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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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ready to ring in 2017. trying to keep the public safe and winter's fury. millions of people feeling the effects as a nor'easter dumps more than 2 feet of snow in some places. it's not over yet. it could definitely impact your holiday travel plans. we will tell you about it. good morning, everybody. i'm steve kornacki in for tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters here in new york city. we are following breaking news. russian president vladimir putin making a dramatic and a surprising announcement just a few hours ago on the kremlin's web site. he says he will not expel any u.s. diplomats or close any u.s. facilities in retaliation for those new sanctions imposed by president obama and those include expelling 35 suspected russian spies and families from the united states. they have been given until this sunday to get out of this country.
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the russian embassy tweeting this morning a special plane is sent to the united states to bring those russians home. and as of noon today, just an hour from now, federal officials are also shutting down two russian compounds here in the united states. one on the maryland shore, one on new york's long island. seeing pictures of it there. president putin's refusal of a tit for tat response, and foreign minister doing just that, saying he wanted to expel 35 diplomats in retaliation for the u.s.'s actions but vladimir putin ruling that out. lucy kafanov joining us by phone phone. i think the expectation is that russia would be doing something like the united states did. what is driving putin's calculation here? >> reporter: that's right. perhaps president putin is
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betting on better relations with donald trump, perhaps, or simply taking a dig at the u.s. this is exactly the sort of unexpected diplomatic chess move that president putin is known for and what wibs hns here, he s like a strong benevolent leader while making americans look petty and weak, at least domestically, that's the case. traditionally, historically, when diplomats are expelled, the other follows suit in a tit for tat retaliation. that's what we were all expecting and the recommendation from the foreign minister. sergey lavrov today but what we saw from president putin was essentially throwing out the rule book. in his statement, putin said although the russians have the right to retaliate, they will not resort to, quote, irresponsible kitchen diplomacy, but will plan our further steps to restore russian/u.s. relg
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relations based on the trump administration and goes on to twist the knife a bit saying in the statement, we invite all the children to the new year's party with the kremlin. he's winning points domestically, making the obama administration look weak and at least publicly, looking like he's betting on a better situation with president-elect donald trump. we have not heard more details from the trump administration in response to putin's statements but of course, trump has been rather dismissive and critical of the intelligence offered by u.s. intelligence agencies in regards to the hacking situation d also has been complimentary of president putin in the run-up to the election. the danger according to the experts is while putin may bet on better relations with trump, it's not necessarily going to be
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the case. trump certainly has shown himself to be more sympathetic in his public comments to russia, but he is a wild card, some of the experts have said and putin is playing a risky game here by sort of bypassing the obama administration and doing this kind of chess move. >> lucy kafanov over there in moscow. again, a surprise move from vladimir putin to say the least. thank you for that, lucy and tammy leitner joins us live now from hawaii where president obama is spending his vacation. so tammy, obviously, a big time difference. still very early out there, but what is the initial reaction here from the president, from his team when it comes to vladimir putin saying, hey, no response here? >> reporter: good morning, steve. u.s. official is telling nbc news that the white house is surprised that russia is not expelling u.s. diplomats. other than that, we are not expecting a formal response from the white house today. let's go over these sanctions.
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the u.s. is expected to expel 35 russian diplomats suspected of being buy spoospies, close two compounds in maryland and new york expected to have russian activities and sanction two leading intelligence services, sanction three russian companies that supported these hacking operations, they also will be penalizing four top officers at the organizations. also, two russian people who have been named in unrelated cyber activities and those two people are suspected of stealing $100 million from u.s. financial institutions, universities and government agencies. president obama did release a statement. let's go ahead and put that up. these actions are not the sum total in response to russia's aggressive activity and continue to take a variety of actions at a time and place of our choosing. some of which will not be publicized. obviously, steve, the importance
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of not talking about any activity that the u.s. may take in a cyber-strike back on russia, american people will not know about this because obviously, it's more important to strike and not talk about it. steve? >> tammy leitner in honolulu. thank you for that. nbc's kelly o'donnell joining us now live near president-elect donald trump's mar-a-lago estate in florida. so kelly, how about reaction from donald trump? vladimir putin maybe trying to extend an olive branch here, maybe tryingo get a dig at president obama, maybe both. what's donald trump's reaction? >> reporter: well, steve, we've just been talking to trump officials of part of the transition and they say there's no plan for donald trump to have any new phone call with vladimir putin. they're pointing us to next week when the president-elect is expected to have a special intelligence briefing on these issues and that's notable because he has not always taken the presidential daily briefing as it has been made available by
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president obama as regularly as it could be offered. he does take it, but not on a daily basis so they're saying to us that the president-elect wants to get more information next week. separately, he has said in a statement that's been out for a while that it's time for the country to move on. also, we heard today from kellyanne conway who served as campaign manager and additionally, will be a senior counsel to president trump when he takes office and she talked about the positioning and suggested there might be a political positioning to the actions from president obama. here's kellyanne conway. >> even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying that part of the reason that he did this today was to, quote, box in president-elect trump. that would be very unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor here. >> reporter: so she raises that
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possibility and then sort of tamps it down by saying it would be unfortunate. transitions are among the most vulnerable times for a country because those, other nations around the world and leaders and political events aren't always clear about who is in charge at one time. we have a tradition that there's only one president at a time so president obama's taking these actions, even in the final three weeks of his administration, he is still the president. but because of the nature of transitions, it's always considered in sort of international circles that a transition time is particularly vulnerable for a country because it is a handoff, it is unclear sometimes to allies and adversaries around the the wowo. we know donald trump will take four meetings at his mar-a-lago compound with people who are potentially going to have some kind of role in the administration or meeting with them, including susan colmes, a former ag secretary of the state of texas.
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that's notable because the department head job, the cabinet position for agriculture is still among a handful yet to be filled. steve? >> kelly o'donnell near mar-a-lago. thanks for that. joining me now live, former ambassador to russia, michael mcfall. thank you for joining us. let me ask you. what do you make of what vladimir putin is up to here? i think everybody was sort of bracing for some kind of retaliation. he says, that's not going to be forthcoming. is it a dig at obama? is this a gesture toward donald trump? is it both, neither? how do you interpret this? >> i was surprised, like others. let's be clear that in other moments like this, president putin has done tit for tat and sometimes doubled down. in 2012, when the magnisky law was passed, he not only added americans to a sanction list but then banned adoptions by american parents.
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so he's perfectly capable of doing that, but i think he's playing for the next administration. that's obvious. and i applaud him for it, by the way. i'm glad he's not kicking out our diplomats, pulling kids out of schools because they've done nothing wrong. the russians are the ones that interfered in our elections. we didn't do that in russia. >> when you say a gesture towards the next administration, do you think this is contingent on donald trump coming to office and removing these sanctions? is that an expectation on putin's part where he would revisit the decision if they knew he inaugurated donald trump and leave these many place? >> yes, exactly. although to be more precise, i think vladimir putin cares more about the previous economic sanctions that were put in place after he annexed crimea and intervened in eastern ukraine. that'sore oto him in terms of his own economic interests and all along, he's made it very clear he wants good
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relations with donald trump as well. president-elect trump and he's put out, i think hinted clearly what those conditions are and first and foremost, lift those sanctions and then we'll get along as president-elect trump likes to say. >> we just heard, i don't know if you picked up on lucy kafanov in moscow saying there's some sense that donald trump for all of these sort of positive comments he made towards putin and russia during the campaign that he is still a wild card in the eyes of the russians in terms of what they'll be dealing with when he becomes president, just in the last couple of days, dold trump obviously made some news on twitter when he seemed to talk about a nuclear arms race with russia potentially, trying to sort of match putin in some statements putin had made about bulking up the nuclear arsenal. what do you think? during the campaign, yeah, donald trump talked about, wouldn't it be great if we got along with vladimir putin but isn't it possible the relationship he ends up having is a lot more complicated than people are thinking it will be now?
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>> that's exactly what i think. and i think a lot of russian officials think the same. i mean, publicly, of course, theye going praise the new president. they're going to look to take advantage of that honeymoon period where they think that it is owed to them to receive concessions from the united states in order to improve relations. that's the way they phrase it. but they're also nervous about the new president who's rather unpredictable and let's be clear, there's some very contradictory things that the president-elect trump has said. so on the one hand, he says, wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with russia and on the other hand, he says, we need to tear up that nuclear deal with iran, it's the worst deal ever. guess what? vladimir putin thinks that deal was a great deal, supported it and is very happy that sanctions have been lifted on iran and so those two policies are eventually going to collide with each other. >> andust on the screen will a minute ago, you saw the label
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there, centerville, maryland, we were showing shots live. that's the scene of one of the two russian compounds that's being shuttered right now by the u.s. government. these are places where russian diplomats, sort of vacation homes i understand it. can you talk about this? i think this is something people are just hearing about for the first time. two russian compounds in the united states. i guess have been here for a long time now and being shut down. what were they being used for? what was going on inside there? >> well, these compounds, i've only been to the one in maryland. not in new york, but it is a fantastic estate. let's be clear. and ambassador and i used to work at the white house hosted us once. russians live out there during the summer. they spend the summers out there, the long weekends, so this is a big blow that they'll not be able to use those facilities for sure.
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what goes on there exactly? all i can say is that's what it is in terms of living conditions. what more covert things go on there, that's been alleged by the obama administration. i can't confirm nah. >> michael, thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> let's bring in democratic congresswoman from texas. sheila jackson-lee. thank you for joining us. i want to ask you about this statement a few weeks ago, calling for your committee to have a full scale investigation of russia's role, any meddling russia did in the election. you called it the gravest attack on american independence and sovereignty as great as pearl harbor and 9/11. pearl harbor and 9/11, talked about days there with thousands of americans killed, plunged us into global warfare with massive
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consequences and talking about something serious, hacking, but is this really on the level of 9/11 and pearl harbor? >> well, first of all, happy new year to you and to all of your viewers. steve, i think what we have to understand is the potential power of cyber warfare or cyber attacks, so election today but the electric grid tomorrow or some aspect of national security phenomenon may be impacted tomorrow or theext day. so my tught is or my call was that this needs to be a thorough widespread investigation by the committees of jurisdiction in the united states congress and i applaud senator graham and senator mccain for recognizing that not only do we need a commission as i agree with supporting the legislation of congressman cummings and sa
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saldwell and while they go about their dutieduties, for the unit states congress and jurisdictional committees to look in depth at not only the whats but the hows and the whys and to be able to stand with solutions for going forward. what putin is doing today in response to the president's sanctions meaning that he's not responding, make it very clear, it should be very clear, putin is a kgb, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. what he's not doing publicly in response, you can be sure they're covert or prepared to act some time later when he teals it's appropriate. right now, gaining a public applause for his demeanor and his tempered actions. that's not going to last. i look forward to better relations with all of the
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nations around the world if it is possible, but we as a sovereign nation owe tthe american people who don't have individual choices about the national security, we owe them an in-depth review and, yes, i believe that cyber warfare. >> i take your point. you want an in-depth review and the committees to look at this and take this seriously but to invoke pearl harbor and 9/11, i ask for two reasons here. if that's the level we're talking about here, pearl harbor plunged into world war ii and then 9/11 into two wars. in response to this, kick out a couple dozen diplomats and sanctions on people, if this is the level of pearl harbor and 9/11, this response would be wholly inadequate. >> no, again, let me explain my position. first of all, we don't know what
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the future will hold. what i indicated was that cyber attacks are sometimes used as weapons of war. we don't know what will be generated by actions, by individuals who have now proven they're efficient at the cyber system. we don't know the attempt of disagreement because we have with russia or anyone else that shut down our electric grid or engage in the attacks that deal with life and death. it was not a mockery of pearl harbor that drills us into world war ii. or to the tragedy or act of loss of 3,000 plus citizens or persons in the various places and on the various airplanes but it was devastating to lead us into by actions of our government into wars and what i'm suggesting is that the
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cybercircumstanccybe cyber circumstances we look at, we should take serious. we have an election, even though i don't believe it is a partisan question now, we need to look at of this nation, cerinly the ty fbi has now finally acknowledged while they were spending a lot of time dealing with the server of hillary clinton, they acknowledged the hacking did steer the election towards one particular candidate. so that is something. >> who is acknowledging? nothing i read yesterday said that this points to the election being swung to donald trump, being swung against hillary clinton. what's the source for that? >> then we have a disagreement. i think that the intelligence agencies have made it very clear that there was a hacking and steering towards one particular candidate. >> let's be very clear on this point, because what came out yesterday detailed a hacking, but what came out yesterday did
8:20 am
not make any statement that i saw saying, and this led to the election of donald trump or this led to the defeat of hillary clinton. i didn't see any judgment along those lines being made here by the intelligence community, at least officially. i have seen a few leaks, i've seen unnamed quotes and newspapers saying that. maybe there are people concluding that behind the scenes but this terms of what has been released publicly, i have not seen that conclusion. >> let me just say my opinion and i have seen and believe that in the readings that i've read, public readings of the 17 intelligence agencies that as they acknowledge the hacking, that the hacking was attempting to steer towards one particular candidate. we may have a disagreement and that's fine. that's what people do. i don't think anyone can disagree with the fact that cyber attacks can be devastating. they can alter and impact national security, domestic security and frankly, are
8:21 am
warranted and attention paid to what's happened. we have a peaceful transfer of government and i will not suggest that it didn't have to do with the present state of election. that's the opinion and representation of agencies coming forward for the past couple of months but i think we need to focus on our duty as governing this nation to be fair and open in how we stop this and work towards protecting the cyber system and cyber security system of this nation which has a lot more to do with elections won or lost. that's my commitment to ensuring that it is such a heightened issue of concern. >> i appreciate your assessment of it, i just want to be clear
8:22 am
on, what was released yesterday detailed hacking, detailed hacking that took place. that may have had, you can draw your own judgment, that was my interpretation. did the hacking, did what resulted from the hacking have a material impact on the election or not? that's a question of people's judgment. what came out yesterday did not make a conclusion. there was no public conclusion about saying this was designed to help or hurt a candidate or actually did help or hurt a candidate. i want to be clear on that distinction because i know a lot of information is flowing out there. >> let me conclude by saying you are right, yesterday's pronouncements did not specifically point to that but i will suggest there have been reports by the agency, 17 at least, that the releasing of these items to wikileaks did have a steering effect, so we will continue to research this but i think the most important point i want to leave with is that we have a responsibility at united states congress to do our job to be able to protect the american people and that means
8:23 am
to look closely at how our cyber system was impacted and to look closely at how putin will prospectively deal with the united states and engage with the united states. >> the question of why people and how voters make up minds though, i'm not sure 17 intelligence agencies are equipped to handle that up. that's the essence of human nature. thank you for joining us. coming up, inauguration day, three weeks away. one group calling the president-elect to reject extremism and plus, cities around the world amid renewed fears of terrorism and law enforcement to keep the public safe this holiday. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again.
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new year's eve just one day away now. security at the top of minds of officials here in the u.s. and around the world. police in germany armed with machine guns after the truck attack on a christmas market in berlin two weeks ago. in london, police are ramping up their presence around buckingham palace and the tube, train system. in the u.s., cities like chicago and boston are setting up concrete barriers to protect crowds and new york city's times square is being flooded with a record number of police officers. stephanie gosk is live in times square. it's going to be the center of the world about 36 hours from now. what are the preparations like
8:28 am
now? >> reporter: anyone in times square on a normal day and new year's eve, this area goes under incredible transformation. you can see there's some guys here working on some stages. there are barricades set up. a lot of that crowd control at the moment but there will be unprecedented police presence here and that for people will be familiar as well. what will be different about that is really a product of this terrible year that we've seen for attacks around the world and here in this country. from nice to berlin to paris to orlando but specifically those vehicle attacks in nice and berlin. heren times square, there's gog to be 6 of those massive sand trucks that are capable of blockading the road as one police officer told me once, absolutely nothing can drive through one of those things. on top of that, there will be another 100 or so vehicles used principally and primarily to
8:29 am
block the roads. and we see things like that, that block measures in other cities around the country from chicago, to boston, to new orleans. which is essentially blocking off most of bourbon street and pasadena gets ready for the rose bowl and the rose parade. a lot of this reacti to fears after seeing those attacks but police also emphasize that there haven't been any specific threats they know of. >> reporter: stephanie gosk, thanks for that. squeeze a quick break in but up next, i'll talk live with reverend william barb ber and his plan to call on donald trump to reject extremism in the new year. that's ahead. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one.
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alongside new year's eve celebrations tomorrow, the nation's capital will also be the site of what's called a moral revival, poor people's campaign, watch night service. and before that service, moral monday's reverend william barber and other faith leaders and activists hold a news conference tomorrow morning and call on president-elect donald trump to meet with them prior to his inauguration and ask them to reject extremism and embrace a higher ground moral policy agenda. reverend barber, repairers of the breach and joining me from washington. thank you for joining us. let me ask you first. so you want a meeting with donald trump. two part question, has there been any communication or contact? is that something possible? has your camp talked to his camp at all and if you do get the meeting what's your message to him? >> thank you so much, steve. back from april, we did over 22
8:34 am
states of moral revival and one thing we found is that people recognize that we need a moral reset in this country. something that says that more moral issues than homosexuality and the prayer in schools. we talk about putting people out of the country than welcoming them in, rolling back health care, rather than providing health care and more than giving wages to the working poor and more about voter suppression policies than fixing those and nuclear weapons than peace, we have a moral crisis, so what we're doing is faith leaders, release this letter to mr. tr h trump, he's willing, in a house of worship. we're not following the white evangelicalism but the purpose of power should be the least of these, lift people up and call to repentance on that and we need to make sure that that
8:35 am
message comes across and so we're doing that, also tomorrow night at this moral revival and watch night service, call on all people of faith. whatever you believe on november 7th, you ought to believe on november 9th about justice, we're going to call for a race and poverty and class audit to be released on april 4th. we're going to bring black people, poor white people together. show out of pain and then moving to, in fact, relive, re-imagine the poor people's campaign in 2018 because we need a moral movement to shift our moral values in this moment. >> you mentioned it a number of issues there where i think donald trump's been pretty publicly on the other side of where you stand, if you do get a meeting with him, realistically, where's the potential for common ground that you see with a republican president coming in right now? >> well, the first thing you have to do is the prophetic
8:36 am
voice, whether it's the abolitionist or the civil rights or apartheid, your first goal is to challenge and to believe in the possibility of change. but you want to make sure that if the person do not accept the challenge, they will know why you're challenging them. we're not just talking about a meeting and going away. we're commanded by scripture to demand justice, to demand righteousness, to continue. and we'll use every non-violent tool at our disposal but one of the first principles is to make sure that you let people know where you believe they're falling short and the possibility. if he continues to talk about greatness, he doesn't need religious leaders to just saying you're great if you stand on a few issues. he needs to understand real greatness is how you serve the least of these, real greatness is how we lift up the hurting, broken, and the poor and we have to be a movement b we're not afraid if he needs that counsel. this should not be a time of
8:37 am
congratulations but counsel and we're willing to sit down but not in the towers, but in a house of worship with many different faith leaders to what we believe is an extreme form of religio . winter storm advisories. a massive nor'easter blankets new england in snow. where holiday travel plans could be impacted up ahead. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office
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people from the northeast all the way down to west virginia are feeling the effects of a powerful nor'easter burying parts of the region in more than 2 feet of snow and as we head into the new year's holiday weekend, icy roads and strong winds cause dangerous driving conditions. morgan radford joining us live from concord, new hampshire. how much snow do we have up there and what's it doing to the roads? >> reporter: well, steve, here in new hampshire, we've seen up to 17 inches of snow in places like maine, up to 25 and maybe more than 100,000 people who are still without power. you can see here some of the sidewalks, people have been plowing the sidewalks into the streets but the experts are
8:42 am
saying it's time to be especially careful if you're going to hit the roads going to the new year destination. because it's not just the packed snow on the roads, steve, it's the layer of ice that comes on top, especially as these temperatures are dropping, especially into the evening but one thing people have been warning about is even though that this falling snow is expected to taper off later in the morning, they say that this falling snow is not so much of an issue as the wind but the wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour and that kicks up a lot of this snow so people are still going to feel the after-effects of the possible nor'easter but people i've spoken to say this type of winter mix is exactly what we need. we got only about 4 inches of snow in december and now with the foot and a half coming last night, isgreat. steve? >> good ski areas around concord. thank you for that. >> that's right. >> bonnie schneider is tracking the storm. where is it heading?
8:43 am
>> we have fierce wind with the system. still heavy snow remains for northern maine. 27 inches is the high snowfall total and still snowing in the northern part of the state. could produce extra 7 inches of snow into the evening hours, plus, we have a new clipper system that will bring more snow over the weekend and lighter amounts. wind gusts, 30 miles per hour in newark, new jersey, and airport delays there and delays into l.a.x. at 46 minutes because of the rain that's been coming down in los angeles. watch out in the burn areas for debris flow but good news, the rose parade looks nice, good weather for that. you may need a jacket. 44 degrees in pasadena on monday. times square, an improved forecast and originally, looking iffy but mostly cloudy, southwesterly winds and 40 degrees. that's just fine, if you're out in times square, don't you think? could be colder.
8:44 am
>> 40 degrees sounds colder. all the body heat here in times square. i bet 85 or something. shorts out, i don't know. thank you for that. and right now, we follow breaking news. this is a live look at a russian compound in centerville, maryland. at the top of the hour, federal officials have orders to shut down this facility, part of the sanctions against russia announced by president obama yesterday. more on this developing story after the break. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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let's bring in msnbc's cal perry. first, we got some new pictures from long island here from the compound being shut down there? >> i want to take you to upper brookeville, new york. we're hearing from the mayor there they're actually in the process now of shutting down the compounds here you're taking a look at it there. this is sort of very similar to these other compounds that we've been talng about. this was used for diplomatic purposes according to the russians, obviously, you have the americans saying there was a lot more going on there. there was some espionage happening there and in maryland. in maryland, we know quite a bit about this compound in centerville, maryland. it's a sprawling compound, very large compound. a swimming pool, tennis courts. it was used to entertain other diplomats. we've been painted a picture, i had a friend in annapolis, where
8:49 am
parties were thrown. lavish partys were thrown. we know, for example, the ambassador spent a lot of time there especially in the 80s and this is a place where you would have not only this diplomatic activity but espionage happening at this compound and as the american officials work through this, they'll shut down the compounds and put not just the individuals behind me on airplanes but 35 in total, steve. >> yeah, and what do we know about what's going on inside these places too? >> i think we can assume the russians will be taking all of the documents out of these places. the advantage is having your own compounds. if you want to call it a diplomatic enclave or a safe house, it's a place that you know. this one in maryland, for example, a dudozen colleges and families. it was a multipurpose facility. you have the diplomatic stuff and then the espionage stuff. i'll tell you in the 1990s when
8:50 am
the soviet union broke up, the "associated press "did" did a n of stories about how the russia described this as ordinary mainstream america. a place to visit. >> i wonder that tv show "the americans" i think they're on extended hiatus. >> it has a very jack ryan feel to it. i mean, here in annapolis, yeah. >> rush to the new season or something. cal perry, thank you. joining me to break this down, ann garin, and rick tyler, msnbc political analyst. thanks to both of you for joining us. let's talk about the politics of this. ann, let's start with you. you know, president obama obviously trying to get these sanctions -- i mean, getting the sanctions in place before he leaves office. now a bit of a curveball from vladimir putin. you don't have the retaliation from russia. instead, you've got a bit of an olive branch to trump now. how do you think trump plays it
8:51 am
now? >> i think trump has a real coup on his hands in a good way. it look like he's been given a welcome, an olive branch, yes, as you say. but a warm welcome from putin and he won't have to deal with this tit for tat background when he takes office. putin obviously is doing this as much to make -- to try to make obama look bad as to be welcoming to trump. but it's a power move on putin's part. i mean, i'm intrigued though to see whether trump feels that having been kind of given something -- given a present really, given a welcome present by putin, what his next move will be. he'd been extremely critical of obama for the last several days and then issued this odd statement last night that barely
8:52 am
mentioned the whole predicate set of events that the hacking, the expulsions and so forth. said it's time to move on. >> yeah. rick, i'm curious within the republican party, what the reaction is to that. donald trump said this twice now. we should get on with our lives he said in a statement. he said he will meet with intelligence officials to talk about what they're finding here. but he said it's time that we get on to other things. try to square with that if you could, you have john mccain and lindsey graham who do not have the let's move on attitude when it comes to russia and you have mitch mcconnell who have deference historically. how will they interact with trump on that? >> the one thing they're concerned about this takes on a hyper-partisan response where political objectives have really overwhelmed objectivity, and
8:53 am
that is it is overwhelmingly clear that the russians interfered in the election. however, they didn't seem to change votes on voting machines and so far there's no coordination between the trump campaign and the russians. so look, this sort of thing goes on all the time except the scale and the speed is so much greater because of internet and the hacking and all that. but they really do not want this to be used in a political way to undermine trump's election and somehow he is not legitimate. >> i mean, is that what -- trump's resistance here, his reluctance to engage publicly and make a simple statement, this is where the findings are, i buy into the conclusions. to say that would delegitimize his presidency? >> he's afraid they'll take the
8:54 am
next step and keep trying -- who knows? there could have been one conversation between one person who had some tangential relationship with the trump campaign and with the russians and here we go, we have a scandal and's all coordination. they don't want to escalate it. he wants to move on. i do think it's farely remarkable -- fairly remarkable that the obama administration has had the russians have slammed the door shut on the obama administration and also in the very same week just within 48 hours the door was shut on them by the israelis, one of -- the single most important ally in the middle east. it's amazing the frustration of these two -- one an enemy and one a friend, have both shut the door on the obama administration. and pointedly welcomed the trump administration. it is remarkable. >> ann, let me pick up on what rick is saying here about the politics of this and saying, you know, there are democrats out there maybe using this to try to taint trump's victory saying
8:55 am
this was not something he won, this is something that the russians did for him. i do wonder is there an argument that the democrats in terms of their tone are overhyping it and are overselling it? i say this because there's a new poll out today that shows -- this is from ugov that shows 52% of democrats say they believe the russians were actually changing votes in the voting machines. which is very different from hacking into john podesta's e-mail and putting everything out there from his e-mail. not to say that's not a serious thing, but that very different from actually changing the votes and machines and yet this poll is finding the message -- half the democratic party has apparently received in the last couple of week that's what the russians were doing. >> for sure the democrats national democrats and former employees of hillary clinton have been going to town on the entire story beginning to end. there's a certain amount of ax grinding going on here. certainly the clinton employees
8:56 am
feel like they weren't heard, weren't listened to when they talked about the unprecedented threat that having a foreign power mucking around in the u.s. elections could pose. when they made that argument during the campaign. but i think some -- you see some democrats now kind of recognizing that they need to tone it down. >> all right, ann gearrin, rick tyler, thank you. we'll be right back. ady, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. announcer: they'll test you. try to break your will. but however loud the loudness gets. however many cheese puffs may fly. you're the driver. the one in control. stand firm. just wait. [click]
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this hour the russians face a deadline to vacate two compounds here in the united states. over it, donald trump says the country should move on and not retaliate against russia. prominent leaders say that the actions need go further. inside the hack. how did the russians get inside of american computer systems and


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