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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  December 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. >> any broach of security measures is disturbing and i strongly condemn any such efforts. >> mitch mcconnell said he wants
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a congressional investigation into whether russia tried to influence the election. this as donald trump insists there is nothingo see. also on the agenda, the clinton team weighing in and the campaign chief announces he is supporting a very long shot effort being led by clinton supporters in the electoral college to receive an intelligence briefing before they formally vote for president. rounding out the agenda -- >> rex tiller is a trumpian-inspired pick and he has a career outside of politics. >> all signs point to rex tillerson as secretary of state and why the hold up? a confirmation problem has to do with russia. we begin with the top story, the
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debate over russia and hacking. according to nbc newssources, the cia concludes that the hacked dnc and clinton e-mails were part of a deliberate ruian plot to elect donald trump as president. one source told us that the cia expressed the highest confidence level when explaining russian intent. the washington report posts that the same evidence is fuzzy and ambiguousuous, suggesting that the two agencies may not be on the same page at all. we don't know the evidence given to the agencies in that meeting and we have not seen or reviewed the report made public. donald trump weighing in on twitter suggesting it's all part of a partisan effort. can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we
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tried to play the russia-cia card? it would be called experience theory. unless you catch hackers in the act, it is very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wasn't it brought up before the election? 17 agencies collectively released a statement saying they were convinced that russia was behind the hacked dnc and hillary clinton e-mails and did not say they had done it for the purpose of trying to elect trump. the top trump aide kellyanne conway was on with andrea mitchell earlier. >> we don't want foreign governments to interfere in our intelligence and elections, but we don't want politics to interfere either. >> a group of senators called on the obama administration to declassify the information they have regarding russia and intent. kristen welker is at the white
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house today. we know last week the president said he deppitized his people to come up with a review and congress calling for an investigation and in the meantime you have this briefing that the cia did last week. the senators got the briefing and things leaked out and that's the basis for the flurry of reporting. is there any chance that briefing might be made public? >> the white house saying it's unlikely that that information would be declassified. having said that, the press secretary stressed the need to release as much information to the public as is possible. you talk about that investigation that the president ordered his intelligence community to undergo, they want to make as much of that briefing open to the public as possible. however stressing that there is going to be some information that will need to remain classified. now, congress is going to get
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briefed on that. i think you are going to see a push to reveal as much as possible. you have the electoral college members asking for a briefing as well, some of them before they vote. the calls for the information to be made public are growing. having said that, again, white house secretary josh earnest stressed the need to keep this classified while this gets under way. the concern here is what exactly happened. getting to the root of it and how to prevend it from happening in the future. all of this comes in calls for an investigation. you have republican senators. john mccain and lindsay graham joining the call for the investigation. there is broad agreement on both sides that there is a need to get to the bottom of what happened. the trump transition team stand alone in resisting what they are saying. they believe russia is behind
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the hacks. shawn spicer insisted it was important to make sure there was no foreign intervention in this or any future election. >> outside the white house, thanks for that. mitch mcconnell said he does not see the need for a special select committee, but he is in favor of a bipartisan review of the matter. >> the russians are not our friends. any breech of us is concerning and i strongly condemn the efforts. you simply cannot be a partisan issue. >> that puts the two senate leaders and the degreeing leader and mitch mcconnell on the same page when it comes to a
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bipartisan investigation to see what role the russians played in the election. the host of the morning show bearing his name on the same network. the national correspondent for the nation. we have a dispute where the cia is saying not only was the russian government involved in hacking, they were doing it specifically to elect trump. you have the fbi that doesn't want to go there. you don't have a dispute when it comes to the agencies saying russia was behind those leaked e-mails. the hacked e-mails. donald trump is saying hey, i don't know if that's true. is that a reasonable position for him to take? >> i think the president-elect is making a different point when he made his comments on fox news yesterday. i heard him saying it's ridiculous to say the russians won the election for him. he won on his own terms and broke the blue wall.
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on the other hand, they turned robert hanson and they know they are not our friends. they conducted smaj and they will again. i think it's possible to hold both positions. the russians are bad guys and they acted bad and i think they were behind the wikileaks front, but i think it's li dickuloridi get the electoral college mixed up because there is no cause and effect at all. >> there is ten members of the electoral college. nine democratses and one republican who said we haven't met and voted. we want briefings on whatever the russian role might have been. the clinton chairman saying he supports that and is there a
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risk from the stand point that this looks like democrats who can't accept they lost and are trying to blame it on foreign intervention. >> why are people afraid of getting to the bottom of it and having the electoral college have more knowledge before they vote? if we have an electoral college, they are not just supposed to be a rubber stamp. then let's get rid of it and go to the popular vote which a lot of us support. what hugh said, donald trump did not say i don't believe that the russians intervened on my side. he said he doesn't believe it plain and simple. it could be russia or china or somebody in their bed. i don't know where he gets the images. they are creepy. he denied what his friends in the republican party and yourself have been saying. he refuses to accept the reality that this is the consensus of the intelligence agencies. >> have you noticed the wayry
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reacted to the news from what the cia is claiming? does he seem too defensive and hostile to the conclusions? >> he seems abrupt because it's silly. this is a attempt to delegitimize the election. this week they blame the russians. it sounds like he is going in the election denier camp. >> we want more information. >> donald trump won. i agree with the senate that they need to get to the bottom of what the russians did. if it was alone or through 30 peards, none of this would have happened if the red line had not been erased and north korea said
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the fact is that the weakness of the obama years through increasing cyber attacks on america and now they are paying the piper and it's not donald trump's fault that they had a server interfacement. >> that's not the issue. >> in terms of this question of affecting it, what we have is the conclusions that are correct. russia was behind the leaked e-mails this summer and they had the e-mails that were trickling throughout the campaign. >> this is internee sanders people who believe false low that the dnc rigged it for her. they made a decision not to support her. they can make up that 70,000 in michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania, but we will never know. the role of mitch mcconnell. he said no one can believe
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republicans wouldn't want to get to the bottom of this. they sent them to brief a group in september and make a bipartisan statement and we would like to warn state and local officials to really secure their voting apparatus. we know they got into the database was two states. illinois was one of them. mitch mcconnell shut them down. that's another thing at issue. he is acting like the russia is not our friends. when he had a chance to do something bipartisan, he shut it down and the obama administration went along with it. >> we talked about what the mandate is that donald trump earned in the election and moral
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authority that is difficult to measure statistically. if we go down the road of having these investigations and it is put out there as a matter of public record that the russians did intervene and were behind these leaks and they can be conclusively demonstrated, what would that mean? would it mean anything for donald trump in terms of legitimacy and moral authority as president? >> no. what the left is trying to do and jo is good at it is delegitimize donald trump's presidency. he won and fake news doesn't change it. >> he lost by almost three million votes. >> and the popular vote doesn't matter. the constitutional majority is the electoral college. that makes him president for final and for good. what matters is the attempt to slow down the courts of appeal. 90 others. harry reid gave a gift to the republicans and he is trying to cover the fact that he made the
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greatest strategic blunder. they get all of their nominees and the appellate court because harry reid made a bad choice. >> they don't get the supreme court nominee. it's not just harry reid. >> that will be a conversation for another day. i'm sure that is coming down the pike. thank you for joining us. all this talk about russians. what did they and didn't they do? what did the russians think about the talk about meddling in the united states election. richard engle is live saying how it is playing out in moscow. the view of the future president from 5,000 miles away. you love him or you hate him. the man who single handedly changed college basketball forever. winning coach will join me live on set. stick around for that. ♪ the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout.
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the relationship between exxon-mobil and vladimir putin in russia depends what that relationship is. it's a business relationship. as the head of exxon-mobil, he knows where the oil is. it's not like they are intimate friends and god parents to each other's children. >> kellyanne conway defending rex tillerson who emerged as the most likely pick for secretary of state.
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the ceo exxon-mobil. a business relationship with russia. three years ago, he was awarded the order of friendship, one of the highest honors russia gives to foreign citizens. that's if trump decides to go through with picking him. we have this drama and will he or will he not be picked. news of another boimt. busy day here. >> as usual. donald trump is at trump hour and it's always a busy time. the president of goldman sachs has been picked as director of national economic policy for the trump administration. this is the third person connected with goldman sachs who has been named by president-elect trump.
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he is a pick for nominee and along with steve bannon who has been connected with goldman sachs. in terms of rex tillerson. they are just talking about what kellyanne conway it is that it's being blown out of proportion. it's not just democrats who have concern about that position. top name republicans are also concerned including john mccain, lindsay graham who expressed strong concern about the ties that he might have with putin. in addition comings and goings, energy secretary along with the former governor of texas, rick
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perry. interesting he is concerned with the policies of president obama and rick perry had said during the campaign in 2011, he might a polish it. a lot of comings and goings. >> outside trump tower. richard engle is over in moscow? do we have him? we do. we are working on setting that up. there he is. sorry. a little technical difficulties with 5,000 miles between us. we have been talking about the cia suggesting apparently that they believe russia was involved in the presidential election trying to elect donald trump. the fbi said we are not convinced it went that far. you are on the ground in moscow. how is it being received? are people hearing about this in
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the news media and are they happy or skeptical? what is the reaction from this? >> it is certainly getting a lot of attention in the media especially in the state-controlled media-in particular. the message from the kremlin is of delight. they are happy to watch the situation going on. russia is watching the cia struggle to make its case and having this dispute emerge between the president-elect and the cia that only benefits russia. they are not getting hillary clinton. she was hated by president putin. he often said that he held her personally responsible for encouraging street demonstrations in this country in the city. in 2011, 2012, there was a lot
1:23 pm
of animosity for bill clinton. there is happiness they are not getting hillary clinton and they are getting trump. he seemed to be pro business and wants to do deals with moscow and the kremlin believes it will be the kind of business where not many questions are asked. as people sit back in the top leadership and watch the u.s. tear its hair out and watch the dispute between the president-elect and the cia, they are watching with satisfaction. >> is there an attempt for russian officials and are they denying playing a role whatsoever? >> of course. >> how do they handle the accusations? i smoke a few hours ago with one of the top lawmakers in the
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country. a member of the foreign relations committee and he denied that russia had involvement. he said if russian citizens or speakers were involved, acting individually and this was not an action carried out by the kremlin. he said that russia in principal doesn't want to interfere in the affairs of foreign countries. i said what about crimea? he said well, russia was acting in self defense. to answer your question, there have been emphatic denials, but at the same time i think there is a quiet sense of satisfaction about what happened. some have also called what could be russia's most successful operation ever if the cia were able to prove it. >> thank you for that.
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so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. >> time for a check of the headlines at the half hour. senate majority leader backing efforts by a bipartisan group of senators to investigate that russia interfered to help donald trump win. the president-elect downplaying the conclusion that the russians hacked into the democratic national committee and the e-mail account calling it ridiculous and insane. the clinton campaign backing an effort to get a briefing on whether the government is investigating links between trump's campaign and russia.
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nine of the electors are democrats and one is a republican who publicly said he will not vote for donald trump when the electors meet in the state capitols to cast their ballots for president. that's the final step to formally elect donald trump. a federal judge meanwhile rejecting green party candidate jill stein's request for a recount in pennsylvania. that decision coming as wisconsin officials finish their recount with little change in donald trump's margin of victory. and boeing announcing a $16 billion deal with iran aired by 80 planes over years. an agreement made possible by the signing of that nuclear agreement with iran last year. this was since 1979. people are cleaning up after a
1:30 pm
winter storm dumped a foot of snow in parts of the midwest, causing hadnundreds of accident and flights to be canceled as well. now to south carolina, more testimony in the trial of dylann roof carrying out the deadly massacre at a black church in charleston. they heard where the accused gunman bought the gun he used to kill nine people. they learned more about roof's background. they have been tried on federal charges including hate crime charges. they face a state trial for murder and he could if convicted face the death penalty. joining us now from charleston, what did the jurors see and hear exactly today? >> so steve, jurors learned more about the background. they heard from the agent who was tasked with interviewing his family after the massacre and searching his home. the most damning evidence found
1:31 pm
in a filing cabinet in the roof house where they found a confederate flag and a flag from the former country of rhodesia. they searched his computer where they found photos from a white supremacist website called the last in that video, dylann roof said he never discussed his views on race with his family or his friends. the other thing that jumped out at me today was the manager of the gun store where dylann roof allegedly bought the murder weapon testified today. jurors were shown surveillance video of him purchasing the weapon and the receipt as well. the most interesting element was that this manager said roof performed the gun on april 16th, a couple of days after his 21st birthday. now it was with the money his dad gave him for his birthday. the manager got a notification
1:32 pm
from criminal background agents 12 days after the shooting. 2.5 months later saying that sale should have never taken place. it turns out that dylann roof was arrested for drugs, but the clerk at the jail entered the information incorrectly. that information really never made the database that cleared him to purchase the murder weapon. steve? >> down there in charleston, thanks for that. coming up, could this man be the next secretary of state? getting to know rex tillerson. he is the front-runner for the job, but there are critics on both sides of the aisle. the question whether that nomination could be blocked and also tonight, do not miss this. all in. bernie sanders in trump country. senator bernie sanders in kenosha, wisconsin in a special all in town hall event. wisconsin is the state donald trump flipped and hasn't gone
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beyond. natural pet food. >> let's turn our attention to rex tillerson who looks to be the pick for secretary of state. >> i am concerned about his relationship with vladimir putin who is a thug and a murderer and a guy who only wants to restore the russian empire. of course i am concerned. we should give him a fair hearing. >> exxon-mobil ceo rex tillerson has not even been officially chosen, but there is controversy swirling around him. senators expressing concerns including john mccain. that could mean maybe if tillerson is nominated, his confirmation could be in doubt and that brings us to today's most penitentiary number of the
1:37 pm
day. think about this. you have a republican president coming in and a republican senate. you have the democrats when they controlled the senate a couple of years ago, it did away with the filibuster. this thing should be smooth sailing, you would think. 10 is the most important number of the day. the submitee has the forrings and if you want to get confirmed, you have to pass the committee. it's 10-9. this is a big if, but if all the democrats decided you know what, we will make a stand on this nomination and if he is the pick, we will oppose tillerson. you would only have to flip one republican on the committee and it would be a negative vote against the nominee. the concerns about tillerson have to do with his ties to russia. of course he is the chairman and ceo of the big oil company,
1:38 pm
exxon-mobil and he was given an award by vladimir putin, one of the highest honors that russia can give to a foreign dignitary. one of the republican members said being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i am hoping for from secretary of state. he sits on the foreign relations committee and there might be concerns here. that could be one of the reasons we have seen the reporting. there hasn't been an announcement yet. it is possible they are taking a closer look. they don't have to worry about the filibuster, but will they worry about marco rubio trying to draw a line on rex tillerson because of russia. that's the most important number
1:39 pm
of the day. there was another slide. anyway, certainly plenty of controversy over ties to russia and he is receiving high profile endorsements. this morning it was reported that former secretaries of state condoleezza rice and james baker and robert gates have voiced their support for tillerson as trump's pick. that could insulate him against rebel yon from republican senators. i want to bring in cnbc's steve leesman who knows about rex tillerson and his role at exxon-mobil. if donald trump is going to turn to him, what kind of secretary of state would he be? >> this is a really interesting pick or idea. maybe it's a balloon being floated. we haven't had somebody who is not really coming from the foreign policy wing of the establishment in washington in quite a while. what these guys do, what exxon
1:40 pm
has been famous for doing is making deals. they have refineries and upstream production. he is a company man that began with exxon in 1975, i believe it was. he already is going to have that experience of making deals. the question for me is can you separate that from potential conflicts of interest. almost anywhere he goes in the world, there will be something to do with exxon-mobil in and or near that country or region. >> cnbc's steve leesman. appreciate it. for more, i want to bring in sabrina from the guardian and philipp from "the washington post." let's start on the question of tillerson. if this is the pick, you see marco rubio's comments and you know when it am cacomes to russ. is there a worry for the trump team if they go with tiller? >> there is. the main reason people might be worried is the comment from rubio.
1:41 pm
this is going to be one of the first big tests if trump picks tillerson. this is the test to twist the arms of people on capitol hill. i think a broader question about the trump presidency. can he get congress to fall in line with whatever it is he happens to be doing. he's a business guy. we have seen a lot of wealthy and business people who made up the cabinet. this poses is this the establishment view of what a secretary of state should be? >> if the trump team were to conclude, there has been no announcement. this might be too risky in terms of confirmation. maybe we haven't do this. is mitt romney the back up and who is the second choice? >> there is no clear sense because so many names are floated between mitt romney and petraeus and maybe carly fiorina. she met with trump today.
1:42 pm
the republicans can't afford even one defection. we are looking at a 10-9 balance. even if he does clear a committee, republicans have about a 52-seat majority in the senate. you hear decent coming from john mccain and lindsay graham. even if tillerson makes it to the floor, they can't afford many defections and it's not clear he would with the rules that were changed by democrats clear a confirmation vote on the senate floor. >> if the choice is tillerson vshz romney, either way this is a proxy fight over the question of russian involvement in the election. you have romney and of course it was romney four years ago who said russia is the top foe. you have the democrats ridiculing him for that. now they are reading from the same script. tillerson because of the business ties is an issue too.
1:43 pm
russia either one of the picks is a factor in the confirmation. >> that's true. part of the reason he is getting the reception he is getting now is because it's on the table with that report from friday about the role played in the election. i don't know that without that umbrella hanging over this weekend when he was ruled out, i'm not sure it's exactly the same. after the big deal cut for drilling in the arctic, that still is not a good look for him. i'm curious to which this is a question of the moment that may not carry over. >> the peace and news coming across the wire. we can share with you the lawsuits that jill stein and the green party candidates file trying to force the states. you have the out in wisconsin. pennsylvania could not get the recount and now this. the department of state in pennsylvania announcing they
1:44 pm
have certified their election results from the presidential race on november 8th. donald trump wins the state of pennsylvania by 44, 292 votes. this is the formal certification in pennsylvania. trump is the first republican since 1988 to carry that state. sabrina, with that in mind, let me ask you about a conversation we are having about the role here, the potential role of russia in the election and the united states. we have the intelligence community saying look, we know the hacked e-mails, the leaked e-mails and the intelligence community saying they are satisfied it came from russia in terms of why. there is dispute. do you think the presence of the leaked e-mails that could have swung the voeds in pennsylvania? >> it's clear hillary clinton's
1:45 pm
campaign suffered as a result of the leaks with respect to the democratic national committee and then of course the is steady flow of e-mails released from her chairman's account. is one leak responsible for her loss? i don't think that's an argument that anyone is making. the hacking had an impact in reaffirming the perceptions with respect to the paid speeches and the transcripts to her walks to wall street as well. i think you are also hearing support to investigate russia's interference. mitch mcconnell was an important step where he expects both the intelligence and armed services committee in the senate to probe this matter in the coming weeks and months. you are not going to see select
1:46 pm
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>> schools have have never heard of with mascots you never knew existed. if you know the tournament, you know him. the wildcats have made it to the final four four times in the last five years. hery cruded the stars and won more than 600 games. ranked 6th in the country and
1:55 pm
author of a new book success is the only option. we are a coaching extreme talent. thank you for taking a few minutes. you are a college guy. u mass, memphis and kentucky. >> they fired me. that's right. >> why do you like the college and not the pro game. >> they are two different animals. in college you are deeching skills. they are 18, 19, 20-year-olds. in the nba, it's a man's game. you are not trying to mold young men like you are doing in college. it's two different skill sets that you need. >> what about the atmosphere. the difference between the college game and the band and
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the clear leaders and the student section. the experience of the college game versus an nba game. >> people that come to the games, it's like the nba and the playoffs. ality kentucky, they are thrown into the fire. we talk about it in the book. they have to buy into what kentucky is. you are not going to "the final score" in a game. you will be with other guys who are just as talented as you. one of the things i tell kids, if you walk in a and you are by far the most talented person, you are in the wrong gym. if you see all this talent, that's the jaim you need to be in. >> you use the term extreme
1:57 pm
talent and said you changed college basketball. one of the things that you were the 50 to embrace this one and done rule. you have to do a year in college before you go to the pros. they were not sure how to handle that. the best players out of high school. you wanted them. >> we didn't know how many would be for a year or two or three. we had them stay four years. three kids will grat yut. every player has a lifetime scholarship. their skill is on that basketball court. it's about them so they can be about each other. if a kid said it's time for me
1:58 pm
to leave, even if i disagree, it's about them and their families and not the program. it's about leading extreme talent. whether it's a business person, what are the keys? >> extreme talent wants to be with them. they want to challenge to see how good they can be. when you are recruiting those people, you appeal to their aspirations and not the egos. you will be the face and i want to run through you. how about what is the best version that you look like. for get about the minutes and shots. gilcrist took the fifth most shots. minutes and shots don't matter. you become your best.
1:59 pm
lerveing to be a servant and not leading for yourself. you are serving everyone on the team as you lead. you don't know if you will be the guy in the shots. we are trying to teach a lot of stuff. you coached against a lot of different teams and personalities out there. is there one team or place when you are a coach and you see them, we have to play the guys? is there one -- i don't want that. >> in the ncaa? >> yeah. >> the first opening round games, there are teams that you don't know their mascot and you never heard of their coach. in our profession, we are like oh, no. we have to play that team. there is 10 or 15 out there. >> that are will be the biggest game. they will play out of their minds and you think your team is
2:00 pm
looking at them saying those are the scary games. the other games, we play north carolina this weekend. i think my guys will be ready to go. when you are playing, we played val prezzo and they are really good. i was worried we were not going to be ready for the game and we were. >> coach of the kentucky wild cads. thanks for stopping by. mtp daily starts now. >> if it's monday, congress makes a place for a russia investigation. president collect trump downplays the intelligence support. the kremlin intervention. how far did russian interference real go. they are demanding


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