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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 19, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> democrats can give them a victory if they want. the border has a wall. so throw a few more bucks at it and let trump claim a wall and get the daca protections. >> for people who are here by no act of their own. most innocent among us. thanks. that does it for our, i'm nicole wal wallace. "mtp daily" starts right now. >> are you pulling an all nighter. >> what is that. >> are you pulling an all nighter. >> i guess. we'll see. i have a feeling i'm not. >> no? >> no. i think someone is blinking. there is a flashing light. i'll have it in a second. >> i'll go run to my tv. >> there is still no deal to avert a shutdown, but are we seeing chuck schumer about to blink? good evening and welcome to
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"mtp daily." i'm chuck todd here in washington. there are only seven hours to go before the government has to shutdown. house members were supposed to go home. they haven't. the president was supposed to go to florida. he hasn't. and the senate has yet to schedule a vote on the short-term bill to keep the government open. it is because they voted right now it probably would fail. although just moments ago democratic senator joe donnelly of indiana broke ranks and announces he is willing to vote yes on the four week deal, the short-term funding bill and now the second democrat up for re-election in a state president trump won who is coming out and saying he does not want to vote to shut down the government. west virginia joe manchin was the first. this could be the start of a trend, possible cracks in the democratic coalition in the senate and we may see things move quickly this hour. but before this latest development, and at least for a little while this afternoon, it seemed as if maybe there was some progress being made and a deal was in the works. chuck schumer went to the white
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house to meet with the president. but 90 minutes later he left without publicly disclosing a deal. >> we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress. but we still have a good number of disagreements. the discussions will continue. >> folks, if the art of the deal president can't strike a deal tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of his inauguration and the first time in modern history that a party in control of the house and the senate and the white house has shut down the government. now let's be clear. shutdowns happen when both sides in the argument believe they could win the argument. but shutdowns are averted when both sides have an incentive to find an exit ramp. for democrats, the biggest reason is they could have more leverage to get what they want on daca in a few weeks ahead of a debt ceiling deadline in march. so you would have government funding and debt ceiling. for the president, his biggest reason to get this done is that
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he's turning one tomorrow. his presidency and he has a big fundraiser tomorrow night at mar-a-largo and he doesn't want to miss that. if he could strike a deal tonight, he gets to take credit for brokering a compromise on the anniversary of his inauguration and take a victory lap at his party tomorrow night. this is a big incentive. we have capitol hill correspondent and anchor of kasie hunt and hallie jackson at the white house. she averanchors the 10:00 a.m. . so to the hill, casey. we saw the joe donnelly news and nancy pelosi has been briefed on the meeting and the white house has briefed mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, obviously schumer has an offer that he's pondering. what do you know about it. >> at this point they are keeping the cards close to the vest. but you are right, there is something going on.
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there are conversations going on among democrats primarily, i think is where we're focusing our energy. he huddled with nancy pelosi after coming back from the white house. the question is did they get enough of a potential off-ramp to avoid a shutdown. right now the body language indicates they didn't seem to get what they needed. the -- schumer came back and if you read between the lines there, you could see his tone a little bit on the grimmer side. they are saying that they always expected joe donnelly to come out and say that he -- as you pointed out at the top of this -- was not going to side with his own party and vote against this c.r. that, he would say we want to keep the government open. but the question is does he become the canary in the coal mine and the negotiations are minute to minute. we have been hearing that theres with potentially going to be a vote early afternoon -- i'm sorry late afternoon and early evening but so far it is -- as you know -- it is 5:00 and that
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has yet to materialize. so that is a strong indicator that there is still something going on behind the scenes and i think -- i think that you are right. this is a definitive shift from where were we this morning when both sides were dug in. >> when you put together that the house is sticking around, the president is sticking around, chuck schumer's meeting with mell -- with fellow democrats and i'm hearing the exit ramp for chuck schumer is a three week cr so they get through the state of the union, the question is can the democratic base handle that? have they raised expectations too much with the base, casey? >> i actually think that -- they might have. and i would -- i would actually argue that it is a broader version of the base than what we typically think of. you remember when ted cruz did this back in the 2013. it was very much ted cruz and the bulk of the party didn't want to go along with him. that is not the case here. this is a pretty broad and deep the fact that jon tester is out
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there saying we have to take a stand here. the obama guys that run pod save america has some chart going around with the fight club versus the waffle house. this is how democrats across the board are feeling about this. and that is a real squeeze for chuck schumer. between the progressive bhoz are already running for president and the guys he needs to keep and fight for a majority. >> my be is chuck schumer is willing to take bullets for claire mccaskill and donnelly. but we'll see. to the other side of pennsylvania avenue. thank you, kasie. calle, the ocean air of mar-a-largo, jet fumes of air force one. >> saying donald trump. >> is it going to lure him into cutting -- giving schumer something to sort of split the difference here. >> reporter: so here is the thing. and i think you are right. donald trump wants to be in mar-a-largo to celebrate his inauguration.
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but i think more than that, too, is the understanding that a shutdown, a government shutdown on the anniversary of the inauguration is -- it is on the inauguration day, if it goes into tomorrow and the government does shutdown, is just bad optics for donald trump. no matter how you cut it and no matter how the white house said it is democrat's fault and the clip from 2013 in which the president said the buck stops with whoever is in charge and that is the president will get played again and again as donald trump wants to be celebrating one year anniversary of the day that he was sworn into office. he wants to be talking about the accomplishments and point to justice gorsuch and the tax law, the economy. he wants to be talking about those things and not a shutdown. so i don't think you could underestimate the incentive of mar-a-largo and what it means on this specific day. on january 20th, 2018. that is part of. it the other part is the white house understands that nobody will win in a shutdown.
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and they are confident, i've had people all week long privately saying, we are going to call the democrats plus. they truly the democrat's problem now and that is where we are, people in the west wing. but i do think something changed this morning. i think you saw a lot of that this morning and then right around 10:00, 10:30 when the briefing was to begin, they huddled in the oval office with the president, i'm told by an aide and said call chuck schumer. the president wanted to show he's engaged and trying to be helpful. that is when the schumer call went out and this started to go down and then mick mulvaney comes out and then the rest of the day proceed how it did. >> it is a muted twitter feed from the president telling you that he's not interested in blowing anything up right now. >> and neither is -- and i know you have to go and neither is john kelly. we've seen john kelly taking much more prominent and public facing and outside role in the
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entire negotiations than we've ever seen in his tenure as chief of staff. i'm told that is because the president duputized hem to do so. i want you to play this role for me. part of it, there is a sense that steven miller who would be the immigration guy on the this kind of thing is not quite as politically palatable as john kelly on the capitol hill. >> something seems afoot. thank you very much. joining me now is louisiana republican senator bill cassidy. senator, our reporters are reporting and seems to think what was a probable shutdown this morning looks like a possible shutdown today. do you have to vote for something that is what the house did or are you comfortable shorting it a little bit so that you -- government funding runs out in say early february. >> if we shorten it, that is -- i'm okay with that. i think it is better for a variety of reasons that the current deadline but if we shorten it that is fine.
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but the crux is do we keep the government open and keep the children's health program funded and authorized for six years an that is the choice between us since refunding that -- reauthorizing the c.h.i.p. program is my number one priority and keeping the military is my number one priority, i accept a change in indate. >> let me ask you this on c.h.i.p. front, it was your number one priority. what took so long. i know -- why did your leadership just save this for now when this was a deal that frankly had bipartisan support weeks ago. >> it still has bipartisan support. and the issue has always been how do you get it funded. now recently cbo came out and decreased the cost of funding from like $8 billion to $800 million. no one knows what cbo's mind it but that is the score and that is easier for democrats to accept our funding mechanism. it is there now though and in louisiana i'm told they're beginning to shut the c.h.i.p. program down because they are out of money.
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if democrats vote not to keep the government open, in my state kids will lose coverage. >> and the easiest way to get it passed is to make it stand alone. why not make it stand alone. >> i suppose you could go. but we could talk about doing this and doing that. the reality is what is before us and what is before us is keeping the government open, keeping the military funding and keeping c.h.i.p. funded. that is the deal before us. and i think it is a no-brainer. democrats should be supporting not threatening to shut it down. >> i think you -- both sides have valid arguments. why shouldn't the democrats be -- why shouldn't they be fed up. for five months the president promised to negotiate on daca before the end of the calendar year of 2017. it didn't happen. democrats gave extended another month and it didn't happen. in their defense, haven't they given you plenty of time to do this? >> the deadline for daca is march 5th. could you argue the democrats have not shown what their final position will be on border security. we could go back and forth.
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>> do you know president's position on daca? >> i think the president's position on daca will evolve once he knows where democrats are on border security. it has to come together. >> that is -- i understand -- >> it is march 5th and the deadline tonight for the c.h.i.p. reauthorization is midnight. >> it is not. the c.h.i.p. reauthorization could be done separately. >> so my point is in louisiana -- they tell me they are shutting down the program because they are out of money. this is no longer a theoretical. >> but i'm trying to figure out why is it shameful that the democrats want to use daca to sort of shame the republicans on government funding, but it is okay that you're using c.h.i.p. to shame the democrats in government funding. do you see my point? you're both playing political games here with two other programs that are not part of the government funding. >> the key difference is that we have an acceptable deal for democrats on c.h.i.p.
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we can all agree, six year authorization is fantastic and people are losing coverage next week. what we cannot decide on is where democrats is on border security, and where the final deal will be. so one deal is ready. the other is not. and if we don't get the one that is ready, children lose their coverage next week. that's the issue before us. >> i understand that. but government funding doesn't have to be tied to it. you guys just chose to tie it to it. >> well right now it is the bill before us. we can all wish that we had something different to consider. but that is the bill before us. >> let me go to the daca situation. if the president's position were clear, do you think we would be on the brink of a shutdown? >> if the president's -- whatever the president decides has to goo through the house and get through the senate. and so everybody said why don't you strike a deal on daca. we have to make sure it would pass the house and to pass the senate and as i said earlier, we don't know where the democrats final deal will be on border security. and so it is more than the
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president. it is also the other factors. that is why that deal is not yet matsure and the deadline is not until march the 5th so it doesn't have to be mature now. >> let me ask you another question i asked senator rounds yesterday and he is now voting yes but he was not happy about it at all. and in fact i think politically he seemed to concur with sort of my analysis which is why do you think republicans will have more leverage in a month. aren't you giving democrats more leverage? you have the debt ceiling in march, now daca expiration and government funding. how does that make your position on immigration better in a month. >> chuck todd, you are probable right, man. because if you are just talking politics and process -- >> i understand that, yes. >> but on the other hand, frankly that is not my focus. my focus is how do we keep funding the military and how do we keep the military families getting their support, and in my state they tell me they are shutting down c.h.i.p. so on policy -- on process you
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are probably right. maybe we should say democrats shut it down because we want more leverage later. i would look at the human side of this and the military security side of it and in which case we should be voting to keep the government open. >> so would you have supported a clean c.r. should have this been a clean c.r. and separate the politics from government shutdown? >> um, i would have to think that through. because i'm not sure it cleans the arc of the past. >> that goes to the process argument we're just having. >> and i think the reason they put in a six-year reauthorization of c.h.i.p. is that they thought the democrats would care enough about c.h.i.p. that maybe that would bring them on board. i think it was a good-faith effort because both parties care deeply about c.h.i.p. and so deeply that i think that was thought that is how we get it through. obviously they don't care about it as much. >> we shall see. it smells like you guys aren't shutting this government down but we'll find out. senator cassidy, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. >> thanks. well, as you could tell, things are changing minute by minute in capitol hill.
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welcome back. back to the drama unfolding on capitol hill in a moment. in the midst of the drama, this afternoon president trump addressed the march for life gathering for anti-abortion activists in the rose garden. well he was in the rose garden, the march for life folks were about a thousand yards away on the national mall. the president spoke to the crowd via a video feed. >> under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the declaration of in dependence and that is the right to life. >> it is something of a recent republican presidential tradition to put some distance both literally and figurely between the white house and the march for life crowd.
2:19 pm
previously republican presidents have opted to phone into the rally. even though again it is yards away from the white house. the trump white house is touting the historic nature of the president's remarks being live via satellite as evidence of his commitment to the pro-life movement. but again, 2,000 yards, that i don't get. we'll be back more on "mtp daily" in 60 seconds.
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we are preparing for what we are calling the schumer shut down. >> to hold the entire country hostage, the entire country hostage, until we pass an immigration bill, they haven't even written yet. this is completely unfair. >> it appears that senate democrats are entrenched in forcing a shutdown. >> i hope the president can talk sense into schumer so we could avoid the schumer shutdown. >> the problem starts from the top and it has to get solved
2:21 pm
from the top. the president is the leader and he has to get efb in a room and lead. >> welcome back. kimberly atkins from the boston harold, michael gur sten and jennifer lommary. and has been involved in a shutdown or two. so know shutdown politics well. kimberly, it does appear as if we're waiting to see how schumer's responding to whatever happened in the white house meeting. there is -- is there c.h.i.p. included or not, is it shortening it to three weeks. five days is off the table. but something is afoot. we just don't know the details. >> yes. something is afoot and it makes sense because regardless at the end of the day, shutdowns are terrible, they are unpopular. and parties on both sides will get blames but i think in this case the republicans about bear the brunt of it. but what you said, the important thing is this rests with the
2:22 pm
president. this is why chuck schumer went to the white house and why -- members of congress who have been saying out loud, including mitch mcconnell, well if we knew what the president wanted, we could put something on the floor. i think that is really incredible so i think the onus is on president trump to come forward and move this needle one way or another. >> michael and jennifer, you have both been in the brinksmanship moments and shutdowns happen when both sides think they could win an argument and shutdowns are averted when both sides want an exit ramp for different reasons. this morning it looks like both sides they could win in the argument and now for different reasons there is exit ramp looking. i think chuck schumer would like a red state exit ramp and i think president trump wants to celebrate his one year anniversary in mar-a-largo. >> i think that could be. and you get shutdowns when both sides think they could win. there are questions on both sides in this case. the democrats are trying to add a nonspending item to a spending
2:23 pm
bill. it is inherently difficult. trump blew up the agreement earlier in the week. he could have had a broader agreement, i think a real achievement earlier in the week. he undermined his own allies in congress. they don't -- didn't know why he did that. there was no strategy involved other than watching fox and reacting evidently. and so he could be rational in this moment. but he hasn't been before. >> jennifer. >> so where to start. so the -- i think the people who blink today, trump is the one who got nervous and he did two things very telling. one, canceled mar-a-largo. >> postponed. >> that is a very conventional thing to do. donald trump normally says i play by my own rules an when donald trump goes conventional, they are getting nervous. >> and there is no way you could not be in washington. that is a -- political suicide. >> and it is the kind of thing
2:24 pm
he would say you're wrong, i'm going to mar-a-largo and i'll win. and mitch mcconnell hasn't put the bill on the floor. this is the story. the story is that mitch mcconnell doesn't have 50 votes for anything and he doesn't want to put something on the floor that a republican is going to vote against and that is the position they are in now. and donald trump created this problem. he created the daca problem and there is a -- and he asked congress to fix it. that is a bipartisan fix. >> the irony to build off of what you said, the irony is we're here now and the idea of connecting daca and the budget was chuck and nancy, and the president. back in september. >> he asked them to do that. >> that is right. the late comer here is the c.h.i.p. part of the component because the daca was sort of in the -- >> that was ryan and mcconnell looking for a way to fix what michael you said, the president messing it up. >> it was the only bargaining chip, no pun intended and that
2:25 pm
was brought in at the late hour and worth important to point out that with c.h.i.p., it expired at the end of september. this didn't just come up. it is being used politically. but i think what jen said is right. this is a problem created and perpetuated day after day, week after week, by donald trump. there could have been a deal reached on the policy. i don't think that they were so far apart. the democrats would have given up more border security and we could have given something that was maybe something longer path to citizenship. they could have gotten there on policy. the politics torpedos this day after da day. >> and that is the broader message here. we have a broken system for a decade that goes from crisis to crisis on the budget. but you need a president to try to overcome that. to actually make it better. and this is a case where the president brought chaos to the process instead of trying to lead in the process. and i think that is part of his legacy at a year in all of this.
2:26 pm
>> it feels as if, and the political danger here feels like it is generally feels like republicans will take more blame nationally. trump will take more blame as this sort of the guy who was supposed to be the deal but the red state democrats could take a hit on this too. is there a way that it becomes lose-lose for everybody. >> i don't think -- i think that what we've seen in this trump era, when the democrats make principle arguments and fight back and they are -- and in my view they are on the side and they do well and they have a lot of energy and support behind them and i think that is why you see -- joe donnelly break the way he did is not a surprise. chuck schumer is very clear about who he has that will stand with him and is willing to vote against a c.r. and that is why he hasn't put a bill on the floor yet. >> and do we think that -- i didn't vote for the shutdown even though my party did. >> it is hard -- >> does is that work.
2:27 pm
>> these are difficult times. this is a -- this is a -- there are some really serious literally life and death matters at hand here when you are considering both c.h.i.p. and daca. and i think the reason why you see democrats hanging tough on what something -- a few years ago might have seen like a difficult political issue is because they know what is at stake and they know that the -- look at what -- look at what is happening in the election in in clear. they know what is at their back. >> republicans quietly keep saying, i feel for democrats here. we did the same thing to our base in 2013. kimberly? we riled them up and we -- and we said and made a pledge on something we would never do and suddenly we were look oh, no, are we going to stick to our guns. >> what led up to 2013 was a maller contingency of people pushing for that and there is much broader support for democrats.
2:28 pm
and they know if there is a shutdown it will be bad and unpopular. it will end. and then the new cycle will go on and people will forget about it and i think the long-term damage they think may not be that -- >> you can also forget that daca is an 80-20 issue in america. democrat should feel some confidence they could make the case and the winners are ones that bring message discipline that really make their case. and that is something that trump doesn't have. >> meanwhile, whatever they agree to here, they still have to figure out how to do daca. and i'm starting to wonder how there is ever going to be a republican -- a way that donald trump will be a -- take a listen to lindsey graham's shot at tom cotton to me is symbolic of a larger issue inside of the republican conference. take a listin. >> the tom cotton approach has no viability here. he's become sort of the stake king of the senate. >> and the difference between lindsey graham and steve king is that steve king can win a
2:29 pm
election in president. >> doing his best trump. that was trumpy in the response. and i saw mark meadows claim that if the freedom caucus that he has the president's word that -- that he will not agree to a daca deal that tom cotton doesn't vote for. how does a daca deal come. >> it couldn't under that circumstance. the president is surrounded by radical voices when it comes to daca. and but he is proven that he's often taking the advice of the person who is last in the office on this. >> white house republicans panicked when they found out it was a one-on-one with schumer and the president. >> because of that reason. and anything could happen under those circumstances. he knows very little about the policy on these things. he has very little investment in the policy. but he does react impulsively sometimes. as he did earlier in the week on the daca deal, the possible daca deal. he undermined his own people
2:30 pm
that were in the meetings for the -- the daca negotiations that sandbagged by the president himself in the tweets. so i think he has a lot of leeway in a certain way because he doesn't have any consistency. >> perhaps. >> i think that is how it comes together. because in one day he can -- he can get if a room and decide that is what he will do or do it administratively or say -- he could see how attractive a deal it and go for it and triangulate against his own party. there is a lot of ways. >> watch him sign a protective order that protects the d.r.e.a.m.ers until 2020. i think nothing is off the table. you stick around. we're staying on top of the rush to avoid a government shutdown. will more democrat senators line up behind the temporary fix or will there be a counter offer. we'll talk to ben cardin straight ahead. hopefully he'll have new updates on -- or where schumer is right now. you won't believe how much is new at red lobster...
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welcome back. we heard from a republican on
2:38 pm
the potential government shutdown deal or no deal. now let's hear from the other side of the aisle. joining me now is ben cardin. also ranking member on foreign relations. how are you, sir. >> it is good to be with you. obviously there is a lot ever tension in washington as -- a lot of tension in washington as we approach the deadline. >> senator schumer, it is my understanding he is talking with a lot of you on the democratic side of the aisle right now. briefing folks of what -- of his meetings with the president. what is your level of flexibility here? are you open to a three-week c.r. that is one of the rumors circulating. >> we're clearly opening to keeping government open. we want government to stay open but resolve these issues. we've been now four months into the fiscal year and without a budget. you have to have a budget. we've heard from the defense department that they can't operate on another continuing resolution. four weeks ago they said give them four weeks and it is four
2:39 pm
weeks later and we're no closer. so we're asking to have a short-term c.r. and let's stay here and resolve the budget issues, the budget caps and let's -- >> define short-term. to me four weeks is short-term. >> well, no, four weeks means we'll delay the issues and come back four weeks from now. let's stick with the issues. we're close. a lot of progress on the immigration and the health care issues. a lot of progress on a lot of the appropriation issues on opioids and disaster relief and have results in the next week. >> but let's be realistic here. you're basically arguing over how much time do you need to negotiate. is that worth shutting the government down over. >> no. we are not negotiating. we're arguing over whether there will be a bipartisan effort to resolve the issues and whether the republican leadership will work with all of the members of the senate and let's get something done. that is what we're arguing over.
2:40 pm
this strategy is a partisan strategy by the republican leader rather than working with the democrats. we want to work the republicans. we want to get issues resolved and want to keep government open. >> what i'm -- so, look, four to five days you've heard and senator mcconnell made a good argument, the way that congress works, it takes that long to write a bill. so that seems like an unrealistic amount of time. what is wrong with three weeks? >> first of all, it doesn't take four weeks. look four weeks ago when they asked us for the last c.r. >> what is wrong with three weeks or two weeks? >> i don't think there is any magic to a particular number. what we need to have is -- is a way in which we stay here and get the matters resolved. that we don't take a break even for one week before we get on to the issues. these issues are urgent. our defense department needs a budget. listen to what secretary matt is is saying. they can't operate on a continuing resolution. where is the urgency.
2:41 pm
so i'm sug -- suggesting, we see the urgency and stay here and work to resolve the issues and we can get work done. let's do it. >> can't you keep the government open and stay there for -- what is five days versus three weeks, how does that reprevent you -- how does that prevent you from staying in washington to resolve the issues. >> i would love to negotiate the issues on your show, but you're asking good questions. democrats are open to those discussions. let's set down and figure out how much time you want to have, but keep the members here, negotiating and don't send them home. >> let me ask you this about daca and the president's desire to say he's getting funding for his wall. could you give him 700 miles of more fence, essentially double the amount of fencing than has been proposed, in exchange for his support on a significant d.r.e.a.m.ers package. >> chuck, i've been to el paso and to the border, i understand
2:42 pm
the needs of border security. we've been doing our nation a favor if we invest in border security and not worry about a physical wall. there are areas in which a physical wall just does not work. i think the president understands that. so let's work on a sensible way to improve border security. democrats are fully prepared to work with the white house on that issue. >> all right. but it is -- one person's wall is another person's fence and democrats have supporting fencing before. it is semantics if the president wants to call it a wall, does that bother you if you give more money for fencing. do you see my point here. we're arguing over semantics. >> i'm smiling because the president would characterize things differently than i would. i have no control over what the president will say. from the congressional point of view, it will be a win-win situation. we get the issue
2:43 pm
resolves an the tps issues and at t at the same time improvement in the border security. that is ace win-win situation. >> if the government does shut down tonight, in 2015 when a democrat was in the white house, you lamenting the idea that republicans were using federal workers as pawns. the same argument could be put to the democrats here since daca isn't directly a spending bill. how would you answer that criticism. >> first of all, the federal workers are going to be hurt badly by a government shutdown. so will government contractor. so will taxpayers. so will those who need government service. this should not be a political pawn for anyone. the people in this country and government workers are not looking for democrats or republicans to point fingers but they are looking for people to resolve the issues to get paychecks to pay their mortgage and expenses. let's stop with the blame game
2:44 pm
and get our job work done. >> senator, i'm guessing the blame game, that is what the two parties do best. >> i hope we know how to resolve and talk to each other and work together and listen to each other and keep government open and resolve these issues, i think -- >> i think a lot of people want to see that. senator cardin, thanks for coming on. up ahead, why the shutdown countdown is reminding me of seinfeld. serenity now. n i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to cut my a1c. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar.
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tonight i'm obsessed with seinfeld and the shutdown countdown. jerry seinfeld said we root against a player on the other team and for him when he's traded to our team. the player hasn't changed only his clothing has. he put we're just rooting for laundry. that is what our politicians are doing right now. take nancy pelosi. ready to shut down the government. here she was in 2013 in the face of a republican shutdown. >> you do not use the threat of shutting down government to try to advance your policy agenda. that is just not the way it works. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer could hold his ground and force a shutdown. chaos, you say, so did he in 2013. >> we could say we're shutting down the government and not going to raise the debt celling until you pass immigration
2:47 pm
reform. it would be governmental chaos. >> meanwhile president trump said the government shutdown won't be his fault. very different from where he was when the president was named obama. >> the president in all fairness, he's the leader. he's the one that has to get everybody in a room and get it done. >> and then vice president mike pence. he was all for a shutdown in 2011. when the tea party wanted it. >> if liberals in the senate would rather play political games, and force a government shutdown instead of accepting a modest down payment on fiscal discipline and reform, i say shut it down. [ chanting ] >> even chants. funny what happens when the laundry changes. we'll be right back.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
time for "the lid." on the same day the white house touted the president's moral leadership, in touch weekly published the touch weekly published their interview with stormy daniels detailing her sexual encounter with a married donald trump. i got to play -- let me play the vice president of the united states today talking about president trump and his moral leadership. take a listen. >> this president has been a fi tireless defender of life and conscience in america and today, president trump will do even more to defend the most vulnerable in our society. with president donald trump in this white house, and with god's help, we will restore the sanctity of life to the center of american law.
2:51 pm
>> and in in touch weekly, you hear about stormy daniels and you write a lot about morality in politics and it's no secret you've eviscerated president trump before. but this juxtaposition, mike pence tried to sell the president has sort of a moral figure for the pro life movement, filled with people who claim mortality and values and then there's this stormy daniels thing and no one seems to care. >> i agree, there's kind of a numbness, maybe it's just that there's so many charges, maybe it's just the velocity of all the news, but people seem numb to it. people see a massive boulder in another presidency and it seems like a pebble in an avalanche in this current presidency. but you would think that evangelicals in particular would bring some moral seriousness to this debate. but how many of his advisors on
2:52 pm
his as vdvisory counsel are resigning. >> i know one did resign. >> not on this you are y'alarea. they're making -- donald trump has this affect on people around him. he lowers standards. people abandon their views. you know, a lot of these evangelical leaders have argued for family values for decades. that's been their main argument and now they can't even find their voice. >> it's interesting, jennifer, i do find that although donald trump isn't getting punished, but when another republican commits a mortality problem this year, they have been quick to throw him out. the congressman that was forced to resign in western pennsylvania, they're doing a special election because he made his mistress get an abortion, and how about the governor of missouri where you have republican lawmakers calling for his reservation. for some reason they're just
2:53 pm
giving trump the path. >> and you certainly noticed it with the me too movement, which i think was spurred in part to this election because women needed to do something to show their power and yet he's the one that remains and i have to tell you, it still gals me. i still have the capacity to be galled when i hear mike pence laud him as a moral leader. but i think that trump he makes the issues a bigger issue for others, but people make their peace and it's really disturbing. they make their peace with his lack of morality to advance what they want. and that's going to leave a mark on our country for a while. >> kimberly, i had a videwer wh i trade emails with say i didn't vote for him to be my kids role model, i am my kids role model.
2:54 pm
i elected him to -- >> we got the trump that we are seeing and what's being revealed before the election is exactly the trump that he laid himself bare to be during the election and somehow that makes it okay. it but i still think that it's a major problem, not just for evangelicals, who have to somehow find their moral base, but for republicans who are giving cover to all of this, at some point or another they will have to answer for it. >> the stormy daniels, we have to admit that the affair isn't going to hurt the president, per se, where i think he's vulnerable is on the legal front, where this news in the "wall street journal," that his attorney michael cohen had a dummy corporation who made payoffs. a porn star can blackmail the president, then suddenly that puts this in mueller's lane a little bit, does it not? >> no, i agree with that.
2:55 pm
he's opened himself up through his own behavior to leverage from other people, and the question is, do other people have leverage? i mean that's a valid question, when you see a case like this, do other people have leverage? >> and if i were the president's attorney, i would be scared that michael cohen is making way for mu mueller. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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well, in case you missed it, new jersey senator robert menendez is facing a very long 2018. the justice department just announced that it does intend to retry the bribery case against him. his first trial ended with a deadlocked jury. this is obviously not good news for menendez, because now he's going to tfight to keep his job whilefighting -- menendez remains defiant, a short time ago his office said we regret that the d.o.j. after spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars and failing to prove a single allegation in a court of law has decided to retry the senator. the question is he ready for two
3:00 pm
at the same time? does this -- do republicans find a retiring member of congress to say, hey, if he does, why don't you run for the senate? or some other moderate republican, all of a sudden, keep your eye on jersey politics. we'll be back tomorrow. right now "the beat" with ari melber. >> we're not shutting anything down, but we are keeping an eye on it. we're just six hours away from something that would actually be a first in u.s. history, a government shutdown at a time when one party controls the house, the senate and the presidency. the pressure building on a president who of course sold himself as a deal maker. here is the state of play right now. the house passed that funding of the government for one month. the senate hasn't acted on


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