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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  December 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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even. florida was even, that whole night. the big, big beautiful state. i love florida. and it's even. and then all of a sudden, we hadn't hit the panhandle, right? anybody live in the panhandle? [ cheers and applause ] oh, i love the panhandle. and you know -- you had to see the people. they were so devastated. the media. the anchors. they'd been saying for months and months that trump is going to get absolutely killed. i remember three weeks before the election, one of them, i won't say the name, he said, how is trump going to lead the rest of his life? because this is one of the most devastating defeats. he will suffer so badly. and his whole career, which is true which is good, like your
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football team. jit h right? how good are they? all of your football teams, they do well, right? and this guy, he was saying it with such joy. they were talking about it's 3 1/2 weeks before the primary. i went and told my wife, man that was pretty bad to hear. his whole life has been based on winning, and he is going to suffer one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics. right, jeff what what they were saying. we going to lose the presidency. i was going to take down with me the house and i was going to take down the senate. and it was going to go down as the single greatest defeat in the history of politics, and three weeks later, we had the single greatest victory in the history of politics. that's what they say. [ cheers and applause ] we won you know i don't know if you know this -- nationwide -- thank you. usa is right.
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made in the usa. we're going put that sign up. "made in the usa ", but, you know -- products we're going to start making a lot of. but it was like this, you know, terrible kind of thing. he was saying it with -- he was very happy, but we then the, and i went back to work. i went really down to work. i didn't do interviews, all i did, rallies. i didn't want to do interviews because they'd cut your sentence off. make a beautiful statement and all of a sudden say, i didn't say that. well, when they leave the back part of the sentence off or don't talk about the other half of the paragraph, it's not so good. right? and i said, i don't want to deal with these people. and i said, if you want to quote me, quote me from the speeches. now i get good quotes. even there, doing a line, a funny line. i'll give you an example what happened today. one of the papers wrote a story. i was talking a lot of fun over the last couple of days. i said, you know, prior to the election, you people were strong
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and vicious and violent and you wanted to win -- saying it kiddingly. right? and you wanted to win, but you were vicious as vicious as i've ever seen. and we all were laughing and having fun. right? and then i said, after the election, meaning last night or the night before when where i was in different places, like pennsylvania. hershey, pennsylvania, was unbelievable, but i said, and now you mellow, you're low-key. you're just sitting back. you won, you won. you're chilling out. okay, so i said that, and everybody laughed and they had fun. so today a couple of the groups, i won't tell you which station, but it's ridiculous. they're saying, see? we were right. donald trump is calling his people vicious. donald trump, he said -- these people are so bad. so we can't have a little humor, folks, because if we have humor they're going to take it, and you know when you report it or write it out it does sound that
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way, but when you see it, you know exactly what we're talking about. so they're very dishonest people, but we dough couwn, but understand. we can't change, right? because people get it, obviously. i think i just heard a statement that, we won like 2,700 counties. where the kellyanne? kellyanne? where's our great kellyanne. come here. come here. i've got to get her up. she told me, 2,700. so -- she didn't know i was going to do this. she didn't know i was going to do this. where is hope? where is hope? hope, get up here, hope. hope, get up here. she's always on the phone talking to the reporters trying to get the reporters to straighten out their dishonest stories. hope and kellyanne -- so kellyanne -- kellyanne -- and you've seen her. has anyone, like, you know, like how about every day seen her on television. right?
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so in the history of politics of this country, she is the first campaign manager to ever win, as female. and -- she did a fantastic job. kellyanne. tell them about the counties. go ahead. >> oh, okay. hi, again. so -- your president-elect donald trump won over 2,600 counties. [ cheers and applause ] that's huge. he also won 31 of the 50 states, 306 electoral votes. [ cheers and applause ] and the had any of those graphics on tv said road to the popular vote, we would have been in california and illinois and new york, and woe have won the popular vote, but every graphic said, road to 270. we figured, we'll get 306, just
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to have a little cushion. [ cheers and applause ] and there's one other thing that doesn't get a ton of coverage which i think is incredibly impressive about the trump/pence victory. donald trump, your next president, turned 200 counties across this country from president obama in 2012 to president trump in 2016. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, hope hicks is a tremendously talented person. she started off with us fright day one. she used to be in my real estate company. i said what do you know about politics? she said, absolutely nothing. i said, congratulations. you're into the world of politics -- right? she knew nothing. and she was there the first day,
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and she was fantastic. and i just say a couple of words. hope, you know, she's a little shy, but that's okay. because she is really, really talented. hope, say a couple of words. >> hi! merry christmas, everyone. and thank you, donald trump! >> great job. >> we had a great team. we had a great team. so the other side when we won so big in ohio, and we won so big in iowa. we weren't supposed to win like that, and we had those horrible exit polls. remember the exit polls started coming out? and everybody in this -- you know, they did that to depress the vote, because in places like california and other places, you know, they say because there's a
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three-hour gap, and they say, i love trump but rime not going to waste my time because these exit polls came out and my daughter and her husband jared called up. ivanka and jared and said, dad, it's looking really bad. i said what's looking bad. it can't? i just left michigan. started speaking almost at 1:00 in the morning on election day, we had 31,000 people. inside and out. and i said, what's looking bad? and she said, those exit polls are just horrible. and it's not looking good. so i went to my wife. i said you know what? i don't feel badly about this, because i worked as hard as you can work. don't forget that last month, i did two and three speech as day, like this. big crowds. and -- i don't know. maybe i'm wrong about it. maybe i'm wrong. maybe you should say i didn't work out and you could use it. but i really did i worked as
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hard as you, physically could. and they've written this. i don't think anybody has ever worked harder in a presidential campaign than i did. nobody. and -- i covered 17 states and i went to maine. i needed one, because they all said, you cannot get to 270. right? remember? or they'd say it a little different. they'd say, there is no pack th 270 for donald trump. he will not win the election. so i said, i'll get to 270. i'm going go to maine, too, which is -- maine, too. and i went there. i got it, too, by the way. i got that one vote. so -- right? [ cheers and applause ] i got it. i got that one vote. but i went to maine. that's the beauty of this electoral system pup know, in the other, if you go with like the popular vote, i'd go, new york state, california, back,
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forth, back -- it would be much easier. the problem is every other place you'd stop in florida. you'd stop in texas. you wouldn't see anyplace else. would be so much easier, i think i'd actually do better, but you'd never see most of the country. the electoral vote, and i never appreciated it until now. how genius it was, what they had in mind, because at the time they didn't want everybody going to boston and new york. and everything else would be forgotten. and now it's the same thing. it's genus, i'm telling you. it's genus. i went to 17 states. i went to states -- i went to states that, you know, you just wouldn't go to, and they were great. and i went to places, frankly, that normally you wouldn't be thinking about too much, and they were incredible and they came through for me. most of them -- most of them really, really came through. so then you had the hillary people saying that --
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[ negative reaction from crowd ] [ chanting "lock her up" ] >> ah, let's see. we won. yet the hillary people they were saying we are going to win the state of florida. we have information. we're going win. maybe their information was how many people voted illegally. maybe that was the information. but, of course, you know, when i say that, they'll say, isn't that a terrible thing that he said? isn't that terrible. you got look into that, folks, but the problem is, when you win florida by that much, there's nothing much they can do. you can't have people and numbers that's bigger than the number of people. so they said, you can't win, and we're going to, you know -- and
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we end up breaking news. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of florida. and these people are standing -- i remember they had, they had one guy, i guess he was mid-level, and he was saying, we're going to win the state of florida. he's representing her. we're going to win the state of florida. we're going win north carolina, but florida's really looking strong and the announcer said, excuse me. breaking news. trump has won florida, and the guy's standing there, like, what happened? but then they said that i can't win north carolina. and, by the way, they raised $2 billion. they spent so up more money than me. i spent, like, peanuts compared to what they spent. under budget and ahead of schedule does that sound good? [ cheers and applause ]
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under budget and ahead of schedule. like we're going to have our roads built and our planes built. and our f-35s. one of the most expensive. we're going to straighten things out, but under budget. so what happens, you know, in the old days you have some people here to will tell you, when you spend less money and win, that's much better than the other way. and i had cases where i was tied or up in a poll, but she had spent in a state, like, $50 million and i had spent like $2 million, and they said, donald trump is not spending the money, like -- i'm saying, that's a good thing. they don't understand it. it's actually a good thing. if i can do that -- if i can do that -- [ cheers and applause ] -- it's a good thing. i remember in the primary, in new hampshire. i love new hampshire. and new hampshire, in new hampshire i spent a tine -- almost nothing. and another person, i can't say any more they're all friends of
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my now, so i won't. the i won't. another person spent like $22 million and i spent nothing and i won. they said before i won, like this person was doing great because he was spending much more money, i said, yeah, but i'm going to win the state. remember, for all the ying people here, when you spend less money and you win, that's a good thing. not a bat thid thing. all right? the press. then the next state was north carolina. this is great. and they outspent me 5-1 at least, but i had great, i had my sons there, lara and everybody. incredible people there. and they came out, and, again, breaking news -- donald trump has won north carolina. that was unbelievable. and then pennsylvania, we were doing so good in pennsylvania, but every republican for, like, 38 years has lost pennsylvania. some large, ridiculous number. and they always called it the bride that got away.
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i don't even know if that's politically correct when the press says it. now, if i say it, they'll say it's not politically correct, but i always heard them say it. so for them, it's fine. right? but they say the bride that got away, because you thought every republican for 30 years thought they won the state of pennsylvania. it's a big state. and they didn't. so i said, we're going win pennsylvania. we had three congressmen there who are incredible. they said we're going win, but i didn't want to tell that, because everybody thought they were going to win, but anyway, leading by a lot, even if i lost 100% of the 1% no way i would lose the state, but they would not call the state. in fact, i started accepting victory -- if i win pennsylvania now i win. and the other side is saying they're going to win pennsylvania but actually when they looked at the numbers they understood, too. it was over. and then a surprise, breaking news. donald trump has won the state
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of wisconsin. wisconsin. right? and people are saying, where did that come from? what happened? because we thought we would do well there, but we won it. and now they're in trouble. they're really in trouble, and i don't know if you saw there, in have the most beautiful stage. in fact i wanted to swap stages with them around mid-way through. i wanted to maybe swap. they had that beautiful picture of the country and magnificent and you know they had -- spent $7 million on fireworks and they knew something was wrong. one of their people, who's a high-level guy said we made a big mistake. we made a big mistake going to lose. he was telling that to people and i felt we were going to win. then all of a sudden they cancelled their firework as week in, because you know what? i found fireworks just don't work when you lose. do you agree with that? [ cheers and applause ]
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did you ever see one of your football teams when they lose have fireworks in the stadium? no. no. it's calmed depression. called bepre eed depression. just to be cute we sent an of r offered buy them on 5 cents on the dollar. they have a very good company, grucci or something. offered to buy 5 cents on the dollar, we never heard back from them. incredible. they took the convention center and i took a small ballroom. if i lost, i want to get out. what i did, here would be my case. come up, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much i really appreciate it. supporters i love you folks, i love you. it was a movement, brut it was a movement that didn't work. what? right? and -- i would have said, i want
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to thank you my wife, i want to thank my family. bye-bye. i'm outta here. right? so i didn't want to really have this huge, expensive thing so i had a ballroom in the city. all of a sudden saying we going to win. we knew we were going to win because we knew we won pennsylvania even though they wouldn't call it. should have called it 11:30 in's evening. called it at like 3:00. rating was so high they were making a fortune by not calling it. all right? but then we won before the state of pennsylvania, the state of michigan. everyone said, ah -- and then they started having the cameras and then i said it last night. one guy, who's really good. i mean, he's really good on the maps. right? you know who i'm talking about, and that map was so red it was so unbelievable. that map that -- you know, they used to show it was really depressing. everything was blue, blue, blue. they had the blue wall. remember the blue one? unbreakable. boy, do we shatter that wall.
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right? we shattered that wall. that wall was shattered nap was will never be the same. [ cheers and applause ] so we broke the wall. so there we won wisconsin. now we won michigan, and i'll never forget the guy. he was devastated. this was not -- he never even thought of this, and his hand is like quivering, because he puts it on the map and the map turns -- red. donald trump has won the state of wisconsin du -- ah -- ah -- dnl -- dnl donald trump -- oh no. please check this. please check this. donald trump has won the state of michigan. and it's very unfair to the people of pennsylvania. they never got the glory. it's like the guy that, you know, could rush for one yard and get the glory. they didn't get the glory. but we love our people in pennsylvania, because they were there for us.
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the rig the -- right? so now he goes, they'd been saying no way to get to 270. remember? there is no foopath to 270. the most they could get me to was 269. remember that? 269. i never once got above, in their minds, 269. they get paid a lot of money. they don't know what the hell they're talking about, folks. i'll tell you. i never once -- i never once got -- jeff will tell you. i never once got above 269. now, i was watching it for months. where i got upset with texas. kept saying, texas, we're going win it. so whats is the 269 -- i kept going i needed that one. went to maine. i need 24ed that one. up says wisconsin, he says michigan and now he goes, there is no path for hillary clinton to become president of the
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united states. donald trump and his great movement is president of the united states. so it was pretty great. [ cheers and applause ] it was pretty good, and some sportscasters really good ones at espn said, that's as good as it gets in terms of, they calmed it entertainment, and it is a little entertainment, but in another way it's not. because we're going to get to work. and now in a certain way the hard work begins. and we're going to make great trade deals, and we're going make you so happy and so proud. and jeff sessions is going to make you so happy and so proud. [ cheers and applause ]
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for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of our country. foreign powers have gotten rich. bleeding america dry, and not a lot of people know it better than the people of alabama and the people of the south in general. because you know what's happened. but that's all behind us. we are going to stand up for the american worker like nobody has ever stood up for that worker before. our economic agenda can be summed up in three very beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs! [ cheers and applause ] there's a woman out there got very excited by those three words. it's exciting, though, right? that is why we're going to lower
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our business tax rate from 35% down to 15%, and you're going to see things happen. we're one of the highest in the world right now, just about the highest and we're going to be among the low effort and you're going to see what's going to happen. it's going to be beautiful. that is why we're also going eliminate job-killing regulations. and 4ri6lift restrictions on th production of american energy including shale, oil, natural gas and beautiful, clean coal. we're going put our miners back to work. our miners are going back to work, folks. we're also going to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure. and, boy, does it need it. it needs it. we have spent $6 trillion in the middle east. we could have rebuild our country three times over.
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it's time, folks. with all of that, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have no choice. have no choice. [ cheers and applause ] i'm asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and railways all across this nation. and we will put our people back to work. it's time to help get americans off welfare and back into the labor market, rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. my add mministrati administrati two very simple rules. buy american and hire american, and we're going to go back to
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the old days. we're going back to the old days. remember? made in the usa. you remember? you know, i did this last night. let's do it again because it's like a free poll. you know, these characters will spend $1 million for polling and you can give me a better answer. is it "made in america," or "made in the usa." let's go, america first. made in america or made -- let's go -- wait. let's go, let's go america first and you say who likes "made in america"? [ cheers ] who likes "made in the usa"? [ cheers ] [ chanting "usa" ] >> okay.
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can we do one more poll? what the hell. it's raining and miserable, but let's do another poll. who in the hell cares? we're all soaking wet by now so it doesn't matter. right? so "time" magazine just gave me person of the year. right? nice. [ cheers and applause ] very nice. always a great honor. financial times "the financial times" a big deal, just gave me person of the year. you ready -- now, remember, we have half the people here are women, and by the way, thank you, women. i did so great with women. [ cheers and applause ] those polls were so dishonest with women, because we did great. you know, i used to go home. my wife said, i don't think any in the woman in the united states is going to be voting for you based on what they just saw. we did great with women. we did great with the african-american community. we did before great. [ cheers and applause ]
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remember, i said, inner cities. i said, what the hell do you have to lose? and they agreed. it's terrible what's going on. we did great with african-americans. we did great with hispanics. you know, i'm saying we're going to build a wall, but they want it, also. they want their jobs protected. they want safety. they don't want drugs pouring into our country. we did great. we did great with the women, i have to tell you, folks, because that was very embarrassing. those polls were so wrong. those polls were wrong on just about everything. weren't they? they were -- they were wrong on everything, but, okay. so i get this "person of the year" from the "financial times" and "person of the year from "time" magazine this week. champion is better. now, remember, women, because if it's a woman that gets it, we have to think about that. they do it because they want to be political correct. you run the magazine. you run the financial times, or
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you run "time" magazine. do you go, man of the year, thank you, darling. i love you, too. do you go, man of the year? or do you go person of the year? we'll do person first.better? person of the year? wow. or, man of the year? [ cheers and applause ] that's what i -- that's what i thought. and it's pretty simple. if it's a woman you go, woman of the year. right? right? they're all saying, "yes." so, anyway, we had a lot of fun. we've done well. at the center of our agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. america is now running -- listen to this -- nearly 800 billion dollars in annual trade defic s deficits.
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i asked john arigo, a great car dealer, one of the biggest in the country, do you think you can negotiate a better deal than that? we do all this with trade, losing, or have a deficit of over almost $800 billion a year. it's almost like what are we doing? who are the people that negotiate deals? and there's almost no country that we do well with. i mean, we have bad deals, every country. that is going to change fast? is that right? go buy an irigo car. our country lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. one-third. this is the last time i'll be speaking at a rally for -- maybe a while. you sgloe they'know? they're saying as president he shouldn't be doing rallies, but i think we should. right?
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we've done everything else the opposite. or, no. this is the way you get an honest word out, because you can't give it to them because they're so dishonest. they had a clown today. i did see it, read it but i heard about it pap a clown in the flailing "new york times" who said i wanted to have another world trade center catastrophe because it's good for my base. can you believe this? no, no. think of it. think of it. what kind of a demented person would say that? now, think of it. thousands of people killed. they said that i wanted to have another catastrophe like that, because it's good for my base. anybody that says that, and this guy is demented. they is. he's a demented person, and that's why the "times" is failing. and i went up to see him three weeks ago. gave it a shot. everybody said i did great, everything was great, but they'll never change. they'll never change, jeff, no
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matter what you do. they'll never change. that's okay. we did very well without them. right? but what kind of a demented person would say that? you know, it's incredible. but when i saw this and these statistics i said, it must be a typo, because it's impossible. we've lost 70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. think of that. and i said, 700 you mean? i said 7,000 maybe, but the number is 70,000 factories. many of them right from alabama. and you know it. it's the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. there's never been a jobs theft like has happened to us and we're going to untheft it, folks, we're going to bring it back. okay? we're going to bring it back. and we're not going to be taken advantage of anymore by all of these foreign countries. we are going to have a very new policy for a long time. it hasn't been this way.
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it's called america first. it's now america first. [ cheers and applause ] and if a company wants to fire their workers, leave the great state of alabama or another state for another country, and then ship their new products right back into our country through a very strong border, by the way, there will be consequences. right now they can do that, make the product, bring it in for nothing. you swhau we did with care ye air conditioner, and go buy carrier. go buy carrier. they were great. thousands of people, if you look tat from a family standpoint are going to have a great christmas in indiana. we have many of those things happening. many, many, many, because if they want to do that, we're going to impose a 35% tax on those products coming in to our country, and you know what? they're not going to move. they're not going to move. now, why didn't your politicians
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do this 15 years ago? because either they're not smart, or, and a lot of people don't even understand it, and they always talk about free trade. i want fair trade. i don't freeish i want fair. i love free trade but i want fair trade, and if they don't do, then we don't do, but it's now 35% tax for a company. so all of these companies that think they're going to get rich by firing thousands and thousands of workers in our country? i hope they get rich. but you know what? we're going get rich, too, because we're going to impose a very large tax on those companies, and we're going to write up that legislation very soon. and when they leave, there are going to be consequences. and you know what's going to happen, though, on nefrtly? they're not going to leave. not going to work. their model no longer works. the politicians got taken care of by campaign contributions, or something else. if it's something else, jeff sessions will catch them. right? he will.
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he will catch them. ah -- i wouldn't want to be them. but the politicians got taken care of by campaign contributions or whatever, because it's incredible that we've lost so much. but to be a rich nation and we are going to be a rich nation again, we also have to be a safe nation. the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in our country in 45 years. think of it. the murder rate. more people are being murdered than in 45 years. and the press never tells you that. do they ever write that? no. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave to a very rapid end. one of the greatest public safety threats remains open
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borders. i always say, there goes your business. there goes your country. you know, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, george washington, they all believed in strong borders. we don't. we fight for countries that most of you have never even heard of before so they have borders, and yet we don't protect our own borders. but i have a message for the drug dealers, the gang members and the criminal cartels that are terrorizing all of our citizens in cities and different places throughout the united states. and the message is that your days are numbered. we're getting you out. we're getting you out. [ cheers and applause ] we will build a great wall and we will stop illegal immigration for good, and we have doors in that wall, and people will come into that wall and they'll come
2:36 pm
through that wall by the tens of thousands, but they're coming in legally. coming in legally. [ cheers and applause ] and we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country, and totally poisoning -- i mean, what the drugs are doing to our youth, and you have a big problem here, but every state has a big problem, our youth and more than our youth, but you see it with our youth, and it's astronomical numbers like never before. we will also work to keep our country safe from terrorism. we've seen islamic terror attacks from paris to belgium to orlando, to san bernardino, to the world trade center. to the world trade center. think of that. one attack after another after another. so let me state this as clearly as it can be stated. i am going to keep radical
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islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [ cheers and applause ] we have no choice. that includes suspending immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed, or vetted. and i use the term extreme vetting. is that okay? extreme. the safety and security of the american people will always come first in the trump administration. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. and stop government officials from trading favors at your expense. we face many, many challenges.
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the world is a mess. our country is in trouble. we face many, many challenges. michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. but i assumed she was talking about the past, not the future. because i'm telling you, we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. we are going to be so successful as a country again. we are going to be amazing. and i actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out. i really do. because i met with president obama and michelle obama in the white house. my wife was there. she would not have been nicer. i honestly believe she meant that statement in a different way than it came out. because i believe -- i believe
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there is tremendous hope and beyond hope, we have such potential. this country has such potential. you watch. it's going to be so special. things are going to happen like you haven't seen happen in many, many decades. this is truly an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow, but for the first time in a long time what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. it's a movement. don't forget, they didn't know you existed until election day. then they said, where the hell did all of those people come from. right? [ cheers and applause ] where did they come from?
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they came in by the millions and millions and millions, set records in many areas, set records here. we set a record here in alabama. they said where did those people come from? and now they're going to work really hard over the next four years, but if we want to go for another four years, i think we're going to make it. do you agree? i actually think the next four years are going to be a lot easier, if you want to know the truth. we're going to do a great job. you, the american people, will now again be in charge. your voice, your desires, your hopes, your aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. never again. the forgotten men and women of this country, and they were forgotten, by the way, you're not forgotten any longer. you will never be forgotten again. together we will raise incomes
2:41 pm
and bring back our jobs. we will repeal the sdadisaster known as obama care and create new health care reforms that work for you and for your family. we will re-establish the rule of law, defend the second amendment -- [ cheers and applause ] -- very important. and franklin will be very happy with this. protect religious liberty. [ cheers and applause ] and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. we will heal our divisions and unify our very, very divided country. when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do. no task is too great. no dream too large. no goal beyond our reach. nothing. nothing.
2:42 pm
there's nothing like "us." there's nothing and nobody like us. my message today is for all americans, from all parties, all beliefs, all races, all walks of life, whether you are african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, we're all american. and we're all united by one shared destiny. so i'm asking everyone to join this incredible movement. here is my request -- for all of you -- never, ever give up. you can't give up. i should have given up in this campaign five times. i should have given up, according to them, ten times. i could take you over ten different things that happened where people would have ginken up but i never gave up.
2:43 pm
never gave up. i should have given up, but i never gave up. right? [ cheers and applause ] never, ever give up. never stop believing. and never, ever stop dreaming. and if you do that, then all together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america safe again, and we will make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, thank you, alabama. god bless you. merry christmas. merry christmas, everybody. and god bless you. thank you for your support. ♪ that is president-elect donald trump speaking in mobile, alabama. the last stop on his thank you
2:44 pm
tour. he spoke for about an hour to a very enthusiastic crowd about everything from bringing jobs back to our country and lowering taxes and making our country safe again, or as he put it, nbc's kelly o'donnell is there, and has reaction to the speech we just heard, and kelly, for a lot of it it sounds like he's still campaigning. >> reporter: well, he did talk about the fact that he has done things very differently, and perhaps there will be more rallies. he hinted at that. having conquered donald trump for a long time, been at many of his events, he sometimes opens a door and closes another, and the reverse. what was particularly notable in the last several minutes is that he raised michelle obama and her comments to oprah winfrey in an interview, obliquely she said, now we know what it's like not to have hope. she did not talk about donald trump. she did not name him, but the
2:45 pm
implication was there and so when the president-elect here raised michelle obama's name, there was a boo, which is very unusual, because regardless of politics, typically americans hold their first ladies in high regard. so it was donald trump who then kind of came to her defense saying that he believes that she actually meant what she said very differently, and that he now believes that he and melania trump have a good relationship with the obamas. so that will get a lot of attention and a lot of play, because if michelle obama's brought into politics, that is a more rare occasion when it comes to a first lady. especially one about to leave office in 30 days. a lot of the other things we heard here were sort of the standard reliving of election night. again, he did not talk about russia, vladimir putin, or the hacking. he also did not talk about the events related to china seizing a u.s. navy underwater unmanned drone. that was a bit of a dust-up that
2:46 pm
has happened. he tweeted about it but did not address it here. so this is a state that helped to launch his sort of national campaign. it's a state that had a very high vote total, a margin for donald trump, and this is where at least for the end of this year, he is wrapping up his good-bye tour. his thank you tour, his sort of campaign-like tour, but he seemed to leave the door open to continuing these sort of events when he becomes president, or maybe in january before the 20th when he takes the oath of office. melissa? >> kelly, let's talk for a moment about this, his talk and the crowd reaction when it came to being person of the year instead of man of the year. >> reporter: he's been doing that recently. so you know, he was named "time" magazine's person of the year and he's doing this informal poll. i'm not quite sure what the motivation is, but he asks two big poll question, if you will.
2:47 pm
first do his crowd, his voters, his supporters like made in america versus made in the usa? typically they respond, "made in usa". then he follows it up with a poll question whether "time" magazine or any ientity should choose one person at the end of the year, should it be man of the year or person of the year? the crowd says man of the year. if a woman is chose, it should be woman of the year. he finds ways for is a parties to be drawn into it. not just giving a speech. those are not so consequential. he talked about trade deals and tries to make it entertaining acknowledged it's intended to be entertaining but saying there's a lot of work still to do. another notable moment where he said his own election night party a new york city mid-towne hotel not the bells and whistles
2:48 pm
of the hillary clinton campaign or most election night parties. he went bare borne bones becaus didn't think he was going to win and didn't want to spend the money. supporters of his who thought he could or would win might reflect on that differently now if trump himself said on election day and leading up to it he was nots expecting to win either. >> one last quick question, kelly. he talked about uniting a divided country but didn't exactly talk how he planned on doing that. >> reporter: it is one of the things he's working into this thank you tour, and it strikes me as being part of the prepared text which is on the teleprompter. when he talks about wanting to be a president for all americans wanting to bring the country together, he sometimes gets into a little bit of rhetorical trouble because he begins to talk about different ethnic and racial groups within the country saying he's done well with african-american voters, or hispanic-american voters but wants to bring everyone
2:49 pm
together. you're right. he doesn't say how he will do that. the fact he is saying it is something that his campaign says they want to be, a message going forward. now his transition team. not his campaign any longer. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell live from mobile, alabama tonight at the last stop on donald trump's rally tour as he called it a thank you tour, live from mobile, alabama. much more news coming up tonight. you are watching msnbc. yeah, . hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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. welcome back. as the family gleemily grieves loss, detectives struggle to make sense of the crime scene. as they canvassed the area looking for leads, a possible suspect emerged. and it was someone police had met before. could her killer have been stopped sooner? here's andrea canning with the
2:53 pm
final chapter of "the face of evil." >> it was two nights after the murder and fire. detective capps made a discovery, one that would finally connect the dots in this series of crimes that had terrorized this college town. >> i spent that evening basically reading through all these reports. >> the detective ordered background checks on some of the people who attended the party in carolyn's apartment complex, including ynobe matthews. it turns out there were several police reports in the file accusing ynobe of a number of crimes. >> mr. matthews had a tendency to try to sexually assault females, and in the process of that, he would choke them if they were not willing to have sex. >> how did carolyn die? ynobe had never been convicted of sexual assault, but in the files, he read the account of one particularly brutal attack.
2:54 pm
the case ended up being charged as a misdemeanor, unlawful restraint. it was kristen's. ynobe was the man she says almost killed her. >> i was certain that he had done this before. but at the same time, i didn't think he would do it again. >> the detective called ynobe matthews back down to the station for another interview and decided to pull a fast one with his suspect. telling him he was about to get dna results from the crime scene. were you really about to get it that quickly? >> we weren't going to get it that quickly that day. but trying to get him to believe that we had that information, that we had everything that we needed. i had contacted my supervisor earlier. i told him if he could page me, just say -- type in the words that says dna matches. >> and right on cue, the detective's pager went off. >> and i showed it to mr. matthews and asked him to read it.
2:55 pm
it said dna matches. >> so what's his face like when he looks at that match? >> he became pretty emotional. and he said, it was an accident, but he had killed her. >> the detective called carolyn's parents and gave them the news of the confession. >> they said, i think we got him. i said well, how sure? he said, i'll bet the farm on it. >> it was the next morning when kristen lancaster opened up the newspaper and learned her attacker had been charged with murder. >> i felt overwhelming guilt. just overwhelming guilt knowing that he had killed someone, and, you know, perhaps i hadn't tried hard enough to make people believe me. >> did you feel like i life could have been saved if you had been taken more seriously? >> oh, yes. carolyn would still be here. i mean, there's no doubt. >> and what about the woman at the start of our story? jamie hart's case had been handled by the brazos county
2:56 pm
sheriff's office. but after ynobe was arrested, it didn't take long for the college station police department and the sheriff's office to compare the dna. what they found, ynobe was also jamie's killer. what's that moment like? >> i remember the feeling of wanting to feel relieved, but all i could think was, this is exactly what i knew was going to happen. he struck again. another girl is dead. and another family has lost their precious daughter. >> chuck says to this day he misses jamie and has never gotten over being viewed as a suspect. >> having to spend such a long time under investigation for the death of a loved one, it hurts. it hurts a lot. >> it's like a scar. >> very much so.
2:57 pm
very much so. >> do you feel bad about that at all, that he was put through that? >> i'm sorry that he had to go through that, yes. but if i had to do the investigation over, i wouldn't change anything. i'm sorry he lost the love of his life. but we had a job to do, and we had to either arrest him for murder, or clear him. we cleared him. >> but, before jamie, before kristen, before carolyn, there was another victim who soon learned she was also connected to this horrifying series of events. her name is misty johnson. >> if i didn't let him rape me, he would have killed me. >> like kristen, misty reported her attack to the bryan police department. but ynobe denied it, claiming it was consensual, and misty was too traumatized to help police in the investigation. >> probably within a week, i quit my job and left town. i was scared. >> she now regrets that decision. her attack happened first, months before jamie was murdered.
2:58 pm
>> i feel like if i would have stayed and fought him through the police department, that possibly he wouldn't have been able to go on to hurt anyone else. >> and kristen is left with the memory of an assault that, according to the law, never really happened. >> i was so angry that two people had to die in order for someone to believe me. >> did the system fail? >> it failed me. it failed carolyn. it failed jamie. >> do you think about them a lot? they were total strangers to you. >> but they're my alternative future. i mean, they're what could have happened to me. i mean, they're what could have happened to any of us. >> a jury convicted ynobe matthews of carolyn's murder and sentenced him to death. he also pleaded guilty to jamie's murder. kristen faced him in court during the penalty face. >> it was terrifying. and i had to testify. and i met carolyn's family.
2:59 pm
and jamie's family. they all came out afterwards and gave me a hug. it helped me realize that their families didn't hold any grudge against me. >> it's not her fault that my sister died. and kristen should have no guilt over that. >> with the casey family as witnesses, ynobe matthews was executed three years later. if there is a lesson to take from this story, it is one that comes directly from a survivor herself. someone who has learned the hard way to cherish life's moments, each and every one. >> it makes you realize how fragile your life is, and that anybody can take it in a moment's notice. the story for them, that's it. that's their life's story. the final chapter has been written. but for me, i get to keep going on. >> what would you call yourself? >> i mean, people have called me a survivor. i would call myself lucky. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline extra." i'm tamron hall. thank you for watching.
3:00 pm
it was tough. it was tough to think that anybody could do that to someone. to look at the pictures of what they did to her and hear details of how it was carried out, it's just, it's devastating. >> reporter: shauna tiaffay, loving mom by day, vegas cocktail waitress by night. >> i was at one of the bars and i saw her walk by. every single head turned. >> it was after her shift that they found her, the victim of a ruthless attack.


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