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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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as the world turns, 2017 arrives with a blast. this was the scene in sydney, australia, a short time ago, as 1.5 million people gathered at the harbor for the show. 7 tons of fireworks were used for this spectacular show.
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and, boy, did it make a difference. that is gorgeous. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on this new year's eve. i'm betty nguyen here in new york. in 15 hours, it will be new york's turn to welcome in the new year. times square is ready, up to 2 million people are expected to pack the area amid unprecedented security measures. nbc's adam reese is there this morning. he joins us live. how is law enforcement preparing for this? >> good morning. security will be tight. the nypd will be out in force, some 7,000 officers to protect some 2 million revelers here in times square. there will be bag checks, radiation detectors, metal detectors, dogs roaming through the crowds here. some of it you'll be able to see, some of the security you won't be able to see. my colleague anne thompson has more. >> reporter: what a way to say good-bye. the waterford crystal ball a kaleidoscope of color at dress rehearsal. tonight's minute long journey
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down the flagpole marking the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. making memories for a lifetime. >> we always said on our 40th if we didn't make it before then, we were going on our 50th. so the year we both turned 50, that was the plan. >> reporter: though police say there is no direct terror threat, security will be plentiful and visible. the new york city police department putting 7,000 officers in the area. building what it hopes is an inpenetrable perimeter. with 65 sand trucks, and 100 other blocker vehicles, to stop deadly truck attacks that ruined holiday celebrations in nice, france, and berlin. along with bomb detecting canine units and police in tactical gear, there will also be plain clothes police officers mingling with the crowd, and eyes watching from rooftops and choppers. >> i think they need to do something to keep the people safe and still have something that is joyous as new year's. >> reporter: efforts repeated around the united states and
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around the world, from sydney's iconic harbor to terror scarred paris and brussels. celebrations in the windy city buffered by concrete barriers. here in new york, revelers will be confined to pens, stretching 17 blocks from times square, sharing the moment with 3,000 of their closest friends in each pen. multiple bag checks are to be expected, no umbrellas, weapons, backpacks or large bags will be allowed. >> now the nypd says there are no known threats to the festivities tonight, so let the party begin. betty? >> we can see people are already down there at 9:00 in the morning east coast time. i saw them earlier around 6:00 this morning. going to be quite the show. thank you. happening now, new reports of a russian hack aimed at the u.s. according to the washington post, a malware code associated wihe russian hacking campaign was found in a laptop at a vermont electric company. the post cited a senior obama administration official among its sources who say the russians
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did not actively use the code to disrupt utility operations. c's hans nichols is at the white house withore for us today. what do you know about this and is there any reaction from the white house? >> no reaction from the white house yet. still probably asleep in hawaii. what we know is on thursday when the president announced the sanctions as well as the expulsion of those 35 diplomats, he also talked about defensive measures preventative measures that key u.s. institutions could take as a result of that, a vermont utility ran those operations and discovered it may have been compromised. russian hackers may have been probing for weakness in a vermont utility, according to an explosive report in the washington post. once alerted to the potential infiltration, burlington electric quickly scanned their system for the malicious code, the utility confirmed. there was an infection, but only on a single department laptop. the company saying we took immediate action to isolate the laptop and alerted federal
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officials of this finding. >> send a clear message to russia. >> the discovery coming days after president barack obama announced sanctions against top russian intelligence officials for alleged cyberinterference with the u.s. presidential election. as part of the u.s. response, the department of homeland security and the fbi shared information about the malware and its signature with key sectors. all part of a joint analysis report that accused russian groups of being, quote, part of an ongoing campaign of cyberenabled operations directed at the u.s. government and its citizens. burlington electric said that operators of utilities were alerted by the department of homeland security on thursday night, of a possible malware code, associated with the russian hacker operation dubbed grizzly steppe. according to the washington post, the russians did not actively use the code to disrupt operations at the new england utility. but citing anonymous sources, the story noted that the very
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existence of the malware raises fears in the u.s. government that russian government hackers are actively trying to penetrate the grid to carry out potential attacks. with winter weather enveloping much of the northeast, residents hardly need a reminder of the importance of their power system. we have heard from the governor of vermont, he is saying they're aware of this breach, that state federal authorities are working with the utility and he says that all americans and all vermonters should be outraged. >> thank you so much for staying on top of this. we appreciate that. the washington post report on the vermont utility company came just hours after the president-elect praised vladimir putin for his decision not to retaliate against new u.s. sanctions. in a tweet, trump said, i always knew he was very smart. meanwhile, new reaction from a former member of the mormon tabernacle choir on why she resigned in protest to performing on inauguration day. here's what she told my colleague steve kornacki yesterday.
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>> there are a number of people that feel that going out to sing for this particular candidate expresses conflicted message, that might undermine the beautiful message that choir has for so many decades worked so hard to cultivate with so many people. no just america's choir, it is also the world'shoir too. for me, this is a moral issue, where i'm concerned about our freedoms being in danger as time goes by. >> let's bring in pamela levy, reporter for mother jones and kali barnes. the president-elect has yet to respond to the washington post report on spy ware found on a laptop at the vermont utility company. but with this new -- renewed focus, how might this change the way trump views the intelligence reports? >> you know, i think that so far donald trump has sort of been in a state of denial about russian
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hacking, about russia's role and their posture to the u.s. he's taken on this almost fan boy persona when it comes to vladimir putin, saying he's very smart, saying they can work together, and i think that this will be a challenge to him. i think that the actions that obama took as well as this most recent revelation will really test, you know, trump's ability to look the other way. and i think when he takes office on january 20th, there will be a lot of hard decisions and it will be interesting to see how he goes. this definitely makes it harder for him to continue to cast doubt on russia's role in the election and in their approach to the u.s. in general. >> let me bring you in, caitlin. do you expect a change in trump's outlook once he meets with intelligence officials next week? >> what is interesting about that meeting is the question about what will be new in that briefing. remember, the obama administration has been talking about this issue since the summer. and the trump transition team
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says they will assess after their intelligence briefing next week. and in some ways it does give trump the opportunity to kind of take a step back, hit the pause button for a minute and say, you know, the intelligence community presented a compelling argument, here's what i've learned, this is what i think now. but given his recent tweets, given everything that we know about his position on russia so far, that does seem unlikely, even for a person who is known to surprise us a bit. but it will be interesting to see, you know, what new comes out of that meeting given that they have been briefed for several months now. >> we're all looking forward to that meeting to hearing something in detail as to what new is out there. pema, when it comes to tossing out the russian diplomats, is there any clear strategy from the obama white house? there is not many days left with this administration. so what is the move? what is the move next? >> yeah, i think that this is a
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clear signal that i think they're trying to send, obviously, president obama is a lame duck president, there is only suo much he can do. but he wants to sense a message that, look, you can't interfere in our elections, you can't, you know, be potentially hacking into our utilities without prepercussions, that we're taking this really seriously. i think, you know, security experts and officials are pretty unanimous that this is -- given the circumstances and given the constraints that the president is work under, this is a pretty significant step that he took to prove that he's serious. and, you know, it also puts trump in a tight spot. sort of forces his hand when he takes office that he has to also take this seriously and if he doesn't, that will be a big deal, it will be a historic thing if donald trump invites those diplomats back into the united states. and so it sort of boxes in the next president als sends a signal that this is serious and we're taking it seriously. >> any chance he will reverse
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what the obama administration has recently done? he's been praising putin at a time when republican leaders are really siding with president obama's response. >> i think that's the biggest question heading into the new year as it pertains to this new transition. i think a lot of those questions will be asked and answered during the confirmation hearing for secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. this is an opportunity for republicans to voice their opposition to donald trump's policies such as they are so far. and i think you'll see those questions asked to rex tillerson who has been criticized by democrats and republicans for his connections to russia and his previous opposition to sanctions against russia while he was head of exxonmobil. so i think that will certainly play out during the confirmation hearings next month. >> trump has been praising putin for not retaliating against the obama response. do you think putin is playing the u.s. and trump in particular? caitlin, let me ask you that.
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>> sure, i think there are a lot of questions about what putin's next moves are. certainly his position was taken as a slight to the obama administration kind of saying your tenure is over, we're moving on to the next. remains to be seen, though, how trump handles that. they are starting kind of a reset in relations if you will, and, remember, past presidents have tried to do this with putin to little success. president george bush, of course, president obama talking about that and now infamous reset and they have seen the repercussions that have come out of that. or i should say vladimir putin's, you know, going against what he -- what he's doing, some unfavorable things and the annexation of crimea is one of them there are a lot of questions about how donald trump will handle those kind of things if and when if they come. >> in particular, on this hacking issue, pema, do you
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think vladimir putin is saying i'm going to back off, i'm going to wait for trump to come in, we're not going to retaliate, but yet we hear about, you know, the electrical grid and vermont possibly being hacked. is he possibly saying one thing with the pr stance of everyone saying maybe he's turned a new leaf, but yet doing another? >> yeah, i don't think there is any evidence that in terms of actual, you know, cyberactivities targeting the united states that vladimir putin is pulling back at all. i agree with caitlin, this is a slight to president obama saying you're not worth our time anymore, we're waiting for president trump, and it is, i think, a hand extended to donald trump saying, you know, roll back the sanctions against us, roll back these new positions that president obama announced this week, we can work together. i don't think that means that vladimir putin is going to entirely change his stance and russia's stance towards the united states, but it is a way
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to begin to forge a relationship with trump. and i think the fear is that that will be a relationship in which vladimir putin tries to manipulate donald trump. i think there is a fear of, you know, they call each other smart, they sort of have this fan boy relationship with each other, and i think there is a fear that donald trump will sort of walk into this, you know, reset of his own with russi and end up being manipulated by vladimir putin and so that's the fear, i think, at this point, but i don't think there is any evidence that putin is going to actually change his strategy in terms of, you know, the cyberattacks that his country has been waging. >> interesting conversation. thank you so much. happy new year. >> you too. later this hour, was a lack of faith to blame for the democrats' loss in november? hear from the former director of faith outreach for president obama, why he says democrats have a religion problem and why he felt so isolated in his work. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand.
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this was a scene friday at russian compounds in maryland and new york after president obama ordered the expulsion of nearly three dozen diplomats. both outposts being turned over to the state department and the occupants flown back to russia. let's bring in the former ambassador to iraq and poland, thank you for being with us today. >> pleasure. >> how unusual is president obama's action here? was it a surprise to you about the compounds and what does it all entail? >> those compounds, especially the one in san francisco, was known to have a lot of aggressive soviet or now russian espionage. so i wasn't too surprised,
6:20 am
especially given the fact that it has been so aggressive. countries spy on each other. this is nothing new. what was unusual is the degree to which the russians were pressing for whether industrial secrets, or most recently political influence. so i think there is much to be concerned about and i think the president took some important steps. but it is very interesting what the next step is, because normally you would have expected a full retaliation from the russians. >> that's part of the question. if they knew months ago, why retaliate now? >> i think the president made a political decision there. i think he didn't want to do it in the run-up to the election. i think he was very deliberate, very careful, made sure we had all our facts together, made sure they're able to put out the facts, especially to congressman and senators in the -- on the hill. and i think in so doing he really has convinced anyone who
6:21 am
read the file that we had a problem. i think he tried to detach it from the actual election results. and i think it is important to understand that nobody is making the claim that russia was successful in changing the election results. but i think everyone understands that russia was aggressive in trying to influence the elections. >> if you know a crime is happening, this hacking being the crime, don't you stop it while it is happening, not wait until after it happened and say, oh, yeah, it happened and let's do something about it now? >> first of all, i don't think he waited until after it happened. the fbi actually had signaled that this had been happening earlier. we knew about it before the election. i think the aggressive action by the president necessarily waited until after the election to show that he was not trying to influence the outcome himself, he was simply trying to do his job as commander in chief and deal with threats that are being posed. so i think it was important in this context that he put
6:22 am
together all the information, all the facts, laid it out to congress, and then took action. so i don't see this as waiting. i think this is more deliberate action, careful action by the administration. >> can donald trump come in and undo everything the obama administration has done in regards to this? >> i don't think so. the first thing that is going to happen, of cose, is donald trump is going to get educated on this issue. and he's indicated he's prepared to talk to people. but he has a way of kind of doubling down on issues. i'm not sure he's going to necessarily say that, gee, i was wrong and president obama was right. that said, i think he's going to see the extent of this problem. what has to be understood is this is not just russia trying to influence u.s. elections. this is part of a broader pattern of real misbehavior, where they have interfered in western europe, where they have grossly interfered in ukrainian affairs and, of course, where they have essentially kind of gone into occupy syria and try to affect the military outcome
6:23 am
there. it is part of a broader pattern of behavior. and while i think president elect trump has reset in mind, i think it is important to recall that back in 2009, the obama administration tried to reset. it is not so easy to reset the russian relationship and i think donald trump is going to realize that. >> it sounds like putin is trying to reset on his part if you will. are you surprised by his decision not to expel american diplomats from russia that he's not going to retaliate, that he's actually going to show some restraint here and do you believe he truly will? >> well, first of all, i mean, he seems to put a lot of stock in the idea that he could have a new relationship with a new u.s. president. so i think he's trying to look to kind of calm things down and see if that new relationship is going to yield something. as much criticism as donald trump has taken, i think he's made one important point, which is we should not sort of personalize this issue.
6:24 am
and there has been a lot of personalizing over the question of russian leadership. russian leadership is pretty much focused on one person, vladimir putin. but i think some of the efforts, you hear this in the u.s. media, hear this among u.s. politicians, it is as if putin and russia are synonymous terms. i think donaldrump is refrned from beioo personalizing the issue on putin, but we'll see if he's successful in doing this, and in the meantime, i think putin is appreciative of that. and so we'll have to see how this develops. but i would caution against the idea that there is going to be some reset and all is going to be well with russia. russia has a broad pattern of misbehavior that will not be rolled back by the american, by the new american president. >> i want to shift gears a little bit now, because yesterday british prime minister theresa may put out a statement in response to john kerry's call for a two-state solution and israel saying we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the
6:25 am
democratically elected government of an ally. how significant to you is it to have the uk break from the u.s. like this? >> i think it is highly unusual. you know, i think some of it is rooted in internal british politics and may's efforts to demonstrate her own sort of stewardship and leadership. but i think it is highly unusual. but what was also highly unusual was to have a secretary of state very much of a lame duck, very much in a position of really not instant -- not instituting any new policies at this point, to come out in a speech that i think some have accurately described as a sort of set of frustrations with dealing with the israeli leadership. so i think to some extent it was an incident or an effort that really didn't need to happen. >> all right, former ambassador chris hill, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> the changes we can see in the
6:26 am
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a new challenge lies ahead for donald trump once he takes office and the person leading it is bernie sanders. why the date of january 15th could be a big deal for this. coming up. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm betty nguyen at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we're watching a very exciting eaglet that actually was born today. 7:33 a.m. eastern time, this baby bald eagle. that's the mom there. that's harriet. she is warming her new eaglet that hatched just a couple of hours ago. it is the first of two baby bald eagles to hatch. and we are anxiously anticipating the second one to make its debut.
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but harriet and her mate welcoming the first of their off spring. this eaglet born just a few hours ago is named e-9 for eaglet 9. these names are very exciting, i know. but i know millions of people have been watching on the web cam and big anticipation of the eaglet being hatched and so far one has and we'll be waiting on the next one and bring that to you when it does happen. millions of people in fact from connecticut to maine, they are feeling the effects of a massive nor'easter. the storm dropped more than two feet of snow in some areas over the past few days. 25,000 structures remain witho powein par of maine. joining me to talk about this is msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. what is happening t there this morning? >> people are still shoveling out. it takes a while when you have over two feet of snow. that he's what happened in a lost maine. 27 inches, the highest amount in naples, maine. we saw snow in vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts and pennsylvania and upstate new york. what is happening at the moment, light lake-effect snow, coming into michigan, syracuse,
6:34 am
watertown, not as bad as it could be. looking at this fast moving clipper system over the great lakes, it will bring just a little bit of additional light snow. so i know that's not what you want to hear, but we are getting a littleit of it. unfortately we have stormy weather to talk about. look what is happening in baton rouge, in new orleans, the rain really coming through jackson, mississippi, central alabama. this will cause problems with flooding. we have a flash flood watch in effect starting tonight, straight through monday for much of the region. as well as the threat for thunderstorms. this is on new year's day. tomorrow, we could see damaging winds with large hail, all the way from texas. all the way to louisiana. just be careful out there, that's what we're looking at in terms of the threat for severe weather. the heavier downpours, where theed the flooding may occur, looks stormy for the start of the year. on a positive note, new year's ee eve, times square looks good. 41, a lot colder back in 2014, 2015 we had similar weather. but i think this will be very
6:35 am
good for the people out there enjoying new year's eve. at least it is not raining, not snowing. >> 41 and 2 million of your closest friends. that's a party. >> exactly. >> thank you, bonnie. back to politics. the washington post report on malware connected to the russian hacking operation being found at a vermont electric company is renewing the focus on threats to the country's electrical grid. but no new reaction this morning from the president-elect as he is set to meet win tell jens offici with intelligence officials next week. let's bring in nina turner, a former state senator from ohio. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, betty. >> will this change trump's outlook once he meets with intelligence officials next week? >> let's hope. one thing we can say about president-elect trump is he predictably unpredictable. >> that is true. >> so i'm hoping that he will, you know, take these matters seriously. i think in some ways he is equating the fact that the
6:36 am
intelligence community in our country have linked russia to not only what is happening with the grid, but other things. he's kind of taken this personal in that it delegitimizes his presidency, especially the hacks to the dnc and others. so i think he needs to separate the two. >> if you look at his tweets, he's been very forth coming with them, he did say he's waiting to hear, and he's looking forward to that report next week, so it sounds like, you know, he'll reserve judgment until he gets information. that's what we're gathering from the tweets he puts out. what is your reaction to those and a trump camp and lawmakers who say president obama's sanctions against russia was his way of boxing in the president-elect? >> again, politics as usual, you know, the president says the sky is blue, the republicans will say, no, not quite. so, you know, this is not surprising, but i think democrats should have, you know, the president should have knowing they believe and they suspect that the russians were
6:37 am
involved in and having our intelligence agencies across the spectrum have information and data that pointed to the russians, it might have been better to bring this stuff out before the election. i understand why the president hesitated to do that. but, you know in the whole notion if you know something, say something, do something? that should have been done earlier. >> that's what a lot of people are crying foul about, if you knew about it, why didt you say something because don't you want to stop it while it is happening? >> that's right. and the whole notion that democrats are waiting to see whether or not secretary clinton would have won the election and that is why he may not have come forward with that, that is not a good rational. if you do feel that this country is beg threatened by a foreign force or even a domestic force to this degree, then you have to come out and say something earlier. now, that being said, the enormous weight on any president of the united states, people certainly can understand that, but i do -- i firmly believe and others i talked to that we
6:38 am
should have got this out earlier if we knew. >> i want to turn to what is being called the day of action. senator sanders is leading the charge to hold president-elect accountable when it comes to preserving entitlements like social security, medicare and medica medicaid. sanders with schumer and pelosi are asking their colleagues to help plan rallies on sunday, january 15th, the day before mlk day. what kind of pressure are the democrats hoping to put on the republican party? >> people power pressure. and they couldn't have a better leader in that, senator bernie sanders is the best at it. he showed throughout this presidential election that you can galvanize millions of people throughout this country to come together on causes of what is just what is right and what is good. so they certainly have the right one at the helm. and, again to hold president-elect trump accountable for what he said on the campaign trail, i mean, betty, he said he would protect social security, medicaid, medicare, we know that there are millions of people in this country and especially when we
6:39 am
talk about -- think about our elders who put for some of those programs would be living in abject poverty, and so we cannot allow the republican agenda to take that away. and president-elect trump is on the opposite side of many of his republican colleagues, especially those in leadership, when it comes to preserving those types of programs. so we got to put the pressure on president-elect trump, that's number one. also coupled in that pressure is also to show him that millions of people in this country support -- will support his efforts to preserve those programs. >> before i let you go, wayi wa to get your take on voting rights. look at the restriction that we have seen and leading up to this year's election, across the country, more than 800 fewer polling locations than in 2012 and 2014, and florida, north carolina, wisconsin, early voting period was cut down to mere days. and in your state, 400,000 registered voters were purged from the roles without notice. so what are you keeping your eye
6:40 am
on in 2017? >> well flatout shame. my republican colleagues have been trying to strip away voting rights across this country. the gutting of the vra, that is not the way a representative democracy should perform. and that certainly is not how people who are elected, who depend on people to vote for them for a living, should respond. and so we got to continue to push. i'm hoping that democrats will continue to push and also some republicans who believe that the vra needs to be strengthened. we have to do that. many of these things, this is an omni partisan. the whole notion we have one woman, one man, one vote, is an omni partisan issue. and the democracy that all of those beautiful words, how we praise the foundations of this country is really based on every day women and men in this country being able to exercise their right to vote, being able to express their wheel through
6:41 am
the power of the ballot box and let people compete. you shouldn't cheat. you shouldn't try to rig the system. you got to earn the votes and we can do a much better job in this country. i think choice voting should be something that we should debate. the help america vote act, that money is dried up. we need more machines, we need more machines that are up to date in this country. so -- >> you're saying take action now, don't complain later and say why didn't we do something? take action now? >> ahead of time. and both parties sometimes are guilty of not standing up for voting rights, betty. only when it is in their interests. and it should always be in the interests of us in the united states to ensure that erybody, no matter who they want to vote for, has that right to exercise the vote. >> all right, former owhio stat senator nina turner. splitting with the u.s., why principle's prime minister is taking aim. and coming up at the top of the hour on am joy, a closer look at
6:42 am
president obama's eight years in office and his plans after leaving the us who.
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show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new new reaction to john kerry's speech on israel and a future of a two-state solution. a spokesman for british prime minister theresa may rebuked kerry for his criticism of israeli settlements on palestinian territory. joining me is nairi huff, former state department spokesperson. i understand you worked under john kerry and hillary clinton, correct? >> i did, betty. >> you have interesting perspective. let's get right to it. may's spokesperson said that we do not believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing only on one issue and we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally. so what is your response to that criticism of kerry? >> well, very interesting that you see that the british voted
6:46 am
for the resolution, earlier in the week, which also condemned the settlements and terrorism in the area. and what you're seeing is that as a result of this resolution that came to the u.n. the middle east peace process suddenly became part of a very partisan transition that erupted here in the united states as well as what is a transition in the uk. they also had their challenges with brexit, and the change in the party and the change in leadership. the middle east peace process is a way for leaders around the world, particularly in europe, to put down their markers ofow they feel about the issue. even if it is not necessarily what is long-standing policy. that's really the politics of it with the leadership and their perspectives, john kerry who has spent quite a bit -- a chunk of his tenure at the state department trying to do shuttle diplomacy going back and forth and resolve this during the obama administration. we haven't seen a resolution or
6:47 am
two-state solution come through yet, hopefully something that the trump administration will be able to focus on. so you have the partisan legacy piece, but you also have a separate piece which is a long-standing policy of the countries which is independent of leadership opinions. and that's the commitment -- >> let me just jump in here. in listening to this, right, there has been a whole lot of resolutions in the past. why is this one getting so much reaction? >> there is two parts. there is a timing of it, certainly. everyone looks at it as there is a lame duck session, generally acknowledged as not a time to drop big policy. but you had -- you have -- long-standing rule also of, well, one president at a time. but with donald trump and the president-elect and his fascination with twitter, you have seen him come out very strongly in support of the current israeli leadership,
6:48 am
which is benjamin netanyahu, considered a far right coalition, and i think we're seeing that -- that the trump administration also has been identified, called also far right, and the obama administration is considered progressive. you have what might be a meeting of the minds between israeli government and u.s. government officials going forward, but the timing is critical. you have at the moment one president who is the progressive, president barack obama, who with secretary kerry wants to leave some legacy pieces, and you will probably hear him make some statements as he's leaving office about -- to help put a capsule on the eight years of tenure. that's what you saw with secretary kerry's speech also. something he worked on personally and throughout his tenure there. he was looking to identify and put a marker down that this is where we are, this is how i feel. now, that is separate from the u.n. the u.n. has never been a real
6:49 am
policymaking body where any of the resolutions have teeth. unless they're doing sanctions. this is a statement of principle. and in this statement of principle, which is brought forward by countries other than the united states, the united states had a vote and the united states abstained. interestingly enough, the uk, the british voted in favor of this resolution. >> we hear theresa may say what she says. it is going to get a lot of talk and a lot of people will have their opinions out there. netanyahu not excited about this in any form or fashion. he's, you know, against it completely. and we'll see how this plays out. especially in the last days of the obama administration. thank you so much for joining us. we do appreciate your time. losing both houses of congress and the presidency, the one problem that evangelical christian democrat says his own party is overlooking right new. l after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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when actress carrie fisher died tuesday, after suffering car yack arrest, the news shocked everyone. then fisher's mother, iconic actress, debbie reynolds, died the very next day. some say reynolds died from a broken heart. can that really happen
6:55 am
a cakewalk with evangelic evangelicals, as the president has spoken about in his interview, as he's spoken about as he's reacted to this election, a lot of the time, it's simply matter of showing up. >> you thank that's it? you think that's the only reason donald trump succeeded in reaching so many evangelicals? >> it's a big reason. evangelicals understood that donald trump was not one of them, they were not cut from the same cloth, but donald trump was the only major presidential candidate in 2016 who actually showed up and asked for their votes. hillary clinton certainly had the capacity to do so. one of the most -- >> why don't you think she did? >> i think it was -- she had folks who were worried that reaching out to evangelicals would depress turnout among her base. that it's not the way that a party grows. mark shields, a political
6:56 am
columnist said you could tell the health of party whether it's searching for converts or sea h searching for her ticks. in 2016, unfortunately, we were searching for her ticks. the democratic party needs to search for convicts, outside the base for people who can be part of our cause. in four years of donald trump, we will need to rally the support of all americans, as donald trump challenges some of our core values. >> do you think if hockey h-- i hillary clinton had simply showed up, that would have affected the outcome of the election? >> yes. >> really? >> i can say that as someone who worked for a candidate and president who did show up. it wasn't always easy, there wasn't always agreement. hillary clinton did not do one interview with an evangelical outlet, unlike barack obama. hillary clinton did not dne meeting with evangelical leaders, unlike barack obama and
6:57 am
hillary clinton has the capacity to do so. she has the relationship and history. what was unfortunate, her campaign didn't see or appreciate that opportunity. with that, she was not well-served. >> interesting stuff there. michael ware, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> that will do it for me. "am joy is up next. numerous terror attacks around the world and the u.s. presidential election. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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