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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. hello, everyone. i am betty nguyen at msnbc headquarters in new york city. fidel castro has died at the age of 90, and he opposed 11 american presidents and drew the world to the brink of nuclear
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war. andrea mitchell has more on the revolutionary leader. >> to his followers, he was fidel, and to his enemies, a feared dictator, one of the world's last communist. a student radical he graduated with a law degree and doctorate and tried running for the national assembly in 1952 until cuban strong man seized power, batista, and castro ended up in jail for two years until he went into exile, and then he regrouped with his brother, raul. the three forced back to cuba in
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1956 waging guerilla war. at first the young leader promised democracy telling the u.s. he was not a communist. "meet the press" in 1959 -- >> i did not communist, i do not agree with caommunist. >> later that show, he went on "the tonight show." >> you can ask anything about anything you want. >> and almost from the start, he silenced newspapers, and nationalized u.s. oil refineries and signed a pack with the soviet union. in 1961 kennedy ordered the cia to invade cuba at the bay of pigs using one-fourth of anti-castro exiles.
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the resulting debacle only helped castro consolidate power, and he dramatically improved health care and literacy, and also accepted soviet missiles. >> requiring a response upon the soviet union. >> until jfk's hard line and back channel diplomacy got the russians to pull back, and for 25 years moscow helped castro arm. with the end of the soviet union, cuba's economy emploweded, and thousands fled the regime. >> his legacy is a complicated one, but there's no forgetting how many cubans left the island under duress. >> and the ageing ruler court u.s. businessmen and he welcomed
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pope john paul ii in 1998. and they exported cuban-trained doctors and medicine. and then a 6-year-old became the symbol of america's struggle with castro. months later a federal court ordered the child removed from miami, and he returned to his father and a hero's welcome in havana, and the longest ruling dictator collapsed from heat exhaustion in 2001, and tripped and broke his knee and arm three years later. the bush administration tightened sanctions cutting off more travel to the island, and castro retaliated arresting hundreds of disdents.
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after undergoing intestal surgery, he turned over his power to raul. and then there was a delayed celebration of fidel's 80th birthday, but an ailing castro did not attend the celebrations, and two years later he stepped down and was succeeded by his brother, and he emerged publicly for the pope's visit in 2012. and for vladimir putin and chi, and he never commented through with president obama's breakthrough. to the end, castro insisted his revolution would out live him. >> translator: if i die tomorrow morning there will be no problem
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here of any sort, because it remains a nucleus of all leaders who have great authority among the people. >> he gave his people better health care and education, and still his real legacy may be holding power for half a century, longer than any other modern leader. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. overnight, thousands took to the streets in miami celebrating fidel castro's death, and people have been gathering since news of his death broke. kerry, set the scene where you are and the reaction from people around you? >> reporter: hi, well, i am down here on southwest a street in miami, and this is the heart of little havana. you can see they opened the street back up here, and this is a common thing of celebrations,
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and they have the cuban flag out here and people are dancing and are very excited and they have been out here for a very long time, since they first got heard that fidel castro passed away. if you are watching this and you are wondering what people are celebrating, it's to understand the experience of people that came here from cuba against their will, and those are the exiles. this woman here is ann exile, ad people who didn't support him and people lost their businesses and homes and lost friends, and some who were imprisoned, and many people felt they could not stay in cuba, and many have never returned waiting for fidel castro and now raul castro to
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die. speaki speaki spe >> he wanted to kill me because i was against everything he say. >> reporter: thank you very much. i understand, and many people understand. >> i lost family. >> reporter: she lost family, and so many people have stories like that, and there were people that came over on rafts, and then where i am in greater miami, there's more than 1.2 million cuban americans here, and we will give you a peek of the street, and people way down there waving flags, and come back over, carlos, 1 in 3 people that lives in this area is a cuban america, and so those who have waited for a long time, this day has finally come. >> you can see the celebrations there on the streets going on for hours since news broke.
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kerry thank you so much for that. ron allen is at the white house. when do you expect to hear from the administration on this? >> reporter: we expect a statement and the president to perhaps make a case for continuing his policy of engagement with cuba. a lot of uncertainty surrounding that, not just because of the death of fidel castro and what happens on the ground with the political situation with cuba but also the election of donald trump. president obama almost to years ago to this month began the process of normalization with cuba, and allowing americans to travel there more freely and allowing exchanges of money more freely, and american businesses are operating in cuba unlike ever before, and the president's idea is that by engaging the people there and the government there you bring political and economic and social change, and there are varying assessments of
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whether that happens and there are serious concerns about human rights and lack of all that in opening up the relations with cuba, and nothing from the white house as of yet, and we are promising to hear from the statement, and perhaps making it the time the forceful case to engage the cuban people, and the big problem with the administration is what the president has done is through executive orders, and congress would have to remove an embargo, and there's no intention, no indication that congress is going to do that anytime soon, particularly a republican-controlled congress, and uncertainty where america goes, and there's a castro in charge of cuba and it remains to be seen what will change.
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the president and president obama has done everything he can, it can be argued, to push the envelope to bring about change through engagement, but, again, very uncertain time before u.s. and cuban relations now. >> ron, thank you. join me on the phone is msnbc's chief correspondent, and she has travelled to cuba seven times most recently in march with president obama's historic trip to the island nation, and you have gotten any reaction from your family in cuba? >> i did have family in cuba but don't at the current moment, and they left the island in the last two years, and despite the improvement in relations between the two governments there are many people trying to leave cuba, cuba exiles right now because of the relationship
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between the two countries, if they have been able to get to the united states, and it was the easiest for them to immigrate if they could get on land. when they saw the improvement in relations happening in cuba many people tried to leave because they were worried that that would change at some point in the future. >> you have covered several state visits to cuba with presidents carter, and secretary of state, john kerry, and how have u.s./cuba relations evol d evolved? >> they had been improvements and then easier to travel and then under a republican administration it has been tougher and the question going forward is what happens now. the law that has the embargo in place says the castros must be out of power, not fidel but
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fidel and raul castro must be out of power, and raul says he will step down in 2018, and there are some in congress saying let's be much more aggressive right now, and there were rumors there were going to be even more deals done and more executive orders coming and at the same time, president-elect trump, when you look at who he put on his transition team when it comes to cuba, he has chosen hard liners, and you can see them saying why should we change anything now when raul castro says he will step down in 2018, and let's wait and see what happens, because, remember this, in the wake of president obama's visit they became much more regressive in their policy, and they started putting out statements, raul castro started saying things like this was a
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trojan horse, and president obama came with a smile but what they are trying to do is change us and we are not going to change. so socialism still remains very much in place in cuba at this point, and it's not clear if that's going to change because fidel cast is dead. >> donald trump ran on being a businessman, and does he see a business play here? >> absolutely he is a businessman, but in the run-up to the election he campaigned saying that he was going to roll back any of the executive orders that had been done by president obama related to the thawing of relations and he wanted the human rights still established and dthe disdents let out of office. remember, this is super
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important to remember, even though we had a thawing in relations, the cuban government still believes in socialism, which means they think the government should control everything, every piece of property in cuba is owned by the government, and nobody is allowed to own anything privately, and you can argue they made some reforms about whether or not people can own their own homes and that's not the way we describe private property in the united states, and if you want to work, 99% of the people who live there must work for the cuban government even though there have been small reforms, so to say i want to open a hotel in cuba, just because a u.s. business wants to do it and they tried, the cuban government won't necessarily let them. >> that's an interesting point. thank you so much for that insight, michelle. we appreciate it. let's bring in nbc's kristen welker,ing and kristin, first, what are you hearing from
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elected officials particularly those that criticized president obama for re-establishing diplomatic ties with cuba. >> reporter: before we get to that, there's breaking news. we just heard from president-elect trump and i think he may have a graphic we just tweeted. very short and simple, to the point, fidel castro is dead! that's the reaction to this monumental news, and his first response did come in one of his favorite modes of communication, twitter, and his tweet, fidel castro is dead. and the big question becomes what does this mean for u.s. and human relations, because as a candidate mr. trump promised to take back the actions from president obama, and we have seen trade open up between the two countries, and flights have started between the two countries, and the reality is
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president obama took the executive actions, and the new president could come in and reverse that with the stroke of a pen. we are starting to get reaction from capitol hill, including from congresswoman who was born in cuba. listen to what she had to say earlier on "today." >> a tyrant is dead but one is still in place and not much change will happen, and donald trump said he will roll back and we are optimistic that those sweetheart deals will benefit somehow the people of cuba that never materialized, it just benefits the dictatorship. >> reporter: we are waiting for other reaction from capitol hill including senator marco rubio, and he has been very critical of
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president obama's actions towards cuba and we just got something from ted cruz. he said castro's death cannot bring back thousands of victims nor can it bring comfort to their families. just a little bit of the reaction that is pouring in, both from president-elect trump and from capitol hill. i want to tell you, betty, this is all taking place against the backdrop of mr. trump having a working vacation in palm beach, and the big post that everybody is watching, secretary of state, that position will be very engaged in u.s. relations, and rudy guiliani, he's a hard liner and loyalist, and mitt romney, he has been more of a moderate, and if you look at both of their public statements they are largely in line with what we heard from donald trump, and
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will we get a broader statement from president-elect trump today, and we are in contact and trying to get something more about this monumental news. >> we will hear more from word leaders and perhaps more than a tweet from donald trump. kristin, thank you so much for that. we will continue our coverage on the death of fidel castro. so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. savings worth the hype. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid
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a recount of all election ballots in wisconsin will be in next week, and it's the first victory for jill stein to challenge the results in wisconsin, and pennsylvania. >> if you are in wisconsin or nearby, please consider signing
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up to volunteer and be part of the grassroots mobilization that is required in order to do this recount. this is a recount undertaken by volunteers who will be trained and supported in order to do this. onword to a voting system that we can count on and where our votes will be counted. >> stein also told her followers she raised $5 million for the recount effort, surpassing her goal of $2.5 million. president-elect donald trump continues his holiday weekend in florida, and this after the campaign announced two new staff positions yesterday. neither position requires a senate confirmation, and trump will resume meetings with officials on monday, and david
5:24 am
clarke is reportedly in the running to lead the department of homeland security. and let's bring in a senior reporter from politico new york, and i want to get your reaction to the death of fidel castro and is that going to motivate donald trump to undo all the things president obama has done to try to normalize relationships with cuba. >> and whether or not donald trump follows through with it or said it in order to tkpwaurpbish support from voters. he tweeted "fidel castro is dead!" he seems to be using it as a moment to say we can change things from that era. raul castro, as one guest had
5:25 am
said before, he said he is digging in his heels and not allowing president obama's plan to bring about cultural and political change and if donald trump is confronting a new castro-leading cuba who doesn't want to allow sort of the americanization of the country, what does a president trump do? if u.s. countries are trying to establish ties that were started under president obama, how does a guy that promised more jobs and economic development, how do they hold that back without accounting with the missed economic opportunities? >> how do you unravel it? trump is set to resume his meetings with the potential administration positions on monday, and there's an in-fight here between rudy guiliani and mitt romney.
5:26 am
what are they fighting for? >> it seems to be a fight not between yurudy guiliani and mit romney, but it's within the republican party, and you have mike pence, the vice president and reince priebus, and they embraced trump and they want to see something more of an establishment figure, somebody in mitt romney that can reassure a wider swath of the people now following trump. it's difficult to imagine, as many clear policy differences, they is a disagreement in their views about russia, but what rudy guiliani represents is a hard line trump-like figure that would be traveling the world representing the president and mitt romney is somebody that
5:27 am
didn't vote for trump and can probably take more reassurance in having him be the face of the united states diplomacy. >> jill stein pushed for a recount and is that going to make a difference? >> no, trump is going to be the president come january 20th, and this will give democrats a rallying cry, and possibly fuel the discussion about changing the electoral college system going forward. >> thank you, we do appreciate it. miami's exile community celebrating today. we will take you there in a moment. ng where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ welcome back, everyone. i am betty nguyen here at msnbc headquarters in new york. and the remains are expected to be cremated today of fidel castro, and he died at the age
5:31 am
yesterday of 90. a let's bring back kerry sanders in little havana in miami where sell pwraecelebrations have bee since the news broke of castro's death. >> reporter: a lot of people were out here last night when the news broke and a lot of people went home to sleep and it's now beginning to wake back up and you can hear people honking horns as they go by here, and it's a little rough to walk down k street, and we are going to back up here, and you can see, i am the son of the great cuba right here, and we're going to sort of come up here on the sidewalk. excuse me. sir, how do you feel right now? >> it's a mix of emotions and personally i think that it's unfortunate that nature took him away, but i think this may be the beginning of the end of the castro regimes in cuba, and the
5:32 am
beginning of the freedom for the cuban people. >> reporter: so many people left cuba beginning back in the 1959-1960, many different routes, and some people back there, exiles and some left for economic reasons in the '80s. where did you leave from? >> the capital. >> reporter: you took an interesting route? >> i took a back route to paris in france, and the reason i left my country was for political reasons. >> reporter:ell me, fidel castro has not been in power for four or five years and raul has been running things, his brother, and how do you think his death symbolically suggests there's change on the horizon? >> it's true that he hasn't been in power for four or five years rpbg but still he was the maximum figure, and i think that this is going to mean a change
5:33 am
on certain qualities on the regime. >> reporter: these are your children and were born in the u.s.? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think your children will have an opportunity soon to go to a country that is not under a castro rule whether now it being raul castro? >> that's the only condition we will go back to cuba, when all the liberties and democracy has been established in cuba, and other than that he won't come back. >> reporter: you can seat crowds. this is going to be a non-stop gathering out here, and i imagine it's going to get bigger throughout the day, and they may end up closing the street one more time today. i will hop up here because this is not the place to stand, and nobody is paying attention as
5:34 am
they are driving a car. >> thank you for that and we will check in a ttle later. some leaders are calling this a new beginning. >> joining me now is the senior fellow at the center for american progress and he served as secretary of defense in the reagan administration. >> thank you. >> now that castro is dead, will anything change for the island nation? >> i think that the fact that president obama started trying to normalize relations and then
5:35 am
this step makes it inevitable that things will continue to open up in cuba and as american business begins to move into the country, i think what you are going to see is a gradual transition away from this or talk raw see that the castro bothers have had. don't forget, raul said he is stepping down in two years as well, and it's a new era for the cuban people. >> any idea who might be in the running to replace him? >> i don't think we know anybody, but nobody will have the charisma with the castros had, because he was not just the ruler of a small country, and this was a man that almost started world war iii in the '60s, and people forget the cold
5:36 am
war was not a military struggle, but it was the future of communism, and he had the cuban missile crisis not worked out well, you know, no telling what would have happened. >> given that perspective, is that why his death is drawing such polarized reaction, and some are celebrating in the streets, and some leaders are expressing sadness about this? >> he was very symbolic, because they say he established a communist out post in the western hemisphere and then allowed the soviet union to put nuclear weapons in the western hemisphere that threatened the united states and really the world, and if we had msnbc and all these 24-hour news outlets back then, we would have seen
5:37 am
how close we came to ending the world, and the soviets delegated the authority to fire missiles, and we were getting ready to invade and had we done that they would have fired them, and in order to get them out, president kennedy had to agree to take out our missiles in turkey, and it looked like a victory for the united states, when in fact it really was a draw, and it was also the beginning of nuclear disarmament because within a year president kennedy talked about stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and when president nixon came in we had arms control negotiations with the soviets that limited the number of nuclear weapons. >> a lot of history there. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. 'tis the weekend to shop. black friday pretty much looked like black friday madness.
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people jamming the stores across the nation and scrambling for bargai bargains. >> this is your one time to go out. >> adobe digital insights say the total sales were an 11.5% increase from last year. and on the heels of black friday, it's a small deals saturday. american express says last year small business saturday rang up sales of $16.2 billion, and that was up from $14.5 billion in 2014. and that 95 million customers said they shopped on small businesses last year, and 76% of consumers aware of today's event said they plan to spend more than last year. jill stein succeeds in
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there's no relenting in miami's little havana, and look at this, celebrating the death of fidel castro that passed away last night. we'll take you there again in just a bit. well, in wisconsin, though, we want to tell you about this, a state-wide recount of votes for president is expected to begin next year, and jill stein submitted the request yesterday, and they claim notable differences between tallies and exit polls. joining me from washington, d.c. is election lawyer and campaign financer. from the evidence that you have seen, do they have the case?
5:43 am
could this really change the outcome? >> no, they don't have a case and it's unlikely to change the outcome we just had, and i would never say never, but it's as close to never that you could imagine. they could change maybe 100 or 200 votes, and certainly to cover the tens of thousands of votes that would need to be covered to change the outcomes in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania would be historically unprecedented. >> hillary clinton and the president-elect have been pretty silent about this story, but if the recount does change in her favor, what could each of them do? >> first of all, the recount is not likely to change much, but you will see some shift in recounts, both candidates tend to pick up votes, particularly whereas in these recounts you would have officials hand could
5:44 am
you telling ballots, and looking at them with eyes and seeing if there was a change in the ballots, and you would expect the candidates to pick up votes and it's so hard to move large numbers in recounts, but if the outcome in wisconsin and then in michigan and then in pennsylvania were to change the results of the election, you know, then you potentially would have a situation where hillary clinton would be the president instead of donald trump, but that's incredibly unlikely. >> i do want to get your opinion, and trump has stock holdings, and is all of this as simple as handing it over to his children? >> no, it's not, unfortunately. the law does not require him to do anything and that's complicating the situation here, and he clearly needs to do something, and the question is what can he do that practically
5:45 am
would fix the situation? if he could hand his businesses over to his children, and allow his children to run the businesses in a true blind trust type of situation where he has no involvement or knowledge of what is going on, and then they come back together in four years that could work, but it's more complicated than that. >> campaign finance and election lawyer, chris ashby, thank you for joining us today. it's a celebration over the death of fidel castro, and then the big fight that will likely fall into the lap of donald trump, so how will he settle it? feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy!
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let's begin on capitol hill where on next wednesday, november 30th, the vote will be
5:49 am
to re-elect nancy pelosi or to toss it over to ryan. and about january 6th, congress meets to count the electoral votes. and we won't know the official winner until then, and if all goes according to schedule the inauguration will occur in 76 days at high noon on january 20th. let's look at the iconic rockefeller tree right there, 94 feet tall and it takes place on wednesday night, and right now it's a crisp fall morning in the middle of new york city, and how will it look across the country on this morning. bonnie, are we seeing any trouble spots this weekend? >> after calm weather the past few days, we are watching out for lake-effect snow emerging in the buffalo area this morning, and right now fog and freezing fog, and this is dangerous if you are heading out in oklahoma,
5:50 am
like in tulsa, it looks foggy but if you touch anything it's frozen over, so poor visibility and slick roads. and a huge story is the heavy rain into california, and notice the mountain snow that will be building in. this is likely to cause very serious airport delays throughout the weekend, and san francisco and as far south as los angeles, and san francisco to reno on i-80 we are likely to see rain and snow at times in the high elevations, and new hampshire to maine, damp roads on saturday, and fog is possible near the coast especially along the coastal areas of new hampshire and main. and then boston, as the storm stalls offshore, there are delays in the airport due to gusty wind. and then keep in mind it's going to be really tricky, especially in the best. if you are driving to san diego from coastal central california, strong gusty winds and in the
5:51 am
burn areas with all the rain coming in we could see mudslides, so a dangerous situation there. the lake-effect snow right now, it's rain in buffalo but that will turn over to snow. a busy travel day on sunday and the worst of the weather so far this weekend. >> be careful out there. thank you, bonnie. still ahead, a second look, what we can expect from the recount in wisconsin. relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor [martin gizzi.] it's a new medicare year. that means more changes ... and more confusion.
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now to the postmortem of the 2016 election, and to eliminate two words, identity politics. and thanks for being us with today. >> thank you. >> i want to share with you a quote from the "new york times" opt ed that is prompting this debate. it says we need a post identity liberalism and it should draw from the pass successes of the
5:55 am
preidentity liberalism, such a liberalism with concentrate by widening its base and appealing to americans and so why are some saying that identity politics has run its course? >> in this election the whole focus was on the democrats are going to win because of the changing identity and the demographics of the united states, and that turned out not to be true, and many liberals are saying it should not be about identity politics, it should be about what helped donald trump take this thing which was a focus on the economy. it gets back to the james carville, it's the economy, stupid. and it's regardless of race or religion or gender, there's a camp as saying that's where our focus should be and we lost our focus on that and we were trying to go another way. >> white working class voters who voted for barack obama in
5:56 am
2008, and in 2012 went for donald trump more than 2 to 1. should hillary clinton have talked less about racial minorities and women more about, like you said, the economy? >> she should have talked more about the economy and she could have talked about both, and before they went to trump they went to bernie sanders and that's where a big part of the story was missing, and bernie sanders appealing to the people that switched from obama to trump. the same economic message that we have seen here in new york with occupy wall street and others, they would have had a better shot. i think she did miss the boat. i think she was too much anti-trump and what is wrong with trump and not enough about what i am going to do with you. >> how can you miss the boat? you saw the people come out in droves for bernie sanders and you saw the message resonating, and how do you miss this?
5:57 am
>> i always hesitate to blame the team. i think it goes to the top. i think hillary clinton did what hillary clinton is comfortable doing, and what she did not do is give us a real reason beyond the fact she was deserving of it, and it was her turn, quote, unquote, and many democrats felt that way and not enough independents or moderates, and she needed to focus on what people are thinking about and caring about and that's the jobs and economy, and those are things bernie sanders and donald trump were able to focus on, and had she gotten that momentum she would have had a better shot at this thing. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. the death of fidel castro, what will it mean for the people of cuba? we will talk about that right here on msnbc. and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid
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hello, everyone. i am betty nguyen at msnbc headquarters in new york city.


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