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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  January 12, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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burning building before the fire took his own life. he died at just 28 years old. the army says he's going to be honored posthumously with a medal of honor. this is second lieutenant alex at his graduation in west point in may. notice his face. he's crying. born in haiti. barely new english when he came to the states in 2009. on instagram wrote, i am fra haiti and never did i imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me. two men, two different stories, one familiar threat. both came here from other countries who fight for america. that wraps things up for me. ali velshi, i stole 30 seconds of your time. >> well worth it to lose my time to these two men, heroes. one no longer with us and the other with a lifetime ahead of us serving this country. so i thank you for doing that. have a good afternoon. >> you, too. i'm ali velshi. today's show, a warning a word
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you'll hear through the show. i wish you didn't have to. we warn you will be offensive to some because of comments reportedly made by the president of the united states. i am warning you about language used by the president of the united states. by now you know the story. the "washington post" broke, the president is said to have asked the question, why are we having all these people from shit countries coming here, discussing immigration policy? the president denied using the language spoke earlier at on event honoring martin luther king jr. and when done asked about words he said. >> mr. president, are you a racist? will you respond to these serious questions? >> no. >> talking to the president, i'm talking to the president. mr. president, are you a racist? >> plmr. president, are aw raci? what happened in that question
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turned into a he said/he said. eight men in the office. seven congressmen, members of the senate, and the president of the united states, trying to work out a deal on immigration. lindsey graham is the latest to release a statement in the last 20 minutes in which he said following comments by the president i said my piece directly to him yesterday. the president, all those attending the meeting know what i said and how i feel. i always believed america is an idea not defined by its people but by its ideals. this comes after two other republican senators tom cotton, david perdue released a joint statement saying, we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically. he do not recall the president using the word "shit hole" and then senator dick durbin. the only one in the meeting explicitly confirming the president did in fact disparage the people of african nations as well as haiti. >> he said haitians. do we need more haitians?
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then went on and started to describe the immigration from africa being protected in this bipartisan measure. that's when he used these vile and vulgar comments calling the nations they come from shit holes. the exact word used by the president. not once but repeatedly. >> the president offered a rebuttal on twitter something becoming less and less believable saying the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough but this was not the language used. the president has denied that he used that language. i cannot believe in 2018 we're actually having this discussion on tv, but we are. nbc's jeff bennett is at the white house. jeff, what's the latest we're hearing from the white house were on what was said in the meeting? fact is, they have not said this wasn't said. the president denied it. the white house has not officially. >> reporter: ali, the white house is not moved beyond really the statement put out last night that sort of anadine statement.
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said the president was trying to make the point immigration needs to be stronger. you read one of the president's tweets, followed it um with another one. read it. says, never said anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country. never said take them out. made up by dems. i have a wonderful relationship with haitians. probably should report future meetings. unfortunately, no trust. we know from senator dick durbin in the room that the president didn't use that phrase to refer to haiti instead talked about some of the 54 nations in africa. look, i can tell you based on reporting i've done along with our colleague hallie jackson, the president last night was busy working phones gauging reaction how this was falling out. he also wanted to get a sense how it was resonating with his base, ali. the other thing interesting about this. our colleague vivian salama has reporting out painting a picture of the pattern of the president's unease with race and
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racial issues included in it is a detail from a member of the congressional black caucus who met with the president last year. this member met with other members of the cbc in the cabinet i believe with the president. this person, this lawmaker relayed to the president her concerns about potential cuts to welfare saying that it would hurt all of her constituents, many of hoar constituents, not all were black. the president's response was, really? then what are they? we don't know whether the president thinks that everyone on welfare is black or if he thought only congressional black -- black caucus members only represented black members in their districts. still, it points to a pattern of the president's unease, let's say, with racial issues, ali. >> ignorance of them. racism, where the discussion is. an unusual discussion, jeff, to be having. is the president a racist? anythi
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ignorant of what's going on and uneasy with people of color or different descent? this isn't the thing we're generally supposed to talk about. >> april ryan addressed it head-on, the president signed a proclamation honoring mlk day. asked straight up, mr. president, are you a racist. of course, the president didn't engage. those with the president, some of the african-american trump supporters stood to his left cake out just outside the west wing door. spoke to reporters. none would take questions about the president's comments about haiti and africa. >> all right, jeff, thanks very much. jeff bennett for us at the white house on this continuing story. the president's heading to mar-a-lago in florida. irony can't be lost because florida has the biggest haiti population in the country. 800,000 haitians living in the united states, of those 800,000, more than half of them live in florida. i'm joined by democratic
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congresswoman val demming, representing the orlando area, the city's first female police chief. congresswoman, your district has the tenth highest haitian hop lation in the country. 12% of your district is haitian. what are you hearing from your district about what the president said? >> good afternoon to you. great to be here. i can't believe i'm here on this particular weekend as we celebrate a civil rights icon, dr. martin luther king, who lost his life, as you know, fighting for justice and equality and to make the american dream available for everybody. look, i have a rich, wonderful, diverse haitian population right here in central florida. people who are working hard and contributing to our economy, our community every day. i'm also reminded of the story that played in the last hour about alex, who was born in haiti. grew up watching american troops there on humanitarian missions and decided to go to west point, come to this country.
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went to west point. graduated and is living the american dream. >> we'll put up the picture. katy tur showed it in the last hour. putting that up. graduate of west point and the photographer caught him with tears streaming down his face as he graduated in west point. coming to america to -- to enroll to fight for this country, if he is needed to do so. >> and that's really who we are. a land where any person from any country of any color can come to this particular country and live the american dream. and what we have heard the president say over the last 24 hours is not representative of who we are. every day i think he cannot top himself and yet here we find ourselves here today. it's unbelievable. >> the issue we all face. you face it in congress. we in the media. when things like this come and happen and pass, we get accused of normalizing it. at this point, this is -- maybe
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the tenth thing the president has done that would confirm to people that he either has racist tendencies or is ignorant what's really going on. there's a list. a man who said barack obama was not born in the united states and would prove that to the country and many, many other things. what do you need members of congress to do? i'm amazed of the seven in the room with the president only one has absolutely confirmed what happened and another senator, lindsey graham, has put out a statement largely confirming it. two of the senators say they don't even remember him saying it. how can you be in the office. president of the united states talking immigration having him use the term shit hole and not remember it? >> it's been a pattern all of 2017 in the white house, but what i think is most disappointing is the fact that there were other senators in the room who suddenly they can remember every point that was said about the daca legislation, but suddenly cannot remember the
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president using such racist, divisive, degrading language. i think that is the most embarrassing and disappointing and the underlying reason. the president says a lot of stuff, but racism is still the ghost in the room, and now it unfortunately is the ghost in the white house. >> ah. thank you for being with me, congresswoman. appreciate it. like you said, i wouldn't have guessed you and i would ever be having this conversation, but we are and onward we go. thank you. >> thank you. for more on this joined by yamiche, soon to be white house correspondent for pbs news hour and relevantly also the daughter of haitian parrish. helped cover the hur karen inclui -- hurricane. and yamiche, we don't want to get into a debate whether or not haitians are worthy or unworthy of this conversation. i think most thinking americans understand that whether it's
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haitians or salvadorans or africans, this was bad, what the president has done. i'm trying to figure where we go from there. is it bad? proof of over -- racism? remarkable ignorance and what must our legislators do about this? >> i think where we go from here is, one, first educating people on what the haitian population did for this country. few people understand that now right now in savannah, georgia there's a monument dedicated to haitian soldiers who fought in the revolutionary war and hundreds of thousands of haitians like my parents who came to this country, both got ph.d.s are now productive citizens in america. i think we need to actually educate people about who haitians are, because so many people talk to me and wrote to me said i'm very proud to watch you as a haitian journalist talk about that. few people understand stood i was a haitian person when they watched me. that part of it. also, people like lindsay graham and other republicans in the room need to speak up and explain themselves and explain, do they actually back the
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president in what he said? because right now there's a large, so many immigration issues we have to go forward and talk about including daca and people need to understand where the republican party stands. >> by the way, yamiche, you could be from anywhere? right? people don't know you're from a haitian background because you're a face that could be from anywhere. let's talk about the fact that these comments were made not off hand. not in a bar. not chatting about stuff. they were made while discussing immigration policy, and something the courts have turned to when discussing the travel ban. that the president says things and tweets things and those are indications of what he believes policy should be. >> and i think any reporter or viewer who is really watching president trump's career understands he's someone, even -- i'm not here to debate whether or not these actually racist, but the idea he feels he can traffic and stereotypes, kicked off his campaign really
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questions president obama's citizenship, calling him un-american and then called mexicans rapists and criminals when he actually kicked off his official campaign. throughout his presidency and campaign people have seen him as someone who's incendiary. white supremacists were excited when president trump was running. years before they saw a candidate with their same values. i think president trump needs to be more clear whether or not he actually is someone whom people think are racist or misspoke or whether or not he apologizes. so many people want him to say more and the fact he refused to have answers signing the mlk proclamation is problematic for him. >> a lot of irony in that. in september 2016 the president said to the haitian community, the haitian-american community deserves or gratitude and respect. you have my respect. whether you vote for me or don't i really want to be your greatest champion and i will be your champion.
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ironic. yamiche, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. following a big development on the iran nuclear deal. we've learned the trump administration will continue to waive critical sanctions as part of the agreement. breaking down what this news means for the future of the deal and fresh reaction from tehran, next. plus, much more on president trump's disparaging remarks as people in the haitian community and here in the united states begin to weigh in on the news. >> this is in violation and breaks with all our ideals and values as americans, as a nation of immigrants. right? so these racist comments are beneath the lowest of the low. and the best. which egg tastes more farm-fresh and delicious? only eggland's best. which egg has 6 times more vitamin d, 10 times more vitamin e, and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. which egg is so special, i'd never serve my family anything else? for me, it's only eggland's best.
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president trump announced today he will again waive critical sanctions against iran 4ri6r9ed as part of the 2015 iran nuclear deal in agreement he railed against as beeping the worst deal ever." central bank and new sanctions imposed on entities that commit human rights violations or support of proliferation of nuclear iranian weapons. and following this, ali is with us. ali? >> reporter: hi, ali's well, president trump is giving the deal one more chance and if changes aren't played, could be curtains. now the white house wants a deal or a follow-up agreement with the eu signatures that addresses iran's ballistic missiles making
12:19 pm
it inseparable from its nuclear program. inspections without restrictions, deal without a sunset clause. the currenter deal, restrictions on iran's uranium enrichments are set to expire in 2025. interestingly, ali, the white house statement said this follow-up wouldn't entail direct negotiations with irans. this would be something the u.s. would work out with their european allies, partners only. now, it's important to point out not only do they not want to talk to the iranians, they didn't mention the russians or chinese, who also are signatureries to the deal and have veto power, essential when it comes to imposing sanctions. the foreign ministers of britain, france, germany, the european union melt the iranian counterpart in brussels yesterday to reaffirm the commitment to the deal and confirm iran is in compliance. now, they'll be breathing a sigh of relief, because they were worried that trump may pull out of the deal, effectively end it. it's only a temporary sigh of
12:20 pm
relief as we'll be revisiting this issue in 120 days. iranian foreign minister warned that iran's continued compliance is dependent on washington honoring the deal and that's the reality of the situation. the deal wouldn't have come to fruition without america's involvement, and won't stay alive if the u.s. pulls out, even if europe, china and russia remain committed. now, the iranians also made it clear, ali, no part of this deal is up for renegotiation. nor is iran's ballistic missile program. echoing the same sentiments and all signatureries indicate no about tight to renegotiate. all that said and the president's tough position, one can't help feeling the jcpoa is taking its last breaths. >> thanks for your comprehensive report from tehran. the jcpoa, the joint comprehensive plan of action, short form for the iran deal.
12:21 pm
talk more about this, bring in would bobber ghosh and former treasury spokesperson and former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to u.n. bobby, start with you. something that ali said that stood out there was, if the u.s. does pull out of this deal. even though they are one of many parties to the deal, can it survive without the united states? what's your take on it. >> hard to see how it can. ali said, the deal would 23409-of-not have been made if the u.s. wasn't part of it and iranians said repeatedly, u.s. fails to keep its end of the bargain, the deal is off. seems fairly clear, if trump is out of it, the deal is nonexistent. >> has that deal been violated or is iran doing other stuffs the united states doesn't want it to do. >> hard to say. listen, iea says they haven't
12:22 pm
violated it. >> the international atomic energy, charged with monitoring the sites? >> right. even president trump hasn't said i am saying they're non-compliant. the term is nor violating the spirit of the deal. >> right. >> there are for sure certain reports out there that indicated small violations here and there regarding sanctions violations or sanctions busting, things like that. i wouldn't be surprised about that. >> bobby, one of the things that's easy to take issue with iran is that they're bad actors. there are lots of things they do. human rights abusers and all sorts of things about them, but this deal, a lot of people supported the deal who said it isn't meant to make iran your best friend or neighbor. it's meant to deal with iran's pursuit of nuclear weaponry. >> true, but the administration indicated directly or indirectly at the final stretch of the deal, witness you have this deal, then you create a bath to iran to become a better actor.
12:23 pm
very least, the monies released from the removal of sanctions would allow iran to improve the lot of its people. that plainly has not happened. it was probably a foolish expectation to set up, that somehow the iranians would become better actors. clearly, they have no intention of doing that and a comment president trump made as well. they're using the money to continue their bad actions, but the deal is a straight jacket. not a lot you can do. a deal made. everyone signed off on it. it tooks, months, years of negotiations. that's the deal. these new sanctions. they're designed to try and give the u.s. and the president other options, other ways of trying to put pressure on the iranians, and that's going to be a continuous search. they're going -- the deal is unvileable, then what else can you do to rein in some of that bad action? >> and to be clear, the president has specific thinks he wants in a new law. immediate inspections, ensure iran doesn't come close to
12:24 pm
possessing a nuclear weapon. make the provisions of the deal permanent. the sunset, as ali reported. is there a likelihood the u.s. can pass what donald trump wants and somehow it fits into the infrastructure of the deal that already exists or are we headed to the end of this deal? >> listen, if these four provisions were likely, president obama would have achieved it. it's not as though when i was in government, when we went into this deal that the idea was to come out with something that wasn't as ideal as we could get it. >> right. >> the goal, fight for what we could get. that's not saying that the deal's perfect. a lot of people would agree it has a lot of flaws. and i think had president trump approached this in a different manner he may have been able to say. okay. these are the things we need to do. rally the allies to try to move iran version 2.0 without unrealistic requests. in the statement released today comes off with a threatening tone. allies don't change this, the
12:25 pm
united states is withdrawing. that's -- that's wrong for two reasons. first, the countries may very well say, listen, that's not really worth it. this is not achievable. and frankly, we don't really like how you do business right now. our businesses are all right flocking to iran and the end of this deal is problematic for those reasons and secondly, he doesn't have institutional knowledge of how difficult it was to get our allies to impose the sanctions with us. >> years, bobby said. of multilateral negotiations. >> yes, yes. >> and -- >> nobody raising their hand, let's get the deal done with iran. >> and nobody is saying. mcmaster saying keep the deal, tillerson said keep the deal. boeing, a major deal, a major hopes of selling planes to iran. all the grown-ups in the room are saying, don't mess with this deal. and trump is, seems to be the only person there who wants to go another route. >> thank you for helping us.
12:26 pm
bobby ghosh, and former spokesperson to the united states. a preview of next week's "new yorker" cover calmed "led the hole". next, the current status of immigration legislation in congress and how president trump's vulgar comments might have an impact on them. it's a small finger...a worm! like, a dagger? a tiny sword? bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot! no? uhhh... 10 seconds. a stick! a walking stick! eiffel tower, mount kilimanjaro! (ding) time! sorry, it's a tandem bicycle. what? what?!
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you cannot speak the words of tolerance, of peace and love and non-violence and then put down a group of people. a nation of people, because of the color of their skin, or what part of the world they may come from. >> congressman john lewis, civil rights icon, marched with dr. martin loon sing jr. reacting to the disparaging comments made by president trump. he made the remarks talking to a group of lawmakers seen here, seven lawmakers and the president, about immigration and daca. that's relevant. one senator lindy graham released a statement. in it revealing graham said his piece directly to the president yesterday but the president's comments will no doubt make any
12:31 pm
deal on daca and immigration more broadly even harder to achieve. i want to go to capitol hill and nbc's leigh ann caldwell. where does it all stand? 24 hours ago we talked there seemed to be some agreement on daca at least and since then things have changed a lot? >> reporter: it has, ali. no doubt this made things more complicated. graham tried to say that it hasn't, but hearing back from aides and members of congress today on capitol hill and a lot of silence. i know the news cycle travels really fast. i don't know how things will look monday, but i do know today everyone's kind of laying low and trying not to get too engaged in this topic unless they have to. unless they were in that meeting, and what's so interesting is what made trump so upset yesterday is a discussion about this diversity visa lottery. i'm told from republicans and democrats, and i've been told throughout the week, that that was one of the easier parts of
12:32 pm
this deal to negotiate, and to come to an agreement on. so the fact that trump kind of blew up over this makes the future in the fate of this deal a little uncertain. i know when it was released yesterday, the thing that upset republicans is that they thought this deal could, perhaps, get the support of 60 senators. but with the majority of democrats. and republicans don't want a democratic majority bill to move through congress. and so what happens next? there's still a group of the number twos in the house and senate. republicans and democrats, who this group was formed just earlier this week after the meeting with trump. they're going to continue to meet. i'm not being told specifically if they're going to take this graham/durbin proposal and use that as a baseline to jump off of, but the graham/durbin bill is, or the proposal, anyways, it's the only thing on the table right now. and so where this moves, i don't
12:33 pm
see it happen, anything significant happening or some sort of big deal coming from january 1th. and that is important, because that's next friday, and that is the next deadline for a government shutdown. democrats want something before that. >> those d.r.e.a.m.ers, 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers, yesterday close to a celebration now facing a setback. thanks, leigh ann caldwell on capitol hill. for more on the president's comments, where we go from here, joined by the latino usa host and hosts "by the numbers" for pbs. go to see you. >> good to see you. >> the president among other things alleged to have said yesterday, spoke when referring to haitians, he said, get them out. that stood out for you, because we're all very focused on the terrible language he used. the racist terminology, but there's something more. this is the president of the united states. not a guy in the bar saying, "get them out." >> exactly. the fact everybody is focussing
12:34 pm
on those two or one word that is disgusting and reveals how he feels about this countries. the other part, which is these three words "take them out." when the president says that, within everything, the context of the conversation -- >> of deportations, arrests, i.c.e. >> exactly. you know, ali what that means, is to the i.c.e. agents on the ground, who walk around, as you know, with huge lettering that says, police. they are not police. they're immigration agents. they are misidentifying themselves. when the president says this, basically take them out, that is what the community then is saying. this is fearful for us. this is the gestapo on us. so the fact we're all talking about this, these particular words, instead of saying, what are the consequences of right now what's happening? when he says that, the troops on the ground of i.c.e., they're ready to swing into action. >> and i understand the fears of people, what they feel. i separate the idea i.c.e.
12:35 pm
agents are like gestapo, but -- >> ali -- ali, it is very painful to have to say these things, but the things that are happening, people are being asked for their citizenship when they're getting on buses in upstate new york. agents are getting on trains and going through the train and spotting people and saying what your citizenship? so it is very -- it's a horrible thing to say. but, you know, horrible things being said right now is part of the united states 2018 post-trump, and united states 2018, we've seen a great deal of immigration action, just this week. we've seen arrests. we've seen the people going to 7-elev 7-elevens, finding people undocumented, rounding them up. we're in that place. so when the president says things like, "take them out" or the words he says, that's very, very real. not just to the d.r.e.a.m.ers, it's much broader than that. >> so i'm going to rebate something that the mayor of los angeles said to me on the
12:36 pm
record, also kwaekly disturbing. he says he's very concerned, on the 25th anniversary of the rodney king uprising rights. he said my concern is that the next time there's going to be some kind of uprising it's going to be because of an encounter with i.c.e. in a community where they -- [ speaking in foreign language ] they have lost patience with feeling like they are being hunted. we saw that in new york yesterday. there was a protest here, immigrants rights activist went in to check in, as asked. has no record. he was taken. that's what "take them out" looks like. the response from the community, and where, you know, we are not asleep. people are aware, and so there is action. there will be more action, but where this is all leading, as you know, ali, we don't know. >> yeah. >> but it is not -- it's not the same country that you and i were living in, at least in a public way. >> it's a very, very troubling time in america. >> that's a reality for you and me as american journalists. you and i have lived through
12:37 pm
this where we, because you're an immigrant and i'm an immigrant, african, mexican. >> from one of those countries that he called -- >> me, too, hashtag. then we are the targets now and journalists. so this is, in fact, very dangerous, but frankly, ali, i've been saying it's dangerous since the day that he announced in his campaign by calling people like me rapists and murderers. >> yep. we keep going. >> and we keep going. we have no choice. actually, what we need to do is engage more. >> yep. >> what they need to do. >> maria, tranche. maria hinojosa, anchor and executive producer's latinos usa. coming up, a new report saying the same russian hackers spent months laying groundwork for an espionage campaign against the u.s. senate. details on that, on the other side of the break. over the years, paul and i have met regularly with our ameriprise advisor. we plan for everything from retirement to college savings. giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family.
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures and before starting xarelto® about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. government linked hackers known as fancy bear, the same group that penetrated the dnc during the 2016 election are now targeting the u.s. senate. they've been reportedly mounting attacks over the past months on the senate's internal e-mail system. the security firm revealed today phishing sites were set up as far back at june 2017. joining me, the vice president of cloud research at trend micro, the company that published the report. thanks for joining us. first of all, tell us what fancy bear is. >> fancy bear is a group of hackers who have been committing
12:42 pm
cyber crimes and running politically motivated campaigns across various targets for the last three or four years now. >> and as i was saying, they've set up phishing sites. what's it meant to do? get senate members or staffers to click on links and somehow expose passwords or information? >> exactly, ali. exactly a what they're trying to do. trying to gain legitimate credentials to u.s. senate systems. they'll then use those to log in to gather information to basically do a bunch of rec reconnaissance to gain more information to put it forward to support their own political agenda. >> you said something interesting, to distinguish. talking gathering legitimate credentials. is that different than hacking? something nefarious that goes on to try to get into a system? >> an astute point. fancy bear, the group is somewhat moderately technically
12:43 pm
sophisticated. that's the level they're demonstrating publicly, but generally focused on engineering. setting up ways to trick people into hander over credentials without a lot of technical wizardry. phishing e-mails, targeted and very believable getting users to click into the sites and type in credentials. >> thanks for the conversation. the vice president of cloud research at trend micro incorporat incorporated. up next, the haitian ambassador to the united states talks to nbc news about the lack of communication coming from the trump administration following the president's disparaging remarks about haiti. this as we continue to hear from haitians in the united states who are outraged over the president's remarks. >> to hear the president of the united states of america, the free world leader, the leader of the free world, to say something like that about other country and other people, he should be ashamed. make something for dinner.
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12:47 pm
i read those comments later last night. so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> interesting. aren't the first things that came to my mind when heari inin
12:48 pm
what the president said. a time when paul ryan was really frank about what he thought about the words and language that donald trump used. anyway, unfortunate is how he described the language, president trump used referring to african country in the oval office meeting yesterday. many are not explicitly coming out about what the president said. and martin luther king jr.'s daughter spoke out saying i'm more troubled by the silence from people supposed to be men and women of righteousness. joini ining me now, max boot on studies in council on foreign rerelations for the mccain, rubio campaigns and more importantly author of a brand new book called "the road not taken." edwards landsdale and the american tragedy in vietnam. don't drop it.
12:49 pm
it will hurt you. it is long. i haven't gotten to this yet, but i'm going to get to the book shortly, amazon says it reads like a novel. i hope you like it. >> no doubt. one of the most important i've got and i'll take advantage of having you here. you tweeted earlier today about the meeting in which the president said these things. the room was full of republicans. why didn't they speak up during the meeting and why aren't they speaking out now? silence equals consent. we've heard from dick durbin, lindsey graham spoke up and confirmed he has spoken up. we have two senators who say they didn't remember him saying this. that's not possible. it's not possible the president of the united states talking about immigration policy could have used the word shit hole and two american senators -- >> right. unless he says it so often. >> that you wouldn't know. this is a little weird. i'm with bernice king on this one. the president said outrageous thing as long time. a long history saying racist and troubling things. what about the other seven in the room? >> i was writing an article on
12:50 pm
those very lines before coming on the air. absolutely right. we all know who donald trump is right now. archie bunker in the oval office, have known it since day one when mexican immigrants. so nobody can pretend to be surprised by this. what is shocking, what is shameful and just unbelievable is the way that the rest of the republican party has normalized this behavior. refused to condemn it. turned away from it and it's time after time. when he says the white supremacists in charlottesville are fine people and pardons sheriff arpaio who is an opracist and calls these countries shitholes. they're compliceit in the most openly racist president of our lifetime. >> unbelievable. >> you had an article in december's foreign policy about iran and the nuclear deal. we've heard today the president is renewing the wavers. he said it's the last time he's
12:51 pm
going to do so and wants the deal renegotiated. from a 50,000-foot perspective, where we are on the iran deal. >> i think what you're seeing is the nonstop warfare within this administration between the president's often crazy impulses and the more sane and sound views of his own national security advisers. and you see that constant tension going on. sometimes he breaks out of those. for example, he tweeted an attack on pakistan announcing we were going to cut aid and from the reporting, that took a lot of his aides by surprise. and other instances like the iran nuclear deal, h.r. mcmaster and mattis and tillerson are trying to keep him from torpedoing the deals but they don't see a good option and neert neither do i. there's a limit to what advisers can do because he is the commander in chief. and you see it all the time.
12:52 pm
they can't stop trump from being trump at the end of the day. >> the book is about edward landsdale, a cia operative. and tell us about this. what this is -- this is about vietnam? >> yes. it's about this legendary cia operative edward landsdale, said to be the model for the quiet american and the ugly american. one of the most intriguing figures whose story has never been well told. he was really the person who was later very much at odds with the kind of policy the u.s. pursued because he understood we could not bomb and kill our way to victory. we had to have a political settlement, a government the people could support. it's interesting now looking at donald trump. in some ways, i think he is the anti-edward landsdale because edward landsdale believed in empathy, understanding. and one of his most important traits was he went to places like the philippines and vietnam and was effective because he was not a racist. because he treated those people like equals, treated them like
12:53 pm
brothers. won their friendship, won their trust and, therefore, able to influence them and get them to do things in the interest of the united states. can you imagine donald trump doing anything like that? he repulses the entire world. he does not understand the meaning of the word empathy. he insults people. he does not treat them with dignity and respect in the way edward landsdale did. i'd respectfully submit if we're going to achieve our goals around the world in the future, we need more edward landsdales and fewer donald trumps. >> i promise to read this soon. max boot is a military historian, senior fellow in national security studies at the council on foreign relations. after the break, my closing thoughts on the president's racist, vulgar language toward african nations. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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there are 54 countries that make up the continent of africa. 54 places president trump considers to be shithole countries. now i'm here in america, a country literally built by immigrants and whose pledge of allegiance tells people who want to become citizens say it is one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. a country in which the president presides over the united states, but the president's words were anything but unifying. according to the u.s. census bureaus, blacks or african-americans make up 13.3% of the american population. 13.3% of the population who are
12:58 pm
connected to those countries the president slurred. it's not the first time he's made racially incendiary remarks. when trump announced his candidacy in 2015 he made inflammatory remarks about mexican immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some, i assume, are good people. according to "the new york times," he complained the 15,000 haitian immigrants giving visas last year all have aids. in that same meeting the times reported he says once the 40,000 nigerians given visas arrived in the u.s., they would never go back to their huts. the white house denies that report. but we've all heard the president when he says this after the deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville. >> you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> yes, a president who said that said this during an event to honor martin luther king jr.
12:59 pm
today. >> today we celebrate dr. king for standing up for the self-evident truth americans hold so dear that no matter what the color of our skin, or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by god. >> now those sounded like the words of a unifying president, but those words fly in the face of what we've been covering all day. i'm not going to repeat the insult. i've said it too many times today but i'll leave you with these words says by robert kennedy. on the night of martin luther king's assassination. april 4th, 1968. >> you can be filled with bitterness and with hatred and a desire for revenge. we can move in that direction as a country and greater polarization. black people amongst blacks and white amongst whites filled with hatred toward one another.
1:00 pm
or we can make an effort, as martin luther king did, to understand and to comprehend and replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land with an effort to understand compassion and love. hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. if you have kids in school, they probably spent today and much of the week learning about martin luther king. my 6-year-old today told me he learned in kindergarten that king was a hero who wanted love for everyone and that he was shooted by a bad guy. donald trump became the first american president to honor dr. king with words that rang so hollow, they were drowned out by the shouted questions that followed them. >> mr. president, will you give an apology for the statement st


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