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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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really fun to cover its ramifications in state houses around the country. breaking overnight, an airplane carrying 81 people, including members of a professional soccer team from brazil has crashed in colombia. this morning there are reports of at least five survivors. wildfires are raging in tennessee. some of the most popular tourist destinations were forced to evacuate. and donald trump's cabinet appears to grow.
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good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, november 29th. we begin with the breaking news from overnight. a chartered airplane carrying players from a brazilian soccer team has crashed while traveling to colombia. it was traveling from bolivia when it crashed in a mountainous area just outside the city of medillin where it was supposed to land. officials say there are five survivors. we're showing you video of the hospital where the wounded are being treated. the fire chief says there are lots of injured people but the crash site is difficult to access. earlier a flight attendant arrived in stable condition. at this point, we do know there was stormy weather in the area. according to the airport electrical problems were reported around 10:00 p.m. eastern. the soccer team posted this video to his facebook page of the players at the airport in
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brazil. the team was headed to a first of two game finals scheduled for tomorrow. that tournament has now been suspended. also breaking overnight, wildfires have been filling the southeastern united states with smoke for days. in some places it's hard to see, in others, it's hard to breathe. but whipping winds sent fires into pigeon forge and gatlinburg. a 16-story building caught fire. and emergency officials told people to stay off their mobile phones unless it's absolutely necessary. as people fled gatlinburg, building wildfires threatened to overtake the road. >> oh, my god, it's so hot. jesus! man, i'm on a spur.
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mm. >> a nearby convention center is filling up with people who have fled. even dolly wood, the theme park belonging to dolly parton had to evacuate guests staying on their property as the fires approached. and take a look at this photo taken from downtown gatlinburg. you can see the mountains are lit up, covered in fire. that is stunning scenes, and we know the wildfires have been a problem in the smoky mountains for weeks. but we haven't seen anything like this. these images are stunning. >> they're almost what you'd see on the west coast. we haven't seen anything like this on the east in many, many years. but this was pretty impressive. this is part of the perfect storm. we've had a long-term drought. some of these areas have only had an inch of rain in the last six months. and then the storm moving in last night. the winds were up to about 40 miles per hour. and these fires that were little
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and small, they quickly spread. all the trees had lost their leaves. we still have a high wind warning, it's still very gusty. even though the fire's knocked down a bit, we're still watching it throughout the morning. here's the latest radar image. you can see the light green, that's rain. that's good for the firefighters, but this will end and we'll get a dry period during the day and more rain will arrive. the park vista hotel, the people were inside of it, looking out the window as the flames were going down the mountain side, just incredible, dramatic pictures. you think tennessee, you just don't think you can get something like this. >> that's extraordinary. those people, they're putting out social media messages, and i'm thinking, you need to go. pretty scary. >> about 15 to 20 structures have been burned. at daylight, i think we'll see
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the extent of what's happened. we're learning new details about the man who carried out an attack on the campus of ohio state university. the suspect, a somali-born suspect, he drove a car into a crowd and then began attacking people with a knife. >> what's your emergency? >> i'm in ohio state, just outside of locke hall. there's a man with a knife. >> it was scary. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms like we were taught. turned off our lights. and just hunkered down. >> authorities have identified the attacker as 18 years old. he said he couldn't take it anymore and cited anwar
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al-awlaki. the tweet said it was an active shooter situation, hide. officer was on the scene within a minute and killed the assailant. that officer's been identified as alan mohorujko. the injured are a mix of faculty and students. president park geun-hye says she will let the south korean assembly decide when she should step down. the announcement comes ahead of a pending impeachment vote to be called for on friday. she is the first sitting south korean president to be suspect in a criminal investigation.
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although she says that the law says she can't be indicted while she's in office. our foreign correspondent joins us, kierre, take us through this extraordinary turn of events there. >> reporter: you pretty much said it all. there have been mass demonstrations against president park. she says that she will resign if particular legislative changes happen by law makes in south korea. you have north korea that has carried out its fifth and largest nuclear test. that is a threat. that is a worry. you have the arguments between president obama and philippines president there. you have questions over a visit by president putin to japan that is planned for later this year. japan of course being america's closest ally in the region. so when you set it up that way, and there's a lot of talk about a potential clash between a president trump and china, you can see why south korea is so important to the u.s. and why
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this political scandal will be worrying folks in washington. that said, though, of course, part of it is democracy, and the president there saying that she will hand over power if the parliament puttis in place a transition of power, an effective way to go about that. >> keir simmons from london. a new selection for donald trump's cabinet has emerged. other outlets are reporting that trump has chosen tom price of georgia to be the next secretary of health and human services. an orthopedic surgeon who was just elected to a seventh term, chair of the budget committee. and he was the house point person for crafting legislation to replace the affordable care act. a day after meeting at the trump tower earlier this month, he said congress would begin an overhaul of medicare within the first six to eight months of trump's administration, and
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democrats said that is tantamount to privatizing it. it was the first time they agreed to fast-track an overhaul of that program. trump has promised no cuts for those already paying into medicare. >> we're going to save and present your social security and medicare. and hillary is go being to cut your social security and really injury medicare. that's what's going to happen. >> and today president-elect trump will meet for a second time with mitt romney, a contendcontend contender for secretary of state. senate foreign relations chairman bob corker is also meeting with trump today and is believed to be in the mix to lead the state department. trump also met with retired general david petraeus yesterday
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also under consideration for a top post. he retired after his affair surfaced with paula broad well. he was sentenced to two years probation and a fine after admitting to providing her with classified information. yesterday donald trump tweeted just met with petraeus, was very impressed. >> was with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges out there, and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation. and we'll see where it goes from here. >> besides talks on secretary of state, trump has a number of meetings slated for today. marsha blackburn of tennessee and mike mccall of texas are included. he will also be speaking with pete hegseth and the ceo of rolls-royce north america as
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well as lou barletta, he is in the running to be transportation secretary, an important role, given trump's promise to invest in infrastructure. donald trump has been certified the winner of michigan's 16 electoral votes taking the state by a margin of about 10,000 votes as the green party presses for a recount there and in other states. trump has the right to reject a recou recount request, but it can begin as soon as jill stein pays the fee. a state-wide recount by hand was rejected and each of the 72 counties in wisconsin will decide how to count. walker weighed in, hard to justify recounts when the winner won over 22,000 votes. four times the margin of the
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closest wisconsin president election. they claim grave concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines. but pennsylvania's secretary of state said there is no evidence whatsoever that points to any type of irlregularity in any shape or form. >> we deserve to have peace of mind. this is a grassroots movement that takes a first step towards elections that we can have confidence in. and which are for us. >> and vice president elect will be back on the campaign trail this evening, holding a saturday get out to vote rally in new orleans as republicans fight to hold a u.s. senate state in louisiana. early voting has already begun in the state's runoff election which concludes next saturday, december 10th. pence will also hold fund raisers for john kennedy who
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faces foster campbell. a gop win would give republicans a 52-48 advantage in the senate. still ahead, the lines stretch for hours as tens of thousands of cubans wait to pay their respects to fidel castro. this as there is criticism over president obama's statement. plus, the warriors fight for a win, but not before surviving a scare. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. ♪
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of overlooking decades of tortures and executions. >> there certainly is no whitewashing the kinds of activities that he ordered. and that his government presided over. that go against the very values that this country, that our country, has long defended. i think the question for the president is, in terms of making policy, are we going to be rooted in that past? or are we going to look to the future? it doesn't mean that we should ignore the past, but it does mean that we shouldn't let the past interfere with our ability to make progress. >> meanwhile, in havana, tens of hows of cubans gathered in revolution square in the hot sun to pay their respects to president castro. yesterday began the official nine-day period of mourning.
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texas has reported a home-grown case of the zika virus. texas is home to the types of ske mosquitos that carry the virus. as we saw in tennessee, crews in colorado have been battling a fast-moving wildfire. what's being called the green mountain fire broke out yesterday in the city of lake wood. dozens of families were forced to evacuate. heavy winds helped that wildfire grow quickly to 300 acres. flames could be seen from denver. the blaze was about 90% contained. evacuations lifted shortly after that. at least it's going okay it seems in colorado. it's dry everywhere. >> yeah, we've been in a drought in a lot of areas in the east and of course the multi-year drought in the west. we're going to be showing you these pictures all night long,
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this from the gatlinburg area. this was inside of the park vista hotel. that's the lobby of the hotel on the mountain, and you can see the flames outside the window. everyone was trapped in there. at one point, the guy says what should we do? go in the pool? survive in the pool? thankfully, the fires did bypass that hotel. many harrowing pictures, but we know of at least 16 structures consumed by the fire. i saw one picture of a church fully involved, a school fully involved. so when daylight comes and we see what remains, it probably won't be pretty. and the number of structures could go up. no reports of fatalities or injuries. it's been windy, it's probably helped the firefighters, but it's been so dry in this area. a lot of this area is in e exceptional drought. atlanta did pick up rain. more than they've seen in three
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or four months. so this was round one. we'll get round two later on tonight. that gatlinburg air what is right here. we have them getting up to anof rain. this is where we're going to deal with our severe weather threat, that narrow strike where we could pick up an inch to two inches of rainfall. the other area to watch, up in the northeast, rain will be arriving in new york city the peak of the rush hour. and it will be with us through much of new england. airport delays almost guaranteed. won't be too windy, but the low visibility will cause problems. late this afternoon and this evening, here's round two. yesterday we had a lot of wind damage, not so many tornados, but an isolated tornado between macomb, tupelo, mississippi. but from monroe to alexander, they'll start here and spread across the east. even potential for wind damage around nashville. we have a chance of getting a few tornados, late, rare
2:21 am
november tornados down here in mississippi. >> i was thinking it's so late. still ahead, the green bay packers snap their four-game losing streak and keep their playoffs alive with a win against the philadelphia eagles. the highlights next with louis in sports.
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the playoffs alive. it was a competitive match in the front. carson wentz scoring his first touchdown. and aaron rodgers connected with devon saytae adams. two wins out of the top spot in a tight nfc north race after the 27-13 win, just trying to chase detroit. the thunder's russell west bro brook continues to dominate without kevin durant. westbrook is averaging a triple-double with 19 games down for okc. he's doing it later in the season than oscar robinson. and in oakland, after a slow start to the season, warriors seem to finally have hit a
2:25 am
rhythm, recording their 12th straight victory last night. they pulled ahead early in the fourth. and thanks to draymond green in the final minute. steph curry and kevin durant each scored 25 at warriors hung on for the 105-100 win. and in minnesota, shaboz mohammad rocks the rim. but the high-flying slam isn't enough to stop the jazz, utah wins it 112-103. and finally this morning, it's every point guard's dream to dribble out the clock. there's one catch to this one. your team actually needs to be leading in the first place. to providence, rhode island. brown university, a layup begins bryant. but the bulldogs player who gets the ball back apparently loses track of the score, dribbling
2:26 am
out the clock and heaving the ball over head, not realizing his team is trailing by a point. brown wins it 91-90. >> that's a hard school to get into, isn't it? still ahead, several high-profile democrats are weighing in on donald trump's claim of serious voter fraud in the 2016 election. plus, accused charleston church shooter dylan roof has been approved to represent himself in his upcoming trial. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. it is the bottom of the hour, so we're going to start with the morning's top stories. this breaking news from overnight, first from colombia where a plane crashed early this morning it was carrying crew from bolivia when it went down in a hard to reach area not too far from the airport where it was supposed to land. so far there are at least five survivors. and the other breaking story this morning is from tennessee. thousands forced to evacuate pigeon forge and gatlinburg. officials say a 16-storey hotel also caught fire along with a nearby apartment building. crews are battling at least 14 fires in that area. and there's a new name
2:31 am
expected to be added to the president-elect's cabinet. the republican congressman tom price has been tapped to be the next secretary of sta secretary of health and human services. now to columbus where at least 11 people were injured on the campus of ohio state university yesterday after a student drove a car into a crowd and began stabbing pedestrians. this morning investigators are looking into the attacker's background, trying to find out what motivated him. pete williams has the latest. >> reporter: police and federal agents are searching the apartment where they say the attacker lived. they're going through his social media and interviewing family and friends, looking for a motive. shortly before artan plowed into students with a car, this rant was posted on his facebook page, saying attacks on muslims around
2:32 am
the world, quote, led to a boiling point, i can't take it anymore. he was born in somalia, fled with his family to pakistan in 2007 and came to the u.s. through jfk airport in 2014. he was a lawful permanent u.s. resident. officials are looking into whether he was influenced by overseas propaganda. both isis and al qaeda have urged people to carry out attacks with knives. french police say a truck attack in july in nice was inspired by isis. >> our thanks to pete williams for that report. a federal judge has ruled that diylann roof can represent himself at trial. however, the judge did warn the 22-year-old that the move was strategically unwise. roof sat mostly quietly during jury collection but did speak up
2:33 am
after one potential juror said the death penalty is always the just penalty for murder. roof saying at this point, i think he should be struck, meaning as a potential juror. 20 potential jurors were called yesterday. another 24 will be called today. roof faces 33 federal charges, including for hate crimes for the june 2015 massacre. he faces death if convicted. the south carolina man whom authorities say is a serial killer was charged to a total of seven counts of murder. he was arrested after investigators found kala brown who had been missing since august, held captive in a storage container on his property. authorities found the body of brown's boyfriend buried in a shallow grave. and he led investigators to the graves of two other people. he's already held without bond stemming from a 2003 quadruple homicide he confessed to after he was arrested.
2:34 am
president-elect trump is refusing to back down from unsubstantiated claims that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election, yesterday his transition team pointed to discredited reports as well's a study by pugh charitable trust. among those states he pointed out are virginia, new hampshire and california. trump began retweeting supporters who claimed the media was wrong to dismiss trump's claims which, again, have no basis in fact. the president-elect concluded by singling out cnn, tweeting they're so embarrassed by their total, 100% support of hillary clinton and yet her loss in a landslide that they don't know what to do. trump is claiming he won the national popular vote, which hillary clinton did by approximately 2 million votes. one of president-elect
2:35 am
trump's claims hit home for tim kai kaine. he says hillary clinton won by five points in the popular votes. don't insult our voters. bernie sanders tweeted nonsense like this signals that the republicans will make it harder for the people of color, elderly, immigrants, young and poor people to vote. elizabeth warren says republicans lack a mandate as she railed against a 1,000-page bill that she says will reduce the scientific evidence the government needs to approve drugs. >> republicans are taking over congress. they are taking over the white house, but republicans do not have majority support in this country. the majority of voters supported democratic senate candidates over republican ones. and the majority supported a
2:36 am
democratic presidential candidate over a republican one. the american people didn't give democrats majority support so we could come back to washington and play dead. they didn't send us here to whimper, whine or glovele. >> nearly half of the americans approve of the job president obama's doing. that is his highest rating since december 2012. meanwhile, americans appear almost split when rating his performance. 55% say obama's been a great or good president, 45% rated him as not so good or simply bad. health officials in california are working to figure out whether a thanksgiving dinner is to blame for the deaths of three people over the weekend. five other people were sickened between friday and saturday after eating at an event at an american legion hall in antioch,
2:37 am
about 45 miles northeast of san francisco. it is unclear if the victims became ill at the dinner or at the assisted living facility where they all lived. more than 800 people were fed during the legion hall event, but there have been no other reports of illness. delta airlines has banned a passenger for life after his expletive-laden rant was posted on social media. it shows this unidentified man shouting his support of donald trump and his disdain of hillary clinton supporters. this and other passengers. it does not show the events leading to the outburst. delta issued an apology saying the passenger should not have been allowed to remain on board. they are issuing refunds for the other passengers. yesterday's sign ir-monday is beating expectations. good morning, and how is this all coming together? cyber monday looks huge.
2:38 am
looks like black friday was a really big day as well. what are your projections off of this? >> yeah, again, we just have the early data points. the data points might be a little different because people are thinking differently this year, because it's no longer about one day, it's about a week more or less, right? so the early days have us showing a $540 million has been spent early monday morning already with people buying online. and sales are just shy of 10%. if you missed it, like target and macy's, they're holding cyber week, which might explain why we've seen social media mentions of cyber monday down 82% versus last year. people aren't as excited about the day itself because we have more time. people also getting a lot of stuff over the weekend due to black friday sales and very strong shopping taking place over the weekend, 154 million shoppers. average spent down a little bit,
2:39 am
$ $289 per person, versus $299 in 2015. in the oil markets, the opec meeting taking place in vienna tomorrow. and there's a lot of speculation on whether or not opec members are going to manage to find some type of agreement on cutting production. they reached a preliminary deal, but they've had to fine tune the details. it's tending to run to the 11th hour. the saudis indicating that the market could normalize by next year and a lot of analysts are saying this is just playing the game because every country is trying to get the best out of it for themselves. opec wanting non-opec members to participate. hence we've seen attempts to reach out to russia. libya isn't taking part due to
2:40 am
the unrest in their country, and one of the bigger issues is whether iran is going to be playing ball. they have said in the past, we are willing to cut production levels but please let us get up to the level before sanctions were slapped on us. some people saying that the tensions between saudi and iran have been lifted a bit in attempts to find a solution to the price of oil. thanking so much. and the first commercial flighting from the u.s. to cuba arrived yesterday. an american airlines flight from miami was the first to touchdown followed by jetblue from new york city. a flight is set to take flight from newark, new jersey. it remains to be seen how the president-elect will handle the
2:41 am
emerging market for u.s. businesses and travel. he tweeted if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. and the public memorial for fidel castro will continue in revolution square after tens of thousands of cubans showed up yesterday to pay their respects. we have learned, it's been confirmed that the president and vice president will not be attending castro's funeral, right? >> reporter: yeah, no, you're absolutely right. and good morning to you from havana. what the white house is saying is they're not sure if anyone, any delegation from the u.s. will be a part of this. what they've told reporters asking that question is stand by and wait and see. they've been urged by top republicans of course, not to have any delegation be a part of the memorials here in cuba. it is the fourth day of mourning
2:42 am
in cuba. havana will, again, see tens of thousands here in revolutionary plaza, first to file past that memorial, and then later this evening for a special tribute that will include delegations from around the world, and a special message from castro's brother cuban president raul castro. tens of thousands again expected to fill the square but only after waiting to file past that memorial. it was amazing to see those lines stretching and winding through the streets of havana yesterday, tens of thousands. some overcome by the heat. it was a hot day here in havana yesterday, alex. but so many coming from every corner of this city to be a part of the memorial here. it's also interesting to see the tone here. it's normally a vibrant, loud, colorful city. it's been very quiet, very solemn over the last several days. the public mourning will continue through a public
2:43 am
funeral on sunday in santiago, cuba. back to you. >> thank you so much, jay. still ahead, iraq's prime minister weighs in on dronald trump's claim that the u.s. should have taken the country's oil after ousting saddam hussein. plus we're tracking more severe weather. more than 13 million of us are at risk for high winds and tornados. for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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2:47 am
winds. the whole mountain caught on fire, and people were trying to evacuate, trying to save their lives. there were cabins on fire on both sides of the road. people could feel the heat inside their vehicles. this is how people get trapped and guy. thankfully, we haven't heard any reports of any fatalities. very dramatic pictures last night of people trying to flee for their lives. what's left of what's left behind we'll find out today. so high wind warnings continue until 7:00 a.m. we've had a half inch rain. it's been knocked down a little bit. and we're still expecting a little light rain for another three or four hours in this region. in total, we're going to have another round of rain late tonight. that's the smoky mountains. and that blue is another inch possible. that's fantastic, already an inch and a half in atlanta. we're going to have to deal with a little severe weather, too. we have pictures from
2:48 am
yesterday's severe weather. we didn't deal with a lot of tornados, but mississippi and tennessee, there were a lot of pictures like this with trees falling on houses and vehicles. so you have during the day to clean up in mississippi today. and then another round of severe storms will come through later on this afternoon and this evening. and we do have a chance of an isolated tornado. tupelo to jackson, macomb, almost all of the state of mississippi. and then those storms will move to alabama. we have a lot of heavier rain moving into areas of the northeast, especially from the morning rush, 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. airport delays definitely in the northeast. we saw the worst of the fires last night with the gusty winds. now we'll see what happened. firefighters will get control of these blazes with the attentidd of the rain. history has its eyes on broadway. "hamilton" just hit the record for the most in a single week,
2:49 am
grossing $3.3 million over thanksgiving. some of the most successful only reached as high as $1 million. a notorious moment was when a cast member read a speech to mike pence seated in the audience. donald trump tweeted his criticism in response. the world chess championship has ended in a regulation tie. the final features two young gra grand masters. and one is the highest rated player of all time. ten of the 12 games ended in draw, including yesterday's match which lasted a mere 36 minutes. they each have won a single game. a round of tiebreakers is scheduled for tomorrow to determine the world champion. >> wow, brainpower there. >> incredible. still ahead, the u.s. military has another run-in with iran, this time with a gun aged
2:50 am
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welcome back, everyone. iraq's prime minister says he expects president-elect donald trump to pledge more logistical support to defeat isis. abadi dismissed trump's suggestion that he would take some of iraq's oil as a form of reimbursement for efforts there.
2:53 am
he also says the organization is collapsing, but in recent weeks, isis has carried out hundreds of car bomb attacks against iraqi soldiers. meanwhile, the situation in syria grows more dire by the day. at least ten civilians have died from the latest airstrikes in aleppo. a representative from the white helmets says the recent bombing is the heaviest in the five-year war. non-stop bombing every time, every second, every minute. it's more than hell. this as officials and independent observation groups say the government is gradually retaking control of neighborhoods in aleppo with the future of the resistance uncertain. and amid all the chaos, one brave 7-year-old girl has been sharing her struggles to survive on social media. we have more on her family's fight to survive. >> reporter: the syrian regime
2:54 am
bombed neighborhoods in aleppo into submission. for months, this 7-year-old and her mother have been tweeting a voice of resistance from rebel-held eastern aleppo. when we filmed at her home last month, she said "we have the right to live. we're not terrorists". now she's on the run. one of her last tweets said tonight we have no house. it's bombed. she later wrote, i got minor injury. i didn't sleep since yesterday. i am hungry. i want to live. i don't want to die. her home was near where rebel defenses collapsed. rights groups say the rebels have lost a third of their territory in aleppo since saturday. we managed to speak to banna's mother who said that she is okay and now sleeping but that the situation is desperate.
2:55 am
>> everybody is suffering very much. >> reporter: state tv showed civilians celebrating as they left rebel areas. syria wants to show aleppo is being liberated. activists say they and the city is being decimated. >> overnight, bana's mother shared these photos of the 7-year-old sleeping and appearing to be healthy. our thoughts and prayers will be with her. another day, another stare down between iranian and u.s. military. an iranian navy boat trained its gun at a passing american helicopter in the persian gulf. two officials are telling msnbc this news. it aimed its gun at the sea hawk flying ahead of the uss eisenhower. attempts to communicate were met with zero response. over the summer, there were a s number of run-ins.
2:56 am
when we come back, a look at the stories happening in the day ahead. because i'm a woman...
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the big story right now is still president-elect donald trump. he is busy tweeting again. he went on twitter to claim that he actually won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of illegal voters and that any recount will change nothing. speaking of nothing changing, trump won and still says the election was rigged. i don't -- >> okay. so before we toss it over to "morning joe", we're going to get a check on the stories for the day ahead. donald trump is set to meet with mitt romney again over the secretary of state position. it was met with comments from kellyanne conway. and a driver charged in last week's deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee is set to appear in court. johnthony walker was not on his designated route when the crash happened. no drugs or alcohol were found in his system.
3:00 am
p and a private dead case ceremony for a memorial for those 19 firefighters who lost their lives battling a 2013 fire in arizona. that will be held their lives in 2014 in arizona will be held today. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it's tuesday, november 29th. >> oh, lordy. >> just a lot going on. we us on set we have mike barnicle. >> hey, are you all paying attention? >> they are still on vacation. >> a legendary columnist. >> thank


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