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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  December 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we have come a long way. >> age limits. >> you don't know what will happen. donald trump will be 74. i'll be 77 in better shape, i would like to add. >> and remember iing pearl harb. we remember the attack that tested the greatest generation. >> across the country people knew we were at war and the power and rhetoric of franklin roosevelt cannot be under estimated. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump telling the "today" show he likes president obama
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and is consulting the president on cabinet choices. trump didn't say whether he asked obama's advice on secretary of state, even as the president-elect told matt lauer on the "today" show that mitt romney isn't out of contention despite strong opposition from trump loyalists. >> let me go back to mitt romney. is he still under consideration? >> yes, he is. >> does he have a chance to become secretary of state? >> he does. >> this isn't about a case of stringing him along as revenge being a dish best served cold for comments he made during the campaign? >> it's not about revenge but about what's good for the country. i'm able to put this stuff behind us. >> the president-elect also mentioned exxon's rex tillerson for secretary of state who he interviewed tuesday as a real contender possibly showing a preference for a global business executive with strong ties to vladimir putin. that could be controversial. joining me katy tur and peter alexander. peter, let me ask you first.
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you covered mitt romney. you know mitt romney so well. do you think this is still a live option even given all the opposition we heard just the other day on the first day of his thank you tour when he was in ohio where the crowd responded to the president-elect saying, you know, no romney. >> there are two ways to view it. from the trump side there were vocal critics within his close circle saying, hey, it can't be this guy. he goes against everything you stand for. then there is the romney side and the folks there who we talked to say this is a patriot, a man who wants to help the country. he's met him multiple times, spoken be donald trump as well. this is something he's certainly open to still. he wants to help the country. they haven't written this off. they believe it is a viable option. more than anything he wants to present himself as someone here to help if called upon. >> katy tur, you are covering this closely now. we are told -- well, the president-elect told matt it
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would be next week. that doesn't mean it won't leak out this week as general mattis's education from the president-elect himself. what do we expect? it's the most important decision in the cabinet, the only one that was in this line of succession should something happen to the president and the vice president and speaker of the house. >> yeah. the only indication is coming from donald trump himself this morning on the "today" show that it would be announced next week. you're right to say it could come out earlier. the one thing about the campaign and transition we have been seeing all along is the unpredictable nature of when things are released. sometimes they are release in a press release and that's the first time anybody hears it. the muslim ban was a year ago today.
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donald trump just makes a surprise visit with the person or bringshem out on stage during an event. chris christie was a surprise to us when he ended up endorsing donald trump right after the texas debate among the republican potentials for the nomination early on or during the primaries over the spring. so when are we going to hear this? it could be now, five minutes from now, next week. we'll find out. this is one everybody is waiting for. early on we heard newt gingrich could be part of this. rudy giuliani came up and was a strong contender for secretary of state. rudy giuliani going out and lobbying for it himself. now he's not considered to be one of the front-runners, we are told. we are hearing rex tillerson's
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name more often now. donald trump brought him up specifically to matt lauer. that's a sign he's really being considered for the role. tillerson is ceo of exxon mobil. so we have tillerson and romney in the front-runner positions. there is concern as peter was saying among the romney crowd that it could b something where donald trump is offering payback. as we go down the line, i does seem to me as somebody who covered this as long as i have and covered donald trump as long as i have that romney is someone he's taking seriously. he's hearing it from folks in his inner circle and outside of his inner circle that he could be a good person to really close the gap within the republican party and also show the american public he's willing to work with rivals. >> at the same time we are hearing president-elect going his own way according to the
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"new york times." i don't know what you are both hearing. according to the "new york times" general kelly is now the like likely one for homeland security. we have heard about the generals. i'm hearing the waiver legislation that requires 60 votes, the fast track on it is being tucked into the continuing resolution. that's likely not stoppable by the democrats. >> general mattis for defense secretary. >> if they had one or two more generals this would create a higher threshold to get that way. >> former defense secretary bob gates said at some point you don't want many generals up there. you want a wide variety of voices in the process. just to remind the audience you have his national security adviser michael flynn, general mattis, what's being reported by
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the "new york times" and we are working to confirm that general flynn -- excuse me, general kelly would become the head of homeland security as well which is notable as part of the conversation where some said david petraeus could not be secretary of state. there are a lot of guys with marine corps experience. kelly is experienced combat loss. his own son died in 2010. he was leading a platoon and i think he stepped on -- i don't know the exact circumstances. lost his life in combat in afghanistan. it's a man that as we are hearing and the "new york times" reporting he hasn't been told this happens. he will be told he's the choice for homeland security. >> a lot going on there. to speak of the generals again, the questions about michael flynn, katy tur and his son, now it's been pretty much reported that michael flynn's son was basically fired because of his
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tweets on the pizza-gate conspiracy, the false story that led to the firing of a gun dangerously at the pizza restaurant here and a lot of other fake news. michael flynn, sr., was also involved in a lot of tweeting, controversial tweeting about muslims and about fake news reports and conspiracy theories about hillary clinton. so what's the threshold? >> reporter: this isn't confined to michael flynn's son. the threshold is blurry. michael flynn himself tweeting that fear of muslims is rational. he also has had ties to vladimir putin. also ties to president erdogan of turkey. there are questions when it comes to michael flynn, sr. he tweeted about anthony weiner saying his laptop had evidence to put hillary clinton and her crew away for life which turned
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out not to be true. on the one hand his son is tweeting about pizza-gate saying it could be true, this idea that there was a child sex ring having to do with a pizza shop in d.c., a completely unfounded rumor that came about on the internet. we have him perpetuating this rumor that led to a man walking into a pizza restaurant with a gun to try and solve this investigation himself. self-investigate he said. he's been kicked off the transition. reportedly by donald trump himself. yet donald trump's son is playing a major role in influencing donald trump's policy going forward overseas. he still has questionable things on his unofficial resumé, we can say. where the line is, that remains unclear at the moment.
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donald trump certainly doing things his own way. and this includes firing the son but keeping the father on for similar offenses. >> thank you, ka the, y ay, and alexander. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> talk about the possibility that general kelly will be the homeland security secretary assuming he's confirmed. >> i don't know general kelly personally. i know a number of people who served with him and there is highest possible regard for him. he would be an outstanding choice. other names were mention d that would be good choices. if the president goes with general kelly it would be an outstanding choice. the fact that he has fought terrorism first hand overseas,
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the fact that he lost his son in combat, he will realize more than most of us would how essential it is we do what we can to stop terrorism and defeat it in every way. by all accounts he's a first class person, an outstanding human being. and a professional. >> they haven't touched base with you on the choices about that? >> they haven't. >> can you have too many generals? general mattis has a situation where he needs the waiver. >> as far as general mattis, he's outstanding reputation. he's really the soldier scholar, the marine scholar. he has extraordinary knowledge of the world, historical events.
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he testifi before the intelligence committee and it was a great experience to see his depth of knowledge. he has enormous respect on both sides of the aisle. general mattis is a great choice. as far as having too many generals, yeah, there is a certain point you don't want everybody coming from the same background. i don't think we have hit that yet. the choices the president made, i'm fine with. >> i want to ask you about comments donald trump made in his time magazine man of the year interview where he questioned whether or not the intelligence community's unanimous conclusion that russia was behind the hacking that targeted democrat ic institutios and were trying to influence our elections.
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he said i don't believe it. i don't believe they interfered. he's refusing to acknowledge something that dni clapper said was the conclusion. what do you think? >> i have to be careful how i say this. as far as the director of national intelligence and comments made about the democratic national committee the evidence is strong that the russns are involved there. as far as the other e-mails, for instance, john podesta, it's not as clear, not as certain. some of the trademarks may have been there. i don't think the intelligence community is as certain of that as they are on the democratic national committee. in any event i carry it to the next step. i don't think there is evidence they influenced the voting machines or anything. >> understood. >> i do believe the democratic national committee, intelligence community is pretty much of one mind that russia was involved in that, was behind that.
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>> do you think there is concern that people around donald trump and the president-elect himself are too cozy with vladimir putin? too willing to give him the benefit of the doubt? >> i think we have to wait and see. i have real concerns myself about vladimir putin. on the other hand, donald trump will be the commander in chief. he will be the president. i don't think he will be -- in fact, i know he won't be taken in by putin. he may feel there is an opportunity there to find common ground and use russia for our purposes. i think he's entitled to the -- entitled to pursue that. i'm confident he won't be taken in by putin. >> questions about boeing. here the president-elect has questioned boeing. the cost of the new plane
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includes it must be able to with stand a nuclear attack and other specifications. how do you feel about donald trump going after boeing on the new air force one saying he'll cancel this? >> i don't know all the details. the pentagon can have the specifications. there could be a question of will there be over runs. can boeing stay within a certain cost parameter and stay within the specifications. again, you can have a contractor go too far. whether it happened or not, i don't know. it's part of donald trump's style. like you said to china over taiwan, like he sent a signal when he went to carrier in indiana. here he's sending a signal to the military industrial complex, if you will, including those who
9:16 am
do business with china that there is a new sheriff in town. it can be part of a wake-up call that donald trump is sending to let everyone know that, again, things will be different under him. >> different-good? different-bad? >> i think different-good. i voted for him. i think it will be different-good. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. now to developing tragic news out of pakistan. rescue crews are at the crash site of a plane that went down north of islamabad. airline officials say 48eople were on board and all are now presumed dead. the cause of the crash not clear. pakist pakist pakistani military says 36 bodies have been recovered. we'll bring you updates as we receive them. coming up, the latest on the oakland warehouse fire. what the city knew about the conditions inside after video obtained by nbc news shows police officers walking through the warehouse in october. more next on "andrea mitchell
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nbc's kristen welker confirmed donald trump will select john kelly as the secretary of homeland security. kelly had a 40-year career in the marine corps in 2010. his son was killed leading a platoon in afghanistan. this nomination will be made official later today or in the next few days. kristen welker is confirming something first reported by "new york times." now to the deadly oakland warehouse fire. nbc obtained this under cover video of officers walking through in october. the video is from residents who say police used the warehouse to access t roof after a party got out of hand. it raises questions about whether the police noticed that
9:21 am
people were living there illegally and the fire hazards. joining me is steve patterson. a lot of reports of possible causes. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: the investigation now clearly under way. the atf is on scene. they are looking at a number of things. usually the investigations work like this. it's a process of elimination, a paring down in the number of causes starting with the top cause all the way down to the root cause. they have identified a 45-degree burn on the back wall. there is an atf investigation team that has a team of electrical engineers in place. they are looking at the colony, this network of makeshift living spaces on the front floor of the warehouse where there is a concentration of electrical appliances, a refrigerator is being looked at. a sound system with loose wiring is being looked at. remember, all of the makeshift material is being held together by electrical wiring that's oftentimes loose and exposed.
9:22 am
so, of course, that's one viable pathway they are searching for but no cause has been confirmed at this point. >> thanks so much, steve patterson in oakland. in charleston, south carolina, e federal death penalty trial is under way for 22-year-old dylan roof. authorities say he's responsible for massacring nine black parishioners as they were praying at mother emmanuel church in charleston last june. this morning in the opening statement his defense lawyer said they expect he will be found guilty. they are focused instead on what will be the sentencing phase of the trial. roof plans to represent himself during that phase of the trial which would be for capital punishment. he's charged with 33 counts, 18 of which carry the possibility of the death penalty. coming up here, donald trump's campaign rhetoric about nato rattling allies in europe. what do they expect from president-elect trump? my interview with the nato secretary general up next on "andrea mitchell reports" on
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i make the point today and i made the point to my colleagues that the change of an administration in the united states will not change the unwavering commitment of the united states to these ideals or to our nato obligations. >> secretary of state kerry at the nato summit tuesday trying to reassure u.s. allies. earlier today, about an hour ago i spoke to the secretary general about nato's future under donald trump as president. secretary general, thank you very much for being with us. the president-elect donald trump has during the campaign called nato obsolete. he's questioned whether the u.s. would automatically defend nato allies saying it depending on their willingness to pay, quote, their fair share. what's your reaction to that and your confidence going forward? >> i'm absolutely certain that
9:27 am
the incoming u.s. administration and president-elect trump will be committed to nato and the security guarantees to europe. partly because he has told me directly himself. also because we have just seen that the u.s. congress has authorized a budget where funding for the u.s. presidency and europe has increased. so nato is of course important for europe. but also important for the united states. that's why i'm absolutely confident that the united states will remain committed to nato and to the trans-atlantic. >> should nato be concerned about the putin influence? >> we need strong defense, a predictable and strong approach to russia. to talk to them and discuss with them, russia is here to stay.
9:28 am
russia is our biggest neighbor. we have to be able to manage our relationship with russia based on the dialogue and interaction with russia. >> given the wave of migration from the syrian civil war in europe and the rise of populism and we have seen the election in italy. we see what could be coming forward in germany and elsewhere in europe. what is the future of ukraine, the sanctions against russia over ukraine? >> they toe supported economic sanctions against russia because russia has illegally annexed part of another country, crimea from ukraine. russia continues to destabilize eastern ukraine by supporting separatists. so the economic sanctions i a way to give a clear message that this is unacceptable. it has a price to behave in that
9:29 am
way. >> in syria, we see the potential collapse in alleppo. at this point, isn't russia dictating the terms of any kind of political solution down the road given their air power, support for assad, propping up the regime? >> in syria it is a catastrophe. it is getting even worse because the renewed offensive regime supported by russia. at the same time there is no military solution to the conflict in syria. we need a political, diplomatic solution and first will be to have a cease-fire and building on that, we need a more lasting political solution. therefore we support all efforts, also the united states to try to find such a political
9:30 am
solution because the human suffering is so big and tens of thousands of people have been killed. hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave aleppo and syria. it is an urgent need to find a peaceful negotiated political solution to syria. >> is even a temporary humanitarian cease-fire possible? nothing has been accepted or agreed to so far. >> we have seen it is extremely difficult to reach an agreement on temporary cease-fire. even more difficult to implement that kind of agreement. we have to continue to work for it. because we see the suffering every day. we see people being kill. we see attacks on hospitals, on aid workers. there is no alternative to continue to press forward to support and do whatever we can
9:31 am
to find a negotiated peaceful solution and the first step will be a cease-fire which allows humanitarian aid to people suffering in alleppo and other syrian cities. >> thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. john kerry is meeting with the russian foreign minister again today to try to negotiate a cease-fire. so far without success. coming up next, the odd couple. donald trump, rahm emanuel the chicago mayor and former obama chief of staff in trump tower today. to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. up next on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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on behalf of 14 mayors, chicago's mayor rahm emanuel made an appeal to donald trump
9:35 am
today on behalf of the so-called dreamers, the children of immigrants who president obama permitted to stay in the u.s., not to deport if they are enrolled in college or the military. >> i delivered to the president-elect and his senior adviser and chief of staff a letter signed by 14 mayors that put together from across the country about our doca students and they were working hard toward the american dream. they are something we should hold up and embrace. >> trump has promised to cancel the executive orders on immigration on day one. now he's indicating some flexibility in time magazine. joining me chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of the fox blog and anne guerin, political correspondent. flexibility about the dreamers because they are children who have lived life in the united states after they were brought here. it does seem maybe there is a little bit of running room.
9:36 am
i know a lot of senators and mayors are really pushing hard that these young people be allowed to stay as long as they are in the military or in college. >> a lot of people are telling trump and his advisers that this is the most popular part of the obama immigration executive orders. and there might be a way he could tweak them without keeping them outright. but tweak them in favor of students or those planning to go into the military. it is popular. people on both sides of the political spectrum said they supported getting people who were brought here as children and are now young adults a way to stay, if not a path to citizenship. >> chris cillizza, let's talk about some of the recent moves
9:37 am
by trump. kristen welker confirms that general john kelly, the ex-marine, highly regarded as the homeland security nominee. >> yeah. i think the last few picks, general mattis, general kelly, i think those are picks, andrea, that are going to reassure a significant part of the political establishment. republicans and democrats. they are picks that wouldn't be radical if, say, marco rubio was elected president. you could see picks like that. michael flynn is getting a lot of flak at the moment. and i have written about it. if you look at the broad sweep of donald trump's picks, running from jeff sessions to kelly today, i think they are utterly defensible in terms of how he said he would put together a
9:38 am
government. his vision of what this country will be. do people who support hillary clinton and voted for her like it? no. but i can guarantee people who voted for mitt romney didn't like many of the people barack obama had in his cabinet. or voted for john mccain, same thing goes. i think it is, by and large, a steadier list than many people thought. i think people thought maybe he would install a bunch of his friends into the office. i don't think we have seen that. most of the people he's put in are people who could be put in by any so-called more establishment republican politician. >> i'm getting a different vibe from talking to people on the hill. there is no question jeff sessions is going to have an easier time. he's a well-liked senator. >> yes. his positions on immigration, on voting rights are very controversial with a broad sweep of people in both political parties. and the question of whether there are too many generals, the
9:39 am
precedent of that. i will say as it relates to jeff sessions, i think if you are loong in terms of rocky confirmations, he will have one that's pointed, that's partisan at times. very much wonder whether the senate will -- and chuck hagel is a good example. not as controversial as sessions but his confirmation wasn't easy. i wonder if the senate will reject one of its own in the first person donald trump put forward. >> i'm not suggesting that. >> i don't know that they would. >> i don't think they will. >> okay. >> it's controversial. >> yes. >> what about rex tillerson? you covered the state department for a long time. >> it was notable trump brought up that name himself not even being asked about tiller son this morning. that would be a pick that's out of the general circle of people with experience and exactly as chris said a few minutes ago.
9:40 am
people who could have been named really by any establishment, two heavily conservative republican administrati. it would be different to have an active sitting ceo going into the role of top diplomat. there are other names in the running as well who have more traditional foreign policy and global experience than tiller son, but he would be an interesting pick. he's somebody trump likes. appear to be trying to find a way to make use of it in his administration. >> so he knows the world. one question would be does he know vladimir putin too well because of his deals and opposition to the sanctions on ukraine. then joe biden. and who doesn't love what's going on? just watching joe biden. let's play a little bit of joe biden with colbert. >> i'm a great respecter of fate. i don't plan to run again, but to say you know what will happen in four years, i just think it's
9:41 am
not rational. >> that's the sound of a door creaking open is what that is. >> well, look, i can't see the circumstance in which i would run. but what i have learned a long time ago is to never say never. you don't know what's going to happen. hell, donald trump will be 74. i'll be 77 and in better shape. >> this afternoon on the floor if you think there won't be a lot of emotion on the floor of the senate there will be a tribute to joe biden from his colleagues and friends after all the decades he's spent there. the youngest senator at the time. so that will be a moment indeed. no matter what is in his future. anne gearan and chris cillizza, thank you very much. coming up, veteransre gathering in hawaii to mark the 75th anniversary of the japane attack on pearl harbor that, of course, propelled our country into war. we'll go live there next on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us.
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december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> it was 75 years ago today america was brought in to world war ii when the u.s. nayal fleet was attacked at pearl harbor. nearly half of those who died were aboard the u.s.s. arizona. of those who survived only five are alive, four are in hawaii now where memorial ceremonies are about to take place. >> we are not the heroes. they are the heroes. they gave the ultimate -- their life -- for the united states. everybody should remember that. >> the oldest of the survivors
9:46 am
is ray chavez who at age 104 still works out in a gym twice a week. >> when you're 109 maybe you'll go to the 80th anniversary? >> oh, yes. i'll go. >> that's the spirit of the greatest generation which was born at pearl harbor. >> i think the common thread honestly is they survived the depression. they had been through such hard times. they were used to sacrifice. they were used to working together. they were used to going without. when i would talk to them about what basic training would like they said i never had a new pair of trousers until i got in the army, for example. >> in his address before congress president roosevelt appealed to the spirit of the generation as the country prepared for war. >> no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the
9:47 am
american people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will be back in a moment and go to pearl harbor today. still using tampons and pads? there's an alternative that women are raving about. switch to the divacup. it provides up to twelve hours of leak-free protection. plus, it's easy to use, clean, and incredibly comfortable. that's why over ninety percent of women
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today marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor propelling the u.s. into world war ii. miguel almaguer is at pearl harbor where the main commemoration ceremony is taking place. presidential his attorney michael beshlas is with me. miguel, what do you expect at today's ceremony? >> in a few minutes we'll have a moment of silence marking the attack 75 years. a short time ago we were inside the area where the ceremony will take place. we talked to a hdful of those who were here during pearl harbor, even some of those on the u.s.s. arizona where nearly half of the lives lost during
9:51 am
the attack were. they told us this is a solemn ceremony for us. they say the anniversary holds special significance because they are getting older. many of the young men were in their early 20s. some were teenagers during the attack. they are in their late 90s. one 104 years old. this ceremony holds special significance to them. they say they are here not to celebrate what happened here during that day but to celebrate the lives of those who can no longer be with them today. all of them said they don't consider themselves heroes. they consider the men who died in the attack to be the heroes here. many of them are getting older. they have their family by their sis and they want their stories passed down to future generations, andrea. >> miguel, thank you very much for that. while we let you cover and witness those events, michael and i will look back at what preceded the attack, how fdr and
9:52 am
the white house were doing what they could to resist joining the war. >> right. you talk about a divided country today. in 1941 we were really a divided country. we had just been through an election. a lot of americans wanted to stay out of the war against hitler. many americans who, like franklin roosevelt, felt there was every reason to get involved in the struggle for western civilzation. but just before pearl harbor that was not decided. you get a bolt out of the blue, this surprise attack. most americans had no idea where pearl harbor was. thanks to the shock of the assault plus franklin roosevelt's leadership within 24 hours we were a divided country united trying to win this war. >> what was the reaction from winston churchill? >> he said i'm sorry for us but delighted because he knew it was
9:53 am
one of the only ways america would be driven into the war against hitler which he had been involved in, you know, almost alone for two years. now he knew the americans were on his side. he said essentially now i know that we will win the war. >> there was no blame game immediately. none of what we would experience now. how did we let this happen. it was mobilization. >> it was a time when people had more faith in institutions and in their president. sadly if it happened nowadays the immediate thing would be did fdr deliberately put the ships there and entice the japanese to bomb pearl harbor to let us get into the war that perhaps he was eager to enter. there are some people who say it today. i think that's absolutely crazy. roosevelt morally would not have done that. even if he wanted to get into a war in europe which is what he was more concerned with, that was not the way to do it. >> just to give us a better
9:54 am
sense of it, the fleet was all there. >> right. >> we were wiped out. >> it was a terrible mistake. it was fdr's mistake. to the people who said did he do it deliberately, i don't think he would have wanted to start a war by something he would be rightly blamed for, this mistake of putting all the ships in one place in pearl harbor which was harder to defend. >> how did the american industrial complex such as it was then rebuild the fleet and mobilize so rapidly for the world war? >> we had a good start. roosevelt was conscious of the fact that so many americans were isolationists in 1940. he said, let us build up our navy and our army as a way of staying out of the war. so by the time of pearl harbor, the military machine essentially just kicked into a higher gear rather than having to start from zero. >> in terms of the draft and the people who volunteered?
9:55 am
>> the draft, again, roosevelt's foresight. the draft had started a little bit more than a year earlier with a lottery in washington during the presidential campaign. it was roosevelt's leadership to essentially prepare the country and say, i don't want to be in a war but i want to be prepared so that at the time of pearl harbor happened we were. >> let's have a moment of silence now.
9:56 am
with that flyover, with a missing man formation, you can see the commemoration in pearl harbor in hawaii. final thoughts, michael? >> well, you know, the brilliance of preserving this as a memorial, there was some thought maybe we should pull up the ships and turn this into a working port. instead if you go out to pearl harbor, as you know, you can still see to this day oil trickling up from one of the sunken ships. for anyone who wants to be taken to the historic moment of how horrible it was and how fateful it was for history, go to pearl harbor. >> it says so much about
9:57 am
american leadership. >> indeed. >> michael, thank you. more ahead. we'll be right back. so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. ♪balance transferot to othat's my game♪ ♪bank you never heard of, that's my name♪ haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at
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as we continue to watch the memorial, the 75th anniversary of the pearl harbor attack in pearl harbor. that does it for us on "andrea mitchell reports." we turn it over to hallie jackson now. >> hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson at 30 rock as we continue to take a live look now at pictures of the memorial service as you saw on andrea's show marking the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. you can see the ceremony haing now. we'll continue to dip back into this coverage over the next hour. we'll bring it to you live as it unfolds. in the meantime, we have other developing news to get to. donald trump making his pick to head the homeland security department. retired general john kelly, according to sources


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