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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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that's going to wrap up this hour. tamron hall is here. she picks things up now. >> good to see you craig, thanks. donald trump reveals he's sought advice from president obama on his cabinet selections and claims that president obama thinks highly of one of his picks. in an exclusive interview after he was named "time's" person of the year. >> there's a lot of division. we're going to put it back together. we were going to have a country that's very well healled. also developing this morn, the trial of dylann roof, the man accused of killing nine african-americans inside a south carolina church. opening statements are under way. we're expecting witnesses to take the stand. and at texas a&m university, police in riot gear clashed with hundreds of protesters who were trying to rush inside an event where white nationalist richard spencer was speaking on campus last night.
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i'll talk with roland martin, texas a&m alumni, who countered that speech with an event of his own. and new video from inside the oakland warehouse shows police there just two months before that warehouse went up in flames. the latest on the investigation. and overnight, nine more victims have been identified. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. coming to you line frve from ms headquarters in new york. "time" magazine announced this morning that trump is its person of the year, beating out hillary clinton, who was number two, and hackers, at number three. the president-elect spoke to matt lauer by phone in a wide-ranging interview. one of the headlines a lot of people are talking about this morning. trump being very complimentary of president obama, even noting that while they have policy differences, he really likes him as a person and has sought president obama's advise when it comes to his cabinet picks.
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>> now gotten to know president obama. i really like him. we have, i think i can say for myself, i can't speak for him, we have really good chemistry together. we talk. he loves the country. he wants to do right by the country. and for country. i will tell you, we obviously disagro very much on certain policies and certain things but i really like him as a person. >> i was fascinate to read in your interview you actually say you talk to president obama about some your possible appointments. >> i do. >> and the people you would surround yourself in the white house. >> sure. >> can you tell me specifically who you mentioned to president obama that you were considering appointing? >> well, i don't thing that would be fair to him but i have asked him what he would thing of this one and that one. i'm asked him what he thinks are the biggest problems the country. what are some of the greatest assets going forward? and we have a very good dialogue. i must tell you, you know, i never met him before this.
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and i never spoke to him before this. i really -- i do like him. i love getting his ideas. i may differ in many cases. i differ very greatly. >> just very quickly though. in one of those cases where you went to him with a specific person you had in mind for an appointment, did you go with his recommendation? >> i would say that yes, i take his recommendations very seriously. and there are some people that i will be appointing and in one case have appointed, where he thought very highly of that person. >> now, trump also a day after criticizing boeing for the cost of replacing air force one revealed more about what he says he did with his stocks back in june in anticipation of winning the election. >> your transition team made some news yesterday on a conference call where it was announced, i want to get your take on this, that you sold all of your stock holdings and you did it back in june. is it true? why are we just hearing about this now? >> well, i've never been a big
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person for the stock market frankly. over the years, i bought stock. and i bought them when they were low. i saw what was going on with interest rates were so low, it almost seemed it was, like, very easy to predict -- >> why did you sell your holdings in june? >> because i felt i was develop going to be winning. i think i would have a tremendous -- a really -- a conflict of interest owning all these different -- >> why not announce it in june when you were under fire -- >> oh, i letter kn let everybod. i wasser er iser i er iser i s stockholder. what i did is i sold them. i just don't thing it's appropriate for me to be owning stocks when i am making deals for this country that will maybe affect one company positively and another company negatively. >> a lot more to discuss, including what the president-elect said about mitt romney and whether he is still
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in the running to be nominated as secretary of state. >> so he did say that mitt romney was still in the running. being secretary of state is the position that everybody is waiting for. donald trump says that he might be announcing that next week. a number of people have been in contention for this role. early on, it was newt gingrich and rudy giuliani. since then, a number of names have come forward, including mitt romney who donald trump had of course a very contentious relationship with during the primaries and during the general election. mitt romney saying donald trump was unqualified in no uncertain terms to be president of the united states and calling on voters to vote for anybody but him. since then, the the two men have had at least two meetings to talk about the role. many people in the republican party believing that if donald trump were to choose somebody like mitt romney, that would be a good sign he is looking to widen his tent and choose people
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who have good experience for the job, not just folks who are supportive of him during the general election. critics, though, say voters voted for donald trump because he was going to put people in place that were not part of the mainstream republican party, drain the swamp is what we heard voters talk about when they were happy with donald trump's strategy in -- going forward in the white house, choosing people that were outside of the box. we're going to find out if mitt romney does make it though. let's listen to what donald trump said this morning on the "today" show about who exactly is in contention right now. >> you are now 30 days into your transition. up made a lot of news. last night, you made it official, general mattis is your choice for secretary of defense. still open is secretary of state. probably the premier position in any administration. how close are you to making that call? >> i think fairly close. i think next week will be the time that i announce it.
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i have some other big announcements coming up today and tomorrow. we've been met with, you know, really very good reviews of the people that i've chosen. >> let me go back to secretary of state for a second. i want to read off some of the names that's been reported you're considering for that position. romney, giuliani, petraeus, corker and ambassador bolton. have you now crossed off off an those names? >> i think i have in my mind. i don't want to say which ones. but i think i have in my own mind. a great, great gentleman, the head -- the boss over at exxon. >> tillerson. >> he's built a tremendous company. >> let me go back to romney. is he still under consideration? >> yes, he is. >> does he have a chance to become secretary of state? >> yes, he does. we've come a long way together. we had some tremendous diffic t
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difficulty together. now i think we've come a long way. the answer's yes, he does. >> so this isn't about some case of stringing him along as a -- as revenge being adish best served cold? >> no, it's not about revenge, it's about what's good for the country. >> so romney still is under consideration but i would note that donald trump himself brought up rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon mobil, as somebody who is in consideration for secretary of state. that was unprompted. donald trump met with him yesterday here at trump tower. since then, there's been a lot of talk about how tillerson could be a leading contender for secretary of state. along, now, with mitt romney. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. also this morning in that "today" show exclusive interview, the president-elect denied retaliation was behind his threat yesterday to cancel aviation giant boeing's contract to develop the next geration of air force one presidential planes saying, quote, because the costs are out of control.
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the president-elect put the cost at more than $4 billion and called that number ridiculous. here's what he told matt this morning. >> i spoke to a very good man yesterday, the head of boeing, terrific guy, and we're going to work it out, but, you know, that's what i'm here for. i'm going to negotiate prices. it's -- the planes are too expensive. and we're going to get the prices down. and if we don't get the prices down, we're not going to order them. we're going to stay with what we have. >> your comments on boeing came just a short while after an article came out where the ceo of boeing was critical of your trade policies. so was this in the end about the price of those planes or was this about retribution? >> well, only the planes, because i didn't see an article where he was critical of trade policies. my trade policies are going to be terrific. >> joining me now, bloomberg news political reporter kevin kerley who broke the details of the conversation between boeing and trump's team last night. thanks for joining us. let's talk about the impact this had on boeing's stock yesterday. and the larger problem this
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potentially creates for other companies who go against the president-elect. >> problem or benefit really. because carrier's stock boomed after the announcement last week. but when you look at the actual day in trading for boeing, initially at about the time that donald trump tweeted out the criticism of boeing for the price of the air force one proposal plane, it dipped at about 1%. and then once boeing released a statement, it then rebounded and then later in the day after hours trading, it continued to rebound and it did so again today during that exclusive interview that matt lauer had on nbc news. here's the bottom line. the bottom -- that president-elect trump is opening a conversation with boeing in a similar way that president obama did in 2009 with lockheed martin about the cost of marine one
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helicopters. he views this politically speaking and the trump sources i'm speaking with as another way, similar to carrier, to drive down costs and to put forth the narrative that as a president who is a business man, he will be good at saving costs for american taxpayers. >> matt asked the president-elect about this report in "the washington post" today that there are some companies unnerved by some of his decisions, some of what he said. let me play that. >> i believe in free trade. but i don't believe in stupid trade. and stupid trade is when our companies all move out of our country, fire their workers and then come back in, matt, and sell their products back in with no retribution. >> so what are you hearing from some of the corporations, these people from corporate america who say they're unnerved? are you hearing morgue ing mor? >> the folks view the transpacific partnership a hallmark of president obama's legacy on economics. as something that is a big
8:12 am
concern, herebyand here's why, was a bipartisan proposal, something house speaker ryan even supported and former speaker boehner supported. so now you have this situation where the president is inheriting a plan that he does not support but there are members of his party and on capitol hill who do support it. there was a huge reason for why many in donald trump's base supported him in the working class. a lot of folks in the sanders movement, mind you, also were against tpp. so there is a lot of concern right now in the business community for his opposition to tpp. >> all right, kevin, thank you very much. we're following some more breaking news out of trodroid. the wayne county prosecutors office announced it was dropping the murder charge against a man accused of killing a wayne state university police officer, deangelo davis was charged november 25 in the death of 29-year-old officer colin rose who was shot in the head while
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investigating a series of break-ins by someone witnesses say was riding a bicycle. officer rose died from his injuries the day before thanksgiving. the prosecutor would not say why the chargers against davis were dropped. only that after reviewing the evidence, he was no longer a suspect. >> the officers from the homicide task force including michigan state police and police state department have been working diligently and around the clock. >> the police chief says investigators are asking for the public's help in finding the killer and a reward leading to the arrest is now up to $15,000. happening now, the city of charleston, south carolina, bracing yet for another racially charged trial as the federal case gets under way against dylann roof who is accused of murdering nine african-american churchgoers as they attended bible study.
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jury selection finished this morning with opening statements soon. two dozen counts fall under federal hate crime statutes. police say roof yellled racial slurs as he attacked the worshipers last year at mother emmanuel church. msnbc's mariana ortencio joins us. what we heard from witnesses who spoke at that time who maybe recounting what happened to them, they said at the time dylann roof came in that church, he sat with then, they welcomed him with open arms, only for him to attack those innocent people in that church. we can hear this all over again today. >> that's right, tamron. right now, the prosecution is showing the jurors photos of the victims talking about the roles they played in life. it is such an emotional case as you mentioned.
8:15 am
opening statements have already begun in dylann roof's federal death penalty trial. and we do know, tamron, the makeup of the jury at this point, just gotten confirmation that it is made up of two black women, eight white women, one white man, one black man. those are the initial 12. and as late as yesterday, tamron, dylann roof's defense team motioned to delay the start of this trial. basically arguing that negative publicity from the michael slager trial had just wrapped up next door here in charleston, could negatively impact jurors. the judge rejected that motion. he said it was utterly farfetched and it was illogical to the court. don't forget, tamron, this is the first of two trials for roof. after he is wrapped up here in federal court, he will face those murder charges in state court. and as you mentioned, he is charged with killing these nine
8:16 am
churchgoers at emmanuel ame church about a mile from where i'm standing now. and after an extensive man hunt, he was arrested the next day. as i mentioned before, opening statements are under way right now. no cameras are allowed inside as this is a federal case. but we have a team in there that is bringing you the best information and, finally, just on the history of what this trial means, if dylann roof is found guilty, he'll be the first person ever, the first american, to receive the ultimate punishment in federal court for hate crimes, tamron. >> all right, mariana, thank you develop. an emotional day ahead for that community and of course that church community. coming up, nbc has obtained this video of police inside the oakland warehouse that caught fire friday night. this video was taken two months ago. now there are questions as to why, if it was not under code, if it was not supposed to be residential, how authorities
8:17 am
went in there two months ago and did not close the building down. and officials are learning more about the moments before and after the fire broke out. they're giving us some new information regarding where they believe this fire could have started or how i should say it could have started. we'll have a live report coming out of oakland. and texas a&m last night. this was the scene. hundreds of people protesting a white nationalist as he gave a speech on campus. i'll talk with one of the people who led a counterevent, roland martin, texas a&m alumni, he was there, and we'll have the very latest on what happened, how things turned to this point. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go.
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officials in oakland california say the search for victims in the deadly warehouse
8:21 am
fire is complete. they're now turning their focus to finding a possible cause for the inferno. the main theory is that electricity is to blame for the blaze but authorities concentrating now on appliances in the warehouse. they're looking at re frij raters and other items like an enormous sound system found inside. here, just some of the photos that have come in of these people who were lost. the city has declared a state of emergency beginning the steps to receive state and federal aid. nbc news also obtained footage of police officers inside the warehouse. this was back in october. they were using the roof to access a building next door after a party reportedly got out of hand. police would not comment on this video but here's what oakland's mayor had to say. >> police officers are not trained in zoning laws. >> nbc's steve patterson has been following all of the latest
8:22 am
developments for us. that was a very quick sound bite from the mayor but the reaction is police are not trained in zoning laws. we see the police walk through that building. that was two months ago. any more reaction on this? >> no, police saying, keeping that official line, this is an ongoing investigation so they're not allowed to comment. of course the mayor defending her officers in the city, saying they simply are not aware of the zoning laws, they're not trained to look for stuff like that. but, i mean, look at the video. look at the video. the officers were inside there, as you said, two months ago. they're seeing all these makeshift structures inside. they're seeing a network of lofts and work spaces not zoned to that warehouse. maybe they don't know that but just look around. think about the staircase made of pallets, basically kindling for that fire in there. you have to wonder why nothing was said aer they went inside there and saw what they saw.
8:23 am
again, that is the official line. since then, we've been speaking to officials not only with the police and fire department but also with the city. there's a city council member who's come on scene here. he says there will now be much more of a crackdown. they want to do a few things. one, increase the city budget for inspections. we've been talking to the fire union head. our stephanie gosk and our investigations team has had a consistent conversation with him. he says basically this. there's about a half dozen inspectors in the city of oakland. you go to cities that are of comparable size in the bay area. you go to anaheim. you go to sacramento. there's maybe as many as 2 to 3 times the number of inspectors, it is number of boots on the ground that are able to get inside of pperties like the one behind me. and there are a number of warehouses just like these. so the first step they want to take is to maybe crack down on the number of inspections they have running in this city, tamron.
8:24 am
>> all right, steve, thank you very much for the latest on this investigation. and we have some breaking news in now out of pakistan. a plane carrying 48 people crashed in a village about 45 miles northwest of its definition in pakistan's capital islamabad. the flaming wreckage of the plane that you can see in the video we actually obtain was taken by a local freelance journalist. a pakistan international airlines official initially said they lost contact with the flight before the crash was confirmed. officials say all on board are likely dead including one of the countries best-known musicians. next up, i'll speak with roland martin about what happened last night at texas a&m university when protesters clashed with a white nationalist invited to speak on campus. this of the afternoon, the naacp will hold a news conference on the shooting death of former nfl player knight. about how the road rage incident was investigated by officials.
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he said, i will stick up for you. that is something new. and of course he is a republican. the republican party is effectively the white person's party. whether it wants to admit it or not. the end game for the immediate future is raising eye dent tarrian consciousness among white people in the united states and around the world, that is my goal. >> that was white nationalist richard spencer at texas a&m university. his speech sparking wide protest around the campus. there was a counterevent as well. last night, state troopers dressed in full riot gear pushed protesters back from inside the memorial student center where he was speaking. spencer made national headlines just a few weeks ago when he spoke at an alt right conference hosted by his organization, the national policy institute.
8:29 am
acrding to the associated press, around 400 people attended spencer's address last night. two nonstudents were arrested during the protest. joining me now, roland martin, host and managing editor of news 1 now that took part in the aggies counterrally. let's talk about the attention he's getting. obviously he knows bringing in the president elect's name puts the spotlight on how and what he is saying. he's trying to turn this into i guess a representation of where we are led by this new president-elect. what did you make of some of those people would went to hear him? >> well, first of all, he only had about a dozen or so followers who were there. there were some people who were curious. for the most part, the texas a&m students were itching to get at him. i was at the aggies united event from 6:00 to 9:00. so about 7:00, i went over to
8:30 am
the memorial student center so i was there in that scrum. they were not allowing anyone to go upstairs. fire marshal had it shut down because it was filled to capacity. there were students who were protesting down there. they were playing don't believe the hype, spike lee's do the right thing on loud speakers. they wanted to confront spencer and his views. so it was very watching this retion this wasn't just black and latino students who wanted a piece of richard spencer. white students flat out said they did not agree. >> richard spencer's probably going to keep his views for a very long time and if he only had about 12 supporters there, do you see it as worth it for those students to show up, two of them being arrested -- >> yes. >> -- rather than focusing in on the alternative event that was going on? why do you wlee it's worth it when he had 12 people on the campus of the second largest university in this country? >> because when steve bannon says that breitbart was designed
8:31 am
as the home of the alt right, understand, this thing goes way beyond richardspencer. when you listen to the things they say at donald trump rallies, you look at the polling data done this year, where 58% of donald trump supporters said black folks were lazy and criminal, their views about muslim, their views about illegal immigrant, their views about latinos, their views about lgbt. understand, richard spencer's not some guy wotz just sort of out there in the wilderness. yes, he is to the extreme. that wallace that was a guy, 67 years old, served in the military, he said, i wanted to hear some of the things he said. he and i began to debate. he began to talk about how when he was in the military, there were black folks, as he said, coddled along and promoted. i then began to tell him, i didn't get jobs because i was black and i was told that. and so we had this debate.
8:32 am
he said, well, you know, i've been waiting -- this is what he told me, i've been waiting for a guy like this to come along because some of the stuff he says is right. >> let me point out two things. first of all, the president-elect has disavoud the alt right white nationalists and he's still receiving criticism for not coming out stronger. for this gentleman to say i've been waiting for a guy like richard spencer. we're both from texas. there are plenty of people just like richard spencer. >> that's the point. >> it's not as if what he's saying is new. if someone was waiting for a message like this there's no shortage of it out there. why the attention on this character? >> because what we have seen in this, the election, what used to be the extreme has now been normalized. that's the difference. when the president-elect pushed -- so it requires people of conscious to say no, measure not going to be silent, we're not going to say too much attention. no, you must call it out. what i said last night was very simple.
8:33 am
we will fight pig bigotry, we will fight until hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice. >> roland martin live for us, thank you so much, roland. coming up, college station, texas. and next up, we go to louisiana for the latest on the shooting death of former nfl star joe mcknight. there are some concerns from activists about how the local sheriff handled his news conference during this hour yesterday and the impact it could have on this case. please stay with us. we'll be right back after a short break. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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some community leaders in louisiana are pretty upset other the way the shoot death of former nfl player joe mcknight has been handled. after yesterday's news conference where sheriff newell neumann criticized people regarding the investigation. he announced the arrest of
8:37 am
ronald gasser on manslaughter charges but the sheriff angrily told reporters that local leaders that supported him when he decided not to immedtely arrest gasser became the victims of what he called nasty verbal attacks. the sheriff then went on to repeat the profanities and racial slurs he said were used against hi supporters. >> it's not fair to be called [ bleep ] we saw you sell out to him you [ bleep ]. i don't mean to be offensive, you know, we have sometimes unrealistic expectations of how these things work. you don't run out and slap cuffs on people day in and day out no matter how egregious you think it is. it's a process. >> nbc's blake mccoy. a lot of people are wondering what motivated the sheriff. they used the example, the
8:38 am
police chief in dallas when those innocent officers were slaughtered, it was how the chief of police handled that situation. we know that he was likely met with angry e-mails, angry and ugly words sent to him on social media. but he led his department with dignity in that investigion. it sounds like that' the concern there in harvey today. >> this sheriff is taking these personal e-mails, tweets, facebook messages, taking it very personally and lashed out during the press conference. unfortunately, what it did, it overshadowed the news of the day which is that charges were filed against ronald gasser, the suspect in this case. unfortunately, he started swearing like that before we got to the substance of the new information on the case. let's get people caught up on why it took four days for them to file charges here. the sheriff said initially after that road rage shooting
8:39 am
incident, only about six witnesses stuck around at that intersection. they had to use a license plate re to track down the other cars there and find those witnesses over the weekend. they ended up speaking with 160 witnesses during the four days that mr. gasser was allowed to walk free. they contacted 70 businesses along the four-mile road rage route that may have had surveillance video related to this. then they reconstructed the crime scene multiple times. unfortunately, that explanation as to why the charges took so long was lost in the sheriff's tirade there. some community leaders here, namely the naacp are upset about the sheriff's tone during this case. take a listen. >> sheriff norman's choice of words, words of division. you criticize us for standing up for what has been going on for decades. these charges are just charges. this man actually murdered an
8:40 am
individual. an individual who had a right to live just like he did. so what you're talking about, sheriff normand, you've got to come better than that. >> what she's referencing is the fact that mr. gasser's only charged with manslaughter at this point. the naacp would like those charges elevated to some sort of murder charge. the sheriff has not ruled that out but they said manslaughter is what they have the evidence to go for right now, but he's being held here on $500,000 bond, mr. gasser. >> thank you very much, blake in harvey, louisiana, thanks. this morning in that exclusive interview on the "today" show, donald trump re t reacted to "time's" person of the year issue, underneath the picture on the side, you see the words there, president of the divided states of america. here's what the president-elect said about that subtitle. >> well, i think putting divided is snarky but, again, it's divided -- i'm not president yet
8:41 am
so i didn't do anything to divide. i will say this, i've now gotten to know president obama. i really like him. >> i'll talk more with the international editor for "time" magazine about their pick and "people" magazine has released its cover story on president and first lady michelle obama, the first lady revealing her reaction on election night. we'll talk about it in the daily briefing next.
8:42 am
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last year, when they chose angela merkel, you said "time" magazine will never pick me as person of the year, you've been proven wrong, how do you feel about this? >> it's an honor. it's a very important magazine. i've been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year. and last year. but i consider this a very, very great honor. >> that was donald trump
8:45 am
reflecting on being named "time" magazine's person of the year in an exclusive interview this morning on the "today" show. for more on what went on behind the scenes at the magazine factoring into this decision, i'm joined by brian walsh, the international editor of "time." it's interesting to hear that donald trump say it's an important magazine. important until you make him mad and then like "the new york times" and "the washington post" and nbc and everyone else, cnn, he's quick to turn on the media and deem us irrelevant. with that said, he said this was a huge honor for him. >> it is, but with all due respect to the president-elect, it's not meant to be an honor, it's meant to recognize the person who has the most influence for better or for worse throughout the year. i think he definitely fits that bill. there have been others most recently president putin in 2007 who i don't think anyone would have thought that was an honor. >> you had the hackers at number three, which was an interesting group. we don't know them in many cases. we don't know the full impact. but we know that they dominated, whoever they are, this election
8:46 am
cycle. >> absolutely. i think we're going to look back and see their influences bigger than w realize now. hacking became an offensive weapon in gop politics. the idea that a government, russia, could sponsor hacking with the idea of not changing the election, really affecting an election in a democratic rival is possibly the last time that will happen. >> hillary clinton at number two. on our "today" show online poll that was the selection by people who chose to go on that website. why not her as the person of the year? is it because she didn't win the election? >> i think that is part of it. certainly the person would did win the election has a better claim to that title. also i think donald trump really represented not justed own victory but he was sort of at the head, the global populist anti-elitist anti-globalist movement. >> he followed brexit. >> he did follow it. the fact that brexit was shocking enough, no one thought brexit was coming. no one thought donald trump
8:47 am
could win either. we're going to see those dominies continue to fall in europe. we're only beginning to understand what trump will do in the united states. >> it's interesting when matt asked him about the side of the magazine that said the divided -- let me make sure i say this right. the president of the divided united states, excuse me for messing that up. it seemed to get under his skin. here's a little bit of what he said. >> i mentioned to you that it says person of the year. it's got yr person. and then the sub headline is president of the divided states of america. you referenced that a little while ago. what would you have written as a sub headli >> well, i think putting divided is snarky but, again, it's divided -- i'm not president yet. so i didn't do anything to divide. >> he didn't do anything to divide. not acknowledging or recognize some of what he said, a lot of what he said from describing a judge who was a citizen of this country, as being mexican, and
8:48 am
the list goes on and on. we don't haveo continue to litigate it because we know what was said. he doesn't like to see himself as the person who potentially divided it further. >> that's interesting because if you look at the story that came along with this by our d.c. bureau chief, it identifies the fact he plays a huge role in that division. it's not just that, you know, less than 50% of americans picked hip, that the country was very closely divided on this election, but his rhetoric, he was really trying to divide this country and he succeeded in some way because he was able to do that. >> it's a compelling story. we're all processing exactly what happened. the cover itself is phenomenal. thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. we have some breaking news. this just in. according to latest nbc decision desk. here you go it the general election results for new hampshire have now been certified. hillary clinton has been declared the official winner. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. that is some interesting breaking news. i did not know what was in the script there and i thought this
8:49 am
was going to be some big life altering thing. but especially coming out of "time" magazine. perspective here, why would this matter to hillary clinton's team of supporters at this point? >> i don't think it matters to hillary clinton, her team, supporters. one, we knew she had a lead of a few thousand votes. what this ended up happening, these totals in new hampshire were finally certified. according to our decision desk, they decided to finally give hillary clinton the win. now, the electoral college vote, accord to nbc's count, it's donald trump 206 electoral college votes and hillary clinton at 223. more than anything else this buttons up everything, puts a bow on it, to a result we all know pretty much was the situation a couple of days after the election day. >> all right. let's go to "people" magazine and the cover now, we talk about "time" magazine's cover, they sbrau einterviewed the obamas ad
8:50 am
we're getting some insight into the first lady and what she was feeling. >> she said she went to bed pretty much after it was clear how the night would break out. what was fascinating is michelle obama ended up saying, you know, even during the debate, she didn't debates she didn't watch much. so much has been put about michelle obama being a political animal. she was a key surrogate for hillary clinton. but her ability to -- whether she really is a political animal who enjoys all the back and forth, the give and take and debates, from the people magazine interview we got the impression she's not that kind of person. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. five years ago today the u.s. attack on pearl harbor. the attack led to the united states joining world war ii. we have a live report about many moirls planned today. stay with us. i don't use super poligrip for hold,
8:51 am
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december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> numerous events set around pearl harbor to mark the site there. 2400 people were killed. more than 1,000 were injured. the attack led to the united states joining world war ii. miguel almaguer now from pearl harbor, hawaii. we are seeing some of the men who were just essentially boys, young men who fought for this country, return for the last time. >> reporter: we know about upwards of a few dozen attending
8:55 am
the ceremony. it will start with a moment of silence. we spoke a short while a to alfred rodriguez. he said he remembered the pearl harbor day vividly and remembers getting a call to man h battleships. he said he ran to the battleships here in pearl harbor already on fire. he remembers the day the time and the moment he picked up the gun to return fire against japanese aircraft circling the bay and unleashing bombs across the area. we expect the tribute to be moving. it is the 75th anniversary for many of the survivors of pearl harbor. it holds special meaning. there were young men here during the attack. they will be joined by veterans who served all across the world and are here to remember them and the pearl harbor survivor we spoke to said the reason he's here is to remember those who
8:56 am
lost their lives here 75 years ago. we asked about being called a hero and he said it was the men who gave their lives here 75 years ago. tamron? >> thank you very much, miguel almaguer live from pearl harbor, hawaii. we'll be right back. i work 'round the clock.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> we have come a long way. >> age limits. >> you don't know what will happen. donald trump will be 74. i'll be 77 in better shape, i would like to add. >> and remember iing pearl harb. we remember the attack that tested the greatest generation. >> across the country people knew we were at war and the power and rhetoric of franklin roosevelt cannot be under estimated. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump telling the "today" show he likes president o


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