintons, a plot twist that you'd never believe in a movie about this era, but, yes, i can report to you that michael cohen hired none other than lanie davis and has been a loyal advisor for hillary clinton and her campaign. "the new york times" reporting cohen preparing for a potential legal onslaught and a potential
7:21 pm
pr onslaught. the implication is they would have something to create an onslaught about. he recently fired his lawyers and brought on a veteran of the federal prosecutors office and saying he brought up the idea of a trump pardon. he said i don't think so. i just don't think so. he's certain in his mind he has been dismissed. according to the friend, cohen also said i don't know what to think anymore. so michael cohen goes from being trump's most famous fixer to hiring a hillary clinton loyalist and talks up his plans to the media, and that's not all. everyone was enjoying the july 4th holiday. that's the time michael cohen picked to go to donald trump's preferred medium, twitter, and change his bio from personal attorney to president donald j. trump to something very different, a link to his professional page at linked in, which notes he stopped serving
7:22 pm
as an executive at the trump organization. i'm joined by a federal former prosecutor and matt miller, a former spokesperson at the doj under eric holder. matt, any one of these things may be over interpreted. altogether, what do you think? >> it certainly looks like michael cohen is working towards cooperatin cooperating. one of the things about people involved in these investigation, if you have ever known anyone caught up in this investigation is that there is a distancing that has to take place. first there is a very real practical distancing where subjects of investigations aren't allowed to talk to each other any more. their lawyers tell them to talk through attorneys, so there is this physical distance and then there becomes an emotional distance where you see the subject, in this case, most likely the target of the investigation, michael cohen finally realize their interest d divurge. and you see this break where they start to look at their
7:23 pm
interests first and decide they will have to do what's best for them, what's best for their family which is of course if words you saw michael cohen use. when you take all this together, along with the very serious legal jeopardy he seems to be in and the very limited options he has, it looks like he's looking towards cooperating when the investigation gets to that point. >> when you hear matt talk about the emotional distance, these are trying times for anyone looking at federal jail time and that kind of liability and the search on his material. plus, whatever he knows about what's in there speak to that. and yet at the same time, he hasn't been charged. >> he hasn't been charged. but i think, you know, all signs point to he's going to be. and, you know, while prosecutors don't usually announce that ahead of time, they have done that in as many ways here as they could by executing as we have discussed before, you know, a search warrant that would have required a high threshold that
7:24 pm
they wouldn't have gone in if they didn't have good evidence and we know from the special master process they got so many more documents. remember, they just got those million plus documents turned over to them. so they will need to wrap their arms around them before they charge him. and it may be that they're not in a position or really wanting to meet with him even if he -- which he seems to be willing to meet with them now because they want to get those documents and really dig into them before they meet with him because we will be a cooperator that they will want to test his credibility extensively. the best way to do that is to know your evidence and know your documents ahead of time, even better than the person you are questioning. >> matt, what did you think when you heard the lanie davis piece of all this? >> i have dealt with him in politics, as you probably have in covering politics. >> sure. >> he is a lawyer, but i doubt very much he's been hired as a
7:25 pm
lawyer here. he's got probably two jobs. one, we will have to start working on rehabilitating michael cohen's reputation. we talk about the stages they go through. one of them is this real sense of being grieved when they read all this stuff about them in the press. so i think you will see him at some point out trying to put whatever best spin he can on whatever it is that michael cohen did. >> just to get into the point, though, isn't amazing he's going for a clinton person? what you just described, okay, sure, pr. but there is a lot of lawyers that fit that bill that aren't hillary people. >> that's exactly right. my guess is someone like him has been through this kind of high stakes politics. remember, he worked on the clinton impeachment for
7:26 pm
president clinton, so he's worked in a similar context. so if michael cohen finds himself at war with the president, with the president's people coming after him because he's cooperated, davis is the type of person you could see going on tv to represent cohen, talking to reporters. talking to reporters in ways that don't show up in the news in a named way to fight back and defend his client. >> rudy giuliani, who is much more of an insider now in this world than cohen gives this statement out. he doesn't make anything of this move to hire davis and, quote, he should have the attorneys he has the most confidence in. what do you think of the fact that so many ghosts of '90s past doing all this? >> yeah. look, guy patrillo was hired clearly. the fact he hired someone so close to hillary clinton, i think -- we have been talking
7:27 pm
about messages he was sending in his interview. was he asking for a pardon and on this i respect thri disagree. i don't think he was asking trump for anything. he was telling trump and he is again now with this, i'm done. i'm, you know, done with you. and as i think matt made the great point, i think he feels it is almost like his break up. it is his version of breaking up with trump. he needs to do it in a semi public way and gain supporters. who will support clinton now? >> legally, he doesn't need supporters, right? the most important thing is clearing his liability. >> legally, absolutely. but this is clearly a man that cares about his image. i have said all along i think that if and when michael cohen does cooperate, he will make a great cooperator. this is why. he wants approval. he wants to be part of the crowd, the in crowd. for a while for him it was
7:28 pm
donald trump and he had his utmost loyalty. >> so you're suggesting almost like a john dean type thing. in that era, dean was of course the enemy as a nixon guy until he wasn't when he flipped over time. he became kind of a hero. >> absolutely. and i think cohen is trying to remake himself into that. and cooperation, you know, very likely will be part of that. one thing we have to keep in mind, though, and i hate to be debby downer on this, but the one thing on the cooperation, it does matter what he has to give. not everyone gets to cooperate. we're all assuming he has something. i think he probably does. but it depends how big it is and how useful it is to the government. >> i don't think that makes you debby downer. that makes you debby legally precise, which doesn't have the same ring to it. but certainly the credibility and the supplemental information he has goes to how valuable he'll be. mimi, debby downer, do we want
7:29 pm
that to stick or not? matt, you don't get a nickname tonight. >> i'll survive. >> the control room means we've got to go, which means they don't like my jokes. coming up the border crisis is getting worse and there is an important update straight ahead. : the chili pepper sweat-out. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort,and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment.
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♪ here is a story we are staying on. tonight i can tell you the trump administration is really no closer to answering this question: where are the babies? because now it's been over two weeks the administration has been claiming that 2,300 children were separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border. today hhs secretary now
7:33 pm
announcing the actual number is different. the number of separated children based on the policies of donald trump when they were implemented is actually closer to 3,000. viewers of the last word have probably heard that real number reported from lawrence o'donnell. >> the total number of children seized from parents is being repeatedly and wrongly reported as 2,300. the real total by the time the president changed his mind about this was about 3,000. >> where are the babies? we still don't know. where are their parents? the trump government arrested over 3,000 children and babies at the southern border before the president announced a change in that policy. >> these are numbers that lawrence and other reporters have been hitting and a question that obviously remains para mount to our nation. now, there is a court imposed
7:34 pm
reunification deadline approaching july 10th, july 26th for children 5 to 17. and many activists are outspoken about donald trump's zero immigration policies. yesterday, a female activist with the group rise and resist climbed the statue of liberty, declaring she would not come down until these children are accounted for and released. this is an immigrant that lives in staten island, arrested and pleading not guilty to three first-degree ral charges. she could face up to 18 months in business. donald trump cracking down on illegal immigration. this according to the u.s. citizenship and immigration services now focussing on identifying americans suspected of cheating to get their citizenship and thus be able to strip them of it. cases would be referred to doj whose attorneys would seek to remove their status and government attorneys could bring
7:35 pm
criminal charges related to fraud. i'm joined now by a democrat from hawaii. he was one of 11 democratic senators who called on the trump administration to better explain the process for reunited children separated under the original trump order. thank you for joining me on this important story you have been working on. i start with this question. >> hello. >> hello to you. i start with this question that lawrence and others and you have framed. what more does the trump administration need to do so we as a nation can answer where these children are and how to reunite them given that all of this was caused by donald trump's policy now partially discontinued? >> exactly. first he creates the crisis. he takes no responsibility for destroying people's lives and created trauma for the children and their parents. but then he expects other people to clean things up. it is clear when they imposed this policy they did not think that they would be forced to
7:36 pm
reunite these children with their parents. so they had no plan. and they still don't. this is why you can have the secretary of human services testify before a committee saying, oh, yes, i can find them and then we're at 2,000 number of children. now we're at 3,000. how can we even rely on an agency so flippant about the lives of these children. >> we can't overinterpret, but it is notable in that may the u.s./mexico border arrested for at 40,000. june, they dropped to 34,000. what do you as a policymaker think of that? >> i know trump wants to say about this is that somehow his draconian policies are working. but it is creating a crisis for
7:37 pm
thousands and thousands of people who are legitimately seeking asylum in our country. and the main problem in my view is the zero tolerance policy, which means that they literally, hundreds of thousands of people who are potentially coming across our border in 2018 will all be prosecuted criminally and therefore there is no discretion for u.s. attorneys. aren't they supposed to be going after real criminals? you know, and not going after misdemeanors? because that's what crossing the border illegal lly is. it is a misdemeanor that leads to separating children from their parents. how crazy is this? but it just goes to show the lack of thought and the cruelty of this administration, which continues, by the way. >> and, so, if the democrats were to retake congress, what's the first immigration priority you'd seek to pass? >> end the zero tolerance policy, for one thing.
7:38 pm
and stop going after minorities in this country. it's not just the immigrants but the muslim ban, for example. i wouldn't want any president to be sustained in further efforts to marginalize and discrimination against minority, which is what the supreme court is allowing this president to do. all he has to do is say it is for national security reasons. that is what was sighted for the reason for imprisoning 120,000 japanese americans in world war ii. there are any number of things we can do. but one of the first things would be to reunite the children with their parents and at the same time eliminate the zero tolerance policy, move toward a humane comprehensive immigration reform. that's what we ought to be doing. >> senator has been working on this issue. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. aloha. >> appreciate it. coming up donald trump's
7:39 pm
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and they're on the verge of more tomorrow. there is now a vacancy on the supreme court. and if you turn in monday at 9:00, i think you're going to be extremely happy with the selection. right? >> donald trump hyping the upcoming announcement of his
7:43 pm
nominee to replace justice anthony kennedy and treating it like a preview to a television event, almost like everything this president does, though, donald trump is breaking with a tradition and take a different route here on how he's going to pick the actual person. "vanity fair" says he's going about selecting a nominee like he's voting in one of his ms. univer universe pa gents. trump's pick will be based on who he feels most comfortable with in a political setting. trump is looking for an all american package and a republican close to the white house told a reporter beyond qualifications what really matters is does this nominee fit a central casting image for a supreme court nominee as well as his or her spouse. that's a big deal. do they fit the role? and that feeds speculation that one front runner has the look trump is looking for.
7:44 pm
many pointed at this picture of him and his wife during his swearing in in june 2006. cnbc adding during a 4th of july picnic, trump privately suggested to a small group he has settled on a nominee saying the president gave strong indications he prefers brett cavanaugh. trump and pence believe cavanaugh is considered the safest choice to reel in undecided senators given his mixed opinions on different issues. much to discuss. after the break, jennifer rubin and matt miller will be here on the fate of our supreme court. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection
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you. i was the perfect person. i was like central costing. >> they're going to look at a couple of them. these are central casting. if i'm doing a movie, i pick you general. >> thank you to vice president pence. he has been so wonderful to work with. he's a real talent, a real guy. and he is central casting, do we agree? central casting. >> i'm joined by jennifer rubin and matt millerme. jennifer, take it away. >> if you want the definition of superficial, i guess you have it right there. but that's who this guy is. he doesn't care about substance or policy. he cares about what in his mind he thinks is central casting. it is interesting the people that make central casting are
7:49 pm
male and white. and i think that should not go unnoticed. listen, he's going to pick someone off that list that has been preselected for him with the intent of overturning 20, 30, 40 years of judicial precedent. so there's nothing amusing and nothing asurface about that. but donald trump just wants good pictures. that's why he goes to north korea. that's why he goes to putin. this is all about him all about looking good. unfortunately, the results for many americans is very bad. >> i think that's very well put. i mean, matt, we are dealing with a place where donald trump's interests in being a chief content officer more than a chief executive officer and pursuing the pictures that jennifer cites is still very damaging because the entire superstructure of the conservative right wing movement is pushing people at least raise
7:50 pm
the question of whether precedent even matters in the supreme court. conservatives talked about that, but it is kennedy's precedence on march rariage marriage equality some others that hold the rights of minorities that are on the chopping block if you have a big enough change in the vote here. >> and you made the joke earlier about trump looking at this like a reality show. of course, he's looking at it like a reality show. i think you'd be hard-pressed to imagine trump sitting at home at night reading the opinions over the years. he's looking at this who's the best choice at central casting. he's out sourced his elections.
7:51 pm
they all likely share the same views on for example, overturning roe v. wade. and it goes back to the deal he made during the campaign in the religious rite and the -- overturning so many issues that have long held a standing pres dependent. >> by the way, i think the buzzword that he wants to feel personal comfortable with the nominee should be a red light, a neon sign blinking. one of the issues we should be concerned about is whether there's any hint, any appearance of any kind of quid pro quo involving this president who's going to face potentially criminal liability, potentially impeachment, potentially a subpoena to appear before the grand jury. and his wanting to have a
7:52 pm
comfort level with any nominee i think is disastrous. i've recommended and other people have recommended who ever is picked needs to recuse himself from those category of cases. not all cases involving the administration, but those category of cases involving this president. because this president asks for pledges of loyalty. if we don't have the action of quid pro quo, we certainly have the appearance of impropriety. he shouldn't mind recusing himself or her recusing herself from a very small limited number of cases. >> matt, speak to that as well as the democrat strategy in a tight senate where reports suggest trump and his aides are thinking about how to get this vote through. there's a lot of bluster about how they don't care, and it also suggests the limits on him, whether he acts on them or not. how does that fit through the
7:53 pm
kind of candidate that does get through than those that brings on a fight he could potentially lose? >> the issue generates an important one. especially if you look for example at judge bret kavanaugh, one of the principle authors of the star report. and tonight that report if you go back and looked at it outlined the theory in which the president lined to the public as obstruction of justice. he later backed off those views and said he didn't believe a president should be subjected to criminal action while in office. i think what the democrats are going to do is obviously they know that the issues are really important to the american people here. choice is one of them. improving health care is another. they're going to have to first hold every democrat and at least keep them from committing to vote for anyone until the last second until they have every bit of leverage as possible with
7:54 pm
republican senators. in doing that you're hoping for a few things. one, they something comes out in the vet, two they make a mistake in the hearing it would be so obvious that there would be a potential deciding vote to overten roe v. wade. and then you never know when something else can happen. the potential vacancy in the senate, a republican senator gets caught up in the scandal and has to resign suddenly. you have to fight as hard as you can and you have another chance to win in an otherwise divided senate where you don't have the votes. >> and it goes to the question what does it mean in this climate given everything we've learn today be quote-unquote pro-choice? if you're a senator voting to confirm someone, that very well may be the vote to reverse roe. got to fit in a break. thank you very much. i turn to trump and the baby blimp next.
7:55 pm
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when donald trump visits london next week he will be greeted by a blimp casting trump as a giant baby clutching on iphone because today a british official confirms this baby
7:59 pm
trump blimp you're look at is officially cleared to fly during trump's visit a form of peaceful protest. the 20 foot tall balloon known as trump baby and the activist behind it have actually raised over $20,000 in order to fly it. the effort plays on one of trump's documented insecurities, he deeply fears that people think he's basically a baby. he's even worried his advisers think of him as a walking talking baby. his insecurities are easier to play on and can give critics leverage. trump even famously asked paul manafort if he viewed him as a baby. and when trump arrives next week these protesters with a blimp may be able to draw more attention to key questions about our president. does he act like a baby? does he govern like a baby? and when he believes people think he's a baby, does he
8:00 pm
respond like a baby? that is tonight's "last word." we leave with you with those questions. if you want to find more of me, 6:00 p.m. eastern, "the beat" airs tomorrow night. my guest will be big shawn talking about new jobs in detroit. "the 11th hour" starts now. tonight epa chief scott pruitt resigns amid more than a dozen scandals and blatant un unrelenting attacks on his way out. the president tonight says he's been preparing his whole life for meeting vladimir putin, while a russian who met with republican lawmakers this week said it was one of the easiest meetings of his life. plus new reporting on robert mueller's expanding team as the special counsel investigation plows forward. "the 11th hour" on a thursday night begins n


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