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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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but inside david duke assured us all he is not against all jews. happy 2016. here's the 0-1. this is going to be a tough play. bryant, the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play! it's over. and the cubs have finally won it all. >> unbelievable. it was an ending that had fans on the edge of their seat. after ten innings, the chicago cubs made history with their first world series win in more than a century. plus, with less than a week until election day, several brand new polls show donald trump either leading or within striking distance of hillary clinton in a few key battleground states. we're also following the latest in the man arrested in the ambush-style killing of two police officers in iowa. police say the suspect has a history of run-ins with the law.
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♪ good morning, everyone. it is thursday, november 3rd, i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi. it has been more than a century since a title has graced chicago's north side. well, the wait is over. the cubs are world champions after an improbable 3-1 comeback. they defeated the cleveland indians 8-7 in extra innings. we're going to have the full game highlights from chicago's historic win in just a moment. new polling is testing the ground for donald trump's latest push into democratic territory. trying to breakthrough hillary clinton's electoral college advantage. there may be an opportunity for trump in pennsylvania as demonstrated by these polls taken either mostly or completely after the fbi's
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letter on potentially new e-mails. let's take a look at them. in a quinnipiac poll, clinton's lead is just five points, four points in the cnn/orc poll. the new monmouth university poll has clinton ahead by four points as well. look at this one. hillary clinton ahead by two points. those last two are within the margin of error. in wisconsin, a marquette university poll shows a steady race there, even in the aftermath of the fbi revelations. clinton leads by six, 46%, to trump's 40%. her lead was seven points earlier in the month. and in michigan, the fox 2 detroit automated tracking poll found the race tightening. and a stunning new poll of colorado from the university of denver has the race tied. look at that. a dead heat at 39% for each of them. 5% for gary johnson.
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4% for jill stein. ironically, after weeks of questioning the reliability of polls, a staple of donald trump's rallies during the primaries, he has embraced them now, reminding himself yesterday to maintain his composure. >> a lot of very, very big poll numbers coming down over the last few days. you've seen it. we are going to win the white house. going to win it. it's feeling like it already, isn't it? we've got to be nice and cool, nice and cool. right. stay on point, donald. stay on point. no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinge. we don't want any of that. >> well, polling in the battleground states show donald trump leading or within striking distance of hillary clinton here in the final stretch. in north carolina, the quinnipiac poll puts clinton three points ahead of trump 47%
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to 44%. that's within the margin of error. and trump has regained his lead in ohio, where he and clinton were tied it three weeks ago. trump now at 46%. trump also had a five-point advantage in arizona, according to cnn/orc. and the same poll shows trump ahead by six points in nevada, 49% to clinton's 43%. though, a top political journalist cautions that the poll shows trump leading in democratic stronghold clark county, which obama won by 15 points back in 2012. meanwhile, two new polls of florida show a dead heat. clinton up by two points, 49% to trump's 47% in the cnn poll, and clinton's lead tightening to just a one-point advantage in the new quinnipiac poll, 46% to 45%. campaigning through the sunshine state yesterday, trump urged his supporters to work harder. >> the polls have just come up. we're way up in florida. i shouldn't say that because i
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want you to go vote. okay. ready? we're going to pretend we're down. we're down. pretend, right? we'll pretend we're down. no, we got to win. we got to win big. we got to beat her. >> donald trump marched his campaign north across florida yesterday with rallies from miami to orlando and last night in pensacola, where he touted the campaign's newly announced small dollar donation total. >> in the month of october, we've raised over $100 million in small donations. i don't think that's ever been done. has that ever been done before? that sounds more like a democrat thing, not a republican thing, right. that's a great honor. >> the campaign is putting the money to use in new ads like this positive spot that was unveiled yesterday, titled "united." >> there's a movement building in america. every day people stand united, ready to replace decades of
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broken politics with a new leader who's not a part of the system. donald trump. this is our country. we can change directions and make america great again. >> now, that was a pretty positive message, but donald trump stepped on it, lashing out at nbc news correspondent katy tur, accusing her of not fairly covering his movement, after which she was harassed by the crowd, to which trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway responded. >> we have massive crowds. there's something happening. they're not reporting it. katy, you're not reporting it. but there's something happening, katy. there's something happening, katy. >> look, we want fair coverage, and we want everybody to be safe at our rallies. i don't appreciate a lot of the threats i get either from people who i guess are worried that we may actually win this thing. lot of folks out there who should tamp it down.
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he's not asking people to be mean to her. he's not asking people to do anything, god forbid. he basically calls out some people in the media once in a while to say please show our crowds. >> donald trump seemed to catch his wife by surprise when he said in an interview last week that she'd be hitting the trail in the final stretch. but today melania trump will campaign in battleground pennsylvania, where polls show clinton with a roughly five-point lead. mrs. trump's speech, we are told, will focus on what a trump administration would mean for women, children, and families. alex? hillary clinton made a swing through the southwest yesterday, campaigning in las vegas, nevada, and arizona. she held her largest rally to date on the campus of arizona state university in tempe. according to the local fire marshal, there were about 15,000 people on hand. while there, she talked about the uphill battle to turn the historically red state blue. >> as the political pundits like to say, this state is in play
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for the first time in years. arizona has only voted for a democrat for president once since 1948. and that was my husband in 1996. one of the many reasons bill and i love arizona. so for the first time we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. >> and last night, clinton asked her supporters to contemplate what things would look like if trump were to win the election. >> imagine with me what it would be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. what would it be like to have that person in the most powerful office in the world? the truth is, we really don't
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have to guess. we just have to look at everything he has said and done in his career and in this campaign. it's a good preview of what would likely happen. >> vice president joe biden, meanwhile, was in florida yesterday, but before he could launch into his attack on trump and the gop, he had to get the sun out of his eyes. >> her grandpop worked in a silk mill. oh, sorry. i'm doing this because maybe when i need a job rayban may have me as a sponsor. i've been wearing these since i was 15 years old. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump, my lord. you know, this guy should see somebody, serious. his fixation on women's bodies is like --
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imagine any president you can picture in the future, if the technology existed at the time, who would get up at 3:30 in the morning. i'm being very serious about this. get up at 3:30 in the morning and tweet vitriol about a woman's body, about her weight. this is one sick puppy. i mean, this is -- but i mean it. no, really. can you imagine any president in our history doing that? >> president obama hits the campaign trail for hillary clinton again today. this time making two stops in florida, where new polls have her and donald trump locked in a statistical tie. this is the all-important state of florida, battleground. the president rallied a crowd of about 16,000 at unc chapel hill in north carolina yesterday, making a pitch to republicans
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and telling the audience that the very fate of the u.s. republic is at risk. >> this choice actually is pretty clear because the guy that the republicans nominated, even though a bunch of them knew they shouldn't nominate him, the guy they nominated who many of the republicans he is running against said was a con artist and a know-nothing and wasn't qualified to hold this office. he says he'll be his own foreign policy adviser. he says he can do that because he has a good brain. now, that is contestable. all the progress that we've made over the last eight years, all the progress we hope to make over the next eight years, all of that goes out the window if we don't win this election.
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i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering, and you, north carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction. >> and the president campaigned in miami and jacksonville later today, alex. >> thanks, ali. well, the suspect behind yesterday's brutal shootings of two iowa police officers is in custody. 46-year-old scott michael greene turned himself in to police without incident just hours after the early morning shootings. an official tells nbc news greene has a history of problems and mental issues. iowa court records show he has been arrested at least four other times since 2001, and less than three weeks ago, police removed him from a high school football game after he waved a confederate flag at, quote, people of color, during the national anthem. the two officers have been identified as justin martin of the urbandale police department and sergeant anthony beminio of the des moines police
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department. both officers were shot while still seated inside their patrol cars in, quote, ambush-style attacks. police say between 15 and 30 rounds were fired at officer martin's car. a motive is still under investigation. mike pence was in iowa and paid his respects to the fallen. he visits the officers at the urbandale and des moines police departments. both he and hillary clinton spoke at campaign rallies in arizona and las vegas, sharing their condolences. >> our hearts are heavy this morning. we all woke up to the news of two police officers in des moines, iowa, who were literally ambushed and killed last night. sitting in their cars. as my running mate said this morning, an attack on those who keep us safe is an attack on us all. >> this is horrifying, heartbreaking. it is totally unacceptable. i have spoken with the mayors of the two cities where it happened, des moines and
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urbandale. i also had a chance to talk to the chief of police in urbandale. you know, as president, i will bring the full weight of the law down on anyone who kills a police officer and see to it that they are brought to justice. i also believe that everyone is safer when the police respect the people they protect and when the people respect the police who serve them. >> amen to that. all right. changing gears big time. still ahead, are you tired, ali? were you up watching tv? >> i tried to go to sleep because i'm getting used to this shift. i woke up with 16 minutes left to go in the tenth inning. >> and you were up. that was quite the celebration in the streets of chicago last night after the cubs brought their end to the 108-year championship drought. plus, an african-american church in mississippi torn apart by flames, and both presidential candidates are weighing in. those stories and a check on weather when we come back.
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built for business. an historically black church in mississippi was engulfed in flames late tuesday night and also vandalized with the words "vote trump" on the side of that building. authorities say the fire at the hopewell missionary baptist church appears to have been deliberately set. so far, no suspects are in custody. although, the police chief says they are possibly talking to a person of interest who's a local person who lives in the area. police say there's no surveillance video on the fire. the town's mayor says the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. >> that should not happen in 2016. it happened in the '50s. it happened in the '60s. but we're in 2016 and that should not happen. i see that as an attack. i see it as a strategy, an evil
2:19 am
one. >> in a statement, the trump campaign says we're deeply saddened for the members of the community and condemn in the strongest terms this terrible act that has no place in our society. we're grateful no one was hurt and we urge witnesses with any information to come forward and help bring justice to those who are responsible. and in a personal tweet, hillary clinton wrote, the perpetrators who set the hopewell m.b. church in mississippi on fire must be brought to justice. this kind of hate has no place in america. all right. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it's a tight election, and that means turnout is going to matter. >> very important. some years the weather can play a factor. it has in past history. this one, i mean, you know the weather we've been in lately. very warm, very dry. that looks to continue to election day. let's get into it. only five days out now. we get a pretty good picture of what areas could have bad weather. from minneapolis to chicago, 58 to 63. wisconsin, you're looking great.
2:20 am
no issues at all. michigan has fantastic weather. virginia, north carolina look great. all through the northeast. there's really very little of any concerns. maybe the weather is going to be too nice and people will be out doing other stuff. no, there's no excuses. florida should be fantastic. we will have a little bit of wet weather, texas and louisiana. maybe showers, but that's not going to keep anybody out. there's some years we deal with ice and snow in november, especially in the northern half of the country. washington and oregon look fine. nevada looks good. the election day forecast is about as great as you could have as far as beautiful weather. >> i like you say washington looks fine. 58 and raining. but that's a normal day for them. no excuses not to vote on election day. still ahead, all the highlights from game seven of the world series. you stayed up? >> i'll tell you how late. >> all right. we'll find out. by the way, nasa offered this congratulations to the cubs on social media last night, tweeting this nighttime image of
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then montero makes the indians pay. cleveland then has one more chance. they did plate one more run to cut the deficit to one. but that was the final out in the bottom of the tenth. chicago hangs on for a world series clinching in an amazing 8-7 victory. ben zobrist earns the mvp hon no, sir. as the cubs are world series champions for the first time since 1908. i mean, it ended at 12:51 in the morning east coast time. my only issue is start the game earli earlier. how about all those kids that couldn't stay up. >> like me. >> yeah, like all of us. >> no, i went to bed, and then i heard my son shouting. i was like, oh, dear god. had to get back up again. i thought you were mvp, bill karins, for having predicted the
2:27 am
weather. >> that was the most important part of the whole game. i woke up when i saw the rain delay. victory, called it. still ahead, did the clinton campaign coordinate with the state department over how to handle the e-mail server story? plus, a key market index takes its biggest losing streak. we're going to look at what's going on with the s&p. and the agony and ecstasy of the many faces of hik watching the cubs game last night on an ipad. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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welcome back. i'm ali velshi alongside alex witt. breaking news overnight, two u.s. service members have died from wounds sustained during a mission. two other members were injured. the military says they came under fire during a train, advise, and assist mission, trying to help afghan soldiers clear a taliban position in the area. the identities will be released once their next of kin are notified. lawyers for bill cosby are trying to get the criminal sexual assault case against him dismissed, arguing that the 79-year-old star is blind, has memory issues, and may not be able to help assist in his own defense. in a pretrial hearing, prosecutors dismissed the vision report submitted by cosby's attorneys as something they say looked like it came from, quote, lenscrafters at the mall. cosby has pleaded not guilty and denies all accusations. the front page of "the chicago tribune" says it all.
2:32 am
at last. the chicago cubs ended their 108-year world series drought in game seven, defeating the cleveland indians 8-7 in ten thrilling innings. the celebration is just getting under way. >> cannot get enough of that. but we have this, ali. the state department is denying one of its own coordinated with hillary clinton's campaign before the public was made aware of her private e-mail server. that denial comes in the wake of the latest batch of e-mails reportedly hacked from the personal account of john podesta. those e-mails have not been independently authenticated by nbc news. the state department press aide gave clinton's team the official response an official press report. the conversation reportedly took place a day before the paper first reported on clinton's system in march of last year. in the message, she also appeared to agree to a change in the response, requested by the clinton's team, saying, yes, on your point regarding records,
2:33 am
done below. it is not clear whether a specific change was requested or made. jen palmieri allegedly forwards the conversation to podesta saying, you may have already heard from other channels, but "new york times" will have a story tomorrow on hrc's benghazi e-mails. unclear to me how "new york times" got, assumed from gowdy, likely reference to trey gowdy. now, speaking yesterday, state department spokesman john kirby refuted that his agency coordinated with the clinton camp, but it was all fodder for donald trump on the campaign trail. >> there are times when in trying to make sure that we're accurate it's appropriate to reach outside this agency to talk to former officials. that is not unusual, particularly when we're trying to be accurate about something
2:34 am
regarding that individual. that is not -- that's not the uncommon practice. and frankly, at least i'd say to a degree, shame on us if we don't do that when it's required so that we're not getting up here, i'm not getting up here and putting something out that's inaccurate. >> she wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles, but she really has no one to blame but herself. if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis. haven't we just been through a lot with the clintons? right? remember when he was impeached for lying? he can't practice law. he doesn't have the right to practice law. didn't we just go through this? i don't see if you've watched her last few speeches over the last few days.
2:35 am
she has become totally unhinged. unbelievable. what she's saying and what she's doing, actually, it's unbelievable. >> for over a year, it's claimed the department of justice and the fbi clashed over the validity into a probe into the clinton foundation. according to the wall street journal, secret recordings of a suspect talking about the foundation, sparked an internal battle between the fbi, who wanted to pursue the case. the paper reports the fbi based its investigation on claims of possible financial misconduct. the foundation has long dismissed the claims. the clinton foundation has denied any wrongdoing, saying it does immense good throughout the world. yet, fbi agents thought they had found enough material to pursue an investigation, while senior officials at both the justice department and the fbi didn't think much of the evidence, says the paper, citing officials at
2:36 am
multiple agencies. in addition, the justice department and the fbi also disagreed on the significance of secret recordings of a suspect in an unrelated corruption investigation. according to the journal, this person described alleged deals with the clinton family, but the justice department viewed those statements as hearsay. that person was not connected to the clinton foundation, and the alleged deals were unverified. fbi agents listening to the conversation wouldn't tell if what the suspect was describing was accurate but thought it was worth looking into. all this comes amid james comey's revelation that new e-mails emerged that could be relevant to a closed clinton e-mail investigation. well, president obama waded into the thorny issue of how this fbi director handled the latest probe of e-mails uncovered. in an interview he said clinton has operated in the best interest of the country and above all, he's tried to stay out of it. >> i've made a very deliberate
2:37 am
effort to make sure that i don't look like i'm meddling in what are supposed to be independent processes. i do think that there is a norm that when there are investigations, we don't operate on innuendo. we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> mean while, senator chuck schumer poised to be either the senate majority leader or minority leader, has called comey's letter appalling and told bloomberg politics he does not have confidence in the bureau chief any longer. he said to restore his faith, he would have to sit down with comey to get an explanation on why he sent the letter to congress in the first place. >> of course, the fate of the senate remains unclear with the latest polls tightening. new hampshire gives kelly ayotte a five-point lead.
2:38 am
that's just outside the margin of error. russ feingold's lean over russ johnson has gone to a single point. in august, his lead was 11. the missouri senate race is suddenly next and neck. incumbent republican roy blunt leads challenger secretary of state jason candor by a single point there. and two pennsylvania polls show katy mcginty clinging to a lead over senator pat toomey. in a monmouth poll, she's up by three, expanding her lead in the southeastern part of the state to 23 points. in las vegas last night, hillary clinton sought to boost the democrat running side by side with congressman joe heck. the latest poll has her trailing by two. and a florida cnn poll shows marco rubio's lead down to one point, 49 to 48, which reflects a ten-point swing from september. bill clinton spent his day in iowa, where his wife appears to be trailing donald trump. while there, he sought to
2:39 am
contrast her message with trump's to whitorking white-cla voters. >> he's saying you ought to vote for me because i hate all the same people you do. that's about it, isn't it? i'm just telling you who to blame. look, folks, you almost had to be a 70-year-old white southerner or somebody who followed it and had a long memory, to know exactly what make america great again means. if you're in the white working class and your life expectancy has gone down and that's the only group of americans whose life expectancy is going down, and your income is going down and you feel rage because you get up every morning and look in the mirror and realize you cannot do anything to make tomorrow better than today, it makes you crazy.
2:40 am
i get that. hillary says, i understand your anger, but answers are better than anger. and he says, oh, no, they're not. i need you to be really mad here. >> we're also taking a closer look at the markets this morning. the s&p 500 has fallen for seven straight sessions for the first time since 2011. cnbc joins us from london. what's going on? there are some who speculation this reaction has something to do with the race tightening in the united states. >> good morning, ali. well, the markets do not like uncertainty. the narrowing of the polls in the past week has caused the markets to take stock. many market participants priced in a clinton victory early on. if we get another day of selling today, it will match the record
2:41 am
from the financial crisis back in 2008. now, keep in mind the selling has been on volume, suggesting a high level of conviction. in other news that we have been chasing, there has been a settlement reached between retired professional wrestler hulk hogan and gawker. you may recall the defunct website went into bankruptcy earlier this year after a jury awarded $140 million. the settlement rched between the two is $31 million. also worth noting, we are chasing some reaction to facebook today after stock fell 7% its quarterly numbers were reported. strangely, there was plenty to like. net income up 166% on the same time a year ago. margins, revenue, daily users all going in the right direction. it just tempered expectations. >> and of course that is the kind of thing that worries a lot of tech stocks, how much growth will there be in the future. i remember facebook sort of hung around at the same level for a
2:42 am
few years. then in 2013, it started going up. for all those people in our audience perhaps who bought that stock and are seeing this payoff, what are analysts and experts saying about how much more you can expect out of it? it's almost at an all-time high. it took a big drop, but it's been going up for three years now. >> ali, a lot of analysts are saying the stock might still be cheap. if you look at the p.e., it's trading around 25 times or close to 26 times to its peers, suggesting based on these multiples there might be more growth to unlock in the stock price. $127 on market currently. but how many companies of this size turn over revenue of 56% growth? >> yeah, incredible. karen, good to talk to you. have a good day. karen tso at cnbc in london. and alex, take it from there. that's all the advice i have about facebook stock. >> i love theact they e-mail all this great business stuff. thank you for bringing that to the show. still ahead, we're going it tole you what we're learning about the man accused of gunning down two iowa police officers in
2:43 am
a deadly ambush, including one of his most recent run-ins with the law. plus, the leader of isis has broken his month-long silence to weigh in on the fight now raging to retake mosul. we have the latest.
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nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. the longest game ever. oh, my. that's one of the best games anybody will ever see. this trumps everything. i'm out here crying, man. i'm so happy. i can't even put into words how this feels. >> we did it. we're world champions, ken. that's it. we're world champions. i can't believe it. >> to be a part of this is -- i don't even -- i don't have words to really tell you how i feel right now about this. i think it's all surreal. man, it's -- it's a great feeling. >> that's sheer amazement. it's 108 years of waiting to say those things. >> and there are some great
2:47 am
things, not just from the players. people are posting videos of their grandparents at midnight. like 89-year-olds getting up and dancing. >> what a night for chicagoans. bill karins, what's going on in the weather? >> we talked about the election forecast, which is great, by the way, for tuesday. >> no excuse not to vote. >> exactly. let me get you into what we're dealing with today. not a lot of horrible weather. if you're in western new york, this is the rain that delayed the world series for a brief period last night. it's now moving to western and upstate new york. this will slowly progress throughout the northeast. it's not going to cause flooding problems but definitely umbrella weather everywhere from scranton towards binghamton. areas further towards the south, it will be hit and mis. here's the timing from 7:00 a.m. as we go throughout the afternoon, notice the southern portion, not a lot. the noon hour, all the heavy rain is mostly in the northern half of new england. just a few showers here throughout west virginia and areas of the mid-atlantic.
2:48 am
not a lot of wet weather for you there. today's record highs continue. still 85 in new orleans. still at 82 in atlanta. day after day of record heat down here. that's not ending. we're also not seeing any rain in your forecast. i know the drought situation gets worse by the day here in the southeast. even into friday as we get ready for the weekend, we've cooled it off, but temperatures are still above average. 60 in november in chicago is great weather. i'm sure they're going to be talking about that parade and figuring out whether they're going to have all that happen. >> you know i told you my sense of weather, right? >> yes. >> i'm a bit of a denier. you said rain this afternoon. i didn't bring an umbrella. either you keep spares or i'm giving warning to my bosses. >> they sell them for like six bucks. >> yeah, thanks. >> i told you, ali, bill is the man. you have to always buy what he says. >> i'll sell umbrellas to you. >> for seven bucks, right? >> 70 in. the suspect behind yesterday's deadly ambush-style
2:49 am
shootings yesterday in iowa turned himself into police. both officers shot while still seated in their patrol cars. now police are searching for a possible motive. nbc's blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: with guns drawn, officers canvassed the iowa neighborhood where two of their own had just been ambushed, fearing they could become the next target. >> officer has been shot. we need medics. >> reporter: it was 1:06 a.m. when police responding to a call of shots fired foundurbandale officer justin martin shot dead in the front seat of his squad car. a rookie officer, this was his first year on the job. 20 minutes later, two miles away, des moines sergeant tony beminio was found shot in his squad car, a husband and father. he died at the hospital. >> they were seated in their car, and they didn't have a chance to defend themselves. >> reporter: police moved quickly to identify 46-year-old scott michael greene as their suspect. he turned himself in hours later. greene is well known to police in the area, hoposting a recent
2:50 am
run-in with officers on youtube after being asked to leave a high school football game for holding a confederate flag. >> you grabbed me. >> reporter: greene lives here with his mother, who neighbors say was trying to evict him. >> never would have guessed it would have come to this, but he was that unsettled. >> reporter: this year nationwide, 115 officers have been killed in the line of duty, a five-year high. 16 in ambush-style attacks like the ones today and earlier this year in dallas and baton rouge. for those who knew these officers, heart ache. >> they were just doing their job. it was senseless. >> senseless, indeed. our thanks to nbc's blake mccoy for that report. still ahead, we'll go live to iraq where the leader of isis is trying to rally his troops. beyond. natural pet food.
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now she wants to start a shooting war in syria and conflict with a nuclear armed russia that could very well lead to world war iii. russia is heavily armed, doesn't like her. putin does not respect her, doesn't like her. what are we doing, folks? she's a mess. >> donald trump there talking about hillary clinton's foreign policy during a rally in orlando. let's move to iraq and isis has released the first official statement from the terror group's leader since last december, ali. >> yeah, he doesn't do a lot of talking. in the recording, which flash
2:54 am
point says was recorded recently, he calls on supporters to spread attacks to other countries while expressing confidence that isis will win the battle for mosul. nbc news has not independently verified the authenticity or date of the audio statement. nbc foreign correspondent matt bradley joins us live from erbil, iraq. this is of course all relevant to the fact that u.s. forces have started their move into the city of mosul, where 2 million people used to live, matt. >> reporter: that's right, ali. good morning. this just goes to show that this battle for mosul is a decisive one. remember that this is where al baghdadicaliphate. this statement just goes to show he's not going to want to have these forces withdraw to syria to batten down in raqqah, which is really the original stronghold of islamic state in this so-called caliphate in
2:55 am
syria and iraq. now, this statement really offers a lot of the same kind of rhetoric that we've seen from a lot of isis statements. he's trying to offer a petit that of age to a lot of what he's discussing here. he's trying to claim kinship between this very modern war that he's leading and the quranic era wars that muhammad led, by using this bloated rhetoric, saying let the rivers run with their blood and turn the infidels' night into day. all of this soaring language is clearly meant to rile the troops as they're facing an incredible onslaught from the iraqi forces. what he also does is interesting. he's saying to reactivate or activate isis cells abroad, specifically in turkey, saudi arabia, and libya. now, these places are meant to kind of take up the mantle of islamic state's caliphate when mosul inevitably falls. so there's a passive admission that this battle will probably
2:56 am
be lost, and it will be in some ways a suicide conflict. so we need to look at this, we need to look at these places, again, libya, turkey, and saudi arabia, to see whether this message reaches its intended audience and whether it has its intended effect. >> matt, is there some sense he's warning about attacks further into the west than the places you mentioned? >> reporter: well, these places have active cells. they've always had active cells. places that are sometimes considered to be provinces of islamic state, particularly libya, for example. as you mentioned earlier, ali, this group is making a transformation from a group that has its own caliphate, its own geographic boundaries to a more conventional terrorist group in the mold of al qaeda. so yes, we could start to see islamic state elements in cells lashing out further beyond these places that even he mentioned in this speech. >> matt bradley, thanks so much for your reporting from erbil, iraq. when we come back, a check
2:57 am
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that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. before we toss it over to "morning joe," we're going to see where the candidates will be
3:00 am
today. hillary clinton is making a pair of stops in north carolina, including an appearance with bernie sanders and pharrell williams in raleigh. tim kaine is in arizona. president obama has two stops in florida. former president bill clinton is in nevada. >> >> that's a wrap for us on this thursday. "morning joe" starts right now. >> this is going to be a tough play. bryant. the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play. it's over. the cubs have won it all. 8-7 in ten! >> good morning. it's thursday, november 3rd. and what a game it was last night, joe. >> what a game indeed. i tell you what, willie geist, this really was one for the ages. you obviously had a team trying to winor


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