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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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3:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. thank you so very much for being with us. have a good weekend, and good night from nbc news here in washington. >> tonight on "all in,". >> thank you very much. >> reporter: is stormy daniels lying about the ashares in. >> the gathering storm. >> after we had been intimate he tried to pay me. >> reporter: the playmate's story is out. the porn star's story is hours away and tonight there is growing concern about what donald trump will do next. plus -- >> i have had no contacts from russians or intermediaries for russians. blockbuster new reporting that trump world was, indeed, in contact with the russian agent who hacked the dnc. then -- >> i looked very seriously at the veto. how donald trump got rolled on the omnibus and why it has ann coulter talking impeachment. >> i will never sign another
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bill like this again. and as the parkland students descend on washington -- >> hey hey, ho ho, the nra has got to go. >> -- a preview on the myself -- march for our lives starts now. good evening, i'm joy reid in for chris hayes. as we learn more and more about donald trump from women who say they had an affair with him while he was married with a young child, trump's behavior as president is becoming more erratic and unstable. as the clock ticks down to a "60 minutes" interview with stormy daniels less than 48 hours from now, many are anticipating things will get weirder. trump does not daniels to tell her story. he sued her for $20 million last week claiming she violated one of trump's infamous nondisclosure agreements. but his efforts have failed.
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the interview will air this sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern and last night daniels lawyer hinted at what's in store tweeting a picture of a disk inside a case with the ominous caption "if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many swords this worth." just moments ago, michael avenatti said this to chris matthews. >> that dvd is evidence. i sent that tweet as a warning shot to michael cohen and any supporter of the president. the plan on disparaging my client or spinning facts that have no basis in reality after this "60 minutes" interview, let that tweet be a warning to them. they need to come clean about
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the $130,000. they need to come clean. >> we each learned more details than we wanted to know about donald trump's relationship with karen mcdougal. a former "playboy" playmate who sat down for a tv interview last night. she says her affair took place around the same time with daniels after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child. >> how did you feel about being in his apartment? >> very guilty. i wouldn't wait to get out. i think doing something wrong is bad enough. but doing something wrong in the middle of somebody else's home or bed, that puts it -- a stab in your heart. disclosure. >> this was an ongoing sexual relationship? >> absolutely. >> can you estimate how many times you saw him?
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>> again, when you're in a relationship, do you count how many times you have sex? no. however i can tell you we saw each other a minimum five times a month. >> over the course of how long? >> over the course of 2006 through -- i think i ended the relationship in april, 2007. so we were together ten months before i chose to end it. >> so dozens of times you were together and intimate? >> yes. >> many dozens of times? >> uh-huh. >> and the more lurid details these women reveal about their encounters with trump, the more he seems to flail around, lashing out at his own staff and plunging his administration further into chaos. it was a couple hours before the mcdougal interview aired that trump ousted h.r. mcmaster and replaced him with john bolton, one of the most hawkish foreign policy figures in the country who's advocated preemptive war
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with iran and north korea among other countries he'd like to see the u.s. attack. the firing of mcmaster and the hiring of bolton came as a surprise to white house chief -- to the white house staff who weren't expecting the announcement for at least another week. neither, apparently, was bolton. >> i think i still am a fox news contributor. >> no, you're not, apparently. >> i didn't -- well, i haven't started there yet so that demonstrates, i think, the limbo that i'm in because i didn't expect an announcement this afternoon. >> after firing his secretary of state last week, the president reportedly has plans to get rid of two more cabinet members -- david shulkin at veterans affairs and ben carson at housing and urban development who both faced allegations of abusing public funds. according to exclusive reporting by nbc news, the president has considered firing chief of staff john kelly and getting rid of the position all together. meanwhile, trump mused about veto ago congressional spending
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bill which would have triggered a government shutdown before signing it any way. yesterday he announced new tariffs against china setting off an 1,100 point drop in the dow jones over two days. in the midst of negotiations with special counsel robert mueller over the terms of a high-stakes face-to-face interview, trump just lost john dowd, the lead attorney on his personal legal team, the only one with the reputation as an experienced criminal defender. that leaves trump with two lawyers who are known as right wing activists and pundits and one brought on this week may not even be sticking around. trump hasn't confirmed whether he'll sit down for an interview with mueller's team and he's net to comment about any of his alleged affairs. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: is stormy daniels and karen mcdougal lying about the affairs? >> joining me now is bloomberg's tim o'brien, author of the book
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"trump nation, the art of being the donald." tim, what a week, we are anticipating that donald trump is not looking forward to sunday when the "60 minutes" interview airs. as a trump biographer and somebody who's known the man and dealt with him, what do you think is going on inside the mind of donald trump as he anticipates this stormy daniels interview that he's sued her to stop? >> i think he clearly feels under attack and he's someone who throughout his career weaponized the legal system. he learned that at the heels of roy cohn and he finds himself now mired in a series of different legal actions with very tenacious attorneys. michael avenatti on the stormy daniels side is clearly a bulldog. he clearly has evidence he thinks will support his client's case and he's not backing down and the real factor in this that we can't discount is robert
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mueller who has issued subpoenas to the trump organization. so he's moving into the trump family's business operations. it will touch not only the president but his two eldest sons and daughter and trump can't control this process. he's been used to steam rolling lawyers during business disputes, regulators in business realms whether it's real estate or casino. he is now profoundly and authentically in over his head and he's in very perilous legal circumstances and he's acting out. >> i want to take you back to another time when he was in a weird place, in 2006. "the apprentice" was a huge success, then it wasn't doing as well, not nearly as well, this is around the time he's supposedly having these simultaneous relationships with stormy daniels who was a porn star and karen mcdougal, former "playboy" playmate.
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i want to play you more of karen mcdougal's interview in which she says trump tried to pay for her sex. >> after we had been intimate he tried to pay me and i don't know how to take that. >> did he try to hand you money? >> he did. he did and i said -- i just had this look of -- i don't know, just -- i don't even know how to describe it, the look on my face must have been so sad because i had never been offered money like that before, number one, but number two i thought does he think i'm in this for money or why i'm here tonight or is this a normal thing? i didn't know. so i left, i got into the car for keith to take me home and i started crying, it really hurt me. but i went back. >> does anything about the way that trump reacted to that time in his life when "the apprentice" wasn't doing as well, he's at a celebrity golf tournament and he's not the biggest celebrity and he's having these multiple affairs
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while melania just had barron. is there anything about his behavior that tells what we might expect in his behavior. >> that's the same year he sued me. i wrote a book he wasn't happy with that delved deeply into his political and business dealings. i think he was just recently married to melania, he was someone who i don't think was used to settling down. a big part of him is a control freak, he doesn't like things to unwind and turn against him and in my mind -- i don't know, i'm not a mind reader, but he was playing karen mcdougal hush money. and he was trying to pay for situations he felt were spinning out of control. >> not doing so well at that right now. tim o'brien, thank you for joining me. >> thanks, joy. >> with me now, maxine waters of california.
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i think most people don't care and want to hear about donald trump's sex life to be blunt but there are only a couple people donald trump won't attack, vladimir putin and stormy daniels. and he has tried everything he could to stop stormy daniels from talking. she must have something he's afraid of hearing. are you concerned donald trump's acting out this weekend might mean he lashes out at bob mueller? that he lashes out at rosenstein and starts firing more people in a way that could jeopardize the investigation against him? >> well, joy, i am very concerned about our special counsel robert mueller, a lot of us are. while he said he would be happy to sit down, obviously he has a strategy to discredit him and he's brought in the bulldogs to do that. so some even on the opposite side of the aisle said this would be crossing the line and i think so.
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but donald trump is out of control and i think he will go there and i think the american people should be very concerned about him. you have described very vividly how he has acted this past weekend and what he's done. i was on my way to the funeral of louise slaughter when we heard he may not sign the omnibus bill we had just passed even though he had been involved in the negotiations. and his people were right there. they agreed. he said he would sign it then changed his mind. then he changed his mind again and signed it so the american people should be concerned about this man's behavior. first of all, he doesn't deserve to be president of the united states of america. he has defined himself thoroughly, his character is more than concerning and i'm hopeful the republicans will stand up and accept their
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responsibility, call him out, call him for what he is, help the american people to know that they will not stand for him and what he's doing and join me in impeachment. >> you talk about erratic behavior. he seems to watch "fox & friends." they criticize the bill, he's tweeting "i'm going to veto it. sudden he gets rid of mcmaster and hires john bolton. >> john bolton didn't know what he was being hired for let alone knowing he was being hired and john bolton is a dangerous man. i know a lot about him, i think folks know about him. i think people in the intelligence community know a lot about him. he is a warmonger. he is someone who would advise this president to go to war with iran, to go to war with north korea and so i'm just really
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concerned that not only is he erratic in this behavior that he has demonstrated is such that we can keep the confusion going, i think this man that he has just put on bolton is going to advise him to strike on north korea. >> given the fact that donald trump is so suggestible, john bolton also comes from fox news. he's behaving so erratically and freaked out by what's coming on sunday. i feel like i ask you this a lot, congresswoman. >> yes. >> do republicans understand this is -- you say it's dangerous. do your colleagues on the other side of the aisle feel that way and if so why won't they do anything about it? >> i am so disturbed by their lack of responsibility. they're intimidated by donald trump and they are frightened that some of those who come from districts where he won feel that he will come into their districts and campaign against him but if they just take a look
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at what happened in pennsylvania where he supposedly won by 22 percentage points and he lost even though it was close, that was huge. that was big. he lost in alabama which was supposed to be the reddest state so they should not be intimidated but obviously they are and they are going to be recorded in history very poorly that they allowed their dleeg go in the way he's going and do what he's doing. >> where is the speaker of the house? when you were insulted by the president of the united states he said nothing. where is the speaker? >> everybody know this is speaker has been compromised. that he's afraid of some of his own colleagues on the republican side and so i have no faith in him and i don't think that his leadership is worthy of him being the prowse. he's not going to do anything. as a matter of fact, following this election no matter what happens he's out.
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>> even if trump finds a way to fire rosenstein or mueller, he'll do nothing? >> he will do absolutely not. nothing is going to happen, i think, until the people in this country stand up and say they will not tolerate what is going on in the white house any longer. american people must stand up and i say they must call for his impeachment. some people are saying well, we'll vote in 2020. we cannot stay that. we cannot wait for that. it's too dangerous. >> congresswoman maxine waters, thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. >> always appreciate the opportunity to talk to you. coming up, donald trump claims he didn't get rolled by congress but his conservative base isn't buying it. why ann coulter is saying he'll be impeached. first, an explosive new report that roger stone communicated with a russian intelligence agent during the campaign. the reporter who wrote this joins me after a two-minute break.
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i have had no dakts for russians or intermediaries for russians. i have no russian clients, no russian communications. >> so roger stone was wrong. we know in fact he was in contact with not only a russian but a russian intelligence agent. and not just any russian intelligence agent. the russian intelligence agent who claimed credit for hacking the dnc. the dnc reports that the guccifer 2.0 hacker "was, in fact, an officer of russian's military intelligence directorate." how do we know stone messaged with guccifer 2.0? he posted their messages himself. tada. for more on what we're learning to a russian intelligence asset, spencer ackerman, one of the reporters who wrote the story for the daily beast and nick ackerman -- no relationship -- former prosecutor and msnbc special analyst. how was it discovered the person that roger stone was communicating with, this
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guccifer 2.0, was a russian intelligence agent? >> joy, it's basically out of a spy thriller. the russian operative in question, an officer for russia's largest intelligence agency known as the gru slipped up in a crucial bit of trade craft. usually when guccifer 2.0 went on line connected to his twitter account, connected to his word press blog he secured his ip address, his originating location, so to speak, digitally, through a vpn, something that would prevent an outside observer figuring out where his location is. in one occasion he did not that meant that on the servers of an american social media company was this person's real ip address and that address traced back to the moscow headquarters
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of the gru. >> who discovered this? was this being monitored and they were waiting for this person to slip up in the federal investigators -- the federal investigators were waiting for him to catch up and they just happened to catch him? >> there was tremendous interest in guccifer 2.0 as soon as in june 2016 this person emerged out of nowhere claiming to be, as this person put it, a lone hacker who infiltrated the dnc and is exfiltrating information to among other outlets it claimed wikileaks. that set off a tremendous hunt to figure out precisely who this person was and you will recall in january, 2017, when the nsa, fbi and cia put out their assessment about russian involvement in the 2016 election, they come basically right to the waters edge of saying that gus 23er.0 was in fact a russian officer. they said they assessed with high confidence that guccifer 2.0 was being used by the
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russian military intelligence agency, the gru. >> and roger stone had, spencer, claimed the person he was communicating with was not russian but in fact a romanian hacker who was using the name guccifer, it was originally a legendary romaine hacker. is there any evidence that roger stone knew who he was communicating with? >> well, a lot of things about roger stone's presentations about his interactions with guccifer 2.0 are really questionable. they're probably going to come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks. i can't tell you that stone knowledgeably knowingly wittingly communicated with a russian intelligence officer, but it's very, very curious about why stone got into contact with guccifer 2.0 and it's also an open question whether stone has disclosed all of these dms, all of the communications with guccifer 2.0.
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you'll recall as the house intelligence committee was essentially bifurcaing forever more on the russia inquiry, the democrats on that committee during internal meetings raised the point that they had not subpoenaed and acquired through subpoena from the logs of organizations like twitter which would have the actual communications on their servers, the actual records of these communications so at this point the disclosure he's made, you have to sort of wonder how selective it is. >> so that brings me to the other, mr. ackerman, nick. how much would it tyke go from roger stone admitting he communicates with guccifer 2.0 to guccifer 2.0 being revealed to being a russian intelligence officer to collusion? >> it puts roger stone right in the middle of the conspiracy with the russians to steal the e-mails out of the democratic
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national committee and use them to elect donald trump. this is the first instance that we have, maybe except for the june 9 meeting at trump tower where you have somebody from the trump campaign dealing with a russian operative. if you take the evidence we're learning about roger stone's contacts with wikileaks, which he deny in the june/july time period and you put that together with guccifer 2.0 which was the first outlet of the release of stolen e-mails, you can see how this conspiracy is coming together and more evidence is coming up showing that, in fact, the trump campaign did conspire with the russian government to get trump elect. >> and if roger stone able to convince mueller that he did think this was a romanian, not a russian, does that make a
12:25 am
difference? >> i don't think robert mueller is going to buy that for a minute. he was basically toeing the line that the russians were toeing that guccifer 2.0 was toeing. he was basically acting as kind of the foil for the russian government. >> and very quickly, nick, i want to put up the list of all the people who at least we know of that had contacts with the russians. you have jeff sessions, donald trump jr., paul manafort, michael flynn, jared kushner, carter page, george papadopoulos, roger stone. as a prosecutor, can it be coincidental this that many people were having outreach and communications with the russians without it being a conspiracy or collusion in your view? >> in my view, they were all part of this conspiracy to break into the democratic national committee, steal those e-mails and use them to get donald trump elected. >> spencer ackerman and nick ackerman, thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you. after the break, donald trump folds just hours after his veto threat as congress
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such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. there are a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things that we shouldn't have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military. but i say to congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. >> so donald trump did not actually write "the art of the deal." his history of being a great negotiator, it's mostly with the u.s. bankruptcy courts because he was bad at business. today donald trump proves once again what a terrible deal maker he is, signing a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that includes a laundry list of things democrats wanted but not much for the trump base, including not a dime for the precious, their beloved wall. conservatives responded with howls of outrage from the house freedom caucus to rush limbaugh to breitbart news to even one of
12:30 am
the "fox & friends" whose attacks on the bill this morning seemingly prompted trump to tweet out a veto threat after listening to the tv. but that threat proved empty, leaving an outraged ann koulter to -- coulter to launch into a tweet storm saying trump will never sign another bill like that again because he'll be impeached. joining me now, tara dowdell and jennifer rubin, conservative columnist for the "washington post." tara, here's what's in the bill. no more fun the precious, the border wall gets nothing, no cuts to sanctuary cities, no thousand new i.c.e. agents, no cuts to planned parenthood, no expanded school choice, no cuts to pell grants and head start, no cuts to the epa and it funds the tunnel project that chuck schumer wanted on the border wall money the "new york times" reports it provides $641 million for about 33 miles of pencing but literally explicitly prohibits building a concrete structure or other prototypes of the wall.
12:31 am
>> remember when he went to california and viewed those prototypes? that was apparently a dog-and-pony show. >> that's all he gets. >> all he got was the photo-op in california. that was it. >> can he keep the prototypes at least? >> will he let them take them home? they'll probably fit in his apartment. this is -- there was a reason today why democrats all over the hill as they normally do after a bill are sending out press releases. they were giddy with enthusiasm. they were touting what they got nationally and touting that they didn't give him the wall. he could have had the wall. chuck schumer offered him the wall. the wall for the dreamers and he turned it down. >> let's play dichotomy. i've been reading red state. i've been looking at the comments on there, breitbart and other places, hot air, et cetera, not a lot of people happy. here is one unhappy southern congressman named mr. kennedy who is disgusted with the bill.
12:32 am
let's listen. >> can i ask you about the omnibus? >> yeah, it sucks. >> you're not going to vote for it? >> i'm going to vote against it twice if they will let me. i don't even know what's in the thing, okay? this is an embarrassment. i said it yesterday and i meant it. this is a great dane sized whiz down the leg of every tax payer in this country. no thought whatsoever to adding over a trillion dollars in debt. >> a great dane sized whiz down the leg of every taxpayer. now let's listen to chuck schumer's reaction to the bill. >> at the end of the day as the minority party we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways. we don't have the house, we don't have the senate, we don't have the presidency but we produced a darn good bill. >> how did we get here where the democratic leader is crowing about the budget bill and the
12:33 am
senator from john kennedy, the republican, is calling it a whiz down the leg. how did we get here? >> i think we got here because republicans for the longest time all through the election kept believing they could control this man and they don't understand him. what he signs, what he's willing to sign, it has very little to do with what he wants to sign. he'll put his name on anything, he made a whole career about plastering his name on whatever crap got put in front of him so i think when it comes to this particular situation, he didn't understand that the way that the republicans had spent years and years talking about they were the fiscally responsible party, the tea party, the 2010 all the way to today leading up to a $1.3 trillion deficit spending bill is just such a slap in the face to everyone who claimed that we were going to bring back this fiscal responsibility. congratulations to the democrats, obviously. they understand how to control
12:34 am
him. >> flatter him. don't hate the player, hate the game. i want to play you, tara, one of the weirdest arguments that donald trump, republican theoretically conservative president who leads a base that made it very clear that immigration was the thing that sticks in their craw probably more than anything else, they want the wall, that's the precious. here was his attempt to justify signing this bill based on daca, the thing he ended. take a listen. >> i can tell you this and i say this to daca recipients. the republicans are with you, they want to get your situation taken care of. the democrats just fought every single inch of the way. they did not want daca in this bill. and as you know daca is tied to the wall for the major funding, the $25 billion for wall and other things. >> tara, it's not tied to the wall! he missed the opportunity to get
12:35 am
the wall. democrats were going to give it to him. what is happening? >> trump is here for the performance not policy and i think people continue to forget that. trump has no idea what's in the omnibus spending bill. that's a big part of why he voted for it. he literally has no idea what's in it. he knows the soundbites he hears from his favorite conservative pundits but beyond that he doesn't know what's in the bill so i think that's another issue but i want to take a different point of view in one way. people were acting surprised that he signed this bill because of the amount, the cost of the bill. he did not run as a fiscal conservative. he ran as a cultural extremist and fiscal moderate. he said he was going to protect medicare, he was going to protect social security, he said he would give us the best health care system that will cover everybody so he didn't run the
12:36 am
way people are act as if he ran. yes, people are upset because of daca because that's a slap in the face. to them daca is a slap in the face to conservatives. however, i think they're also -- they were looking for an opportunity to criticize trump in a way that would not draw the ire of trump supporters and they haven't had that opportunity, i think they see trump is an embarrassment, this is a clown show and who they banked on and they were looking for an opening and this gave them the opening where they could criticize him in a way that wouldn't generate blowback for them. >> ben, you here in a tenuous position at red state of speaking to the base but trying to maintain a dignified distance from donald trump. you had laura ingram, who's four square for trump, her show is 100% pro-trump tweets "there is no way real donald trump should sign this omnibus bill, it
12:37 am
betrays certain pledges and mortgages the millennials future." then he signs it. i don't know how she pretends it didn't happen, i don't know what. then you have ann coulter, four square for trump doing the thing where she kicks him away but all over the shins. this would be like reagan signing a bill that hiked taxes, slashed defense spending, spent jobs spent on the teapot dome scandal, talking about 3d chess and spending and transgender people and -- i mean, she's going insane. is this a pushaway or will all of these people come back to heel when their audience screams "we love trump, we don't care"? >> they will absolutely come back. they will come back and they will eat right out of his hands. i mean, there's nothing that this man can do that will deep majority of his major trump support and the pundit class or whatever group you're talking about from supporting him ultimately. what matters is that he has an "r" next to his name. they've spent the last couple of
12:38 am
years making that very clear. anything he does can be excused. anything they can rationalize they will. whether it's more relativism or complete abandonment of their own professored christian faith, doesn't matter. they'll slap him on the wrist and something will happen that he's trolling the media again and so liberal tears, yeah. and the next thing you know he's a hero and they're all fine. >> i did see angry comments on breitbart today. >> they will be mad for a moment and then they will come scampering back. remember how they love this national security team? they were the best. they're gone. oh well, now the new guys are the best, the best, the best. so their attachment or anger lasts for a nano second because it's not about any policy, it's about giving it to the media, giving it to minorities, giving it to everybody they hate. this is about hate, not a belief system.
12:39 am
>> you know who it was given to today? the democrats. they were given everything they wanted. >> yes. >> ben, tara, jennifer, thank you for being with me. coming up, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets tomorrow demanding gun reform. i'll speak to a student who helped organize the march and a top republican donor who now wants to ban assault weapons. and invisible planes in tonight's thing one thing two just after the break.
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thing one tonight, as he touted defense spending in the $1.3 trillion budget bill, donald trump described the impressive capabilities of the f-35 fighter jet. >> 90 f-35 aircraft. that's the most sophisticated aircraft in the world, jet fighters, total stealth. they're hard to find, they're hard to see, therefore they're hard to beat. it's very tough to beat a plane when you can't see it. >> okay, but trump didn't mean
12:43 am
you literally can't see it, right? i mean, he can't think it's actually invisible, right? that's thing two in 60 seconds.
12:44 am
the f-35 stealth fighter jet is undetectable by radar. so when trump says you can't see it, clearly he means on radar, right? well, here he was yesterday when he misidentified lockheed martin ceo marillyn hewson as mare lean lockheed. >> i may ask marillyn lockheed, the leading woman's business executive in this country, according to many, and we buy billions and billions of dollars worth of that beautiful f-35. it's stealth, you cannot see it, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> better be correct, right? >> let's give this a charitable interpretation. trump cannot possibly be saying
12:45 am
you literally can't see it? >> how do they do in fights with the f-35? they said we do very well, you can't see it, literally you can't see it. so it's hard to fight a plane you can't see. that's an expenive plane you can't see. >> all righty, then, you literally cannot see it. kind of like a "star trek" cloaking device which was romulan technology that the federation used from time to time. or maybe trump was thinking about wonder woman's invisible plane. but you wouldn't whatn't to have visible people inside the invisible plane, now would you? defeats the purpose. whatever the case, the f-35 is almost like an invisible fighter, almost. >> in particular the f-35 fighter jet which is you know almost like an invisible fighter. i was asking the air force guys, i said how good is this plane? they said, well, sir you can't see it. i said yeah, but in a fight, a fight like i watch in the
12:46 am
movies. a fight, they're fighting how good is it? they say it wins every time because the enemy cannot see it. even if it's right next to it, it can't see it. i said that helps. that's a good thing.
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why more than a million people trust fixmestick to keep their computer fast, clean, and safe." call us today or visit us online. this was the scene outside the sacramento kings arena last night. protesters formed a human chain in front of the arena, preventing most fans from getting in, all to draw attention to the police shooting of 22-year-old stephen clark who was unarmed and in the backyard of his grandmother's house when he was shot to death in a hail of 20 shots sunday by sacramento police officers. there are more protests expected tonight. protests calling attention to violence in the hopes of sparking people to action. the murder of emmett till in 1955 helped galvanize the activism that captured the attention of dr. martin luther king, a subject tackled in a new documentary called "hope and fury, mlk, the movement and the media."
12:50 am
>> in chicago, chicago. till's grief stricken mother waited at the railroad station for the casket. containing her sons body to arrive. >> till is essentially confronted with a sealed wooden casket. nailed shut by the sheriff. it was till who demanded that box be opened so she could see her child. she staggers in and sees this body. she can't believe her beautiful child. is this lump of flesh. that's lying in this casket. >> she said to herself. the country is going to have to confront this. i'm not going to suffer in this by myself. is this is what you're doing to the black boys. you're going to look at it. >> it was a privilege to contribute to the amazing movie. you can catch the premier tomorrow might at 8:00 p.m. and sunday night at 9:00 p.m. >> up next.
12:51 am
two survivors from marjory stoneman douglas high school. and the republican donor here to support their march tomorrow. they join me live when we come back.
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
i'm here in washington d.c. tonight. because tomorrow is the march for our lives. a nationwide rally for gun reform organized by the student survivors of last months mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. in parkland, florida. tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on this city. more than 800 other places around the world are planning marchs too. all joining the parkland students in saying never again. at this hour several prerally events are in full swing. inclouding a big concert benefitting gun violence prevention groups and a prayer vigil. joining me now a student sur voifr from parkland. a jr. at marjory stoneman douglas high school. who along with her classmates is trying to change the minds of people like my second guest. former ambassador to portugal.
12:55 am
a prominent republican donor who announced in the wake of the shooting he wouldn't contribute to candidates or groups unless they support a ban on assault weapons. thank you for being here. you parkland students have been chris crossing the country. doing media. a will the of people are astounded by your resilience given what you went through. how are you able to go from such a shock such a tragedy, to the kind of activism you're doing? >> we want to fight for the same thing. this makes us fight harder. >> is there something special about parkland that made you able -- you have an app and concerts and this huge mr. maybe millions of people. what is it about parkland that's so special? >> it's a close knit community. we know each other. most have gone to school with each other since elementary. we have known each other for a long time.
12:56 am
>> you have gotten some victories. not anymore or making restrictions on selling guns. and city group. they'll sell firearms only to customers over age 21 who pass background checks. no sale of bump stocks. you just had some small provisions in this budget bill to fix nix act. is that enough? or more you want? >> there's more. that's just a start. we'll keep fighting so it doesn't happen again. >> ambassador hofman you have taken a strong stand in terps of what you want to see happen. tell us what you're doing and why? >> well, joy, thank you for allowing me to be here. we have formed a 501 c 4 organization.
12:57 am
which is tax exempt but of course not taxable. and not exempt but tax free. and we're dedicated to the proposition that we want legislation and we can present to congress and get them to pass this year. and. >> is it specifically to have assault weapons banned? >> it doesn't have an assault weapon ban. but it will be loading into that totally. we have a set of points that we'll present tomorrow. here's a copy of the ad we're running tomorrow. in it it leads off with seven points we need to get passed now. before congress adjourns this christmas. >> how much -- you're a donor. how much money did you give in the last election cycle? >> i gave a lot. i'm a republican. i always was and will be. after watching this tragedy unfold, on television.
12:58 am
i was heartbroken. and but for the grace of god my children and grandchildren and so. i felt that night i felt i had to do something. so we formed got together a group and formed this organization. called americans for gun safety. and now. and we hope that the separate message to convey. to congress. my friend in congress. republicans. and mostly republicans at this time. and congressman and senators that if we don't pass in gun legislation, change now. watch out for november. >> i want to play a vets for reform add ad. tweeted out by the marjory stoneman douglas students. >> i serve nd the u.s. army. >> air force. >> marine core. >> i was a 31 bravo military police officer. >> security forces. >> 82nd airborne. >> radio operating. >> seal team one. >> in afghanistan. >> vietnam. >> my service weapon. m 4 assault weapon.
12:59 am
>> m 16. >> it's the same. it is the same. >> as the ar 15. >> the same weapon killed hundreds of people in the deadliest mass shootings in america. >> i know the power of this weapon firsthand. >> do you believe the assault weapon like the ar 15 should be banned? >> yes. no civilian should need a rifle. >> what do you say to people in the other side of the issue who say what you want is going to curtail people's second amendment rights? >> look what it's done. what if that was your child or mother or father. people don't really look at it until it happens to them. >> when will you be old enough to vote? >> i'm 17. >> are you 18 by november. >> i turned 17 yesterday. >> the power you have is in the registration you're doing the voting you're doing. people are rightfully worried about what you might do.
1:00 am
are you hopeful you'll succeed? thank you so much for being here. thank you. that's all it for the evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. >> good evening.


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